Jul 10, 2008

WARNING! Kadusmama gila already!

Phewww..What a good day for me to blog today. Less work, less thing to do in office. Jangan Jelous. Hehe I’m warning you in advance that I’m going to do a marathon post today. At least, another 6 posts after this one. Sorry lah, mau cari makan lah geng. Please bear with me..ok..
Anyway, I want to thank for the well wish from you guys for my speed recovery from my cold. I was lucky whatever virus or germs or bacteria in body didn’t manage to fight my antibody. Though I’m better than the other day, the ‘kick’ of the medicine I took still lingering in my system lah. There is still floating sensation whenever I walk or sit. I don’t know how much water I need to gulp in order to flush out the left over ‘ubat’ inside me. 1 liter? 2 liters? Any idea??
Lab Pap suggested that I should sleep the moment I felt I’m going to be sick..Hmm betul kah tu Lab Pap?? I wish I can do that. If only I can sleep here in office. No place to rest pulak..nda kan sleep in the meeting room?? Four years of working here, I took less than 10 days sick leave. (not including my maternity leave). Not that I’m soooo healthy, I never fell sick before, but I’m just not used to take sick leave lah. So far until today, I still have 14 days MC. Haven’t takes any yet. Last year I only took ½ days (kena food poisoning) for the whole year. *sigh* See lah, if next time I’m feeling unwell, I will take MC for at least 2 days..hehehe! Howz that?? Ok..ok! I want to enjoy my free moment already. Just stay tuned with my blog ya (Hehe actually I want to enjoy my Nescaffe Gold 3-in-1 first) I’ll be back later..hehehe


Lab papa said...

wah sampai crazy like that aa..hahaha enjoy blogging kadusmama

Unknown said...

siok oh kau kan, relax ja.sia smpi rumah br buli ckp relax, inda habis2 karaja di upis, kalau sia pikir2 bagus sia putung gatah ja di kampung..tp tkt pula kerugian kalau musim hujan..kwang3..p/s ambil ja mc, bikin jalan2 - ajaran sesat ni..

KaDusMama said...

lab papa ~ ni lah bah kalau addicted blogging tahap kambing gurun..hehee

urang ranau ~ bukan selalu bah sia bulih relax2 di opis..hehe kemarin sia free lah..ambi mc bikin jalan2?? hahahaha tingu lah

Unknown said...

I so understand the blogging marathon untuk cari makan part! LOL! I'm guilty of that too!! hahaha..

KaDusMama said...

shemah ~ haha!! Ya! ya! kita lah tu kan..cari makan..what to do..