Jan 31, 2008

My Prince..

If that day i posted about my daughter, today i'm posting about my son Isaac..
This is my dear son pix which was taken sometimes ago when he was 2++ years..
Very 'gaya-gaya' one..Hehe

My son really like to 'begaya' even when he is at home..He like to wear his nice shirt..jeans and shoe inside my house that sometimes i have to shout at him because he was bringing all the dirts inside..its not that i cannot clean and sweep the floor, i just don't want his sister to eat 'don't know whatever things' sticking at the shoes.

If you meet my son, i'm so sure you will bang your head at the wall wondering how me and my hubby or my MIL can stand taking care of him. He is super-active, too head strong to listen whatever we tell him not to do..Lompat here..lompat there..throwing things here...throwing things there..until sometimes i cannot stand him i have to smacked him a bit. If not..he will start climbing the ceiling already loh!

He is a chatterbox that he only stop talking when he is sleeping..I have to shisssssssshhh him to stop him from talking too much..ha ha ha..i know i'm bad..but cannot do anything because i need some peaceful moment at home after finish working..

And what topics my son like to talk about?? Nothing much..only the summary of movie like Harry potter, All Jacky Chan's movies, Don't know what kungfu movie, Transformer, X-Men, Fantastic Four and many others that i've forgotten the title..He keep repeating the scenes until i 'pening' listening to him..

When my hubby's grandfather was admitted to hospital in year 2006, my son became the star in Selayang Hospital. He followed my MIL to hospital and cheered the patient at ward by singing from one bed to another bed. Sometimes patients called him to sing a song like twinkle-twinkle little star, Ba Ba Black Sheep, ABC and many others lah..I only went there once to see him at hospital..and i cannot help myself from being proud because Isaac can make all the sick people laughed and they all had a smile on their face whenever he finished singing.

Well if i want to go on..and on..and on about my son, i think i will take about 3 1/2 years to finish all of his story..I will save his stories for my post next time....to be continued....

Jan 30, 2008

CNY is coming!

This nice sam foo only cost about RM39.90

As we all aware..CNY (Chinese New Year) is less than 1 week from now..

And i have yet to prepare the CNY stuff..

I have yet to buy clothes for myself..as i'm very lazy to go in and out from one shops to another shops..when at last i'm not going to buy any of it! I'm very particular choosing clothes one....So i think i will recycle the last 3 years 'baju'..if i can fit it lah!

Kids clothing already 'koutim' (done)..Me and hubby bought all kids 'baju' 3 weeks ago..
At least buy early can find the right size for them mah..

For the first time, hubby bought a nice and very cute 'sam foo' (correct me if i'm wrong) for daughter..He didn't ask for my help this time..hehee He 'pandai' (clever) choose already! hehe
See the pix...cute leh??

Funny is, i bought a pink colour boot for daughter..haha i guess she will look weird wearing her boot and sam foo! But no worry, she will still look cute and adorable!

I'm going to be Old soon

Less than 2 weeks I'm going to be older.. I don't know whether i should be happy or sad.. Should i be happy because i'm going to get a presents soon? or should i be sad because all the 'wrinkles and the gang' are waving and saying hello to me.. But i'm thinking.. Whether my hubby will remember my birthday (He forgot my birthday last year..and only remembered after he read the friendster reminder) Whether my family at Land Below the Wind will remember my birthday.. Whether my my friends will remember my birthday.. or anybody i know will remember my birthday.. *Sigh* Hopefully i will get at least few wishes this year.. How sad it is if nobody remember your birthday? *eyes full with tears now*

I'm screwed up

As you have noticed, i've changed my template already.. Beautiful flowers...pinky-pinky look.. And i love the flowery look very much.. But what you don't know is... I screwed up my html coding.. Darn!!..lost all my link..and I only have my posts left.. I never know that html stuff so 'memeningkan'! Guess i have to learn more of it so that i'm not going to screw up everytime i want to change or do something with my layout! well..Time to study beb!!

Jan 29, 2008

No water ni!

Coming to office early in a morning and knowing no water supply is really a disaster news to me.. How to go toilet?? Doesn't matter big or small business..still need water to go toilet mah.. So i'm a lil bit worry here..what if i want to do my big business? (ewwwww...) where to find water oh?? I'm not going to use leaves tau!! Somemore still need to flush the toilet..where to find water to flush? I already lodged a complain to Syabas..but not sure how long they will take to fix this problem.. Hopefully soon lah..if not i think i have to drive out to town to stock-up few big bottles of mineral water in case of emergency! He he he Well..got to work now..Pray my stomach not going to cause me any trouble later..

Jan 28, 2008

My princess!

Since i'm not so in a good mood today..
I found a nice way to lift up my mood and make me smile to myself..
I would love to introduce my daughter to all of you..

Her name is Inesha Alexandra..
She is going to be 14 months soon..
She adores her big 'ko ko'..
But at the same time doesn't like to be near him..
What to do..my son likes to bully her..
Anway, daughter like to eat whatever we in the house are eating..doesn't matter if its a rice, biscuits, fruits, even 'spicy sotong'..
She is very 'manja' that she like to be carried around..but now we trying not to carry her because she is heavy and not a small baby anymore..
She likes to play toys like car..bicycle..but doesn't like doll..hmmmmmm
She likes to sleep on my tummy every night..maybe listening to my tummy make her sleepy..?
She can say word like 'ama'...'koko' 'aeooww=hello', 'gaga', 'muhmmy', 'Hah'..and many others..
She can melt our heart by smiling or laughing (I thinks all babies are)..
And now she can walk herself..she starting messing up our kitchen by throwing all the containers..bottles...
And finally..she is so smart that she knows how to throw her used diaper into the rubbish bin..
Well..I'm feeling much better after thinking about my princess..
I guess i should think more about my kids to make me feeling happy all the time!

I'm PMSing

I woke up so early this morning, feeling soooo fresh only to realise it was only 5.06am. Try to sleep back but failed... Blink..blink...my eyes....and start counting don't know how many sheep, cow, cat and dog.. Still i didn't manage to sleep.. Toss to the left..toss to the right..and finally i fall asleep at 6 something.. Anyway..i'm really in a foul mood today.. Bad Mood and PMSing' I feel bloated.. I feel fat.. I feel tired.. I want to eat chocolate.. I feel hungry all the time.. I want to sleep.. I feel so annoyed with somebody who is really annoying!! *Sigh* why lah we women have to go through this cycle every month..tired oh!! Well i'm praying and hoping something good better happend soon or else i'm going to wear this sour face the whole day today!!

Tag A-Z Link

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Jan 26, 2008

What's wrong lah with the server??

Dangs!!! i've been trying to purchase an air ticket for my helper...and what happend?? server is down!!! What is wrong lah here?? T*N*T apa nie??? I'd filled all the detailes and when i want to submit... 'internet explorer cannot display the webpage'.... 1 minutes it is ok then all of sudden?? i have to re-type everything..and another minute when i want to submit..page cannot be display?? apa nie??? So troublesome!! What if i'm back to the airline site and the air fare already increased? argghhhhh..tension..tension!!

Jan 25, 2008


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I'm Stressed!!!!

What will you do if someone smell so bad sitting next to you? Pretend that nothing is bothering you? Sit far..far away? Tell the person directly? I don't know..I've done none of the above so far!! Well here is my story.. I'm sitting next to my colleague..a female one.. And she sits only 1/2 meter away from me.. And gosh!! she smells very bad..you know..the sweaty..didn't shower smells... And it come from you know where..the armpit!! (I guess lah!) This problem has been persistently happend for 6 months now...Since she started working here.. And i have been suffering for 6 months.. I have a very super sensitive nose.. I can smell good or bad smell 1km (OK!! i'm exaggerating!!) away from me.. And if i'm pregnant..the distance of my smell sensitivity will increase drastically.. The worst thing will happend if i smell bad thing, person or anything is i will puke!! Or at least gagged...Which happend so many times already! But thats not the problem here.. I'm just wondering... Don't we noticed if our body smelled rank? (Probably her nose already malfunction..) Its our own body...for GOD sake!! If we do..shouldn't we do something about it??? Jeezzz..i think my lifespan will be shorter if i have to smell more of her.. I don't know what i should do to make her noticed her bad smells.. Any idea?? Doesn't matter if its in a polite or rude way..

Jan 24, 2008

Lady out there!! You like it THICK and LONG???

Sometimes ago..i had a talked with one of my girlfriend.. It was like this... "M***** How do you like it? Thick? Long?" i asked her "Of course thick and long...who want short one" "But why ah??" me asked again "This thing also want to ask meh?? of course satisfaction and i like it lah.." "Iya lah oh!" me again "Black is better..Black..thick and long!! wah! so perfect..Very less female like it short and thin lah!" "But too long also not nice mah.." "Oittt nobody ask you to keep your hair until reach the ground lah..if too long then cut it! Don't grow it somemore! Chit! scolded by her pulak!!!! And you..what's in your mind ah?? we only talked about hair ok, nothing more..nothing less..!!

Jan 23, 2008

Please Help!!!

*Ah Choooooooo!! Sniff! Sniff* *Ah Choooooooooooo...uhek! uhek! uhek!* *Teeth Chattering....grrr...grrr..grrr* *Ah Chooooooooooooooooo...* I need help from whoever have the tips to cure my soon to be coughing..running nose..and high fever.. This morning i was a little bit dizzy..and feeling a bit cold....but now..my head is like going to crack soon!! VERY PAINFUL! Just like you woke in the morning after drinking 1 bottle of pure Vodka!! *Star pusing-pusing my head now* *AH CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* Now the whatever germs are dancing and so happy because i'm going to be sick soon!! PLEASEEEE lah..who have the tips?? At least to cure one of the my sickness!! Suffering now!! I still have 2 kids to take care soon after i reach home!!! How lah like this??? *Uhekkkkkkkk!! Uhekkkkkkkkkkk!!* PLEASE HELP!!!!! P/s - No doctor!! I hate to open my mouth and let the dr poking inside using the 'don't know what stick'!!!

Thaipusam but i'm working!

It is supposed to be a State Holiday in Selangor.. But i'm working...! Bencinya!!!! Only the Indians are given the holiday privilege.. While the rest of us here are working like stupid! Funny is..the high position people in office nowhere to be seen!! Suka-suka tak mau datang!!! Sudah lah have to work..i somemore pening-pening..i'm a lil bit dizzy since last night! Somemore got Sore Throat, 'NeckAche' and body lembik-lembik! How to work like this??? Maybe I should pretend to faint..? I might be allowed to go back early?? hehehee

Jan 22, 2008

Who love to swim?

Photobucket Apparently my kids love swimming.. The photo above was taken sometimes ago.. And I love the photo very much that it becomes my handphone screen display..PC screen display.. if possible i want to make it my TV Screen display too...Can ah? I remembered when i was about 7 years until 12years old.. I used to go to the Sungai (River) near my house to swim.. UNsupervised by parents! Together with The 'Kakis' who were my brother, sister and neighbours.. We knew that many small kids had died there..drowned!! Yet, it didn't detered us to curi-curi go to the river.. We used to bring along the Car Tyre Tube..in case we need it! We Love to play the 'belugu' (ball made from sand) and fight who had the strongest belugu of all.. We love sunbathing..our skin were SUPER TANNED..and hair felt like wire..(exposed to much to the sun mah) And the most daring stunt we did was travelling 1 km of the river using the floating tube..passing the most challanged river terrain..(banyak batu-batu) and small waterfall...THANK GOD none of us had died!! TOUCHWOOD!!!!! Until now my parents never found about our bout of adventure! hehee But if you ask me whether i'm going to do the stunt again if i am asked to.....!!! ARGHHHHHH no way!! Tak mau mati awal lah!! But I'm going to tell my kids in the future how 'terrer' their mommy was last time! hehe By the way..i still LOVE SWIMMING..but swimming pool lah!


SHOES! What about it? Nothing special about it.. Its only a thing that we use to cover our feet and protect it from being injured.. To my son, shoes are a very special..he loves shoes very much.. He is fascinated with shoe that he knows what type of shoe people are wearing.. could it be sport shoe, casual shoe or safety shoe..he KNOWS the difference! I only notice his fascination when he was 3 yrs old.. He LOVES to wear his daddy's shoe..24/7 he will wear daddy's shoes everywhere in the house and repeatedly ask the type of shoe, what is the function or purpose of the shoe! When we went to a shopping complex, he will observe people's shoe.. We were dragging him along and he is sooooooo busy looking at people shoes.. He observed other kids, babies, Auntie, Ah Poh, Uncle, Ah pek and all people shoes. There was a time he asked me : "Mommy, see the Uncle..what shoe he is wearing? Casual Shoe?" "No lah! The one is sport shoe!" I sambil-sambil looking at the lingerie shop.. "Mommy..its a casual shoe..not sport shoe" Merajuk face.. "Eh ya lah!! Its a casual shoe. SORRY!!" I shame already because i didn't bother to see what shoe the Uncle wore.. "You see mommy, I know its a casual shoe" Smiling sarcasticly.. The worst part is not over yet because when we went to friends or relatives or anybody house, the first thing my son will do is checking their shoe rack! He will inspect the shoe types and try to wear them! Mati loh want to bring him visiting our friend! So what do you think lah? Is my son going to be the NEXT Jimmy Choo??

Jan 21, 2008

What is ur dream?

How many people in the world has no dream? Probably 0 or ZERO!! How many people in the world have dreams? maybe billions?? I have many dreams too..it doesn't matter if it is a dream when i sleep.. or a dream to have something..or daydreaming when i'm working in office.. or the last time dream that never come true.. All is still called dream! Since i'm in a good spirit today..i feel like sharing my dream to everybody! ;) How many dreams do i have? 1,000,000 Am i sharing all the 1,000,000 dreams with you?? No but i will share my TOP 5 dreams! 1) This is the recent dream..3 days ago..i dreamed about a lot of RATS jumping around on something like a paperboard that has 4 DIGITS written on it! Wah!! thought i sure can strike lottery lah..since Year of Rat is coming. 2 days straight i bought the no...and DUH!!!! not even 'almost-almost' strike the number! PAW pulak tu! 2) I dream to have many...many babies..but...i dread myself on the whole pregnancy stages..morning sickness, waddle like a duck, Insomania, Heart Burning..arghhh!! Even thinking about it now make me feel pregnant! (Is there any way to have a baby without having to get pregnant??? ) 3) I had this dream long time ago..before i met my babe..i always dreamed that i will married a Romantic Handsome HUNK..with sleepy blue eyes, curly eyelashes, dark brown hair, sexy voice that will melt my heart everytime he talks to me...etc..etc.. But i have No luck!! I married with my babe (Not that he is not handsome, but he has none of the the criteria of my Dream Man! hehe) 4) I dream to provide my parents a big, comfortable house with a big 42" plasma screen for them to watch their favourite DISCOVERY CHANNEL! 2-3 hardworking MAIDs to help my mom to do the house works and manage her paddy field..At least mom can 'goyang kaki' at home mah! (Dreaming only ok!! I barely have enough money for myself!) 5) And lastly, i dream to see my children grow up becoming Shoe Designer or Supermodel, having their own life, loving us the parents unconditionally by sending us go to overseas enjoying ourself..drinking the best and oldest wine in the world...hmmmmmm...what a life! Well that are my TOP 5 dreams..which none of it yet to come true! (ALLO GOD!! Pray YOU will read my blog and granted 2-3 of my dreams lah! AMEN!!). How nice to have a dream. So tell me..what is your dream/dreams??

I LIKE Britney Spears!

I know there are so many people out there who just hate Britney.. With her recent divorce case, lost of her children custody.. She being labelled having a mental problem... She who has a mulfunction wardrobe.. She has no nice voice..and many others.. I STILL LIKE Britney.. Why? I LIKE her songs.. I LIKE her Voice.. I LIKE her face.. I LIKE the way she talks... I LIKE her outfit... I LIKE when she smiles.. I LIKE everything about her.. So DON'T tell me to hate her because that not going to happen now, soon or in the near future!!

Jan 19, 2008

The 'cannot' after i become mommy!

Before married...i used to like hanging around at shopping complex..shopping... I used to read at least 3 books in a week... I can do whatever i want.. Now i become a mother of 2..everything in my life have changed... 1) No more Shopping alone at the mall unless i tagged my kids along with me..which i never do because i cannot control my son who is sooooo active... 2) No more reading book..I will be lucky if i can finish 1 book in a month! I can read magazine thou..(actually i just bought all the magazines and only read few pages of it) 3) No more waking up after 12noon..the latest i can wake-up is 9am (if i'm Lucky) 4) Cannot lepaks with friend..i have kids to take care..nda kan lah lepaks together with my kids and friends kan.. 5) I cannot go back to hometown like last time..if last time it was at least twice a year..now i'm considered lucky if i can go back at least once a year...last time alone mah..now everything have to x 4 pax oh! (Air ticket expensive..air asia fare is cheap but the tax is damn expensive) 6) Cannot wear the skinny type of jeans..after giving birth 2 babies..my anatomy has change soooo much..hip getting wider..thigh jadi besar..no matter how i try to buang all the fat..no luck so far! 7) I cannot simply spend my money for nothing..I have to calculate the budget for milks...diapers..kids clothes...grocceries...Utilities Bill..and many more..if i have balance..then maybe i can buy one hair band??? (So pity me) 8) Cannot cursed like i used to last time...haha later my kids pun use the word hell..bodoh..bongoh..bangang..babal..then how??? 9) Cannot divide my love between hubby and kids..if i love hubby 100% then kids will get 100% too.. 10) Cannot live without my beloved kids.. they just mean so very much too me..! So even i have so many 'cannot' after i have my kids...My life is still wonderful and meaningful because i have so much love to give to my family!

Jan 18, 2008

Manyak Susah!!

I went to buy grocerries yesterday when this sweet Indian Auntie ask me.. "Amoi..awak cina kah melayu??" smiling so sweetly to me.. "Bukan Cina bukan Melayu lah Auntie.." Smile back to her "Ayo..jadi awak bangsa apa?? Sabah kah?" Muka pelik-pelik heran.. "Iya lah...apasal? I look like Malay and Chinese kah?" "Oh..tarak..awak putih mah..tapi muka macam melayu..saya punya kawan cakap u melayu.." "Oh bukan lah..saya nie orang kadazan from sabah" "Orang sabah ini manyak putih..serupa cina!" I Smile and then i bye-bye her after weighing my veggie.. This was not the 1st time people ask my race.. At office..its like every supplier will ask me the same question.. But why only ask whether i'm Chinese or Malay..why not ask me whether i'm Spanish or Japanese..or Indian kah?? Hehehe..perasaan pulak want to be different..

Jan 17, 2008


Daughter is 1 year and 1 month old now.. Most of us will think 1 yr tot is small and still cannot think and understand her surrounding..right? I did think the same until i saw daughter using my H/P that day..She used it to call one of my friend.. She acted like she is talking to somebody....My friend.. I laughed so loud because i do understand what she babbled.. This was what she said: 'Awww'! (Hello!)... 'At? (What).... 'Em' (Emm)... 'K' (Ok!) ... Then she passed me the phone! I was SO TERKEZZUTT because she was calling my friend..! So next time..dont play2 oh! budak kecil pun understand what we say! I better watch out my tounge next time.. Mana lah tau..daughter follow me cursing! hehee

Jan 16, 2008

How to answer a 'bonus' questions?

My 4yrs old son love to ask me questions.. And it is not just a simple questions.. There was a moment he asked me about sex differences.. And this was our conversation.. Son: Mommy :Why i have a 'bird-bird'? KadusMama : Because you are a boy.. Son : Mommy have 'bird2'?? KadusMama : No! Mommy is a girl..so no bird2.. Son : But why?? Last time mommy changed become a girl? KadusMama : No..mommy was born as a girl..so NO bird2.. Son : Mei mei has bird2 or not? KadusMama : No! Mei mei also a girl..so no bird2.. Son : Ama? Aunt B*****?? Nenek?? KadusMama : No bird2! They all are girl..Girls have no bird2.. Son : If no bird2..then how to shi-shi? KadusMama :(slap kepala) Got special place to shi-shi! Son : Oh!! (Quiet for a while).......... Son : Mommy, Why I'm a boy? why have bird2??? KadusMama : Ok next time mommy tell ok! (The truth is i don't know to explain to him..because he already asked me the same question 100x over and over again! And i answer him 100x already!) I think I have to do research now and be ready to answer and give my son a proper explaination next time!!

Jan 15, 2008

My Policy Disclosure

::This policy is solely used for http://kadusmama.com! No other blog can use my policy disclosure!! ::This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. ::The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content. ::The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. ::This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.
To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org

I'm a MiXed Cultures Mama??

What do u think?? I am a rojak mama..? You are probably 50% correct..not that i'm mixed with all the rojak ingredients.. Just that i have mixed cultures background.. Wow!! i am mixed with Eurasian + Japanese + Spanish?? (SUPER HOT MAMA I AM THEN..) Nah!! I wish i am...can only dream! My Dad is a Sino-Kadazan.... My Mom is a Kadazan.. Come to my birth cert..I am a Sino-Native.. Now I'm married to a HANDSOME chinese guy.. Still i am a Sino-native..(i don't have to change my surname!! Thank God!!) I gave birth to 2 beautiful babies in the world..and what am i suppose to put their race?? I still have no idea until now..Maybe 3/4 Sino-1/4 Native? Anyway..back to me..I have different religion with my Babe (aka Husband).. He goes tample..and I go Church.. Every year..I celebrate CNY, Bak Chang's Day lah..Tong Yuen's Day lah.. Pesta Kaamatan la and of course Beautiful Christmas..(is Celebration considered as a culture???) I have to learn to speak many languages in my daily life.. Malay (which i think OK), English (Still learning), Mandarin (pin yin still sounds funny), KadazanDusun (Hmmm..the most difficult of all but obuli-bulli ne di gia dondo)), Cantonese (Office official Language), Hokkien (Babe's family speaks Hokkien ohhh..)... I can go on..and on...and on about Nice+Beautiful MiXed Background..but i'm afraid i will make a very long story about me..nenek moyang...Babe's nenek moyang!! this..this..that..that.. Cannot finish all the story oh!! What I'm trying to tell here...I'm proud to be "SINO-NATIVE(KadazanDusun)" + Chinese (By Marriage) ..yes!! I'm proud with my ROJAKS culture now!!

GOSHH!! Blogging is difficult than i ever thought!

It has been so long that i have been nagged by my heart to blog yet i have never bother to start until today! Yeah..yeah..blogging is not easy as i've thought..with the whole setting up..Jeezzzz i took about 2 hours reading..trying to understand the settings..and i guess i still don't understand the whole process yet..Hopefully by tonight i will be able to understand 70% of the blogging concepts..or maybe i will take months to understand everything? i hope no!! Now..i have to finish my 'work' stuffs..chiau!!