Jul 24, 2008

Crime Scene : Naked Neighbour

It's already passed 1am when I'm doing this posting. Refer to my previous naked neighbour post. Most of the comments I received are stating that the guy has the right to be naked in his own house. Yes! It is true..he can be naked 24 hours as long as he didn't parade infront of the neighbour. Probably I provide very less info of the scene where the guy stands and show his 'birdy' for my maid to see. hehe..yes!! I just knew about the 'birdy' part when i had a chat with my maid just now.

Based on the pix i took, you can see the first mark I took indicate our back kitchen where we hang / dry our clothes. The second mark at the other side of the apartment indicate the exact position where naked neighbour stand while hanging his clothes.

So do you still think he has the right to stand naked there?? I did mentioned in my previous post that the distance between our apartment is roughly around 2 meters away. It's not that far you know. Luckily my MIL only saw the guy's butt. However my maid was a lil' bit unfortunate as she had to see his back and front parts. The guy already saw my maid there, but he refused to put a cover on certain part of his body. Hmmmmm..something was wrong there, don't you think??

Well, some of you say I might be sued if i took his pix while parading in naked, but how about I sue him for showing obscene behaviour towards us?? hahahaaha!! Kidding!! I'm not going to sue the neighbour. He can be naked whenever he want as long as he didn't step out to the back kitchen area. For Goodness sake, we can see the full view of him from our kitchen. Though he has the right not to wear any clothes in his own house, I don't think he has the right to show us his nakedness. It is traumatizing you know. Imagine I'm cooking a sausages when the guy suddenly appear naked not far away from me?? Yeah..not a good sight at all huh??

So like that lah..if you guys still insist that he has the right to be naked in his house and even at the open area of his house for us to see, i have nothing more to say. I still think he violated our right to live in peace with his improper conduct. Hehe..but..that 's just me..

Well, I need to sleep now...still need to work tomorrow morning..so..chiao!!


Lab papa said...

Kadusmama, gu moniii

Wah begitu dekat, patutlah dapat clear view.

No offense a kadusmama, for me masih rumah dia unless dia kasi saja2 provoke ka menari2 bugil bila nampak kamu.

Some suggestions lah,
1. kasi tau cara baik
2. buat2 tia tau
3. tutup tu grill, kalo panas pakai jaring yang macam buat shed untuk nursery..tia berapa nampak dia dan angin pun masuk

bah...pendapat sa jak

Nick Phillips said...

He 'shows' himself to your maid? Now that makes him a pervert and I think you should warn him about indecent exposure. That is a little too much of him. Next time you see him, tell him if he does things like exposing himself to your maid, you'll report him. Now that you've put up a pix, it makes the situation clearer and my conclusion is he's a pervert!

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ iya juga..memang masih rumah dia kan..but if he still berbogel depan my house members, then i need to take action lah..
no normal human being will parade naked infront of their neighbour kan??

nick phillips ~ yes! that exactly what he did..he was face to face with my maid that time and he didn't even bother to cover himself up..
Being a pervert is bad enough, but what if he is more than that?? scary!!

Lil' Ms Pinky said...

OMG! Your neighbour is a sick flasher! Reminds me of my parents' neighbour in Ipoh. He used to flash his bits to my maids when they were working in the garden, or to my mom when she's drying the laundry upstairs in the balcony. Once, I even saw his jiggly bits when I was hanging out the laundry!

I shouted at him: Hey you sick pervert, aren't you ashamed of yourself?

I think his whole family (and my whole family too!) heard me, and they rushed up to see what happened.

Eversince then, his jiggly bits are safety tucked under his pants. And till today, I don't ever talk to him or look at him.

These flashers, I tell you, they seek joy in people getting shocked. It makes the sick genes in them feel better. What you (or your MIL or your maid) should do is to put him down in a calm steady voice. You can say something like, "Eeee...so small!" or "Not nice to see oso!"

Biar dia malu bah!

Little Inbox said...

Hey, no comment for this one.

By the way, got awards for you. Come and claim la.

urang ranau said...

ni baru la the real flasher in action. Should take action, yalah with children around..dont want them to seen it. Maybe can put cardboard/ blind at the area..so he can't show his "belonging" anymore..

Kadus_Mama said...

lil ms pinky ~ well..actually he didn't flash his 'tool' for my maid to see. He just didn't wear anything at all eventhough he saw my maid saw him in that kind of condition.Will see if he still doing that, i think i will take some action then.
By the way, you use the 'bah' correctly..hehehe

little inbox ~ *sigh* susah kan got this kind of people in this world..
Awards??? Yay..right to ur blog now..

urang ranau ~ erkk..sia nda juga panggil dia flasher sebab dia nda kasi buka apa2 mau di kasi tayang kan, dia kan sudah sedia naked..hahaha ok juga idea ko n lab papa nie..put some cover there kan..hmmm..nanti lah kami pasang.. :) Thanx for the idea anyway..

Choc Mint Girl said...

We don't know what his intention, but from what you've described, I agree with some of the comments.

In my opinion, most probably, he just doesn't care what other people think of him naked around because of his life style OR could be worse, he secretively enjoys being seen that way. So, that makes him a pervert.

Apa2pun, becareful, Cuz!

Ratu Syura said...

aahh.. macam ni la buat post.. ada gambar, baru clear.. hehe.. kalau ketara betul dia flashing his ding dong sana depan your maid, you have the right to warn him already la because he's already crossing over other people's comfort zone. if your maid enjoy tgk gitu tu ndak pa jugak! haha. but seriously, bagus ko warning dia habis2! if he still does it again, panggil polis! seriously! boleh trauma bah orang!

Kadus_Mama said...

choc mint girl ~ hopefully i will no need to see a naked guy next time..ish!! nda berminat lah

ratu stura ~ hehehe!! hari tu bulum ambi pix bah tu..tia sempat..actually kan syura, he didn't flashed his ding dong to may maid..he just didn't bother to dress up eventhough my maid saw him bah..but still, i think he is a pervert too