Apr 19, 2011

I'm still alive.. :P

*take a peek on my blog*
*It still does exist*
*Dancing happily*
OMG!! Like seriously????? Time really does fly in a blink of an eye, yea?
It has been 9 months since i last blogged, and my blog has been neglected by the irresponsible 'owner' ever since...there are snakes, cockroaches, crocodiles, lizards, rats, even dragons in my blog now..don't mention about the spiderweb because it is enough to make one thick sweater already....
Anyway... (if you still read my blog la)...How are you guys? I hope you guys are in your best of health...
As for me...i supposed i'm fine. I'm fatter now..and of course older!! :P
There are so many things happened to me since last year...exam..family..bla bla...
Maybe i should list down whatever happened to me :
  • In my last post, i mentioned that me and my family were going to Penang..and yes we did. However, when we reached Penang, i received a call from by brother informing me that my uncle (My dad's brother) was very sick and was in the ICU..my dad wasn't feeling very well too...the next day...(sunday) my dad was admitted in ICU and my uncle was fighting for his life..I was trying to book a flight back to sabah that time, and sad to tell, there was no available seat as hari raya was only few days away..i even checked flight from Johor and penang, and horrible..no more seats.. :( Anyway...my uncle passed away last year, and my dad didn't even manage to see his own brother for the last time..he was still in the ICU when my uncle was buried... :~(
  • I had my exam last year...was too busy to do anything else...my life was upside down at that time because i almost lost controlled in what i was doing...i had migraine almost everyday...being grumpy which i'm sure my kids labelled me as witch.LOL At this right moment, i'm still on holiday (i took 6 months break from my study which i'm sure i will extend until end of this year)....
  • Just when i thought i wanted to update my blog before new year, my dad was admitted to hospital again and that time i was worried sick because dad never complained how sick he was until that day..he celebrated his new year in hospital with my brother...and i celebrated mine still worrying about my dad..he was discharged from the hospital 10 days (if i'm not mistaken) after....and now..dad is healthy like a bull like he used to be.. :)
  • My mom was hit by a F****ing stupid driver who was idiot...Thank god nothing bad happened to Mom and my nephew..Although it was just a paltry bruises, i was still mad like as hornet when i found out about it...I was also mad because they decided not to make a police report even after being nagged by me for few days....
  • This was one of the other reasons which killed my mood to blog these past few months... My superhero son Isaac thought he was sooooo strong...he decided to jump down 6 stairs (at our apartment) and unfortunately, he didn't manage to stop himself on time and rammed the wall in front of him...When hubby called me to go back home immediately after my MIL called him, i sensed something bad, and yea..as predicted, the injury was quite bad and I think my son's small chunk of flesh was still on the wall.. @_@ Oh well...superhero recovered few days after, but luckily he has come to his sense and never jump down from the stairs anymore.
  • Erkkkk what else happened???? oh...my son is in a primary school now. ^___^ 1st day of school...my son went missing and i was like a crazy mother frantically looking for him...If only he listened what i told him ( to wait for me at the gate) i won't have to endure the most terrifying experience in my life. Anyway...the headmistress made an announcement to call "ISAAC'S MOTHER" to collect her son from the teacher's room.. :P
  • Oh...another thing...FB or facebook is now blocked in my office (due to a certain ppl who spent most of the working time on FB game than doing work)...oh well, i'm not worried at all because i still can access FB, but of course i have to be discreet and not letting the others know that i'm still farming in FV (opsssss!!!! i'm one of the people??? LOL of course i'm not.. :D).
Oh another thing (2x now) on CNY, we were in KL and didn't go anywhere as hubby had a car accident 13 days prior to CNY...the car damage was quite bad and his car had to be in the workshop for almost 45 days (not because of the damage but because of insurance stuffs, snail-slow action...and bla bla)
Oh well...if not because of all the reasons listed above, i'm probably just too lazy to update my blog.. :P I almost let my domain expired last Jan, but decided to renew it anyway in case my blogging passion comes back like it used to be last time...
So that's about my post for this time...I'm really really sorry for not visiting or popping to say hi in your blog...I will always think you guys even though i blog only once in a year...Till the next post...Take care and xoxo