Mar 31, 2009

Super Mini Bloggers Gathering..

I'm sleepppppyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I had a very delicious Salted Fish Fried Rice + Fried Egg for my lunch, and now, I'm dozing off while doing my work!! Hahaha The only way to keep me from sleeping is to blog...!

So last nite I met Mama Mia and Just at Burger King, KLCC..hehe!! It was fun meeting these 2 ladies..! The last time i met Just when we were still in UPM..! And that about 7 years ago..! Gila punya lama..! And Mama Mia, was like 3 years already..!!! I din even managed to attend her wedding due Due to what ah??? Forgot already..maybe i was pregnant that time??? Hahahahaaa Lupa pulak!!

There were sooooooo many things to catch up, but we only have sooooooooooo little time to do so! I reached KLCC around 7.30pm (Took commuter and LRT to klcc as hubby was having a meeting yesterday) and Just reached there around 7.50pm...! I never know girls can talk sooooooo much stuffs oh!! While waiting for Mia, me and Just were gossiping and chit chatting about..ehemmmmmm...*top secret*

Mia reached KLCC with the hubby and cute daughter around 8 something, and once the 3 of us were together..habis ni dunia!! Hahahaha There were sooooooo many things to talk about, but what i like the most when we were 'kutuking' the husbands (mine, mia and just's hubbies lah) about their impatient attitude while going shopping with the wifes..! How they cannot wait us, the ladies went in and out...and in..and out from one shop to the other shop..and end-up??? Hubby muka masam pulak..!!!! Hahhaaaa Do man who loves to company the wife goes out shopping exist?????? Heheee wondering bah!!

We didn't snapped many photos last nite..hehee! Just few to put in our blog..! I took about 12 snaps only!! So here are the selected 3 photos of me, Mama Mia and her cute, adorable, friendly and bikin gerigitan daughter, Van and Just.

Eeeeeeeeee...geramnyaaaa tengok si Van nie!! She was giving us her cheeky smile and rasa want to chew her 'kuih pau' cheek!

Ini gambar yang tesilap nie!! I wasn't ready when Mia's hubby snap our pix..tingu my munung, tajam-tajam lagi!! hahaaaa

Nah!! At least this one look decent lah..! No muncung yang tetajam or anything Bidah!!!

At 9.40pm, hubby reached KLCC ready to fetch me..and with that, our meeting pun habis lah!!! *sigh* I was hoping we can chat longer..but Mia and family look very tired..and Just? She has a baby waiting for her at home..! Sedih because we only have like 2 hours to catch up with each other update..I hope we can meet again in the future..!!!! And other bloggers will join us pulak.. :) It will be fun meeting other bloggers and chat about our blog and meet with each other in person..bila lagi kan??? So that about our meeting last who want to organize mini bloggers gathering here in kl nie????? :D

Mar 30, 2009

I witnessed a robbery right in front of my eyes..

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I’m supposed to love my Monday..but after 8 hours sitting in the office, I’m bored like hell!!!!!!!!! Nothing much to do except surfing, doing some updating, and sit like a stupid idiot on my chair..! I can choose to do my mounting assignments for ‘sikul’, but then I decided I’m sooooooooooo lazy to do so..!!! So here I am, still trying to figure what to do until 6pm before I’m off to see Mama Mia and Just (yeah! There are bloggers too)! I tried to do something productive since hours ago, but it seems I got even more bored!!!! *sigh* I better update my blog again kan?? Hehee
Previously, I posted a story about our company despatch being robbed in a broad daylight kan?? So Emelda the kadazanbonita asked me whether I’ve witness any robbery happened right in front of my eyes before…and my answer is….YES!!!!!!!!! I had….
*beware of my long post* hehee..So this incident happened in Year 2006, when I was about 8 months pregnant with daughter. It was my colleague and my routine to pack our lunch at the nearby coffee shop. (before we shifted to our new office and factory). So one day, we didn’t follow our schedule to pack our food at 11.40am..Instead we went to the coffee shop 12.30pm to order a fried rice. So while waiting for my fried rice to be ready, came one man, ordering some food too.
I was sitting on a chair when 2 men suddenly barged in into the coffee shop with a long machete @ parang heading to the man who came earlier to order some food! There were not many people in the coffee shop that time..! But all of us froze, when the men with a machete grab the man and put the machete at his neck while screaming and demanding where the ‘money’ was!!! Heck!!! I was soooooooooooo damn frightened that time, I run outside and hid somewhere behind a car..! Now, if you think I’m a coward to run away like that, I was not!!!! I was 8 months pregnant, and I don’t think I can stomach to witness neck being slit and blood splattered everywhere including on my body! That’s why I hid behind one car..! And..i don’t want anything to happen to my baby inside me.
Now, back to the robbers story..they were actually after the payroll money withdrawals by the man earlier. It happened in a spilt second, they took less than 5 minutes to cut the man’s denim with a machete, and run away with a sum of RM15k!!!! Thank god, the robbers didn’t harm the man; they went off once they got what they want with their accomplice in a Wira outside the coffee shop!! Imagine if the robbers slice, cut, and kill the poor man before they run away??????????? Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I don’t think I can eat or sleep for months!!! It was definitely one crazy experience I’ve encountered
So yeah..that’s my answer to kadazanbonita for her question whether I witnessed any robbery happened right in front of my eyes!! I have…and it is not a pretty sight to see a man being held with a long parang on his neck!! I seriously don’t want to get through that anymore..!
But what make me wonder….(even until today), how the hell the robbers knew the guy had so much money with him? Did they follow him from bank??? Did somebody from the bank inform them about the man with the money??? Or the guy had thing to do with the robbery too???? *thinking* I’m still clueless…and have no answer to that!!

Monday..oh monday!!

Inesha is wishing you...HAPPY MONDAY!!!

Geez!!!! It's almost 2am right now, and i'm still not asleep yet!!!! *sigh* We reached home around 11pm from Perak, hours ago..and after I took my shower, i still had time to put on my mask at 12.50am..hahahaha!! Vain me!! I need to wait for 30 minutes before i can peel off my mask and that caused me to be wide awake at this moment!! Mulau sekali!!!
Actually..I just want to wish you guys a good monday today..hehe!! i'm not sure whether i will like it or not, (like you don't know how much i hate my monday!!!) but........I try lah!! Hope i can wake up early later or else, i will be late to work again...
So...have a fun Monday ya!!!! HAHAHAAA...(i might be sleeping while typing this post!!! )

Mar 28, 2009

I'm off to....

I will go back to hubby's hometown at Sitiawan, Perak today as my MIL and hubby will hold a prayer for the late grandma. It's the Qing Ming month mah..! Well, i'm not going to pray with a joss stick or what..hehe I will only pray in my heart.
So to you guys, happy weekend and don't forget to switch off your light at 8.30pm to 9.30pm for the Earth Hour Campaign...let save our Earth!!

Mar 27, 2009

Beware of the robbers new robbing technique..

Uii apa cerita tengah malam about robbers ya??? well...i don't really have a nice story to share actually..well, i mean no nice story about me..but there was something happened last wednesday. Our company despatch was robbed buta-buta in a broad daylight. So this post is served as a reminder for you guys out there to be more cautious in the future..
So what happened to him last wednesday???? He was supposed to go to JPJ to renew our company vehicles' road tax, but before he went to JPJ, he was to bank-in the company cheque at EON Bank, Kota Damansara. To cut my story short (heheheee...lazy to type an essay today) while he was standing infront of the bank, there was one Indonesian man stopped him pretext of asking a direction to the location stated on a piece of paper. Being a naive and tooooo lurus bendul punya despatch, our despatch pun trying to help the guy...! While he was trying to figure out the location, came another Indonesian Guy, and that guy was the first man buddy lah!! So you guys can figure what came next kan??? Yep!! He was robbed clean in a broad daylight!! Punya lah!!!!!! Don't play-play oh..the robbers had a machete with them you know...Kesian my colleague..her money (with our despatch) to pay her credit card also sapu'ed by the robbers...
So moral of the story, if you are going to bank, and suddenly somebody asking a direction or whatever for your life already..don't bother about the people..!!! Nowadays, we don't know who to trust and with so many kind of robbing techniques, we better be safe than sorry kan??? If the people really need a help on the direction, they can always asked the security guard in the bank..or maybe pigi cari polis lah!!!!
Well...thats about my advice in the middle of the night..! Actually i wanted to type longer, but I'm kinda sleepy summarized saja lah my story!!! So remember ya guys, always be cautious with the people around you..! Ingat lah kata penaja hari ini...!!! :) ~nighty nite~

Mar 25, 2009

Finally my nose was fixed by the 'plumber'..

Heheeee...I know my title does sounds weird..!! Besa lah...!!
Well..i was unwell yesterday! Had a very bad leaking nose and was on MC. What i did at home??? Facebooking and playing games lah..ekekeee!! I wanted to do some blog hoping, but was too lazy to do so..
Since last week, i was a lil' bit restricted as i need to study for my exam..! This coming 12th April, i still have another killer paper test before my final semester exam! So faham-faham lah if i suddenly missing from the blogosphere...! I know i am a blog addict, but for the sake of my study, i really have to cut down my blogging time..! If not, kantoi pulak exam nanti..wait until my semester break, then i think i will be able to spend more time on blogging already..!!
Oh! About my leaking nose..I'm feeling much better already though' i'm still a lil' bit drowsy now....! The plumber @ Ubat selesma fixed my leaking nose yesterday..! However, my itchy throat still a nuisance to me..! I have a feeling i will a bad cough soon..any idea how to prevent it from happening????
Ok lah! Ok..thats about my update..hehee! Till then..~tata~
*beware of spammer in your blog!! (I'm going to make a quick round to everybodys' blog..hehe)

Mar 23, 2009

Monday blues, but I'm still going to blog

Yeah...there isn't much thing to say..but heck, I'm going to blog anyway!!! Heheeee As usual, I don't really like my Monday, and today is no different..! Both my kids are sick now..son still coughing and vomits occasionally while daughter is having a fever and bad cough too..! Their mommy, is like cranky old Aunty..heheeeee
But there is a reason behind my crankiness...! Lack of sleep is the main culprit!! Heheeee
Anyway.......I was in Chegu Carol's blog the other day and found about this blogging addiction quiz! Heheeeeeeeee
I did the quiz...and yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!I got brilliant score in the quiz!! A+ macam tu lah!! Hahaaaaaaa

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

Anybody interested with the quiz...??? Why not answer the quiz and valuate yourself whether you are addicted to blogging!!! For sure...KaDusMama is a blog addict!!! Hahahaaaa

Ok dokie!! Working time..hope you guys have a great monday!!!

Mar 20, 2009

To the Hell with your "Oh!! Shitttt!!!"

Ya..i was so damn angry this morning!! I feel i almost burst out like a volcano waiting for it's time to errupt...!!! I was feeling so good this morning..It' favourite day of all..! I sms'ed my colleague informing her, that i will be a lil' bit late to office as i need to go to bank (itu bank yang ada muka tiger) to settle something for daughter's insurance. So i reached the bank even before it was opened. Soon after the bank was opened, i went to see one of the bank officers to get my auto-debit form signed. Can you imagine i have to wait there for 40 freaking minutes????? Seriously, how difficult is that to sign my form?? Maybe if there are 100 people infront of me, i can tolerate for having to wait that long, but i was the first to reach there..and there was only few customers at that time. What really pissed me off was, that bank officer still got time to clean her table and entertain other customers instead of signing my form. Then after that, when i wanted to take back my form, the officer told me they will keep my form to validate whether the signature is mine..! For goodnessssssss sake, i brought along my Passbook and my IC as a proof that is my signature. I'm wondering how she is going to validate my signature whether it's really mine other than comparing the signed form and my passbook???? Hmmmmmm...bikin panas betul!!!!!!!
In unrelated story pulak..! This incident happened early this week. There was this guy looking for our accountant and he too, really pissed me off. When he came to my place and ask for our accountant, I told him he might need to wait for my colleague as he wasn't inside his room at that time. He went to the washroom to answer nature call..! So I told him, he might need to sit down and wait for maybe 10 minutes time for my colleague. and the smart dressing man suddenly cursed "Oh! SHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT MAN!!!!! (it was loud enough for the whole office to hear). I ignored him and continue doing my work at that time. Then that bloody guy asked me why i have my own notebook?? Asking whether I have things to do with my notebook...? Bodohnya!! What he expect me to do in office..sit goyang kaki ka???? Then i told him again to take a sit while waiting for my colleague to come and what he did was...said this "OH!!! SHITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!". Then repeat again OH SHITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!
I was so damn angry that time, but i restrain myself from showing my anger to him. I almost want to ask him "What's the fucking wrong with you dude????? What's with the Oh! Shit??????" Heheeeee...nasib baik he is the factory owner's staff..!! So i just keep quiet and pretended he didn't exist..! I don't even bother looking at him after he went off!!! Bodoh sekali!!!!!!
So...i have to deal with very annoying people this week. I cannot make up my mind who pissed me the most..hehee! If you were me, who do you think will annoy you the most...Bank Officer or 'Oh! Shit' Guy???? I hope i won't have to deal with these kind of people lagi in the future..bikin panas saja!!!!!

I'm so bloody angry now! Wuarghhhhh!!!!!!!

It's friday...and I love Friday...but at this moment...right this moment..i'm super angry!! Bloody angry with one particular person!!!! She ruined my morning!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Mar 18, 2009 photos uploaded

I know..I weekend story at Palace of the Golden Horses probably staled by now! Hehee There was unavoidable 'mishap' bah last monday..causing me to be so lazy to upload the photos and to blog too..But i'm ok now..feeling like blogging about it already..

So last saturday, we went to Palace to check-in and thats it..hahahaaa! Tidak bah..Since we have 2 rooms that day, it was enough for all of us lah..There wasn't much thing we can do that day as it was raining quite heavy..*sigh* I thought i want to test my photography skill, but tidak dapat pulak...

To cut my story short..(Kinda lazy to type many words today), here are the pix taken last weekend..! If you are wondering why there are few of its only..well, i cannot upload 50 photos in one post, can I ?? hehee 1 photo already 3.8MB..and i'm so lazy to resize all the pix, so i choose few that i think ok lah!! hehee

This is the room that me and hubby stayed. The other room is with 2 queen beds but i'm just lazy to upload it..hehee Almost look the same lah. Anyway, this room is quite big..It was very comfortable, i spent my day sleeping until the next morning..hahahhaaaa!!

The bathroom is quite nice and look very luxury like that..! My kids love the bathroom as they can rendam-rendam and swimming inside the bathtub..! I wanted to rendam-rendam too, but it was so freaking cold that day, so i ditched the idea mau rendam-rendam..! I don't want to risk myself getting sick.

Cold or not..Daughter was so happy swimming inside the bathtub..ekekee!! Of course the water was warm...thats why Inesha had no problem inside the tub..only after she came out, she was shivering and turned blue because it was really cold..heheeee

Malu konon daughter when mommy took her picture..! She spent almost 1 hour inside the bathtub..! Son was swimming too..but he was in the other bathroom..! I cannot put them together in the bathtub coz' they had been kicking each other trying to control the tub..last-last saturang satu bathtub lah....

So after both my kids bathed, i spent about 30 minutes chasing and screaming (hehe..lebih-lebih pulak) at them, demanding them to sit or stand still so i can snap a decent photos...PUNYA MAIN SUSAH!!!! Isaac and Inesha are just like 'cacing kepanasan'...It was really hard to snap their pix..

Nasib ada juga decent pix of Isaac..! Supposedly, Inesha and Isaac were to take photo together, but si Inesha, suddenly hide behind her brother..Thats why you can see the hand and shirt only..

Ok!! At least Isaac can stand still for 10 it was easier for me to snap his photo..! heheeee What do you think?? See the cloud formation at the back..look like dragon kan?

I didn't managed to go outdoor for photography session at the Palace!! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I wanted to, but hubby was very busy on last sunday, he needed to be at site for 1 particular project that was going to be handed over to client last monday..! So what hubby did was, dumped us (me, my kids, my sister and MIL) at The Mines Shopping Complex. There, we did nothing much except watching the Dragon Ball Movie, shopping company my kids naik the gajah!! hahahaa!! Usually Isaac doesn't like the weird moving elephant, but ntah apa mood that day, he wanted to ride the elephant pulak..! usual lah..She didn't want to be left behind, rode the small elephant...heheee!! So kiut! Though she is my daughter, i still feel she is very cute riding that weird elephant..! Jadi...thats about my weekend at the Palace..
Next time i want to go to Sipadan Island to take more beautiful photo lah nie!!!! hehe

Mar 17, 2009

Mommy...u cee, the 'cock' already..

This is my daughter..who is 27 months or 2 years and 3 months now..! She start talking when she turned one and by now, she babble and talk more than the mommy. Her favourite is to copycat whatever uttered by the brother, Isaac. A lot of people don't believe she is 2 years ++ old as she can speak better than some 3 years old kiddo and kids can speak 3 languanges at the same time. Though their malay is with Sabahan slang..but its still understandable lah..(eh? Apa punya Intro nie??? heheee)

So..last sunday, there was this Swiss Open Badminton Match showed in Astro. Me, hubby, Son and daughter were watching the match and when Lee Chong Wei won his battle against Lin Dan..all of us were cheering up like stupid in the middle of the nite. i'm sure if you watch the match that day, you noticed the Shuttlecocks were escorting the winners to receive their winning prize kan...! Son saw the shuttlecock..and get so excited..! He keep telling me..."Mommy!! you see the shuttlecock run.."..Me : "Ya lah..very cute kan??"

Pix borrowed from PapaJoneh's Blog

Daughter, doesn't want to be left behind, stood up trying to get all of our attentions and screamed "MOMMY!!!!! YOU CEE (see), THE COCK RUN..RUN..ALREADY!!!". Bwhahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I was a lil' bit shocked when daughter suddenly screamed like that..and after a few secs..i burst into laughter coz' she said "COCK" and not Shuttlecock!!! HAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! I better tell son to speak properly next time or else my daughter going to repeat whatever he said wrongly in the future....Hehee
So..thats about my post today..hehheeeee!!! I'm still laughing like sot in the office whenever i think about daughter..!!

Mar 16, 2009

Hello..Bomba???? and Dragon Ball Evolution stories..

I was answering the phone an hour ago and was having a conversation with a person that i don't know who..

Me : Afternoon..! MM...

Stranger : Hello..Bomba?

Me : Huh?? Bomba???

Stranger : Saya mau tanya..hari tu application kita kena reject lah..blaa..blaaa..building standard not up to bomba standard...

Me : Erk???

Stranger : Lagi ah..itu safety officer not tak ade mase' inspection...blaaa..blaaa..

Me : erkkk??? Hello?? You mau call bomba kah??

Stranger : Ah..iye!

Me : Sini bukan bomba lah lah Mr. sini opis..

Stranger : HUH??????? Bukan Bomba??????

Me : Bukan!

Stranger : OH!! Sorry...*toot!!!! immediately hung-up*

Hehe..I'm not sure whether it's my fault the guy went on and on about his probs with bomba, but he sure made me smile until now...hehehee..from bad mood, i'm feeling better already..

So..i'm supposed to blog about my weekend at The Palace of Golden Horses Hotel..but..malas want to blog about it now...hehehe I'll blog about it after this lah ya..

Anyway...after we checked out yesterday, hubby dropped us (Me, my kids, MIL and my sis) at The Mines. Hubby needed to check his sites and and 'the gang' was wandering around at The Mines..I have no intention whatsoever to shop yesterday..but end up, i was poorer by RM200 pulak.. :(

After 3 hours of carrying my daughter (her stroller was at home..we din bring it out), my legs cannot take it, i brought my 'gang' to watch the movie Dragon Ball Evolution!! heheeeee Daughter is FOC as she was sitting on my lap..! My son was very excited watching the movie..daughter was sleeping..MIL was sleeping for a while..and me and my sis were very excited too..!!

Source : Wikipedia

As much as i love the movie, i was dissapointed too..! In case you don't know..I'm one of Dragon Balls fans in the world, and I grew up reading and collecting Dragon Ball Comics..! I have the full set of Dragon Ball Comics which was inherited by my brother after I went to Uni. I read all the commics for more than 100, don't try to fool me with the details coz' even after 9 years (the last i read all the comics), i still remember every details of the story..! I can even remember every villains' name in the story too..heheheee

So back to the movie...! It was modernized and the story has been changed too..! Sad..sad..sad!! Telampau kena fast foward and it lost its originality..!! But i still love it though coz' handsome bah si San-Goku..hehehee!!! And Bulma very pretty too...! I'm 100% sure, the sequel of Dragon Ball will be much better too..! hehee..wait until Bezita and the others are out..!! So, if you never read Dragon Ball Comics before, the movie is definitely going to be awesome!! Don't worry!!

So..thats about my 'don't-know-what-the-heck' story today..hehehee..!! I'm very surprised as i managed to finish this post..heheheee (bad mood lah hari nie!!)..okie dokie.. ~tata~

Mar 13, 2009

I'm going to love my weekend......

The whole week this week, i've been so lax with my books, I didn't open any of them to do some revision. Geez! I still have a test for my killer paper on 22nd March..and what i did with my time?? Playing shooting game and poker whenever i'm free..!!!! I only do a couple of online assignments and 2 computer applications assignment and i got too lazy to open my book already..*sigh*

Anyway...hows your day guys??? It's friday today..and I'm sure all of you are pretty excited with the coming weekend, no??? It has been raining since yesterday but still, I'm happy with my day..hehehehe!!!! Why I'm happy? well..because i'm going to spend my weekend at The Palace of Golden Horses Hotel..ekekkeee!!!!!

You must be wondering why on earth i want to spend my weekend in KL somemore..Like i have no other destination i can go saja kan???. Well...I have no mood to travel outstation..and I have my unused entitlement for Hotels around the world. So what i did was..make a booking to stay at Palace tomorrow...! At least I can sleep on a cozy bed for weekend..! If you read one of my posts last year..Me and hubby spent our weekend in a Minister Suite at Palace Hotel...Hahahaa..gila kan?? Well..i don't have to worry about paying it as it is what i get for being the member of Palace Vacation Club.

My confirmation slip..hehee booking is confirmed..and i have 2 deluxe rooms for my family tomorrow..wohooooo..!! 1 room for me and hubby..another room my kids..hows that sound to you?? macam siok kan??? In case you are wondering how to become the member of Palace Vacation club, you can contact me if you want..but the fees of joining the club is not really cheap..I have to pay RM20k for that oh!! I still have to pay another RM900 before i finally finished paying all the fees!!! Yeah!! Another financial freedom for me!!! I don't know if you feel it worth or not..but for me..ok lah!! hehee

Once in a while staying in a luxury hotel siok juga kan?

So that's about my going-to-be about you guys?? Anybody going somewhere??? Bah..hope we will have a great weekend saja lah kan..HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

Free Pictures

Thanx to acobox for the free pictures If only i have this kind of view at Hotel...

Mar 11, 2009

Budak Lelaki Neraka...

As known, my Son Isaac is a big fan of Hellboy. So yesterday, he suddenly asked me what Hellboy is in Malay language. Heheee I was really 'headache @ pening kepala' when i answered him. Here was our conversation :
Isaac : Mommy!!!! What's the meaning of hell?? (he heard the word hell while watching TV. Ini lah bah nie..suka-suka saja cursing that people)
Mommy : It means purgatory..(Alamak!! susahnyaaaa want to explain to son)
Son : Huh?????? What is hell in Malay??
Mommy : Hell is 'Neraka'
Son : Huh?? What is 'neraka'???
Mommy : Neraka is hell la!
Son : What they have in hell???
Mommy : Big!!! Big!! Fire..if you act bad to mommy and other people..God won't love you and He will put you in hell..
Son : Hell is good.
Mommy : No!! Hell is for the bad people only
Son : So..what is Hellboy in Malay???
Mommy : Erk..hmmmmm...ehhhhhh...
Son : Mommy?????
Mommy : Hell is 'Neraka' and boy is 'budak lelaki'. So Hellboy is Budak lelaki neraka.
Son : Ya meh???
Mommy : Ya lah!!!
Son : Oh! So what is Spiderman?? (Isaac is a fan of Spiderman too)
Mommy : Hmmmmm...Lelaki labah-labah..
Son : HAHAHAAHAA...erk..mommy..what is labah-labah??
Mommy : Labah-labah is a spider lah..
Son : Batman leh??
Mommy : erkkkk...bat is batman is Lelaki Kelawar..
Son : Yerrrr...why so funny one..
Mommy : Thats the mommy know..
Son : Mommyself also don't know??? (Son pandai-pandai created his own word like Daddyself, Mommyself, Isaacself, Ineshaself, Ammaself instead of using word like myself, yourself, herself)..
Mommy : Hmmmm...
Son : Eh..Mommy..then what is Incredible Hulk in malay?????????
Mommy : erkkkkkk...maybe Raksaksa Besar yang hebat?????
Son : Hahahahaaaa...tipu lah you!!
Mommy : Mommy have no idea...heheheee Next time you ask daddy ok!! (LOL coz' hubby's malay is worst)
Son : OK!!!
So that was our conversation yesterday...!!! Heheeeeee....I know my translations were bad..but you tell me else to explain son the meaning in Malay..!!! I'm wondering if Isaac get bigger and he asks me what is Boobs? or penis in malay? Hahahaaa...Need to prepare my answers in advance ni!!!! If you, what words (in malay) you should use in order to make the translations sound decent..! tak kan penis, i use the term TonTo*ou kan????? HAHAHAHAAA!!!!!

Mar 10, 2009

Perfect modular home for you

So…my morning had been bad! Yeah..If you read my previous post, I’ve been ranting about the traffic jam I’ve to endure on the way to work and about some stupid moron drivers who don’t know how to use their car signal. But that was this morning. As I was having a bad morning, I was shopping online during lunch hour to make myself feel better and VOILA my mood improved instantly..!! Heheheeeeee

So other than shopping some sexy lingerie, I surf other stuffs too and guess what I found??? Yeah..I found about Modular homes. I’ve been working with an ID company for almost 5 years now and never in my entire career have I heard about modular homes. Have any of guys heard about it before????? I bet you don’t know about it either. So what is Modular Homes??? It's a house that built in section at the factory and 85% complete when it assembled where you wanted it to be. Unlike our house at kampong that built by many labors and took like months to finish, the modular homes are built in a factory and it’s really a cost saving choice. What I like about it the most, the house built is highly engineered and built stronger than our traditional house. Now…think about this..! You need a house, you have the design in your mind, but you hate to deal with many different contractors to get your house done. But that’s not going to happen when you get a modular house. All you have to do is, pick the land where you want your house to be, get your house design and built at factory, then send to the base and tadaaaaaaaaa…your house is 85% complete. The 15% minor works will be finished in no time at all. Amazing, right????

The sections of the house built in factory

The completed sections are being assembled on where you wanted your house to be! Amazing!!!!

But sad to say, we don’t have modular home in Malaysia yet…If we do, I’m sure I will be the first customer to get a modular home. At least I can save lotsssssssssss of money and no hassle of having my house full with defects here and there…! Don’t you think so????

Stressful Tuesday

I woke up late 7.33am exactly..
I rush to prepare son to school...
When i reached my car, i noticed my fuel was slightly below the first line before E...
(Never in my life i allowed my car fuel passed the first line)
Send son to school, rushed to the nearesst Petronas..
Rush to work...and DAMN!!!!!! The way to my office was badly congested..!!!!!! I really hate to be stuck in a jam..
Took almost 20 freaking minutes to enter Kg.Baru area...
Then..met some idotic drivers who don't know how to use their car signal..(Man!!! I really hate bad drivers)..!!
Reached office..punched my card..and yeah...It is red colour print on my card indicating i'm late for 20mins again!!!
I'm having a chest pain and body ache now..Arghhhh..thats how stressful my tuesday today...
and it's only 2 1/2 hours since i opened my eyes this morning..*sigh*
I'm wondering if my day could get worse???
So how's your morning so far guys???

Mar 7, 2009

Niece raped in exchange for a winning 4D lottery number

I'm in a total disgust when i read this news a minute a go...! I'm sure you will too..!

Whats wrong with this people??? Bodoh tahap kambing gurun issit??? So geram lah reading this kind stuffs..! (I only read new once in a while, and this is what i got????) Do you think the couple will jump down from a 10th storey building if i tell them they could strike 1st prize in 4D by doing so????? Blooody stupid!!!!! *marah nie*

Mar 6, 2009

My pregnancy....

Before i proceed with this tag, you can read my pregnancy story. But it's more detail lah..hehee
This is a tag from Natalia & Mouren about my pregnancy story. I really like it coz' not everyday i can tell the whole world about it. But..i'm going to change a bit the Tag Format. Hehehe since i have 2 kids, i will put 2 answers in some of the questions. So here goes my answers....
3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? i) Son - Total blank..Not sure how to react ii)Daughter ~ Too excited until cannot sleep for few days..
5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? i) son - 23 ii) daughter - 26
6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? i)During son - I had a dream one afternoon about me being pregnant. I went to the nearest Pharmacy to get my test kit, and yeah..i was really pregnant. ii)Daughter ~ After 2 weeks of 'toot'..i took a test kit, checked, and yeah, there was s double faded line there..
7. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? Both pregnancies to my darling husband..
9. DUE DATE? i)Son - 1 Mar 2004 ii)Daughter - 30 Nov 2006
10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? During son - i was half dead for 3 months..haha / During daughter - not as bad as during son. But i did puke a lot in office. In my bin lagi tu...bwahahaaa
11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Lots of stuffs ; "Bakwa", Tomyam and everything that is spicy
12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Sweaty people make me puke..durian smells make me puke..the sight of raw chicken make me puke..and many others lah..
15. HOW MANY POUNDS DID YOU GAIN THROUGHOUT THE PREGNANCY? 1st pregnancy - 16kg / 2nd pregnancy - 22kg
16. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? No baby shower..mandi shower have lah... :)
17. WAS IT A SURPRISE OR DID YOU KNOW? - what surprise on mandi shower???? -
18. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? During my 1st pregnancy, i had a slight bleeding in the early of my 2nd trimester..! Scary kan?? In 2nd pregnancy, i once fell and it was very teruk!! I had a bleeding toe, scratched knee..Imagine i tehempas on the road..!!! Gila...but thank god nothing bad happened to me and my daughter.
19. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? Son - Manjung Hospital, Perak (HAHAA best beranak here..very very very cost was only RM50 saja..and that include my delivery, UV light and macam-macam lagi) / Daughter - Damansara Damai Medical Centre ~ 30x more expensive than son..
20. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? Son ~ I was in pain for 30 hours..! Gila sekali..but the last 12 hours was the worst..!!! / Daughter ~ paling laju..since it was an induced birth, i was in pain for only about 2 1/2 hours before my daughter popped out..hahahaaa
21. WHO DROVE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL? i) Son ~ My sis-in-law (hubby was in KL that time) ii)Daughter ~ Hubby..
22. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? i) Son ~ Only the 4 nurses...hubby was on the way back when i delivered son ii) Daughter ~ Hubby, my gynea and 2 nurses..
23. WAS IT NATURAL OR C-SECTION? Both come out naturally from my 'tooooooot' (censored) Hahahaa
24. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? i) Son ~ I had a laughing gas (i forgot what it was called) ii) Daughter ~ This was the was an induced birth, but i have no pain relief at all!!! Gila sekali..
27. HOW MUCH DID YOUR CHILDren WEIGH? i) Son ~ 2.67kg (kesian..punya kecil) ii) Daughter ~ 3,25kg (besar sikit..hehe)
28. WHEN WAS YOUR CHILDren ACTUALLY BORN ? i) Son - 4th March 2004 ii) Daughter ~ 1st December 2006
30. WHAT DID YOU NAME HIM/HER? i) Isaac Ho Jin Yi ii)Inesha Alexandra Ho Yie Xuan
31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? 5 Years and 2 days!! Wohooo..besar sudah..

Panjang juga this tag oh!! But yeahhhhh I'm done with it. So tagging time...Alamak..who to tag ah???? Hmmmmmmm...i tag MamaMia, Nessa, Izyanti and Kristie lah..heheee I'm curious to know your pregnancy story guys..

Mar 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dear Isaac...

Yeah..It's the 'notorious' Isaac birthday today..heheheheee There won't be any grand celebration or anything for us..Just a cake cutting ceremony amongst us family only. There is no present for Isaac today as he already opened his present...Alah his present is the HellBoy figurine lah..! So...
Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics
Isaac turned 5 this year...and become toooo clever already over the years..hahaha!! What i mean by clever is, ya lah..his question..his thinking that a lil' bit too advance for his age..! And what i love the most, Isaac like to tell me, Hubby, Inesha and my MILthat he loves us very much.. :)
So tonight I'm going to get the 'Chocolate Cake with a lotssssssss of cherry' (as requested by Son) for Isaac...! Hehee
"Happy 5th Birthday Dear son..Mommy love you very much too....."

Mar 2, 2009

What do ya' think??

Wah!! I've been missing since friday lor...!! As much as i wanted to blog and blog hop last weekend, I was unable to do so as i had to finish my assignment and i had exam yesterday. Phewwww..glad my exam was over..!

For the whole week last week, i was sleep deprived due to my assignments yang belambak-lambak itu. Hahaa..I usually slept around 3am to do some revision and woke at 7.20am..but on saturday, i slept 5.30am (actually it was already sunday) and woke up at 7am ready to sit my exam! My head was spinning the whole day yesterday, and i had a major blank-ness in my last paper. It was already 4pm..and i was realllllly sleepy. *sigh* So faham-faham lah..i gave my answer in a point..and it was only few words in one point..hahahaha!! Matai lah nieee...

Anyway, as known lah konon-konon, i own a DSLR already..but..sadnyaaaa...i still haven't fully utilised the function and whatever the camera can do yet. *sigh again* I only used it at home, and as expected, my kids and their toys were my model..heheee For the past 3 weeks, i've took almost 300 pix of my kids and their toys..ahahaha!! Apa-apa lah!! Here are 6 of the pix taken..! Those expert in photography can tell me what i should do to improve my photos quality kah???? Lab Papa??? Willie??? The DA?? Kamu kan campin...

Macam tooooooooo bright pulak..nda ngam light dia ni kan??

Model of the year!! Wohooo

Something weird on this photo, but i cannot figure out what..hmmmm

If you think my son is the only hellboy in the house, you should look at my daughter at the background..she wanted to be hellgirl pulak..hahaha

kawan-kawan these two..but after 5 minutes, they sure will fight..bikin pening!!

Ntah apa mau cakap this photo..!

Bah..good souls out there, kestau lah your opinions..i want to improve my photography skill bah nie!!! okie??'s 3.55pm now, and i wanted to go off already..yeah!! we work until 4pm saja..!! Hahaha.. ~tata~