Nov 10, 2009

Alohaaaaa Guyssss... *BIG SMILE*

And finally my exam was finished yesterday! Hehehehe I was sleepless for 2 weeks where sometimes i only sleep few hours before i go to work or to my exam..hehehe!! This is what happen when you don't prepare early for your exam...
I was soooooo stressed these past 2 weeks, and because of that...zits have been popping like mushrooms on my face..*sigh*
So..what's my story since the last time i update my blog??? Hmmmmmm...let me many incidents and things happened..and i'm going to list down all the significant stuffs only lah..if i'm going to list down everything, i probably have to type this post for few hours..ekekekeke So lets see what's the interesting stories i have here..
:: I did it again..LOL If you have been following my blog since i start blogging, you probably remember one incident where i accidently steal bananas from a supermarket. Hehehe I can't find the post myself..LOL bodoh betul..but there was one time, i really did take bananas from the supermarket by accident..and last week, i did it again! HAHAHAHAH teruk lah si kaDusMama nie!!!! I was with hubby buying a groceries at The Max Value (Jusco) near my house..I was holding a plastic of eggs and was busy buying other stuffs as well..for your info, most of the cashiers in Max Value know me and always like to chat with i was at the counter paying my groceries and chatting with one particular cashier about milk and her kids..blaaa.blaaaa..blaaaa *giggles* Blaaaa..blaaaa..blaaaa *laughing..Kuang..kuang* Blaaa..blaaa..Byeeee. Wah..we talked like tomorrow will never come..luckily so many customers were waiting and i have to cut off our conversation. Walk back to car..walk..walk Sekali??? OMFG!!!! I bawa lari the eggs with me!!! HAHAHHA Die! i was already in the car and i asked hubby whether i paid the eggs and hubby said he doesn't know! Aiyaaaaa...I was so lazy to find the receipt that i dumped in my just assume i already paid it. Reached home, and i start koreking my bag and checked the list of paid items..and geeezzzzzzzz I really didn't pay the eggs..Aiyoooo..I'm feeling so guilty..but it wasn't my intention to kidnap the eggs lah! :D
:: I have a blue black knee and my arm due to a fall from my bed! Dangs!! Sudah tua pun masih jatuh dari katil???? LOL well..i know it is absurd for an adult like me to fall from my bed..but it was really not my fault..i wasn't being clumsy that time. It happened last week tuesday when i was doing a revision for my paper that was 3am when i went to take a nap (at the edge of the bed) for a while before i continued doing what i was sleeep..sleep and i woke up, trying to stand up..and "GEDEBUKKKKK" Crashed booom bang betul! My legs refused to support me and they turned jelly the moment i step on the floor...Imagine i rammed over my drawers before i fell on the floor..*sigh* Malang betul...
:: It was halloween weekend in Ghost Trappers game last week and because of it, i was able to stay awake until 4am to 5am everyday to do my last minutes revision..hehehehe like i said last time..GT is a passive game where you only need to click it once in every 15 minutes..and yay! i managed to stay up late because of GT!! (yeah to the game). exams went well (yerighttttt!!!) and i'm glad it's over.
So that's my stories that i think worth telling..Heheheee Of course i have other stuffs to tell, but i don't think you want to know everything..? I'm just glad my exam finally finished and i don't really have to stay up very late night anymore..
So how about you guys???? What's the story morning glory?? :) I supposed i should hop to your blog to find out all the stories i missed kan? Well...see you in your blog then..Chiao and Happy tuesdayyyyyyy...