Jul 31, 2008

Tag : All Things (Bersantai di opis)

It's tea break now, and I've nothing better to do other than blogging. Hehehe! So far my day today is good. Lots of work to do but still bearable. Unlike the previous..previous..previous day that I was busy like crazy I might used my legs to do some of my works.

So..how was it last night when i reached home around 8.00pm?? Well, both my kids were soooo happy to see me, both cannot stop talking at the same time updating me with their stories. Daughter was telling me about barney while son telling me about Green Man..I haven't even step inside my house when son and daughter bombarded me with their stories. Hehe All my tiredness was gone soon after i seen them.

I'm so glad that my daughter was in a cheerful mood yesterday. No more sad face for me to see. She didn't even ask me where is 'the kakak'. Ya lah..all this time, my previous maid had been taking care of her since she was 1 month old. Of course my daughter will miss her presence. I was the one who ask my daughter where is Kakak..and her answer was simple..Kakak goes back to sabah ledi..
So like that lah..Now, let me finish my overdue tag first. Hehe I got this tag from my cousin Choc Mint Girl. (sorry cuz, i think i still owe you 10 tags lah!). I like this tag very much because it is very easy for me to answer and do.
Let see what kaDusMama has to say in this 'All things' tag : PLAYERS: CHIKAI, Fun.Fierce.Fab, Me,Myself+2, Kidd Designs, Ozzy's Mom, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, On A Wonderful Day Like Today, House Everything, SAHMdom and Beyond, Choc Mint Girl, KaDusMama, your blog
1. Are you pregnant? Nope!
2. When do you want to get married? Been married for 5 years already lor..
3. Do you curse a lot? Almost everyday! But inside my car only. You know lah, with so many crazy drivers outside..
4. What are your favorite books? Books by Julie Garwood.
5. Do wish you were with someone right now? Of course!! I want to be with my children
6. Who were the last three people that sent you a text message? Our Construction Manager, Dad and 'ma piu' broker.
7. Are you happier single or in a relationship? I'm happier in my relationship now. (Until new wife come lah maybe! ahahaha)
8. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Of course
9. Do you wish someone would call you? My family members in sabah (whoever want to call me)
10. What is bugging you right now? No more bugs! Kill all the bugs with my Ridsect (hahaha!! lawak bodoh)
11. What's something you wish you could understand better? Myself
12. If someone doesn't like you, it’s usually because...? I'm cute?? (Wakakaka!! persaaaaannya!!)
13. Do you have a wild side? YES!! And you won't believe it!
14. Kissed someone in the last twenty-four hours? My kids + Hubby
15. Have you lost friends in the past year? Sad to say Yes..i lost my dear friends Oton and Joery
16. What were you doing at midnight last night? Online and lurking around somebody's blog Now let me tag the new bloggers Mama Mia and Just. Enjoy with the tag ya!

Jul 30, 2008

Hectic day + very sad day..

I woke up quite early this morning as starting from today, i have no more helper in my house. Yeah..my helper @ my maid is back to Sabah today. *sigh*

I know i will have a hectic day starting from today. Waking up early in the morning, preparing myself and son to school, then off to work then back from work. After a long discussion with hubby, we have agree to send son to day center after he finish his school. For the time being, daughter will be staying with my MIL at home. This arrangement will be our temporary solution until we can find a replacement for our helper now.
Son will start going to the day centre this friday. If only you can understand how sad I am now. Son probably can make the adjustment of his new environment in a very short period but daughter?? *teary eyes* When I walked out from home this morning, daughter was crying and keep calling me, "Mommy!! Mommy!! Cicah want to follow". Kesiannya!!!
My MIL called me shortly after I reached office saying my daughter wanted to talk to me. *sad* :
Me : Hello cicah (Inesha).. Daughter : Mommy!!!! Me : What cicah doing?? Daughter : Cicah watch Barney. Mommy??? Me : Yes! Mommy is here.. Daughter : Mommy?? Bye?? Me : Ok! Bye sayang!
I hung up my phone as quick as i can as I almost crying listening to daughter's sad voice. If i talk a minute longer with daughter, I'm sure i will cry and won't be able to stop. I'm not sure how she will take her days without 'kor-kor' with her at home.
Right now, I'm feeling so bad being my kids mother. Apa punya mother lah cannot take care own anak at home!! If only I have the guts to quit my job....

Jul 29, 2008


The shortest post ever..!!! Plan changed..Hubby's 'new wife' will only be staying with us starting from next week! Am I glad that 'she' didn't came yesterday?? Erkk..not sure! Kesian pulak seeing hubby so sad last nite! For the moment..I'm not going to reveal about the 'new wife' yet! Next week saja lah..
For this week, I'm going to post my (like normal like that) blog as nothing had happend. So cheers!!

Jul 28, 2008

Hubby's 'new wife' will be with us starting from today..

Yeah..you read my title right..
After 1 month knowing about hubby's 'new wife', he is finally going to bring her back home today. I don't know whether I should be smiling or I should bang my head on the wall..I'm still trying to digest the fact that hubby has a 'new wife'.
Should I be sad?? I don't know..my mind is totally empty. I'm hoping everything is just a dream and I will wake in the morning that it was only a nightmare i had, but I know it is no dream. I have to face the reality that I no longer hubby's only love. But how about the vow that he made to cherish and love me forever?? *sad*
I just hope I will have the strength to face the remaining day ahead...

Jul 27, 2008

What my future career will be??

I have been working for more than four years now and I'm telling you, I'm getting tired with my current demanding job. I've to do so many thing all by myself without any help from anybody, and yet the pay remained the same since 1 1/2 years ago. If only you know how the people in my office dumping their work to me and demanded me to finish it the soonest I can. *sigh* There was a moment when I was really crazy busy day in office, I got this thinking to quit my job and become a full time housewife. But, it was just a thought. I don't think I can afford to quit my job just yet when I still have my study loan, my vacation club membership to pay. Not to mention the current economy which is soooooo bad where almost all cost has increased tremendously.
But, if I have the chance to quit my job now, I'm really interested to learn more about IT. Eventhough I have no basic knowledge about IT thing, I don't think it is too late for me to start learning about it now. Right?? Since I start blogging few months ago, I'm starting to like everything related to IT. If only I'm given the chance to study IT, I'm sure I'm going to choose to become an expert in computer hacking. hahaha!! Kidding!! Actually, I wanted to learn more about computer networking. What is computer networking?? I don't think I'm able to answer your question just yet. I will need to get a Cisco certification from Cisco Learning Network in order for to answer all the question regarding of networking. I know I've mentioned about how good is Cisco Learning Network in two of my post before, but I need to inform you guys that lots of people has become successful in IT career after joining Cisco. There are experts in CCDE Design, CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Security, CCIE Srorage Networking and even becoming a Profesional in Design (CCDP). Interesting right??
With the current demand of professionals to maintain a big company networking system, I'm sure if I'm ever going to be a professional in networking, the future ahead of me will be very..very bright. I heard from our IT guy who managed our company networking system that there is an offer to do this networking work at Cambodia with the salary of US$5k a month!! Wowieeee!! That is quite a lot of money you know! Well, I guess I will need to think about my future from now on. If I decide to quit my job soon, I will definitely choose IT as my career path.
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Jul 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby..

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday to hubby..

Happy Birthday to you..

I have no special birthday present for you yet (No time to go out la Baby). But I hope you will enjoy your birthday today..Any special request ?? Cheese Cake?? Durian Cake?? Tiramisu Cake??

*Eventhough you are 1 year older this year and have more wrinkle on your face (ekeke!!), I still love you like I always do. Muah!!

Jul 24, 2008

The Step to achieve 'Victory Hair'

This is the third post or probably my last post to share with you guys about a flirting skills to achieve Victory Hair . What?? Again??? Hehe..sorry guys, I think you have to bear with my 'so called' good flirting skills. Frankly speaking, I never really good in flirting, but of course I know what to expect from a guy who wanted to flirt with me. (Actually, only hubby can flirt with me now). But, before I give you all my flirting tips, I think I do need to explain what is 'Victory Hair' after all. But lets do it in my term.

My beautiful friend who has the most beautiful styled hair and me went to have a drink at Secret Recipe when this one sexy hunk with a sexy spiky hair came in and sit at the table next to us. My beautiful friend and sexy hunk cannot resist to look at each other, and the next thing thing I know, sexy hunk was already sitting next to my friend asking for her number. My friend was so nervous she keep pulling and twisting her hair , while sexy hunk cannot stop touching his hair to make sure it was still standing tall and look sexy. Little they know that they hair were already messed up because of their unintended actions to hide their nervousness. At the end, both were happy because they get each other number and will catch up with each other for their next date. hehehe!! And that's what I call Victory Hair!

Ok! If somebody want to flirt with me to achieve his victory hair, these are the steps he needed to follow :

  • Give me a sincere smile and not the kind of lusty smile.
  • If I smile back, it means I might be interested with you. What you need to do next is, ask me politely if you could sit next to me.
  • Do not forget to introduce yourself but please..don't babble too much about yourself or else I will die of boredom for the need to listen too much about yourself.
  • After introducing yourself, you can write your number on a small piece of paper and not on an A4 size paper. If you think I will appreciate the large paper given to me, I'm not! I will use the paper to clean my house window or throw it in the dustbin.
  • Anyway, if I took your number and keep it nicely in my purse, please thank me for keeping your number.
  • Lastly, ask me if I want to have a drink with you. If I agree, you are already 70% achieving Victory hair.

Hahaha!! Ok!! Ok!! enough with my nonsense here. Please ignore my lame tips just now. I only want you guys to try the Ultimate Flirting Championship of Extreme Style by VO5. It will be so much fun you know. It is either you become the contestent who need to answer questions from the judge or you become the judge who asks questions to the contestants. In the end, the best flirt couple of all will achieve victory hair along with the judge. *phew* So dear friends, don't wait any longer, try you best to get the highest score now. Good Luck!!

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Is it a penguin or a chick??

~ Last week friday (18th July 2008), mom gave my kids the tiny little penguin egg.
~ Two days later the weird looking 'penguinx' finally emerged.
~ On the 4th day, penguinx fully hatched and starting to change it colour.

On the 7th day or 1 week to be exact, our pet, Penguinx finally turned into a very cute and adorable..ermmm..chick?? ahahaaa!! Not sure penguinx look like a penguin at all. It looks more like a chick to me. It doesn't matter thou, kids love the penguinx very much. The other day, Son try to feed Penguinx with rice and even put lots of stickers for penguinx to study! hahaha!!

So, how big penguinx will be in the future?? I'm not really sure, but one thing for sure, I will need to buy a bigger aquarium to accomodate penguinx soon. It really grow very fast..nasib baik no need to feed penguinx with anything, if not.........(dumped it in the dustbin lah! hahaha)

*I hope it will stop growing soon.

WarGames 25th Anniversary

Do any of you have your favourite 80’s movie? You know movies like Karate Kid, Back To The Future, Sixteen Candles or maybe Ghostbusters? If you are born after the year of 80’s, I don’t think you will know all the movies I mentioned just now.

So, what about me?? Do I have any 80’s movie that I like?? Of course I do. I’m one of the 80’s babies who grow up watching all those 80’s movies. For your information, out of all the movies I’d watched, I still love Ghostbusters the most. Hehe Why?? Because it was the coolest movie I’ve ever watched last time. If you never heard about Ghostbusters before, it was about a “Professional Paranormal Investigation and Elimination” Services played by characters like Raymond Stantz, Peter Venkman and Dana Barret.

Anyway, do you still remember the movie WarGames which was screened in the early 80’s?? Yeah! That brilliant young hacker, David Lightman who hacked to logged into NORAD military supercomputer system. But when he unwittingly taps into the Defense Department’s War Computer, he initiates a confrontation of Global proportions World War III. Together with his girlfriend and a computer Wizard, David must race against time to outwit his opponent to prevent a nuclear Armageddon. WarGames is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary where it will back on the screen for only one night on 24th July 2008, which is today!! So what are you waiting for??? Get your ticket now and watch the event at the participating theatre near you. Additionally with this one night event, get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel – WarGames : The Dead Code.


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Crime Scene : Naked Neighbour

It's already passed 1am when I'm doing this posting. Refer to my previous naked neighbour post. Most of the comments I received are stating that the guy has the right to be naked in his own house. Yes! It is true..he can be naked 24 hours as long as he didn't parade infront of the neighbour. Probably I provide very less info of the scene where the guy stands and show his 'birdy' for my maid to see. hehe..yes!! I just knew about the 'birdy' part when i had a chat with my maid just now.

Based on the pix i took, you can see the first mark I took indicate our back kitchen where we hang / dry our clothes. The second mark at the other side of the apartment indicate the exact position where naked neighbour stand while hanging his clothes.

So do you still think he has the right to stand naked there?? I did mentioned in my previous post that the distance between our apartment is roughly around 2 meters away. It's not that far you know. Luckily my MIL only saw the guy's butt. However my maid was a lil' bit unfortunate as she had to see his back and front parts. The guy already saw my maid there, but he refused to put a cover on certain part of his body. Hmmmmm..something was wrong there, don't you think??

Well, some of you say I might be sued if i took his pix while parading in naked, but how about I sue him for showing obscene behaviour towards us?? hahahaaha!! Kidding!! I'm not going to sue the neighbour. He can be naked whenever he want as long as he didn't step out to the back kitchen area. For Goodness sake, we can see the full view of him from our kitchen. Though he has the right not to wear any clothes in his own house, I don't think he has the right to show us his nakedness. It is traumatizing you know. Imagine I'm cooking a sausages when the guy suddenly appear naked not far away from me?? Yeah..not a good sight at all huh??

So like that lah..if you guys still insist that he has the right to be naked in his house and even at the open area of his house for us to see, i have nothing more to say. I still think he violated our right to live in peace with his improper conduct. Hehe..but..that 's just me..

Well, I need to sleep now...still need to work tomorrow morning..so..chiao!!

Jul 23, 2008

What happend when your kids watch too much superhero movie??

Long gone the day Son was crazy about spiderman and Hell Boy. He is now is called GreenMan at home. If you call him, Isaac, he will correct you and tell you his name is Green Man! ahaha! It has been more than 1 month we brought him to cinema to watch incredible hulk, but he is still crazy about this fierce looking monster. *roll eyes*When I bought lots of candies the other day, my son only picked the green colour candies. The reason, because he is a Green Man and he should only eat the green colour one. Duh!!! aparak!!

Next time, do limit your kids from watching tooooooooo much superhero kinda movies. Because if you didn't, this is what going to happend:
=> Your kids will start to act like the superhero.

=> Your kids will start roaring like the superhero

=> Your kids will start to talk like the superhero

=> Your kids cannot stop watching the movie. They will keep playing the movie all over and over and over until you can memorize the whole movie script.

=> Your kids will tell you they love the superhero more than they love you. (hahaha!! My son told me that)

=> Your kids will start colouring each other. (son used a green colour pencil to paint daughter and change her to be incredible hulk)

=> You will become crazy to deal with a fierce little 'monsters' in your house!

Son giving me his superhero look! Duh!!!

Son in action! he thought he created that 'electric looking' thing.

Well..I hope the reasons I give are enough for you for not letting your kids to watch too much superhero movies. So, PLEASE!! Do not let you kids watch to much superhero kind of movies!!!

Pick the wrong line and you are kabooommm!!

Pretend that you were me. You were waiting for a bus to go back to your house when this one 'not so cool' guy went near you and asked you this ;
"Hey Sweetie, are you the girl who work at the *Star Pub?? Because I think you look more beautiful than the last time I saw you!"
What the....!! Well, that's what this guy had uttered to me last time when I was still a student. I'm not sure whether he tried to flatter me by telling I'm getting more beautiful than the last time he saw me (I have no idea who he was), but he surely make me super angry with his remark of me working in a pub. What kind of pick-up line is that to flirt with a girl? I don't think any girl will be flattered with that kind of remark. Right??
That guy should probably use this line to flatter me;
"Hey sweetie, did you just eat a sweet just now? Because i swear you have the sweetest smile i've ever seen"
See, second line sounds much better than the first line, right? I'm sure if the guy use the second line, he will already achieve a "Victory Hair". What?? You don't know what victory hair is?? Ok, let me explain it to you. You have a sexy hair and you meet a guy with even more sexy sleek looking hair. The two of you looking at each other, and the next thing you know, both of you get a pretty messed up hair. hehe!! That is how you make Victory hair.
So, do you think you still can achieve victory hair?? Why not try to play Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game to test your own flirting abilities. Who knows you have no abilities to flirt anymore?? Haha!! I've already try this game and it is actually very fun. I'm not telling you whether I'm good in flirting or not, but you can try this game yourself. Just remember this, don't flirt too much and use a wrong pick-up line or else your hair will 'kaboommmm'! Good luck!

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My neighbour parading naked in his house

Pheww!!! what a hot post title I have here..Naked Neighbour!! Hehe..If you think I'm kidding here, then you are wrong. I'm not kidding. My story is "cerita bukan rekaan semata-mata". It is a true story encountered by my MIL. My neighbour did parading naked in his house. Only I wasn't at home to witness that interesting sight. Hahaha!!
The first lucky person who witnessed that 'special' sight was my MIL! Hehe Can you imagine that?? My MIL was in the kitchen and saw the next block neighbour hanging his clothes on the iron bar at the back of his kitchen. Nothing was unusual for a man not to wear any shirt, so MIL didn't suspect anything wrong there. After the guy finish with his clothes hanging, he went inside in his house, and that when my MIL saw him without any single thread on his body! (she didn't noticed he was naked until she saw his butt!! hahahaa) I wish I was there to snap some pix of the guy for me to post in my blog. My maid was 'lucky' too as she saw the guy in the house too..That guy was stark naked in his house!!
Well, I don't know what to say about that guy..I'm not sure whether he is nuts, or just plain stupid to show the whole world (Actually..only my apartment has the clear view of the next block apartment) his naked body, but I do hope I will catch him in action one day, snap a pix or two and post it in my blog. Hahaha!! If I need to send it to the press, I'm sure I will do exactly that. Do you think he has the right to be naked in his own house and let the neigbour witness that?? Correct me if I'm wrong, but i think he is the one who violate our right to live in peace in our own house. I don't think any of us would want to live in a house next to a naked guy house.
So like that lah...I hope my house members won't have see that naked guy again! luckily nobody was traumatised yesterday..if the guy still doing that, wait until I'm at home, I swear i will get his pix for everybody to see. What do you think???
*Additional info : Syura and Linachu told me that the guy has his right to be naked in his house. I don't deny that, but i failed to mention this; he was at the back kitchen which is only 2 meter away from our back kitchen and there is no wall or anything to cover his nakedness except a grille. Haha..it was not like my MIL saw him through the window or hole or anything..he really went out naked from his house to the back kitchen.

Jul 22, 2008

Flirt with a sweet smile

I’m not good in flirting!! Do you believe that??? Back to the story when I met my boyfriend (Hey he is my hubby now) 10 years ago, I was only 18 years old that time. Being young and na├»ve, I have no expertise in flirting whatsoever. I’m not sure why hubby was attracted to me at the first place. Not like I approached him and asked him his number with a flirtatious smile and killer look. I remember the first time I gave hubby my ‘cutest’ smile, (uwekk!! Ok! You can puke now!!) it was a fine morning that day. I was heading to my class and hubby was heading to his site when our eyes met for the first time. Being a friendly and a good manner girl (hahahaha!!), I gave hubby my most friendly smile (yeah!! refer to my photo for the kind of smile I gave hubby last time) which I’m sure melted his heart right away. After weeks of exchanging a meaningful glance, hubby finally found his courage to post his phone number on a cardboard and show it to me from his house asking me to give him a call. Hehe! It was a sight that I will remember for my whole life. How many guys had actually done that to attract my attention? As far as I remember, there is only hubby who has done that.

I was already married when this photo was taken in Palace of The Golden Horses. My son was with my sister that time.

Starting from the day Hubby gave me his phone number, we started to be a good friend and it turned to be 'lovey-lovey' story for both of us. I don't think I was good in flirting last time nor do I have the flirtatious 'look' . I only know how to smile 'sweetly' and that's already enough for me. Hubby is different from me altogether. He surely can flirt like an expert. I remember one time when he throw a paper planes from his apartment block to my block. I was kinda boring that day, and hubby throw a paper planes to cheer me up. The plane didn't managed to reach my 4th floor apartment, but it surely make me laugh like crazy that time. I'm not really sure why I found it soooooo funny last time, if hubby ever did throw a paper plane on me again, I'm sure I will scold him for throwing and wasting such papers. hehehehee!!! Other than throwing those planes, I also love it when hubby gave me a wink when nobody was looking. That sweet action really make my heart raced.
That was me and hubby's stories last time. Nowadays, I don't think hubby ever winks or did something I can consider as flirting. Hmmmmm..maybe he does! Let me think first.........!! Emm..nope!! No flirting anymore. Hahaha!! If only hubby can flirt like he does last time, he probably could join The Extreme Style by VO5 Ultimate Flirting Championship. Being an expert in flirting, he surely stand a chance of getting a good score in it. Anyway, if you think you are good in flirting, and curious to know how good is your flirting skills, do try Extreme Style by VO5. If you get a good score in flirting, do let me know about it, but if it's not really a good score, then, don't tell me about it! hehehe!! Good Luck!

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Jul 21, 2008

Happy Monday..

Phew..It's monday already..Time really does flies very fast huh? Last I took my leave was on friday, and in a blink of an eye, it is monday today. So do I hate my monday today?? Well, not really. My weekend was pretty wonderful, so my mood was lifted up until today, I have no monday blues.
Howz everybody weekend anyway?? I hope everybody had a great weekend like mine. Back to the story since the last day i blogged last week, i took 1/2 day off on friday to spend my times with mom. Before i fetch her at Sg. Buloh Commuter station, I went to bank regarding on my debit card thingy. I already received my new card and needed to create a username and password for e-banking. Took almost 1 hour to get everything done. *sigh* There was only 7 people infront of me, but the bank officer took soooooooooo long to get one customer done. Luckily she has the manner of an angel, she didn't make me pissed off or come with the need to make a complain about her. Hahaha i was hoping she will make me angry or something so that i can make a complain, but none! She is really one good lady. Hmmm..she managed to get my things done in less than 10 minutes and that really made me happy with her service.
After bank, fetched my mom at commuter station and brought her to The Curve. Aunt wasn't with us as she followed another Aunty to relative's house in PJ. At the curved, I really love to stroll aimlessly with mom and catch up with each other stories. It has been 1 year ++ since i last seen her and i know you can imagine how happy i was last week. We chatted, and chatted non-stop like a long lost friend who didn't meet for 10 years. We talked about mom's paddy field, rubber trees, cats, dogs, cat, neighbour, cousin-mousin story, and everything. Punya lah banyak story. Hehe
We head home around 9.30pm after a tiring walk. When we reached home, Mom got a surprise for son and daughter. She bought them a 'pet'. But before the 'pet' become a pet, we need to hatch an egg so that we can see our baby penguin. Hmmmm..sounds weird?? Maybe..but i really like to see mom in a happy mood when she is able to make her 2 grandkids happy as well. So...what mom gave my 2 kids??? It's a penguin lah! :)

Penguin egg submerged in a container. Water level must be over
the tip of the egg, or else, egg not going to be hatched.

Tadaaaaa!!! after 37 hours submerged in the water, baby penguin finally showing itself to us! Hahaha!!! I know it look weird, but hey, my kids like it very much ah!! Daughter is still a lil' bit scared seeing the weird looking penguin, but son definitely love the penguin. When the egg still not yet hatch, he keeps checking it and asking mom when the penguin will be out, sekali sudah come out! yay!! he is the excited one.

See!! It does look weird, but still very cute! Mom says it will grow bigger in few days. Can't wait to see it change. If you are wondering whether it's alive, of course no, silly....I'm not sure what is the penguin made from, but i can assure you, it absorbs water to expand it size. Hehe!! So, as long as the water level is above the penguin head, it will continue growing until..erk!! not sure!! haha!! Only mom knows that as she bought that thing. If any of you interested with this artificial pet (hahaha!!), probably you can start looking for it at Chow Kit..It's very cheap lah..don't worry..there are few type of it..there are turtles, bettles, crocs, snakes, penguins, birds and others lah. You can keep as many as you want without having to feed it. Interesting and save money at the same time. hehe

So there, I'm sure I had interesting weekend last week..wait until I blog more about it..right now, need to work lah, later boss see me blogging whole day, kena la me! till then, Hasta la vista baby!!

*I think 'Jantung Pisang' is banana petal lah!! What do you think?? I read it somewhere last time..

Jul 18, 2008


Short post for today... In a minutes, I'm going to 1-Utama with my mom and aunt.. 1/2 day leave today..and full day leave tomorrow.. I shouldn't make you jelous..but.. MUAHAHAHA!! I still want you to be jelous!! Oh la la!! I feel soooo good today..

Will blog again tonight.. :) Tata!! *What's Jantung Pisang in English ah?? I know what it is, but i cannot think what it is, right now..Help, please???

Jul 17, 2008

Tag : The '5'

Another tag to do..hahaha!! Sorry lah geng, i'm running out of idea on what to write in my blog. Busy lah my life now. As I have mentioned in my previous post, my mom and aunt are currently in KL right now. I have to think where to bring them tomorrow. I'm not going to let them stuck at home doing nothing so otak tengah pikir any nice place to bring them. Anyway, I sent them to commuter station early this morning as the two plan to go to KL all by themselves. Hmmmm..I kinda worried you know, but I'm sure mom and Aunt are going to be alright. But..but..but, I felt like I'm a stalker because i keep ringging mom every 30 minutes.hahaha!!!
So about this taggy-maggy thing, it came from Lab Papa..I'm doing this because it is very easy and need only 5 minutes of my time to complete it..(konon!! padahal 20mins) By the way, Lab Pap still has one outstanding Tag from me and it's not done yet. (bah lab papa..capat buat tu fav pix tag!! hehe). So here goes my answer for :
Question 1: What were you doing 5 years ago? I got married with hubby.
Question 2: What were the 5 things on your to do list today? 1. To update my Site Instruction record. 2. Preparing all the Documents for Company CIDB 3. Fetch mom and Aunt later in evening 4. Read the thick document regarding environment thingy (construction cost something..something..haven't read a word yet) haha 5. Cook 'Jantung Pisang (????)' for dinner today.
Question 3: What are 5 snacks that you enjoy? 1. CHOCOLATE!! 2. Cheese Cake 3. Walnut Brownies 4. Lobster Cracker 5. Cocktail Sausages
Question 4: What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire? 1. 'Kautim' my mounting debts 2. Buy few duplex condo near my house now 3. Donate my money to orphan house 4. Build big house for my parents 5. Vacations like Lab Papa
Question 5: What are 5 jobs you've had? 1. Trainee in Water Department in Ranau (I was doing my final year project about e.coli) 2. The Best Cashier in McD! haha I got awarded few times oh! 3. Full time housewife (now no more) 4. -nil- 5. -nil- So there goes my answer! Now..the part that i dread the most..hehehe!! I want to tag.. Ornest, Ninie Jane, Kobie, and Nick Phillips (erk..can or not??).
Hope to see this tag in your blog.. *wink-wink*

Jul 16, 2008

My day yesterday and today

Arghhh..I'm so busy today. Everything is urgent. Have a lots of thing to rant, but so little time to blog.*sigh* Anyway, just want to let the whole world know I had a really great day yesterday..(cuti kan! hehe). I didn't do much things in the office except..eat...eat..and eat.. hehe! I was supposed to take pictures of the praying event held in our office / factory, but telupa pulak! Hahaha But seriously, do you think you will be able to remember to snap a picture or two when a delicious fried rice, fried mee hoon, curry chicken, lotssssss of fishball, sausages, hard boiled eggs, a big plate of delicious 'angku' (hokkien word..not sure what it is in english or malay) and roasted p*rk (siew yuk) served right infront of you??? So don't blame me for not taking pictures of yesterday..blame the food! Ok?
After the praying event, I went to meet up with my friend (friend that make me forget about the banana) at 1-Utama and did some crazy window shopping. But stupid me, I went to 1-U with a 3.5inch high heel and that for sure give me a hell to walk around in such a big shopping mall. I reached 1-U at around 3.30pm and walk around while waiting for my friend. While waiting, I went to Jusco and bought Son and Daughter a pyjama each. I thought want to buy it for daughter only, but I don't want son to think I'm being unfair to him. You know la, seeing little sister get something from mommy while nothing for him is sure going to make Son jelous with Daughter. Terpaksa buy for both.
Then I went round and round in the shopping mall when my friend finally arrived in 1-U around 5 something. That time, I felt my legs going to break that right moment. Served me right. Sepa suruh pakai kasut tinggi.!! Me and friend..walk and walk and walk until my leg cannot take it anymore. *grin* I'm sure if you were me, you will feel the same. With a high heel, and 'surveying' 4 floor of new wing area, your legs sure will patah. My friend was soooo excited yesterday, she dragged me to La senza, Xixili, Forever 21, Lovely Lace, Bonita, Jusco, Mode, rest and relax etc..etc..etc. She surely love to shop and bought quite lot of a things. I was the one who was really tired. Even this moment, my feet are still throbbing like hell.
Oh! Do you want to know what I bought yesterday?? Not many things lah. 1 Jeans, Oil from lovely lace, super duper nice and sexy high heel, nice handbag (AGAIN???? *this what hubby going to say if he knows about it*), kids pyjamas and a mount of grocerries. *phew* (Temptation is super high during megasale)
I reached home around 10.40pm last night and was soooooooooooo tired. But still, I slept around 2am. Hehe cannot resist myself from visiting and dropping some comments in your blog. You know who you are.. hehe
Morning pulak,,I woke up a quite late and because of that I was late to send son to school (AGAIN!!). *sigh 3x* My life is getting busier each day. I'm wondering what will happend once I have to managed my work, kids, home, and everything by myself. As my helper is going back to Sabah next month, I have to get myself ready to stay awake for 24 hours to make sure everything is done accordingly. I think I'm going to lose some more weight and my zits will be doubled too next month.
Oh..by the way, my mom and aunt are holidaying in KL right now. I will fetch them later after work. Want to take my chocolate mom bought from langkawi. Right this moment, I got to finish my pile of work first. Till then..chiao!

Jul 14, 2008

No working tomorrow! Hehe

Yeah!! Jelous?? Probably you should.. :)

But why?? Why suddenly kadusmama no need to work tomorrow?? It's because my company love me very much and boss decided to give me 1 day off tomorrow..akaka!! No lah, the truth is, there is a prayer will be held here in our factory. It's a big day for our carpenter's 'Sifu' and in order to respect our carpenter, boss give us a day off lah..hahaha! But..but..we still have to come to office..probably half day, and after the prayer, we can 'cabut lari' wherever we want. Oh we also have to come as we have big feast here. Wohoo!! Makan free, sure have to come oh, somemore have stout and tiger beer for us. Can you imagine, all our carpenter and us the office staffs will be drunk tomorrow?? If i can take pix, will show you guys how we celebrated our carpenter day..hehe
So there, I know most of you guys have to work tomorrow but nothing wrong for me to hope a great day for you, kan?? Happy working ya!!

My horrible weekend

It's Monday again!!!!! *sigh* How I dread going through my monday!! I had a hell of throbbing head when i woke up this morning. Thought my head going to split or something..It was really painful i decided to continue my sleep and tell hubby to wake up and shower first. I have no idea why i had headache, i sleep quite early last night..! Anyway, i was late to work this morning..ehehe But i did it on purpose you know...so, no worry..!
As much as i wanted to tell you i hate my monday, i really have to be honest here..i hate my weekend the more! Yeah..really hate my weekend! Last saturday, I went to check my money that i transfered from my Paypal to my debit card and guess what happend..?? My card was 'eaten' by the atm machine!! Uwah!!!!!! It was my fault actually..i totally forgot my pin no..and you know what will happend if you key-in your pin for more than 3 times..yes!! The machine happily swallowed my card. Try to call PB customer service, but no avail. Can you imagine i waited..and waited..and waited for more than 10 mins and still no answer?? Tensennya!!!! Getting my card held by the machine was already bad, then i had to wait for unanswered call, then i finished all my phone credit. Terus tensen gila me that day!!
Then yesterday, i had this thought of preparing nice chicken rice for dinner. Sekali my rice overcook pulak (not to mention i put too much water)! ayak!! Kesian us have to eat rice yang kembang-kembang. Luckily the steamed chicken and soup tasted quite nice.
Then, i thought i want to improve my mood by baking a banana cake, also disaster! Aiya!! lagi tensen!! As expected, my banana cake didn't turned out as i wanted it to be. I don't know what went wrong. Probably i put less baking powder and soda bicarbonate. My cake is still edible, but not as sedap as the 1st time i made it..
Then, lastly, my pimples start popping out like mushroom last saturday! Arghhhh..when i woke up in the morning, few active volcanos are really proud residing at a few spots on my face. Big one, at my forehead, smaller ones both at my left and right cheek. *sigh* feel like teenager pulak...
So..thats the reasons why my weekend was quite bad last week. My monday is consider sooo much better than what i had for my weekend. Imagine if you have you a sux weekend like mine, i'm sure you will rant..and rant like me too..
*I think
Nick Phillip had a bad weekend too. He had to work oh!! Pity him..

Jul 11, 2008

Mommy and money??

I’m a special mommy. Why?? Because I’m one of the mommies in this world who loves to blog for money. When I start blogging 7 months ago, I never thought I can earn money from blogging. Initially, I was blogging for fun. I needed a place to vent my frustration and share all the joyous moments I experienced in my daily life. On 15th of January 2008, I registered my blog at blogspot. I was really nervous when I first starting to blog. But it turned out just fine. From that moment, I started to write everything that happened in my daily life. When I say everything, I really mean EVERYTHING. One month after I started my blog, I discovered that I can actually generate some money from it. Yay!! That revelation really gave me this “WOW” feeling inside of me!! Of course I was so excited that time.
So far until this moment, I’ve registered my blog to few money making site and I’m pretty happy with my side earning from blogging. Those extra cash is really helping me with my household expenses. If you a mother yourself, you are definitely going to know that milk and diapers are pretty expensive nowaday. Anyway, I have some of my friends who happened to be a ‘Stay at Home Mommy’ blogger who have a very good PR for their blog. However, they have no inkling that blogging can actually bring some $$$ to them. If only they know about it, I’m sure they will earn lots of cash by now.
However, since I’m one good person who love to share everything with you, I feel obligated to ‘force’ all mommy bloggers to start blogging for money. Hehe I’m sure some of you probably not sure where to start or how to blog for money. Don't worry, your question will be answered once you visited SocialSpark (my favourite site of all). Do read SocialSpark's FAQ and start learning the easy way for you to start earning cash from your blog. Believe me, it will be as reading ABC. Now, what you have to do is, register your blog there and wait for it to be approved. Once approved, you can start queuing for the available opportunity and start earning lots of $$$. Isn't it easy?
What?? You are worried you would have no time to do the reserved opportunity??? I don't think you should be worried about that at all. What I like about socialspark is the 12 hours duration given to complete the posting. It is that long. If you ask me, I think 12 hours is more than enough to do one post. I can even sleep, cook, and shower before I start writing my post. No stress, no hassle, everything is done accordingly. That is why SocialSpark is one great site for mommy bloggers.
So wait no more. Join SocialSpark now. It's never too late for you to start blogging for money. Wishing you 'All the Best' monetize your blog with SocialSpark
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Tag : 10 Favourite pictures

Wel tagged me with this favourite pictures tag. Nasib baik tidak susah as i have million photos that i like. But of course i'm not going to put the million photos here. Just some of my favourite. Enjoy my pix ya..

My daughter, Inesha alexandra photos. Hehe I have her pix in my tummy, one month old pix until 1 year ++. See how she change from small baby to one beautiful girl.

Of course i like Isaac photos too. All the above pictures are my son's photos when he was 1 year old until 4 years old.

Hmm..i posted this photo before. Why i like it, because it was the day that my son first go to school and i was the one who cried like a baby. Bikin malu betul.

This photo pulak taken in Penang in year 2005. No daughter yet. I like this photo because I don't look like Isaac's mother. Hehe We look more like a sibling kan??? (Wakakakaka!! persaannya)

Nothing really special about my photos. Haha! 1st photo taken when i was 8 months ++ pregnant with daughter. Did you see that i gained so much weight there?? 22.5kg oh!! From 43kg, i gained so much until it became 65.5kg. Crazy kan?? Luckily in 9 months time i managed to shed all the extra pounds from my pregnancy. So 2nd picture was after 9 months i delivered daughter. (sepa mau tips kasi kurus, you can send me personal email! hehe nanti sia kasi share tips).

If you are wondering why i never put my hubby's photos in my blog, because i don't to share him with you. Hahaha No lah..kidding..saja don't want to make him famous. hehe

Tagging time!! Bah..who i want to tag?? Alamak!! Habis lah kena timbak nie if i tagged the same person. ok lah..kasi tag chegu carol, lab papa (dorang nie suka gambar), Izyanti and Choc mint girl lah. Hope to see nice pix from you guys.

Save Lives with Cyro-Cell

Cryo Cell. What is it? What do you know about Cryo Cell?? A cell named Cryo?? Or a type of cell in cryo category?? Hehe..the answer is none of the above. Cryo Cell is actually one important bank for parents. To keep money?? Of course not money. It is a bank for parents to keep and preserve their newborn's stem cell extracted from their baby's cord blood cells for future medical purpose.
I was pregnant two times before, and I tell you, I've read a lots of information about cord blood banking and its benefits. The most famous one is its potential medical benefits of treating disease like severe anemia, acute leukemia and sickle disease. Sounds like interesting right??
Do you know that Cord blood stem cell transplants have already changed—and saved—thousands of lives around the world? Yeah, you need to read all of the testimonials available in http://www.cryo-cell.com/. I'm not going to explain in details about what had happend to all this parents. You need to read it yourself.
If you have a family member or relatives who has the history of disease like acute leukemia, you might want to consider preserving your baby's cord blood in the future. Of course you don't want anything happend to your baby, but you will never know what will happend in the future. In case (touchwood) your baby got the disease too, the cord blood you preserved might be the one thing that can save your baby's life.
So, what you need to do now is, try to get more information about cord blood banking before you become a parent. If you have no idea where to get the info needed, go to http://www.cryo-cell.com/ now. I might not be able to explain everything to you, but I'm sure Cryo-Cell will be able to provide all the info you need.


Yeah..!!! Happy nie..why?? Because weekend is coming. Sioknya!! Tonight I plan to go to 1-Utama to buy something for my daughter. Actually I want to buy her pyjamas..kesian she only has 2 and always wanted to wear my son 'big' pyjama..So, yep..I'm going to Jusco 1-Utama..if any of you going to 1-U tonight, hope I will bump with any of you..
Oh by the way..i think i need to tell you this, I had a nice curry chicken and mutton for my lunch Hehe Nyummy!! Jan jelous..I wanted to eat curry since last tuesday, but always lazy to drive out to the nearest kedai mamak..The moment i took a bite on my curry chicken..uiyooo!!!!! Heaven nya!! Sedap sampai menjilat sudu...nasib baik i have no pix of my delicious lunch..if not, sure lah suma orang drooling nanti..
Ok dok! Need to do check the tag i got from wel and finish filling this stupid BQ first (not my keja..but kena dumped to me pulak!!!) so..Hasta la vista!!

Jul 10, 2008

Advertise with SocialSpark

I know you guys have noticed I've been writing a sponsored post lately. You know, those posts with "sponsored by ...... ". Yeah, all those posts are from SocialSpark.com. What do you think of all those posts? Anything related or informative or useful to you? Some is yes, and some is no. I understand that. Not everything is really related to you, huh? Since I start blogging about 7 months ago, I never thought I would love blogging very much. I thought I just wanted to blog for fun and vent all my frustration here. Never crossed in my mind that I'm going to do so many products reviewing here. Hehe Don't get me wrong, I love doing all those posts. It is fun you know. Thanx to SocialSpark, I got lots of opportunities to advertise many kind of things in my blog. So, any of you interested to advertise your product in SocialSpark?? Maybe blogger like Deana_e can promote her Cake Making business there. I'm sure more people will visit her blog and start ordering all those cute and delicious cup cakes. The more exposure given to her blog, the more people will know about it, right? I have nothing to advertise so far as I have no business nor a products needed to be advertised, but as a blogger, a mommy blogger to be specific, I hope I can blog more about educational toys or books for my kids. Other than that, I hope product like maternity clothes, or anything related to pregnancy will make their way to be advertised in SocialSpark. It will be exciting to blog about this kind of thing, you know. Hehe So thats it! I need to rest my eyes now, I've been infront of my computer since this morning. If any of you interested to promote your blog and don't know how to do it, just email me, and I will tell you more about SocialSpark. Till then..chiao.. Sponsored by SocialSpark

Anybody can help me??

My P licence is going to expire in another 3 weeks from now. Wohooo!! Finally KadusMama going to get her CDL. No more P sign in my car soon. But..but..

Ok I'm ignorant. I don't know how to renew my P to CDL..So a little help needed here. Please tell me :

  • How to renew my licence? Do I have to go to JPJ to do the renewal process?
  • Can I send other people to do the renewal?
  • How long before my licence expire do I have to do a renewal?
  • What document do I have to prepare to get a new licence??
I did try to google the procedure of renewing P licence, but I cannot find any. The info in JPJ website is not sufficient enough for me. Worry nie! I don't know where is the nearest JPJ from my place. Later lambat renew, susah pulak.
I'm hoping I can send a represantative to do the renewal job for me. Do you think it is possible?? I know all of you have gone through this before, so you already know what to do. I did asked hubby about this, but he doesn't know what to do either. Last time kan no P..susah betul. So fastest way to get the the info is through blogging.
So kengkawang sekalian, please help me on this..Thank you!!


Still remember baby Felicity (refer to my previous post) who is a baby genius as she is able to read certain words when she was 12.5 months?? Wait until you see she reads a book like a pro..I'm still not over my amazement the other day and now, I have to WOW!! WOW! WOW! WOW so many times. I don't think you understand what I meant with my wow! wow! It's ok..I let you watch Felicity video compilation and join me a little later to say the Wow for at least for 5 times.

Finish your wow wow yet?? I'm still not finish yet..I'm planning to show hubby the video and let him wow wow with me! Hahaha..The truth is, I never see any amazing toddler like Felicity before. Most 2 years old toddlers I've met are still struggling to learn to talk. Some of them can speak few words, and that is impressive enough. I remember my nephew, Abner cannot speak even a word when he was 2 1/2 years old. No matter how we asked him to speak, no word came out from his mouth. We thought he was mute that time. Hehe Luckily he say the word 'SUSU' when he was almost 3 years old.

My 19months old daughter is not a genius as she cannot read a book just yet, but still I consider her one smart baby because she is able to communicate with us really well. No more goo gooo gaa gaa from her. Maybe I should consider my 4 years old son a genius?? Hehe Do you know any 4 years old kid who can speak 3 languages fluently?? My son can. He speaks English, Mandarin and Malay (Ok! malay is not really as good as the other two). Now, he is in the process of learning Hokkien Language as well. Pretty impressive, isn't it? (perasaannya this mommy)

So..any of you parents interested to teach your baby to become one super genius like Felicity? Probably you can send an email to her parents insisting the method of teaching they used on her. As for me, I think I'm going to let my kids follow their own pace to learn to read. No rush here. As for Felicity, I hope she will make her way through World Record as the youngest baby who can read.

Sponsored by BrillKids

WARNING! Kadusmama gila already!

Phewww..What a good day for me to blog today. Less work, less thing to do in office. Jangan Jelous. Hehe I’m warning you in advance that I’m going to do a marathon post today. At least, another 6 posts after this one. Sorry lah, mau cari makan lah geng. Please bear with me..ok..
Anyway, I want to thank for the well wish from you guys for my speed recovery from my cold. I was lucky whatever virus or germs or bacteria in body didn’t manage to fight my antibody. Though I’m better than the other day, the ‘kick’ of the medicine I took still lingering in my system lah. There is still floating sensation whenever I walk or sit. I don’t know how much water I need to gulp in order to flush out the left over ‘ubat’ inside me. 1 liter? 2 liters? Any idea??
Lab Pap suggested that I should sleep the moment I felt I’m going to be sick..Hmm betul kah tu Lab Pap?? I wish I can do that. If only I can sleep here in office. No place to rest pulak..nda kan sleep in the meeting room?? Four years of working here, I took less than 10 days sick leave. (not including my maternity leave). Not that I’m soooo healthy, I never fell sick before, but I’m just not used to take sick leave lah. So far until today, I still have 14 days MC. Haven’t takes any yet. Last year I only took ½ days (kena food poisoning) for the whole year. *sigh* See lah, if next time I’m feeling unwell, I will take MC for at least 2 days..hehehe! Howz that?? Ok..ok! I want to enjoy my free moment already. Just stay tuned with my blog ya (Hehe actually I want to enjoy my Nescaffe Gold 3-in-1 first) I’ll be back later..hehehe

Superman look

To Jew, This is the comment you gave me in my post last night.. "Dulu time sia muda2, sia pakai contact lense, skarang tidak berapa muda suda pakai spek suda la mau nampak mcm superman sikit..hehe..nanti ada masa sia pi cek la mana tau ada yang berkenan di hati..hehe" So here is my suggestion to you, a nice green colour spectacle. What do you think??

I'm sure this spectacle really suit you. Eventhough you are not young anymore, you will still look like Superman if you wear this eyeglass. And since there are so many choices of eyewear in zennioptical.com, I'm helping you to find the one which suit you the best. What?? You don't like my choice?? Why?? My taste is not good enough?? Hmm..if that is the case, you have to find yourself then. There are so many choices there. Don't worry, I'm sure you will find the one which can make you look like superman. If you found the one you like, do let me know. Ok!
Yours truly,
*Bah Jew..jan lupa balas my post this...hehehe

Tag : One Word Meme

I had my lunch few minutes ago, am sooo free now. So to kill my free time, i do my overdue tag. Long time tidak buat meme already. Ok! this is about the one word meme and i was tagged by Choc Mint Girl . I'm supposed to answer every question with one answer, but i think i have to break the rules also. Hehehe (i don't think one word is sufficient for me..mau juga banyak). Here goes my answer..
1.Where is your cell phone? ~ In my drawer 2. Your significant other? ~ Hubby 3. Your hair? Dark brown 4. Your mother? ~ Sabah. 5. Your father? ~ Also in Sabah 6. Your favorite thing? ~ Many 7. Your dream last night? ~ A dr. perfoming a check up on me. Wondering what it means? 8 Your favorite drink? ~ Ice Choc with whipped cream. Nyummy! 9. Your dream/goal? ~ To raise my kids to be a better person 10. The room you're in? ~ Office 11. Your hobby? ~ Blogging (addicted now) 12. Your fear? ~ Losing my loves one. 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ~ with my family 14. What you're not? ~ sexy?? haha 15. Muffins? ~ Chocs 16. One of your wish list items? ~ Go to Scotland 17. Where you grew up? 0-12yrs = Ranau, 13-19yrs = KK, Now I'm in KL 18. The last thing you did? ~ 'Chaf Fan' (Nasi campur lah! haha) 19. What are you wearing? ~ Brown blouse and brown skirt. 20. Favorite Gadget? ~ My HP 21. Your pets? None 22. Your computer? ~ Dell PC 23. Your mood? ~ Happy 24. Missing someone? ~ Very 25. Your car? ~ Kembara 26. Something you're not wearing? ~ Lipstick 27. Favorite store? ~ Jusco 28. Like someone? ~ Yep! 29. Your favorite color? ~ Forever BLUE!! 30. When is the last time you laughed? ~ Just now. 31. Last time you cried? ~ Last week There, more facts about me. hehe Who am I going to tag?? NinieJane, Chegu Carol, Little Inbox, Kobie, Wel, Lab Papa, Hombidai and Urang Ranau. Have fun with the tag guys.. :)

Jul 9, 2008

Cheap Eyeglasses. Do you want one?

This is going to be a short post from me before I go back home in half hour from now. Direct to the point...ANYBODY WEARING EYEGLASSES HERE??? You?? You?? and You?? I'm wondering how much do you have to spend for your eyeglasses.? As I'm not wearing any, I don't really know the exact cost you have to fork out whenever you get a new glasses. Roughly I do have a little bit idea of the price based from what I see in the ads or heard in radio or saw in the paper. I don't think the price is cheap, right?? So here is the deal. Starting from now onward, you don't have to worry about the price anymore. Imagine you can get a nice eyeglass like the photo below. See, it has nice and fancy frame and you can get it with a very affordable price which start from $8! What?? You don't believe me?? Seriously..I'm not kidding you!

Actually there are still lotssssss and lotssssss of choices of everything related to eyewear at zennioptical.com . There are high quality frames, lenses, and even a nice tinted sunglasses lenses. I don't think I can explain everything here. You have to check-it out yourself. But I can assure you, the price offered is very cheap and affordable.*smile* SO?? What are you waiting for???? Go and check it now!!

*ganas bah memaksa orang check kan? hahaha

Clarinese?? What the heck??

By now (almost 7.00pm), it is official i didn't sleep for 36 hours. Yeah..I didn't sleep since i woke up yesterday morning. Crazy i tell you. I felt like i'm walking on the air. Floating while sitting and my head is like it's going to split any time soon. Ngrrrr..
But why I'm soooo stupid to stay awake for 36 hours?? Uwahhhhh!!! I cannot sleep the whole night last night lah..!!! All because of the medicine i took for my 'running nose'. Yesterday, I started to feel a little bit sick. You know, having a sore throat, a little bit fever and sneezing for thousand times per hour. (Ok!! I'm exaggerating! maybe 100 then ). Not taking a chance of getting sick, i went to the nearest pharmacy to buy some medicine for my 'leaking nose'. The pharmacist asked me :
Pharmacist : So which want you want? Make you sleepy or not?
Me : I want the one that doesn't make me sleepy (I don't want to drive or work in sleepy condition. Ok!)
Pharmacist : Ok! Nah..RM13.00
So i went home, took my dinner and popped 2 pills. By 12 midnight, i felt a little bit uncomfortable. I felt like i was floating or something. When i try to sleep, i just couldn't get my eyes closed and drowsed to sleep. In fact I was feeling so fresh and healthy. Hahaha!! Weird kan?? So tossed here..tossed there..I didn't managed to sleep AT ALL!! kambeng betul!! I'm 100% sure it was caused by the medicine i took. What lah...I asked for a medicine that won't make me sleepy, not the one caused me to be wide awake in the middle of the night!
If you have seen me lurking somewhere (u know where) until 6.30am this morning and wondering whether it was really me, the answer is yes. I did online until morning. Hehe Not that I didn't try to sleep, but my eyes just couldn't shut.

This is the pill that caused insomania in me

By 7.25am, I woke up (Hmm..i didn't even sleep, how i woke up??) and took my shower. Preparing to work, then suddenly remember I haven't share with you guys about my new hanger (To hang my colourful earrings). Hehe Is not that i have hundreds pair of earring, just about 30++. I lost more than 10 pairs before. Ya lah! My kids love to play with my earrings and i have no idea where they have thrown or keep or put all of my fancy earrings. Maybe some of it already flushed in the toilet?? Hmmm could be..

My 30 pairs of earring. There are few with no pair..hehe hilang already!

These four pairs are my favourite. Same look, different colour.

I'm sure some guy will say.."whatever for keeping soooooo many earrings??? Bikin sakit mata saja!" Alah! Girls will always be girl. There is no such thing one thing (Handbag, Shoes, Belt, Shirt, High Heel, jeans, etc..etc..etc..) is enough! Heheehehee We (or maybe only me???) need lots of it to match with our clothes. True?? No?? Hehe

So ok lah..In any way, you are wondering why i didn't visit your blog today, i was busy like crazy since this morning. Sudah lah mengantuk, tired, everything also urgent! (Boring!!). Don't worry, i Will visit you guys in a short while..wait for me ok!!

Jul 8, 2008


MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! I'm sure all of us loves money very much. What?? You don't like money?? Haha!! You must be kidding me. Nah..RM100?? Let see if you can resist my offer. It has been 1 month since our government annouced the fuel price hike and since then, price of everything (I do mean everything) has increased tremendously. You name it, Food? Grocerries? Books? Diaper?? I'm so sure the price of all the items have gone up at least RM0.50 - RM3.00. Extra money needed to cover my expenses, but I'm wondering why my salary remain the same. Hmmm..(I probably should ask my boss today) I know most of us have this thought of earning some extra cash to cope with our crazy life now, but where?? How?? to find the extra cash?? I have no idea too until I got to know about "GetPaidToTry". Yes guys, this site is going to pay their members who took part in their survey and product testing. Sounds too good to be true?? Maybe, but no harm trying right. All you have to do is sign-up with this site, complete the member bonus and you will ger free $20.00. After signing up, you can start taking the interesting offers selected for you. There..very easy right? No hassle, no sweats, just an easy way of earning some extra cash. If you are interested of taking part of the survey and earning some money at the same time, Click here to begin. Hopefully you will find more opportunity to make money at this site. (I've already registered just now, sekali..untuk orang US saja pulak! Chis!)


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Jul 7, 2008

OMG!! I'm really a bad person

Last saturday, I went out to meet up with my dear friend. You know after having a bad day bout the person who badmouthed my mom, having somebody to talk with really makes me feel better that day. My friend, whom I know for more that 15 years did a magic calming me down. Hehe We meet up at Secret recipe, had a great lunch and chit-chatting like there is no tomorrow. We had a delicious steak, nice cake and nice drink. Not like we didn't meet with each other for ages, it was only like 2 weeks ago when I last met her.
You know when a girl meet with their girlfriends, all kind of stories will be out. Haha So the two of us were giggling like a school girl. Laughing like crazy and made all the people in Secret Recipe looking at us like we are some freak who just escaped from the zoo. This is the snippet of our conversation.
Me : You know, i have been crazy.....*giggle-giggle*
Friend : Hahahaa!!! *LOL*
Me : How to...*Laughing*
Friend : Like this lah..*Laughing*
Me : Can you imagine me.......*giggle-giggle*
Friend : Really??? Hahahahaha!
Me : really..Hahahahaha!!
Both of us laughing like crazy and had a very funny conversation. After our meal, we were off to the nearby Accessories shop. I bought 4 pairs of earings and one nice shirt, while my friend bought 1 pair of earing and a nice blouse. While in the shop, both of us were like idiot. Heheheee After the fun time we had in the shop, we were off to the nearby supermarket for grocerries. My friend need to buy quite a lots of thing. I only want to buy bananas to make my banana cake. So i grab one bunch of banana and trailed my friend from behind helping her to carry some of her things to the counter. We were chatting and giggling while she paid her grocerries. (macam budak saja our perangai).
After supermarket, we went to the nearby stationery shop to buy stuffs for our kids. I thought want to buy a nice sticker for son and daughter, but I didn't managed to find any nice sticker.So Hee..hee..haa..haa.(me and friend still chatting) We continued laughing like crazy. (hehehee..both of us just cannot stop laughing when we meet with each other) Then suddenly my friend asked me.
Friend : Uii T, why ko punya pisang tidak masuk Plastic?
Me : Huh???
Friend : Tu banana ko tu bah..
Me : Banana??? OMG!!!!!!!! MATAI LAH NI!!
Friend : HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!! *rolling on the floor*
Me : ASTAGA L**!! Sia mencuri banana hari nie!!! ASTAGA!!! MATAI LAH NIE..(It is normal for sabahan to say Astaga even we are non-muslim.. :))
Friend : HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!! *still laughing like crazy*
Me : Apa macam nie??? Alalalalaaa..sia nda sedar pun sia bawa nie banana keluar..alamak!!! apa macam nie???
Friend : Wahahahahaa!! Wakakakakaka!! Hahhahahaaa. *friend laughed till she had tears on her eyes*
Me : OMG!! TT pencuri banana!! alamak!! alamak!!
Friend : Hahaha!!!! Nda pa bah tu..bukan mahal pun
Me : Should i go and pay this banana??
Friend : Alah! nda payah lah bah tu..hahahahahaha!! RM2 jak pun..
So end-up, Kadusmama became a banana stealer! Hahahaha!! I didn't go back to the supermarket to pay back the bananas! I know I'm bad, but it is very shameful. Later all people call me banana stealer, then how?? *blushing* Crazy kan??? How can i forget to pay the bananas I took earlier.
So, thats it. I don't intend to steal the banana. I really forgot lah!! Arghhhhh....

How smart is your baby??

Suddenly kadusmama went crazy blogging in the middle of the night! hahaha..I'm supposed to be on bed right now, but I cannot resist myself from sharing this amazing clip from YouTube. Do watch it until finish and give a comment later on.

So???? What do you think?? Amazing???Yep..I think so too. It is so obvious Baby Felicity is one amazing and gifted baby. How many 12.5 months baby you know can read words like laugh, daddy, mommy and can even recognise a chinese letters?? So far I've met none. My daughter who is 19 months old now do knows the letters A, B, C but she hasn't reach the stage of reading words shown to her. Hehe I'm not saying she is not a smart baby but do you think it is easy feat for a baby to be able to read in such a tender age?? I'm curious to know what is the teaching method Felicity's parents used to teach their baby reading in such an early age. Yeah..I still cannot get over my amazement of seeing a little cute baby who can read and pointing her body part based on the words shown to her..It is totally brilliant. If only I can learn the teaching method and start to use it on my daughter?

What makes me thinking right now, if Felicity able to read at the age of 12.5 months old, is she going to do a calculus at the age of 5? Hehe..It is possible, right? Lets hope we will see Felicity in action again one day and make her one of the smartest baby ever. If you think you like what you've seen in this video, YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT THIS VIDEO TOO! Sponsored by BrillKids