Jul 11, 2008

Save Lives with Cyro-Cell

Cryo Cell. What is it? What do you know about Cryo Cell?? A cell named Cryo?? Or a type of cell in cryo category?? Hehe..the answer is none of the above. Cryo Cell is actually one important bank for parents. To keep money?? Of course not money. It is a bank for parents to keep and preserve their newborn's stem cell extracted from their baby's cord blood cells for future medical purpose.
I was pregnant two times before, and I tell you, I've read a lots of information about cord blood banking and its benefits. The most famous one is its potential medical benefits of treating disease like severe anemia, acute leukemia and sickle disease. Sounds like interesting right??
Do you know that Cord blood stem cell transplants have already changed—and saved—thousands of lives around the world? Yeah, you need to read all of the testimonials available in http://www.cryo-cell.com/. I'm not going to explain in details about what had happend to all this parents. You need to read it yourself.
If you have a family member or relatives who has the history of disease like acute leukemia, you might want to consider preserving your baby's cord blood in the future. Of course you don't want anything happend to your baby, but you will never know what will happend in the future. In case (touchwood) your baby got the disease too, the cord blood you preserved might be the one thing that can save your baby's life.
So, what you need to do now is, try to get more information about cord blood banking before you become a parent. If you have no idea where to get the info needed, go to http://www.cryo-cell.com/ now. I might not be able to explain everything to you, but I'm sure Cryo-Cell will be able to provide all the info you need.


Shemah said...

eee.. ya bah. When my sis-in-law was pregnant kan.. ada jugak orang approach dia about this but still not so much information on it. And now that my nephew has acute leukemia.. baru terpikir pasal cryo cell storage ni. We learn the hard way la..

But still no use crying over spoilt milk.. lagipun, my nephew is getting through 2nd stage treatment pretty well!! :D

Kadus_Mama said...

shemah ~ :( I hope your nephew is ok lah..
We never know what will happend in the future bah kan..even if we store the stem cell, it going to cost a bomb in Malaysia..i know there is one centre in Putrajaya doing stem cell storing. Maybe next time in the future, if its not very expensive, suma orang can use the facility kan..

Poppet said...

yup agree with kdmama, if only not so expensive. Ini 1st payment pun sudah beribu, then every year lagi kena bayar tu fee, lepas tu kita men percaya ja sama drg g tu stem cell kena preserved betul2. Sia pernah tanya wat if their company tiba2 bengkrap and tutup kedai in the future, what will happen to the stem cells yg kita simpan, drg jawab, drg akan htr pi company lain yg ble simpan... ehm.... buli picaya kah tu aaa?