Jul 7, 2008

OMG!! I'm really a bad person

Last saturday, I went out to meet up with my dear friend. You know after having a bad day bout the person who badmouthed my mom, having somebody to talk with really makes me feel better that day. My friend, whom I know for more that 15 years did a magic calming me down. Hehe We meet up at Secret recipe, had a great lunch and chit-chatting like there is no tomorrow. We had a delicious steak, nice cake and nice drink. Not like we didn't meet with each other for ages, it was only like 2 weeks ago when I last met her.
You know when a girl meet with their girlfriends, all kind of stories will be out. Haha So the two of us were giggling like a school girl. Laughing like crazy and made all the people in Secret Recipe looking at us like we are some freak who just escaped from the zoo. This is the snippet of our conversation.
Me : You know, i have been crazy.....*giggle-giggle*
Friend : Hahahaa!!! *LOL*
Me : How to...*Laughing*
Friend : Like this lah..*Laughing*
Me : Can you imagine me.......*giggle-giggle*
Friend : Really??? Hahahahaha!
Me : really..Hahahahaha!!
Both of us laughing like crazy and had a very funny conversation. After our meal, we were off to the nearby Accessories shop. I bought 4 pairs of earings and one nice shirt, while my friend bought 1 pair of earing and a nice blouse. While in the shop, both of us were like idiot. Heheheee After the fun time we had in the shop, we were off to the nearby supermarket for grocerries. My friend need to buy quite a lots of thing. I only want to buy bananas to make my banana cake. So i grab one bunch of banana and trailed my friend from behind helping her to carry some of her things to the counter. We were chatting and giggling while she paid her grocerries. (macam budak saja our perangai).
After supermarket, we went to the nearby stationery shop to buy stuffs for our kids. I thought want to buy a nice sticker for son and daughter, but I didn't managed to find any nice sticker.So Hee..hee..haa..haa.(me and friend still chatting) We continued laughing like crazy. (hehehee..both of us just cannot stop laughing when we meet with each other) Then suddenly my friend asked me.
Friend : Uii T, why ko punya pisang tidak masuk Plastic?
Me : Huh???
Friend : Tu banana ko tu bah..
Me : Banana??? OMG!!!!!!!! MATAI LAH NI!!
Friend : HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!! *rolling on the floor*
Me : ASTAGA L**!! Sia mencuri banana hari nie!!! ASTAGA!!! MATAI LAH NIE..(It is normal for sabahan to say Astaga even we are non-muslim.. :))
Friend : HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!! *still laughing like crazy*
Me : Apa macam nie??? Alalalalaaa..sia nda sedar pun sia bawa nie banana keluar..alamak!!! apa macam nie???
Friend : Wahahahahaa!! Wakakakakaka!! Hahhahahaaa. *friend laughed till she had tears on her eyes*
Me : OMG!! TT pencuri banana!! alamak!! alamak!!
Friend : Hahaha!!!! Nda pa bah tu..bukan mahal pun
Me : Should i go and pay this banana??
Friend : Alah! nda payah lah bah tu..hahahahahaha!! RM2 jak pun..
So end-up, Kadusmama became a banana stealer! Hahahaha!! I didn't go back to the supermarket to pay back the bananas! I know I'm bad, but it is very shameful. Later all people call me banana stealer, then how?? *blushing* Crazy kan??? How can i forget to pay the bananas I took earlier.
So, thats it. I don't intend to steal the banana. I really forgot lah!! Arghhhhh....


Nick Phillips said...

You actually walked out of there without paying for the banana's? And no one stopped you? Where is this place, I must go there and try it myself ... LOL!

I guess I would have been too embarrassed to go back and pay for it if it happened to me. Well, consider it rezeki la ... LOL!

Lab papa said...

So this is your banana story you mentioned yesterday


next time try a plasma tv..or far expensive stuffs hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ Yep!! I didn't pay the bananas! hahahaha!! It was unintentional ok..no one stopped me or even noticed i 'steal' it. Haha Even I myself didn't noticed i steal the bananas! Hehe
If you want to go to the supermarket, it is somewhere in Bandar Sri Damansara..hehehehee

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ Iya bah! itu lah banana story i mentioned yesterday..hehe Erk..no plasma TV sana lah..hahahaha even kalau ada pun, it is way too big for me to 'pretend' I accidently forgot to pay it..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Haha! Punya la siok becerita sampai tebawa keluar tu pisang! :D Sya bulih imagine oh heheheee...

chegu carol said...

hahaha...u know T, for a sec i was like..whats with the question...'why ko punya pisang tidak masuk plastic'???? hahaha...otak kuning sa ni.

so lucky oh, teda org tahan ko.anggap ja lah sdhd kena beli...

queen bee said...

Hi, banana stealer!!
Nanti ada policeman cari ko, semalam itu tokeh sudah check cctv dia... matai lah ko. (hahaha)

Kadus_Mama said...

choc mint girl ~ iya cuz! telampau siok ceta, sampai nda sedar mau bayar itu banana..

chegu carol ~ hahahaha!! apa ko pikir tu ah??
iya lah..anggap jak lah tu pisang sudah kena bayar (eventhough sia actually curi itu pisang)

queen bee ~ hehehee..ada CCTV juga, but teda pulak sia kena tahan.. :p

papajoneh said...

sia ingat apa tu pisang.. apakah.. tersuspense skijap sia... hahaha
good story good story...

i tengah meradang ni skranggggggggggggggggggggg.. not on you.. but on colleague!!!
i can't go out..... tension.. she's not back yet... tension..

sorry ah.. lepas geram sini. u can delete of coz :)

Kadus_Mama said...

papajoneh ~ hahaha!! ko pun macam chegu carol! hahaha apa kamu pikir ah???
Oh!! ya kan ko mau pick josh from school kan?? alalaa!! Cepat miss call 100x sama your colleague..

urang ranau said...

waakakaka penakau punti (pencuri pisang) hahaha so funny, but what if next time u and ur friend decide to "cuci mata" at a jewelerry store..n then the next thing u know u have extra ring on your finger..wahahaa..untung worrr (klu nda kana tangkap la)

Kadus_Mama said...

urang ranau ~ hahaha!! panakau punti lagi tu!! Iya bah, next time, we should probably go to the expensive kadai emas! hehe manatau sia 'telupa' satu cincin di jari kan?? hehee

Little Inbox said...

Hahaha....so funny you! Chat & laugh non-stop, in the end jadi banana stealer pulak.

Kadus_Mama said...

little inbox ~ ya lah! u know lah girls..once meet with each other..all story also come out, end up curi banana from shop pulak..

pyn79 said...

hahaha..funny oh t..satu kali tinguk kan the today ada flyers kena distribute around that area "WANTED!! BANANA STEALER!" With ur pic from the CCTV..hehehe

Kobie Vanessa said...

wahahaha!!funny oo, tu cashier pun nda sedar ko bawa2 tu pisang kuar ah..nasib nda bebunyi tu 'scanner' time kmu kuar..hehe, mcm kwn si ninie ba baru2 ni, beli beg kan then she put bulu mata palsu inside the beg, skali byr yang kena kira tu beg jak!! haha..kira buy beg free bulu mata palsu la dia tu..heheh

Anonymous said...

Tarus tarang ah.. mula2 sa pun utak kuning juga mcm Chegu Carol :D

So, sudah dii ko makan tu pisang? Apalah rasa dia? Urin? Ko ndak sakit perut? Orang bilang klu makan makanan yang belum dibayar, nanti sakit perut huahaha :D

Kadus_Mama said...

pyn79 ~ hehehe..kalau ada muka sia d newspaper, kestau sia ah! heheheee

kobie ~ sana teda tu bar code detector, supermarket besa saja bah..hehe ada cctv, tapi memandangkan dorang suma kenal sia, nda kan dorang tepikir sia p curi pisang kan?? hahahaha
Uii! untung kawan si ninie tu ah..buy beg free lashes..hahaha!

ornest ~ oiit!! sia teda pisang lah..haha apa yang mau d pikir kuning..
sudah kami makan tu pisang, besa saja rasa dia tu, teda pun sakit perut..hehehe