Jul 24, 2008

Is it a penguin or a chick??

~ Last week friday (18th July 2008), mom gave my kids the tiny little penguin egg.
~ Two days later the weird looking 'penguinx' finally emerged.
~ On the 4th day, penguinx fully hatched and starting to change it colour.

On the 7th day or 1 week to be exact, our pet, Penguinx finally turned into a very cute and adorable..ermmm..chick?? ahahaaa!! Not sure penguinx look like a penguin at all. It looks more like a chick to me. It doesn't matter thou, kids love the penguinx very much. The other day, Son try to feed Penguinx with rice and even put lots of stickers for penguinx to study! hahaha!!

So, how big penguinx will be in the future?? I'm not really sure, but one thing for sure, I will need to buy a bigger aquarium to accomodate penguinx soon. It really grow very fast..nasib baik no need to feed penguinx with anything, if not.........(dumped it in the dustbin lah! hahaha)

*I hope it will stop growing soon.


Lab papa said...

apa benda bah ni? dia serap air supaya jadi basar? berapa basar dia ble pigi? kalo kasi air garam atau gula dia kecut balik kah?

hahaha banyak nya persoalan.

KaDusMama said...

lab papa ~ sia pun nda sure what is that!! hahaha my mom yang beli kan..sia simpan saja..mau cakap span, bukan juga..
Nanti sia p try kasi masuk gula..ahahaha apa proses tu?? osmosis??

Nick Phillips said...

You mean this things really grow, ah? Wow, amazing :D

KaDusMama said...

nick phillips ~ Yeah!! The things really grow! hehe Do you want one??

Kobie Vanessa said...

kiut oo Kadus!Brapa price dia tu?mcm mau beli hehe

chegu carol said...

uiii...mcm tu baby jelly kah ni? yg pandai grow? amazing! it comes in the form of animals...hahaha...mau jaga juga tu kan, kalu tida pandai 'mati'.

KaDusMama said...

kobie vanessa ~ My mom said RM6 jak tu..hehhe apa lagi..beli lah lain kali..

chegu carol ~ Not exactly like tu jelly..now sudah kami kasi kuar dari tu container..hehehe! besar sudah and dia timbul sdh dari air..maybe begitu jak lah besar dia..
I don't think we need to jaga the penguin anymore..hehee sebab dia tia pandai mati juga..

Beautydaffodil said...

Eehh kiut. Where can find that ah? Maybe kalu ko letak ja dlm air, masi bulih membesar lg kan?

KaDusMama said...

adora madpie ~ you can find those cute 'pet' at chow kit road.. :) RM6 per egg only