Aug 25, 2009

I'm still very much alive..Thank You!

LOL!! What lah my title nie...
Hmmmm...if it wasn't because of the email in my inbox (About Chegu Carol's comment in my post) i probably forgot that i have a blog! LOL
Last week was pretty crazy hectic for me. I was busy finishing all the pending assignments (though i still have mount of unfinished assignments now)..Then, i have 2 tests last sunday. Usually when i have class on sunday, i won't sleep on saturday nite. Sat : woke up at 7.30am (to work) then i will sleep on Sunday 12.30am. LOL!! That has been a routine for me since last semester. Crazy you might say, but that's still better than the time when i was still studying long time ago. Sometimes i won't sleep for few days oh..
Just to let you guys know about not so important news pun..I'm kinda unwell since yesterday..Got a splitting headache (probably due to lack of sleep) , and today..i suddenly have a flu symptoms which freaked out all my colleagues in the office..HAAHAHA I know..i know..H1N1 is very..very serious..but no's not H1N1 lah...*TOUCHHHHHHWOOOOOOD* (some more they forced me to wear mask in the office)
After i took the Vit. C + crinox, i'm feeling better already, except for my headache. Based from my past experience..when i had this kind of headache, that means my blood pressure is up from the normal reading and that what caused the headache.
Lagi apa ya..Oh! I'm going back to Sabah next week..!!! YAYYYYYY!!!! My bro mau kawin lah! :) So i will fly back to Sabah on the 4th and back to KL on 7th..aduiii!! Super short trip kan? What to do..i have no more annual leave, and i'm still going back to Sabah for xmas..can go back for a while only lah..The best part..hehehehe (mau juga kestau), we will fly back using MAS!! ekekeke it's soooooooooooooooooooo much cheaper than Air Asia lah...Me, Hubby and my kids (4pax lah tu) only cost about RM792 for the return air ticket! kan??? If i'm to fly with Air Asia..need to pay the checked in bags lah...the foods lah..and ntah apa blaaaa...blaaa..! and if i'm not mistaken..the trip back to Sabah will cost 1k++ minimum..rugiiiii!!
Lastly..I'm soooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy for not visiting anybody's blog these past few days.. :( I hope nobody forgot about si KaDusMama existence already..Like i said earlier..I was so busy (catching ghost is not counted as it doesn't require me to sit in front of my computer 24/7..only need to click it every 15 minutes)..even those in FB will see me very less as i don't even have time FBing all the time
So..if you are reading this post..why don't you give me a comment so i know you still remember me.. :) Heheheeeeee...
~Tata for now~

Aug 19, 2009


All the blogs i've been following are gone from my list.........OMG!!! What happened????? Anybody experienced this??? Arghhhhhhhhhhhh.................?????????????????????? How to read your blog like this???????????

****Update : NASIB BAIK ADA SUDAH BALIK!!! Damnnnn!! tekejuttt badak sia kijap!!!!

Aug 14, 2009

The 'Rojaksssssss' stories

First and fore mosttttttt...I know i'm getting lazier to update my blog now! But i have a good reason bah..I'm not blaming the part i'm being a student + working + mother to my kids + bla..blaaaa..blaaaa, but i'm blaming my ownself for not being good in managing my time. For the whole week this week, i have done nothing productive and worst i haven't finish my assignments..Ayoyoyoooooooo!! How to sit for test next week nie???
Anyway...My son, Isaac is absent from school for this whole week as he had a very bad cough last week (until now lah tu). Last week saturday, his body temperature suddenly escalate to 38.8 degree while sleeping and that really gave us a hell of a scare..He complained of a sore throat and lack of appetite too...Damn!!! With the H1N1 going on now..sepa teda takut kan!!! Then on sunday, his fever didn't recede and that make me so worrrrrryyyyyyyyy..I forced my husband to bring my son to go to see dr (I had class last sunday). Given an antibiotic + cough syrup + phlegm syrup + ntah apa tu, my son showed symptoms of recovering and i felt a lil' bit relieve...sekalinya the next day....My MIL called me and said Isaac had been vomiting (The projectile type of vomiting pulak tu)!!! Me and hubby were sooooooooooooooooooooo worried, we brought son to Sg.Buloh Hospital to do another check up..!!! Nasibbbbbb baik my son is OK..Lungs is clear and he can jump around while waiting for the check-up..Hmmmmmmmm..
About my class..(The best part nie!), you will be surprised (i'm surprised too, but thankful lah), my accounting lecturer didn't utter a single word about me being a non-muslim..YAY!!!! sukanyaaaa hati ini! Could it be because i was sitting at the corner out from her view?? Akakaka..don't care long as she didn't harass me, it's more than enough..hehehee
And....just to let you guys know..this blog probably will be updated in weekly basis..hehehehehehe Not that i have lost my passion in blogging, but i really am busy with my life now..It's hectic that i have difficulty to 'breathe' normally..kesiannn nie...But, don't worry i still blog hopped whenever i can.. :)
Non-related story....Our muslim friends will start fasting next week kan?? But si kaDusMama nie, orang belum puasa...she already eating a nice Kuih Raya...hahahahahhaaa!!!! I have 2 big containers of these delicious Kuih Makmur (Made by Sabahan Kakak nie) but all finished within 5 days only..HAHAHAHAHA no wonder i gained so much weight now..Perut pun ke'buncitan already..Memang sedap tahap kambing biri-biri lah the Makmur!!!!! So who want to order kuih makmur buatan orang sabah?? I have ordered another 150 pcs from the kakak but will only take it next month.. :)
So ok lah...banyak betul cerita 1 minggu nie...!! That's about today ya.. :) Wish you guys a nice and happy weekend..take care plsss ~tata~
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Aug 6, 2009

:( very sad...

I never feel soooooooooo sad reading somebody's blog! and for the first time today..i really cried after reading Madpie sad post. She is one of my blogger friends and she is one funny and witty person you will ever find.
She was so quiet in her blog for quite sometimes, and today i remember about the update she wanted to tell me when i chatted with her last Tuesday..
So minutes ago..after i read her Sad Post, i cannot imagine the agony she has to endure losing her brother due to fire..
Guysss..i hope you can give her a support to get through her sadness..Madpie needed to know, we care about her and pray she will be strong!
R.I.P to Adora @ Madpie's brother...

Aug 3, 2009

The cruel world

Good monday to you guys..! Wow! it has been a week since i last update my blog, and i feel like more than a year already..I was soooo stressed up last week, i refused to update blog fearing i'm going to rant like a mad woman again..hehehe So the best way is to stay away from my blog and wait until i feel much better.
I noticed that lately, i've been snapping to my kids more than necessary and a small things can anger me. I got easily irritated over petty matter and worse, i don't know how and what to do to control my temper now. Poor kids and hubby..i'm really a bitter person to be with now. If that's not bad enough, i don't even know what is my problem and what trigger my anger. *sigh* All i know, i've been screaming and shouting at my kids the whole week last week. *soooooooo guilty*
Anyway..last saturday, i brought my kids to the nearby playground to spend my evening with them. I already promised them that i will be home early on saturday. So me, my sister and my kids went there around 5.45pm and we found something realllllllllllllllllllly adorable at the playground.
Owwwwwwww...isn't the puppy sooooooooooooo adorable???????? My kids were like "Awwwwww....mommy!! can we bring the puppy back home??". Isaac said he will take care of the puppy and 'sayang' it. The puppy couldn't be more than 3 days old when we found it. was sleeping cozily on the ground and i was really afraid the ants will bite this poor creature. My sister wanted to take it back to penang but worried nobody will look after it. My kids want the puppy too, but i don't think it will be a good idea as hubby doesn't like animals at all...
But what make me more sad, the other kids at the playground were so cruel to the puppy. They took a small stones and threw it at the poor puppy. Then, not enough with that, they took a sharp stick and start poking at the poor puppy! :( My sister was so angry and give them her piece of mind but the kids were pretending as my sister wasn't even there. They still poked the poor puppy with a stick and few of the kids keep throwing stone at it. Hmmmmmmmmm..what with the kids nowadays ah??? The puppy might be a stray dogs' puppy but still it is a living creature mah..don't these kids have compassion in them?? Must they hurt the puppy before they stopped???
I might not be those animal lovers, but inside me, i know i can never hurt a living creatures like the puppy. What do i get if the puppy got hurt? Nothing kan?? *sigh* It's pity the puppy has to live in a very cruel world.
Well, while my sister was protecting the puppy from the cruel kids, i companied my kids playing around there. Here are 2 pix of my daughter i took that day..
Daughter loves the swing very much..kesiokkan dia main sana.. :)
Heheheheee...ganas juga inesha main gantung-gantung kan..
And this is Isaac..heheheee he is such a big boy already now..(pix taken yesterday and not at the playground)
Other important matter...i'm sure you guys already know about the H1N1 virus kan?? One might think it's just a normal flu virus and nothing to worry about..well guysss, it isn't..!!! I'm sure most of you know that few people have died because of this flu..right? If only you know, one of the victim was my husband's friend...
No kidding here..! The 3rd victim was somebody i know, and knowing he died because of the virus caused all of us in the office in shocked. If you don't know about the 3rd victim, go read about it from the news archive..I feel it's a very cruel way for him to leave his family like that..dying because of H1N1...
But what i want to tell here is...Guysss pleasee be extra careful with yourself! Be more vigilant to your surrounding and pleaseeeeeeee look after your health too..! If you don't feel well, go to the dr right away and don't wait until it is too late. You don't want something bad happened first only to regret it later, right?
So pleaseeee...take care of yourself and your family...
and that's about my post today..!