Mar 31, 2008

Somebody peep on me while i shower!

It is Monday again! Aiya!! Time really fast huh? The weekend I had not even enough for me to get the rest I should have. I wish I can sleep until 10am but that’s never going to happen. Yesterday, at 8.30am, both kids already wide awake. Daughter was screaming asking for her milk and son wanted to watch his 'Sky High' DVD. So how to sleep until later morning oh! By the time house work was completely done, I was more tired than I go to work everyday.’s already Monday and here I am, sleepy and tired on Monday afternoon. It’s only half day working and I’m so no energy already! Adoiii!! This morning..i got a rude shocking greeting while I took my shower. Tengah sabun-sabun, suddenly I saw something moving at the ‘drainer?? (sia pun nda tau apa nama tu lubang tempat air mengalir keluar)’..I took a while to observe the moving object which likes a tentacle. At the same time, I took a bucket of water kasi siram-siram the ‘thing’. Sekali………….CHIUT!!!!! lipan @ Centipede came out from the ‘lubang’..!!! apa lagi me..with my controlled scream, jumped inside my pail (incase the centipede decided to climb on my leg), and like a ‘sot @ crazy’ damsel in distress called my husband who was at the kitchen that time. Luckily he can hear me and came to rescue me. I asked him to get me a ‘pot’ of hot boiling water and use it to kill the centipede!! Eee macam kejam pulak kill the poor centipede kan? But I’m too scared to think other method mah. Only can think of hot water as a way to get rid of the creature. The time I saw the centipede, I have a thought taking picture of it tau! Hahaha Sure can blog mah! Hehe Nasib baik I was still penuh with sabun-sabun that time, if not, sure Centipede is in my blog already! Ekekeeee Ada-ada saja bah kan…

Mar 29, 2008

'Karipap' from Puchong

Wah! Today my boss is suddenly so generous with me. He gave me Curry Puff oh! And mind you, I’m the only one got to eat the delicious curry puff. He bought two, and gave me one.

Big Delicious CurryPuff

TT, you sudah pernah makan karipap harga RM1.50 kah?” Boss asked

Huh??” I almost want to tell him I ate a RM5.50 curry puff before..but tidak sampai hati pulak want to tell him. So smile saja..

“Nah! I bought this karipap somewhere at Puchong..Banyak sedap!” Boss said.

“Uh la la! TQ very much!” I’m so happy because I was sooo verrrrrrrrry hungry just now.

Why I’m the only one get karipap sedap itu? Because as this one quote, “Buat Baik di Balas baik” (If you do a good deed, you will receive the same goodness from other people? Hahaa betul kah nie?). Usually when my boss want to look for something to eat, he will come to me for biscuits, chocolate lah and whatever snacks I have with me. I have a cabinet where i keep my 'makanan ' mah. Maybe thats why he gave me one as an exchange of my other biscuits next time. Haha!

Ok lah! Ok lah! I Want to go off from office already. So That the end of story of good deed being repaid with Puchong CurryPuff. Happy Weekend everybody!

Married men with extramarital affair

I had a discussion with hubby previously. We were on our way back home from dating when I started our conversation. “Why some married men like to have a mistress ? Can’t they just stay faithful to their wife?” Me ask saja-saja “Maybe wife cannot give what they needed? Not enough pampering” Hubby makes assumption. “So how about those who are married but still like to spend their time with prostitute?” me again “Maybe boring with the wife already. Wife no fun one..” Hubby said again “HUH????!! If can get bored why marry at the first place? Somemore have kids already?”

Hubby didn’t answer me. Hehe He was too boring already debating the same issue all over again! Hehe This is not the first time i brought the issue to him. It's like the 1000 times since we get married.

Anyway, I do know some people who are already married, have few kids, and don’t have any qualm of guilty to have an extra marital affair with a younger girl or spend time with some whore. I did asked one of this scums about this issue before and his answer was.. “Tired working need to enjoy and release tension a bit” It was like a proud achievement for him to get a young girl that he can F***. Somore can show me the girl photo leh!! Not that super pretty pun! Ok lah!! Maybe less pretty than Ugly Betty lah!! His actions make my blood boiled oh!!

Why doesn’t he think in a positive way of releasing tension? If tension, bring the whole family go vacation lah. What?? Just because he is tired, his wife is not tired? Why not go enjoy with his family somewhere they can relax and spend their precious time together? Why not bring the whole family to enjoy the nicest food in town? Why not go SPA with the wife and spend more time together?

Arghhhhhh!!!!! Tension ni..i cannot accept the reason of being with another women or girl is simply because of working pressure. Don’t this people ever think that they are putting their family in risks?? What if the mistress or the prostitutes have HIV or AIDS? Then the husband get infected..then family member sick and needed his blood..sekali give blood to the son (example)..The Son who is sooooooo innocent also kena! And he had Sex with the wife..Another innocent victim kena AIDS! BODOH kah this people never think like that??

Do you know that AIDS and HIV cases are rising in alarming rate in Malaysia? In some cases, the pregnant wife got the disease from their unfaithful husband who is so tension at work and decided to ‘release his tension’ with a whore! So who kena?? Wife and the innocent baby who have to suffer until their last breath!

So what about the people who think they wanted to try for once ‘to release their tension’? One time only mah, it’s not like they going to do it any other time. This people should know and understand, with their one freaking mistake (want to enjoy), they can destroy their family. Who knows terus kena penyakit kah??? Everybody will suffer. True or not?

Ok lah! enough lah me stressing myself over this issue..Tired already! If you wondering why I’m suddenly so riled up, I’m PMSing and every issue discussed with hubby suddenly become so sensitive. Hehe kesian him bombarded by me on the married man moral issue!

Painter found dead with burn marks - The Star

Celaka lah the people who langgar the tiang electric somewhere near our office today..for the whole day we have no internet connection, no phone line, no fax line. All disconnected because of the stupid people who was so blind ramming tiang yang begitu besar..see i want to update blog while working also cannot..hehe now only can update..
Anyway, our office received a very saddening and shocking news when we have just started our day. At 9.45am, one of our lorry drivers told us (the staffs) that somebody has passed away and it was not in a really nice way of dying. One of our varnishers had just died. The news about his death was all over the paper like Sin Chew Paper, China Press and also The Star Online.
Since nobody really knew the causes of his death, there were few speculations made on how he died: 1. He suicides by hanging himself (teruk lah who told us this! Definitely not true) 2. He was sick (could be) 3. He met an accident, at home (Maybe!)
The post mortem result is already out. But we still have no clue on the mystery surrounding his death. Maybe family member know lah..but we don't!!! Kesian oh!!!! Though I barely know him (I only know his name and face through his IC. You know lah, I’m the person who submits his name to the site he was working at), I’m hoping his family will be strong enough to face this hard reality of losing their beloved one.

Mar 27, 2008

My story today...

Today, i started my day at 4.50am. Early kan? Not that i'm being a good mommy who need to go out find 'kayu api' to cook for my family, but it was because my son is not really feeling well. He has been whining since last night on how he cannot breathe and complaining itchy nose lah. kesian juga! So me, as a good mother brought him to see doctor early-early morning. Banyak lah ubat-ubat the doctor gave.
Oh! this photo below is my daughter tengah 'mengigau' hehe..i'm preparing to go to work when she suddenly laughed and closed her eyes using both hand. Me, cepat-cepat snap her sleeping position using my old and no quality handphone.

2 hours after i reached office, decided to take lunch with hubby at the nearby Kedai Makan. Sekali see..GOT accident (as photo below).... I cannot help myself from not saying "AYOOOOOO"!!!! can you imagine what happend to the poor guy who drive the car. Luckily i'm not the typical Malaysian who will ask the spectators around.. "Accident kah??" and when the answer is YES ask again "Mati kah?"

See how gila the kayu-kayan on the car

What i did when i walked to the Kedai Makan was, ambil gambar lah..hahaha apa lagi!! Kepoh-kepoh ask the kedai owner on what happend. It was the 'lorry driver and the gang' careless action caused this accident. Ayak! the 'Wira' can be considered as innocent bystander who happend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time lah. Tiada angin tiada ribut sekali kena hempap kayu pulak.
If you are wondering if the driver and passengers 'kaput' or not?? PRAISE TO GOD!! Not even a scratch pricking their skin. Kesian..the passenger who sat at the front needed some help from the people around to pull him out. (Story is based from Kedai Makan's Owner).

Some of kayu-kayu already been cleared by the factory workers and lorry driver
What i learned from this accident is, anything can happend to us anytime, anywhere. Even when we are sitting at home or kedai makan, if the roof decided to collapse, we have nowhere to run. We never will know what is going to happen to us in the future. (aiseh!! like speech pulak). So berhati-hati di jalan raya!

Mar 26, 2008

New External HD and lain-lain cerita lagi

I have a new External HD already..well its not really new actually. I got it since like 2 weeks ago and it is to replace my previous stolen HD. 120GB storage with silver casing, it cost about RM335.00 (Not that i pay pay lah). I still want my old external HD if i been given a choice between New Silver HD and Black Old HD.

These Ferrari model cars are me and hubby new car collection. kononnya la. hehe We have the 5 old model cars and hoping to complete the set of 7 new model of Ferrari. How to get this car? Easy!! Just fill your petrol at any Shell station (Min RM40.00) and you are entitle to buy 1 car. Satu car harga RM8.90. Some of the model already sold have to fill your petrol at pisuk-pisuk petrol station lah. Yang kurang manusia mau isi minyak. I have another 1 new car..but tidak sempat ambik gambar.

And this last picture..hehe i just cannot resist myself to take my old photo's photo. Can you see the resemblance of us the sibling? Ketara betul adik beradik bah suma..muka suma macam sama saja! hahaa the last two of us belum kena proses..after 2 years and 5 years baru ada yang 2 ikur..
Hmmm..siok juga ambil macam-macam nie kan. It represent me as the mother yang ada-ada saja mau buat. hehe macam lah inda payah keja.

Our World IS NOT safe anymore

I got scared again last night. This time, it was not about son ‘shitting’ in the middle of the night. I reached home at 8.50pm yesterday and about to change my clothes when my MIL suddenly barged into my room. Well, that was not what happened actually..My MIL came into my room with this scared face. She usually will wait for me at the living area if she has any important or urgent matter she wanted to tell. With no opening speech, she told me about the incident happened at one of the school near my house. “TT..wah! hari ini ada orang mau curi budak dekat sekolah” My MIL told me with scared face. “HUH!?? Tangkap budak? “ I tekejut beruk asked her “Ya lah..Auntie bawah rumah cakap sama saya” MIL said again “Ada budak kena tangkap kah?” Me already scared “Itu orang tak sempat curi itu budak..ada orang nampak. Lagi itu orang bawa teksi tunggu itu budak balik dari sekolah” MIL told me with expression full of emotion “Wah!!! Bahaya lah macam ni..mesti mau jaga oh budak-budak sekarang..Takut macam itu Sharlinie punya kes. Sampai sekarang pun tak jumpa dia lagi” Me told her again. “Ya loh..itu Isaac punya cikgu pun takda kasi itu budak-budak sekolah keluar kalau belum ada orang ambik. Saya ambi Isaac, diorang baru buka itu pintu sekolah” she told me “Hmmm..macam itu bagus lah..takut nanti itu orang datang mau tangkap budak-budak lagi kecil” Me again. case you are wondering why I’m talking with my MIL like that, its because she doesn’t understand me if I speak use my Sabahan slang. So I have to follow her slang lah. Anyway, what my MIL was trying to tell me was about yesterday afternoon incident was this kidnapping attempt by a fake taxi driver at one of the primary school near my house. She was scared too because my son and the other kids in our apartment block are going to school now. It is really terrifying to think bad thing can happened to them. (TOUCHWOOD!!!). I’m so glad that my MIL really concern about the safety of the kids at our neighbourhood. My sister told me it was actually not the first time the kidnapping attempt occurred at the school. It’s already happened twice and THANK GOD!! Nobody was kidnapped. A patrol police will go to the school patrolling and making sure the incident won’t happened again. But I guess the ‘crazy pervert saiko kidnapper pretend to be a taxi driver’ is not going to stop until he gets one of the kids. I’m praying hard he will get caught soon! Sumbat dalam penjara for 1000years for making US the parents miserable, scared and constant worrying about our kids at school I still cannot help worrying on what will happen to the kids that walking alone by themselves back home after school. Pray they will have their senses to walk in a group of at least 5 people. I’m sure this will deter the ‘fake crazy taxi driver’ to accomplish his evil plan. I hope you guys will pray for the safety of all the children at school. I will pray all the time for them too.

Mar 25, 2008

Scary 'Shitting' experience

This incident happened last week actually, but I feel I should share with you guys anyway. Last week Thursday, my son decided to sleep with me instead with my MIL. With hubby being so generous offering himself to sleep on the floor, my son was sleeping at my right side and daughter was sleeping at my left side. After almost 10 minutes of singing the song ‘cicak cicak di dinding’ and Twinkle-twinkle little star, both my kids finally drifted to sleep. I, myself snoozed immediately after them while hubby was already snoring on the floor. I don’t know what caused me to wake up in a jolt at 1.47am that morning. I woke up in a cold sweat and suddenly cannot find my son next to me. Daughter was sleeping peacefully but SON?? My heart already DUB DAB DUB DAB that time. I looked on the floor, but NO, son was not sleeping with hubby. I only see his bolster pillow while son nowhere to be seen. I was really alarmed and scared that time. When I went to see our room’s door, it was shut closely. I immediately jumped off from my bed and starting to whisper calling my son. NO answer! Just when I thought i should go out from my room to look for son, I saw him in the dark hiding in our bathroom. I..still ‘tekejut’ and relieved to see son, cannot help myself to ‘marah’ and asked him what he was doing there….malam-malam buta bangun for what? When I touch his face, I can feel something was really wrong because he was sweating. After I cool down a little, I asked him again what he was doing there, and his answer.."Mommy..go to sleep now!!!!" aiseh! Can you imagine my son still has the authority to tell me to go back to sleep when I was so scared like hell that time. So I went back to my bed and waited for son to follow me. But no..he was still inside the bathroom. Only after I heard him grunting, I understand why he woke up in the middle of the night. HE WANT TO PANGSAI (OH OH!! @ berak @ shit) rupanya..chit!! I straight away woke hubby up and told him about son and asked him to take care of the ‘shitting’ business while I go back to sleep. Hehe..good or not me? To tell you guys the truth, I was really scared that time. Who knows some pervert crazy guy came and snatched my sleeping boy in the middle of the night without me or husband knowing it! Thanks GOD nothing happened! I don’t think I can handle anything bad happen to my son. *People can feel they want to shit while sleeping meh??

Mar 24, 2008

Don't get conned by this people...

I just checked my email a while ago and this the junks that i get....

With Respect, I am SAMUEL HENRY My parents Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mundi Odinaga were assassinated here in BURKINA FASO . Before my father died, he had 10.200.00 MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS kept in a well concealed trunk box and deposited with a security company here in BURKINA FASO. I want you to do me a favour to receive this fund to a safe account in your country or any safer place as the beneficiary. I have plans to do investment in your country, like in real estate and industrial productions or any other profitable sector in your economy. This is my reasons for contacting you. Please if you are willing to assist me and my sister, indicate your interest by replying. PLEASE REPLY WITH THIS EMAIL ID Thanks and best regard. SAMUEL HENRY.
Shelburne ChambersTariro House,
40-41, Newington Green,
London, N16 9PR
Dear Friend,
I know we have not met in person but I have a very profiting proposal which I am sure you can handle. My name is Barr.Johnson Morgan QC. I am a Barrister and a member of the Queen's Council (QC) working with the reputable legal firm - Crown Office Chambers in London-UK and I am only contacting you to help claim deposited funds made by one of our clients who was involved in a fatal auto crash which killed him and his entire family in 2003.View the attached file and get back to me immediately,
Barr.Johnson Morgan QC


GOD!!! What is wrong with this Samuel and Johnson Morgan to send me this kind of email. Do they really believe i will be interested with the offer of "10.200.00million United States Dollars" (how much is it actually ah?? why put "." instead of ",") and don't know how much of amount of money by Mr. Johnson (Not dare to open the attachment in case he attached it with trojan kah) Maybe i should reply their email like this:
Dear Samuel Henry and Johnson Morgan,
WOW!! what a pleasant surprise for me to be chosen by you two to receive that huge amount of money though i'm not really sure the actual amount money you offer to me.
Why not you bank-in the money into my account first before i help you out with the investment. Once the money safely deposited into my account, i will contact you two as soon as possible. By the way, my account No. is 1234567890 at XXXX Bank.
I hope i will see my 10.200.00 million United States Dollars from Mr. Samuel and $$$??? by Mr. Johnson by tomorrow. Don't forget ya!!
Can or not i write like this? ;)
*If you receive this kind of email..just ignore it lah, nobody is going to give us money for no reason. Sure already the 'penipu' want to con you lah!

HDPE Scrap to Save our Planet

Do we all know that our world is getting crowded with all the plastic type of wastes we dumped everyday? Do you happen to know that I have a Degree in Environmental Science? SURPRISE!! Hehe. During university time, I had one subject which required us the students to dig, analysed, and weighed the wastes generated at one of the famous shopping complex in Seri Kembangan. Oh yes!!! I was the idiot you saw digging the garbage bin last time. In this assignment, me and coursemates had concluded that the most waste produced were food wastes and plastic wastes. There is not much thing can be done with the food wastes but there is sure a lot of way for plastic especially HDPE to be recycled. Probably not many of us have ever heard of High Density Polyethylene or sweetly known as HDPE. Just think of your detergent bottle, garbage containers, snack food packaging, carrier bags, bottles, barrels, drums and many others. All this stuffs are made from HDPE and all these stuffs can be scrapped to be recycled. The scrapping process is called HDPE Scrap. To Scrap HDPE , the HDPE wastes are sorted according to shapes, forms and colors and scrapped into the form of postConsumer HDPE Scrap, HDPE film trimmings, HDPE grocery bags, HDPE shreadings and few others form as stated here. All these forms can be baled, loose, compacted into secured bundles, rolls, etc. So if you are in the line of manufacturing HDPE type of plastic and have a thought to save our planet by recycling, why not visit HDPE Scrap to get a better information.

If 9 months old baby can do like this..what more with 4 yrs old boy?

This video was taken quite long time ago when my son was about 9 1/2 months old. If he is capable doing what he was doing when he was still a baby..he is 10x mischievous now. So whoever heard me screaming like a mad woman before, you will understand why i have to increase my volume sometimes. Soft talk just doesn't work anymore.

Base on the video here..Can you imagine my patience dealing with my four years old son now? With him telling me what i should and shouldn't do..Headache oh! Heck...who care anyway..

Mar 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy weekend to everybody..
To dear Christian friends

Mar 21, 2008

My kids LOOK like me. FULLSTOP!

Who look like me the most??? My daughter?? or My son?? Both?? Sometimes its really annoyed me when i went to visit hubby's relatives or friend's, they will start to make comparison on who look like the parent. Since making baby need both me and hubby's genes, i guess our babies look will be mixed..Separuh-separuh lah..or my kids should look like me..hehe

It's always ended up my kids look like my husband..Chit!!! Since when my kids look like hubby?? No same pun..

Just look at our photo, my kids do have my look kan?? I always tell whoever made the comparison that the only difference in between us is my kids don't have my eyes. Thats it! Everything is the same except my eyes...and still they will argue with me..

So now..I don't care lah what they will say...I'm going to say for the 100 times that my Son and Daughter do and always look like me.. ;) No matter what they say..

*I'm not going to post hubby's photo because he is no 'cuter' than me last time..

Mar 18, 2008

What do you think of this picture? DO they look alike?

Any similarities or indication that the lady and the boy related to each other? Is it possible for them to be mother and son?? Tell me la..

Hey..i did blog last time..

I just realized that i did blog in friendster before..eventhough there were only 6 entries, but it is still called blogging right?? I actually like one of my post because it is VERY TRUE and ACCURATE.. Here is my 5th post in my 'expired' blog in friendster...
Title : The VERY bad driver..(I've edited a bit of the content)
I've been driving for quite sometimes now and each of everyday, i'm getting irritated with the attitude of some bad driver... Here are the TOP 11 of the bad driver:
1) The Que Jumper - This driver is shamelessly make a quick way by jumping que and even driving from the opposite direction without thinking other driver safety, just to make sure they reach their destinantion on time! (Hate this driver very much, every morning i will meet at least 20 Q' Jumper drivers on the way to Sg. Buloh)
2)The Arrogant Driver - This driver refused to give way to other car thinking the road belong to them..(What is wrong with giving a way to other car lah??)
3) The impatient Driver - This driver like to honk if you are a second late to budge your car when the traffic light turn green. (Masuk gear also need to take at least 1 second right??)
4) The Suicidal driver - This driver usually like to plunge his/her car to the main way at the junction when there are another car coming so near. (didn't make a move when another car is still far..far away)
5). The Flasher - This happend to me before as this Trailer Driver keep flashing me (he wanted to overtake) though my car was already running 110km/hr (im in 2nd lane at Highway) I thought trailer speed limit is 80/90km/hr???? and they supposed to be in left lane????
6) The Dumper - These drivers like to throw rubbish out from their could be a big plastic of rubbish, fruit skin, ciggarete butt and others we consider as rubbish.
7) The confused Driver - This driver just doesn't know where he/she moment the signal is to turn left..and the second, the car turn right.
8) The Maniac Driver - These drivers speed their car like devil..if they can go until 300km/hr, i think they will do it..
9) The Snail Driver - Ok, nothing wrong with driving slow..but please not tooooooo slow...50km/hr at highway?? emmm..isn't that too slow and dangerous??
10) The NO-Signal-Driver - This driver like to make a turn or manoeuvre with no signal. What so difficult to turn the signal on?
11) The Glow in The Dark Driver - Doesn't switch on he/her light even when its already dark. This driver probably think his/her car can glow in the dark and other people can see her/him.
I might not be a super duper good driver but at least i try to be one. So please..Drive carefully and don't let yourself be in the "Statistics"..
.................................... that was my blog entry last year. Do you agree with the bad drivers list? Which one do hate the most?? or you want to add another species of bad driver. Please..jangan malu-malu add.. :)

Mar 17, 2008

My sunday!

This is how i spend my sunday yesterday...

Me and hubby brought our kids to go swimming..Very Shiok because i no need to swim. I was the 'cameraLady' here

Tu mommy!! Inesha bilang

Punya shiok Inesha floating sana sini..

After i cooked our lunch and feed my and hubby went off to spend some of our time together. Since we married 5 years ago, we always bring our kids along wherever we went and of course we never had a time for ourselves. So for the first time in 5 years, me and hubby 'cabut lari' for 1 day to somewhere..mengada-ngada stay at Minister suite room konon..see-see..nothing special pun.

The living hall make the room status become minister suites..

Normal room saja pun

The bathroom is nice though, its quite big!

I can see people swimming outside..but no interest to swim myself, MALAS

Carousel Restaurant
At 7.45pm, me and hubby went to have our dinner. I choose a buffet dinner because i plan to eat banyak-banyak. Damn! It was a quite expensive dinner for two person. One person cost about RM70.00++ not including drinks. The two glasses of juice we ordered cost about RM31.00 (Gila babas punya mahal!! Bagus kalau sedap)


What we eat for our dinner?? THIS!!! The prawn was very delicious. Half cooked i think. But i don't like the oyster. I ate one and almost keluar balik the oyster. Hubby keep asking me to 'telan' the oyster. He say..don't chew..don't chew..telan saja! hehee So one oyster was enough for me. As for the prawns, ate so many of it. Its very fresh oh..2 -3 pcs definitely not enough! There were other food i ate as well like, curry fish head, curry prawn, lasagne, different type of lauk sotong, chicken, and banyak lagi lah. Forgot already.


I ate so many things that i forgot to take some photo of it..hehe Paling sedap was the dessert. I Makan the Tiramisu cake, coklat, cheese cake, walnut cake..wahahahahaa!! buncit terus perut!
Sekali the bill come, Atukoiii..cost us about RM157.00++ (after 20% dicounts pulak tu! Chit!!). Not really worth oh makan macam time teda sudah lah mau makan buffet at this hotel.
So that was my Sunday which was a very very busy and hectic day. But i love the moment very much because i really miss to spend my time with hubby alone. Akhirnya dapat juga.. hehee Jangan Jelous!!

Mar 15, 2008

Enjoy your weekend..

Photo courtesy of son's toys
I'm off to somewhere with hubby wish you guys a nice and wonderful weekend..
Sleep as long as you can.. ;)

REWARD for myself

How i reward my starving stomach after i'd finished my check up??
This is how.. heheheheee
Spend RM28.75 for delicious food!!

Drink 1 pot of Tea

My tea condiment; condensed milk and special sugar

Look at the sugar...!!! Very special!!

3 tier of food!! muahahahaaa

The fruit tart is very delicious

That is how!! hehe Well don't be deceived by the food quantity and size..It is actually very small. I didn't managed to finish it, so i 'tapau' balik rumah. But this delicious food didn't managed to reach home because i ate it all while driving back home. Hehee So..Here i am suggesting to you all the way you are supposed to treat yourselves when you have done something good! ;)

AESP the results?? check-up was completed yesterday without any difficulties or 'uncomfortablelities' or other bad bad event...So here is my story about my check up yesterday.

I reached the Health Screen Centre about 9.04am and went straight away to register myself. There were at least 40 other people that time. Means many 'Health Concerned' people were doing their check-up as well.

To cut my story short, i was asked to change my clothes to the attire provided by was a little big for me, so i kasi fashioned a bit the attire become like kimono. I saw some people also follow my style..hehehe

So here are the tests done on me and also the results :

> Blood test - Itu doctor is very good lah..he can cucuk my arm, take my blood and left only a small dot on my arm. No pain at all..eventhough i kepoh-kepoh see he suck-up my blood used the long syringe. The result for the test, PERFECT!! hehe Total Cholesterol, HDL and the other type of 'minyak-minyak' level are below the high risk. My liver is functioning well, glucose is low, non-reactive rheumatoid, cancer profile is good..tarak cell yang berkelakuan ganjil..except for my eosinophil counts which above the normal count. It supposed to be 1-6 but my reading is 9 (maybe i'm not feeling really well my white blood trying to fight the infection by producing an extra eosinophil).

> Urine test - Kencing pun sihat. hehe no ketones, no protein, pH almost neutral and nothing ganjil-ganjil with it. This shows that my kidney are also functioning well..

> X-Ray - My lungs is very healthy..wahahaha itu doctor say..the only not good thing about my x-ray stomach indicate that i'm very..very hungry that time..muahaha of course lah hungry.. I'd been fasting for almost 13hours oh..

> Eye Test - Wah!! I like this test very much..first the doctor lastik my eyes with 'don'tknow what the hell' was it..then i had to see the bus and passenger...then have to see the small-small house..the results are..OK! Left eye is perfect.. 0.00 of everything..but right eyes sudah sikit rosak..naked eyes sight reading is +0.25 (i don't know what the heck this is means) then the other one is -0.50 (apa barang sia pun tak tau!!). I was lazy to ask the doctor because at that moment, i still can see clearly with my eyes.
> Electrocardiogram test - Ini paling difficult!! the attendent connect so many wires to my body and told me don't move because she wanted to take my heart activities reading. I just cannot lie still because i balik-balik 'AH CHOOOOOO' . After the fourth attempt, i managed to hold my sneeze until she finished her test. Anyway..i scored very good with it. Belum ada blockage so far! huhuhu..

> Pap Smear - I want to give 5* rate to this DR. SHEILA..(Nasib baik perempuan). She done the test very..very profesional because i don't even feel anything while she korek-korek 'there'. Fuhhhh!! Result, not so good if based on the discharge appearance..alamak!! But i will know the full result within two weeks from now. If everything is ok and no abnormality to my cervix, they will just post the result..but if any weird-weird result come out, Dr. Sheila will personally call me..!(Pray nothing is wrong lah)

> General appearance - OK!! Sihat boobs kena raba-raba and thank god no lump or anything there..Nose also healthy, ear also healthy..suma healthy..hehee

My consulatation was done with Dr. Sheila. There are few other doctors actually but i kena put with Dr. Sheila which is good because she cannot stop giving compliment to me. She keep saying.. WOW!! WOW!! eveytime she saw my results. Haha.. Like WOW!! Your cholest level is very good.. WOW!! Very healthy heart..!! WOW!! Your lungs is clear indicating a healthy lungs..and many others..Forgot already because too many compliment. The best part was when i want to go off, Dr. Sheila shook my hand and said "It's very nice to meet a healthy and pretty young lady like you"..wahahahaha!! I gave her 5* rate when i fill the survey form..she is that good making people 'bontot kembang'.
So that was my check-up yesterday..I was so tired when i reached home. There was other story that i was lost at the highway on my way back home.. :) but will tell about it next time. For now, i'm feeling better and glad that i still have a healthy body (except the pap smear which i hope will be normal).

Mar 13, 2008

How I meet my husband...

Suddenly I’m being romantic thinking person today..Heart full with so much love.. WEIRD!!! Maybe it is because my lovey dovey moment I had with hubby last nite?? We suddenly fly back the moment we first meet...... Ok..ok..we didn’t fly, we were just having this spontaneous conversation about how we met with each other for the first time. There was nothing romantic about it anyway. hehee... Back to the moment 10 years ago..I was doing my matriculation in one of the college in KK. While hubby, was in-charge for the Sutra Harbour Hotel Interior Fit-out Renovation. He was my neighbour and actually lives at a different block of apartment (he was at 3rd Floor) which is the opposite of my block (I was at 4th Floor). Hubby probably saw me everyday when he went off to work and become interested in me?? Hahaa.. I don’t know.. We never talk or anything. There were only few moments when we exchanged smiles without any words.. Ya to talk if he stands very far kan.
Until one day, he gave me a sign of talking in the phone. I was like..what the heck this guy want now?? He was actually asking for my number by using a sign language. Bengong betul kan? So I just signed back that I have no phone. It was year 1998 when not everybody owns a handphone. (ingat kaya meh!!). So he went back inside his house and I thought..he was done with it..He suddenly appeared again at the balcony with a cardboard with his phone number written on it. Wuahaha..pulak dah!! Being a nice and friendly girl (muahahahaa perasaaaaaanya)..i jotted down his number and kept it . On the very same day, I called him at 8.30pm. And guess what his 1st question was?? He asked me…LU NAMA APA??? Hahahahahahahaaaa What a question to ask a girl her name (Until now I still tease him about the way he ask my name). That night he asked me to go out for supper somewhere near our place..
So that’s how we first met and started our friendship which turned into a relationship then again turned into marriage..Next time lah if I rajin, I story-story about the obstacles we had when we still cintan-cintun (dating). For now..hmmm..i think I better do my work before my boss see me busy blogging here..heheheeeee

Mar 12, 2008

Advance Executive Health Screening (AESP)

I’m a lil’ bit nervous now because this coming Friday I have an appointment to do my long overdue AESP Medical check-up (see the name also like very grand already ekekeee). Can you imagine..long needle used to draw my blood. Eeeeeeeeeee.. 'takutnya'!!!! But Takut or not..I know I still have to do this medical check-up..Who knows some of my organs are failing without me knowing it? More scary!!

Anyway, my check-up is consist of Blood and Urine Test, Chest X-Ray (manatau ada sakit Liver ka??), Electrocardiogram (To see whether my heart still healthy or not), General Inspection, Physical Examination, Eye Examination and PAP SMEAR (Arggggghhh..lagi takut).

This will be my face when Dr. start poking me!

Out of all the test..I’m really scared with the Pap Smear..not because of discomfort but knowing that somebody going to ‘korek-korek’ there..Aiya!! If female doctor going to conduct this test..i might be little comfortable..but if male?? Think twice oh..maybe I’m not going to do it..hahaha Why I don’t want a male dr..?? Becuse I don’t like another male species poking my most private part…Even my 2 deliveries were attended by female nurse and female doctor…No offend ya male doctor..! I just don’t like you..heheheee

Ok..there are few rules I have to follow before doing the check-up (ada juga rules bah)

1. I have to fast 8 hours from midnight. (Sei lor..lapar lah macam nie)
2. No contact lens (nasib baik mata masih Ok)
3. No alcohol for 48 hours before check-up ( I don’t drink alcohol anyway)
4. No Jewelry (hmmm..not sure why..hehehe)
5. No sexual intercourse (ya lah..ya lah..tahan lah for 2 days lah)
6. No douching (find in the dictionary what douching means lah)

This medical check-up will be done at Country Height Health Screen at Palace of The Golden Horses..Ai satu keja lagi..have to drive least 45 minutes from my place..Hmmm..malasnya! sudah lah jam gila babas going there..

Ok lah..i hope I won’t faint seeing all the medical equipment this Friday.. if not..ayoo malunya..sure I will be in the paper come Saturday morning for fainting while doing medical check-up..some more front page pulak tu! hahaha

Ok..Ok..last advice.. PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN you all out there..don’t forget to do your medical check-up..

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Mar 11, 2008

Tag : Link Around the World

Another tag from Cuz' Choc Mint Girl..Hehe Banyak pulak tags nie kan..Bah doing it now.. ;)

Source of image:

~Start copying here~

1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!

2. After placing your blog's address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that are not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling..

3. Here is the best part: Make sure to update your list every now and then, by getting the master list here. I'll be updating the master list every day, or as soon as I see a new blog that's been added to the list.

Links around the world tag1 - Momhood Moments 2 - Business Mars 3 - A Simple life 4 - moms….. check nyo 5 - Mommy’s Little Corner 6 – Choc Mint Girl 7 - KadusMama 8. place your link here

~End copying here~

Well..this time i think i will tag Urang Ranau, Sharon, gurangak and 2 orang lagi yang rasa mau buat this tag.. :)

Mar 10, 2008

My big THANX goes to.....

As i have posted before, I've lost my external hardisk where i keep my whole world there..My family photos, my works, my videos,
Just when i thought my world is over, i suddenly remember i've uploaded some of my photos at few sites..THANK GOD!!!! After saving all the available photos, i managed to get about 160 of it..though it is very less than what i had before, i'm still thankful for whatever i can get..
So here i am..want to say thank you ala-ala Grammy to the sites that keep my photos.
I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to,, and for being there and keeping all my photos.Not forgeting to the Recover My Files software that help me to recover all my deleted files.
My big thanks goes to this site because of this sites keep my photos nicely. I managed to get back some of my photos. And of course to the recover files software, i managed to get some of my work format.
To friendster...i managed to get 120 photos of my family, Thank you very-very much...I will forever remember your good deed..
To facebook..i get at least 2o photos of special event..Thank you too..
To bambooborneo..though not many photos there..i still managed to get some of my precious photos that i thought i will never see it again..Poinsikou!!!
To Recover My Files Software...Thank God you are here..At least i'm not doomed to the end for losing all my works of 4 years! Losing 1/2 of my works is better than losing everything!
I'm also hoping that whoever has my photos or my kids photos will be kind enough to email it to me..I will forever remember you kind heart and help..
Thank you..Thank you *teary eyes*

Diamond oh Diamond!

If somebody special in your life presents a nice big diamond ring to propose to you, what are you going to do and say?? Will you jump in excitement and Say YES!! I DO..or look at the ring and say.."That small?? HELL NO!!"

That ring you see is my wedding band and I have been wearing it for 5 years now. If you have been wondering how many carat the diamond is..Don’t worry it is probably less than 0.0001 carat..hehee its very small diamond only lah..cost less than 1K..

I merely was testing my ‘kecampinan’ (skill) to take small thing’s photo that day. hehe Using a cheap and not so sophisticated device, I manage to capture my ring’s picture (After quite many attempts actually..hehe). Nyehhhh…mau jadi photographer nie!

Wah if can get diamond this big..what am i suppose to feel??

Anyway, do you care much about your wedding ring? Do want something big, grand and super shiny-shiny ring? or just plain and simple band is enough? Do tell me.. ;) I'm curious because i don't really bother about my wedding ring.

Mar 6, 2008

I want to KILL somebody now!!!!

What will you feel when your most important things suddenly disappeared???
Let say your MONEY...or your most expensive bag?

I reached office quite early this morning when our accountant told me somebody broke-in into our office. I didn't feel anything at first until i noticed that my external hardisk had gone missing. The stupid burglar 'sapu' two laptops, my external HD and my colleague's coins. "APA PUNYA BODOH LAH" this burglar or maybe it's burglars? I already hide my HD somewhere below my table pun he still can see it. And why only take my value pun..he should take all the expensive computers, fax machine, photocopy machines, maybe all the 10 printers here mah..

Lubang kena korek by burglar..Bodoh betul..kasi lah pecah the need to sweat cut the wall mah!!!

Some more cut cantik-cantik the wall to open the door..why not just break the glass???

Well why should i be angry right?? its only HD mah..not the whole pc..or cpu pun..I'm angry because i keep all my kids photos since they were born until my son's recent birthday inside my HD..ARGHHHHHH!!!!! I have nothing to worry about me being famous like Edison's Juicy photos leaked out in internet..but losing all of my kids and my family photos??? and not to mention all my works?? *sigh* If you are wondering if i have a back-up of my family's photos?? yes i do..but not all of them..and i took more than 500 photos for this past 3 months..all gone just like that!!! Mana mau cari balik oh?? if i had deleted it..nevermind..i still can recover all the deleted files..but kena curi??

Inside my heart now..i'm cursing the 'pencuri' supaya he lost his hand..or break his legs kah..or 'putus' jari kah..God give him hand and legs, what he had done?? use his limbs to climb up the wall and steal people's stuff..better tell him to kill himself than become a rubbish to the society!

I'm trying to be positive and calm myself now..but it is just impossible. I'm hoping i can get my HD back but i know that not going to happen..sedihnya!! All i can do is..pray that whoever buy the HD from the burglar read my blog and have a conscience to return it back to the me..I'm willing to pay maybe RM300 for it..For GOD sake..its a stolen item..don't add more sin lah..!

Now i can only hope for miracle to happen. Hopefully i will see my HD at our office doorstep tomorrow!! Amen!!

Mar 5, 2008

What's in a name?

I was cleaning my inbox when i opened one of the old email from my friend. It goes like this.. ........................ A Red Indian boy goes to his mother one day with a puzzled look on his face "Say, Mom," he asked, "why is my big brother named 'Mighty Storm'?" "Because he was conceived during a mighty storm." she replied. "Why is my sister named 'Corn Flower'?" "Well," his mother answered, "Your father and I were in a cornfield when we made her." "And why is my other sister called 'Moon Child'?" "We were watching the moon landing while she was conceived," the mother replied. The mother then asked the boy, "Tell me, 'Broken Rubber', why are you so curious?" ............................ Broken Rubber?? HA HA HA HA!!!

Son's Birthday

Yesterday was son's birthday..and it was celebrated in a simple way..just family..NO special food except the 1/2kg cake. I try to find santa claus cake as requested by son, but no avail. Only manage to get this 'spiderman + pooh in the jungle' cake. Luckily son didn't complain much. He was too happy to get a spiderman cake for his birthday.

So after we sing the birthday song (son is the loudest!!), hubby gave son a present. And the present is this horrible looking monster. I was speechless to see it that i don't know what to say!

Son taking picture with his new superhero, "Titus". As i observed him, i noticed he was more interested with the villain 'Argus' than the staring hero. alala..susah lah nie..

Its kinda funny last nite when me and hubby were the excited one' to take picture of son's new toys.. both of us sprawling on the floor trying to get the best angle to take photo of superhero and villain. Like crazy, saiko stalker trying to take people picture like that..hehe

After we finished with our photo session, son want suddenly want to be a superhero..haha he asked daddy to help him with the cape and wore the BIG goggle. I'm not sure what is the significant of big goggle being a superhero. But me as a good mommy, just let him dressed the way he want lah..

Well that about son's 4th birthday..As a birthday wish, I'm wishing dear son a good health and many-many good things for him this year. And of course i'm hoping he will listen me more next time.

Mar 4, 2008


Today is Dear son's 4th birthday..
So the Mommy want to sing a song for him..

Happy Birthday to la la..

Happy Birthday to la la..

Happy birthday to la la..

Happy birthday to you! la la la

This morning son has requested a 'santa claus cake' and a spiderman monster present for him. He want his cake to be the same like christmas cake last year...mana mau cari oh??

This is Christmas's cake and not birthday cake

Hopefully i can find a cake look like this one..if not...finish lah me..sure son will bising-bising!

Mar 3, 2008

The '8's Tag

Yay! I've been tagged by Cicak for this '8's things about you..hehe No is The '8's only..So here are my 8's 8 things I’m passionate about: 1. Clothing (Have to make a choice on what to wear to work and to sleep..) 2. Books!! (I have lots of it..but i need some times to read it.. ) 3. Education (I always love to kah..spelling kah..or anything that is new) 4. My kids (They are not thing but i'm passionate about them..When i'm in office i cannot stop thinking about them) 5. My eyebrow (No comment! hehe) 6. Earrings (i think i have so many already..i really like to buy earring..but only wore 2-3 of it) 7. Cooking (Favourite is still kari nangka ..NYUMMMMMMMM) 8. Santut!! hahahaha (i have collection oh) 8 things I say often: 1. What??? (Too lazy want to ask the full sentence) 2. Bongoh!! (same meaning like Stupid) 3. alalalalala! (I guess its the same like 'ayoyoyo') 4. kambeng !! (goat?? haha)!! (I sometimes call my sister this she doesn't want to listen what i want to say) 5. Babe (Call my husband) 6. Morning..Mar*me*a! (Have to say this for 500 times a day when i'm at office) 7. Ntah laitu..(Don't know) 8. Apaitu? (meaning what is it?..usually i will say this if i return my dad or mom or brothers or sisters miss calls) 8 books I’ve read recently: 1. Malaysian Women's Weekly (Cicak say magazine also counted as a book! hehe) 2. Parenthood Magazine (Its a written paper! its a book lah!) 3. What To expect in toddler years 4. Readers Digest (I'm used to be the subscriber) 5. Shadow Dance (i like!!..i like this book very much) 6. Is a whole stack of drawing counted as a book?? hehee 7. Vietnamese Made Simple (i have to read this..we have so many Vietnamese workers.. so learning a bit of their language is bagus for me) 8. Prescription of passion (wakaka! I get this book FOC..itu viagra company gave this book to public last time..Nice book to read because its very who want to borrow let me know. hehe) 8 things to do before I die: 1. Make sure my insurance policy is enough to cover my kids edu next time 2. Go back kampung and salam(shake hand) with all my relatives 3. Go to studio and take a nice photo..At least my family can see me in pretty clothes. 4. Ehem..ehem..puas-puas with my beloved husband..hehehe 5. Stock up the food for few years in my house. If i die, who is going to buy the grocerries?? 6. Spend more times with my kids and tell them 1 million times how much i love them.. 7. Go to ROME.. 8. Blog more paid post and put all the money in my kids saving account. 8 songs I could listen to over and over again: 1. Escape - Enrique 2. Piece of me - Britney Spears 3. Radar - Britney Spears 4. Hot As Ice - Britney Spears 5. Clumsy - Fergie 6. Wake me up when... - Green Day 7. Tiwas (If i'm sleepy i will listen to this song to be refreshed! hehe) 8. When i die - No mercy (like 15 years already listening to this song) 8 things I learn in the last year: 1. Having 1 kid is easier than having 2 kids 2. My son and daughter have different personality 3. I learned that my wrinkles is getting obvious ( Old already..kesian!) 4. I can scream very loud when i'm angry with my kids (the whole apartment can hear me) 5. Breastfeeding can save a lots of money..hahaha 6. Having 2 kids is very expensive. 7. Backing-up my sim card is very important. I lost all my contacts last year when my handphone condemn! 'keteh'! 8. Even i fight (bukan betumbuk lah!) with husband and say in my heart i HATE him..i know i still love him very much!! Akaka bongoh tul mau begaduh. and lastly, the 8 people i want to tag are.. ChocMintGirl, Sharon, lil'mspinky, Man-D and Nyumix (tidak cukup 8 pun ok bah kan??)

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