Jul 2, 2008

Anger Management

Where do you think I can take an anger management course? I'm soooooooooooo angry now. This might be a short post for my morning, but I'm sure if you finish reading it, you will be pissed off yourself. I had this conversation with son.
Son : Mommy, can I bring this spiderman mask to school? Me : No, you cannot. Son : But why????? Me : Teacher doesn't allowed you to bring it. Son : But, I still have to show the mask to Zhe Yi.. Me : No.. Son : Why?? Me : *Quiet didn't answer him* Son : Mommy?? Why?? Me : *diam-diam cooking* Son : Mommy..you better answer me. Later I SLAP you. Me : WHO TEACH YOU TO SAY LIKE THAT????? *ROAR* Son : Teacher lah..
So do you think I should be angry when my son say he wants to slap me??? This is not the first time he say that. When I came back home last nite, I was in a pretty terrible mood. So I didn't want to talk to anybody including my son. Son asked me, and when I didn't answer him, he keep asking and he demanded me to answer him or else he will SLAP me!!! *angry*
Last time, when he was angry he say the "Sh*t" word..and he heard the word from his teacher too. I never say sh*t nor do I say I will slap my son if he did anything wrong. I do say I will 'piak' him..but not slap him!
I need to confront his teacher tommorow. But how to aprroach the teacher without being rude huh? *sigh*


Ulat said...

kept asking her questions until she feel fedup wit u and when she refuse to answer u, juz tell her " ANSWER ME OR I'LL SLAP U!!!!" =P

* I noe tis is a bad idea..*
** tis is a joke as well, cheer up**

Ninie Jane said...

staga, isaac pandai ckp bgitu huhu.. influence surround tu... but guess, he's just said it but din mean it. hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

ulat ~ Wah!! Like that kah?? If only I can do that..I'm a softie type of person lah..
But of course i will confront her tommorow..just wait and see..

ninie jane ~ iya!! he didn't mean what he say..but still..mengamuk juga sia dingar..bukan sia marah dia..tapi sia marah the teacher..ada kah depan student bulih memaki! budus sekali

urang ranau said...

kadus mama, hmm ko kastau la ti chegu dia dr mana si isaac buli belajar ckp mcm tuh...wah susah juga mo tahan marah, kalau sudah limpas tu boiling point..hmm sia ingat number ic pun sia inda ingat sudah..heheh but solution is to tell isaac that's there are words that are not suitable and not proper enuf to say..hmm hrp2 buli..kesian ko kadus mama. sabar ja lah..ada hikmah ni ;)

Kadus_Mama said...

urang ranau ~ oh! memang ada kasi tau si isaac pun tu word nda bulih cakap..and he understands that..tapi yang bikin gerigitan nie kan...ada kah cikgu bulih lepas cakap sampai cakap macam tu sama student dia..mesti lah budak kecil ikut kan..
sia actually maradang sama tu cikgu..hehehe bukan si isaac..

Nick Phillips said...

I think you should have a word with this teacher la. Just what are they teaching your son in school? Kids pick up things from people around them and it's inexcusable for a teacher to use words like this in front of kids. I would give that teacher hell if it was my son!

Little Inbox said...

Susahnya...Now a days some teachers are not teaching children to be in good manner, somemore scold them in the wrong way. Disappointed. A hard task for you to feedback to the teacher.

Ratu Syura said...

Macam si buddy jugakk.. mesti tanya.. But whyyyyy? Sikit2 pun, but whyyyy? If I were you, I'd just confront that teacher. Rude pun, rude lah. After all, it's your child she's talking to like that. Pandai2 saja mau cakap gitu sampai budak pun terikut. Kalau tu budak skolah menengah ndak pa jugak. Besar panjang sudah. Ini, sama budak kecik pun say like that ka?? Haaishh.. teruk betul oh!!

chegu carol said...

Morning TT!

This is from the teacher point of view herself. *hee*

Yup! You have to confront your son's teacher. The thing is...brapa teacher dia di skul? If only one teacher going to his class, will be easier for you. But if a few, sure some of them will try to backing themselves.

If the latter is the case, just meet up with principal and voice out your concern. It's normal to be angry and reacting rude. Dont worry, you have the right to be angry. I dont blame you. I confess, I ever witness teachers who are like your son's teacher.


Kadus_Mama said...

nick phillips ~ I plan to give a hell to the teacher, but i need to draft my long speech first. I'm going to do it one time and i have to make sure i do it in the most brutal way..hahahaha!!

little inbox ~ yeah! supposedly teacher teach their student a manners, but my son's teacher is teaching them a bad manners. I'm dissapointed too..

Kadus_Mama said...

ratu syura ~ oh really?? buddy pun suka cakap WHY in everything?? ok lah macam tu..i thought my son saja suka cakap macam tu.. :P
I will confront the teacher soon..tidak jadi hari ini because sia sudah lambat p keja..tomorrow lah drag my hubby together..

chegu carol ~ nah! I have the view from a teacher herself..itu lah tu carol..punya sakit hati sama the teacher. my son ada 3 teachers sana. But my son did tell which teacher say the 'rude' word to them. Actually my sister was a teacher at the same school last time. Jadi she told me which teacher yang selalu cakap like that. Thats not the only things the teacher did, my sister told me she throws one of the student's school bag inside the dustbin too..kurang asam kan..
but she is not my son's class teacher lah..itu no manners teacher ajar budak 6 tahun..

Poppet said...

aiya... apa la punya cikgu.. klu siapun marah juga... klu our kids tanya why? why? tu biasalah for me, if I can jawab I will jawab if not I will say I will find out about it.
Good thing about my doter's school is they are allowed to bring their toys to school but they can only play it before, during break and after school.. and my doter knows that rules... so everytime she has new books/toys she will bring to school to show to and play with her friends. But my doter is in private school so maybe difft from the govt school.
There is no excuse for teacher yg say things like that to students..esp small children.. klu sia I will confront the principal juga.
I hope you can sort it out with the teacher and principal regarding this matter.

Kadus_Mama said...

poppet ~ memang marah pun!!! That day sia telampau stress bah tu..thats why i don't want talk telampau banyak..bila my son balik2 tanya why..sia diam2 jak..
Actually my son tu pun p private kindergarten..tapi one of the teacher memang melampau lah..she is the one who say " I slap you'! kurang ajar kan..
Memang me will confront the teacher..but my sis advise me to go directly to the principal..so will drag my hubby sama2 lah p cakap nie..

Kobie Vanessa said...

wah!bahaya jg isaac ni!Cigu da ckp bgitu ka dpn2 murid?ayoo!!Bad influence!!aiseh mara kunun sa ni..

Wel^Beiolman said...

as many had said...p jumpa principal sja la..sinang..org bilang berani kerana benar tp mesti jg bertindak secara bijak dan benar..ahaha...so kalu mau lagi sarcastic..ko cuti satu hari.ko intai anak ko d sikula..ko ambil pic byk sepa semua cigu yg becakap sama dia..tp jan lupa tau..sebelum ko pasang mini mic d baju anak ko..ahaha..rakam la perbualan..ok ka ni idea..hehe..nuh..i might confront the school's head....we cannot take things lightly if it involves our child's mind and growth..adults suppose to their role model..whatever word comes out from our mouth would stick into their mind like a glue..u need to take action in a better and brilliant way as the it should be... don't pula p report sama tv3 k.hehe..