Aug 30, 2008

Happy merdeka day...

Just want to wish everybody a nice and long holiday this weekend. I'm off to Hubby's hometown this evening and will take a break from blogging for 3 days..hehehe! Will visit all of you once I'm back from Perak..
Meanwhile,this was me during Merdeka Eve celebration in 2007! Huh!! You never going to believe me that I was one of the Top 10 for contest last year. I know I look like i'm a shy..shy person (UWEKKKKK!!!!), but don't underestimate my capability ya. Hehehe! I was willing to carry the Cardboard for 3 whole weeks to win the RM50,000.00 cash. Though luck wasn't at my side, but hey..I still won the Top 10 consolation prize which was RM1000.00!!!! Siok ler....!!!

I was screaming like idiot promoting my card during Merdeka Eve at Ikano Power Center / The Curve

I was with DJ Serena C of! hek! hek!!

I even dragged myself, the cardboard and hubby to the Floral Festival at Putrajaya on the 31st Aug 2007!! hahahahaa

This year, merdeka mood lah! But still i want to wish you guys a wonderful 51 merdeka celebration for our nation. Don't too much 'Aramaitiiiii' ya!! Take care...

I'm making money in the middle of the night..

Supposedly, I should be on bed sleeping and dreaming about winning the Jackpot money in SportsToto which is already RM17.5million by now. But what I did is..blogging in the middle of the night while everybody is already sleeping. *sigh* I think I have a very serious blogging addiction problem over here and I can tell you, it is getting more serious when there is $$$ involved.
When I first started blogging in the middle of January this year, I've never thought that blogging can generate an extra income for me. Of course I've heard and read about making money by blogging, but I never thought, I, Myself, can make money out from my blog. My blog used to be a very quiet blog where nobody was reading it. Hmmmm....
Anyway, I'm curious (AGAINNNNN??????). Do any of you guys know or heard about SnapBomb before?? YES?? NO???? How come you don't know anything about it?? It is another one good site that help us , blogger earning some cash from it. Yes!! It is a site that allow us blogger to do a product review and get paid from it. I'm not going to talk in detail about this site because I want you to find out about it by yourself. All I want you to do now is, register your blog HERE and hopefully, when your blog is approved, you can start earning lots of cash from SnapBomb soon.
Now, I'm very..very sleepy already. So, I just want to wish 'GOOD LUCK' to those who is interested in making money with SnapBomb. I hope to hear some good news from you soon. Good Night!!! ~ ZZZzzZZzzzZZzzZzz~

Aug 29, 2008

Kiasu betul!!

Seeing so many people used smiley in their blog, I cannot resist getting my own smiley too! Yeah..i know... kiasunye me!!! hehehe..
At first, I thought it will be very difficult to install..rupanya senang saja!! tepuktangan Bravo to myself! From now on, I can show you face expression in the form of smiley look lah! so testing..testing..

Aug 28, 2008

My hubby is a macho guy..but...

Heheehe!! What a title..I'm supposed to go back home by now, but its raining outside and i really hate driving back home when it raining heavily. Since I'm feeling better from my angriness , I suddenly have this mood to post another post...
Back to the story..(which is about dear hubby), Hubby is one of the typical macho guy who doesn't cry when he is sad, or doesn't use umbrella when it is raining ...Don't expect him to carry my handbag too (Hmmmm..isn't Nick hate to carry handbag too?? hehehee). But since he become my kids's will never guess he did something out of the ordinary for the sake of making my kids happy...

This playground is located at 1-utama shopping complex..Son was at the red lane ready to slide down...sekali at the yellow lane....











Hahaha!! Hubby was with daughter playing the slide!! How many macho daddy you've ever seen will play the slide together with their kids huh?? hehee Thats why i love hubby very much..he will do anything to make Isaac and Inesha happy even if he had to crawl and play with the other kids. :)

This photo was taken last month actually..I always forgot to post it. See my son..he is not even scared with the real snake. I thought he will scream when the snake slithered on his hand. But nope..he was sooo happy playing with the snake, while I was the one who screamed "Arghhhh!! eeeeeee!! yerrrrrrrr!! ehhhhhhhhhhh!!" seeing that ugly snake!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...gelinya seeeeeeeeee the snake!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing this photo also my skin crawled already!!!! Yerrrrr....

Heheeee...thats about my 'before going back' post....I need to go to pasar malam to buy something! Just remember MIL asked me to buy lotus root for her soup..! Need to go off now, or else i will reach home very late..tata!!

The best way to curse???

I started my day in a pretty good mood today until somebody...pissed me off! Yer!!!!!!! tensionya!!!!! Yeah..somebody did make me fuming mad in the office. I don't understand why some people is soooooooooooooooooooooo narrow minded in their thinking! Bodohnya!!!! Of course if you can see me here in the office, I'm smiling like nothing had ever happend but deep inside me..ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! If only i can curse and lose my anger! Ngrrrrrr!!!! *punch the wall*
Well, I can always use my blog as a place to vent my frustration..but my vocabulary in cursing is quite limited. I only know the F' word, Sh*t, kambing, kerbau, bangang, bongoh and bla bla bla. Want to curse also not 'terrer'! Is there any powerful word or sentence that can be used in cursing?? ahahahahahaha!! want to curse also need to ask people! So kesian!!
Since I don't want to be bottled up with this anger inside me, i hope to release it as soon as possible!! WUARGHHHHHH!!!!!

Aug 27, 2008

Whats the story?? Morning Glory...

My day started with a so much tense today. Son refused to go to nursery again and had been crying since last night begging us not to send him to nursery. I already packed his things inside his bag and as soon as he saw i finished with the packing..he unpacked his things and cried in the most 'kesian' way..saying he doesn't want to stay at the nursery..*sigh*. Why he doesn't want to be there; because not much toys to play and he is scared of the MIL fetched him quite early which was around 6.30pm, but since it has been raining for the past few days, it was a little bit dark outside at 6.30pm....Hubby suggested we checked the weather forecast first before we send son to nursery. Hahaha!! If its going to rain, then son will stay at home, and if there is no rain..he will have to go to nursery..hehehee
Then, on the way to office (today i tumpang hubby's car because i leave my car here in the office yesterday), i received another stupid brilliant sms again.. :) But i was in a mood to make fun of the sms and i suggested hubby to give 'whoever the person' is a nice call. Hubby said, usually we won't get through the number as it was fake. But..i did try anyway..I called the 012-8017440 and it ringed twice...hahaha!! i hung up the call before it was answer....When you read the sms content properly..that sender didn't even bother to send a convincing sms to people. Kasi rojaks pulak the content..sekejap english...sekejap malay..I read also i can can feel the 'fakeness' of the sms..

At 10am this morning..i received my awaiting parcel. hehehe..last monday, I've been surfing in the net looking for a nice and cheaper training pants for daughter. I was lucky because i found 2 websites that sell quite cheap babies products. See my pos express which is send all the way from sabah! hehe macam nie pun ada juga!!

Pix quality is not really good as i was using my camera hp to snap the pix! See..the two pants on my table..haha !! siap hide it in my drawer lagi!!

Since there are only two types of training pants available, i 'sapu' both in my cart and paid it right away. Surprisingly, these cutie' pants are quite cheap compare to other online boutique. With the quality of the pants and free liner somemore, RM60 + courier service is really worth my money. If any of you mother our there, or anybody interested to give somebody a nice gift for their baby, do check this site for nice CD (Cloth Diaper is good for money saving! it is re-usable mah!) ~~~ Cutietots ~~~

Thats not all I've purchased last monday. I bought another 4 training pants from MyMonsterBB. Ekekee!! since most of the available pants are already sold out, I only managed to get 3 different patterns pants. Two of the pants are the same colour actually. These pants are cheaper than two other pants as it is only sold RM19.00/pc. (I guess the quality is not the same) Nah cheap kan??? The bonus of buying the product from the dealer is...i can pick my order by myself as The Dealer live quite near from my house! (I pickedy things up last nite! super fast..order monday, yesterday can get already) Wohooo!! Save lagi money!! Oh by the way, i was double lucky as the dealer decided to give me another 30% discount on product purchased. So..RM76 less 30%, I only have to pay RM53.20 for 4 pants?? Wah!!! Good deal kan?? New stocks for training pants is coming next month. Hehe I need to control myself this time, or else, I will end-up buying everything i see...

So like that lah my Morning Glory story! Hehehe sorry lah, Title and the post has nothing to do with each other. I don't know what title to put mah! :P so..thats about time!!

Aug 26, 2008

Just curious..(Not really suitable for men)

What you will do in this kind of situation...(If your Gf or wife has experienced this problem before, you may give your opinion too)

:: You were in the office which is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far away from the town. Your house is at least 40mins drive from your office. :: You wore your most sexy G-string on one particular day. Let say today! :: You have calculated your menses date..and it is supposed to come 1 week from today. :: When you go to the washroom, you just noticed your 'Aunt Flo' decided to pay a visit earlier than she should be. :: You have a pad, but you are wearing a G-string... :: So how??????? What to do?????????? Takkan balik rumah pulak???? TQ for you answer!! (hehehee..I know this post is boring but I'm curious to know your opinion of the best solution to solve this problem!!)

Boring day!

I don't know the problem is with me only or other people as well. Isn't the internet connection is super duper slow today??? I been blog hopping since 10am, and i cannot load some of your page..trying to leave a comment but the comment box just refused to load itself..why ah????
Just when i'm in a mood to spam somebody's blog, connection slow pulak..*sigh*
I did try to load my blog too..but worse, some part is missing!! hahaha 'matai' lah like guys..if you see me in your blog but didn't leave any msg or comment...sorry ya..blame the connection for causing so much trouble for me to comment in your blog..
Will try to re-start my pc and see whether the connection will get better..

Aug 25, 2008

Fan sounds like pants meh??

Ahhhhhh...what a sleepy monday i have today. When i opened my eyes this morning, my head was sooooooo heavy, i snoozed back to sleep. The cold weather not helping at all. Make me want to sleep somemore. At 7.15am, i finally managed to drag myself off from my bed. Hubby was still sleeping like a baby, and it was my great pleasure to shook him off from sleep and prepare my son's milk. Ekeke!! I hate it when i had to wake up early while hubby is cosily tucked under the blanket, so the only way to get even with him is, make him wake up as early as me. Hehe..
Son pulak, *sigh* very difficult to get him to wake up and prepare to school. I had to drag him off from bed and tell him the story of 'Green Man @ Incredible Hulk' in order to get him fully opened his eyes. School has re-opened today, and son has a trouble waking up early in the morning! Once son is ready, he makes a noise telling me he doesn't want to go to nursery pulak! He keep asking me WHY???????? he has to go to nursery..!!! I don't know, the last 2 days before school holiday, son was crying at nursery for 2 days in a row. The reason of crying, nobody fetch him back home early. Kesian!! It was raining and a little bit dark outside and son thought we have forgotten about him.
Oh..'bout my weekend...nothing special actually. Me and family did went out to 1-utama for a while to look for a training pants for daughter. Yeah..!! daughter will be out from disposable diaper soon. luck lah! i went to chico to look for it and funny thing had happend.
Me : *walk here..walk there looking for the training pants*
Sales girl : *chit-chatting with the friends*
Me : Excuse me, do you sell any training pants here??
Sales girl : Huh?? Ape tu??
Me : Training pants. *smile politely to her*
Sales girl : Ape bende tu?? Kipas ke?? Yang macam tu?? *point the fan that put at the stroller*
Me : *Bang my head on the wall* Eh!! bukan Fan, tapi training pants. Seluar yang kite gune nak toilet train budak kecil??
Sales girl : *Still Blank* Takde lah..
Me : Oh! Nevermind then..TQ!
Hahahaha!! like that also can kah?? I don't know, do you think Pants and Fan sounds the same?? Luckily she answered me in a polite i pun kesian lah with her and didn't prod her any further..if she was to answer me in a rude manner..hmmm..I will 'ketuk' her head. hehehe. Well, the things is, daughter is starting to use the potty to 'shii shii' and 'oohh ohhh', but since she still on diaper now, she has a difficulties to reach the potty on time as time is needed to take off the pant and diaper. So she will need a pants that could be easily pull down whenever she want to use the potty. I know some of the new mommies out there are expert in this kind of Cloth Diapering things or other clothing related to baby/toddler. If you can provide me the info (online kah, shop problem) where to get cheaper training pants, do let me know ya. I already gather some info from Osso, but some of the training pants are pretty expensive. RM70 per pc???? *faint* There is one shop in 1-utama selling a training pants, but..but..the pants not attractive at all is sell RM60/3 pcs. So..anybody who can give me info about this matter?? TQ in advance from me!!
So like that lah my story today..! I wish i can 'hu haa hu haaa' more but need to work also curi-curi blogging oh! heheheee..Now!! is my turn to blog hop to your blog and do some commenting....wait for me ya!! :)

Aug 23, 2008

Once upon a time..

Once upon a time ago, there was this little girl who loves to watch movies and spent most of her day watching Disney Movies. She loves them so much, she keep watching the same movie all over and over again. 16 years later, the girl who is no longer a small girl now has turned to be a mother to her kids who happened to love Disney Movies as well. – The End – Hahaha!! I know you totally don’t get my story just now. Well, nothing special about that girl except that girl is actually me. Hehe!! If only you know how crazy I was with Disney Movies. I was so crazy about it; I'm making a list of my Top 15 favourite movies and favourite characters in it. Here is my list. TOP 15 1.Beauty and The Beast – I love Belle and Beast the most

2.Lilo & Stitch – Of course I love Stitch!!! He is just soooooo cute and fluffy there!!

3.Mulan – I love Mulan!!Girl power!! Hehe

4.Freaky Friday – I love both mother and daughter.

5.Finding Nemo – I love NEMO!! 6.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – I love Grumpy!! 7.Sleeping Beauty – Hmmmm…don’t really remember who I like here.. 8.The Lion King – Don’t you think Mufasa is one handsome lion? 9.Bugs Life – I’ve forgotten the Fat and Cute Caterpillar’s Name 10.Monster Inc. – I love all the characters there. 11.Treasure Planet 12.Sky High 13.Enchanted 14Meet the Robinsons 15.The Game Plan So that is my list. How about you? What is your five favourite Disney Movies? Is it the same like mine? Do you like Belle and Beast in The Beauty and The Beast movie as well?? Please tell me about it. Oh! Before i forgot, there is a new game available for games lovers out there. The ScreenLife Game Disney Bingo DVD game is ready to be grabbed at or I'm sure the game which has most of the Disney Movie characters is going to be fun to play with. (GO! GO! GO! get your own DVD game!!!) Since I'm very busy with my life now, i don't think i have so much time left to play games at home. But, who knows i will buy it one day for my son! I'm sure he is going to love to play it.

Anyway, since it is weekend already, I want to wish you guys a wonderful weekend this week. I will try to enjoy my weekend this week. Tata!! Sponsored by Screenlife Games

Aug 22, 2008

What????!! My daughter is not my daughter?????

Hmmmm...its Friday already!!! Isn't time flies really fast nowadays?? One sec its monday, another sec its already friday..and me, still cannot figure out why I still have so many things i haven't done yet. Whenever i think about home, the bed sheet, my kids toys, the kitchen that needed to be cleaned will popped into my mind. *sigh*. Why i have sooo little time to do all things at home??
Well, forget about those chores, I'm soooooooooooo glad that weekend is approaching. Hehe!! We might going out this weekend to 1-utama (AGAIN?????). Hehe..not that I'm not interested to go to other shopping complex, but 1-utama is just conveniently located very near from my house. If no traffic jam, i can reach there within 10 mins with 80km/hr speed! Very near right??
I plan to buy lots of mooncake oh, since mooncake festival is coming soon. Probably i want to try those weird flavour mooncake like sambal + shrimp mooncake?? Hehehe..sounds too weird hor, but until i try eating it, i'm not going to find out how bad or how good is the mooncake. Don't worry, i will blog about it once i had it in my stomach.
Ok!! Ok!! Forget about my coming outing this weekend, I'm just wondering if you ever been asked with a stupid question by a strangers?? Yes?? No?? Well i did. Many times indeed. But before I start ranting about those stupid questions, i need you take a close look on my daughter and tell what you think.













When i go to shopping complex or somewhere jalan-jalan, there must be 1 or 2 strangers who like to start a conversation with me and asked me with their stooopid question. Like this :

Stranger : Wah! Hai lei ge lui, ah?

Me : HUH??? Hai ya..*grin* (as i cannot speak cantonese but i do understand a bit la)

Stranger : Nyeee...nyahhh...nyeee..nyahhh, ma???? (too fast talking i cannot get what was the question)

Me : Erk..can you speak english? I'm not chinese la!

Stranger : Oh!! I tot you are chinese. That girl ah, your daughter ah??

Me : Oh! yes...she is my daughter..

Stranger : Eh??? How come ah??

Me : Ah?? What how come??

Stranger : How come she look like chinese one?

Me : (Blardy hell..that stranger must think my daughter is adopted one!! Celaka!!) Why?? Must look like me only my daughter kah??

Stranger : lah! curious only, she look different than you mah.

Me : Then, I married with a chinese guy, and my daughter want to have her father looks..sure look like chinese la..(Me geram already!! Who is she to question my daughter's look! ) how??

Stranger : Oh!! no wonder lah..! (Quickly turn away from me!!)

See...stupid or not?? I really want to give her my piece of mind for giving me that kind of rude question. If she is curious on my daughter's look, she can just ask me whether I have a mix parentage (kadazan+ chinese kah??) or is my husband is chinese, coz my daughter surely have this cute chinese look (hahahaha!! persaan pulak!!). Very geram kan??

Next time, if you are curious about somebody kid's looks and dying to ask whether she/he is adopted or not, pleaseeeeeeee, think before you utter your question. Don't simply ask a stranger why her kids look different than her.

Aug 20, 2008

Fashions That Hurt!!

WARNING: Post contains lotsssss...and lotssssssss of picture!!!!

Me and my sister went to MPH last week, and sis bought this interesting book for both of us to read. At first, i don't really bother about it until i opened the first few page of the book! OMG!!! It's really scary, I tell you. I'm not going to elaborate further about what you are going to see later. I will let the photos do the talking!

You can find this Book at MPH

OMG!!!! How scary it can be when we become soooooooo obsess with our weight!

This super high heels can caused a serious damages to our feet.

I don't think i want to have this kind of feet!! comment on this! Let the men do the commenting on this!

Corsets can make our waist super small and sexy..but it also can damage the internal organs!

Well, i don't really think a mini skirt can cause a damage..but...

This could be true..imagine the chemicals penerated in our wonder i'm losing sooo much hair last time


I don't see the logic of hip hugger being a hazardous item in our daily life..So i don't really agree on this..

Blame the beauty magazine for planting the 'beautiful image' of super skinny (almost dead look) models inside our societies mind.

Not sure on this..could it be possible???

If its only done in unhygienic condition. Don't you agree??

Ditto to the above

OMG!!! Is there people out there really decorate their skin this way??

With toooooo many pierces on their body..what can i say.. is the main point actually...

You can get this book at MPH with only RM6.00.

Did i make you nauseated with some of the gory pictures??? Well, that's what is really happening out there. Saddening..but true..

So, if you happen to pass MPH or maybe other buy this book ya..

Aug 19, 2008

Thanx to Lil' Ms Pinky!!

Wow!!! I'm so glad that Lil' Ms Pinky save my day by providing me the link to the answer of my son's question in my post Cold Monday. I never thought my son is kinda advance in his thinking. Hehehe..ya lah 4 years old only mah..and he can question us the parents..why this and why that. I don't remember myself asking my dad about this kind of thing last time. Maybe i stupid a bit lah, thats why never curious on why thing is like this, instead of that!!
So here is the Q&A i copy from yahoo..(the question exactly the same asked by son)..

And this is the answer given by...(do click the pix for better view)

I hope i'm able to use this explanation to make son understand why we use thirteen instead of 'threeteen' and 'fifteen' instead of 'fiveteen'.

Again..Thanx to lil' ms pinky for this info!!

Aug 18, 2008

Two annoying things..

It is 7.05pm and i'm soooo thankful my day has been great so far. I was a lil' bit busy with work in office, but hey! I'm not complaining. Monday is always a busy day to start with in a week. However, there were this two things that annoyed me very much and kinda spoilt my day.

No.1 - Stupid people who send this kind of sms to other people number. I received many of this type of smses before and geramnya with this people. There was this one sms sent to my phone which sounds like this; 'Hi Liza, jangan lupa hantar sms ke 3#### ya. Banyak tu aksi panas celebriti yang aku ceta hari tu.' DUH!!!!!! Firstly, my name is not Liza, and secondly I'm a woman..if i really need those 'aksi panas', better find it in L*meW*ire kah...Ar*s some more!! True or not..Really hate this kind of msg especially when I'm driving. Thought it was an urgent msg kah, sekali tingu, CHIS!!!! Stupid msg only..

No.2 - My hand is getting this rash.Ayooooo!!!! Don't know what happend, but this rash is kinda itchy and appear more on my body when it is hot. I'm old already lah..takkan lah still got heat rash?? *sigh*

So like that lah..thats the two things that annoyed me soooo much in my good monday! Now, want to balik rumah already!! Heheheee very late already oh!!

Cold Monday

I woke up quite late this morning as I was too sleepy to wake up (sleep quite late last night)..My day yesterday was pretty busy with the house chores i needed to do. I woke up early in the morning in a grumpy mood as i had to look after my sick daughter all night since friday. I, Myself is not even recover from my sickness, and my sore throat was killing me. (kononnya lah..but i didn't die juga lah!!). Kesian daughter, she refused to drink milk for few days already. I think she has a sore throat too, thats why she doesn't want to drink her milks. She doesn't even want to eat the rice, porridge or almost everything lah..sooo kesian. Brought her to see dr. and she got 4 bottles of meds to finish. Eeeeeeeeee....i dread the part giving meds to small toddler because based from my experiences with son last time, getting him to eat the med was one of the toughest job i ever had in my whole life. When i gave him an antibiotic, he will vomits until everything was out from his stomach. Then give him the meds again, he cried, closed his mouth tight and start stomping his feet on the floor refusing to eat the meds i try to shove inside his mouth (hahaha..not exactly shove lah actually). Giving son to eat a medicine was like a big battle for me and lots of efforts are needed in order for me to achieve victory. But, there was a time i still lose my battle and i really had to use the one and only power (Snap and roar the Word 'NOW!!') to get my son eat the meds (actually son only hated the antibiotic). But that was my son past story. Come to daughter, I was so surprised she didn't make a fuss at all when I gave her the 4 different types of meds. (THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!!). She only told me this when she ate the bitter meds..."Eeeeeee...Mommy..its yuck..yuck"! Phew..nasib baik!!
Then..yesterday, 2 of my ops to make money were washed inside the drain as I was soooo busy to do it. Ayooo sayangnya!!! If not, can add my income already oh! I try to finish it before midnight, but still, my kepala cannot produced any brilliant idea to do the post. So..bye bye $$$ for me.
Then..(hahaha..banyak nya then!!), my son story again. I don't know whether I mentioned about him liking his Maths subject so much or not, but he does. Out of 4 subjects he learns at school, he loves Maths the most (like me last time lah!! hehehe). In his 2 previous exams, he scored 98% and 100% for his maths paper. Terrer la juga konon. Chinese comes second, english third and last is his Bahasa melayu (God!! his BM is really teruk lah!! Kesian pulak my son cannot speak Malay :( ) . But..thats not the story i want to tell actually..(digressing again). Yesterday, hubby asked son to count his number. 1-10 is like a piece of cake for son (daughter also can count until 10! hahaha)..then start from no 11..
Son : Eleven, twelve, threeteen, fourteen, fiveteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, TWENTY!!!!!
HAHAHA!! Me and hubby corrected him so many times about threeteen being thirteen and fiveteen being fifteen, but instead of correcting his number, me and hubby pulak bombarded with the question why it should be called thirteen and fifteen!! Hahaha..Please..if you give my son the answer 'its counted that way', he won't simply accept your answer unless there is a logical explaination behind your answer. (everything must have a reason!!) Susah juga anak banyak tanya nie..if only the question is easy for me to answer...So far no answer is given to son yet! ekekeke
Well, enough for me to ramble this monday afternoon. Hehe, I'm soooooo damn hungry now but my 'tapau' hasn't arrive yet (don't know what take hubby soooooo long to come back to office). LAPAR GILA NOW!!!!! So...let me do my O&M & record all the S.I before i die of hungriness! Will blog again later..Tata!!!
*Nick, surprisingly my Monday is not sux today! hehe

Aug 16, 2008


*Ohuk..Ohuk* Batuk lagi nie..
Since nothing nice to blog today,
I just want to wish you guys a nice and wonderful weekend,
Don't forget to drink more water..(cuaca telampau panas now)
And mari lah kita sama-sama sokong Chong Wei tomorrow..
Hope he will win the gold medal! Wohoo..

Aug 15, 2008

Tag : Household Chores that I really hate

Hehe..actually I'm not sure what this tag is called. I just simply give it a name lah. I was tagged by Mr. Maid or Nick Phillips to list down all the chores at home that i really hate to do. Along with that, i have to give a reason why I hated doing those chores..So here how this tag is done:

All you need to do is list down the household chores you hate and why you hate it. Then copy the image provide and tag as many people as you want! Add your blogs link to the domesticated divas linky love and leave a comment at Stripe and Yellow to be added to the master list and you're done.
Chores that I HATE!!!!!
  1. Sweeping the floor ~ I took at least 10 - 15 minutes to sweep clean my house and my kids only need 10secs to get it dirty with their biscuits, spilt milk, spilt vitagen, etc..etc..whats the point of sweeping the floor like that????
  2. Ironing Clothes ~ Actually i don't really hate ironing all the clothes at home. I only hate it when I'm disrupted by kids who want to touch the iron lah..want to play the iron board lah!! The iron is hot leh! Well, the other reason why i hate it because it's time consuming..I will need at least 2 hours to finish all the clothes.
  3. Mopping ~ ditto to No.1
  4. Tidying kids toys ~ I took like forever to get all the toys inside a box and my kids need only to dump and spilt the box content the minutes i finished tidying them...*ngrrrrr*
  5. Cooking ~ I hate it when I have no idea what to cook or lack of ingredients to cook..Simple solution, tapau lah!!!
  6. Cleaning the fridge ~ EEEEEEEEEEEEE...hate to wait for the ice at the freezer to melt!!!
  7. Washing clothes ~ I don't like washing clothes using my two bare hands.. Luckily somebody invented the washing machine..
  8. Cleaning poo-poo ~ Baby poo-poo is ok, but toddler poo-poo is toxic!! hahahaha super smelly!!

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Actually I told Nick I got 1000 chores that I hate, but if I list down everything here, people might think I'm one lazy woman, mommy and wife, so I better don't list down all lah...! Now, let do the tagging session and see what this people hates chores at home.

Kobie_Vanessa, Just, Momma mia, Poppet, Chegu Carol, Cicak, Princess Sabrina, Adora Madpie and Mrs.Ezman.

Enjoy the tag guys........

*Nick, I cannot post the picture la, everytime i uploaded the pix, 50pixs will popped in my page!!

Aug 14, 2008

All story lah!!

kaDusMama is finally back to blogging after 1 day off from working and blogging. Yeah!! (haha!! sendiri ke'happy'an). As much as i wanted to jot lots and lots of word for my entry, i just cannot think what to write or better known, i have no idea what to write at all..
Well..since I've nothing much to tell about today's event, why not I tell you about my 'so called' rest day yesterday..I finished checking the minutes (for meeting) around 2.30am..and at 6.50am, I have to wake up to prepare son to school..daughter was up early too but thank god she decided to join me to sleep after son went to school (nasib baik hubby hantar Isaac this time). I woke up (again!!) around 10.30am, showered and had to cook pulak. After cooking, i went out to service my car (which i only service once a year!! hahaha)! Crazy me, i only service my car once a year you know..not that i don't want to maintain my car properly, took me almost a year to reach the 5000 mileage...Hehe
Well getting my car service was really a long business. I went to the workshop around 1.15pm and everything was done only after 4.30pm. While waiting, i was in the verge of getting my head knocked at the table edge as i was super..super sleepy and drowsy. Nasib baik the workshop boss was in a mood to tell me about his trip to Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and others that i don't really remember. I think i will embarassed myself by sleeping in the workshop if not because of the boss..
Well, long story cut to short, my car cost me a bomb again this time. Aiyoooo..imagine paying RM580 for a regular service??? Die!! But..why is it soooo expensive?? Not that i drive mercz or BMW pun, its only an old kembara..well here is the details..
  • Spark Plug = RM85 (for the fuel burning efficiency..ahaks!!)
  • Auto oil = RM38 per bottle and my car need 4 bottles of it. so the total is = RM152
  • Coolant for radiator = RM30
  • Engine oil = FOC (last time the boss say he will give me free engine oil mah!! haha) if i have to pay for this, i need to add another RM130 oh!!
  • Tyre allignment = RM25
  • Cam Setting (its for the two front wheel) = RM110 (don't bum those big 'lubangs' on the road or else your will risk more of your money for the tyre setting.
  • My window bracket which went kaput 3 months ago = RM145
  • Labour charge = RM40.00

The total amount i have to spent was RM587 (discount RM7!! duh!! kasi lah diskaun banyak sikit!! i give their shop business what!!) Everytime my car had a probs, i surely will return to the same workshop to get my car fixed, so i think the boss should give me more discount whenever i serviced my car there..hahaha!! Anyway, while waiting for the mechanic to do a test drive to ensure everything was done accordingly, the 'not so leng cai' boss (hahaha!! kidding!!) told me, yesterday morning, there was this lady came to the workshop to get her sport car fixed. She drove a Peugot (spelling???) and apparently her car experience this shaky stearing probs whenever she drove her car around. So she went to this workshop to get her car fixed. The boss told her she only need to change 1 thing which was her ... 'forgot the name'. Sorry geng, i don't remember the part name lah..but it is use to channel the electric power to her spark plug. So yeah, she only need to change that and guess how much she had to pay for the part..??????


CRAZY!!!! Uh la la..i saw the husband came to pay the boss for the work done and punya senang lah he pay RM1800.00 in cold hard cash! phewww...sure lah super rich people kan..

Anyway, the workshop boss advised me never ever buy Peugot or Citroen (spelling again??) car unless i have at least few thousands of ringgit in case the car has a probs. He told me every part of this two brand car will cost you your head..(not your arm or your limb).

Eventhough my car gave me this headache after getting it serviced, at least it didn't reach the 'K' amount..right?? Well, that the cost that I've to pay for driving a 4wd car..Don't play play oh! The recent probs my car had was this broken shaft's bearings which cost me around RM900 for 3 biji bearings. DIE!! So if possible, don't ever drive a 4wd car..hahaha (It was my hubby's idea to let me drive my car now!) It is very costly and can kill you..this past 2 years alone, I already spent around RM10k just for my gearbox, shaft, starter and others (forgot already)..crazy sekali!

Now, i only have to wait until middle of year 2009 to get my dear kembara serviced again! ekeke! Oh! After I finished with my car, went back home to cook dinner, and by 11.00pm, I was so weak (no energy at all), i fall asleep without even brushing my teeth and wash my face. Funny is, if i didn't wash my face or brush my teeth, I will automatically wake up 1 hour after sleep to get my regular deed done. So yeah..i did woke up in the middle of the night to brush my teeth. Didn't manage to sleep peacefully as i was disturbed by my itchy throat which caused me to cough continuously until 1 hour past dawn (as if i got batuk kokol saja).. far my day today has been good! Still have this itchy throat and blocked nose, but I only nod few times (The flu meds caused me to be drowsy) while doing my work. Hope I will be able to sleep peacefully tonight....and lastly..for all of you who wish me for my well being!! TENKIU ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Glad that so many people do care about me! *muah*

*DUH!! No idea konon to write post konon!! Sekali panjang menjela2 pulak!!!

Are you normal or nuts??

Are you a quirks cute or do they require a professional attention? Do you have this quirkiness like cannot abide to see a dirty spot in your bathroom which will cause you to scrub the whole bathroom clean instead of just cleaning the dirty spot itself ?? or Maybe you must have a soy sauce in everything you ate including fruits, veggie or even a sweets?? If you have one of this quirkiness, I'm sure you have been asking yourself for the thousands times whether you are a normal person or not. If you still unsure about it, why not compare your peculiar habits with those people who have posted their question regarding on their quirky habits at RD.Com in the Are You Normal or Nuts? column. There is this one particular question that really made me think the person is a little bit nuts. *grin* Here is the question :
Q :I don't like talking. I'm afraid people will think that what I say is stupid, even when there's no reason to assume that. I never talk on my cell phone in a public place, because bystanders might think I'm an idiot. Is that nuts?

So what do you think of the person?? Normal or Nuts?? Well, I do have this quirkiness inside me too. I'm just afraid to have a dream at night. Why?? Because there are many of my dreams that do come true and it happend day or weeks after I had that certain dream. Here are the example :

    • 1st Dream ~ Few years back, we were holidaying at Redang Island and I had this weird dream of founding one of our friend's chalet key at the beach area. It was so vivid, I can remember everything about it. The next day, our friend really lost his chalet key, and amazingly, I can pinpoint the exact location of the lost key. It was all in my dream in the previous night.
    • 2nd Dream ~ I was in the room napping when I had this dream about me being pregnant. When I woke up, I had this thumping heart and the urge to check about me being pregnant. I went to buy the Home Kit Test, and TRUE enough, I was pregnant and it was only a few days that time. Scary?? or weird??
    • 3rd Dream ~ My friend is married for only 1 1/2 months last year, and I had this dream about her being pregnant too. I rang her the next morning to ask whether she is pregnant or not. Surprisingly, she said no!! Anyhow, she called me back 2 weeks after to tell me that she is pregnant! Hah!!! Double weird?? Not really sure. Well, my friend is about to give birth anytime soon this month.

But why I'm scared to have a dream nowadays? Well, I have a few really scary dream about my son falling inside a pool and I wasn't able to save him, my daughter was kidnapped by a strangers and even me dying in a terrible..terrible car accident! *TOUCHWOOD* Since my dreams do come true sometimes, those horrible dream really freaked me out and caused me to be in a constant worry for weeks. Who doesn't, right??

Maybe I should write-in to Reader's Digest and get the answer from them? Who knows I am really nuts over here. But, that is just me. How about you? Do you think you have any quirkiness inside you that been bothering you for years? Why not send your question to Are You Normal or Nuts? at RD.Com? Just be cautious though, don't eat too much nuts before you write to them or else your nuts aura will send them the wrong signal of you being a nuts!!! Hehe

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Aug 13, 2008

My first mc for this year

It's already 1.41am by now, and i just woke up from my slumber sleep (1/2 hour ago) to finish with the minutes for meeting tomorrow.
Anyway, I already went to see a dr at the medical centre (near my house) to get the magical cure for my worsen cold condition. My dr. gave me 1 day MC tomorrow and advise me to get plenty of rest for a speed recovery. Well, this is the first time i took MC for this year and 1 1/2 time for the past two years. No matter how sick I was last time, I still stupidly went to work to finish my work. (macam lah dapat hadiah pun!!!)
So just to let you guys know, I will be MC from work and blogging tomorrow. Will visit you guys once I'm fully recovered from whatever my sickness is. Till then, take care everybody....

Aug 12, 2008

Have you ever.....

Arghhhhh...My condition is getting worse now. I have this blocked nose, throbbing head, ache body, bad sore throat and the feeling like i'm going to have a very bad fever. My body is kinda weak i'm getting sleepier every minutes of sitting on my chair. The condition in my office is not helping me either. 2 of the air-conds we have here are acting up and only give me this very..very hot air..(Which make me sleepier now)...
But thats not what I'm going to ask you question is..have you ever feel so sleepy, you barely can open you eyes while sitting?? I'm experiencing it this moment!! I'm trying hard to refresh myself by typing this blog entry so that I won't feel so sleepy..but no!! same here..still sleepy like hell..
5 minutes ago, i went to the washroom to pee, and while squatting, i almost fall inside the toilet bowl because i fell asleep while peeing!! Goodness!! Have any of you experience this kind of incident before??? I mean you only close your eyes for few second, and you fall asleep at that moment??? Crazy oh!! Now, i need to do something which require me to walk here and there to avoid falling asleep again...I hope i won't fall asleep while walking too.. *yawn*

Like that also can kah??

I'm kinda busy with my work now when I suddenly receive this msg in my skype.
[11:27:40 AM] sheng loong says:
helo, free for chat ? im loong here from pj 30 yr old. looking for a partner. hope u r there one i looking for
Wah!! Is our courting way has degraded so much, we only need to send a random msg to somebody and put a hope the person will reply the msg? I'm still thinking.. Is this guy really think he can find a partner by sending a random msg to anybody he likes??? Ayoooo...!! Habis lah like this..
If you think I will reply his msg...Nah!!!! not interested, just ignore and block him from sending me anymore msg. Malas lah want to layan this kind of people...

Aug 11, 2008

My sleepy monday

I'm sleepy..I'm sleepy and it's only 2.30pm now.. How I hate to be sleepy while working.. Wish I can sleep under the table right now, but ada tong sampah pulak! Chis!!

Actually, I'm not feeling really well now. I have this sexy voice and blocked nose due to cold..(again sakit!!). No more clarinase for me as I'm scared I will be like a zombie after taking that pill..So now, have to tahan sakit saja lah! *cough-cough*
Oh ya! I just noticed my name was in the Guan Ming Paper yesterday..hahaha!! Since I cannot read chinese letter, I don't really know what the paper quote about me. It was about the comment I leave in 5xmom blog last time.

I borrow this picture from 5xmom post. Click here to read about it..

Well thats about my day today. My conclusion is, monday is SUX!! *sigh* I'm still sleepy right now and wish I can go back to sleep comfortably on my bed..but..but..thats not going to happen..So let me finish my boring work before I can blog hop to everybody's blog today..Chiao!!

Aug 8, 2008

Slimming Tips!

Few weeks ago, I did the tag about my 10 Fav photos and Little Inbox has left a comment for me regarding on a weight issue. This was her comment :

Little Inbox said... Har???I dun believe that is you la...How you manage to shed of extra fat? COme on, share share la...

1st Pix taken during 2nd pregnancy, while 2nd pix was 9 months after I delivered my daughter

No matter how serious you weight problem is, there is a way for you to reduce the weighing scale reading. Before I had my kids, my weight was only 42.5kg and had a perfect curve with no buldging 'meat' on me. But everything changed after i got pregnant and had my kids. Let me tell you about my weight problem when i was pregnant with my two kids last time.

  • In my first pregnancy, I gained around 16.5kg throughout the whole months of pregnancy. In the early stage of my pregnancy, I gained so little, The Doctor had to force me to eat more. The first 3 months I got pregnant was a torture for me as I had this severe morning sickness. However, during my 2nd trimester, I got too comfortable with my condition(no more morning sickness), I started to and eat..until I gained 12kg and that figure totally gave me a shock!! Then in month 6 and above, I controlled what I eat until I kena anemia pulak!! But still, I gained 16.5kg!!
  • In my second pregnancy, I ate like a p*g. Hahaha!! As a result, I gained 22kg of total which make my weight 65kg that time. Crazy, right?? I was really scared that i won't be able to reduce my weight after i deliver my daughter. Nasib baik can!!

Anyway, what I did to ensure a successful fat shedding programme (DIY programme lah)??? Simple answers here..(I don't do those excercising stuff ok)

  • Don't eat for one month! (hahahaha..KIDDING!!!)
  • Record your current weight, waist, thigh, arm and hips measurement (before you start dieting)(This is important in order to keep track of your progress)
  • Reduce your rice intake. If you eat one plate full of rice before, reduce it to 1/4 plate.
  • Don't miss your breakfast. No matter what, breakfast is a must. Last time, my breakfast for 1 month was wholemeal bread dipped masuk milo. Hehe
  • Lunch : 1 glass of milk + Wholemeal Bread + Raisin / Orange Juice + Green Apple / 1/4 plate of rice + lil' bit veggie + ... / Small bowl of Chicken Porridge + Milo
  • Dinner : Chicken Soup (NO RICE PLEASE!!) + Glass of milk / Salad + Orange Juice
  • After one week of strict dieting, measure and weigh yourself and take record of the changes. In the first week, there won't be any changes to the body measurement, but your weight will probably down 100g or more. If no reduction, no worry. Keep on with the healthy but strict diet.
  • After 3 months, I'm sure you will lose at least 3-5kg of your weight. In my case, I lost about 19kg of my pregnancy weight within 7 months. Wohooo!! (I breastfeed both kids for 1 year before I quit..Breastfeeding help to reduce your weight faster than you can imagine)
  • But..the most important thing of all, you must have the determination and enough discipline to carry on with this strict diet for at least 3-5 months. Cannot yo..yo diet!!

Tada!! The mommy with her two kids!!

Any question related to weight reduce programme, don't shy-shy to ask me ok! Hope my tips can help those who want to lose some weight!! GOOD LUCK!!

*Don't expect to lose your weight drastically..Not good for your body!! Some people expect 1 month dieting can lose until 20kg!! NO! NO ya!! Later your body produce ketones and it is really bad for you...Though I'm in a slim side now, i still have this bulging tummy lah!! hahahahaha!! not soooo critical, but still have a bit! Don't know what else to do to get a slim tummy..(Don't ask me to do aerobic or sit up! I really have no time to do all that!! )...

Aug 7, 2008

Jokes of the day : Married too long

I was blog hopping, hop and hop and hop until I reached @dr3h's Blog and read her post. This is her post..

Three women: one engaged, one married and one a mistress, are chatting over lunch and conversation turns to their relationships. They decided that night to surprise their men. All three would wear a black leather bra and thong, stiletto heels and a mask over their eyes.A few days later they meet up for lunch.
The engaged woman: The other night when my boyfriend came over he found me with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and said, 'You are the woman of my dreams. I love you.' Then we made love all night long.
The mistress: Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office and I was wearing the leather outfit, heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat he didn't say a word, but we had wild sex for hours.
The married woman: I sent the kids to stay at my mother's house for the night. When my husband came home I was wearing the leather bra, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes. He walked in the door, looked at me and said, ʽWhatʼs for dinner, Batman?'
That blardy husband...!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Aug 6, 2008

Debts! Debts! Go away..

Who doesn't like the $$$ sign, raise up your hand?? Anybody?? Somebody?? Ok!! Nobody! I don't think there is people out there who doesn't like $$. If you ask me, I will tell you I LOVE MONEY VERY..VERY MUCH!! !! But sad to tell, I don't have so much money for myself. If only I earned big figure salary every month or strike big in jackpot...
Ok! Ok!! I'm not going to tell you anything about earning extra money or whatsoever. I'm here to ask you if you have a debts that gave you a hell of headache every month. It doesn't matter what kind of debts you have; credit card, house loans, car loan or personal loan. Have you ever wish you are a debt free person at this moment?? Yeah..I wish I am too. Since the fuel price hike few months ago, I noticed my credit cards expenditure have escalated to the point that make me really scared. The more I spent with my credit cards, the more debts accumulated for me to pay every month and that mean less money for me to keep for my saving. Don't you hate the evil 'plastic money = credit card' which is so easy to use and tend to make us forget how much we have actually spend in a day?
Actually, I'm planning to settle all my credit card debts as soon as possible because I don't want my debt to grow and grow until it become too much for me to bear. My only problem is, I don't know where to get a consulatation on how to manage my financial plan and lead me to be a debt free person. Do you think there is a debt free consulatation offered somewhere around here?? Is there any debt loans available for those who plan to settle their debts? Well, if any of you know where I can find a centre that provide financial consultation, please let me know about it. It is time for me to get rid from all the debt burden I've been carrying for the past few years.

Special Post!!

Today is my dear bestfriend's birthday. yipeee!!!! Just want everybody in this planet to know that Kobie Vanessa is my bestfriend since we were inside our mother's tummy. Hahaha!! Oh maybe not..All I know is, she has been my dear bestfriend for 28years now. come 28 years when we are only 28 years now?? Well..I don't remember the exact date we met with each other, I only know we grew up 'together-gether' since we were baby until now...
Anyway, here is my msg to my dear friend..
Happy sweet 28th Birthday to you..
Since you are 1000miles away from me..
Sorry ah..cannot be there with you to celebrate your day..
Apa pun..hope you will have a great day today..
And of course I wish all you dream will come true (soon)..
love ~ KaDusMama