Jul 10, 2008

Superman look

To Jew, This is the comment you gave me in my post last night.. "Dulu time sia muda2, sia pakai contact lense, skarang tidak berapa muda suda pakai spek suda la mau nampak mcm superman sikit..hehe..nanti ada masa sia pi cek la mana tau ada yang berkenan di hati..hehe" So here is my suggestion to you, a nice green colour spectacle. What do you think??

I'm sure this spectacle really suit you. Eventhough you are not young anymore, you will still look like Superman if you wear this eyeglass. And since there are so many choices of eyewear in zennioptical.com, I'm helping you to find the one which suit you the best. What?? You don't like my choice?? Why?? My taste is not good enough?? Hmm..if that is the case, you have to find yourself then. There are so many choices there. Don't worry, I'm sure you will find the one which can make you look like superman. If you found the one you like, do let me know. Ok!
Yours truly,
*Bah Jew..jan lupa balas my post this...hehehe