Jul 27, 2009


No..this is kadusmama's blog, and not Nick Phillips bikin panas blog..! This is going to be a short but very angry post from me.....
So the tale of the racist + 'tooooooot' lecture continues and this time, she humiliated me even worse than on the first class i attended. While giving her lecture, she kept telling me (in front of the whole class) that i should change my religion. Many things she said, but i don't want to say anything and i just kept quiet when she made a rude remark about other religion. I'm going to write the exact things she said, and you guys tell me lah what you think about her..
She : *Call my name* Awak agama apa? (she already knew the answer and still, she asked me about it)
Me : Christian
She : Nama awak dah bunyi macam nama orang *****, sesuai sangat kamu masuk agama *****.
Me : *forced smile*
Instead of teaching, she wasted 40mins of our class (we only have 2 hours for 1 subject) by telling unnecessary things. She talked about why people should pray and get a blessing from god..and blaaaa..blaaaa..blaaa...Then she asked me this:
She : *call my name* Awak tau ke ape itu berdoa?
Me : Tau
She : Awak ader berdoa ker?
Me : Ada
She : Awak berdoa??? Awak ada Tuhan ker?
Damnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! What kind of lecturer asking her student like that?????? Seriously..!!!! She has issue she need to work on lah..she is looking down at other religion, and the worst is, i become her target to vent her frustration on whatever issues she has problem with.
All i want to do is, study in peace and get a good mark but that particular lecturer really driving me nuts lah..! I don't understand why she can't leave me in peace..why????????
After the class was over, i was about to go out when she called me out and say this :
She : Semoga awak cepat-cepat masuk *****
Me : *smile and walk away*
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh...I've been complaining to my sis and hubby since yesterday, and all my sister can say is "Saiko bah lecturer ko tu"..
So you tell me lah...BIKIN PANASSSSSSS or not my lecturer????
What's wrong with the religion i'm embracing now??????
My religion teaches me to kill people ka???? NO!!!
My religion teaches me to throw my baby inside the dustbin??? NO!!
My religion teaches me to rob people???? NO!!
My religion teaches be rude to people???? NO!!
So what is wrong with it???????????? Nothing right????????? But why she still insists other religion is inferior?????? *shaking head* I really don't understand....bingung oh!!

Jul 22, 2009

I'm a Ghost Trappers

Hello! Hello Guysss! :P It's wednesday and i'm in a very fine mood now. hehehehe Life has been hectic these past few days and my mounting assignments still not done yet! *sigh* I have class this sunday and needed to submit all the assignments, but how to submit of it still not done yet..hmmmmmmmm...
Anyway...i'm not sure if you guys still remember about the game of catching ghosts in my previous post..! The passive game i'm currently playing is kinda addictive, and all i can think all day is catching all the ghosts! I even dream about the ghosts bah!! *laughing*
So..my post today will be about the game i'm playing and hope those who are already in FB (facebook) can join me catch more ghosts..heheheheh promotion besar-besaran nie..
Currentlty, i'm using a Skeleton Coach + red candle (not the violet one you see in the pix) as my trap. To start with the game, you must have a Trap + Magic circle (itu suma jenis candles) + whiskey. You only have to click once in 15minutes to catch your ghost, and don't worry..thats all you have to do in order to earn more XP and $$$. Once you have enough XP, you will be able to travel to other location and catch more and scarier ghosts. Hehehehhee However, as you advanced to a new location, you need to buy a stronger trap in order to catch a stronger ghosts.
This is my pet ghost named Kur-kur..hehehe I wanted to put kura-kura, but too long, i just shorten its name lah..To get a pet ghost, you need a ghost plasma which is incubated for 7 days or 5 days if you use 100 bottles of nessy (special whiskey). All the pet ghosts carry a special power which will help you in your hunting.
Nessy cannot be bought through normal bar. You need to go to the trading board to get the best deal from other GT (ghost trappers). 1 bottle cost around 3k, and i think the price is dropping now. Just hours ago, i managed to get 80 bottles for 150k only!! YAY!
Loot from kind ghosts! ekekekekeke
Some kind ghost will drop a 'loot' in a form of special whiskey, documents or tickets. Untung if can get the special documents as you can sell it at the trading board. That day i sold IJS.2 at the price of 440k oh!! hehehehehhee Need the $$$ to buy stuffs to use in the game.
Ok lah..here are few ghosts screenshots i took for you to see.
Ganasssss this ghost, you will need a red candle + skeleton coach to trap mean devil ghost..if biasa trap, it will steal ur $$$ / XP / whiskey!
hehehe..drunken distiller mabuk minum tooooo much whiskey
Ada juga Matrix Ghost bah..ekekekekkekeee
Cuteeeeeeee kan???????
Ok..that's about me being a ghost trappers / ghost buster (HEHEHEH). Sepa berminat, bah p click saja the below link.

Jul 20, 2009

One week story

HAPPY MONDAY to you guys.. :) After a week without an update, i finally managed to steal some of my working time to update my blog. Though i have not much story to tell, sharing some good news with you guys will definitely make me feel good.
First good news :
I received my Nuffnang Cheque already!!! Hehehe...The amount is no big, but at least i got something by putting the Nuffnang Ads Banner in my blog. Hehehee Passive income tu. I don't have to do anything except put the banner in my blog and wait for $$$ to come.
Second good news :
I'm feeling good today! HAHAHAHAHA I rarely like Monday due to laziness. So it's a good news right??
I have mount of assignments to finish this week, so i will be MIAing again..! So..i hope everybody have a good Monday today..Take care guys..

Jul 13, 2009

The tale of the racist lecturers

Hehehe..what a good title i put today kan?? But this is what i'm going to rant in my blog today!!! Super gerammmmmmm nie!!!!!!!!!!
If you don't know this already, i'm currently taking a course in one of our local Uni where only Bumiputra can apply! I'm not going to mention the Uni name but, paham-paham la sendiri kan.. :)
So i had my seminar yesterday from 8.30am until 6.15am. First class, quite ok..the lecturer is the serious type but the way she taught us, not bad..very efficient..
Then 2nd class...OMG!!!! I was totally speechless when the lecturer had the guts to tell me in front of the whole class that i should change my religion and even tell the other students to pray that i will soon embrace their religion. Dangs!!! I'm not condemning the religion, but the lecturer should respect for whatever religion i decided to embrace!!!!
But what make me about to explode like a volcano is that within the 2 hours class, she keeps hinting about why i should change my religion and it will be great..and bla..bla..bla!! Now...now I have nothing against other religion. Nothing at all! For as long as i care, if we can live in peace and harmony, any religion will do, and that is what important. Even me and my husband decided not to change our religion because there is no point following the other party if we don't like it!
But in my case yesterday..Argggggggghhhhhhhhh..it was supposed to be a class and class only and no other 'iklan' while we were in the class...
Then..the 3rd class, lecturer is perfect!!! After a short intro, she went straight to the point what we should learn for that subject!
4th lecture..Though not as bad as 2nd Lecturer, but still annoying. I hate when people make their own assumption based on something (like my NAME). So what if my name is different?? When you see my name, you will be wondering too, but the only way to confirm your doubt is to ask and confirm with me first..ini tidak! Pandai-pandai buat assumption sendiri. Arghhhh!!! And i hate those who like to talk bad about others religions!!!!!! Damn!!!!!
All these while, my principle is to respect those who give me the knowledge i should know, but now..i'm not sure if i can give my 100% respect to the 2 people. Isn't the standard for everybody in Malaysia is the same?? Ish! ish!!!
I wish i can rant more about this matter, but as it one of a very senstive issue, i think i should shut my mouth up!! So...macam tu lah...! Now i realised why the people in my kampung (no matter what religion) can live under one roof. They respect each other religion no matter what it is. Here in Penisular Malaysia, it's totally different! Some is very racist and keep 'kutuking' other people race and religion. Hmmmmm..I'm not sure if it's me only, but seriously can we just live in peace please??? Why do we have to blame others religion and race for the bad things happened in our community???? *sigh*
Bah enough already lah..! I hope God will forgive me for this post..! and of course I hope i won't endure another episode of humiliation in my class. Seriously!!!!

Jul 10, 2009

The Crazy day...

Hmmmm...again kaDusMama become like a Chipsmore. One second she was in the blogosphere the next secs, she MIA (Missing In Action). *sigh*
This week is a very busy week for me. Works! works! and works! Not to forget, Games! Games! Games! HAAAHAHAHAHA Well, i'm no longer in poker but i'm playing a passive game which require me to click and catch the cute ghosts every 15 minutes!! hehehehee since it's very easy to play, i don't see it disturbing my work routine. So there i go again..another cycle of game before i got completely bored and play another game..
Other story..Starting from tomorrow, I will have my hectic life back. I will go to campus to take my books, and sunday i will have a class from 8.15am until 6.15pm. *pengsan* My final exam will be sometimes in Nov! Hmmmmm...
Okie dokie..Just to let you guys know..I won't be able to blog like crazy anymore. Project is picking up and works are coming like a flood and more 'school' assignment is coming for sure. If you still interested to know what is happening to me, just add me in your FB. You will see me once in a while updating my crazy status..
Till then..please forgive me for not visiting or dropping by in your blog.. :*(

Jul 6, 2009

Transforming my monday..

Hmmmmm....it has been quite sometimes since i last blogged (few days is very long for me) and i admit i'm totally a terrible blogger friend. I didn't do any blog hopping these past few days..i didn't drop any EC to my dear blogger friends..and worst, i didn't even open my blog! Ayooooo..how to be a blogger like this???
Anyway....How's your weekend guys??? Anything interesting? Mine was ok..nothing much to tell except i watched Transformers already...Nyehhhhh!!! :P We went to 1-utama yesterday, and dangs sekali..the que was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo longggggggggggggggggggggggggg, i spent at least 40mins to get my tickets. I managed to buy the 7.30pm show and the most excited person who can't wait to watch the movie is Isaac. He keep telling me and hubby he wanted to watch the Transformers and don't wait any longer..
Sekalinya..40mins before the movie ended, Isaac fall asleep pulak!! Haahahaha...No amount of shaking could waking him up..! Kesian, when he finally woke-up, the movie was already over and he didn't even know what happened to Optimus Prime and JetFire.. So what i think about this movie??? Awesomeeeeeee!!!! My daughter loves it too!
Oh..today, i'm feeling super sleepy!! Can't stop yawning since i opened my eyes early this morning. But good thing is, i don't hate my monday.. :P hehehee..so far so good..and i hope i will last in a cheerful mood until monday is over.
and lastly..don't bother about my title ya..hahaha! It has nothing to do with anything as i merely put the title for the sake of having a title..HAHAHAHA!! So okie dokie..it's time for me to trap the cute ghost in FB.. hehehehehehe Until then..take care guys...
*will drop by in everybody's blog today....

Jul 2, 2009

Irresponsible parents

What you think of this?
This incident happened 1 week ago when i went to the Petronas nearby my house to fill my petrol for my car. I saw a parents who were frantically trying to pry open their car door as their son inside (age not more than 3 years old) locked it from the inside. The father keep calling, knocking the window hoping the son will unlock the door. The mother was calling for the son too.
What make me thinking...how on earth the parents can leave the son alone in the car with the engine running??? Why the mother is not inside looking after his son? What if the son locked the car and released the hand break???? Arghhh..i dare not think what will happen to the son..
Seriously!!! The son was left alone inside the car, and he was sitting at the driver seat. Anything can happen, kan???
Both father and mother were outside calling the son..but no avail. Even after i drove off from there, the son still refused to unlock the car. He as busy honking around and playing with the stearing wheel.
I'm not sure what happened after that..but this what i think..NO PARENTS SHOULD LEAVE THEIR KIDS IN THE CAR UNSUPERVISED. Right????????????????
*Ok..post tegantung nie! I can't fully express what i think about the incident without getting meradang