Sep 29, 2009


No more dust and spiderweb in my blog now.. :)
Ahhhh...finally i'm back to update my blog..! It has been soooooooo long since i last updated my blog kan? Like 2 weeks already?? was sick lah..! I mean i was hit by the 'lazy bugs' which caused me to be the most laziest person in the world..that bad!!!!!
I still haven't post the pix i took when i went back to Sabah the other day..! Dangsss!! Post done, but I'm that lazy to hit the "PUBLISH" button..will see if i can post it later evening..
Oh! I don't have much things to tell, but my final exam for this semester will end of this month..! I don't know if i can make it this semester as i found it's very hard to study...*sigh* Now susah hati nie..
Oh..other story..I watched Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Ep. 1 & 2 yesterday..and dangssssssss again!!! I hate it when i have to cry like idiot while watching Grey's in the office..! Luckily everybody was off from the office and only me and hubby were left. Hubby was busy doing his works, and i was busy crying over the SADDEST story ever in Grey's..celakaaaaa betul!! Well don't ask me where i got the video..LOL just google it, and i'm sure you can find it too.. :P
So..that's about my post for now..I'll try to post my pending post this evening.. :) So ok lah...time for lunch now..will visit you guys during lunch hour ya.. :)
~tata for now~

Sep 16, 2009


*Those in FB knows this already...
I wanted to blog about my trip to sabah earlier, but i was really tired the whole week last week..
I already uploaded the pix of my bro's wedding, but no chance to blog about it as my kids are sick now..Because of that, my mood to blog is like gone with the wind already..
Last night i brought Isaac to the nearest clinic as he was down with fever..he complained of sore throat, and he lost his appetite to eat..He has ulcers in his mouth too..
So last nite, after the Doctor checked him, the Dr confirmed that Isaac has contracted the Hand-Foot and Mouth Disease. :~( It's really painful to see Isaac in so much pain..! He can't eat solid food and when he tried to take a spoon of rice, he yelped in pain and start crying.. :( (Dr told me to give Isaac Ice Cream as it will be easier for him to eat that)
What really make me sad is when I cooked a nice fried egg last nite, Isaac can't resists the smell of nice fried egg and he came out from the room asking me if he can have a small bite of the egg..When i told him "No', he told me, he was hungry and he want a small bite only.. :( Tsk! tsk! It's really sad to see his sad face knowing he can't have the egg..! Anyway...He hasn't eat a proper solid food since Monday night until today..
Inesha is showing the symptoms of HFMD too, and that really me worried..Inesha is tougher than the brother and she can tolerate pain more than Isaac, but still..she is only 2 years and 9 months now.. :( Uwahhhh...
I'm wondering if there is any way to speed up the recovery of HFMD? Anybody???

Sep 3, 2009

So what if i'm very rude....

Supposed i wanted to post about this incident happened yesterday..but due to so many works in office, i have to postpone writing about this stupid and paling bikin panassssssss story.
So it happened yesterday after i came back from lunch. The office phone rang and somebody was looking for me. Idiot betul..if i knew what gonna happen, sorry lah kena jawap the call. So this was the conversation i had with that stupid idiot.
Idiot : Hello! Can i speak to Madam 'bla...bla..bla..' (me lah tu)
Me : Yes! speaking..
Idiot : Yes mam..I'm Idiot (hahahah i forgot her name) calling from M*F bank. This is regarding an insurance protection for your credit card. Can you spare few minutes of your time? (yerighhhtt!!! few minutes kepala hotak la!)
Me : erkkkk...few minutes?? Yeah..sure...
Idiot : Do you know there is insurance that protect your credit balance in case you blaa..blaaa..contracted the 36 critical illnesses, accident, permanent disablility..blaaa blaaa blaaa???
Me : Yes..i know..
Idiot : Oh? so today i'm calling you to offer you this very good benefit of having a protection..blaaaa..blaaaa..blaaaa (too lazy to write everything)
Idiot : So i will transfer your call the department to confirm your purchase of this hold on..
Me : Aik?? Wait a minute miss..I didn't say i want to buy your insurance..
Idiot : Why? You don't have to think about's a very good and reasonable plan where you only have to pay little money to get your credit balance protected..Every RM100 outstanding, you only need to pay 68cents for the current month...and blaaaaa...blaaaaa...blaaaa
Idiot : So shall we proceed?
Me : No..sorry..i don't think i want to buy the insurance..Thanx for calling anyway..
Idiot : *Start to raise her voice* Why Mam?? any particular reason why you don't want to purchase the insurance?
Me : No reason..just don't want to buy it..
Idiot : But it's a good plan...everybody i called today already bought's for your own good..
Me : No thanx ( she already babble more than 10 minutes)..
Idiot : *angry* Why?? Tell me why you don't want to buy it? What's the reason?
Me : No reason miss..i just don't want to buy it..that's all..*i was still cooooool that time*
Idiot : *makin marah* There must be a reason why you don't want it a burden to you? It's is only 68cent every RM100 of your outstanding balance you know..
Me : No miss..I don't want it..
Idiot : But why?? What's is the reason you don't want it????????
OMG! The idiot can't stop asking me even though i already answered her like 20times why i don't want it. My answer is simple..I'm not Interested with it! But idiot can't stop asking...WHY??? WHY??? and WHY??
Idiot : *super annoying tone* Why you not interested with it?? what is the reason??? Is it hard for you to pay 68 cents?
Me : (Stupid Idiot just can't understand what i'm saying) *raised my voice* No!! i can pay the 68cents, but i'm not i don't want to buy it.
Idiot : Ya lah! But there must be a reason RIGHTTT? *enraged*
Me : NO!! REASON!!!!! I'M NOT INTERESTED!!!!!! *kabooommmmm..exploded*. Which part you don't understand??? I don't want to buy it because i'm not interested..!!!! Get it???
Idiot : Give me one reason why you are not interested??
Hung up the phone....
LOL!!! Like super rude juga lah si kaDusMama kan??? But if you were me..i'm sure you will get angry if stupid idiot like that keep pestering you to give an answer why you don't want to buy their insurance!! some more i haven't agree i want to buy it, she pandai-pandai want to transfer my call already!!! Never in my life i'm being sooooooooo rude like that..but that idiot was really idiot lah!!!!!
Imagine she want to sell her Nasi Lemak..offer to Abu to buy it, but Abu not interested! Takkan lah want to force Abu to buy the Nasi Lemak kan??? And ask the reason why he doesn't want it, kan?????? Eeeeeeeeeeee...whenever i think about the incident, i got riled up again! Feel like calling the bank and complain about the Staff being rude like a bull@!!!!!!! Luckily i forgot her name. If not..i will lodge a report to Bank Negara if needed!! Hahahaa...
Hehee..1 week no update blog, sekali complaining pulak! :) Hehehe Anywayyyyyy....I'm going back to Sabah tomorrow..hehehehe!! Happynyaaaa!!! Will be MIA again nie..So wish you guys, HAPPY WEEKEND IN ADVANCE! :)
Hope to meet a blogger or two in Sabah.. :) But of course, before i say tata again, why not check the term life insurance quote here..hehehehhe!! You probably want to know about it..
So ok lah...