Feb 29, 2008

My kids last time and now

I'm the mother who cannot stop thinking about her kids even during working hour..I was so busy the whole day today..but all i can think is my dear kids at home..I've been thinking about how big, how smart, how adorable and how lovely the two of them
I had my daughter when son was about 2years and 10 months..

Before daughter comes, all my attention goes to son. Everything goes to him. But when i had my daughter 15 months ago, my attention has to be divided into two. Not that i don't want to give them equal affection, but its just not possible. Baby daughter needed my care the most. Son start showing sign of hostility toward his sister then. He smacked daughter few times, bit her and asked me to give lil' sister to other people. *sad*

Now..the two of them don't get along sometimes..there is a time they can be in the same room..and there is the time my daughter will scream her lungs out when brother went near her..hmmmm..headache to see them like that..

And this is my kids now..big and healthy..both not smiling when mommy asked them to smile! Giving me a 'cool' pose pulak!


Well, i'm just happy to be a mother..A mother to my kids..even when they made me scream at them..! Hmmmmm...How i love my kids...


Somebody has mistakenly send this 'sajak' @ poem to my phone this morning.
Its really funny that i laughed soooooo laud when i finished reading it..

I'm no party voters ok..so i don't care what party lah... any sajak also can read...

The poem is like this :

Nak puasa lihat BULAN,

Nak Raya lihat BULAN,

Tak boleh 'main' masa bini datang BULAN,

nak beranak kena cukup BULAN,

Nak tinggi naik ke BULAN,

Nak Gaji cukup BULAN,

Oleh itu kalau nak mengundi, PILIHLAH BULAN,


by : 019-***2125


Since i'm not sure how to translate this sajak to english, pardon me if the translation not really correct ok!

To fast have to see the MOON,

To celebrate Hari Raya have to see the MOON,

No make love with wife if she is period (Datang BULAN = Period),

To deliver baby must be full MOON (?? i don't know how to say lah),

Want to be up high go to the MOON,

Want salary, End of the Month, (BULAN=Month),

So if want to vote, Vote for MOON,



What do you think?? creative or not the people who make this Sajak?? heheheheeee

Feb 28, 2008

Shadow Music - Julie Garwood

No quality camera hp ..so picture a bit blurry

My favourite author Julie Garwood has a new book!!
I love her book so much that i have almost all of her books..
Well this book was out last Dec 07, so i'm not sure whether it is available in the bookstore yet.
If it is already in Malaysian market..i have to buy the Hardcover book which cost about RM110.00..Should i wait for the paperback book to come out or just grab the hardcover book??? i don't know actually..will see if i can resist myself from buying the this book when i see it!!

*All her books are very good..try reading one..hehe

Feb 27, 2008


Last week, my son had a swollen eyes after he came back from school..Its getting worse after he woke up from his nap. I have no idea what cause this as son has no history of allergic.

I brought him to clinic, but the doctor cannot figured out what is wrong with him.

Any idea what cause my son eyes to be swollen?

Feb 26, 2008

Day in Genting Highland II

I went to Genting Highland again last week to meet my beloved relatives. We arrived there around 4pm. As usual there were so manyyyyyyyyy people there. I have to wait like 7o people in front of me before i can check-in into the hotel.

Before i took my number, there was this disgusting couple in front of me. The BF cannot keep his hand off his GF. Every 1 minutes, he will either put his hand inside his gf's tight jeans (touching her butt) or kissing her or hugging her or grabbing her. I was so disgusted to see them that i almost tell them...GET A ROOM!!!! hehe but i didn't because they were going to get their room..Its only the bf cannot 'tahan' himself before they can check-in to their room..I almost puke to see them.

While waiting to check-in
When finally my turned to check-in, the receptionist told me that the room i booked is overbook so we cannot get the room. I was like "Hoiiii..i've already fully paid the room tau!!!" How can she say its overbooked when i book the room like 3 weeks ago. I was so angry because i need 3 beds (1 queen bed and 2 singles bed)..Then the receptionist told me that they will upgrade my room to superior deluxe (what for if only 2 single beds) without having to pay the additional fees. And they will give us an additional bed FOC! Bongoh!! Well i don't want to talk about it anymore because i'm getting angrier everytime i think about what happend that day.

If you ever stay in the Standard Room in First World Hotel, you will know the luxury having this bigger bathroom. For the standard room, you have to squeez yourself to get into the bathroom. Hehe

See my kids posing..very begaya leh

Son cannot get enough playing this car..like 3-4 times


Me and cousins chit-chatting while having few glasses of brandy

See...2nd generation of our family. There are another 4 of this cousin-cousin but they are in Sabah now

Well...I'm so happy that i finally meet my cousins, aunt, uncle and cousin niece after few years didn't see them.

Now i have to plan going back to hometown soon. I miss my family in SABAH!!!!

I don't welcome you, RAT!

This year is a year of RAT for the Chinese..

All the Feng Shui Master has predicted that this year is indeed a good year for couple to get married and Business will be blooming..

But having a rat in you house is not a good thing..see the photo above. This greedy rat stupidly went into the trap 15mins after we set-up the Rat's Trap..The bait was super smelly dried squid.

This rat had messed up my kitchen..eat my flour..eat my garlic..eat my onion..eat my door..and terrorised all of us at home..So now it is my turn to take revenge on 'it'..Not that i'm going to kill it..(have no guts to do so)..I've asked my helper to dump this rat somewhere..maybe inside the garbage bin?? Any idea what to do with it??

Tonight, me and hubby will set-up another trap..who knows there is more than 1 of this creature in my house..so wish us luck!!

Feb 25, 2008

What was your ambition?

I'm quite busy with my work right now when i suddenly think about my ambition when i was small. Back to 21 years ago when i was in primary 1, my teacher will ask us all what is our ambition. There were few standard answers from us. It was either we wanted to be a doctor, policeman, soldier or fire brigade. We had these ambitions because thats the only jobs we knew that time. There was no astronaut, engineer, zoology or whatever sophisticated or 'cool' job.
So me, as a regular student, I choose to be a doctor when i grow up. The next year, when i was in standard 2, my ambition suddenly changed to soldier. He he he and after two years, i wanted to be a policewoman..The older i am, the more ambitions i have. There was a time i wanted to be an archeologist, then brain surgeon, then what the heck..A SINGER..hahahahaa!
But that was my story long time ago, the truth is, i REALLY...REALLY wanted to be a doctor. I want to make sick people getting better..i want to perform all sort of surgery..cut here and there..I really regret for not studying hard enough last time. I get distracted in form 5 that i didn't study for my SPM and only started to study like 2 weeks before my big exam..so serves me right lah!
So now..i am only a 'kuli batak' (like a servant). Work for nothing except to find money. Like no vision or mission for future. If i can turn back time..i want be a doctor!!! *sob..sob*

Feb 22, 2008


Nyummm....seeeeeeeee i can finish ini ice-cream..
Not enough some more because i have to share it with my son and daughter..
The cup also very clean after we finished..hehee
Don't get jelous ok!
Anyway..the price is a lil bit expensive..RM23.90..
Once in a blue moon treat is ok lah..
If hari-hari..cannot loh! pokai..
So my Next ice-cream will be hiagen daz' ice cream...hmmmmmm...
What do you think?

Feb 21, 2008

Happy Chap Goh Mei

Since i have no picture to put for Chap Goh Mei celebration, i just simply copy this picture from yahoo..can also lah!
Today is the last day of celebrating Chinese New Year..means it will be the last day for us the married one to give angpau..last day to gamble and last day to be lazy after so many days 'didn't do anything at office..have to wait for next year for another new year..
Well..wish everybody a wonderful Chap Goh Mei..and for the single one..Happy valentine's day (it is consider like valentine day mah today)..
May we strike some lottery or jackpot and become rich in an instant!! hehe

Feb 20, 2008

Join Contest to Save money!

I love contest..it doesn't matter if its a contest in magazine, radio, newspaper or anything..I for sure will join it! hehe already become like a habit to participate all the available contest. So last year, I joined this contest from one of the local magazine. Its not for me lah..hehehe its for my daughter.

So after 3 months, when i bought the latest edition of this magazine...TADA!!!!!! My daughter had won the 2nd prize! nyehhhhhh...I'm the mother who takda keja one..so if i can use my babies picture while they are still cute, why not use it, right?? Its them shown in the magazine and not me. See the pix below..my daughter is in 2nd place..giving people her adorable smile..the pose ala-ala model!

So the best thing about winning any contest is getting the prize. See i've won the Pureen product with the value of RM200..wah!! banyak tu!! it means i no need to buy my kids their shower gel or shampoo or powder or wet tissues or many other thing for few months..SAVE $$$$$!
Well, i've won quite many contest before..I've won some cash, ticket to watch a concert, JLo perfume, Silk Robe, cosmetic product and many others. Its really nice to get this stuffs by spending 3 minutes of my life and RM0.30 to post the contest form.
So if you want to save your money, join any contest that you see. If you have luck..sure can win something! No rugi one! hehe

2nd Day to School

Today is son's 2nd day going to school..He is so happy to go to school to meet new friends and to study new thing. See his face.. Very cheeky and happy right..?

When we reached at school..all the students are very busy playing with all the 'don't know what toys' hehe..And son is very happy to join them..

When i want to go off, son gave me peck on my cheek..and this make all the teachers there smile..hehe i smiled too..

Last night, i asked son about his day at school yesterday..And he told me he makes some new friends. When i asked him their name..hehee he say their name are friends! I guess he never bothered to ask them their name.

He also mentioned that teacher asked him to read ABC..well that is nothing to my son as he already know his ABC..He only need to learn spelling and writing because he still hasn't master this skill until now. (When he was small, its easier to teach him..Sudah besar, AYOOOO he won't listen to what i want to teach him) He really looking foward to go to school to study. *wink* hehee so i guess his 1st day to school not really bad at all..

Feb 19, 2008

1st Day to school and it's the mommy who cried

Yea..yea..I know..its embarrassing fact that i'm the emotional one when son went to school today. My son has grown up and now he is going to school. I almost cried when i sent son to school this morning. Ok! ok!! i cried in my heart only! Cannot let husband see that i'm crying..later he will tease me until i really cry! Luckily my son didn't cry..if not..i sure will follow him! hehehe so memalukan!
After the teacher brought all the student for some excercise class..i went 'curi-curi' take son's pictures..if you can see the below picture..i was hiding behind the stair..have to make sure son didn't see me..if not..habis lah!! sure he will cry and follow me. After 10mins looking at him playing happily with his new friends, i went off to office still thinking about him! Worried sick to think who is going to feed him (Got people spooned the food to him mah at home)..Does he knows how to tell the teacher he want to go to toilet...or ask the teacher anything he want! With a heavy heart..i reached office still thinking about him. *My punch card red already! hehe*
I remember almost 4 years ago when i 1st cradled my son..he was so tiny..so helpless that mommy had to spend her 24 hours tending him..making sure he had enough milk..he had enough sleep..It was the time that mommy can't help herself from smiling and talking to the baby who doesn't understand anything.
Dear son when he was 1 1/2 years
Now after almost 4 years, my son going to school already! Time really flies very fast. In a blink of an eyes, son no longer depending everything on me. He can manage himself that he choose his own clothing when we want to out. He so big already! Sob!! Sob!!
Alamak!! He no more remember about mommy! Too syok playing
'Kepoh-kepoh' see people while playing
Well..tonight i will have a chat with son and ask him how is school today..I did talk to him briefly when i called my sister this afternoon..and son said he want to beat people!! Alamak!! Habislaaaaa!!
Hope i will hear a good and nice story of him at school!

Day in Genting Highland

Last week, me and whole family went to Genting Highland to spend some our times together without having to worry about work. Since daughter never been up to Genting before, me and hubby thought it will be great to have daughter taken to Genting.

I think Genting was like 'Pasar Malam' (Nite Market) on that day..there were so many people from all over the world..hehe i guess lah..since so many different type of faces..colour..and languages...so you can imagine the huuu..huuu..haaa...haaa noise all the time we were there.

Well me..as the unprofesional photographer for my hubby and kids was so busy snapping their pictures. Here are some of the pictures.

Son giving me his big smile when i forced him to take picture..hehe

This is the kids space shot..hehehe very cute and my son laughed like crazy while this thing was bouncing up and down for few minutes

Daughter is enjoying seeing the fishes while waiting for her brother to finish flying here and there

And this is the ride for the crazy 'mommy'. I think it can kill people..hahaha i've been longing to play this SPACE SHOT since 5 years ago but have no chance as i was pregnant with son..then daughter..and busy with work that we had no time to come to Genting..So before i tell more about my 'almost died' experience..Here is the details about this Space Shot :

Ride Facts
Type of Ride ~ Intense, not for faint-hearted
Country of Origin ~USA
Manufactured By ~ S & S Power Inc
Speed ~67 km/hour
Maximum Capacity ~ 12 persons
Height ~ 185 feet (God!!! Its very..very high!! i'm not dare to see below when i was on top of it!)

I know i'm crazy to try this space shot..well no harm experiencing it once in a lifetime right! But a word of caution, those who has heart problem..or faint hearted..please do not try this! This ride can kill you..! I have no picture of this because hubby was somewhere that time..so he didn't manage to snap even a single picture..So i risked few minutes of my life..and i have no proof that i've gone through it! Anyway..short description of my feeling while on this Space Shot..it felt that i've been thrown from a very high building..i cannot stop screaming...and screaming...and screaming until the whole thing really stopped..hehehe..cannot blame me..it's really that crazy..there was this woman crying when she reached the ground..so i'm much better than her..

Ok that was about my day in Genting..I'm going up there again this 23rd Feb to meet my relatives..hehe this time no crazy stunt for me to do..probably will do some investment in casino..and nothing more! hehee

Feb 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Grandpa

Isn't it very sad to know that my grandpa died on his 90th birthday..
Instead of celebrating, people are mourning his passing..
Grandpa was the last survivor among his sibling who had passed away few years ago..
My grandma passed away 17 years ago..This means Grandpa had been alone for so long time already..very sad..
Since i cannot go back to hometown for the funeral, i called my parents several times to know the update of the funeral and at the same time having a chat catching up all the story of grandpa. Last wednesday my mom went to visit grandpa and she said he still can talked and having a conversation with her. They talked and mom asked for forgiveness for all her wrong doing to grandpa. It not that my grandpa so sick that he dying that time, mom just felt it was appropriate doing so.
Last thursday my grandpa's health start to deteriorate that he can't sit anymore. He complained that he had difficulty to breathe and asked my mom and my aunt to help him to sit. Mom said its very sad to see grandpa struggling to take a single breath of air. And yesterday, when my mom and her siblings were not around with my grandpa, he took his last breath and passed away only to be companied by mom's sis-in-law and my lilttle cousin. Isn't it sad??
I remember Grandpa as the most soft spoken and very generous with a very warm sincere smiles to all his grandchildren. He only talked when he felt its really necessary. And last time i thought he cannot speak malay when he actually very fluent with it.
As I have mentioned earlier, I'm not going back for the funeral. I'm too scared!! Yesterday when i want to book my air ticket, i called my dad and talked with him briefly when suddenly i heard somebody crying so loud at the back. At that instant, i become too scared and decided not to go back. I told my dad to send my grandpa's last picture. At least i can see him even i'm not going back home.
I know God will take care of grandpa in Heaven. That's why He took him on his birthday to give him the biggest present ever by giving him a nice place in heaven. I will miss grandpa forever...

The friendship meme

I was tagged by cuz' ChocMintGirl to do this meme for quite sometimes already..since i was on leave for almost 1 week ago, so here i am..doing it ..

Start Here<--

FRIENDSAnger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you once, it is his fault; If he betrays you twice, it is your fault. Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. He, who loses money, loses much; He, who loses a friend, loses much more; He, who loses faith, loses all. Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. Friends, you and me... You brought another friend... And then there were 3... We started our group... Our circle of friends... And like that circle... There is no beginning or end... Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.

So now, let's see how many circles of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!1- Catsy Carpe Diem, 2 - Catsy Downloads, 3 - Out of the Blue, 4 - A Day to Savor and Relish, 5 - A Piece of Idea, 6 - Write Shy, 7 - Stupid Wise, 8 - http://onlinememorylane.blogspot.com/, 9 - http://www.jk-nocargo.blogspot.com/, 10 - FIELD OF DREAMS, 11- moms.....check nyo, 12- Nyumix's Blog, 13 – Choc Mint Girl, 14 – kaDusMama 15 -Please continue here

Going to tag lil' Ms Pinky and cicak

Feb 15, 2008

Very sad!

I just received a call from my dad.. Receiving a sad news during CNY is very sad.. My grandfather just passed away today.. I know he was quite old and sick.. But knowing he was no longer with us is still very hard and painful to swallow.. I can't go back..I'm scared..I dare not to see him for the last time.. I know i should pay my last respect to him..but i'm too scared now.. So i decided not to go back.. I can only pray for him.. May his soul rest in peace..Amen!

Feb 14, 2008


My Valentine's Gift

Today is a day for lovey-dovey couple to celebrate the day of their love..hmmm..many will receive flowers, chocolate, teddy bear lah and others lah..

Well..me and hubby don't really celebrate Valentine's day..Maybe just go out 'makan'..no nothing special about it! Everyday also can celebrate own valentine's day mah..No need to show it on certain day only!

Ok lah..to make story short...i receive a perfume from hubby..(actually i demand it from him!! hehe my perfume finish mah...so better ask him to buy one for me) and that is all about my valentine's day this year..no special dinner or anything..just the perfume! Well i do buy something for hubby too..it's for him to use to go to work..hehe don't want to buy things that we don't use lah..like wasting of money pulak! keep-keep for what..for the rat to eat kah..
~~~~~~~~~HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY~~~~~~~~~
So how is your valentine's day? anything special?

Feb 8, 2008


I hope i'm not too late to wish everybody a wonderful Chinese New Year.. I'm currently in hubby's hometown for CNY celebration..gambling all the time..hehee Maybe will go back to KL tomorrow..because we are scared to go back sunday.. manatau jam kaw2..don't want to spend my time inside car oh.. So will update soon..now also borrow nephew's pc checking email.. Well..Hope everboday have a nice Chinese New Year Celebration!! Xing Nian Kuai Le nimen!! (pstt..don't know correct or not this..hehe)

Feb 5, 2008

Escargot masak Butter..

See.........look nice?? look Delicious???
Yeah..that escargots was my dinner last nite..
There were other thing as well..but this nyummy..nyummy snails taste superb..
I eat it until shiny..shiny already the plate..
Would like to recommend whoever living or coming to Klang Valley to try it..
You will love it..SEDAP hingga menjilat pinggan!!
Anyway..this nice and delicious butter escargots can be found at the hawkers stall in SS2, Petaling Jaya..Its very fresh..you can choose the snail yourself..and the whole plate only cost about RM15...worth or not??
So..who want to taste this nice Butter Escargots..???

Feb 4, 2008

What bonus??

CNY is coming..and people already huuu..huuu..haaa..haaa about their bonus.. Wah some get 2 months..some is more than 2 months.. And us at this 'stupsssss' company?? What BONUS?????? Yeah..I'm so really...pissed off right now.. I'm too angry i don't know how to express my feeling.. What lah!! only the Royal' Family members are rewarded this time.. Work less than a year..but can get bonus kaw-kaw!!! I'm thinking like...WTF..ingat kita nie apa.. Not working kah..? There is some of the royal family spending time playing game here..and get big reward for bonus.. Begitu stupid..!! Well i guess, its time for me to surf for other job already!! Everyday work here..make my blood pressure increased only..

Feb 2, 2008


I know..i know..this movie has been out for quite sometimes.. Even the 'pilate' DVD can be found everywhere.. But i only watched the movie few weeks ago.. I know i 'ketinggalan Zaman'..too busy mah..no time to watch.. Well about this Stardust.. I rate this movie 5*... I really love it.. It was hilarious, exciting and romantic.. My favourite character is still the Witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer).. and of course i do love all the other characters as well.. Though i don't have much to say about this movie, I'm recommending to all people to watch it.. I'm sure if you are bored, you will be entertained.. It's worth of your 2 1/2 hour of life. It is that nice.. So watch it...'jangan tadak' watch

Feb 1, 2008

I miss...

There are so many things that i miss now.. I MISS my family at 'kampung' as i haven't see them for almost 1 year now.. I MISS my to talk with my bestfriends.. I MISS to eat my mom's 'Kari Nangka'.. I MISS my kids at home.. I MISS to stay at home without doing anything.. Why lah office so boring!!? see when i'm bored i miss so many things already!