Nov 29, 2008

Oh God!! I'm pregnant..!! true!! I was pregnant in my dream last night!!!! It was one weird dream i ever had coz' i remember everything about it. In my dream, I was pregnant and was sitting on the couch..when suddenly i saw son was swimming in a flooded drain. I was in horror to see son swims by himself and without any hesitation, i dived into the drain and pull son to the ground. I was soooooo damn angry, i smacked him so hard. After i smacked him, i cried..cried..cried..and had this very terrible fright in me. After a good cry, i was on a couch again still pregnant and watching don't know what movie....Eeeeeeee!!!!! I'm very scared with my dream lah!!!!!!! I mean it's not that i already close my 'production factory'..but with me going to start my course next month, 2 kids to deal with..and working at the same time, I don't think I have the energy to have another baby..!! But still...i wonder whats my dream trying to tell me????? Could I be dreaming about being pregnant because of the recent conversation i had with hubby about being pregnant again?? Eee...don't know la...scared already now..

Another story to tell...!!!!! Last thursday..i was late to go back home due to the mounting assignments (konon lah..padahal 3 only pun) i had to finish. So when i reach home at 10.20pm, and went to my room, daughter was busy telling me something. But i didn't listened what she was trying to tell me..until she shows me my perfume. At first glance, i din't noticed any difference to it, but after quite sometimes looking at it, i finally noticed something was different. It used to be half empty when i went to work the same day and when i came back, no more 1/2 empty but full bottle of perfume. Aik!!!!! How come???? And that when i screamed on top of my lungs demanding to know who fill the water in my perfume!!!!!! Ngrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Punya lah meradang!!!!!! At first isaac told me it was Inesha who disturbs and fills my perfume with water, but when i asked Inesha, she says she didn't do it. Until hubby give a warning threat to smack the mouth of whoever lying to us, son immediately admited it was him who fill the water. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Punya la!! Last time, he played with my foundation and lip gloss and pasted it all over our room's wall and now my perfume became his victim. *sigh* I was angry, yes..but too tired already to show my anger. So what i did was, tell more green man present for christmas as i have to buy new perfume already. Hehehe!! Jahat juga me..but..seriously guys, if you were in my condition that time, i'm sure you will explode like a volcano too. I've already warned son like 10000x not to touch any of my stuffs in the room, but still..he doesn't want to listen. Even smacking his butt didn't deter him from venturing inside our room. Sakit jiwa!!!!!

I thou my life turning bleak after losing my favourite perfume. But..unexpected thing happend and it's enough to cheer me up and forget about my loss. Yesterday morning, i received one letter from Malaysian Women's Weekly. Yay!!!! it really brighten up my day..

I might loss my favourite perfume, but good news is, I won the escada Incredible Me contest in MWW!! Yeah!!!!!!!! is not so bleak anymore. Hehehehheee!!! I'll collect the winning prize on monday. Hopefully the perfume smells will suit my taste and i can use it to work.
So like that lah my story..weird dream + new perfume, i hope there is nothing more will surprise me this weekend. To you guys, i hope your weekend will be interesting.I will blog hop to your blogs soon and spam your comment box with my nonsense comments. Hehehehe!! Take care..

Nov 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Mama

I know i'm very late to post this birthday wish to my beloved mama, but it's better than nothing at all, right???

My dear mama who turned 54 today (27th November 2008) is one special woman in my life. Without her, i won't be in this world today and of course there is no KaDusMama blogging now...As she already knows i love her sooooooooo very much, i just want to wish her a a prosperous and healthy life for the coming years. May God bless her in everything she does...

Happy 54th birthday Mom...

Gifts that can save life..!!! Isn't this the 6th post from me today???? Geez!!!! I think my brain already dried up to get the idea on what to write in my every post today. But hey..with a good mood and happy thoughts, i think i can do this with no problem at all. Hehehe..
So what i want to talk about now is...another story of Special festive gift for women who are expecting their baby out there. No!'s not the same gifts i blogged previously. This one is even more special because one can save other people's life with it. What are the specials gifts??
:: U-Cord®, Cryo-cell's stem cell cord blood preservation service is now offering a nice gift to be presented to the mommy-to-be out there. There is nothing better than to recieve a gift to preserve the baby vital stem cells collected from it's cord blood. The stem cells found in cord blood are known to treat over 75 diseases, and this definitely will come in handy in case somebody in the family contracted a disease like Blood Disease (Leukemia).
:: C'elle® Gifts is for women who is not pregnant. With C'elle groundbreaking technology, it's all About the Science accomplishment which enables women to collect and store the stem cells collected from their menstrual blood. This stem cells has the potential to treat genetically related family members who faced a life threatening diseases including Stroke, Alzheimer's and even Heart Disease.
:: Protect Baby, Protect Mom® is the combination services offered to protect both mom and theirs newborn baby. There is no other perfect gift one can give to a mother and baby, right???


If any of you intend to get one or more services as a gifts to your expecting wife or sister, friends or even your mom, please visit http://www.cryo-cell/ or to read C'elle Client Testimonial to get more info about this special gift. A gift that can saves somebody life is going to be the most special gifts somebody can ever receive. Post?slot_id=

Delicious tarap..where to find one ah????

These photos were taken during our recent trip back to Sabah! Hehe I'm not sure whether the peoples in West Malaysia know about this delicious 'tarap' because the last time i know, somebody told me the west malaysian refered this tarap as monkey's food!!! How could these ignorant people say that??????????

I never thought hubby will like this tarap very much. Can you imagine he can finish one whole 'tarap'?? Punya sedap he ate until he failed to notice he ate everything clean in less than 10 mins. Heheheeeee....! When i asked him howz the Tarap taste??? He said it was simply delicious. Taste like cempedak like that..heheheee!!

But of course the Tarap is super sedap as it's not too ripe when dad opened that day. Not too masak lah kira..! I'm wondering if i can find this 'tarap' in kl..anybody???? any idea?????

Designer Gift for Women

Hey all..This post dedicated to those (husband, bestfriend, sister, mother and all) who face difficulty buying present to the special woman in your life. If all this time you've been scratching your head bald, trying to figure out what special gifts to give to your beloved mother, sister, sister-in law or even your favourite Aunt, and wife (for the husband) on every different occasions, you don't have to worry anymore. Oh la la Cadeau has come as you saviour. With lots of new collection gifts by Canadian Designer Sande Chase, you will be free from the worry trying to find a suitable gifts for the special women in your life.
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Imagine receiving this gorgeous gift for your birthday??? Oh!!! Isn't it very special and too pretty to be opened?????

Or maybe this special and too pretty pink color wrapped gift??? I don't think i will open this special gift ever if i receive one. It is just too beautiful isn't it?????
But that's what Oh la la Cadeau is for. This special gift provider is to make all women out there feel very special on their day. I'm sure all women just love to receive a nice gift with a special handwritten message attached to it. Don't you???


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The Double Decker

Yeah!! I was tagged by Nick Phillips the other day and!!! I'm so glad he tagged me this time. Hehehehee! As of today, i still have 3 posts to go and thanx to Nick, he saved my day (i don't have idea to write many posts in one go). I only have few hours to finish everything and argghhhh!! how to finish everything?? But forget about my nonsense, let concentrate on this tag first. This tag come with no name. So i better follow the tagger title. Nick called this tag..The Double Decker Tag. Ok! Lets check what my answers are....
Two names you go by:
1. kaDusMama 2. kaDus_mama (hahahaa!!! same lah tu kan???)
Two things you are wearing right now: 1. No brand blouse 2. Black legging
Two things you want very badly at the moment: 1. That Nikon D300 (Uwahhhh!!! I WANT!!!) 2. A new car (Toyota Rush also can lah!!)
Two things you did last night just before bed: 1. Blogging 2. Drink bottle of water
Two things you ate today: 1. Loh Mai Kai 2. Mixed Rice = Rice + Veggie + Black pepper chicken
Two people you just spoke with: 1. Mom 2. Dad
Two things you are doing tomorrow: 1. Working 2. Driving to work
Two longest car rides: 1. Rawang to Bidor 2. Yong Peng to Malacca! (hahahaha!! no chance to drive long journey)
Two favourite beverages: 1. Coffee 2. Ribena (nyummmmm!!!)
2 + 3 persons who are chosen to do this meme:.. Mama Mia, Mell_f, Belle of Ranau, Chegu Carol and Freddass (fred bulih kah tag ko???? tag is done and still 100 to go..hahahaa!
Well...well, what am i going to do after this?? I still have 1 hour before i go back home and with so many urmm..assignments to finish?? Should i do my assignment or start browsing new stuffs in internet??? Hmmm let has been a while since i last shopped online and i really do miss to get new stuffs from internet. With christmas coming less than a month from now, maybe i should start getting all the nice present from the net?? hehehee It's one easy and hassle free activity that give me immense satisfaction. I know some of you might be thinking shopping online is kinda difficult, but why not you try it yourself. I'm not going to tell you any further about shopping online. You better experience it yourself. But do tell me if you found something nice and intend to get the item ya..

Good Way of learning

I’ve just registered myself to the Brightstorm site and here am I, wanting to share with you guys about the goodness of this site. This site is one site that provides a course of subject we dread the most like Algebra, Geometry and Writing Skill. I know I‘m way past from all this Algebra thingy, but for any of you who still have kids schooling in middle or high school and have difficulty on few of this subjects, why not check with Brightstorm to learn more of these subjects.

This site really is beneficial as you don’t have to register every course they have. You can choose subjects you intend to learn more and pay for it for a very minimal fees.

Here is what you can get in Brightstorm :

:: Browse subjects that you want and at the same time, choose the teachers you feel will suit you. You can choose only the subjects that you feel you need to learn more.

:: Once course purchased, you can get 24/7 access for full year anywhere, anytime. So you don’t have to worry missing any important point in the particular course.

:: Learn to review core concepts, practice problems, deepen understanding, raise your grades and prepare for college

:: You can ask and answers questions, share idea and web links and also create fun media.

I wish I can tell more about this web, but I think I will be better if you check out their website yourself for more details. You also can Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt before you decide to purchase their course. Hope this site will help those who really needs it.

p/s: Sia cari makan saja bah nie!! hehehee


The terrible 2 phase has started

Aduh!!! It's already 2.22am and here i am, updating my blog in the middle of the night! hah!!! what to do, i have no time to blog while in the office, and when i reached home just now, my kids were creating a ruckus, demanding me to attend their every need. Though isaac demanded only my attention to hear his green man story, inesha on the other hand driving me nuts with her non-cooperative + defying everything behaviour. One minute she is like an angel to me, another minutes, her behaviour changed and even a Saint can become nuts with her antics.

I know there is a phase they called the TERRIBLE 2 phase whereas a 2 years old toddler will start becoming a rebel, and driving their parents crazy! But when son was 2 last time, i didn't noticed much about his behaviour coz' he shows no sign of being a rebellious toddler. Of course he started being terrible when he was 3 years old but that, i thought was due to the addition of our family member. I thou it was due to sibling rivalry, but guess i was wrong about that. It was the terrible 2 phase symptoms son had.

In less than a week, Inesha will be celebrating her 2nd birthday and yeah!! she already starts showing all the symptoms to me. No more cuteness in the attitude, only making me insane with her nonsense. Can you imagine, inesha told me she wanted a handkerchief but when i get one for her, she start crying and tell me to put the handerkerchief on the floor and when i put the handkerchief on the floor, she cried and want me to put handkerchief on a table pulak!! Not pening meh you think???

Not only a Spiderboy in our house, we also have one cute and adorable SpiderGal a home. Hehehe See the pix, daughter demanded me to take her nice pix and post it in mommy's computer.

The mask is soooooo big pun inesha still want to wear it!! When i tried to take off the mask from her, i got another round of shrilling cry from daughter. *sigh* Gila eh melayan perangai Inesha nie!!!

See lah..she followed Isaac's pose and show me her ugly tongue like that!! Inesha was trying to grab the camera from me, but unsuccessful to do so..and out of frustration, she cried again trying to manipulate me and hoping i will give in to her demand. sekali! haha the mommy is even more keras kepala than her..Hahaha!! I don't care how loud was the shrills, i just let daughter cried as longer as she wants..hehehe!!

On the 1st of December, Inesha will be two already that time and now, i'm preparing myself to deal with Inesha nonsense behaviour. Hope i won't become crazy lah this during Inesha's terrible 2 phase.

Nov 25, 2008


I so tension already.. blog with the xmas layout take forever to load up.. Then i change a new layout..not loading up properly pulak!! So lazy already to correct my layout.. is there any free layout i can get that won't take 10 years to load up??? Thanx!!

Nov 24, 2008

My first ever Malaysian A1 GP Experience

So i was busy yesterday! Woke up quite early in the morning to prepare my kids as we were going to Sepang for the Malaysian A1 GP. I was soooo excited as i never watch any of the races live in my whole life. Don't count the one i watch in TV..that one is different. Well, me, hubby, our friend and kids reached there around 10.45am..and dangs!!! the que to redeem our tickets was soooooooooooo damn long...kalah bebaris mau claim the petrol rebate!!!! So ok..our friend Q' for us while hubby went to get Some goodies from the JobStreet staffs..(we get the tickets from Jobstreet by the way). It was hot sunny day and with so long Q we had to endure, i felt like i was cooked under the hot sun though i have my umbrella with me. While queuing, suddenly there was this guard calling us and let us enter without having to Q' as we have small kids with us!! WOhoooo!! Lucky we brought our kids along or else, mati lah bebaris sambil kena BBQ!

So in we were, we can see lots of nice cars being displayed. Took few snaps of son posing with the nice cars..

Nah lucky son, he posed along with the GP queen and let them hold his hand. Amboi! Amboi sungguh!! Can you imagine, when we reached home last nite, son asked me to show him, his pix with the GP Queen. This was what he said "Mommy, where is my photo with the pretty girls?? You know what, they are so cute you know!!" GEEEEEEZ!!!!!! and Isaac is only 4 years ++!!

Sempat lagi si mommy and isaac posing while waiting for the Sprint Race Event to start..What i noticed when we were there, lots of people are using the DSLR camera which lenses are soooooooooooooo long, i think they can even zoom to sabah without any problems. Hehehe Punya panjangggggggggg the lense!!! Us using the normal camera got so intimidated by this people! Like malu pulak!!

Inesha ears were plugged with the silicone ear plug due to the super noisy car. Even i got earache while sitting there.

See the A1 car..??? Its look like the F1 car i think..though the speed is not as fast as F1 car, i still got excited to see all the cars zooming past the Grand Stand. Try to click nice pix of the race, but with the cars speed like that, even with the Sports Mode, i can't capture single nice pix there..

As all the cars slowed down while cornering, i managed to snap few decent pix there! Phew!! if will be wasted not to able to capture any nice pix of the racing cars. Actually, i do have videos of the cars racing, but due to the big bytes of videos, i don't think i will put the video just yet..Next post lah!! Hehe
So..what i think of the race???? EXCITING GILA!!! Well, thats me only actually. At 3.3opm we went off already (it was only 30 mins after the race started) as both my kids fall asleep while watching the race and hubby got cranky due to 'boring race' as he said. Chis!!! Rugi sekali!!! I wanted to watch until finish, but hubby wanted to go off we were, and i didn't even know who was the winner of the race. Sad!!!!
But hey, there is still F1 race soon ya..So who want to go?? Come lah we go and watch..I need a 'kakis' to watch the race lah. I cannot bring hubby as he is not really a fan of this kind of event. Can you imagine he said it was boring to see the racing car??? *SLAP FOREHEAD*. Bah..who want to go to F1 race next year, come lah..we save our money from now and get the grand stand seat for better view. It will be a nice and exciting experience oh!! I know it is expensive, but heck if i care.. I want juga see F1 race. So..hope got 'kakis' to watch the next year race.

Help me ya..

:) This is a formal posting for me minta tolong suma kekawang sekalian..
As announced last week, i've changed my blog url to already and because of that, i'm asking a small favour from you guys to change my link in your blog (if any lah)to the new url. Of course if you click the old url, you still will be re-directed to my new a bit ya..! Thank You..
Bah..will visit you guys in lunch Monday to everybody...I welcome my monday today in happiness yo!!

Nov 22, 2008

I'm in the midst of changing my domain to .com. will be up soon..hehehe so won't do any posting until everything is in order..hope i won't mess all the html coding. Hehee..
Oh..not to forget...Happy weekend to everybody..! Have a fun those who going for the A1 GP in sepang tomorrow..hope to see you guy there..! hehehe I also going lah!!!
So..Selamat berhujung minggu everybody!!!

Nov 21, 2008


and I finally finished all the tasks need to be submitted before 1pm today..hehehehe!!! Yeah..i marathon post supposed to be up last night, but i was soooooooooooo tired, i fall asleep while typing my post in the middle of the night. I was so exhausted, it was at the point where i can't even open my eyes to see my computer screen and it was only 1.30am that time. Gila Sungguh!! I woke up with a bloodshot eyes this morning!! Crazy kan??
But as bad as my day may sounds to you, it turned quite wonderful to me actually. Hehehheheehe I mean receiving 2 nice compliments in a day surely make me feel better and smiley today. What happend was :
:: I went to buy breakfast for me and hubby at one stall which i usually go and the lady who sell the kuih-muih say this to me :
Amoiiii!! Ayooo saya banyak suka tengok awak lah. Awal pagi tengok muka kamu ah, saya pun ikut happy. Lembut saja muka kamu! Lagi banyak suka senyum.
~ Wakakakaka!!!! I'm so flattered with the puji-pujian!! At least she is happy to see me, yes???But of course i will always smile to her..I'm her regular customer mah. What made her thinking i will show her a sour face early in the morning..
:: Just now, i was to sign a delivery form when the lorry driver told me this :
Amoi..wah! makan itu keropok pisang kah?? (when i said the keropok pisang is sedap), mesti sedap lah..apa barang boyfriend kasi pun mesti sedap mah..hor???
~ does this means i still look young and not married?? wahahahaha!!! Kembang bontot kena puji!! hahahaha (i just assume the guy want to compliment me!! eventhough he's not!!)
and with two compliments within a short interval of time, I'm in a high spirit to work on this beautiful friday!!! Wohoooo..TGIF juga lah!! ahahaha

What's for your kids on this school holiday?

Officially, the school holiday for all the kindegarten, primary and secondary schools in Malaysia has started since last week. I really love school holiday as the route i always used to office is no more congested with those parents who simply parked their car in the middle of the road. And i don't have to wake up early in the morning to prepare son to school. Hehehee!! Ample time for me to prepare to work and no rush to work like i usually had when son went to school. So..yeah to me..hehehehe *big smile* But since school holiday started, Isaac has nothing to do at home other than watching his incredible hulk and inesha's barney CD, plays with his toy gun and draws his favorite superheros. It's not that i don't want to go holiday somewhere with my kids, but the recent trip back to Sabah has already caused my 'pocket' to be empty now. So no trip but only saving money for Christmas.. :) Maybe we should go to Sunway Lagoon or something...hehe what do you think?? Anyway, for parents (if you are a parent, do pay attention to this), who have no idea what to do to entertain your kids at home during this holiday, why not get the Princess Bride Game for your kids. I don't really know about game thingy but i found this game is interesting as its not same as the other game like War Craft or Counter Strike type of game. It's a mission game to help Princess Buttercup and Weasly slay an evil Prince, in order to live happily ever after. Hehe what a typical but interesting game to play, don't you think?


I don't know whether Isaac will be interested with this game or not but, if you like to try this nice new game, why not get a copy now and let your kids enjoy the game at home. But do remember, don't let them play too much of the game. You know it won't be very good for them. heheee

Nov 20, 2008

Tag By somebody..

Tag By somebody!! (sepa tag me this ah?? Do let me know coz' i need to give you a linky love). I'm in desperate need of interim post, and this tag is the most easiest to do tag of all. Nah tenkiu lah who tag me this. Hehehee But, bad..bad me! i've forgotten who tagged me!! i know..i know, i'm terrible..but i was in sabah when i saw this tag and i totally forgot about it until today when i need an interim post in my blog..hehehee!! So let me finish with it ya..
1) Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW! (iya lah!! taking lah nie using my notebook. No camera at the moment)
2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.(how to change??? I'm still in office lah!!) 3) Post that picture with NO editing. (No time to edit lah!!) 4) Post these instruction with your picture.(Done!!) 5) Tag 10 people to do this. (Wah??? So many kah?? Can tag 3 people or not..?? i want to tag Kobie Vanessa, Oiga and Ninie Jane for this)

It's already 9.49pm right now and still i'm in office trying to finish a super urgent work..but sempat lagi bah posting in my blog! hehehehe ok cut my story short..I'm super tired right now..i slept quite late night and still, i'm in office preparing 2 sets of super thick drawing for tomorrow's meeting. Big project nie!! So like that lah..! Isaac sure will scold me later as i already promised him i'll be back home early today.. :( What to do..unexpected work bah nie..

So ok lah..want to finish my work already..if not..i have to go back home at 11pm!! so..tata

Viral Marketing for the Markerters

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So, if any of you are interested to learn more about a popular viral tactics or tools and list to execute your viral marketing campaigns, do check with the website to get more info about it.


How to fly in peace with your small kids??

This probably not really a new things to tell, but i think i might just want to share with those who wish or going to fly with your small kids. When i fly back to sabah recently, the 1/2 way to KK was a total disaster as both my kids refused to sit still and Inesha's didn't want to sit on my lap..(Infant has no seat so she had to sit on my lap). We were lucky as the plane still has lotssssss of empty seats and the Stewardess allows my kids to sit whereever they want. So as quick as they can, Isaac and inesha choose the seat next to the window and no matter how i coax daughter to sit with me, she didn't budge from her spot. Some more screaming pulak when i want to carry her.

So what happend in the first hour of our journey...! Hmmmm..son spilt his hot choc on the carpet..and daughter (cacing tidak pandai diam) drop a whole plate of pasta on the carpet too. Pengsan the mother want to tend her two kids in the plane. (Hubby was nicely snoozing all the way from KL - KK! Bikin panas eh!!) So what i did to quiet my kids was....Jeng..jeng..

Gave them a magazine to browse! I was lucky that day as MAS has a magazine that contains lotsssssss of superhero pix. Ada Batman (Dark Knight), Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and wohooo..that surely caught son attention and quiet him down. I let daughter play with the seat belt and that works a wonder too..Inesha keep buckling and unbackle the seat belt and give me the peace i needed Hehehehee!!!

However, magazine and seat belt only last for 30 mins and at that time, we had 1 hour before we reach KK. What i did was, ask lotsssssssssssssssss of papers for my kids and yipeeeee!!! The papers work like a magic to my kids..hehehe! For 1 hour, i had a peace and quiet journey while my kids was busy with their 'work'. Isaac, as usual lah..he drew his fav incredible hulk, hellboy and Uncle moster, while inesha, scribbling the paper without making any sounds...hehe

So if any you want to travel in peace with your kids or nephews or nieces, just give them lotssss of paper and if possible a colour pencils because i'm sure, your journey will be a peaceful one. hehee

WARNING : kaDusMama will do a marathon post tonight, so jangan terkezutttt!!

Nov 19, 2008

Way to get a flat belly..

New year 2009 is 1 month ++ away and this year, i have many resolutions for the new year 2009. Hehe and one of them is to get a a flat and sexy belly. MUST! MUST! MUST!
But what suddenly make me want to have a flat belly??? Well, you can blame my old picture (as below). I was reading my book last night when this photo fall out of no where. For minutes, i stare at my photo and uwahhhhhh!!!!!! I want my old body back!!!! You see, i was in a slim side before i gave birth both my kids few years ago. I had a perfect (kononya lah!!) 34-23-36 figure which become 33-26-37 now! (aik!! why the top one decrease size ah??? hahaha). After i gave birth son, i managed to get rid all the excessive fat around my tummy area and got back my pre-pregnancy weight and shape within 6 months time. But in daughter case, nope!! the extra fat proudly sticking at my belly and no matter what i did, i still have this protuding belly which is quite an ugly sight for me. Eventhough i managed to shed almost 22kg of the pregnancy weight, my tummy still have this bulge and i don't know what else i should do to get back my 'tiny-miny' waist. :( Even my 'no rice diet' not working anymore.

The used to be slim kaDusMama 5 years ago

And now???? Not only stretch marks all over my tummy area, but i also have unsightly bulging belly (recycle photo).
It's time for me to try the Flat Belly Diet to get back my 'flat tummy'. Hmmmm..what is Flat belly diet you say?? It's a programme that one can use to lose the extra fat and get a nice and sexy belly within a very short time period.

I haven't try this diet yet, but of course i will try it soon. I've read some of it rules and i kinda like it as this diet plan allows me to eat my favourite food like chocolate and nuts. Hehee (favourite foods nie)


I've read few testimonials of successful dieters, and hmmmmm...this program do sound good and not that hard to follow you know. Because of that, 'i'll give a try on this diet plan for a month and see if there will be any changes on my belly size. Hehe Don't worry, i'll make sure you guys updated about it. At the mean time, anybody who is interested on this diet plan can check from the website for more info. I hope we can do this together and get a flat belly before Year 2009.!!!! Post?slot_id=

Nov 18, 2008

Barney Vs Incredible Hulk

Huh??? What barney has to do with green man???? Nothing! Hehehe But currently in my house, Barney fan and Hulk fan are having a terrible feud to get control over the one and only DVD Player and TV in our house. So who is Barney fan? Of course my daughter and it's already known son is fan of incredible hulk. I got a pretty bad headache watching both son and daughter wailing and wailing and wailing with their most sorrowful expression hoping i will side one of them and let one party get to control the TV.
What happend last sunday was, i woke up pretty early in the morning after daughter rouse me from my sleep and after she got her milk, she demanded me to play her Barney CD..! (At that time, son was still in his deep sleep). First round finished, and daughter continue watching for the second round (Its the same CD!!) So i thought, Ok..i can just leave her watch her CD while i wash my face and brush my teeth. Just after i finished brushing my teeth, i heard a veryyyyyy loud cry ouside and followed by a loud scream by son. I rushed outside and what happend????? The two stooges had a fight and feisty daughter retaliated by bitting son's finger. Son was angry too..and smacked daughter's head and both were crying to get my sympathy. At first i thought it was son who started the fight, but nope..son was only trying to press stopped the DVD player and daughter didn't allowed son to watch his hulk...and there..she bit him and left son in shocked! If i'm in a good mood that time, i might just gave both a long lecture and no screaming and shouting is necessary, but god awful morning, both making a ruckus and that woke the 'hulk' in me. Hehehe So i shouted at son, thinking it was his fault.
Mommy : ISAAAAAAC!!!!!!! What have you done this time??? Why you smack Inesha's head?????*the garangest tone ever*
Isaac : Then she gigit my finger!! It's painful you know!
Inesha : I want to watch my barney..kor-kor off my barney!!
Mommy : Then why bite kor-kor????
Inesha : Ya lah!! (no explanation given)
Mommy : Kor..kor..mommy see your finger..
Isaac : *Show me his little finger* Nah you see mommy, alamak!! patah already my finger! How???
Mommy : No lah..
Isaac : Yes!! Patah better bring me to see doctor now..kesian isaac you know!! *Duh!!*
Mommy : It's ok already..just a small bite..
Mommy : Inesha!!! say sorry to Kor-kor now! You cannot bite kor-kor, you know!
Inesha : Mmmmm *nodding her head*
Mommy : Now say sorry..
Inesha : Sowieeee ko-ko..*no remorse face pun*
Isaac : inesha let isaac watch my hulk first???
Mommy : *wakakakakaa!! laughing! but inside my heart only lah*
Inesha : Cannot!!!!!!! MOMMY!!! I WANT TO WATCH BARNEY!!!
Isaac : PLEASEEE...
Inesha : Cannot! cannot! Cannot!!
Isaac : Mommy!! You see inesha....
And the drama goes on..!! Aduh!! sungguh pening kepala ini dealing with my kids..!!! Inesha is going to be 2 years old next month, but she acted like she is sooooooooo big already...last time she used to be bullied by isaac and now, she bullied isaac and hit him hard sometimes. You'll never believe Inesha can talk like a big girl unless you meet her yourself. Kan Chegu Carol?? Hehe
Back to my problem dealing with kids, i told both to take turn watching their CD. But like unfair pulak, coz daughter's barney is only 30 mins long while son's hulk is almost 2 1/2 hours!! At first daughter agreed with the deal, but after one hour waiting, she starting screaming and shouting at isaac to off the hulk and play her barney..and si KaDusMama jadi gila already!! hahahaha So what i did was..switch off the CD player..switch off the home theatre and watch the 'don't know what the heck' series at NTV7!! and left both kids crying again!! hahahaaa..
Sometimes, its cute to see them acting like that..but most of the time..its driving me crazy especially the time when i'm tired..! *sigh* When lah i can have a peaceful time at home??

Nov 17, 2008

The price of fuel goes down again..

My colleague called me few minutes ago telling me not to fill my car today as the fuel price will goes down again starting from 18th Nov!!
Should i be happy??? Jezzz!! Not really..not until the price of goods go down too..My maggi Laksa still cost RM4.29 / packet and i'm not happy at all..not to mention other basic necessities too. My petrol consumption is only RM15o for month, and with RM2/lt petrol price, i don't think it will make any difference at all. I only drive to office and back home lah..even when the petrol price was RM2.7, I only spent extra RM80 for my petrol. But different story to the household was almost double from the price before the price was increased to NO!! I'm not really HAPPY with the reduction.
My hope is, not the fuel price being reduce, but the price of goods especially food being reduced!!! Don't you wish the same too????

Nov 16, 2008

The Killer Question

This is what happen to me on one fine Sunday morning while bathing son. Isaac who is known for his curiosity did it again. For quite a long time already, he didn't asked me about his private part, but out of nothing i was asked the toughest question by son again :
: *Soaping son*
Son : MOMMY!!!!! What is this?????
Me : *GRASP*'s called testicle.
Son : Why i have a testicle???
Me : All boys and men have's like that..
Son : What the testicle for???
Me : *Blank!! Cannot think any answer*
Son : Why must i have testicle?? Can i just cut it?? I only use 'bebird' to pee, so no need this lah.
Me : Cannot!! Isaac must have one..
Son : *Soaping himself* MOMMY!!!! Why if i touch testicle, its like 'biji durian'????
Me : *WAKAKAKAKA!!!! ketawa setengah mati* Whaaaaat make you think it's a durian seed??
Son : Ya lah!! It's like a durian..
Me : The shape is always like that..
Son : Mommy, i don't want to have a 'biji durian'..can cut or not??
me : cannot!!!
Son : WHY??????
and that last 'WHY' left me in a lurch trying to figure out what answer to give son that time. I still haven't answer son until now coz' i cannot think any suitable answer. So pleaseeeee!!!!!! Anybody who can think a logical asnwer for my son, Isaac???? I seriously cannot think any decent answer for him lah!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
**tomorrow is monday!!! Arggghhhh...bencinya~~~

Nov 14, 2008

Story of 3 days 2 nights trip

NOTE : This post is a scheduled post that contains lotssssssss of photos. Hehee

Finally i managed to upload all the photos of my trip to Tambunan recently!! Geez!!! can you imagine i took about 3 days to get all the photos uploaded??? Hahhaaha!! Thats how bad the connection i have in my kampung. :)

As i put the note above, this post is a schedule post that i choose to post when i'm up on the air back to KL..hehehee..all stories in Sabah are covered and i don't think there is more to tell. (Hope so!!). Soooooo...let me share with you 'bout my wonderful trips last week.

The journey from KK - Tambunan took about 2 1/2 hours. Along the way, we made a stop at Gunung Emas (kah gunung mas tu?? ehehehee). The cold and fresh air here make me envious to those who lives in this area. They have the chance to breathe fresh and unpolluted air while me, breathe all the asap and polluted air in the city!!

Nah!! 3 starrings posing while at Gunung Emas. Can you spot the small monkey behind us?? Hehe There are so many monkeys around this area and without shame, those monkeys will chase after you if they see you hold foods. Gila lah!! One of monkeys chased after my son to take the biscuit he ate. Eeeeeeeee...

After almost 2 1/2 hours journey, we reached Tambunan and checked-in to the Chalet at TVRC (Tambunan Village Resort Center). Hmmmm..if not because of the bugs swarming in the chalet during night time, i can say i'm almost 100% satisfied with this place. This chalet has 2 rooms, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom. All cooking utensils, plates, spoons, knife are provided here. The cost charged for night is RM130. Nasib baik we cooked ourselves the foods during our stay there, and that saves lotsssss of unnecessary spending on meals. Hehe

The second day we were there, i woke-up quite early in the morning to take some morning photos. Hehee Nothing special though. All normal photos saja..

What a beautiful place to take photos. But funny is, we have no photos taken at this place as everybody was not interested to take photos here...actually you can see lots of big fishes here, but i was lazy to snap many pixs that time.

Aiseh the man!!!! My nephews who stay around TVRC area companied me for my leisure walk around TVRC area.

On the same day, we went to Keningau to jalan-jalan and hoping to enjoy the Fun Fair that was held in Keningau Town. 5.45pm, the sky already turned very..very dark indicating heavy rain will fall soon.

True to my predictment, it did rained few minutes after we went inside the park. Grrrr...some more the rain very...very heavy!

On the 3rd day, we did nothing except cooking, eating and cleaning our chalet and me, still have the time to snap a pix from our chalet's balcony.Hehehee

My kids with their cousins (My sis's sons) posing with a happy smile. I'm soooo glad they can get along together. Kesian my daughter for being the only girl around.

On the third day, we head back to KK and that same day, i went to meet Chegu Carol at 1-Borneo. Hehehe
Overall, we (i mean ME) are satisfied with the journey we had in Tambunan and Keningau , though nothing special actually happen, i'm happy because all of us (Mom, Dad, sister & family, my youngest bro) were having fun during our visits there..hehehe
The last pix taken while we were on our way back to KL!! Seeeee...punya siok the misty and cold weather we had that day. If only we have that in Klang Valley area???? wah!! must be very siok kan!!!!
So like that lah my trip..don't know how to make a lenghtly explanation, but still we had so much fun there and thats whats important kan??? So like that i want sleep already! So..bye..bye

Good bye my kampung

Uwahhhh!!!! Tomorrow have to go back already!! :( Why does time has to fly so fast??? I felt like i'm being here for 1 day only and without me realising it, i will have to go back to KL already..*sob-sob* Feel so sad nie!!! For 1 1/2 years i didn't meet my family members, and tomorrow, i will have to say good bye to them already..*sad*

Another story, grrrrrr...i was half crazy at home to online with a super slow internet connection which took 3 minutes to load up my blog!!! Goodness..i can even cook some kuih, make a nice coffee, play with the cats outside and still, my page not fully load yet. I tried to post a comment in my blog and when i wanted to post it, the msg "IE cannot display the page" came out pulak!! suxxxxxx nya connection (So ungrateful si kaDusMama, at least there is a connection..daripada teda langsung?????). I should tell my big bro to upgrade his celcom broadband. How on earth he can survives with a siput babi speed connection is beyond my understanding..!

Oh!! On different story again, the package i've been expecting has finally arrived and, yipeeeee.. Julie Garwood's latest novel finally here (I mean at home in KL). Hubby send me the package photos last night and yepppppp!!! i cannot wait to read my fav author book. package came all the way from US konon!! But seriously guys, i save a lot of $$ by bidding this book from ebay. I mean i save 1/2 of the amount this book sell in Malaysia. I can get lots of stuffs from the $$ saved kan??

If you never read Julie Garwood books before, why not give a try to read at least one of her books. I have all of her books but i lost one of it when my parents shifted house few years back. I did try to find it in MPH, but cannot find lah..*sigh* Anyway, i suggest you read SAVING GRACE or RANSOM coz I've read these two books for more than 20 times, and still...I'm not bored with it. Super siok weiii!!! This shadow music pulak...hmmm not really sure whether its worth reading like her previous books.

But...but..ayak!!!!!!! Got small tear on my book lah!!! Chis!! none of my books have a tear you know, but i bet the costums did that and not the seller. hehehe Will figure out how to fix this small defect when i reach home tomorrow night!
Now....need to pack my stuff will see you guys in your blog (provided i can load up your blog !!! hahahahaha)~Tata~