Oct 27, 2009

Pray for me..Thank you..

Hmmmmm...no update for quite sometimes huh?? :( I just have no time to do any update nor do i have time to do a blog hopping at the moment. Work, kids, family, study..even 30 hours a day is not enough for me

So just a short update here..My exam will start on this 29th Oct and will finish on 9th Nov. I'm not well prepared this time and i'm not sure if i can do better than last semester. I hope i won't face any major blankness during exams.
What i need from you guys is a simple prayer for me. Pray i will be able to pass all my papers.
I am so sorry i didn't visit most of you guys for a week now. :(
I'm sad because i have to pass a lots of $$$$$ post. The offers were good but i have no idea what to post in my blog. uwahhhhh!!! I'm so stressed, i have a very bad breakout now..Uwahhhhhhh again!!!!
So ok lah..Just want to thank those who still visit my blog even though there is no update from me. Wish me luck in my exam ya!

Oct 13, 2009

Photography session in Port Dickson..Part II

So my weekend wasn't so great last week. Nothing much to talk about..Last saturday, I stayed in the office until 3pm. My original plan was to do some revision for my coming exam, but what i did was..watching Grey's Anatomy 6 episode 4..! Geez! i really need to discipline myself or else i will be in trouble come my exam end of this month....
Other story..I went to Port Dickson (again) last sunday and like the previous..previous..previous trip, we went to eat the Superb..nyummmmyyyyyy...sedap gila steamed crab at Sea View Restaurant. I'm not going to post (Photos) of the other dishes ordered, but we had a steamed cod fish, Taufoo and veggie apart from the nyummmmmmmmmyyyyy crab..
If you notice, i ate crab everytime i go to PD kan?? Hehehehehee If i can sit few hours there..i'm sure i can wallop 3 ekor big crabs oh! HEHEHHE
So after we finished eating, hubby sent my MIL to my FIL place, me and my kids went to the beach for 'photography session' and hubby went to check his site progress.
Yeah..same models all the time. Daughter was being difficult when i want to take her photos that day. It was soooooo hard to take a decent photo of her. Almost all photo of her is a candid one.
Isaac is sooooooo big now.
I had to scream (HEHHEHEHE) before daughter finally posed for me. Isaac is ok! Just ask him to pose, and he will give his best shot!
Isaac really love the grandfather's hat and rubber boot. Maybe he wants to be a cowboy? hehehhe
Isaac was sooooo excited to play with the sand, he drew the lolipop as a gift to mommy! LOL When i told him i want a big incredible hulk, he smiled and told me this "Alah mommy! Cannot draw incredible hulk lah! This is not a paper" :P
Nah! Who can beat his big gooooo...gooooo eyes? Can you see his cheeky smile? He was smiling like that because he wanted to show off his twin dimples..LOL
If it wasn't because of my exhausted camera battery...i probably will snap more of isaac and inesha photos, but i think 100++ photos in less than an hour time pun kira ok lah bah tu kan? :P
While waiting for hubby to fetch us, there was a car accident happened right in front of my eyes. Phewww! The myvi definitely caused a big damage to the kancil. Luckily nobody was injured, but the kancil driver was fuming mad, he was shouting to the myvi driver like crazy man. I was quite a distance away from them, but still i can hear the shouting loud and clear....crazy lah!!
So after the photography session..we went back to my FIL place..and yippeeee again..we got 1 plastic bag of tiger prawn to cook!! Fresh from the pond, i'm sure i will enjoy my dinner tonight..ekekekee!
Hmmm...so i guess that's about my story today..LOL!! macam teda story, but i don't want my blog to be without a post this week. Asal ada lah kan??
Ok lah..that's about for now..till i update my blog again..will try my best to drop by in everybody's blog when i have a free time. Take care all.. ~tata~

Oct 6, 2009

La..la..La..I'm back with my old story..

So, it has been a month after my trip back to Sabah, and only today..I'm posting the pix taken during my brother's wedding..I'm not going to upload many pix as i don't want you to die of boredom seeing all my photos..hehehehe
Anyway..before i 'kill' you with my photo, just a little update from me. My son Isaac was unwell again last week. On friday night, he was coughing a lil' bit and after i brought him to see the dr, nothing much about his condition. No chest infection..and no nothing serious. So he was given a Ventolin to ease his cough. But the next morning, his condition become sooooooooooooo serious, he barely can breathe and was crying for the pain he had. I wanted to bring him to the dr again, but son refused as he was still sleepy and want to sleep. So after i finished work at 1pm, i rushed back home and brought son to the same Medical center we went on the previous night. It's really scary to see my son fighting for air to breathe. Luckily not many patients on that day, and we were called shortly after we reached there. After the dr diagnosed my son, turned out Isaac has asthma. :( I totally have no idea 'how' or what or when or where about his condition. On normal day..he can run and jump without having any problem..All of a sudden, he has asthma..
About my daughter, son called me yesterday and told me that my daughter fell off from the chair while eating her lunch. *sigh* So when i reached home last night, my daughter has a bad bruise on her right cheek..aduiii kesiannyyaaa! Can you imagine she fall asleep while eating her lunch?? That's why she fell..
What else ah..???? Hmmmmmm...Oh! My exam will be end of this month. *sigh* I guess i will be crazy busy again until i finished my exam.
Oh! another one..On my way to work today..I witnessed idiot flasher flashing his "TOOOTTTTTTTTTTT". Ya! No kidding here. The old man was standing at the road side and flashed his penis to the passing car. Idiot old man..i was turning to his direction when i saw his 'ding dong bell'. All i can say was..WTF?????????? LOL!!!!
So that's my update for now. Enjoy the pixs uploaded here.
The wedding started with the bride, groom, relatives and 'gong' team rafting all the way down to our village to announce their day to the villagers
I can't join them as i had to look after my kids.
Inesha was so grumpy that morning, but still she can pose for me...hehehe
Isaac wanted to join the rafting team, but no way i will allow him to follow my hubby. My husband can't swim lah..if i go, maybe can lah..
5 rafts for the team. :) if you are wondering, They raft from Sungai Kiulu all the way down to Kg. Malangang, Baru
The Bride and Groom. Hehehehehehhe
The Bride, Groom, the mother, my sister and my nephew
Off they go.. :)
Me, the camerawomen was under the scorching hot sun waiting for the team to come.
This is the gong team. Respect the gong players. All of them are under 12 years old but they really can play the gong very well..My sister told me, one of the gong player fell inside the river..but steady saja dia main lepas tu
Bride and Groom reached safely. Ada juga background yang tidak menarik oh!
The beautiful bride..My sister-in law..Amy
A very simple wedding, yet very meaningful. Scottish guy is my brother's boss from singapore and the other one is boss in KK. :)
Ada juga muka Inesha mingkikiut! LOL I didn't notice the background was my son trying to strangle his uncle until Jacq told me about it! HAHAHHAA
Ehem...!!!! Me and My daughter lah..sepa lagi! LOL
The 'party' continued at our house. The girl in black is blogger, Ninie..hehehehe Bukan main suka lagi the guy dancing with her. HAHAHA it was supposed to be a Sumazau dancing..tapi ntah apa cerita the drunk guy..hahahahaa
Cutting cake ceremony. Bulih lagi jilat-jilat jari lepas makan cake.. heheheheheh
And their wedding made it to the paper...hehehee!! Famous juga masuk cerita dalam paper nie kan??
So macam tu lah my story last month..heheheh Although I'm late to post it, it better than never kan..hehehehhe I will go back to Sabah for Christmas and for the first time after so many years, all my family members will be around to celebrate xmas..
Ok lah! that's the story of kaDusMama, who always missing in action..Hehehe till i update my blog again..That's about for now..... ~tata~