Jul 10, 2008

Anybody can help me??

My P licence is going to expire in another 3 weeks from now. Wohooo!! Finally KadusMama going to get her CDL. No more P sign in my car soon. But..but..

Ok I'm ignorant. I don't know how to renew my P to CDL..So a little help needed here. Please tell me :

  • How to renew my licence? Do I have to go to JPJ to do the renewal process?
  • Can I send other people to do the renewal?
  • How long before my licence expire do I have to do a renewal?
  • What document do I have to prepare to get a new licence??
I did try to google the procedure of renewing P licence, but I cannot find any. The info in JPJ website is not sufficient enough for me. Worry nie! I don't know where is the nearest JPJ from my place. Later lambat renew, susah pulak.
I'm hoping I can send a represantative to do the renewal job for me. Do you think it is possible?? I know all of you have gone through this before, so you already know what to do. I did asked hubby about this, but he doesn't know what to do either. Last time kan no P..susah betul. So fastest way to get the the info is through blogging.
So kengkawang sekalian, please help me on this..Thank you!!


chegu carol said...

ermm i oso ingat2 lupa but one thing for sure, u need to bring paspot size pix, a form to fill in and a copy of a document which i forgot what was it. u need to go to JPJ to 'get rid' if ur P license. Heheh.

Poppet said...

If I remember correctly, you just bring driving license size picture of you ( the kedai gambar tau lah camna), your IC and a copy of it and then go to JPJ and renew. You can get the form to fill up at JPJ, just ask the information counter or the person in charge of giving the queue number. Check put this form
ataupun ko try call the hotline 03-88884244 ?

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ erk..i'm still wondering if i can ask other people to do the renewal..bulih kah tu ah??

poppet ~ pix and other things sia ada sudah..now mau tau apa macam mau renew saja..hehee somemore sia tia tau mana the nearest jpj sini..

FredDass said...

Kadus_Mama, sia tau mcm mana as I just renew my P to CDL last year..

However, this one in sabah la.. Not sure in semenanjung.. Manala tau kalu sana proses cerewet @ ruwet..

My experience last time, it just took ~30 minutes to get a new, pink colored licence..Hehehe

1. Pigi JPA.
2. Sedia duit cukup2.. If I'm not mistaken RM30 for 1 year.. For example if u want ur new licence to valid for 5 years, u have to pay them RM150..
3. Dun ever forget 2 bring ur pasport sized photo.. At least 2 keping laa.. Tapi better bawak lebih.. "More is better than less"..
4. I'm not sure if u have to copy any of ur personel document.. Because last time I just bring my original document (P licence n IC are enough).. Sini servis JPA dia ok, durang bole lagi tulung2 fotocopy kalau in case terlupa.. Tapi ada charge juga la 20cent.. Tapi ok la ba kan kalu banding to certain places..
5. Paling penting bawa pen.. Coz u have to fill a renewal form..
6. So, means that u have to do the renewal process youself becoz u have to sign the form oso..

MMMMmmm, but last time my senior ever ask me for a favor to help her renewing her licence.. but it was about 2 years ago.. But I couldn't help her as I oso very busy that time and no time to go out..

So x pasti boleh wakil2 ka x...

So does this info enough for u? I hope it may help...

Oh ya, sa kasi renew licence sa d JPA Keningau (Saja ja mau promote coz servis 5 star kan) Hehehehe..


Shemah said...

I haven't taken my license yet! LOL! I asked my husband baru2 ni.. and he STILL not allowing me to take. Ndak trust other people on the road konon. He said it's full of crazy drivers. Cheh.. maybe kalau I buy a TANK baru dia kasi sia drive! LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

freddass ~ Wah!!!! Tenkiu for the detail info..!! Beguna betul tu..Now, i only need to know if can send orang tulun renew saja nie..heheee

Shemah ~ Eh lek ko! I took my licence 2 years ago bah..which means, I was 26 years old that time. Haha! kira lambat juga tu..I took it because terpaksa, need to drive myself p keja sendiri. If i have to wait for hubby, pengsan! But i think, driving in KK still ok compare to KL..sini punya driver lagi lah maniac!!

Poppet said...

hehehehe... for me driving di KL and KK ada beza but tidak juga bilang ok sebab ada style masing-masing. I got my license di JPJ Pdg Jawa. Even b4 that I was already driving regularly sini sana di semenanjung tu without driving license hahahaha... so lucky tia pernah kena tangkap. Ble drive sampai pi Ipoh, pi Penang lagi tu without license... tapi ada org yg ada lesen duduk beside me yg malas mo drive lah. tapi klu setakat pi shah alam, bangi, serdang tu... relax ja tanpa lesen hehehehe...
kdg2 driver dr KL yg pindah di sabah ni yg bawa perangai sana pi sini... jadi ada juga maniac style KL di sini hehehehhe