Apr 29, 2009

Pleaseeeee...help me......

Arggghhhhhhh (Actually I already ‘argggghhhhed’ myself on Facebook hours ago)!!!! I had my third paper this morning and seriously, I don’t know what comes over me. I was totally blank during exam and the supposed to be ‘a piece of cake’ paper became so difficult. OMG!!!!!! I totally want to shoot myself for being sooooooooo ‘bengong’ today. You see, I slept quite late last nite (but not as late as last Sunday), and woke-up with a very high spirit ready to face my battle today. At 7.25am, I went out from home and…..DANGSSS!!!! The traffic to Shah Alam was pretty congested. The usual 35 minutes drive from home turned 1 hour, and by the time I reached the exam hall, I became really sleepy. *yawnnnnnnnn*. Though I already passed the paper with my carry marks, I was hoping I can score and get ‘A’ for it. Tsk! Tsk! Now, I’m not sure if I can reach my target or not.
Have you ever had a similar situation like me??? You were so confident you can score the paper, but when you were to answer the paper, your mind turned blank and you cannot even form a sentence for your essay??? *Sob* Eeeeeee…I can type 500 words for my blog post, but in that essay, I cannot even write a short essay. I keep ‘blankoing’ my first sentence, and after 30 minutes, I only managed to write 2 paragraphs of the internet story…!!!!!!!! So DANGSSSS!!!!
But what done is done, and I cannot change what happened to me this morning. I hope I won’t have the similar blankness in my exam this Saturday!
Anyway....Do you know when I got stressed I tend to shop online???? Serious nie!! Last week alone, I spent around RM200 +++ for make-up and when my packages arrived, I have this guilty pang inside of me. I’m already running out of space to keep my make-up and still, I keep buying more make-up pulak. How much is enough??? *bang head on the wall*
When I reached office after lunch (I only took ½ day leave lah), the first website I opened was a shopping directory, trying to search something that can make me feel better. LOL!!! A serious case of online shopping addict nie. If you are wondering what I searched just now, it was none other than…MAKE-UP!!! Hahahahaaa (ehhhh…why I’m laughing here????). Did I found something my heart might fancy??? Of course!!! There are soooooooooooooo many choices for me to pick, and I almost got blinded by it (hahaha again!). Thank god I canceled my order of that tempting mineral make-up set at the very last minute! (Crazy huh???)

The Mineral make-up set I almost buy

I’m not saying online shopping is bad. It’s actually very therapeutic; it makes you really happy when you got something you really want. Let me tell you something…. If you never shop online before, why not start from this Online shopping directory to get something you really like. This ShopWiki is definitely going to be your favourite site to search the stuffs you wish to buy. Why i say so, because when i typed the keywords Mineral Make-up, I was directed to the page where i can choose the seller who give the best deal to me. Not only that, I can even specify my search by typing the brand of minearal make-up i want. It means, you can find the stuffs you want from the brand you want. Siok kan???? Don’t worry lah, I can assure you that you can find almost everything you want there. So, why not give it a shot and let me know what you think of online shopping ya.
Now…..I need to think an alternative to let my stress and frustration out without having to buy something from the internet. If I don’t control myself now, my paypal balance will definitely turn 0 by end of this month. So, what should I do??????? Helpppppppppp!!!!

Apr 27, 2009

Hey all..I'm Back....

Yep!!!! I'm back to blog after many days going through my life without visiting you guys..!*sad* Last week, i did post one particular post on friday..but it was for the review i need to complete..! Hehee Of course i can choose not to do it, but hey 250 words and the pay is more than $10??? Too hard to resist don't you think..
Back to real life, i still have two more paper to go before i can finally have my sleep at night..! I remember when i was in Uni 7 years ago, i had this habit to stay up late to do revision for my study and now, i'm back to it again..! For the whole week last week, i slept only few hours a day. The worst was on saturday!! There is this one subject.. needs me to remember every facts in the book, and the book is as thick as the Cambridge Dictionary. I was totally panic as i cannot even remember what i read in the book...hahahaa it was terrible..!!!! 7 years ago i had the 24hours a day just for myself, but now, i barely have 3 hours to do my revision or better say, to study. So what i did was, do all the past year questions and pray i won't have a total blackout during exam. You see...I slept almost at 5am, and woke up at 6.30am..My paper was at 9am..hahahaa!!! Crazy huh?? It just like what i did when i was 'young' last time..now old already mah!!!!
My next paper is not really terrifying as i already pass the subject with my carry mark..but i really hope to get 'A' so that I can get a better GPA for this semester..! But the paper i'm going to sit this Saturday is surely a killer paper (as many students call it). Hmmmmm....! I guess, i still need to stay up very very late this week to make sure i can get at least B+ for this subject.
Other story... I LOVE my day today..!!! Heheheeeee I know monday is the least favourite day, but i found a way to make myself to love my monday..! No..no..today is not about pasting a mask on my face and make me feel good after..it's about me dressing up (not overly lah!!!) and putting a make-up to work. I noticed when i try to make myself pretty (though I'm not really are), i somehow have a better spirit to go to work on a god awful day..!! Hahahaaa..and...(ada and lagi nie)..! I'm expecting my packages (my mineral make-up) to reach today..Yipeeee!!! Terus semangat mau keja!!!
So how about you guys??? What you did to make your monday less depressing???? Spray 1 litre of perfume??? (hahahaa), Have a nice breakfast??? Do tell la..maybe next time i can try your method of making yourself happy...
Ok lah..I think i need to stop now..need to start to do my work already..! But do 'stay tuned' to my blog as i'm going to post about the tale of Cheating Wife. Am i the wife?? Later lah ya..! I'm feeling guilty to write about this..but..no matter what, i still need to let the whole world know about it..! I hope hubby won't have a heart attack reading my next post...
So to you guys...Enjoy your monday ya...take care.. ~tata~

Apr 24, 2009

Beautify your house with the 'ServiceSpider'

Surprise!!!! Hehehee It’s surprising that I’m suddenly in a mood to blog on this beautiful Friday. It has been 4 days since I last blogged about my absence in the blogosphere. I’m not saying I’m very free at this moment, but heck (ada ops mau buat and itu offer banyak bagus!! Bagus untuk sia shopping lain kali!! Hahahaaa), I’m still going to blog anyway. About my exam, one paper was done and three more to go. I will have one paper this Sunday, another one on next Wednesday and my last paper will be on 2nd May 2009! After that, wohoooooooooo I can blog as much as I want as I will be on my semester break for 2 months. Yeah!!!!!!
That’s about my study. About my work, hmmmmmmm…job has been pretty slow these past few months. No more 20 projects running at the same time. If I look at the board in front of me, we only have five projects at the moment, and some of it will be completed soon. *sigh*. The economic crisis is affecting our line of work as well.
Anyway, for those of you who doesn’t know what I do for living, I work in an Interior Fit-Out Company. No! No! I’m not an interior designer or anything like that. I am merely working here as a ‘kuli batak’ only. Hahahaa But as much as I’m not involved with the clients who want to get their house remodel, I do know how frustrated was our top management when dealing with a very fussy and ‘I-Don’t-Know-What-I-Want’ type of customers. I remember there was one condo we renovated; our contractor complained that the condo’s owner cannot make up her mind what she wanted to do with the house. She kept changing the design and the supposed 1 month project was dragged until few months. *sigh*
Sometimes, it is really frustrating to deal with a customer who doesn’t know what she / he wants. So, if you want to do beauties make over to your house but not sure where to start, why not check the ServiceSpider.com to find the contractors you find suitable. In the website, you can find the list of contractors who do jobs like carpentry, tiling, ceiling works and many others. With no hassle, you can get the contractors you want and you can start with your remodeling project with a minimal cost (within your budget) as soon as possible.


And of course, I should probably talk to my boss to get our company listed in ServiceSpiderpro.com to spread our company ‘wings’ further. There are lots of benefits listing our company here at this website:
1. It gives a better presentation of our company to potential customers.
2. It target customers who are looking for our service.
3. It measures the results of our campaign.
4. It adjusts our plan according to our needs.
5. It reduces our marketing expenses.
Hmmmmm…what do you think?? Good idea??? Yeah..I think so too. Maybe I can propose the idea to my boss one day??? Heheheee So that’s about my blogging story today. Hope you guys will have a wonderful Friday… ~tata~

Apr 20, 2009

kaDusMama is on busy mode *tootttttttt*

The owner of this blog, kaDusMama will take a break from blogging as she is having a severe stomachache for almost 2 days, and she needs to do lots of preparation for her coming exam.
She would like to thank to those who come to her blog every single day. It is unknown when she will come back but hopefully not that long and not to the point where the spider webs grow in her blog..
To those who will be sitting for their final exam for this semester, she wishes you guys ALL THE BEST and to those who will be around blogging every single day..take care, and May God Bless you.
That’s about the message kaDusMama wants me to convey you. Oh! She told you not to forget to vote for her as a Malaysian SuperMummy Blogger. :D Till then ~byeeee~

Apr 17, 2009

Don't get killed when driving the Rhino ATV.

I’m currently sitting and enjoying my Ice Blended Mocha at this place called Starbuck! Hahahaa I know..I know, I should be at home already, as both my kids are waiting for me. I do want to, but I need to finish few stuffs first before I can go back home. If you have kids, you do understand how your kids can cause you delay the things you are supposed to finish ASAP, right? I also need to finish couple of notes or better to say, study for my final exam which will start next week. What?? Why not just stay in office to do some revision? I probably will stay in office if it wasn’t because of the D.B problem we are having now..! So, NO…I don’t want to stay in office only to the get my head exploded due to power supply tripped all over and over and over again..

Anyway, I’m writing this post today to warn you about the potential danger of riding the Yamaha Rhino ATV. This $11k cost of vehicle is found to be extremely unsafe for the riders as there are many cases of injuries and deaths reported are due to its unsafe conditions. You can read about the sad cases of those who had an accidents while riding the Yamaha Rhino ATV at Yamaha Rhino Rollover. Now, if you see the Rhino ATV as the pictures above, you can see the there are few unsuitable criterias with the built-in of the vehicle. They are :

*The Yamaha Rhino is narrow which is not good as wider vehicles can be more stable

**The Yamaha Rhino is top-heavy and therefore has a high center of gravity

**The Yamaha Rhino has small tires, and small tires give the vehicle less of a platform for stability

Because of the poor built-in, the Rhino ATV got easily rolled over when operated at a low speed especially when it going around a corner or hitting a bump or stone on uneven terrain. (It can roll over when operated on a flat terrain too) Although there are many injuries cases reported due to the impractical design of this vehicle, Yamaha refused to admit that the vehicle defective design contribute the accidents factor to the riders. Instead, the Rhino drivers and passengers were blamed which they are said to be driving in a dangerous and aggressive manners and causing the accidents themselves. In my opinion, Yamaha shouldn't sell the Rhino ATV to people if it doesn’t measures the safety standard to protect the drivers and passengers while operating the vehicle. How could they sell this vehicle if it could cause somebody injury or even death while driving it?

So, if you have this Yamaha Rhino ATV at home, I suggest that you return it back and demand for your money to be refunded. You better be safe, than letting something bad to happen first only to regret and start filing a lawsuit over Yamaha. But if (*touchwood*) you already have an injury while riding this ATV, it's time for you to a take legal action toward Yamaha. Think about it please….


Am I your Malaysian SuperMummy Blogger?????

Out of no where..out of the blue..or better say, teda angin teda ribut..I'm suddenly in the running to win the Malaysian SuperMummy Blogger award...! I seriously have no idea why I'm nominated here..!! heheeeeee
Ok! To cut my story short (Too late to blog long...long now), if you think i deserve to win that very prestigious (aiseh!!!!) award, why not vote for me and let me be your SuperMummy Blogger...! Can?? Of course you can click as many vote as you can..no harm with that...! But i think i better force you guys to vote for me lah kan!!!! :D So guys...VOTE FOR ME YA!!!! All you have to do is, click the 'Malaysian SuperMummy Vote for me' at my sidebar, and i probably on my way winning that award????? Heheeee...I'm depending on you guys..
Oh..by the way...the voting period will be from 17th April until 30th April. Votes after the mentioned date will not be counted..!
Hmmmmmm...i think I'm missing something here kan??? Well..i should probably give you few reasons why i should be voted to win the award. Hehe Takkan no nothing to tell right?? Ok lah! Why I should be your SuperMummy???
1) Because I'm a Mommy and I'm a blogger..
2) I'm a working mommy who happened to blog whenever I'm free to do so..
3) I'm a working mommy, who blog, and crazy enough to further my study while holding the title of 'WIFE' to my hubby, and Mommy to my dear Kids at the same time.
4) I'm a working mommy who has two posts in my office which to handle all the related matters on admin stuffs and operation dept. Dangs sekali!!
5) I'm a crazy mommy who sleep very little now..hahaha!! Blogging + studying (now pun want to study lah nie)..
6) I'm also a blogger who love to shop online and was soooooooo crazy about it!! (AIK???? ini pun reason kah????)
Eh...enough lah reasons for you to vote me..! Heheee If you think I deserve the award..just vote me lah....


Thank you guys!! ~Nite~

Apr 16, 2009

Do you have hemorrhoids?????

Wow!!!! It’s Thursday already and I finally have the time to update my blog! I was really busy this past few days, I don’t even have the time to update and reply all the comments in my last post! *sigh* Anyway, I was on leave last Tuesday to look after my kids as my MIL went to hospital to do some check-up. So the night before I told my kids that Mommy will be with them on Tuesday as she will be on leave that particular day. So being the most curious boy in the world, son suddenly popped me out a question.

Isaac : Mommy, WHY you take “leaves” tomorrow?????

Mommy : Yes..! Amma is going to Hospital. So, Mommy have to look after you and Inesha.

Mommy : How are you going to take your leaves????

Mommy : Apply from mommy’s boss lah..

Isaac : Oh!! So you take the leaves from the ‘pokok’ outside???

Mommy : *slap forehead* Ayooooo!!!! Not that leaves la..It’s LEAVE!!

Isaac : *still blur* You take leaves from your office’s pokok??

Mommy : Eh!! Not the one..mommy leave is no need to go to work..not the pokok’s leaves..

Isaac : *show me his ‘I-don’t-believe-you’ look*

It’s funny when my kids sometimes misunderstood the meaning of certain words that have almost the same sound. This happened quite many times already. Anyway…(again), my Tuesday was pretty hectic. I don’t think I need to explain in detail about the house chores that I managed to finish. So after I fetched son to school, I brought them to the nearest Chinese Kopitiam to have our lunch. Hehehee. After lunch, need to ‘kau tim’ the dread part of dragging son to fix his molar (tooth). As expected, I had to endure another round of screaming, pushing, and wrestling just to get son opens his mouth! For goodness sake, Isaac only needs to get the tooth filled with enamel and he was acting like we wanted to beat him. Took about one hour to get everything done, and I can tell you, it was very….very… tiring!! Inesha told me she wanted to check her teeth too and seriously she is far courageous than the big brother. The Dentist did poke her teeth here and there, but she didn’t make any sounds nor did try to bite the dentist!! She is that brave and I’m so proud of her. There was one time when daughter was to get her jab; she was only 18 months at that time. So I brought Isaac and Inesha together to the medical center. Isaac was supposed to calm inesha when the doctor jab inesha, but it’s the opposite thing happened. Inesha only let one loud shrill and was okey after that, but Isaac was crying like he was the one who got jabbed by the doctor! Hahahaaa Funny right???

Well, last Monday, I did say I will blog about something that concerned about the crazy psycho muggers, right? So yeah..I will blog about it today. It is not exactly about the muggers actually, but I’m going to talk about a condition which lots of people dread to talk about it. Do you know a condition called Piles or Hemorrhoid? It is a condition that causes one to suffer and it’s going to affect the one’s life for sure. There are four types of hemorrhoid that are :

Internal Hemorrhoid - If the engorged vein is inside, it is referred to as an internal hemorrhoid. although they may bleed; they are seldom painful unless infected.
External Hemorrhoid - If the engorged vein is outside the anus, but really close to it, it is described as an external hemorrhoid Specifically, external hemroids have three main symptoms: They are seen as little bleeding areas that occur under the skin near the anus, which can be felt as hard lumps. They also do not show through the opening, but develop more on the rim, just outside and, because external hemroids develop in the often darkened area of skin near the opening, they are often brownish in color.
Prolapsed Hemorrhoid - If the engorged vein is internal, but hangs outside where you can see it or feel it, it is referred to as a hemorrhoid prolapse or a prolapsed hemorrhoid and, they are generally reddish in color.
Thrombosed hemorrhoid - Finally, the last type of hemorrhoids you'll likely need to know about are hemorrhoids called thrombosed hemorrhoids. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that have a blood clot in them, and they are exquisitely painful.
That are the four categories of hemorrhoids one can get. A lot of people are ashamed with their condition once they found out they have piles, but little did they know, these conditions are curable and there is nothing to be ashamed about. It’s just a piles and there are many peoples out there have it too. It could be your friend, your family members, your teachers, your boss, the guy who sell ice-cream at the ‘Pasar’, a pregnant woman and even kids can get hemorrhoids too.
What are the factors that contribute hemorrhoids??? Well, I’m sure you already know that our diet play the role almost everything in our life. Everything must be balanced or else we will contract some diseases and if it’s not bad enough, we will contract incurable disease which definitely will affect our life. Those who love to eat processed foods and dislike foods rich with fiber must really change their diet already. If their diets continuously like that, the chance to get piles is really…really high! Well, of course those who stands for a very long period might get hemorrhoid and straining too hard while doing their ‘big business’ could get hemorrhoid too.
But for those who already have this condition, please don’t be disheartened with yourself. There is a cure or treatments of hemorrhoids if you see the doctor early. Don’t let your condition worsen where you get a “Full Anal Prolapsed” only to see a doctor and want it cured on the spot. You can find the information on How to get rid of hemorrhoids, and all the info about hemorrhoids in the links I provide you. Why not check the site and be on the way to cure hemorrhoids you have been suffering for long? Don’t let your condition prolonged and destroy your self esteem.
Dangs!! What a long post I have today..heheheeeeee!!!!!! I hope nobody will die of boredom when reading my post. But seriously guys..i want you to check the site about hemorrhoids. It is one good site that has almost all the info you need to know about piles. I’m not saying only those with hemorrhoids can check the site, but all of us too. Read it for your knowledge ya…
So that is about my mumbling today..till then..~tata~

Apr 13, 2009

Bloody Muggers trying to mug me last nite!

It’s Monday again..*sigh* I’m not in my usual state trying to love my Monday. Something had happened last night which left me badly shaken until this morning. It was one experience I will never forget and it will serve as a reminder to all of us to be aware with our surrounding especially at night time. Before I tell you about the incident last night, probably I should tell one ‘bikin gerigitan’ story happened to me yesterday. As I mentioned not long time ago (ada kah???), I had lectures and test yesterday. I was damn tired as I slept quite late on the previous day trying to do some last minute revision. So yesterday, Hubby, Kids and MIL went back to Sitiawan, Perak to send the sick grandpa to the Uncle’s House. Because of my classes, I didn’t follow them back to Perak. What make me sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ‘gerigitan’ was, when I reached home at 5.25pm, I cannot go inside my own house because the grille outside had an extra padlock which I don’t have the key!! Dangs! I was carrying soooo many things including my books; 2 packs of diapers…and blaaaa..blaaaaa…blaaaaaaa. Imagine I have to raid the rain to get back inside my car and think what action i should take next.
Anyway, I called my sister and was ranting like a mad woman, until she suggested that I go to the nearest Cinema to watch any movie to kill the time while waiting for hubby to come back. (Expected to reach home at 11pm). Hmmmmm…suddenly the idea of watching movie alone by myself sounds appealing. So, off I was to Cineleisure to catch the movie Fast and Furious 4. When I reached Cineleisure, different thing happened. I ditched the idea to watch the movie, and replaced it window shopping activity pulak. I felt much better after.
As it was only 8.30pm that time, I called my cousin asking if I can ‘lepaks’ at her house, and thank god she was at home. After supper, I head back home.
At 12.35am, I finally reached the parking area near my apartment. I called hubby to come down to help me to carry my stuffs and of course I wanted him to company me as I was afraid to go up alone. Minutes later, hubby came down and he helped me with my stuffs and left me ‘tekedek-kedek’ chasing after him. Suddenly, I had a very bad instinct while chasing after hubby. When I turned to my back, I saw a motorbike (rider and pillion rider on it) heading toward me! My heart was pumping sooooooooo fast; I knew that something bad going to happen. I walked as fast as I could but when they almost near me, I knew there was no way I can escape from them. The pillion rider tried to grab me (or was it my bag ), but I was lucky as I went to hide in-between 2 parked cars and the mugger cannot reach me. I was really terrified and the only action I can take was SCREAMING ON TOP OF MY LUNGS. Hubby who was already at the ground floor run back and shouted at the two psychos! I don’t know why, but when the muggers saw hubby, they immediately speed off. God!!!!! I was so shaken, I barely can speak coherently. What I really afraid the most was being slashed to death when the mugger try to grab me.. Kan a lot of cases today have the victims stabbed, slashed, chopped and god-only-know-what!!!
Don’t ask me why hubby didn’t walk with me during the incident as I don’t have the answer too. But if you are somebody’s husband / boyfriend, walk beside your partner when you walked with her and please don’t leave her 1 km behind. Anything can happen within seconds, and you don’t want that to happen, right??
Back to the muggers, I don’t care who they are coz’ I’m going to curse them anyway! I hope they will get the worst piles called “The Full anal Prolapsed” soon (I’m going to blog about it too) and suffer as long as they can remember. I also want to thank God for protecting me and still let me live in this world to be with my family.

Apr 10, 2009

My pile of Obsession

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to those who came to my blog visiting but i didn't visit your blog in return..! Sorry ya..kinda occoupied with my time at the moment. My final exam is going to be this month and that means, i cannot spend too much time blog hopping..wait until my last paper on the 2nd May, then I will be the active blogger like i used to..ya??? Can?? Oh...and those who added me in your blog list, but your blog is not in my list, do tell me coz' you are making me guilty for not adding you in my list.. :)
Anyway, I'm just wondering if anybody share an obsession on make-up stuffs especially eye shadow??? GOD!!! I think i'm nuts to buy so many eye shadow which some i never even used! Last week, i visited emelda aka kadazanbonita and the moment i saw her eye shadow ordered in ebay..i got soooooooooooo excited and immediately went searching almost the same stuff in ebay..! If only you know how many eye shadow pellets and stack of jars of my mineral eye shadow at home...!! Gila oh!!!!! I do have other blusher, powder, loose powder and other basic stuffs at home, but i just can't get enough owning lotssssssssssssssss of eye shadow.! I thought i'm way past to my obsession after i gave up all the unused eye shadow and gave all the pellets to my sister in Sabah, but i was wrong..!! I keep buying...and buying more eye shadows as my possesion!!! Ayakkk!!! Do i need a therapy to control my obsession????? Arghhhhhhhh....

I only like shimmery and glittery eye shadows..if you give me the matt colour, i will end up applying it together with the glittery one..! So the new shimmery eye shadows (the photo above) which arrived yesterday is really niceeeeeeeeeee and highly pigmented eye shadow..! No need to apply so much..! The eye shadow itself only cost about US$12.74. But the shipping cost is about US$8.99..so total cost about $21.73 x RM3.7 = RM80.00! Hmmmmmmm...still worth, don't you think???

These are some of my favourite eye shadows that i really use..! Don't bother about the unused one coz' i only keep them in my make-up box!! heheee Macam-macam jenis ada..! Ada ZA brand, maybelline, elianto, Kate and ntah apa-apa lagi tu!! Like rainbow colour like that kan????? and there are more coming after this...!!! Argghhhh!! Matai lah like this...

Well, other than Eye Shadow..I'm also very obsessed with Bags / handbags and ear rings!!! But, i'm not going to post all my bags and earrings photo here...nanti pengsan pulak i see..! Luckily i have no fetishism on shoe (like most women do)..hehee!! I think having 15 of it are more than enough already! Nanti hubby marah if i occupied the whole shoe rack.

So how about you guys???? Anybody share the same crazy obsession like me???? Hope you do, coz' i don't want to be an obsessed freak who keep sooooooo many eye shadows at home.. :)

Apr 8, 2009

7 hours in Genting Highlands

I know my Genting story probably staled by now..! Heheheee But i still want to tell you anyway..! All these photos already uploaded in my Facebook..! So those who already seen the photos, don't lah say "Ayak!!! Genting story again kah??? So boring one!!!!"

Last sunday, hubby decided to bring us jalan-jalan in Genting and redeemed his free room at First World Hotel. If he didn't take the complimentary room from Genting, his Genting Point will be deducted, and he doesn't want that to happen. Luckily Genting is only 1 hour drive from home. The purpose of the trip was, to go to the SnowHouse!! Hahahaaaa Can you imagine that?? We went up there just to enter the Snowhouse and experience the coldness like in overseas..hehee Kesian bah kan..!!

Anyway, here are the photos taken that day. Not that many, but ok lah!! If i put too many, you will die of boredom looking at it pulak..

While waiting to enter the snowhouse, we were lepaking outside, and my daughter was sooooooooooooooo bored that time. The mommy pulak menyebok take photos with her DSLR using a manual focus! Punyaaa susah as daughter cannot sit still..last-last, change to Autofocus..hahaa!!

Aisehhhhhhhhh!! Like very nice kan the view! The temperature was -4 degree at that time and it was sooooooooo freezing cold! If you go to the Bar counter (sort of), you can get a free ice-cream tau! hahaa I took one cup, and i felt my tongue got pierced by a needle saja! It was sooo damn cold! My daughter was not allowed to enter as she is below 3 years old, and my MIL didn't want to risk getting frozen inside. Heheee

For privacy purpose, hubby's face is blurred..heheeee

What you should know about the snow house, you are not allowed to bring in any camera or video cam inside. There are tukang ambi gambar inside, and i can tell you, they charged an exorbitant price for the photo taken. Imagine lah, 5R photo cost about RM 16 / pc while 8R photo RM25 / pc..Gila babas sekali!!! Supposed, there are 5 photos of us taken in the Snow House, but 2 of it are not worth buying..so we didn't buy it! Who want to spent RM25 for a pix that is slight blur kan??

For the fees, we were charged (if i'm not mistaken as it wasn't me who paid the fees), RM17 for adult, and RM14 kids to stay inside the snow house for 40 minutes! A lil' bit expensive, don't you think???? As Son cannot stand with the cold temperature inside, we went out after 15 minutes inside the snow house. Oh! For those who love to get your bum kena hentak, why not try the tube slide (or whatever it is)..the terrain, was crazy and i was screaming along the down as my bontot was really hurt that day!!

After we came out from the snow house, me and my 'brother' took pictures together. Hehehee! What???? I perasaan??? You look properly at our picture, do i look like Isaac's mother in it??? Hahahaaaaa Not like his sister meh?????

After the snowhouse, we went to First World, and there son took few pictures with the 'not so scary' ghost! At first son was reluctant to snap a pix with the ghost as he was afraid the ghost might bite him, but after few snaps, all the ghost suddenly under his friends list already!!

A lots of people screaming and running away when they saw this skeleton..but isaac, not scared with it..! Sibuk pulak mau begambar! Holding hand pulak tu!! hahahaaa

While waiting for our turn to check-in (there were 200++ people infront of us), we went to the game center to play few games..main tembak-tembak, car racing, motor bike racing and ntah apa lagi tu!! Daughter wanted to play too, but so kesian as she cannot reach the bike handle.

After we checked-in at 5 something, me and my kids sleep for 2 hours while hubby and MIL went to the casino. At 7.30, we checked-out and head back home. Of course we went to take our dinner before we actually go back home. The dinner was the crabby meal in my previous post lah! heheeee

Isaac cannot get enough wearing the cute gloves and 'headphone' .(ekekeke..son told me he can listen a tamil song when he put the headphone on!!). He even brought the two things to school.

So thats about my 7 hours story in Genting Highlands. Hope to go somewhere after my final exam for this semester. Till then... ~tata~

Apr 7, 2009

The Dentist, The Crab and a Dating Site story..

Wow!!! It has been ages (kononnya!!!) since I last update my blog, and I think my ‘house’ has a spider webs everywhere already..heheeeee!!!! I wanted to blog yesterday, but as you have already know, I don’t really like my Monday…so instead of blogging about my god awful Monday (Actually my Monday was Ok!! hehee), I skipped Monday to save you from my endless ranting..hahahahaaa!!! Better???

Anyway, so many things had happened in the past few days..!! My weekend was awesome. I had fun playing with a ‘snow’ and bla..bla..bla!! But there was something not really good happened last night. I brought son to see the dentist to fix one of his molar, and guess what?? It was a bloody battle me and hubby had to face!! To ask son to open his mouth was like asking a cat to eat a shoes..! No matter how we coaxed Isaac to open the mouth, he refused to do so..! Punya Bikin meradang!!!! He was complaining since last month about the toothache he had to endur and keep pestering me to bring him to see dentist to fix the aching tooth, and when he was there..lain pulak kejadian!!! If there were other kids in the clinic last night, I’m sooooooooo damn sure they were already cabut lari hearing my son screaming and screaming and screaming like somebody was abusing him inside the room!! Hahahaa padahal, the dentist just want to clean the tooth and get it filled. I thought I want to ask the dentist to extract Isaac’s tooth..but that will be impossible!! Heheeee…baru nampak the drill, terus screaming like that!! Apa lagi kalau nampak syringe, terus pengsan kali!! Heheee We took almost 40 minutes to get the fixing done, when it actually can be done less than 10 minutes..!! I still need to bring son to see the dentist next week..! *sigh* another round of screaming lah nie!! The funny thing was, when Isaac first see the dentist, he told her He is ‘Green Man’ and not scared to fix his tooth, but once he saw the drill, he told the dentist, I’M ISAAC!!! NOT GREEN MAN ANYMORE!!!!!! Heheeee

Other story…! I wanted to share the super nyummmmy food I had last Sunday..! I reallyyyyyyy enjoy licking my fingers while eating those super…super nyummy crabs!! Come..come..see how nice was my dinner last Sunday…

This cat fish is really nice...but I don't really bother about it as I have a delicious crab in front of me. heheheee My kids can eat it lah..I ate a lil bit of it only, and after that..i continued to devour my nyummy crabs..

This 'taofuu taste sedap too..!! It was nicer when it was still hot..crunchy-crunchy a bit..

and this.......!!!!!! Super nyummy 'Kam Heong' Crab!! We only ordered 1/2 kg of it as there is another crab dish ordered..!! I cannot get enough eating crab lah!!

and this.....!!!! The most superb, tasty, delicious sampai menjilat jari kaki 'Fried Crab with salted egg'!!! I tell you, the taste really made me. Oh!! LA! LA!!! Sedapnyaaaaa...! I think i ate 850gm of the crab oh!! Hahaa Sedap sekali!! This fried crab has a lil' bit spicy taste in it..but it is not that spicy..it is barely there..!! If i have no rice and other dish that day, I'm soooooooo sure I can eat 2kg of this crab!! Hahahaaa

There was a soup too that night, but I don't know where is the photo..! It's missing! Overall rating of my dinner, 5* man!!! Total amount paid for the dinner was RM95.00! I don't know if it is expensive, but I'm very satisfied with it. So..i'm not complaining on the price.

On the other story (again), I just want to share another dating service website for those who is looking for the love of their life. This site is really suitable for those who is looking for a partner from countries like USA, Europe, Japan and Canada. I've checked the site already, and I can assure you, the chicks and hunks you can find there are just Hot!!! So waste no more of your time, head on to this free dating site to find your other half.

Well..Thats about my 'story-mory' on this fine Tuesday..! I hope everybody is going to have a fun Tuesday today..Take care and Tata~

Apr 3, 2009

I'm very sad over a very bad news i heard

I’ve been trying to post something since this morning, but my fingers just refused to click my keyboard..! Several attempt made, but still, I failed to type what I’ve been wanting to say.. You see, this morning, son gave me one shocking news and that news really bugged me until this moment..I really cannot stop thinking about it..!
I was chatting with son about the driver who sent him back home after school and he told me, she has been driving really fast even though our house is very…very near from the school. Sometimes all the small kids will fall from their sit whenever that driver breaks her car. Chat…chat…and chat..! I told Isaac to tell the teacher that she is not supposed to drive like a maniac when she is ferrying all the kids back home. Chat..chat..chat…I suddenly remember about his classmate who always like to bash Isaac against the wall, poke his face with a pencil…
Mommy : Zac, Netish still disturb you in the class???
Isaac : Netish no more come to school.
Mommy : Why???
Isaac : Netish die already loh!!! *nonchalantly*
Mommy : *SHOCKED* ISAAC!!!! Don’t simply say that..Netish sicks???
Isaac : He dies already! Teacher told me.
Mommy : *Don’t believe son* what happened??
Isaac : Netish and the mommy naik motorbike..then a car hit them..
Mommy : Are you sure??? Cannot lie to mommy, you know??
Isaac : I no lie to you. Teacher told me..

In the pix are Netish, Isaac, Harry and Zhe Yi (at the back! Used to be my son's bestfriend in the class)

Now…I don’t really believe what son told me as he tends to exaggerate things sometimes. So when I reached his school, I met his classmate’s mother, Harry’s mother. I asked her if she knew anything about Netish..and sad to say, what my son told me almost 100% right..he didn’t lie to me, but he got his fact twisted. Harry’s mom told me that last week Friday, Netish and the family had an accident somewhere at Jalan Pahang, KL. The car they were in was hit by a lorry, and Netish’s mom was perished in the accident.

I was really stunned when Harry’s mom confirmed the news to me as I never expect it to be right. I rather son lied about it. Netish and the father were injured, but they survived from the accident.

I’m still sad. Just thinking about Netish makes my heart cried. I remember, when I sent Isaac to school, he will be greeted by Netish in the class. Netish really like to play Isaac, and even though it was harsh sometimes, but he stills loved to be with my son. At a very tender age of 5 years old, Netish lost his mama and will have no chance to get the loves from her anymore. I know he is still small and doesn’t really understand about life and death yet, but don’t you think he will looks for his mama at home when he cannot see her around?????? Just thinking about his condition makes me cry in the car… I know it is Friday today, but my excitement gone the moment I knew about Netish. I don’t know where exactly he is now as the family has shifted out from the previous house. Isaac teacher told me that, the family shifted to Jinjang and with the confirmation from the teacher, Isaac won’t be seeing Netish anymore. I seriously don’t know what to think now..but I hope Netish’s family will be strong to face the future ahead them. I also hope Netish will understand one day that his mama didn’t deliberately leave him to live without a mother in this world. May the mother’s soul will rest in peace..Amen..

Apr 2, 2009

I was fooled again this year!!!! Celaka!!!!

Today, 2nd of April 2009, kaDusMama woke up with her right eye swollen and it is obviously rivals to the katak puru eyes back home..!! She was wondering how on earth her eyes can grow soooooo kembang for no apparent reason!! So she pondered about her pathetic condition the whole morning and there was only one thing could caused her eye to be katak puru eyes, and it was probably due to the PAIN KILLER she took last nite!! DARN!!!!
Ok! Ok! Enough with a very formal essay to write this post…! Hehee My right eyes is swollen and I’m not really sure what have caused it. What I remember, I took a pain killer at 4am due to the killing headache I was having last nite. When I tried to wake up this morning, my eyes refuse to be opened..and I thought I was still sleepy that time. Only when I went into the bathroom I noticed my horror state as my eye was bulging. Hehee not that it bulged like it was going to pop out lah..just kembang-kembang like that lah.. Bengkak or not, I still have to work, and punyaaaaaaaaaaaaa buruk my eyes now..!!!! Now…I’m wondering if a pain killer can cause ones eyes to be swollen???? Any idea???
Other story..! Yesterday was ‘April the Fool’, right??? Anybody play a nasty prank to your friend?? Or got fooled by your friend???? Hehee Well…I was fooled by my brother-in-law…!! So celaka punya orang!!!! HAHAHAHA Imagine he called me at 1.20am in very stressed and worried voice like something bad had happened..here was our conversation :
Phone ringing. *Love story by Taylor Swift ringing tone*.
Me : Hello????????? (For goodness sake, it was 1.20am!)
BIL : Hello..Ty!! Ko sudah tidur??? *sad
Me : Belum..sia tingu movie. Kenapa??
BIL : Pasal kakak ko.
Me : Napa...kamu begaduh lagi? (heheee..they fought before )
BIL : Bukan…dia bulum balik rumah lagi sampai sekarang.
Me : Ai???? Napa dia nda balik??? Kamu begaduh????
BIL : Tidak..sia pun nda tau mana dia. Tadi sia mau pi ambil dia lepas kerja. Tapi bila sia sampai sana, teda dia sana..
Me : Ko tia phone dia?? *worry*
BIL : Ada. Tapi dia nda mau sambut.
Me : Kenapa juga sampai macam tu??? Ko ada marah dia ka nie??? Apa lagi ko buat this time?? *hahahaa..jahat bah accusing*
BIL : Teda apa-apa sia buat. Ko tulung lah sia..ko phone dia. Suruh lah dia balik rumah. Kesian anak-anak tunggu dia. Sia pun masih tunggu dia lagi nie.
Me : Ish! Kamu ni..ada-ada saja..! Bah ya lah..sia phone dia sekarang lah..
BIL : Bah..tankiu ah..suruh kakak ko pulang rumah ah!
Me : Bah! Ya lah!!!!
Dialled my sister number... *tooot….tooot.* toot…..tooot*
Sis : Hello…*suara baru bangun*
Me : Uiiii!!! Mana ko nie??? Napa ko nda balik rumah?????
Sis : Huh???? Apa nie??
Me : Ko begaduh kah sama laki ko?? Napa ko nda balik rumah???
Sis : Astagaaaa....si B*** kasi April Fool ko tu!!!!!
Me : *baru ingat it is 1st April* KURANG ASAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sis : Hahahaaaaa!! Sia sini rumah tidur-tidur nie. Pukul berapa sudah oh???
Me : Silaka!!!!! Jaga si B*** tu!!!! Buduh!!! Bikin takut urang saja...suda lah pkl 1 lebih pagi sudah nie!!!
Sis : hahahaaaa...ko kasi kana dia lah balik!!
Me : bah!!! Jaga dia tu!! Silaka betul!!!!!! Bah ko pi lah tidur..sia pikir dulu idea mau kasi kena dia nie!! Heheheeee
Sis : Bah!! Ya lah!!!
Now!! I really hate when people play a prank on me..what more in the middle of the night. Do you know how sickening is that??? I was really terrified to receive a call in ‘not so appropriate’ time.
But if you think my BIL is terrible, you should read my last year April fool’s story, I was fooled on April Fool!! It was even worse than what my BIL did. Can you imagine my dad play a prank on me, my sister and even my Aunt???? It was the craziest prank somebody had ever done to me. I’m not going to tell you what it was..heheee Go and read it yourself..!!! Heheeee
So how about you guys??? How was your April Fool Day????