Jul 10, 2008

Advertise with SocialSpark

I know you guys have noticed I've been writing a sponsored post lately. You know, those posts with "sponsored by ...... ". Yeah, all those posts are from SocialSpark.com. What do you think of all those posts? Anything related or informative or useful to you? Some is yes, and some is no. I understand that. Not everything is really related to you, huh? Since I start blogging about 7 months ago, I never thought I would love blogging very much. I thought I just wanted to blog for fun and vent all my frustration here. Never crossed in my mind that I'm going to do so many products reviewing here. Hehe Don't get me wrong, I love doing all those posts. It is fun you know. Thanx to SocialSpark, I got lots of opportunities to advertise many kind of things in my blog. So, any of you interested to advertise your product in SocialSpark?? Maybe blogger like Deana_e can promote her Cake Making business there. I'm sure more people will visit her blog and start ordering all those cute and delicious cup cakes. The more exposure given to her blog, the more people will know about it, right? I have nothing to advertise so far as I have no business nor a products needed to be advertised, but as a blogger, a mommy blogger to be specific, I hope I can blog more about educational toys or books for my kids. Other than that, I hope product like maternity clothes, or anything related to pregnancy will make their way to be advertised in SocialSpark. It will be exciting to blog about this kind of thing, you know. Hehe So thats it! I need to rest my eyes now, I've been infront of my computer since this morning. If any of you interested to promote your blog and don't know how to do it, just email me, and I will tell you more about SocialSpark. Till then..chiao.. Sponsored by SocialSpark


Shemah said...

Actually, there's a lot of great products that I found out from SS. Cuma sayangnya some of em cannot buy due to no international shipping. :(

Kadus_Mama said...

shemah ~ iya lah!! al maklum lah..kita nie d malaysia.. :P