Jan 27, 2009

My CNY celebration

Heheeee!!!! Before i start rambling about my CNY celebration, let me wish you guys a GONG XI FA CAI first!!!!! I know I've been missing from the blogosphere since the last i updated my blog..! I was pretty busy la.!! On my last day of working, me and hubby went for a last minute shopping for our CNY clothes...! Then on Saturday, we went to Time Square for another last minute CNY shopping! And after we finished with our shopping, we were rushing back to Hubby's hometown!
Thank God we went off very late on Saturday night for our Balik Kampung journey which was already at 10.57pm! So no jam whatsoever for us! There were so many cars of course, but not to the point it was totally jammed like previous year..! Nasib baik lah!! Along the way of our journey, me and hubby was chatting..and chatting...and yay!!! within 2 1/2 hours, we safely reached Sitiawan.
So, today is already the 2nd Day of CNY..! Nothing much to do except eating..gambling..and for me, blogging..heheeee!!! I know i did very less blog hopping this past few days..! But not me only lah!! I've seen many others who has been sooooooo quiet too..! Heheee..blame it to the long holiday we are having!! ekekeee
So....that's about me at this moment..! I will go back to KL this Thursday..and on Friday, i will go to A Famosa, Malacca! Ya..ya!!! We were supposed to go to Palace of Golden Horses for two nights but bengong betul, all rooms are fully booked..!!! *sigh* Have to revert to my plan B which is to go A Famosa..!
Okie dokie..! Time to gamble now..!! Will do more update soon and to you guys..enjoy your holiday ya.. ~tata~

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services

It's probably not the right time for me to tell you guys about this during CNY celebration..but I'm afraid this can't wait any longer..! I really have to share this good news with you guys..! If you always wanted to find a Math Tutor for yourself and or maybe your kids but still didn't managed to find one, worry no more because I am here to tell you Club Z! is what you need to find the best home tutor! All you have to do is, visit clubztutoring.com and choose the best deal offered. I can assure you, Club Z! is going to be the best home tutor provider you can ever find.

Jan 23, 2009


Today is the last day working before our company close down for 1 week!! Hehehee..jangan jelous!!! I'm currently playing games before we can cabut lari back home!! HAHAHAA!! Sukanyaaa hati ini..
So to you guys there....HAPPY LONG HOLIDAY and GONG XI FA CAI to dear Chinese friends including myself (sempat lagi bah!! hahaha)!!! Enjoy.....

Jan 22, 2009

Have you ever....

Hmmmm…today is the second last day before our company and factory shut down in conjunction with CNY celebration and if you are wondering if I still have the mood to work, of course no!! Hahahaa I’m getting lazier every second in the office, but luckily I still have lots of works need to be finished ASAP, so no excuse for me to sit and do nothing in office.
Starting from Saturday 24th Jan until 1st Feb, I will be on holiday and heheheee I’m getting so excited already..! I already booked 3 days 2 night room in The Palace of Golden Horses next week. Now…before you start thinking I’m a fool to spend my holiday here in KL..don’t lah think like that..! At least me, hubby, and kids can have fun staying there mah..! Initially, we planned to go Melaka for holiday, but I changed my mind at the last minute. So holiday in KL it is..
I know most of you have no mood to blog at the moment, what more doing a tag kan?? Hehehee I’m 50% lazy to blog too, but I have to do this one tag before it got expired soon. Thanx to Nick for tagging me this “Have You ever…..tag”. So lets get it done..
Have you ever been on TV?
Yep!! In year 2007 when me, hubby, boss, other colleagues went to watch the World Badminton Championship at Bukit Jalil. One colleague who watched astro that time said, he saw us screaming and jumping like crazy while supporting Malaysian team..ekekekeke
Have you ever sung in public?
Is primary 4 counted??? Because I sang for the whole school to hear..hehe
Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Yep! But not exactly the platinum blonde..blonde..it was a copper blonde. I’m planning to dye my hair soon..!
Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
Countless time! If you don’t know this, go try Jalan Alor Frog Porridge..and enjoy the delicious ermmm…frog???
Have you ever received a present that you hated?
Well, Not exactly hating it, but somebody gave me a broken gift for my wedding gift..*sigh* Ntah sepa lah kasi tu..
Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
NO!!! Lamp post is just too big for me to ram to..hehe
Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more that 15 people?
Yes!! Many times..cannot remember whats the function already..
Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Fall flat on my face???? No..but i fall 3 steps down in front of my bf and he was laughing hard at me!! Celaka kan!!
Have you ever done volunteer work?
Proud to say, I have..hehehe!!
That’s about my “Have you ever…facts’. As for the tagging…hmmmmmm I’m going to Tag 4 people this time. Adora, Kay, Chegu Carol and Kristie. Hehe Enjoy your homework @ blog work..

Jan 21, 2009

Learn to help others

I got an email forwarded by my friend this afternoon, and after reading it, i'm 100% sure i wanted to share the story with you guys..!! So just read saja lah ya..
A holy man was having a conversation with God one day and said, ' God , I would like to know what Heaven and Hell are like.'
God led the holy man to two doors.
He opened one of the doors and the holy man looked in.
In the middle of the room was a large round table. In the middle of the table was a large pot of stew, which smelled delicious and made the holy man's mouth water.
The people sitting around the table were thin and sickly. They appeared to be famished.
They were holding spoons with very long handles, that were strapped to their arms and each found it impossible to reach into the pot of stew and take a spoonful.
But because the handle was longer than their arms, they could not get the spoons back into their mouths.
The holy man shuddered at the sight of their misery and suffering.
God said, 'You have seen Hell.'
They went to the next room and opened the door. It was exactly the same as the first one.
There was the large round table with the large pot of stew which made the holy man's mouth water.
The people were equipped with the same long-handled spoons, but herethe people were well nourished and plump, laughing and talking. The holy man said, 'I don't understand.'
It is simple,' said God . 'It requires but one skill.
You see they have learned to feed each other, while the greedy think only of themselves.'
So...look at ourselves.! Are we like those greedy people in Hell or like those happy people in heaven??

Jan 20, 2009

"Special Santut" and undergarments for your special one

Heheheee..I know not many of you know what "Santut" is..! Of course Sabahans do know what santut is. What I mean is, the non-Sabahan might not know what the heck of language I'm using here, so let me define the meaning of Santut before i start rambling here. SANTUT @ seluar katak (I know quite many of the elderly still call underwear seluar katak! hahaha!!) : Underwear; Men's Underwear, Women's underwear, g-string or anything wore down there.
I'm supposed to go back home already, but the sudden heavy rain outside caused me to change my plan. While waiting for the rain to stop, let me share with you one site that is having a lingerie sale right now. Why I want to share this site with you??? Because Valentine's day is coming very..very soon and you might need to buy something special for yourself or maybe your wife or even girlfriend. But where you can get a nice and cheap sexy lingerie??? Well, of course in SexyDepot.com. There are many type of lingeries you can find here; Camisole, Chemises, Bikini, Bustiers, Babydolls, Open Bust, corsets and many other lah! As I'm only the fan of camisoles, I let you see one of my favourites here.

Nice?????? Of course it's very sexy!!! It doesn't look too slutty, does it??? I'm sooooo liking this Bow lace long sleeve as it looks very nice, sexy and very..very cheap too..I'm wondering if Hubby going to like seeing me in that pieces..Heheee!!

To you guys, go and browse all the varieties available in this site. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed. There are just too many choices for you to get one for yourself and for your partner to give you. To the ladies, go bash your partner's head and tell him to buy one for you..! Hehee It's for him to see mah!!
So.....??????? What are you waiting for???????? Get your sexy lingerie now lah!!! Valentine's Day is just around the corner man!!!!!!

Crazy Tuesday

Don't you just hate it when you finished one of your works, another thing comes up..Well, i been soooooooooooooo damn busy since yesterday and as you can see, i'm unable to blog hop at this moment!!! Uwah!!! I can see a lots of updates..and been wanting to read your story..but my works are super demanding right now..wait until i kasi siap first lah!!
So happy tuesday to everybody..*sob..sob*

Jan 19, 2009

Again..Its monday..

*long sigh* It seems time is going faster and faster these past few days..! One moment it was monday, and when i opened my eyes again, it is already the next week monday...!! Crazy sungguh!! As mentioned in my previous post, i had a class for the whole day on Sunday..! no..no..it's not the Medical Assistant Course. It's a real course I'm talking about here. Hehe Gallivanter : Sia study and keja lah now!! :)
Soooooo..what about my class yesterday??? Nothing much except i was late for my first lecture at 8.30am!! hahaha!! I got lost in Shah Alam, i cannot find my way there lah..!! I know where the main campus is, but i cannot find my way to the place where my lecture was held. Punya lah embarassing to have the whole class looking at me when i reached there around 9.15am..ekeke!! Then...I was soooooo tired when my last lecture finally finished at 6.20pm. Drove back home within 35mins and the first thing i did was..land on my bed to take rest..! Geezzz!! I think I'm getting sooooo old already lah!! A mere 1 day classes can make me sooooo tired already..!
Then...the dreaded part of all...I got tonnes of assignments to finish by this week!! Sei Lor!!!! CNY is just around the corner..do i have time to finish everything within the stipulated time??? I don't know!! Cuba lah dulu nie..
So..thats about my sunday!!! I know my daily schedule will get tougher and toughter each day..! So its time me to create a work and daily schedule to manage my time..if not, matai lah no need to sleep!!
Well, enough about me...how about you guys?? Anything special happened on weekend?? Anybody strike jackpot??? ekekekeke

Jan 18, 2009

I'm sooooo tired...

Cilaka!!!! I finish typing my post already, and just when i typed it finished sekali unable to publish it pulak!!!!
Since i'm toooooooooooooooo tired to re-type my story already, i guess i better wish you guys a wonderful weekend saja..!! My first day of lectures will start tomorrow... My class will start from 8.30am and finish at 6.15pm! Doink!!!! pengsan oh!!!
So i better be sleeping now or else, i will wake up very late tomorrow..So to you guys, Happy weekend and Good nite...

Jan 16, 2009

Which one is the worst??

I'm very..very tired at this moment. I slept early last nite, only to woke up with a pretty lethargic conditions. Maybe i'm soooooo used to sleep late, sleeping early make me even tired the next day.
Since i have not much to share today, let me give you these 3 situations and tell me which one of the 3 is the worst among the others.

:: The boy with a fork stuck in his nose..??? (Goodness!!! If this photo is real, i'm not sure how the boy can stand such pain)..gila lah!!!!

:: My dad's pet fish (Kalui Fish to be exact) died last night, and that left my dad in a very..very sad state now. Now, before you think.."it's just a fish!!!". No! it's not just a fish. Kalui had been with my dad since 1995..and you tell me, do you know any fish lives that long??? From a tiny little fish, Kalui grows until 2 feet long..and that was since 14 years ago!! Kesian my dad, he was very..very sad when he sent me smses last nite. He felt like he lost one of his anak pulak!
:: This morning, hubby YMed me and can you believe it, he asked me how to SPELL MY NAME???? I was sooooooooo dumbfounded and totally speechless..!! We have been together for almost 11 years now...and not knowing how to spell my name is totally........(malas mau sambung).

You see lah the snippet of our conversation...!! *sigh* sedihnya hati ini... :( (But i'm a forgiving person bah!! So a DSLR for me will absolutely make me feel better!!! Heheheeee)
So out of the three, which one is the worst????

Jan 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to kaDusMama

Hah!! before you start wishing me 'happy birthday'....No..its not my birthday just yet..mine will be next month on the 10th. (remember ya!!).
Today is kaDusMama 1 year birthday and hehehee i'm excited leh..!! It has been a year oh i blogged and my..my..i am still loving it until now..
When i first started blogging last year, i choose kaDus_Mama as my name in my blog coz' i'm a kadazandusun mama...so to make it short, i called myself kaDusMama. My blog title "Mixed Cultures Mama's Blog" is soooo obvious to understand..! Why?? I married to a different cultures man, and because of that, i celebrate Christmas, CNY, Kaamatan, Moon cake festival, Dong Chi...and many other festivals..!! Isn't that mixed cultures to you???? Heheheee
So today, 15th Jan 2009, i'm celebrating my first year as a blogger..wohoooo!!! Hope i will still blog many...many years ahead..
Happy Birthday to kaDusMama again...hehehehee

Jan 14, 2009

Wow! What a beautiful eyes..

Today Wednesday, I’m so relieve as my ‘missing’ box issue is finally solved. There was a moment when I almost lost hope, and wanted to let the issue go. I really thought to accept my box is gone forever. Thank God my heart says don’t and keep fighting with a hope, the box will be found. At this moment, I cannot wait to go home later to have a taste of my delicious ‘sambal’. Since I’m happy again, I think it’s ok for me to talk nonsense like I usually did in my blog..ekekeke!!! Hmmm…so what is the topic I’m going to choose this time..?? How about contact lenses??? I’m sure lots of you people out there prefer to wear contact lenses instead of wearing glasses, right?? I’m wearing neither contact lenses nor a glass myself, but I know the price of contact lenses with a degree can cost a bomb to some people. True?? So here I am, sharing with you guys a very good deal you can get when you purchase a product like LensAlert from aclens.com. In case you are wondering what is LensAlert, it is a product which is recently recommended by Woman’s World magazine in their “Products We Love Section”.


Anyway, let me list down the benefits you can get when you order products at aclens.com :

:: You can save 70% off retail contact lenses price

:: Free shipping when you purchase over $89

:: You can get varieties of contact lenses brand like Acuvue, Biomedics, Focus, Freshlook, Softlens, Purevision and others.

:: Transaction made will be very simple and secure.

:: You can pay the item ordered with any major credit cards and even with paypal

There go all the benefits for you. If you have no nothing to do, why not try one of those dramatic contact lenses for yourself (as per photo shown). Hehehee I’m sure you will attract lots of people with your beautiful and amazing eyes. So wait no more, get your cheap contact lenses at aclens.com and don't forget to check AC Lens blog when you drop by in their website ya.


Problem solved!!!

So i was angry with Air asia the other day, i was ranting like a mad woman in one of my post. Hehe you do know which post i'm talking about ya??? and after 5 days in the dark about my missing box during my sis flight last week, i went to google Tony Fernandes personal blog..and guess what..i found his blog and I also got his email address. So i typed a super long crazy ranting email to Mr.CEO, and the truth is, i don't think he will even bother about my crazy ranting there. But...but..but...i was wrong..! Heheheee within 1 hour and 12 minutes i got reply from Mr.CEO himself.

OMG!! I was crazy when i gave Mr.Tony the url of my ranting post in my blog, and he was probably had his eyes bulged after reading my post. I know..i know..i wasn't thinking straight that day..but what do you expect right?? I was sooooo angry and as i have mentioned before, i was drooling the whole day thinking about my 'sambal' only to be dissapointed it went missing. Not to forget, I was PMSing too...so hormone imbalance + super angry = Crazy ranting in my blog..heheee

I was off early from office to do some shopping at Tesco, and my handphone was run out of battery. But when i reached home at 10pm (when i charged my phone and switch it on, my inbox was full with a msg of missed call which i guess from A.Asia..heheheeee) my sister told me A.asia staff had called her around 8pm++ informing my precious box is finally found!!! Hahaha!!! Can you believe that???? The box is still in KK but when we called the other day, they say they cannot find it and require another 14days to solve our problem. Weird is, less than a 1/2 day i made a complain to Mr.CEO, they successfully found my box pulak. How come ah??? Hmmmmmm...but as i send another email to Mr.CEO thanking him for solving my probs with the speed of light (aisehmennnnn), i already say i'm not complaining anymore. Hehe..sooooo no more complaining after this..

I even promised to remove my 'saiko post' once my problem solved and to honor my promise made, i have deleted that crazy ranting post i wrote last friday..ekekee..so don't bother to find the post already. Air Asia staff has promised to send my box to my doorstep tomorrow and yeah..i finally can have a taste of the delicious sambal for me..(TUDU BANGAT dia bilang si Belle..hehe).

So..to you guys...! If you encounter any problems with A.Asia in the future, don't rant like me ya..Its better to send your complain to Mr.CEO directly. I'm sure he will help you like he did to me..! Well..thats about my post in the middle of the nite..good nite to you guys..now i can sleep in peace already.. :)

*Mr.AirAsia CEO, tarak free ticket for me to go back sabah kah????? HAHAHAHA!! (Kidding)

Jan 13, 2009

"Rojak" story..

I know...i know..I have been posting quite many depressing post since early this year..So terrible kan..we are only in second week of 2009, and i was ranting like 'saiko auntie' already. On the first day of new year itself, my crowning was broken and i only can fixed it 100% either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow..then..i got my molar extracted about 10 days ago and my gums was badly infected...then...my box full of 'precious foods' which flew all the way from sabah went missing...and bikin meradang is...it still MISSING until now. Kurang asam betul..my sis called A.Asia again yesterday to enquire about the missing box..and this time, the staff said, they need another 14days to find the box. Nah!! Stupid or not..they better just tell my sis, the box was missing and there is no way they can find it..!! Kan senang!!!!! Even if they can find the box after 14days, i don't think all the foods inside are still edible..!!!! But no worry..I sure will make a big fuss about this matter...do you think i should make a police report about the missing box????? HAHAHAA!!
Ok! Ok..I better talk about other things kan..hehehe!!!! Soooooo...Chinese New Year is less than 2 weeks from now...hehe For your information..I'm not chinese but i do celebrate CNY as i married to one..! This year, we are going to celebrate CNY moderately. Paham-paham lah..economy is not really good kan..! Me and hubby still haven't go for CNY shopping just yet..but last week, i brought hubby to the Pasar Malam near from our office to look for clothes for our kids. To our surprise, Pasar Malam clothes sold are very fashionable and look nice too..! I bought 2 dresses for my daughter and it's only cost me RM15 for that....punyaaaaa cantik the dress..!!! I think it look sooooo much better than the expensive one. It's really worth you know..then, we bought 1 jeans and 1 Ben 10 pants for son..and yep! Its cheap too..the two items only cost about RM46..! YAY!!
If you think me and hubby are a cheapskates parents, maybe we are..but do you know kids clothing are sooooooooooooo much...much..much.. more expensive than our clothes??? Yeah!! Last year, me and hubby spent more than RM400 for Isaac and Inesha's new CNY clothes..and that not even included other stuff yet..! I remember hubby really fancied one Denim jacket for son, and without thinking twice, he bought that RM149 jacket for son...RM149??????? Gila kan!!!!!!! But thats not the worst..when son was 1 year old, hubby bought him the Chinese Traditional Costume that cost RM180!!! Nah!! Lagi gila babas!!!! It was only worn twice..and never again after CNY 2005..!!

This beautiful 'Sam Foo' is really beautiful..daughter wore it only once..and now, cannot wear already..!! Sayang kan..

So this year..I told hubby, we better buy few cheaper but nice look clothes for our kids at pasar malam and maybe get them 1 pair the expensive a bit each but won't cause a big hole in our pocket. Imagine lah..my daughter Baby Kiko jeans pun cost about RM49..!!!!! Aiyooooooo..even my jeans i bought from ebay only cost me RM29 saja!!!! so yeah..!! Biar lah cheapskates this year..!!! Better save the money for something more important kan..!!! Maybe for their education fund and other important stuffs...

So like that lah..I, myself haven't buy anything for myself yet..but i think i'm not going to get a new clothes for this CNY..! I need to save more money this year..! Ya lah..I have to pay my study fees already mah!!! Hehee..So what about you guys?? Anything special done to celebrate CNY????

Jan 12, 2009

Huh?? Monday already???

Early in the morning today, I woke up really early as I need to finish something quite urgent. I'm still so sleepy right now as it's only 6.50 am. But due to some unfinished work, here I am..sitting in front of my Computer updating my blog while doing my work . Gosh!! I just realised it's monday already...Hehee
Before I go further, I should probably do a little update about my missing box I ranted about last week Friday. Yeah..as predicted, my box still remain missing until today. Its already the fourth day it went missing and can you believe it, Air Asia staffs don't even bother to call my sister updating about the missing box status??? We (my sister and me) did call their centre last Saturday, and after being hung up for more than 5 times, one lady finally answered our call, with the nonchalant attitude, she just said "Kita tak jumpa lagi awak punya box. Dah cari dekat Airport KK, tapi tak jumpa lagi". No sound of concerned or anything. Arghhhh..terrible right??? I know the box contents are not very expensive, but do you know all the stuffs are important to me. I have pre-ordered the stuffs since 1 month go and it just gone llike that...I'm wondering if (touch wood) my box really missing, what action I should take?? Anybody knows??? *sigh*
Oh..by the way, I have an answer to those who have been asking me about getting your own domain and also a webhost for your blog. Sorry as I didn't get to you sooner to give you the answer. Sorry!!!! Here what I know. There are plenty of webhosting provider out there, local and international. If you want an international webhost that provides cheaper and affordable rate to host your site, why not check with green web hosting to get what you want? You might be interested with this webhost as it offers quite good package to you. But I'm not saying much about it as you need to check about the packages yourself to see which suit you the best. Ok???
I hope you will find the site beneficial. Ok lah....I need to prepare to go to work now and..with that, I wish you guys a wonderful Monday. Though, my mood is still not Ok yet, I'm hoping my day will get better today. (Ya..hoping A.Asia will call my sister to tell her, they found my box already)Till then...~tata~

Jan 8, 2009

Tag : Handwriting

Barely 1 week after we celebrated new year 2009, i got my first tag from Adora and i was thankful this tag is very..very easy to do. I'm sure most of you know that i'm very..very bad in doing tag!! Ekekeke..sorry lah!! My excuse for not doing my mounting tags last year was simple, I'M JUST PLAIN LAZY!! Hahahaaaa But that going to change this year..! i'll try to get every single tag done. (The easy one only ya..! Hahaha Don't tag me if its one longggggggg tag and require me to squeeze my brain out!!).

So let see what's this tag is about...! I try to figure out whats the purpose of this tag, but i cannot find any. Hahaha..Maybe this tag is just to get me show my ugly handwriting..! Kan??? Bah here goes my done tag :


Write :-

1. Your name/ identification name / username etc.

2. Write anything using either your left/ right hands

3. Most favorite alphabets

4. Less favorite alphabets.

5. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

6. Tag 6 more persons/ bloggers

I used a very small paper to write this stuff and ayakkkkk..its not enough for me to write those people i wish to tag.

So who i wish to tag this time... As written on the paper, Little Inbox, Nessa, Nick Phillips, Mouren, Mrs.Graig, Sheelasheena. Outside the paper..(hahaha ada lagi bah!!) Just, Mama Mia, Ninie Jane, Wel and Cicak..! Of course i do wish to tag more people with tag, but i'm afraid somebody will throw rotten eggs on me..! Hehe ya lah..early of the year, sudah pandai-pandai tag orang..

To those not tagged this time, prepare yourself to be tagged soon..hehehe I still have other tag to do soon.. :)

Could it get worst???

Supposed I want to do the interesting tag last night, but i didn't managed to do so as i had unexpected problem occured to me. As i mentioned in one of my post, i got my tooth extracted last saturday and when i thought the problem ended there..i was wrong!! Yesterday, i had to make a last minute appointment with my dentist as the gum where my tooth got extracted was getting soooo unbearably painful even when it's already 5 days since i got my tooth pulled out. Since monday, i've been taking 3 capsules of pain killer as i cannot stand with the pain..then yesterday, i felt like my gum was sooooooo damn swollen which was soooooo excruciating painful and uncomfortable..and there..i went to see my dentist to check whatever hell happened to my gum. And there, she gave me the dreaded news which i don't think i want to hear. My gum was badly infected and that had been giving me a hell of a pain since last saturday..!!! It could be my fault juga..!! Serve me right lah!!! I knew i just got my tooth extrcated, but still dare to eat chocolate even when my gum is still raw from kena cabut gigi!! Padan muka sendiri kan..but..but..how to resist a box full with 30pcs ferrero rocher chocolate???? But it could be due to the difficult extraction i had too..but i'll tell you about it next time..just imagine your tooth being pulled for more than 30 minutes and still stick to your gum..next time i story-story about this ya...
Anyway...I'm feeling much better today after i started my antibiotic last night. My gum still stings, but at least the pain has lessen. Hmmmmmm...what else ah..oh! i couldn't blog hop much today as i have urgent work need to be finished..! See lah, if i can 'curi-curi' hop, then i'll visit you guy's blog ya..!! Hehee..! So till then, Happy Thursday to all.. ~tata~

Jan 6, 2009

Beware of the Skin Care Products you used..

I survived working with my pretty bad and painful gum with the help of the pain killer i brought to office. I was quite busy with so many works in office, i forgot my gum for a while..! Thank God for that..
I already have a painful gum, but can you imagine i still have the guts to finish at least 5 biji Ferrero Rocher Chocolate..! Hahaha..Ini lah tidak sedar diri nie..! I know my dental problem could be due to my no restriction of eating chocolate, but............there is no way i can survive without having at least a small bar of that Cadbury chocs..!!! Bahaya kan!!!!
Well, i don't have much thing to 'huuuu huuuu haaaa haaa' actually, but i suddenly feel obligated to share my experience about the skin problem i had in the last 6 months. Let me start how my problem started...Almost 1 year ago, i looked in the mirror and noticed my skin (muka lah!!) looked quite dull and with that, i decided to change my skin products to B*o Es*ence which i thought going to be ok as it was promoted in grand scale to all the ladies out there..! From the lifting-up the skin serum, i gradually add the other skin products like the facial cleanser, eye gel, tonner and 'the tone down your face cream'..!! In the first 4 months of using it, i noticed my complexion looks better than the previous observation. So i thought.."wah!! bagus nie product nie!!". I got my dear buddy, Mildred to use the same product i used. I told her, my complexion improved tremendously after 4 months using B*o E*sence products. In the 5th months using 'the-so-called-good-products', my nightmare begun with a sudden scary break-out on my face!!! Uwah!!! It was really scary to see my face which never had an acne before suddenly full with 'big volcano' ready to pop out anytime soon..! I thought it was due to my routine of sleeping late at night causing a hormone imbalance and caused a bad acne to me...! Even hubby keep pointing that as a reason of my skin nightmare..!
No matter how i cleaned my skin, there were zits all over my face until i decided to stop using the serum and face cream i'd been using..! After a week, the zits lessen, but the damaged was already done, i'd been having a lots of ugly scars from the zits..!!! But less than two weeks after that, my skin went through the same problem again..! The worst part attacked that time was both part of my cheek! Argggghhhhh...gila i tell you..the zits just refused to go away..! It was already in the month of october before i totally throw all my skin care products and use just the N*vea tonner and facial cleanser for my face. I refused to use any cream after i clean my face, and amazingly, my skin condition improved in a matter of 2 weeks..!! Hebat sungguh!! But of course i still had a lots of scars that time..! Then, i decided to use SKII E*sence to 'konon'nya treat the scar i had...and blarddy hell, my skin probs came back in a vengence and like last time, bigger zits popped on my cheek, my forehead, and chin!! It was sooooooooo bad you know!!! Bikin meradang sungguh!!!!! I only used the essence for 1 week and there, my skin got back to it previous worse condition (if not the worst).
I totally gave up using my essence and just used Avene Thermal water to spray my face after i got it cleaned...! It has been a month since i use Avene Thermal water..and Thank God..no more zits have been popping ever since!!!! Am i glad??? Of course I am..but..! if you see my face now, you'll cringe when you see the scars i got from my nightmare..it was really...really bad!!! But bad or not..I'm still thankful i have no more zits now...! I can see all the scars are starting to fade already..! So thats should be a good news kan???
So moral of the story...if you decide to change your skin products just because you felt your skin look a little bit dull, think twice before getting any new skin products ya..the first sign of trouble you see on your skin, ditch all the products you used before it's too late..! I admit i'm bengong juga when i didn't stop using all the B*o products even after i had my first skin break-out..! But..apa bulih buat kan..!! i'm hoping my scars will diminish soon saja nie..
Bah..thats all bah i want to share with you guys..!! Oh..My best buddy, Mel who used the skin products had the same problem too..she told me she had a crazy zits too..could it be a coincidence only?? I don't know..maybe..but luckily she was smart enough to stop using all the products..not like me..still used it for like 4 months even after the 'saiko' break-out..
So remember..the first sign of trouble after you used your skin product..discontinue using it immediately or else you will a great regret like me..(aiseh!!! nasihat orang ada experience nie).
*My pores were badly clogged when i used the B*o products..gila eh!!!

Jan 5, 2009

Bad weekend..bad monday..

It's only the 5th day of new year..and here i am..going to rant...and rant about my day already..My weekend wasn't so good and today, monday is not good either...for the past 3 days, i've been having a very bad headache which felt like my head going to split into two anytime soon...! I did nothing much during weekend except doing house chores and slept early due to the excruciating and throbbing pain on my gum. I got my molar extracted last saturday, and if you are wondering if it is painful or not??? IT HURTSSSSSSS!!!!!! arghhhh..i felt like my jaw being ripped or something..!!!but..Thank God, my front tooth is fixed temporarily..I have to wait until next week before my crowning metal get fixed again..and thankfully, no root canal is needed this time..Phew!!!!! My previous done root canal is still good oh.. hehehe..In case you have no idea what the heck is root canal is, here is the definition i get from Oxford Dictionary : A procedure to replace infected pulp in root canal with an inert material. I can tell you, when mine was done 9 years ago..it was one of a hell pain i'd ever experienced...SAKIT OIIIIII!!!! If you want to know how much 1 tooth cost to do a root canal..it depends, but one molar will cost around RM450. Gila punya mahal kan!!! To fix one tooth (crowning metal), it cost about RM850 (if you choose a gold stand crowning..it is RM950 / tooth!!) Doinkkkkk sekali!! How come dental treatment more expensive ah????
Now...i still have a swollen cheek...and painful gum..!!! *sigh* I'm not sure whether i will be able to tolerate the pain tomorrow..! Hopefully i can..but if cannot..ambi MC lah nie!! Hehe Well..thats about my day today..! I'm sure you guys had a better day than mine kan??? Hope i will have a better day tomorrow..and you guys too..! with that.. ~tata~

Jan 3, 2009

My teeth going to cost me a bomb!!

If you read my post previously, I've mentioned about fixing something that will cost me about RM1500 (estimated cost) and the something is actually my teeth!!!! Uwahhh!!!!!!
9 years ago, i went to do a root canal to fix my front teeth and after an excruciating pain having my teeth prodded for 3 weeks, my dentist finally complete his job and managed to save my teeth's root and fix a crowning for me. That time, when i was still a student, the cost was about RM500 for 2 teeth. RM500 for a student is veryyyyyyyy huge sum of money you know.
2 years after my crowning was done, one of the tooth's stand broken when i was eating popiah..!! Then i went to get it done one more time, and i had to fork out another RM300 just for a tooth which has a metal support. (i was still a student that time). And now, after 9 years, the other tooth decided to die on me while i was eating a nice sausage bun on the first day of 2009. Celaka sungguh!!!!!!! Since i'm not a student anymore, the cost won't be cheap like i got last time. I remember my dentist last time, told if i get my tooth done outside, 1 tooth will cost around RM700 each!!! Uwah!!!! And after finish working today, i will have to go see a dentist no matter what..!! *sigh*
Among us sibling, i am the only one who faced lots of dental problems. I'm wondering, can dental problem be passed genetically???? Coz' my mom has a serious dental problem too..! My other siblings have a good set of teeth while me, no matter how i take care, get my teeth flossed everyday, there are still a lots of problem relating to my teeth arised. There was one time, i was eating a peanut and while chewing, "Prakkkkkkk!!!!"..one of my teeth broke like it was just a piece of fragile glass..!!! Why ah?????????? My sister keep telling me, that i inherit mom's genetic and thats why my teeth have soooooo many problem...is it possible???????? Anybody has the same problem like me?????
Now, it was only few months after i'm freed from my credit card debts, and now, my teeth going to cost me sooo much pulak!!!! Why me ah????? *sigh* Bomb or not bomb, i still need to get my teeth done as soon as possible. Hubby was laughing at me last night, and that seriously dent my pride. Give lah support kan..ini tidak, laugh at me some more!!!!! I hope, my metal support crowning won't take long time to be fixed..*sob...sob..sob*

Jan 2, 2009

First post for 2009

**I'm doing some changes to my blog layout today..if you find my blog like 'sot-sot' today, it's because i'm not done with the changing just yet..heheheee!!!!
So...it's new year 2009 already..and here i am..working on this fine friday morning..! My morning has been soooo hectic..I woke up pretty late..which was 7.30am and after i get myself done for work, woke son up to prepare him to shcool..! Yeah!! School..!! We were late..and to add my annoyance, me and isaac spent less than 10 mins at school..and i had to send him back home after 10 mins there. Bengong kan??
Anyway, how was your new year celebration??? Anything special??? Mine was totally boring!! Haha..seriously!! We did nothing on the eve of new year..!! I was reading my book, while hubby and my kids were watching TV that time. I don't even realised the clock already ticked 12midnight indicating it was new year 2009. I only realised it when there were fireworks from the nearby neighbourhood and my kids were jumping happily wishing me "happy new year"! Haha..i don't think my son and daughter understand what is new year...! Hubby came shortly to wish me happy new year too..and all i did was shrugged and continue reading my book! haha!! I don't know, i don't feel anything different with new year. All i know is, i'm going to do a lot of mistakes writing date on my work..hehe who doesn't, right?? Can you imagine i sometimes wrote 2007 for my year even when we are already 10 months in year 2008..! Teruknya!!
As of yesterday, the first day of 2009, me, hubby and kids were supposed to have our lunch at Mid Valley..but when we reached there....HOLY COW!!!! Mid Valley + Gardens were soooooo packed with human being!!! It was already 3pm++ and we cannot even find a single restaurant which has place to sit. Less than 15mins there, we went back without taking our lunch. If you think that was bad, nope..we were stucked in a terrible jam heading out from midvalley area. The usual 3 mins route to go out..was totally jammed..we took almost 1 hour to go out from mid valley area...Gila sungguh!!!! Next time, no more going out on New Year Holiday...
Well..! Like that lah my new year..nothing special at all..! I'm sure you guys had a better new year celebration than me kan??? As for the new year plan or resolutions, i just want to keep more money..but it seems i need to fork out more money out soon to fix something..*sigh* Estimated, RM1500++ to get the 'things' fixed!! *double sigh*. Oh! Until now, I still haven't get my salary yet!! Don't know when we in office will get our salary!!
Bah ok lah..its time for me to do my work already..!!! I know i already wish you guys count of times of new year 2009..but it won't hurt if i wish another one time kan??? So HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!! ~Tata~
*I will do a major changes on my blog's look soon..heheee