Feb 27, 2009

Love your wife, and you kill her

I don’t know. This is what somebody told me not long time ago. The guy has been married for 20 years and is really a nice guy. No..no..don’t get me wrong. The guy I’m talking about is the lorry driver who managed our factory waste.
So about a month ago, we (me, my colleague and him) had a chat about his wife. Talk..talk..talk, we reached the story about his Grandfather. His grandfather advised them (the grandchildren) not to show their wife (when they married lah!!) too much of love. Huh????? I was speechless when he told me that. So I asked him why?? And he told me, showing too much of love to the wife will cause her to die early!!! What the……??????
I don’t know whether it’s a belief or a nonsense the grandchildren forced to believe. But seriously…any of you guys have ever heard about this before???
If the husband cannot showers the wife with lotsssssssss of love, who is going to??? Takkan the neighbour or Monster-in-Law (Opsss!! Mother-in-Law bah!) kan???
Back to the guy, he told us his wife is super sensitive and emotional creature. If he forgot to compliment her cooking, she will cry at least for 2 days. And if the guy the accidentally smack or rather tap, maybe her hand, she will immediately pack her stuffs ready to go back to the parents house!!! And they already married for 20 years?????? *roll eyes*
The guy really love the wife 'so the very' much, but no matter how much he love the wife, he told us, he won’t show 100% of his love fearing she will die early. Dangs!!! Sepa lah pigi buat this rules nie???? Don’t you think is absurd @ gila???????
Bah, whoever heard about this ‘golden rules’ before, do let me know about it ya? I still cannot accept it lah…! Should a husband bash their wife in order the wife to live longer???? Hahahahahaa..Gila!!

Feb 26, 2009

Hot Chicks, Hot Hunks for you

Warning : This post is strictly intended for the non-married people only.
Hehehee!!! You must be wondering why this post is for those non-married people only, right?? Well..i don’t want to be held responsible for causing the already married people to find and talk to other women / men other than their own spouse because what I’m going to post here is about you getting to know somebody you never meet before and date online with the person.
I never date online except chatting with my bf (hubby) when we went to Cyber CafĂ© long…long time ago. In year 1998, I was only 18 and studying at that time, while hubby was running his project at Sutra Harbour, KK. We don’t own a computer, so during weekend, my bf will fetched me and we went to the CyberCafe at Gaya street to online. Hahahaa What we both did other than surfing was…chatting and flirting with each other using the ICQ program. What make it funny was, my bf was only sitting few feet away from me and us both we giggling and laughing like idiot while chatting. Ekeke Until now, we still date online using our YM but nowadays, our conversation more like this;
Hubby : Ui Ty…check this minutes. *file attached*
: Ok!
: Finish typing my letter for 163 project already ka??
: Doing now..
: Don’t forget to fax the workers name list for the project too..
: OK!!!!
Hahaha!! How romantic our conversation huh??? Everything is about work. Anyway, the thing I want to tell those single people out there is about a dating site, Passionsearch.com. This site is one good site for those who are looking for their dream guy / gal. I already check through the site and I can tell you it’s one very organized dating site. You can find anybody based on their country, state and even the district them living at. Then you choose the age range of the person you wanted to date and when you are directed to the candidates’ profile, you can see their photos too. So from there, you choose whoever you fancy and start chatting with the person. Easy huh?? The other thing I noticed in the site is, you can have a steamy conversation with the person you intend to chat with Hahahaha!! Don’t ask me about that coz’ I really have no idea what the ‘steamy conversation’ is. Go figure out that yourself.
So if you have nothing better to do now, why not sign up yourself at passion search (Don't worry! It’s Free!!) and get to know with the hot chick and hunks there.

Feb 25, 2009

Why this people soooo bloody bengong one????

Usually, i don't bother when i get this kind of email in my inbox. All i have to do is press the "delete" button and that stupid email is gone forever. However, i cannot resist myself from posting these 2 emails i recived last nite. Heheheee Over the years, these people are getting more creative with their 'sad story' to con people.

All this time, i received 1000 emails (cheh!! lebih-lebih pulak) stating that their relatives, father, mother died on a plane crashed and left them millions of $$$$. All they need is, my help to be their 'soooooooooooooo lucky' beneficiary to receive at least 20% of the money. 99.99% of these emails are sent from Nigeria. Hmmmmmm.....

Anywayyyyyyy...these conmen finally changed their story line already!! Hahahaaa From relative died on a plan crash, they are the victim of 'don't know whatever crisi' who need to get their inheritance, but somebody will kill them if do so!! Yerigggghhhhhttttttt!!!!!! As if i care!!!!!

Well, if you think i like getting this kind of emails, Hell NO!!!! Those junks are occupying me inbox and reduce my inbox bandwith!! But that is not the purpose of this post. The main purpose of this post to warn you guys not to fall to this scam!! Think logic la!! Who want to give us millions of $$$$$$ just like that kan??? So, don't be greedy..use your brain to think properly!! heheheee

Feb 24, 2009

Eco-Solar Shades

I’m sure most of you guys already know that I’m working with an interior fit-out company, right? The company I’m working now does mainly joinery works for office, house, hospital, showrooms, restaurant, hotel and many more. Our two main projects running now are few hundred units of condo and also a penthouse. Surprisingly, I am not really busy as I was few months ago.
I remember last year, we had like 20 concurrent projects which needed to be finished ASAP. At that time, everybody in my office was like ‘LIPAS KUDUNG’ trying to finish everything. But that was few months ago.
Back to my office story, we usually supply and do the installations works for built-in furniture like a full height cabinet, top hung cabinet and others. However, there were times when we also have to supply items like curtain and blinds, upholstery chairs and other items that not categorized as joinery works.
For almost 5 years working here, I noticed that nobody has ever order a solar shade for their house. Hmmmmmmm..I wonder why??? Are the people in our country need no solar shade for their house????
But…in case there are customers who want to have a solar shade for their houses, we don’t have to worry a single bit as The Shade Store is going to be our first choice to get a Solar Shade for our customers. Not only the shades are energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, it also absorb heat, protects interiors from harmful UV Rays and reduce glare. The materials used are also 100% recyclable and GreenGuard Certified!! Yay!! I likeeeeeee….I cannot wait for our customer to get one of the shades when they learned about it.


So, how about you?? Anybody interested to get solar shades for your own house???? If yes, you can get 15% off and free shipping of the item ordered from The Shade Store . All you need to do is, use the Code : IZEA01 when ordering the shades and you are entitle to get the 15% discount already. Well, that about my post tonight. I’m actually very..very sleepy already. Heheee I will visits your guys tomorrow. So, GOOD NITE GUYS!!! Don’t forget to check The Shade Store, ya!!?

Feb 23, 2009

I am a WOnderWoman!!!

Shemah gave me this award quite a long time ago!! Bad! Bad me, i only posted it today for you guys to see. I'm not really sure if i am a wonderwoman or not, but i do wish i have a superpower that allowed me to do everything in a blink of an eye.
You probably already tired reading about me with my hectic life. Hehee...sabar saja lah labu!! That's what i'm experiencing right now, and maybe for another 3 1/2 years from now!!! Terpaksa lah postponed the plan to add a new family member now!! I don't think i can handle my life if i have a small and very vulnerable baby to look after while having to work, study, blog and looking after my two other kids. I'm sooooooo sure i will become insane having to run super busy life!!! heheheee...soooooo, postponed la!!
Bah i'm going to present this award to other bloggers and the lucky WondahWomen bloggers are :
Nessa (sebab ko memang superwoman!! heheheeee)
Chegu carol (You are one WonderWoman who can drive hundreds of km in one day)
Kobie Vanessa (hehehee..keja, study, lepas tu tia tama lagi mau kawin)
Actually, i was thinking to pass this award to more people..butttttttt...next award lah ya guys!! heheeeeee I still have more award that not claimed and posted in my blog yet!!! Lain kali i give you guys ya.. ~tata~

Feb 22, 2009

Webhost for you...

Geeeeezzzzz!! It is 6am at this moment and I’m still not asleep yet. I really need to finish little stuff before I can go to sleep.
This post is actually dedicated to Ann who already bought a domain but has no webhost just yet. I know I already gave her the link on where to find a webhost that provide a webhosting service to blog, but there is nothing wrong if I give her the webhosting service provider one more time, right? So yeah…Ann, please check http://webhostinggeeks.com/ to get more details on how to make your .com works.
If any of you guys wondering why is it important to get your own blog domain and also a reputable webhost for your blog, it’s because a lots of advertisers nowadays prefer to market their products in a own domain blog. I noticed that since I bought my blog domain 3 months ++ ago, I have been getting quite a number of offers from few advertisers to do a posting in my blog. Though the amount offered was not really high, in a recession time like this, every dollar is counted and I’m pretty happy with all the offers I got.
So guys, go get your own domain and webhost today. Hehhee That’s about my post on this Sunday morning..! Wish you guys a wonderful Sunday and take care. ~tata~

Helppppppp!!!!! Fund Needed!!

I know i'm being ridiculous here!! Who in their right mind will post an entry in their blog asking for a fund from those who is concerned, kan??
I was gambling the whole nite today (while doing my assignment ya!!!) and almost lost all my money due to unskill way of gambling! The fact that i already won quite big amount of money make me soooooooooooo sakit hati now. I was so greedy to win more and end up betting bigger amount of money on the table, only to loss back all my winning!!! *tsk..tsk*
So here i am..hoping a good soul out there to send me a gift to fund my gambling habit!! Ya..fund my gambling habit in FB!!! Hahahaaaaaaa I should put the blame on hubby for teaching me to play Texas Poker in FB and seeeee lah..instead of concentrating to study for my exam, i was up the whole nite (still up actually) gambling in FB!!! Teruknyaaaaaa!!!
Bah...i hope sepa yang ada FB and already is my friend, can you guys send me the 'chip' to fund my big investment ??? Hehehee..PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!

Feb 21, 2009

Do you want to slim down??

*sigh* This post is going to be one of my crazy rant for this week. If you still remember or check my old post regarding me losing weight, then gaining some kg and facing the bulging tummy problem, you will understand how self conscious is me with anything that related to my weight. When I delivered my daughter 2 years +++ ago, I weighed myself almost everyday hoping the 60kg number will miraculously reduced to 45kg! Hahaha It was very insane of me.

But, of course I did loss some weight after the whole month of dieting after I finished my confinement period. It is already 2 years ++ since I last had my strict diet to shed all the extra pounds gained during my second pregnancy and geeezzzzzz I’m facing a problem with my weight again. I used to weigh about 43kg (before I have both my kids) and I really wish my weight remain the same now.

Anyway, back to my weight issues, I found out in the past few months, one week I will be like 2kgs lighter from 45kg and the next week, I will have my weight fluctuated to 47kg! Seriously!!! What is wrong with me??????? But, that’s not the problem here. Recently, hubby redeemed that “evil” Digital Weighing Scale from Jusco and my nightmare begun soon after. (HAHAHA lebih-lebih pulak sia nie). The moment I stepped on that weighing scale, my eyes almost popped out when I see the ‘45.7’ digital number. For few days, I weighed myself and celaka my weight remains 45.7!!! Probably you guys think 45.7kg is ok, but not for me, when I reached the figure 45++, all the extra fats or whatever it is will go to my thighs / bum or tummy, and I really hate to see my ‘gigantic’ (Ok! I exaggerate) thighs.

I’m not trying to reduce my weight until 40kg or below. I only want it to be 43kg like it used to be last time. *sigh* Do you think there is any diet pills that work to reduce the fat at the specific area in our body? Maybe like our thigh??? I don’t know. I did try to find a diet pill reviews in the internet and it does lead me to the best diet pills available.

Have you heard anything about this Proactol Diet Pills??? Do you think it will work a wonder to reduce my weight???? Do tell me if you know about this pill ya.
That’s about my post today. Wish you guys a wonderful weekend this week. I’m going to spend my weekend doing my assignment and studying! Hahahaa ~tata~

Feb 19, 2009

OMG!!!! I'm a bad mother

:( I admit that i am a bad mother. Today, both my kids have to go to the nursery as my MIL is going out to settle her business. So, early in the morning, i sent my daughter to the nursery, while hubby sent Son to school. I forgot to tell hubby to inform the teacher / driver who send my son back home after school, to send my son to nursery instead of sending him back home.
I was crazy rushing this morning, as i have to prepare both my kids; one to school, one to nursery and prepare myself to work. For your info, i slept almost 2am last nite, woke up at 3.30am when my daughter suddenly crying asking me to scratch her itchy legs..and woke up one more time at 5.15am to change my daughter cloth diaper. (telampau penuh kena kencing, bulih leaking lagi tu).
So i woke up in a very cranky state as i was very sleepy and tired. After i sent daughter to nursery, I made a mental notes like 100x on the way to office reminding myself to call and inform my son's driver to send him to nursery!
And guess what??????? I totally forgot to call the driver just now!!!! OMG!!!!! I feel soooooooo guilty now. What if she just drop my son and my son wander off??? Remember, my MIL is not at home..!! At 2pm, i suddenly remember about it, and was very panic when i called the driver. Luckily the nursery owner already inform the driver as she knows my son will go to the nursery today!!!!
But that not helping me from feeling guilty..!!! I really feel like a very bad mother now!!!!! :( How could i not remember to make the call just now!!!!!! :(

Feb 18, 2009

Couple having sex in a x-ray room??????

I don't usually talk about politic matter in my blog, but i cannot help myself lah today!! i'm sure most of you already know the 'hot' story about Elizabeth Wong. If you don't know, read 5xmom blog.

'Somebody' said that Elize is one leader with no moral and made a comparison of her with Soi Lek. Ayooooooooooooo!!! Seriously!!! Why some people don't use their brain before they uttered something stupid ah?????

If any of you think Elize Wong is immoral, read the news from The Star..you tell me lah.. What Elize did wrong to be called immoral???? Immoral is something the couple did in X-ray room..and not being naked while sleeping!! Bodoh lah our politic nie!! I don't intend to post anything today also become sooooooooooo geram already!!! And that caused me to blog at this moment!!!!!!

So geram kan!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...bikin panas eh!!!!!!

Feb 17, 2009


Have you ever experience a weather that went crazy all of a sudden????????? I'm experiencing it at this moment!!! It is scorching hot outside but at the same time it is raining very...very heavy!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....doesn't look right lah??? Scarynyaaaaaaa.....!!!!!!
*I took 3 minutes to type this post!! akakaa sempat lagi bah!!!!!*

Feb 16, 2009

SAD~ :(

Yeah..I'm kinda tensed and sad at this moment! No..it wasn't because of my works...and No too..Its not about hubby or anybody making me sad or anything!! *sigh*
Before i start bla..blaaing about my sad story, just wondering, howz' your guys Valentine's Celebration??? Any nice romantic dinner??? And special gifts from you love one?? My Valentine's was celebrated in a grand manner. Yeah..me and hubby were having a 7 courses of dish at Chuai Heng Restaurant, 1-Utama. With the delicious steamed fish, sharkfin soup, butter prawns, and others, both of us were having trouble to walk as we were toooooo damn full. Yay!! My dinner was sound like toooooo grand, bah kan???? Hahahaa...Actually we were attending hubby's friend wedding dinner. Akaka not that we went to have a grand dinner ourselves. That's why we had a sooooo nyummmy dinner. For your info, we never celebrated Valentine's in a grand way. And this year valentine's is the same too. Only a wish and a kisses for each other.
Anyway, back to my sad story..!! I'm really heavy hearted to tell you guys about this. For the next 2 weeks or maybe more, I won't be able to blog 24 hours (macam lah bah betul-24 hours kan!!) like i used to previously. I seriously need to cut 1/2 of my blogging time due to the coming test / exam for all my 4 papers!!! *sob-sob* Sedihnyaaaaa hati ku ini!!! For one year +++, blogging has been part of my daily activity, and now..i won't be able to do it 'fulltime' already..!! I will still visit your blog and do a little commenting, but i'm not going to do a posting regularly.
The truth is, I thought i can manage my time for working, studying, for my kids, blogging and manage my house, but i was wrong..! I cannot do everything with only 24hours a day!! So after much thinking while driving back from my lectures yesterday, i made a decision to cut down my blogging time!!! *sob..sob again* (tak kan i don't want to care my kids pulak) Well, it's only temporary solution lah actually!! It's not that i'm going to be dissapeared from blogoshere forever and ever..!! and of course if i get a good offer $$$$ to do a posting in my blog, i don't think spending 30 mins of time will do any harm!!! Heheheheee
So thats about me today..! My exam will be held on 1st Mac...and i have to do like 10 assignments within this 2 weeks..!! Matai lah nie!! But thats only me...to you guys, hope to read a nice and crazy story from you... :) till then ~tata~

Feb 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

glitter graphics

Just want to wish all the lovey-dovey couples out there a WonderFul Valentine's Day..!! I hope all of you guys will have a great but moderate celebration!!
To My Love,
Baby, Happy Valentine's Day to you..!! I love you very much!! *muaks*. And thanx for the wonderful gift ya..!!
If you want the PS2 (Luckily not PS3)..we can buy it anytime you want!! heheeee
Have a nice weekend guys!! ~tata~

Feb 12, 2009

The 'letter' tag

Actually, I'm not sure what's the title of this tag. I just simply name it as I like..hehehe!!! I'm sure you guys noticed i don't do many tag nowadays, but this one is an exception lah..! Hehe I'm kinda sleepy right now and don't really have the inspiration to do a posting in my blog..!! Have lots of things to do bah!! So i decided to do this tag lah..
Anyway....This tag is from Gregchai the Tukang Kupi. hehee So here goes my answers:
It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.Have fun!
1. What is your name? kaDusMama
2. A four letter word: King
3. A boy's name: Kyle
4. A girl's name: Kyra
5. An occupation: Kindergarten Teacher
6. A color: Kuning (HAHHAHAA!!! No idea what colour starts with the letter 'K')
7. Something you wear: Kasut???? HAHAHAHA
8. A food: Kuih Lapis..*giggles*
9. Something found in the bathroom: Kaki Lipas patah (Cockroach' s broken leg)
10. A place: Kuala Lumpur / KL
11. A reason for being late: Kepala Sakit! Boss!!!
12. Something you shout: KURANG ASAM!!
13. A movie title: K....ntah pulak..cannot remember any
14. Something you drink: Ka Chai Sui Mui
15. A musical group: Kelambu.. (adakah???? haha)
16. A street name: Kampung Baru
17. A type of car: Kia Spectra
18. A song title: Kaalai (Kutti Pisase)
19. A verb: KamaSutra (eh??? Verb ka nie??)
There..thats my answers!! Hahahaa I found it very hillarious coz' it's very difficult to find a word starting with a letter K...! Soooooo..here are the lucky people got tagged by me.
Mell_f (Special case nie!!)

Feb 11, 2009

"Mommy, why your nenen is big??"

*Doink* I almost fainted my son asked me this last week. It has been sooooooo long time already since i was last asked about human (boy / girl) anatomy, and of a sudden, son bombarded me with his bonus question again. He understand the difference between boy and girl already, but now he is curious with the difference between adult and small kids especially in girl. So here was our conversation last week :
Son : Mommy..why your *pointing at my boobs* is big??? Why Inesha one no big???
Mommy : Erkkkkkkkkk!!!!! (hubby was next to me when son asked me the bonus question) Why not asked daddy about that.
Son : Daddy, why mommy's *pointing at my boobs again* is big-big????
Daddy : Ya lah!! It's like that..mommy is adult. That's why..(So much for an answer)
Son : But why Inesha's one don't have???
Mommy : *Laughing half dead* She is still a small girl. That's why..
Son : *Lifted up my daughter's shirt* See!!! Don't have one..
Mommy : Ya!! Ya!! Mommy know that..
Son : Next time Inesha big-big also will have big-big *pointing at my boobs again*????
Mommy : Yes!! *red faced*
Seriously!! Why I'm the one who always have to answer this kind of question from son!!!????? Hahahaha!! I know i'm isaac's mommy, but i was embarrased when he keep pointing at my *toot* that day. Very silly, right???? I cannot imagine what questions he will ask next time when he figure out another difference in between female adult and girl. Sei lorrrr...

Feb 10, 2009

Happy Real Birthday To Me

Update : I forgot to state my age here...hehehe!! Not that i 'malu' with my age..but really forgot lah!! So to those who don't know how old i am... :) I'm 18th bah!! HAHAHAHA!! Perasaannyaaaa!!!! Ok the real one lah!!! I'm 29th already.. :)
Heheheee...it's Feb 10th 2009, and it's officially make kaDusMama a year older today. I know I'm kinda old already..but heck if i care! No matter how old I am to be, i know in my heart, I'm still young nie! Akakakka
So to those who made a special post in your blog wishing me my birthday, i really appreciate that!!! Thanx the very much!!
I'm not sure what is going to happen today, but hopefully somebody will suddenly announced i have won a million $$$$$????? Hahahahahaaaa...
So happy birthday to myself again..!! (Perasaaan sendiri nie..hehehhe)

Feb 9, 2009

Yay!! I'm sooooooo freaking happy..

I'm sure those who work or stay in KL, Selangor, Perak, Penang and Johor are enjoying their replacement holiday today! Ya lah..kan yesterday was Thaipusam! But me..no holiday today..weird kan!! While those in all these states are cozily sleeping at home, here i am, in office blog hopping and blogging before i start doing my work! hehehehe i'm not saying I'm sad or in a bad mood for having to work today..! I'm just ok lah..!
As for my weekend, it was ok too..! Though i had a very bad stomachache yesterday..! I went to see a Dr. and all he can say I'm having a gasrtic?????????? Huh??? never in my entire life i was diagnosed with gastric..! I did asked if there is a possiblity i had a food poisoning, but the dr said, it's more likely i had gastic..!! Chis!! I don't think i have gastric lah..., because soon after i reached home, i had to rush to toilet to answer nature call, which was in a very watery type..HAHAA!! Sorry, i'm a little bit gross here..!! But, no worry...I'm feeling better already..!
Anyway.............!!! I really want to thank my dear hubby for giving me my birthday present in advance..!! well actually i asked for it, hehe and he was Ok..and said "come and buy it today lah!!". And that was on last saturday..heheeeeee...I bought my DSLR already!! Wohoooooo..

There isn't much to huuuuu huuuu haaaa haaaaa actually for i only allowed to buy the cheapest of Nikon camera..hehee! So i get myself the D60. There is no other accessories purchased at this moment, no speedlight, no extra lenses that can be zoomeddddddd to Sabah, and no nothing lah..Just the camera..! The price is RM2344 including the lense filter. Before i bought the camera, i asked the best offer Fotokem can offer me for buying their camera and they offered me these :
:: 4GB memory card
:: Nikon Beg
:: Tripod
:: 2 Photo album worth RM140 (I can get my photos printed and 'albumised')
:: Free printing for 120 photos
:: Calender for year 2009 using any photo of mine
:: A cloth to clean my lense..and that even worth RM23
Yay!! Sekali kan????? I've tested my camera and do i like it????? Of course i do!!!!!!! When we reached home after the shopping, the first thing i did was, toying with my DSLR!! Muahahaha!!! Gila eh!! But as i'm very new with DSLR, i need to learn lotssssss of stuffs before i can master all the function it has. But..no worry, I'm kinda excited with my 'new baby', so there shouldn't be any problem for to learn every function it has.

The tiny weeny Goblin taken using my camera

So thats about my nonsense today..! Heheee Will visit you guys in a short while.. ~tata~

Feb 6, 2009

Can you make you egg standing??

I know..i know..! I'm supposed to post this egg story last night, but i was soooooo tired and i have no mood to blog at all..! So post postponed to today.. If you read my post yesterday, i did mentioned i was really busy with my day at home and office..but weird was, i still had time to play with eggs during working hour!! Hehehe..not only me, hubby and my other colleague also joined me trying to accomplish one feat..a difficult one it was..! So what i did with the eggs???

I borrowed two eggs from our general worker..! hahaa When i asked our store keeper to find two eggs for me, he was blur-blur for a while before he came to his sense and rush back to their house and got me 2 eggs.

That is my finger trying my best to make the egg standing!! Sad to say..i failed!! Why ah????? But what made me suddenly became sot in the office and spent 30 mins of my lunch hour trying to make the eggs stand??? It's because of this la........see the photo below...

Our sub-con gave me one rare call telling (on wednesday) me that any attempt made to make an egg standing on that day will succeed. He even show me the photos he took as a proof!

Seriously!! The photos are real lah!!! Our sub-con took the picture after he managed to get quite many of eggs stand..! I'm on the other side, no matter what i did, my eggs just refused to stand..and that make me sooooooooo frustrated!! Why cannot stand one??????

So, if you guys have no plan whatsoever this weekend, why not try your skill and make an egg stand?? Hehehe I'm curious if other people can do the same..!! Happy Trying ya..if you managed to do so, do let me know about it and at the same time, post it in your blog..heheheeee

Feb 5, 2009

Lovey Dovey Cards

I am supposed to blog about the two eggs I was playing here in the office hours ago, but due to the urgency of this assignment, I'm afraid you have to wait until late today before I can tell you what the heck I was doing with the eggs...! No!! NO!! It's not 'that' eggs I'm talking about. It's a real eggs la!! Hahahaa Don't think dirty ya!! I promised the eggs story will be posted today.
So, what about this post??? As we all know or probably pretended not knowing about it, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm sure most of us are having a terrible headache on what presents and cards to give our love one. Do we really have to buy the crazy overpriced chocolate and also the crazy overpriced bouquet of flower? I don't think so. If you ask me, the only way for me and hubby to celebrate our Valentine's is by having a nice dinner together without our kids. Hehe We don't do Valentine's Day in a grand way. As for the Valentine's Present for me, The DSLR camera I'm going to get soon is a 2 in 1 pressie from hubby (Birthday + Valentine's Day) I'm not complaining about it at all 'cause the camera definitely going to cost a bomb to hubby's pocket.
However, I'm hoping I will get at least a card from hubby so that I ca read all the lovey-dovey message from him. For your information, in 11 Years I'm with my hubby, I never received any single Valentine's Card from him. So, it's time for hubby to get one card for me. I don't expect him to buy me the super big fancy cards at all. I will be happy even if it's only an e-card.
Well, if hubby doesn't know where to get me a nice and special love card, I'm hinting him a site where he can choose varieties of free love cards. With lots of cute, romantic and humorous cards available on this site, I don't think hubby will have any problem getting one for me. Hehe This goes to you guys too. If you wish to get a nice love card for your love one, you can always get it from free love cards now. I'm sure myself and your loves one will be happy to receive a nice card on Valentine's Day. Hehehee So happy Choosing.

KaDusMama sot already!

I think i'm going to be 'sot' in a short while..! I really need 36 hours a day instead of 24 hours we are having now. Seriously...an extra hours for me to finish up everything will be nice!! Bah let me story-story on what had happened to me since 12am today..
:: I slept around 2am..and woke up at 7.45am..(I took 1/2 day emergency leave today) :: Prepare Son to school.. :: Sekali, hubby has no shirt to wear for work!! OMG!! How could i forget to iron his working shirt..Kesian, he has to iron his own shirt while i prepare son to school.. :: Then after Hubby and son went off, i spent at least 20 minutes to fold super banyak unfolded clothes.. ::Then, i ironed another super banyak clothes (hubby's and mine), and that took about 1 1/2 hour to be finished.. :: Clean my house.. :: Bath my daughter.. :: Cooked..and feed daughter :: Fetch Son from school.. :: Bath and feed son.. :: Shower myself and prepare to work.. :: After i was done, drag both my kids to the nursery for 1/2 day today..(My MIL is not feeling really well, so my kids have to go nursery) :: Drop them at nursery and vroooooooommed off to office..! :: Have to endure gila babi jam to office.. :: And finally reached office at 1.37pm..
You see lah.. within 5 1/2 hours I have to rush my life to finish soooooo many things! Thats why i need extra hour for myself to finish up whatever needed to be done here in office, at home and my assignments..!
Sot already lah kepala nie..! After finish all my work in office, need to rush back home and cook dinner..! *faint* But...i still have time to play with eggs in office!! hahahaaa will blog about it later, once i managed to make the egg standing..
Bah itu saja lah my story today..till then.. ~tata~

Feb 4, 2009


It's the 3rd day we are back to work, but the situation here in office is like everybody still in a CNY mood. Our office is totally deserted and only few people are around. I'm in a lazy mood too..! hehehee
Anyway, I'm wondering if any of you guys know about vicodin??? I came across about vicodin addiction but I totally have no idea what kind of addiction is that. Is it like alcohol or drugs addiction? Or is it like shopping addiction?? If any of you guys have the answer, do tell me ya. I'm just so lazy to google about it.
So that's about my post for this afternoon..! Heheeeee I hope my question will be answered soon! ~tata~
*teda idea apa mau tulis bah nie, tu lah main hantam saja sia membuang masa di opis..

Holiday at AFamosa, Malacca


OMG!! It's 1.30am at this moment and here I am, still blogging and doing some blog hopping to your blog!! I'm still unable to catch up with everybody latest news and gila eh..you guys sure have a lotsssssssssssss of time updating your blog kan?? I'm 'crazy busy trying to get everything in order, but.......arggggghhhh!!!! My mounting assigments are seriously killing me!!! I have sooooo many things to be completed, I don't know where to start already..! Don't count the pending office work and house chores..! My 'bajus' which need to be ironed also rival Mount Kinabalu already!! Punya gila tinggi!!!!

Supposed on Monday afternoon, i want to write about the trip we made to Malacca recently..!! Sekali, i got drunk during our company lunch! Huh!!! Gila kan????? We worked 1/2 day last monday, but there was me, in the office with kepala pusing-pusing while waiting for hubby to go back..then on tuesday pulak...i thou i can squeeze myself into blogging while doing some works, sekalinya...no internet connection due to unpaid bill for 2 months!!! Hahahaha!! Bengong kan?? But it's not really our fault actually...blame TMnet for their own stupidity..! I sent thousands of letter (Hahha!! exaggerating only la!!), and still they refused to correct our company address which they recorded wrong in their system..! Because of that, we never received any bill for almost 2 1/2 years!! Buduh or not??

Bah..ok lah!! Before i fall flat on my face for being sooooooooo sleepy already, just see the photos and brief story about it lah!! If i blog menjela-jela about it, then I'm sure i don't need to sleep until tomorrow already!!!

I booked the Superior Deluxe room for the 4 of us with the rate of RM278!! Hmmmm...not bad as the room is comfy enough for us!! But...there was an super annoying and stupid thing happend with our reservation! The staff of AFamosa accidently double charge hubby's credit card for the room booked...and the bodohest part of all, the staff didn't even bother to tell hubby about it..instead of informing hubby about it, the stupid staff said, our room has been upgraded to 2 rooms condo with no charge at all!! NO CHARGE kepala hotak lah!! And the reason for room upgrading, our hotel room got water leaking konon!!! bodoh sekali!!After few calls coaxing hubby to take the 2 rooms condo, the bengong staff finally confessed that they have double charged hubby's credit card!!!!

Good part about the room we stayed, ada bath tub!! hahaha son was sooooo excited seeing the bath tub...!!

Our nite activity were spent at CowBoy Town!! Hmmm..entrance fees are quite expensive..we took a package including buffet dinner yang sangat lah bikin panas!! The buffet dinner was very very very SUX!!!!!! Not worth paying RM38.00/pax with only few choices of foods including that dry spaghetti mee!! Total paid for cowboys town entrance fees was RM211!!!

One of the perfomances by kononnya Red Indian guy..nothing much except he was playing with fire all the time..

The red indian guy huuuu huuuu haaaa haaa hing with fire!!

Me and daughter posing after the 'konon' extravaganza show was over!!! Kesian daughter, she was unwell that day and had been soooooooooo cranky while watching the performances..

The next day, we went to the Animal World park..! here, you can see a lot of animals lah!!! Hahhaa..we did try the elephant riding. Son and Daughter rode the smelly pony and horse..hehe!! I can tell you the pony was really stink lah!! Oh! the entrance fees to Animal World was RM134!! nah gila..another crazy fees to pay here..

Inesha was on a pony..while hubby held her..

Oh!! There was a Wild Wild West show performs everyday at 2.15pm at the Animal World..The show was ok and Son really enjoyed watching it!!!

Bunch of performers for the Wild Wild West show!!

My son was very excited seeing the CowBoy with fake blood all over his face!!

Red Indian pun ada bah!! Cool actors as these two were riding horse while performing (malas mau upload the horse photos..!!)

After the cowboy show, we went to Monkey Island to seeee....MONKEY LA!! Haha what do you expect??? The small monkey was really 'kuai-kuai'..! Even Son not scared feeding the monkey witn peanut!

Gila punya monyet minum 100++!!

The last photo taken before our camera went dead due to battery exhaustion..!! Punya handsome the lion posing like that!!

Sooooooooooo...Thats about my recent trip to A.Famosa, Malacca! If you are wondering whether it's a nice trip??? Of course it's nice la!! It's more nicer to the kids. Well, if you are thinking to visit A.Famosa, pigi lah!!! You can book your room at http://afamosabooking.com.my! It's good to book online as you can get a cheaper rate through online booking.

Ok lah!! It's already 2.25am now, and it's time for me to sleep!! Tata and good night..

*Don't bother if you see millions of typo here...malas sudah mau baca balik my blog!

Feb 2, 2009

Happy Monday

Yay!! Time really does fly soooooooooooooo fast..!! I felt like it was only yesterday i last posted about my 10 days holiday, and now, I am here in office start to work already..! *sigh*
But..I'm not complaining..!! I think 10 days leaves are sufficient enough for me!! Heheee..I know it has been ages since i last update my blog..but at this moment, I'm busy lah!! Cannot blog too long..! So just to let you guys know, I'm still much alive here..! hehehee..
In case you guys wondering whether i get much ang pau this year..Oit!!! i'm married lah..cannot receive ang pau already!! It's me who have to give out the red packet..but, some good souls still gave me ang pau though they know i'm married..ekekkeeee!!!! Jangan jelous ya..!! Not sure how much $$$ i get this year..! will let you guys know about it after Chap Goh Mei..!!
And the best part of all.......*jeng...jeng...jeng* I'm going to get a DSLR camera soon!!! HAHAHAHAHA sukanyaaaaa hati ini!!! Hubby, finally agreed to give me, my dream camera for my birthday soon....!!! Will blog about it soon too..
So thats about kaDusMama after soooo long holiday..! How about you guys???? i'm sure everybody is having a blast during holiday kan?? Share2 lah your story... :)
Well, gotta go now..I'm going to spam everybody blogs kijap lagi..hehehe!! ~tata~