Jun 30, 2008

Beauty makeover for your house / office

What?? Are you afraid that I'm going to put another round of my face here??? Hehe Don't worry. I'm vain, but not that vain. I know you going to puke yourself out if I put my photo here in my blog again. So no worry. No more kadusmama face here.
Well, the photos below are what my company doing for living. We do a make-over for house, office, spa, fitness centre, and many-many others. Our main speciality is in joinery which means we are doing thing involving woods. For now, I'm going to let you enjoy the beauty of our work. Hehe And tomorrow, I will make a full review of the company I'm working at now. In case any of you thinking to renovate your house or office.

If you been to this SPA before, you are going to know this place

Ok! I put the location wrong previously..actually this is in Penang. Because our company did 4 of this bank, i thought this one is the KL branch! :P

Till then..chiao (rushing to go back now)

Jun 29, 2008


It has been so long since I last spent my free day playing game. I remember when I was still single but not available (hehe), I used to play online game with my boyfriend (Hubby). We spent our weekend at the cybercafe near my house in Serdang playing one very famous game long time ago. If you are a gamer yourself, perhaps you still remember Star Craft? Yep!! That's the game that made me, hubby and other friends went crazy, we spent at least 5 hours of our saturday night trying to destroy each other command centre.

Now, I don't really have much time for a game anymore, but I do occasionally play online games when I'm bored. Hehe Ok!! OK!! I played game in the office?? So what? It was during lunch hour where I'm allowed to do anything I want. I don't think it is wrong.

Anyway, in case you don't know, Dungeon Runners has released a new game called the Bling Gnome. If you are fan of fantasy and monster slying type of game, I'm sure you are going to like it very much. Who doesn't?? The bonus you can get from this game is, you can download it for free at dungeonrunners.com. See..you definitely going to like it..


By the way, in conjuction with the new release of the Bling Gnome game, Dungeon Runners is holding a contest called "Pimp Your Gnome" where the winning prize is quite interesting. You can get a copy of the game, win a $350 Best Buy Gift Card and of course get to be famous if your Pimped Gnome win.

Here is how to join the contest and win the $350 BestBuy Gift card:

1. Dress your own store bought gnome with materials to bling him out (such as a pimp hat, jewels, etc) OR
2. Dress yourself up as a bling gnome (and try to make yourself the most outstanding of all gnome)

Once it's done, take a photo of your gnome or you as a gnome in at least two different angle. I'm sure if your gnome is blinged, you are going to take more photos of it. If you are daring enough, go to a a public area like a mall to take your photo. Extra points will be added if you post pictures with people admiring the gnome. If your picture is selected, it sure will be featured in BlingGnome.com.

Just imagine my gnome wearing a ribbon? hahaha Do you think he is cute?? Maybe I should put an earing for him? hehe Anyway, you can pimp your gnome in a better way..maybe a gnome with 'bling-bling' necklace? or Nice small shirt?

Now, if you want to win that interesting prize, go get a gnome for you to pimp and make it the best pimped gnome ever.

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

Hey!! I can bake!!

Yeah I baked today..Heheheee...other than cleaning my house, I made a banana cake just now! Wohoo!! I still cannot believe I managed to make 2 big banana cake..

In case you are wondering why kadusmama suddenly went 'sot' baking a cake for herself, well I promised to one of my blogger friend Poppet that I wil try her banana cake recipe, though I did add 2 additional items for my cake. I add raisins and that lovey-lovey sweets(??) hehe

It's not as difficult as I thought it will be..senang saja rupanya! :P I think everybody can start baking their own banana cake from now.

Nah cake yang sudah siap..hahhaha!! My son and daughter like it very much..not because of the taste, but it was because of the cute loves topping..My cake doesn't taste very nice..kekurangan gula lah! ahahhaa I put too sikit sugar in it. Anyway, whoever want to try this recipe, do visit POPPET for the way to do it.

Jun 28, 2008

Happy Weekend

I was supposed to post many blog entry today, but I became a lil' bit lazy. Thanx to the photo editing site, I'm sooooo occupied doing a makeover for myself.. AGAIN!! Hehe Hubby sempat leave me a msg telling me not to overdo with the make-up I put on my plain face..hahaha!! Ok lah..I just touch up a little bit here and there..and this time I change my eyes to bluish grey! Hahaha!! I do look weird this time..Whatever lah! I still love the makeover site!

*photo deleted*

Anyway, there is nothing special happend today except Hubby is going for a SPA with his buddies later while me, going back home and cook and sleep! So I hope everybody going to have a great weekend. To dear friend Teacher Maurine, congrats for the big 'surprise' you get.
Till then..chiao!!

Jun 27, 2008

You can be IT Savvy with Cisco Academy Network

Pheww!! What a tiring day today. Been working and crazily posting so many post, and still have this 5th post. Bear with me ok, I'm just in a mood to write-in in my blog.
Ok..a simple question here, Are You Interested to Become IT (Information Technology) Professional?? If you are already bored and tired with your job now, probably you should change your career path to the world of IT. Like you don't know, everything in our doing is related to IT. Right?
You might think.."How?? When?? Where??" to learn about this IT thing. Don't worry, The Cisco Learning Networking Academy will help you in this. With Cisco certification programs , you will definitely rewarded to be a networking profesionals .
Cisco General Certification has few paths as below listed which you can choose as a starter for your career.
  • Routing & Switching
  • Design
  • Security
  • Storage Networking
  • Wireless

Be glad to yourself, with a Cisco Certifications, you can always enhance yourself to be a specialist in technology such as security, IP telephony and wireless. (Which high demanded in IT world)

Take example of Jane Francis Baliza who was a cleaner turned to IT Administrator in Kampala, Uganda. She used to leads a double life where she demoted herself as cleaning staff to enable her to persuade her passion in computer technology. Her dreams of becoming a computer technicians was finally materialised with the existance of Networking Academy.

There, I'm sure you will be interested to make yourself to be a IT Professional like Jane Baliza. With the rising demand for IT infrastructure and qualified IT professionals, especially in blogging world, there will always be a career with a high pay for you out there.

If you think you might be interested with this, do google Cisco Network Academy to find out more about it. Who knows one day, I might join Cisco and get certified to be the person who manage the networking technology in Malaysia?

Sponsored by Cisco

Beauty MakeOver for KaDusMama

Ok!! KaDusMama is officially crazy today! hahahaha This is my 4th post for today, and I'm still not done with my post for today. Nevermind..nevermind..! At least I'm happy right now.

This 4th post if for the lady out there who wants to have a beautiful photo without having to wear any single make-up. I was blog hopping from my friend Lolyta and she is doing a make over for herself. Hehe I thought I just want to give it a try, sekali too syokkkkkk pulak editing my photo until I forgot I still have work to do! Hahahah...shhhhhhh!!! Don't tell my boss lah..

So, what you think of my edited photo?? Nice or not my green eyes?? hahahahahah!! You must be thinking Kadusmama is a vain woman kan..?

Ok..ok! Whoever want to do a make-over to yourself, do visit this SITE. Male, female..all also can..jangan malu-malu! After you are done with the make-over..do post your photo in your blog..! I will give a comment!

BMW 5 Series will be mine soon..

When you see my post title, you must be thinking I'm crazy! For almost one month, I've been complaining about the price hike and how expensive the food nowadays and all of a sudden I want to buy BMW?? A 5 series Beamer??? Haha!! I was kidding...There is no way I can afford to buy one! I couldn't even afford to buy a Beamer's nut..
Here's what actually happend, I'm not feeling really well right now and that caused my brain to function in a really weird way. Can you imagine I lazily spent my lunch hour to surf in the internet looking for a nice car available in the market. Hehe I'm so surprised that there are so many brand of cars that I never heard before. Have you ever heard this brand like Maybach? Maserti? Spyker? Tesla? or Panoz? Almost never right? I'm sure most of us only know brand like Toyota, Mercedez Benz, Honda, Lexus or our famous local car, Proton and Perodua. Hehehe.
If you are interested to know more about those rare car I mentioned just now but don't know which site to go, well just go to this Cool Cars website. You will find a lot of information about those very nice and cool car there. As for me, I'm going to read more about all the cars they have. I want to become one supercool Mommy who knows a lot about cars. Hehe

I'm not feeling well

Don't you just hate it, weekend approaching and you suddenly feeling unwell??
I really hate my condition now. I have a sore throat, my head is throbbing, my eyes is bloodshot red, and I'm feeling a little feverish, which means I have a cold now. Arghhh! Hate it when I have leaking nose while doing my work..
Is it a season of people having a cold now?? It seems everybody in my office been complaining about sore throat and coughing symptoms. Not forgetting, my kids still not fully recovered from their cold. Now mommy also kena!!!
I already had 2 panadol down to my stomach this morning, but I don't feel like I'm getting better pun?? *sigh* Tidur lah di office nie!!

Jun 26, 2008

Hubba..hubba..Hubba...and 'pooooof' you are gone!

"kru...kra...tri...da...ni...nu..cha..cha" *chantting*
'Poooof' and I become young and pretty again..ahahahaaa (what a vain me!!) If only I can use magic to make my legs longer..Wouldn't that be interesting? Hehe I know there are many people who love to see a magician performing their tricks. Hubby is one of them. He will get excited and glued to the TV whenever there is a 'magic-magic' kind of stunt or performance shown. I remember when Genting Highland had this magic show (sorry I forgot the magician's name), he had been pastering me to watch the show with him. Hehe Not that I'm not interested with it, but the price for a person was a little bit too expensive in my thinking. RM160 for 1 person??? Hmmm...Wait until I become rich. I will definitely buy a ticket for hubby to witness and experience CRISS ANGEL Believe at Luxor Las Vegas. I'm sure he will be the happiest person on earth.
We, in Malaysia probably don't really know who is Criss Angel right? I've heard or is it I read about him before? But I'm not really sure where. Maybe it's the Las Vegas TV series?? But I bet, you might have heard about one very famous magician or illusionist, Harry Houdini who was widely knows as "The Handcuff King". Everybody knows he performed his 'magic' or trick by freeing himself from jails, handcuffs, chains, ropes and straitjacket. How cool is that when it was performed sometimes in the early year of 1900's?? It is supercool!!
Back to my dream of sending hubby to watch the Cirque Du Soleil performances featuring CRISS ANGEL called Criss ANGEL Believe, I'm sure he will thank me for the rest of his life if I give him the opportunity to be there. (Wait until I strike big in lottery, I for sure will send him there). The magic-themed shows which is going to involve emotionals that engaged with the art of mysticism and illusion is definitely going to be different than the old trick by other Illusionists. It will be very special, don't you think?
Anyhow, if I cannot find the money to fund Hubby to Las Vegas for Criss Angel Shows, I still can try to join their Text Message Contest which only required me to Type 'Believe' and send the text to 22122 to win 2 tickets to watch Criss Angel in Las Vegas. Hehe..If I win, I will give the Show's tickets and tell hubby to pay his own Air Ticket to Las Vegas. Haha!!!! Will see if that going to happen soon.
Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

Tyres will cost more $$$

You own a car? Or a motor bike? or a bicycle?
How many tyres do your vehicle has? 2? 4? 6? 8 (if you drive trailer)

How many times do you change your tyre in a year? 1x4 tyres, 2x4 tyres?

Last night, Lab papa send me a msg in my chatbox informing the price of tyre will be increased soon. Huh!! Again??? I thought the price was just increased last year? Not that I'm complaining like crazy here. I have this thinking, since the fuel price was increased early this month, everything..yeah..the price of EVERYTHING except my salary was increased too. Benci kan..?

The thing is...I'm thinking, if my tyre suddenly decided to die on me, what am I going to do? Eversince I bought my car 2 years ago, I still haven't change any single tyre yet..(TOUCHWOOD!! Hope nothing will happend to it)..Yet..means I still have to change it one day right??? Scarednya...

Why I'm scared?? Its is because my tyre is quite expensive (for a poor people like me). I'm using Bridgestone Turanza 215/65R15 96H and I tell you, I never intend to use that expensive tyre in the first place. I inherit it from the previous owner of my car lah. Anyway, let me do some calculation here.

  • My car has 4 tyres
  • Last 2 years, 1 tyre cost about RM280
  • Last year, price increased..don't know how much..
  • This year..Lab papa say maybe increase to 20% *gulp*
  • So roughly, 1 tyre will cost about RM350???

1 tyre RM350...4 tyres will be RM1400???? Wah!!!! I will need too sell my hand lah like this..Do you think its easy to fork out RM1400 just like that..sob! sob! What?? When I bought my car in 2006, it comes with the tyre lah..not I pandai-pandai want to use it...

Not only tyres, My car also need petrol to drink, need a maintanance, and when it become sick, It always cost me a bomb! Tsk! Tsk! I hope I will earn more money from my blog to cover the 'coming' expenses of my car. Any anak tokeh tayar wanted to sponsor me new tyres? I can be a model for you shop for one day...

How Clean is your house??

The question of “How Clean is your house” does sound a little bit rude right? Hehe I’m just wondering if any of you cleaned your house everyday, or once a week, or once a month or could it be once a year? Do you have a sparkling clean house that even a little spot of dust bother you very much?
I ADMIT here, I don’t clean or do the dusting in my house every week. I’m just plain lazy, Ok! I used to be the clean-the-house-all-the-time-person until my son and daughter come along into my life. The two of them are like a small hurricane. If only you can see my house, I’m sure you will have a heart attack seeing the entire cluster in my house. It is just so bad. Both my kids will be restless if my house is in order and look very clean. The moment my helper done with the cleaning, the two little ‘monster’ will combine force and messed the whole house which is done in a record time. The cleaning process took at least 1 hour and my kids only need to spend merely 3 minute to ‘attack’ and ‘destroy’ my house. By the time they are done, my house will be in a full mess with their biscuits everywhere, toys all over the floor and dust which I don’t know where it came from.
Don’t you just hate to see you house in a messed like mine? Of course there is a solution for my problem. I probably should invest my money to buy Dirt Devil wonder. I’m sure AccuCharge vacuum can do a wonder for me. Instead of cleaning the whole mess, I ought to find a way to clean the ‘main culprit’ who dirtied my house right? What?? Did you asked me to vacuum my kids?? Hahaha!! That is absurd man. I’m not going to vacuum them. But I’m sure Dirt Devil AccuCharge can help me and my helper to save our energy to clean my house. That’s not the only advantage of using this miracle vacuum. Given to an Energy Star approval, I will save 70% of the energy used with my regular vacuum. Isn’t it wonderful to have my house cleaned all the time? Just picture this situation, Son and Daughter throw their biscuits everywhere, and all I need to do is pick Dirt Devil Vacuum and I have a clean floor again. Hehe
If only a Fairy God Mother come to see me and granted my wish to have AccuCharge vacuum, I’m sure I will have a clean house like I used to have last time.
5238dd240x180public Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

Jun 25, 2008

Sex Education : Double headache.

Just when I thought I'm done with son questioning me about his private part and thing that pricked his curiousity, Daughter started to do the same too...Aihhhhh!!!! Now I have to start all over again the teaching process which this time it's the opposite on what I taught son before. Like opposite way of the whole process lah! Instead of going to the left side, now I have to to the right side. Hehee Anyway, you must be wondering what daughter has done right? How can 18 1/2 old months baby had anything to do with sex?? Ayah!! Not that kind of sex lah..

Last night, I was cleaning daughter 'poo-poo' when she ask me thing.
Daughter : Mommy, keen cicah bebed? (Mommy Clean inesha 'bird-bird'?)
Mommy : *doink* emmmmm..No! Inesha is a girl..no bird-bird.
Daughter : mommy, keen la (oh yeah! she has 'lah' in everything)
Mommy : *Smiling* No...inesha is a girl..so no 'bird-bird', only boy has it..
Daughter : *mumbling herself*
So there, another episode of sex confusion. My daughter still has no idea boy and girl is different. I think she thought both the same. I'm in the teaching process now, but it's kinda tough because my son influence everything in my daughter doing. From the way she talk, sing, scream, eat, sleep..everything! And it was him who teach daughter about 'bebed'! Daughter must have thought she and kor-kor are the same. Sometimes pening you know dealing with this complicated matter! Just imagine, if you have 5 kids, you will to go through this phase 5 times...5 times???? Haha!! 1/2 of your life will be about teaching your kids about sex..
Back to daughter, I probably should have to wait a little longer to do the explaination. I don't think it's the right moment yet. She is only 18 months old oh..! Of course I will keep telling her she is a girl and 'korkor' is a boy, with a hope, she will understand it in the future..hehe!
But if you think teaching a small toddler about gender differences is difficult, I found it more difficult to toilet train Inesha. Did I mention she wants to 'shi-shi' (pee) standing? Yeps! She want to 'shi-shi' like her brother! No matter how much coaxing to tell her to sit at her potty, she will cry and tell she wants to stand. Aiyooo...another solution to find. Now my shoulder need to carry double weight already..

Oh..before I forgot, Son asked again about the 'susu' thing last night. Same question as in my previous post. He was doing his homework when he suddenly bolted and asked me "Mommy, Why girl have susu? Isaac also have??" See, he won't be satisfied with the simple answer, its for girl and only girl has it. I guess I will need to dry up my brain to figure out the answers for both son and daughter.

Well, any help or advice from the parents who have gone through the curiousity phase will be much appreciated..hehe I know I'm going to need lots of help to deal with my kids curiosity..If you have the tips... PLEASEEEEEEEEE!! Share with me....

Jun 24, 2008

Sabah Petrol station Mogok oh!!

I don't know whether it true or not, but my sister just called me updating the chaos at petrol station in Sabah or specificly in Tamparuli. Did you guy live in Sabah know about this?? Is it true all the petrol stations will stop selling petrol and diesel for 3 days?? 3 FREAKING DAYS oh??????? Crazy or what?? And I can tell you, the situation is as worst as the day when fuel price was increased early this month. My sister is currently at Berungis Petrol station filling petrol for my dad's car..Hahaha!! She told me it is really bad!! So guys...what are you waiting for?? faster..faster..go fill your petrol oh! Nanti car mati no petrol oh!

UPDATES : Nah gambar in Berungis!!

I was chatting with my sister just now after she sent me the photos. Did you not find it weird she was not in the the queue with all other motorist?? Ekeke! Apparently my younger brother got this idea for not queing up with the rest of the scared drivers. He brought along a 'gallon' (help! i don't even know what is gallon?? haha follow what my sis told me saja lah) and fill the 'gallon' himself. Hahaha!! What a brilliant idea, he should probably brought along a big drum to stock-up petrol for my dad!

So I guess My CNN report here is indeed true.. :) two of my friends have confirmed me on this matter. What to do la guys..if you cannot get any petrol tonight, ride bicycle saja lah! :p

UPDATES 2 : The Star New's

Rumours spark petrol panic in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: Petrol kiosks were jammed with motorists as panic-buying of fuel was seen throughout Sabah over rumours of petrol kiosks closing down for three days.
The panic was triggered by rumours that petrol kiosk will shut down from Wednesday because protesting kiosk dealers nationwide were demanding higher commissions following the recent fuel hike.
Officials from Shell Malaysia and the Sabah Petroleum Dealers Association stressed that there was no truth to the rumour, and urged people not to resort to panic buying.
"We were told that petrol kiosks were going to close for three days. I rushed from my office to fill my tank,” said motorist Abdul Rashmin Salleh, who said there were also rumours of further price hikes.
Despite being assured that there was no shutdown or fuel hikes, one motorist said that he was not taking the risk.
Most petrol kiosk and roads approaching them were jammed as people waited in long queues to get their tanks filled up; traffic in the city centre came to a standstill during the office rush hour.
In some areas like interior Keningau, queues were as long as 2km, while kiosks ran out of supply.
"Shell retail stations nationwide continue with normal operating hours,” a Sabah Shell spokesman said in a statement.


Hopefully it is just a rumors! Kesian you guys in Sabah have to endure another craziness to fill your petrol..

Jun 23, 2008

Sex Education. The easy method of teaching

I'm back!!! Hehe In a better mood of course. Though I don't really like Monday, at least I'm feeling much better than last Saturday. I really wanna thank you (Lab Papa, Chegu carol, Poppet, Nick Phillip, Nyumix, kobie, niniejane, wel, andrik, oiga) for the sweet message cheering me up. Appreciate it very much. By the way, somebody has spammed my blog..!!! Well, It is spamming in a good way lah. Hehe Thanx to Papajoneh for the load of comments..I was smiling like idiot when I saw my inbox full with Papajoneh name..
When I read my Lazy Mode post, I'm laughing myself seeing how 'ngox' I was that day. I guess I was very tired and that's why I sound 'ngox' too. I had a sleepless night that day, my daughter wasn't sleeping really well. She kept waking me up asking me to hug her and scratch her itchy leg. I only managed to sleep around 4.30am, so you can imagine my crankiness last saturday. Thank God, my son is getting better now, but daughter not getting any better. She is soooooooooo clingy she wanted me to carry her around all the time. *sigh* If ringan nevermind lah, more than 10kg how to carry??
Anyway, I was in dilemma yesterday, so another opinion needed here. My son (4 years old) never failed to put me in the most awkward position as a mother and as an adult. The dilemma started this way..
My helper was about to bathe my daughter when son asked the most killer question (SPM question is much...much easier to answer than this).
Son : MOMMY!!!! What do you call this (Point to daughter's nip*le)
Mommy : Erk!! Emm..the one is called nip*le..
Son : No lah! The one is called susu..
Mommy : Yes..but it also call nip*le.
Son : Inesha also have one..Isaac also have one..
Mommy : Yes..(Hoping he won't ask any further question)
Son : So Inesha also have milk?
Mommy : No lah! Inesha and Isaac have no milk..the one is for the 'Mommy' only..
Son : Isaac 'susu' will get big like a girl or not?
Mommy : *BANGGED MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL* Erkk..no lah..Isaac is boy lah..
Son : Girl only will have big 'susu'???
Mommy : Ok!! Ok!!! Time to 'mandi'..next time ask daddy about that..
Son : But...
Mommy : Go...go..mandi now!!
The truth is, I don't know what to tell him. He always asked me question beyond my capability to answer him. If you still remember one of my earliest post about son asking why Boy has 'bird-bird' and girl doesn't, I'm thinking the recent conversation we had was sooooooo much difficult than the 'bird-bird' question. Son sometimes put me in a really difficult position that he makes me guilty for not answering his question, but also make me 'blank' on what answer I should give him.
There was one time, I brought my son to watch daddy playing badminton when he saw our company QS lighting up his ciggarette. Being an outspoken kid he is, he asked my collegue in the most bossy tone.
Son : Uiiii!! Uncle, why you smoke one??
QS : I'm adult already mah.
Son : Cannot, you will damaged your lungs (I almost fainted when son told our QS that). Smoking is very bad.
QS : (Red Faced and angry tone) I haven't light up yet mah!
Son : Smoking will burn your lung, you know..(Me straight away dragged him away from the angry QS).
Haha!! I know what my son told the QS was sooooooooo true. But, I can see my collegue was already angry that time. Do you think big grown man like him like to be told about his bad smoking habit by a 4 years old boy? So, I dragged my son out as I don't want my son to be lashed out by the QS because he won't understand it. I cannot tell him what he did was wrong, because he didn't say anything wrong at all.
You probably will tell me to explain things to my son in a simple and undestandable way, but if you ever meet my son, you will know it won't be easy. My son is the type who will ask question from A-Z, 1-10, and if he is not satisfied with the answer, he will haunt you down for the answer. Example : How come baby can be in mommy's tummy? Where is the baby from?? Headache kan..? He will still ask the baby's question occasionally whenever his mood strikes him.
In the end, I should probably read more book to get ready being asked by son again, but do you think I will be able to answer every question he has in his mind?? *sigh* yeah..I don't think so too..So how lah???

Jun 21, 2008

Lazy mode

Last night I went back home early to bring my kids to see doctor. Son is not feeling well, he has been coughing and throwing up whatever stuff inside his stomach. Daughter need her 18 months MMR jab. So as usual, the busy mommy have to rush home to get everything done. Why must me do everything??? *Arggghhh.*
*Sigh* I don't know why I'm sooooo frustrated today. Everything, even a simple thing irratate me so much. I'm supposed to be happy because it saturday today, but funny is, i don't feel happy at all...
Now i'm going to put 'LAZY MODE' sign in my blog for today..I have lots of stuff to talk about, but I have no mood to type it at all..will stalk in silence in all your blog later..

Jun 20, 2008

I'm ranting

Pheww..finally I'm free to blog a short post for today. Was really busy that I only managed to visit few blogs and didn't even leave a comment. Will do it soon.
Anyway, did you guy (live in Klang Valley) noticed that the weather had been crazy this past few days? I'm not sure if other places experience the same, but here in my place, it has been raining..then scorching hot, then a little bit hazy, then raining again..then hot again. I really hate this kind of unpredictable weather. My son is sick again. Kesian him, everytime the weather went crazy, he will caught fever and cough! In a short while, i will to rush back home to bring him to see doctor.
As I'm going back in ashort while, I just need to ask an opinion here:
  • I was shopping for grocceries at Jusco near my house the other day when I caught one old man (well not really that old actually) and a young man stealing goods right infront of me. I have no idea how to describe it in detail but if you were shopping and saw somebody stealing? Will you scream to alert the security? or just let it be and blame the stupid Jusco for their bad security system?
  • Old man - He took so many things (Keropok, biscuits, etc..etc) and hide all of it in his track suit pants. I was soooo amazed he can put so many thing inside his pants, and that make me totally blank and didn't know what to do at that moment. Haha He didn't even bother I was right infront of him when he commit his crime. Of course CCTV was everywhere.
  • Young Man - He was lingering around, took small items like chocolate and sweets and hide it inside his pants too.

I did alert the management about it, but i was a little bit late because i was too stupefied to think what to do. Both 'pencuri' managed to pass the security. So the opinion i'm asking for, if i'm ever going to encounter this kind of situation again, how to react in the fastest and effective way to alert or call the security without having to scream and embarrass myself? Memang banyak pencuri in that jusco (the staffs told me lah), so i need to prepare myself next time...

Well..thats about my post today..need to be off now....

Jun 19, 2008

Tag : 15 Q&A

I was tagged by Rafiq and Choc Mint Girl for this meme long time ago. Heheh and I just remember to do it. So terrible me.. RULES: 1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It's okay if you only post these questions in one blog as long as you answer them. 2. Get back to ME {refers to YEN} and I'll add your blogs to the master list here! Yup, another linking thingy but this one has 15 questions and you get to enjoy answering them too! 3. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don't need to be tagged in order to join. QUESTIONS:

1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you? * Both. But I'm more to the card with meaningful words..
2. What's your favorite kind of cake? * Still Walnut Brownies..
3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them? * Make a gift??? Erkk..i bought them..hehe
4. What's your favorite holiday? * Any holiday will be nice. Even Agong's Birthday Holiday is nice
5.Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where? *I'm going back to Sabah this November..wohoo!! Tia sabarnya
6. What was the best party you've ever been to? * Erk...cannot remember any..
7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like? * I'm married now. But I love a wedding done in a special way..maybe under the sea, or sky diving wedding..adventure oh!!
8. What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you? * I think...when my hubby scratched my back bitten by mosquito... :)
9. What's your favorite girl's name? * My daughter's name.. Inesha Alexandra (I kept the name for my daughter even before i got pregnant)
10. What's your favorite boy's name? * Isaiah Gabriel (If I'm going to have another baby boy..that name will be definitely in his birth cert)
11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with? * Enrique?? Hehheee
12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful? * Angelina Jolie..but I also like Aiswarya Rai (she is just too beautiful)
13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive? * Emm....no particular person
14. What is your best character trait * Good Listener? eh ya kah??
15. What is your worst habit? * Crying over a petty matter. The Master's List: 1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6. A Life in Bloom 7. Because Life is a Blessing 8. Nita’s Random Thoughts 9. Nita’s Corner 10. Nita’s Ramblings 11. Thomas Web Links 12. Thomas Travel Tales 13. Great Finds and Deals 14. Make Money Online 15. Recipe Collections 16. My Wandering Thoughts 17. Filipino Online Community 18. Famous Lyrics Collections 19. Thomas Digital Services 20. Bohol Paradise 21. PRC Board Exam Results 22. My Paperless Writings 23. As The World Turns 24. My BIG Picture 25. When Silence Speaks 26. Felicity’s Vision 27. Bienvenue `a la Noryfel 28. Inday’s Kitchen 30. My Life 31. My Life in this Wonderful World! 32.Me,Myself+2 33.FunFierceFabulous 34. Supermodel Wannabe 35. kathycot dot com 36. buhaymisis.com 37. Hailey’s Domain 38. Hailey’s Beats and Bits 39. DeCaFFeiNaTeD 40. BaReFooTeD Me 41. Vhiel’s Corner 42. Anything and Everything in Between 43. Designs By Vhiel 44. Can of Thoughts 45. All Things Me 46. Because Life Is Fun 47. Meiyah 48. Mommy Talks. 49. Aggie Shoots. Aggie Scraps. 50. Pink and Brown Diaries. 51. Winding Creek Circle. 52. The Salad Caper. 53. Pinoy MeriendaClassics Atbp 54. Life and Destiny 55. ISL Family 56. D’ Cooking Mudra 57. Pinoy MeriendaClassics Atbp 58. Blessed Chic 59. Dancing With Butterflies 60. Just Let Go 61. Pieces of Me 62. Mind Juice In Full Throttle 63. Petty Ramblings of a Petty Queen 64. The Real Deal 65. My BIG Picture 66. My Happy Place 67. In This Game of Life 68.. We are Family 69. Mommastuff 70. Dancing in Midlife Tune 71. Life is what we make it 72. Sunshine’s Photoblog. 73. A Reality Bite 74. MeiYah 75. Mind Juice In Full Throttle 76. Rosilie: My Blog 77. Mirage As Usual 78. My Sweet Escape 79. Mixed Culture Mama’s Blog 80. ADD YOUR BLOGS! Who am I going to tag this time... How about Lab Papa, Poppet, Izyanti, Little Inbox and Urang Ranau ? Of course others can do this tag as well..Have fun doing this guys..!

Jun 18, 2008

My friend's Maid gave me a nightmare..

I just booked my helper's air ticket to go back next month, and now I'm so worry sick thinking the month ahead of me. I'm still angry with her as I cannot accept the reason of her going back because of the bf. If she tell me that she already tired working with a boss like me, I don't blame her. Maybe she felt I tortured her or abused her (which I don't!!!! hahaha). But a reason of bf asking her to go back is just toooo lame. When my sister talk to her the other day, she did say she wanted to work with me, but she is scared with her bf. Duh!!!! Malas already I want to layan! hehe So it confirmed she will go back end of next month and left me 'terkapai-kapai' here.
That day, Deana-e asked me about my friend's previous maid who gave me nightmare ever since the incident happend to her. The soooooooooo unfortunate event happend last year when my friend just started working after sooooo long 'holiday'. She has 2 kids; 2 1/2 years old boy and 11 months girl (at the time of incident). So after having trouble with few sabahan helpers (all wanted to go back after short time working with her), she resorts taking an Indon maid to take care of her kids. The first month the maid with her, nothing weird or unusual about the maid. She was doing her job and care her kids properly. In the second month, maid's behaviour started to change, she started to talk back to my friend whenever she was told what to do and what not to do. But my friend still can tolerate her behaviour and didn't complain much about it. The maid, Yanti became very quiet in the following month. Weirdly, my friend's kids always showing the sign of hungriness whenever my friend was back from work. But she thought, they were just hungry. She fed them as usual la. She never suspected anything amiss with her maid.
In the forth month, her nightmare begun. She caught the maid using the house phone for quite long duration, and noticed that somebody has been smoking inside her house (she and husband are not smoker). She did confronted the maid about it, but she deny everything. So my friend thought she was just too paranoid about her. Until one day, she came back home after work and found out her maid already 'tapau' her things and went off, leaving her kids all alone the whole day. B*tch kan the maid?? Luckily the son didn't wandered out from the house and the daughter was inside her playpan. The son was sound asleep on the floor (my friend told me he was drugged to sleep) and very...very pity, the daughter was crying inside the cot with no voice. She had been crying for the whole day until she lost her voice. Can you imagine my friend's feeling that day?? Even I was sooooooooooooo pissed off and super angry with the stupid maid. How could she do that to the small kids???? But it didn't stop there..there were other despicable mess she created. My friend's husband was sooooo angry with the maid, he hired a private investigator to track down the stupid maid. Serve the maid right, she got caught after 1 month running away from friend. Many things was revealed and I'm sure you will curse the maid to hell for eternity for the thing she had done.
  • She robbed my friend clean. All her jewellery, handphone, money (which was quite a lots) and even her undergarments...Almost everything was taken..except the LCD Tv or big thing..
  • She brought her 'bf' to the house and F**ked infront of my friend's kids. Mind you, its not only 1 time but few times! *cursed her to hell*
  • She beat and punched my friend's son on the stomach for few times.
  • She smoked inside the house.
  • She didn't feed the kids when my friend went out to work.

There were other things she had done..but forgot liao! Only can remember the major one. So can you imagine how me and my friend was traumatised because of her?? Until now, I don't dare to take the risk of hiring Indon maid as I'm scared the same thing might happen to me * TOUCHWOOD*. That's why I want a sabahan helper. At least, if anything happend, I still can find her family in Sabah. My helper now is not to say 100% perfect, sometimes she spent her time watching TV, smsing with the bf and didn't clean my house properly..hehe but I don't really mind that as I only want her to look after my kids. So far, my kids are well in her care.

Now, I have to think the options on what I'm going to do after she goes back next month. I have few options actually and I'm not sure what am I going to do :

  1. Resign from work and become fulltime housewife (Which I'm not ready yet)
  2. Send my daughter to nursery while son is being cared my MIL at home. (I cannot depends on my MIL to take care my daughter because she is not feeling well herself. She has Lupus)
  3. Send my daughter back to Sabah for few months and let my parents look after her (I don't think I can do this. Even with the thought of not seeing my daughter for few months make me want to cry already)
  4. Hired another maid. (Not sure where to find)

So how lah?? What do you think I should do now??? I need to think all this now because I don't want to be last minute making any decision. *sigh*

Jun 17, 2008

Lobster, Crab, Geoduck??? Any for you??

Last sunday, me and family went to Port Dickson to celebrate Father's day with my FIL. My FIL is currently working to supervise his workers at the Prawn's Farm at Lukut, Negeri Sembilan. Off we went, reach there around 2pm. Brought my FIL for a lunch at Chardin Restaurant (A seafood restaurant). The place was quite ok as it is located at the seaside and has a nice sea view for the customer.

As for our lunch, we only ordered few dishes which consist of Steamed Bawal, Steamed Crab, Asparagus, Beancurd with Minced Chicken and i don't know what snail was it. Hehe Out of all, I really love the steamed crab because the taste was just wonderful. It was sweet and very fresh. I recommend you that if any of you thinking to eat a very delicious and fresh crab, do try it at Chardin Restaurant. You won't regret it. And don't worry, it is a Halal Restaurant.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, I went to look around and found out that, fresh and live sea creatures are being served there. I was like, "Wow!! Bestnya..can order another additional dish lah". But after seeing the price, I almost fainted. Hahaha! everything was darn expensive. Just see the price, and you will be nodding you head along in agreement with me.

Pick which one you like. Lot of varieties here

Wow!! buy 3 free one..Abalone?? Anybody? It's only RM28/per pc. How many times do you think you will have the opportunity to try fresh abalone? Hehehe

This lobster which I forgot the name costs about RM298 per kg. Just imagine, this lobster will definitely weigh around 3-4kg. And that make it RM1192 / lobster???? *faint again*

This Rainbow lobster cost slightly cheaper than ther previous. It is only RM238 per kg. Haha..I have to pass on this too..cannot afford it..

Ok this cockle is not the 'sea ham' we saw at the wet market. It was a dammmmmmm big cockle. Haha I never see anything like it before..and it cost about RM28 per kg..Hmmmmm..still expensive I think. Imagine eating only 4-5 of it and it already cost about RM30??? Nah..not worth it..

How about Snow crab?? Do you think you might be interested with a RM268 per kg crab? Well, not me. Maybe next time. I'm wondering what make this crab so special. Is the taste better than the normal crab??

And lastly, Geoduck that cost about RM138 per kg. I don't have the faintest idea what is Geoduck is. Maybe it is for the rich only? Hehee If any of you know what creature is this, and how it is cooked...Do tell me please!!

There..few of the expensive treats if you can afford one. There are more, but I'm just too lazy to snap so many pix. I only choose the one I think might be interesting. There was a fish that cost RM138 per kg. I think it was a Grouper. But it was an ugly fish. So i didn't snap the pix of it.

After our lunch, we went to my FIL working place. Chatted for a while and back to KL. If you see the pix above, Hubby was holding daughter's hand and explaining to her about the prawns' farm..hehehe (i think lah! he likes to do that). Remember the revenge plot I've been planning for hubby for father's day celebration, well I don't have the heart to get even with him lah..hehehe Still give him a special treat to watch movie. (We reached KL, sent daughter and MIL home and head on to One Utama). Maybe I will get even with him next year..heheheeee!
Well, if any of you wondering and wanted to try eating those expensive 'creatures' above, just ask me ok..I will be happy to tell you the exact location of this restaurant.

Jun 16, 2008

Romantic Dinner of my anniversary

It has been 2 day since I celebrated my anniversary, and I admit, it was the most weird and different from my previous anniversary. Hehe No worry, nothing is wrong with it except I didn't receive any kiss from dear hubby...hmmmm?? weird right?? There was no romantic msg or anything from him at all.. Make me think is there something wrong with us after being together for 10 years? For the past 9 years, I will get a kiss whenever the clock strike to 12.00midnight on June, 14th, but on my 10th anniversary, I received none. I can tell you, by the time it's 12midnight, hubby was already snoring and happy all the way to his 'lala land'.
A little bit dissapointed as hubby treated our anniversary like nothing really special about it, I was having a sulking face for the whole morning until hubby asked about our dinner. Hehehe He didn't forget about it, but still he didn't wish me anything. I went back home around 3pm to prepare dinner for my babies, MIL and helper. Cooked spaghetti only lah..ekeke express meals (which i took more than 1 hour to chop all the meat, mushroom, prawn, etc..etc). By 6 pm, I was supposed to be fetched by my price charming, but daughter pulak wanted me to put her to sleep. Aiyooo..carry her around for 15 minutes (she is more than 10kg mind you..very heavy) until she fall asleep then continue to dress up (begaya sikit mah). Went out to The Curve around 6.50pm and went round and round to find a nice place to eat, (supposedly want it to be special) but I cannot find any restaurant I like. We did want to try Bubba Gump restaurant, but it was full house that night, so off we were hunting for other restaurant. While walking..and walking..and walking, we found a place which is just nice for the two of us. We were under the beautiful sky and with two candles on the table (candlelight konon). How romantic right? So what we had for dinner? I had a salmon steak while hubby ate the Gulai Prawn which come together with 'sambal belacan'..! ahahaha Not sure why he wanted to eat that. While eating, we chat a lotssssssss of thing. Suddenly I felt we were like a couple who just started dating. Hehehe..How much I love to stare at hubby's face like I used to last time. Being married and having two kids surely have change our relationship. I remember during my uni time, we will talk in the phone for few hours, and still feel it wasn't enough. Every call will be ended with saying good night and 'I love You' to each other. I don't know why, after we got married, the 'I Love You' part suddenly missing from our routine. Of course there is still a kiss good night, but no more saying I Love You. Sad kan? Now if I want to say I Love You face to face with hubby also feel awkward already.. *sigh*

I remember the time we haven't got married, it was difficult for us to get my dad to approve us. Hahaha!! Yeah..My dad didn't approve my relationship with hubby as he thought hubby was playing around with me. I made the right choice to defy dad by marrying hubby. Haha..can you imagine, I gave dad 2 weeks short notice informing him we wanted to get married? It's not like hubby never ask him before, 4 months before that, hubby ask my dad's permission to marry me, but kesian, rejected pulak his request. So I was thinking, waiting for dad's approval will take forever and I won't be able marry hubby. Luckily dad didn't faint when I first told him hubby's family was going to Sabah. That time, I have to reject the notion that, Dad know whats the best for me. I mean, it's not that I don't respect dad for his decision, but in my heart, I already knew hubby is the one for me. Few months after that, me and hubby was happily married. Hehe happy ending at last. If only I can tell the obstacles we have gone through last time, I'm sure you will be crying by now. So much happiness and sadness that pulling us through until the wedding bell rings.
Ok..it is sooo unusual for me to write a very long post, but..nevermind lah kan..once in a while..I still haven't tell the restaurant we went to for our dinner last saturday..It was none other than..THE EMPRESS, THE CURVE!! ekekekeeee nothing special there except me and hubby can sit outside, under the beautiful sky and surrounded by so many people. We can even watch football match screening at the big screen at Laundry! heheheee So much for being romantic. It doesn't matter because I choose the place and we were having a good time for ourselves. That's the most important, right?

Lastly, eventhough our 10th Anniversary has passed, I know there are more anniversaries ahead of us. I just hope we will have more loves for each other.

Breast Cancer Awareness

This is and overdue tag from Ratu Syura, and I'm hoping more people will join and spread the awareness of breast cancer. I've lost one of my Dear Aunty last year. She was diagnosed with last stage of breast cancer and never knew about it until it was too late to do anything. It's very saddening she left us not long after she knew about the spreading cancer in her body.

So here I am..begging you guys to do your part to help others in a very simple and easiest way in the world. All you have to do is, give as many clicks as you can (at the above) and I'm sure you will be glad you have done your part as a responsible human being. I'm not tagging any particular person here as I feel everybody should be doing this. May our clicks will make a difference to the life of other women in this world.

Jun 13, 2008

Happy 10th anniversary to me and Hubby..

Update : Today is my anniversary!! Wohoo...Baby, I LOVE YOU!! (Msg to hubby)


Tomorrow is my anniversary meeting the love of my life (uwekksss!!). Wohoo..trying to forget my current probs (my maid) and try to enjoy our day tomorrow. Whats the plan?? Whats the plan? Just a dinner. But...not sure where!! hahahaha I have no idea where is the best or least decent place for us to have our dinner (takkan kedai makan Ah Chong?). I want a romantic dinner. You know, with a candle light and a stalk of rose for me and chocolate too. (pstt..Babe, chocolate, ok!)

A msg to dear hubby...

~~I'm just glad we met with each other on 14th June 1998! Who knows, with your simple question.."LU NAMA APA?", we are hooked together and discover the true meaning of being in love. I just want you to know, I love you even more with each passing day..Happy 10th anniversary dear. May we live another 100 years to give more love to each other~~

Errk?? Hopefully i can think what I'm going to do tomorrow..hehehe! Present for Hubby not even bought yet...haiya!! Tomorrow think lah...

I'm stressed..again!

I don't know why..but this past few days (and including today) was very stressful for me..The fact that my maid want to go back next month make me even more stress than I'm already are. I did talk to her, asking for her to help me until October. She is ok with it, until she told me she has to ask her boyfriend first. I'm screaming inside me..FOR WHAT????? (She was supposed to work with me until Dec, but stupid bf told her to come back next month)
I asked her to let me talk a reason to the bf, (i'm still not sure why i have to ask from her bf) and this happend two nights ago. I'm telling you i'm soooooooo damn angry to the bf. I was asking and telling him my reasons in the most polite manner, and he gave me the most annoying and dumb answer. Here was our conversation.(Translated in english)
Me : Hello! Is this R**I's Bf??
Bf : Ya!
Me : I'm her boss. As your gf has explained to you, i will need her favour to help me until this coming Oct.
Bf : I don't think that is possible. I want her to be back next month.
Me : Why?
Bf : Because I haven't see her in few years (Liar!!! They last met in february)
Me : I thought you two already met in Feb??? And I don't think 2 months will be too much to ask. At least she can save some more money for her family and for herself.
Bf : I can give her money and for her family too (Stupid a$$!!! i only know he transfered some credits to her phone and definitely not money)
Me : (A little bit angry that time) It's not the matter of you can give her money or not, i only want to tell you i need her favour to help me until october.
Bf : "AUNTY", if you have heart, you will let her go back next month (Am i the monster here??)
Me : (Voice higher a bit) Why you have to tell her what she can do or not to do? You two aren't married yet right? I supposed you have no right to tell her what she can do in her life.
Bf : (petending not listening) I want her to come back next month. Thats it.
Me : (Blardy H**l!!!! punya i angry setengah mati that time). Ok! Since you are not her family yet, i don't think i should even ask for you permission to let her work with me until this oct. Her family should make the decision. Not you.
Bf : If you want to force us to accept what you say..i cannot do anything then!
line ..... Toot ............... Not he hung up lah, my maid's phone no credit! Of course I'm angry lah that time. What a lame excuse he gave me to for wanting my maid to go back. In case you are wondering, my maid is sabahan and she has been working for me since last year. I sent her back last december, and she came back again last Feb to help me to take care of my kids. She is supposed to work for me until end of this year and not next month. But the stupid bf told her to go back. Why I'm angry here, because my maid agree to help me but i will need her bf permission first. Heck! What for???? If only you know what i feel now.. *SIGH* Sakit jiwa already..
I just called my dad regarding this matter, and i hope he can do something to help me. If no help coming, i might need to become full time housewife, which scared the hell out me. I'M NOT READY TO BECOME HOUSEWIFE! If you think i should find an Indon maid, no thanx, I don't want to take the risk of her running away after 3 months working with me.
I'm already 'pening' thinking about this matter. There is more about my conversation with my maid's bf, but the more i recalled about it, the angrier i become now. And the annoying girl sitting next to me make me even more stress! Stress..stress...!!

Jun 12, 2008

Sleep while working

It's 3.30pm...and I'm almost dead for trying to open my eyes wide open.. I don't know why I'm soooo sleepy... Keep yawning for the 100 times, and eyes are getting smaller and smaller... Hope i won't fall asleep while doing my work (Telampau banyak keja today)... But I'm feeling myself drifting to sleeping mode.. In 10 minutes I'm sure I'm going to ZZzzZZzZzZZzZz!!! . . . . ZzZZzZzz...ZzzZzzz...Zzzzzzzz

Jun 11, 2008

Renew your passport, what you should know?

Remember when I was on leave last week? It was due to some errands needed to be settled. So my story today is like 'cerita basi' already lah. Anyway, the first place us family went to last week was the Immigration. Why we need to be at Immigration? Of course to do our passport. Well, me and hubby are actually renewing ours, while kids are getting their own passport. We reached at Subang Airport, Terminal 3 at 10.20am, and the queue was really long. If only I knew that getting all the documents ready will make the waiting period shorter, I'm sure I will do that long time ago. I only brought all the original documents without any copy of it. And of course kids and me have no photo. If any of you plan to get a passport and want it to be ready really fast, here is the list of item needed to be brought :

  • Original IC (Mykad for adult and MyKid for kids below 12 years old) (Make a copy)
  • Birth Certificate for kids.(Make a copy)
  • Passport size photo (colour)
  • Pen (to fill your form) If you are doing a renewal, form is not necessary unless the chip in your passport is not readable (kaput already)

I don't have the copy of all our documents, so have to queue; make copy of our documents and take photo for me and kids (hubby done his part). Took about 30 mins for the whole process. After filling the form for my kids, have to que for number for document processing. Then another number to pay for the passport. Like 3 stages pulak. The whole 3 stages is first timer only.

If you only need a renewal, the process is pretty simple. You only need your MyKad, 1 photo, copy of your I/C and RM300 (if it's for your kid passport then RM150 lah) cash in your hand. Go to their renewal kiosk, and their officer will get everything done in less than 5 minutes. Best kan?

Back to my story, We got everthing done within 3 1/2 hours. If only I prepare everything in advance that day, I'm sure we won't need 3 hours to 'kou tim' our passport. See...4 passports done in 3 1/2 hours. Very fast kan..

Oh ya, if you are Sabahan and want to do a passport in penisular Malaysia, you will need longer time for it. I did mine in 2001, and lots of process was involved. The Immigration need to get an approval (which took 2 weeks -3 months) from the State Government. After you application approved, then only you can get your passport done.

Word of advice here, after you take your passport, please check it thoroughly for any mistakes whatsoever. I was lucky to spot one major mistake in my daughter's passport which is her year of birth. Adakah 2003!?? My son was not even born that year! It is supposed to be 2006. Ahaks! Ammendment was done for daughter, but not change the whole passport lah, just a note of ammendment in one of the page.

While in the immigration, (nothing related with passport making), there was this one mother with her baby (9 - 12 months look). Baby was playing and trying to stand on the chair when he/she suddenly cried. My daughter, who is so fascinated with baby..(padahal she is a baby herself), keep telling me "baby, cry-ing". The baby was hiding and crying really loud. Then I saw what the mother did. It was really unforgivable. Can you imagine she slapped the baby on her cheek?? The slaps was not the gentle one, I can hear the slapping sound even from my seat. And she gave her baby 3 slaps and made baby cry even more. Kesian i tell you!!! The baby had a very obvious red mark on her / his cheek. Kejam or not the mother?? I admit I do smacked my kids sometimes, but never on the upper part. Usually kaki, palm or bon'ts only (Especially son). *shaking head* But..who am I to judge her right? Hopefully nothing serious happend to the poor baby (mana lah tau kena abuse ka?).

Ok lah..enough with my long post, nanti tetidur pulak baca..Actually there were other places we went last week thursday, but next time lah story-story. Will tell you my experience in EPF office pulak..hehehe Now, i need to be off from office..Kids menunggu di rumah already.. : Chiao!

Help needed..

Well, I Copy this post 100% from Bobby's Blog and hoping one of you guy might have a clue his sister whereabout. Please spread this news and hope there will be blogger who can help this family


My youngest sister..I need all my friend's help now..http://www.newsabahtimes.com.my/nstweb/fullstory/18461
This is not jokes or what so ever...Now, I need all my friend's help to spread this article from New Sabah Times (http://www.newsabahtimes.com.my/nstweb/fullstory/18461)..Actually she is my youngest sister and till now we didn't heard any news or story from her...She is 17 years old this year and height almost 5 feets...It nearly 1 year already since her missing. My youngest sister name is Hellena A. Hairy. Here I would like to seek help from the other bloggers to spread this article...I really need your help now..Me and our family just concerned about her safety..Last but not least, again I really appreciate to those who copy and post this article in their blog..~~May god bless all of you~~

Hectic day

It's 1.25pm, and only now I have a time to breathe properly. Hehe I don't know why it has been so hectic since this morning. I reached office at 9.00am (fewittt!! Sharp oh), had my breakfast, and all of sudden lots of works keep coming to my table..Not that I'm not used to it (kira routine sudah) but today like super busy lah, sampai want to go toilet pun tidak sempat. But dalam kesibukan doing my works, i still can blog hopped, checking ops in SS, answering phone and even melayan karenah suppliers minta chop this and that. Ekeke (alasan jak busy tu)...
Since 2 hours ago, I've been receiving lots of faxes to inform increament price of materials..not sikit oh! It's 25% - 40%..and the alasan given, high price of crude oil. (yerighttt..alasan saja tu). Does this mean our salary will be reduced to cover the materials expenses? And with the the electricity tariff increased starting from next month, I'm sure i will have my eyes 'tejojol' when i see the coming bills. Just to let you know, our electric bill in a month is sikit saja. At least RM10,000. Muahaha! Imagine with 28% up, it will be RM12,800.00. Wohoo..pengsan!! World is getting crazier by the minute..
Well, no long post for now as i need to finish few documents and letter. Till then......Hasta La Vista , baby!
*I cannot sit still until i get my blog updated (ekekee ini lah namanya addicted to blogging)

Jun 10, 2008

Tag : 8 Random facts about me

I'm releasing my stress mind from the the recent unfortunate event (hehehe masih lagi complaining bah!!), and found out I was tagged by Teacher Maurine for this tag. Now I'm doing it.. Rules : Each of you start with 8 random facts or habits about yourself. Once you're tagged, write a blog post about your own random fact and post these rules. At the end of the post you need to tag 8 other wonderful bloggers and include their names. Then once you're done, don't forget to let them know in their blogs that you've given them a tag ... and to come read your random facts.

Random facts you should know about kadusmama

1. I married to a Perakian' whom I met in Sabah. Lots of people thought we met in KL. 2. I'm very short (hahahaha!) My son is 2/3 of my height and daughter is 1/2 of my height. 3. I have a very sensitive nose which is bad because i can smell the unpleasant smell within 15 meter radius..akakaka 4. When i went to weigh myself at 1-utama last sunday, i found out that i gained 4 kgs (EXTRA!!!) which means my weight is 47kg now?????? *faint* 5. One of my close friend call me 'bululess'. No explaination for this.. 6. I Studied Environmental Science during Uni time but end-up working in construction line. ID Renovation for specific. 7. I will get a hell of a headache when i drink coffee on sunday (other day tidak pulak) 8. I look exactly like my mom when she was young. So i can imagine how i will look like when i'm in my 50's (mesti lah sama juga kan?) So that the facts that you won't know about me if i didn't tell you about it. Now I'm going to tag :
Lab Papa~Little Inbox~NinieJane~ Kobie~Urang Ranau~Queen Bee~Chegu Carol~Don't know who..hehehe~
Not really sure who to tag because some of you already did this tag long time ago..so whoever feel like doing it, you are welcome ya..

Jun 9, 2008

Happy post for me

It has been few days since i last posted a proper and not sad post. Well not really sad actually, more like ranting..and ranting and ranting about our fuel price. Hahaha So enough about it for now. If i feel like bitching about it, i will soon, but for now, lets talk about happy things.

I still haven't tell you guys how i spent my weekend, right? well, as expected i'm spending with my kids..without hubby. Yep! Hubby went back to his hometown to check on some small matter at site. So me, kids. maid and my sis did nothing at home except eating. Hahaha The best part of my saturday, i napped with son and daughter 'together-gether' (which was is very..very rare for me to sleep in the afternoon)..Daughter as usual used my tummy as her pillow while son..bukan main lagi, tunggang tebalik sleeping next to me. That night we slept early too..because I was very tired that day. Sleep late on the previous night, woke up early to prepare hubby thing and cooked for all meals.

My sunday, us went to 1-utama..hehehe..nothing much there. Just brought my kids to the playground..run here..run there..and of course the mommy went to buy something which she hasn't do for so long..just bought 2 shirt and 2 short pants..hehe and of all the 4 items, it's only cost less than RM50..phew!! Well, i spent less than RM100 yesterday including our meal and other thing. Bestnya jalan here and there without hubby..akakaka! If only you know how terrible if hubby tagging along, hahahaha (I love to have him out with us, but after 2 hours hanging in the shopping complex, his sour face will suddenly appears! Malas oh!).

When we reached home around 8pm, hubby was already at home waiting for us. :) Guess he miss me and kids so much, he demanded us to go back early. Hahaha! And when we reached home, the first thing he told me, my SIL bought a puppy! yay!! So much for missing us! Was so excited to show me and son the photos..pulak dah! But i think you will find the puppy is very cute too..

So??? Cute??? Very cute?? Adorable?? Yeah the puppy is belong to my SIL. There is one superbig german shepard (spelling?) in their house in sitiawan which i really scared because it barks really loud and i tell you, seeing the big size dog make you scared like hell. But it is only the appearance lah, actually 'Catch' (the big dog) is quite a good dog. Ahaks!! Anyway, puppy is named 'Ooh Chui'(Hokkien which means Black Mouth -->Thanx Little Inbox for the correction)). If you are wondering how much is Ooh Chui, its cheap only lah... RM2000++ only *fainted* darn expensive right? But since he is not mine, i can say he is cheap! ahahaha

Ok!! Need to be off now..today, my story 'tegantung' a bit..tomorrow lah i story-story some more..

Jun 7, 2008

Easier to say than to do....

It has been 6 days since our fuel has increased and I can already feel the aftermath of this unfortunate event. But what really pissed me off when our govt. has the guts to tell us, The Rakyat the way on how to save money. There are few suggestion made by our so clever economist minister. I'm sure you will #$@#@#$ like me..!! Here are the few ridiculous suggestions made :

  • Drive our car 100km/hr or less.. so what if i drive my car 80km/hr - 90km/hr now? Does it make any difference?
  • Do not brake your car too often..If I'm already stucked in jam in kl, I just simply ram the car infront lah..cannot brake too often mah..brake is a neccesity not an alternative we can choose whether to use it or not. They cannot simply tell us not to use it too often
  • Turn off your air-cond while driving..(kononnya use the fresh air to air our car lah)..then what?? eat and breath all the black smoke emitted from big lorry?
  • Change our lifestyle. eg. No more drinking starbuck coffee. What if the people don't even drink starbuck coffee??
  • And the most moronic suggestion is, plant our own veggie at home, and of course we can rear a chicken or two at our backyard. Hahaha! If I live in apartment? Tanam dalam pasu bunga kah?? DUH!!! And where do I have to put my chicken?

It is easier for those so called clever minister to give 1000 suggestions or advices to the Rakyat, but they have no idea how we have to cope really hard in order to survive. Of course they can say its hard, but they have nothing to worry. What to worry?? The increment of fuel price is not the matter, it is the hike of other good prices that bring sooo much problem. I went to the 'Pasar' somewhere near my house yesterday, and RM50 can only get so little things.

  • 3 carrots + 4 tommatos + small lotus root = RM10
  • Fish : Ikan Kembung, ikan tenggiri 4 small pcs, ikan merah = RM17.00 (only few pcs i tell you)
  • Fish Ball + Tauhu = RM5
  • Salted egg + few biji of potatoes + other = RM8
  • 3 Biji small 'chang' = RM6 (It used to cost about RM1.30..but they increased the price to RM2. Alasan, price of rice + petrol increased)

Can you imagine what will happen to those who survive with less than RM1000 income? They don't own a car, and only rely on our public transport (also increased their fare). I don't think the boss will increase their salary..so how are they going to survive after this??

One more thing, in case you never buy maggi for long time, the price has gone up from RM2.50 to RM4 (a packet of 5)! Maggi also can increase soooooooo much, what more of other goods right? *sigh*

p/s : Tired already talking about petrol things story..

Jun 6, 2008

Budget of 2008

In my previous post, I was a little bit weird being happy after 2 days in depression due to the crazy fuel hiked. Not that I'm ok now, am still in depress and I think i need to re-evaluate my household expenses given the budget allocated by hubby for me *Bang my head on the wall*. Nevermind, let see how much I actually spend in one month. I hope nobody going to faint after seeing my list :
  1. Average groceries for a week - RM200 x 4 weeks = RM800
  2. Utility Bill - TNB - RM65 Water - RM60 = RM135
  3. Gas for cooking - RM27
  4. Dining outside (Dinner for every monday) - RM25 (average) x 4 weeks = RM100 (Only if we eat the normal food)
  5. Breakfast - RM2 (average) x 25 days = RM60 (including son's breakfast to school)
  6. Broadband connection (start next month) - RM68
  7. My domestic helper's salary - RM400
  8. Others (in case I forgot to list them out) - RM50 (cheap already oh)
  9. TOTAL = RM1630.00

That expenses not even included the cost of Formula / milk, diapers, wet tissues, kids shower gel. Let see how much the additional cost we have to cover :

  1. Kids milk - RM22.20/1 box x 11 box a month = RM244.20
  2. Diapers - RM78
  3. Wet tissues / shower gel / shampoo - RM30
  4. Total = RM352.20

I haven't even list down my credit payment, car installment, my vacation club (I took 4 years ago), fuel consumption, in case car rosak (which cost me a bomb whenever it happend), study loan...etc etc etc!!! Now that fuel price already increased, i'm expecting my expenses to increase at least 20%!

*Faint and wake up again*

Did you guys hear that the current fuel price might be increased in another 2 months from now??? if naik again??? What you are going to do??