May 27, 2009

'The Art' for Auction

Ok!! 'Chipsmore' is back in action..! Heheee I know..i know..I'm like a chipsmore now. It's like "Now u see....Now You Don't". I need to blame the Zynga Poker for causing the absence of me in the blogging world. I'm tooooooo obsess with the game, I spent most of my time playing the game! damn!!! Sungguh tidak berkualiti sungguh my time spent nie!!!
Anyway...Son requested something from me. Heheee he wanted me to post these 2 drawings he drew last week..
Son told me it was supposed to be a giraffe, but ntah lah..hubby said to him, the giraffe looks more like a snail!! hahahahaa iya kah???? Do you noticed his birds look soooooo fierce?? Macam superhero birds saja..hahahaa
Second drawing pulak is a Hellboy on top of a Bus!! Hahahaa Inside the bus are Isaac sitting at the back row, then Incredible hulk..pastu ada CSI team..hahahhahaa batman and the driver is the character from Harry Potter which i forgot the name. Tingu bah the Hellboy..has 6 pack abs man!! hahahaaaa
So that's about my post today..hehee!! I need to show son his drawings posted in my blog already! :) If you have a leave some..! I can tell son what you think of his drawing nanti! heheee
Ok lah..that's about it for now..till then... ~tata~

May 25, 2009

Asbestos and lungs cancer

Wow!!! It’s Monday again, and in no time at all, we will welcome half year of 2009!!! How time flies really fast, huh?? I felt like January was only yesterday, and in a blink of an eye, we are in the month of May going to month of June. *sigh*
3 more weeks from now, I’ll be celebrating my 11th Anniversary with Hubby and this time, I totally have no idea what to give hubby. Probably present won’t be necessary kan?? After all we have been together for 11 years and have been receiving so many stuffs from each other for Birthday, Valentine, Xmas and many other occasions. I’m thinking to go somewhere for a romantic dinner with hubby alone and book a romantic room where only the two of us will be there. But..but..the thought of leaving my kids under the care of MIL, while me and hubby are having our time make me feel sooooooo guilty. How could I leave my kids like that??? *sigh*
Ok..ok!! I still have plenty of time before my anniversary on 14th of June. So I’ll come back to this by next week. Heheheee Do I have to buy any cake? Presents? Well..see lah what’s my decision nanti.
What I want to tell you right now, at this moment is about how hazardous asbestos to our health. In case you don’t know about asbestos, it’s a material used in our daily life. It is used for the purpose of insulation in our house, fireproofing, car brakes, cements, floor tiles and also pipe covering. Sounds like it’s just a normal product we used daily, huh?? But do you know that asbestos could cause a serious lung condition like Mesothelioma, lung cancer and Asbestosis?? Yeah, it’s very scary. In case you don’t know about Mesothelioma and asbestosis :
@ Mesothelioma ~ It’s a cancer on chest lining and abdomen
@ Asbestosis ~ A condition where the lungs become scarred with fibrous tissue making it difficult to breath.
When I read about these lungs conditions, I got really scared as many of the asbestos products could be easily found in our house. It is dangerous as its fibres are 50 to 200 times thinner than a human air, thus the fibers can float in the air for extended periods of times and can be easily breathed into the lungs. Each year in the US, thousands of individuals suffer from Mesothelioma which is fatal but preventable. However, it is extremely difficult to detect this condition in the early stages and when the victims finally diagnosed; they have less than a year to live. Dangsss!!! Aren’t you scared to know about this too???
Each day, we hear much stuff from our food, to our shampoo, make-up, lotion and many that could cause cancer. I’m not sure what else we can consume or product to use that has no potential danger to us. Do we have to live everything in organic these days? Yeah..wall, shampoo or tiles made from organic stuffs and have no danger to us at all. Hah! How’s that sound to you?? I’m not sure. But what I know, I will need to be extra careful with the stuffs I put in my house. If possible, there will be no more asbestos material which could endanger my whole family. How about you? Will you do the same too???
*If you have family or loved ones diagnosed with Mesothelioma, you can get the Mesothelioma Lawyer to fight for your right to get the financial compensation you deserve.

May 22, 2009

What's the best way to cook a fresh prawns?

*post will be fully in sabah language!!
Makin lama..makin malas pulak sia blog hopping nie..nda tau kenapa!!! Mau kasi salah tu poker game lah sebab pasal ni poker lah, sia mainnnnnnnnnnn game satu hari..(kecuali masa keja lah). Terus ada lagi assignment mau buat, tapi itu pun sia nda peduli gara-gara mau main poker!! Silaka betul!!
napa bah tu poker macam ada magnet tu ah?????? Sia sudah cakap nda mau main, sekali itu juga yang sia main masa time rehat di opis!! Bikin panas oh!!
Bah peduli kan itu poker..sia sekarang ada banyak coklat di opis bah nie..hari tu boss pi obersea, lepas tu kasi beli sia banyakkkkkkkkkkk coklat!! wakakaka!! berabis sudah sia mau diet, sekali kena kasi lagi macam lah mau diet nie??? *susah hati*
Eeeeeee punya sadap nie c0klat putih + kelapa
lepas tu ada satu box ferrero rocher lagi..ekekeee
Bah..pedulikan juga itu cerita coklat..ada sepa-sepa yang idea apa macam mau masak udang yang sadaaaaaappp kah?? Hari tu masa pigi PD, FIL ada kasi 2kg udang untuk masak..udang fresh man..tangkap direct dari kolam udang!!!
Yang sia mau tanya nie..sepa ada resepi mau masak udang yang sadaaaap ah?? Bulan depan mau pi PD lagi sempena Father's Day nie..jadi harap-harap ada lah udang lagi untuk kena bawa balik.. :)
Malas sudah sia makan udang masak sos, udang steam or even itu butter udang pun bosan!!! Sepa ada special resepi????
Hahaaa..ok lah!! I'm sure some of you got 'bengong' reading my post today!! Apa hal tiba-tiba dalam sabah pulak nie kan.. :) biar lah bah sekali sekala..bukan selalu juga pun..!
Bah sepa ada resepi tu, kestau lah bah sia.. :) but petai udang ah! sia nda makan petai! That's about my nonsense for now..(laju saja sia taip nie post bah..less than 20mins). ~tata~

May 21, 2009

'Iklan' for today...

**This post is dedicated to the new bloggers or those who are intrested to get a better pagerank (google rank) for their blog.
Aduuhhhh..! I'm in serious problem nie! Remember i went for tooth extraction last week friday? I thought everything is alright and I'm going to be ok soon. Sekali, another problem arise. There is a long and big root (akar gigi) protruding from my gum, and uwahhhhhhhh, I'm not sure what to do already..I contacted my friend who is a dentist, and she told me to leave it be for the time being. It will eventually comes out, and problem is solved. But, I'm worry lah..what if the gum area got infected? *sigh*
Ok..forget about my problem, I just want tell those who are interested to Get Higher Ranking in Google to check out the site. I'm not really into the SEO thingy now, coz' i did something google didn't really like, and thus my blog PR remain 0 until today! Ekeke..But those who really want to get a good rank, go and learn what you should know about the SEO thingy and keywords to put in your blog in order to drive higher traffic.
When i start blogging 1 year ++ ago, i was so obsessed with my blog traffic and monitor it everyday. But now? Lazy already..! hehee That's probably why i have very less ops to do. Less ops, means less money to shop in eBay sudah. :(
So, those who want to get higher ranking in google and wants to make money with your blog, don't forget to check the site above ya. Learn all the things you need to know first, and start making money once you get a rank in google already. :)
Well, that's about my post at this moment. Petang sket, i will update my blog again. To those who are waiting for the cheating wife story, alah sorry lah..can't post it already coz' something happened and i can't gossip about it anymore.. :D Nanti i kena sue pulak if i still write about it. So that's for now. ~tata~
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May 19, 2009

Total blankness.. has been days since my blog last updated, and i'm getting lazier to update my blog!!! There are so many things to tell, but I'm not up to type anything here..!! There were few attempts typing..and typing and typing, but in the end, i deleted the whole post *sigh*
Anyway..I'm not in pain anymore..! :) I'm feeling much better although i occasionally still can feel the sting on my gum. Last friday, i got my molar extracted, and it was really a painful and crazy and horrendous experience for me..! Even though my gum was already numb that day, the pain of getting my tooth pulled out was there..and IT REALLY HURT!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeee...if you are wondering why my extraction was really's because of the crazy root i had....!! Very scary man..!! Small tooth with very..very long root!! Even the dentist was surprised to see the weird tooth...
Another story...i was really in a good mood this morning until the LHDN officer ruined it!!!! I was answering the phone when that guy almost scolded me for the thing i totally have no nothing to do with!! Wah..i only say good morning, then the officer start asking why this and that..about the income tax..wahlau eh!!! since when i handle our company income tax stuff pulak nie????? If he ask me in a polite manner, I'm ok with it..ini terussssss main serang and marah people!!! Gila betul..!! Very rude officer..and sangat bikin panas!!!!!!! Cannot meh just ask nicely???????
What lagi ah?? Oh!! I'm so sad coz' i lost my 60million chips on poker!!!! Arghhh!!! punya minute i was winning so much..within 2 days, i lost all the winning, and now, i have no more chips to play!! silaka!! who want to donate me your chips??? Heheeeee
Ok lah..that's about my rambling today..! Now my blog will serve as the place for me to vent my frustration and anger.. :D So, paham-paham lah if you read about my ranting saja.. :) Till then.. ~tata~

May 15, 2009

I'm suffering...

Arghhhhhhhhh....!!!! I got my molar extracted just now, and i'm telling you...I'm really suffering right now! Gila..punya sakit!!!! Susah juga gigi pandai rusak nie!!!
What bikin panas nie..i have a really difficult extraction just now, and the doctor took about 1 hour to get my tooth out!!! Damn!!!!! Even i was under anesthetic, i still can feel the pain man!! Now..the bius hilang already, the pain really set in and i think my jaw like being riped off saja!!! SAKITTT!!!
Tomorrow cuti for need to work!!! I don't think i can work under the condition i'm experiencing nie!!! I don't even have the idea to blog sudah...!!! So macam tu lah..Wait until i'm not in pain..then i will blog again lah...!!! Sakitttttt!!!

May 14, 2009

Photography session in Port Dickson..

* All photos are same like the one in my FB..hehee except here is less than FB lah..malas mau upload too many photos..

Ok..ok!! This will be the last story about my Sunday trip to PD!! Hehee Talk too much about it, later you faint of boredom pulak!!!

So what about it??? As i mentioned in my previous post, i finally can test my skill using the present hubby gave me for my birthday..yeah..yeah..thanx to hubby, my wish finally comes true, and i now owned a DSLR camera..walaupun tidak secanggih mana, but ok lah!! Probably in 6 months from now, (after i master the function of my camera), i will invest my money to buy a better lense pulak..i already check the lense at Fotokem..and dangssssss it more expensive than the camera itself..ekekee There was this one lense cost around RM7500++ oh!!!*faint*

Ok lah!! I took like hundreds of shots (hehee..exaggerate saja nie!!!), and i choose some to show to you lah..!

If only you know how much my kids enjoy their time that was scorching hot that day, but still, isaac and inesha didn't really bother about the heat, and keep playing with the sand..while the mommy pulak, very busy chasing after the crabs..bah you just the pix i took lah ya..and feel free to comment on what you like and what you don't like about it... see the crabs..soooo many kan????

Son didn't want to join us at first..too hot kan..! Only Hubby and daughter spent their time torturing the crabs there..

This is my model of the day!! Took so many photos of inesha..

Inesha kesiokkan see the beautiful sea in front of her..aisehhh!!
Ada lah juga gaya model kan.. :)
Port Dickson Beach..nampak saja cantik in photo..but it is actually a lil' bit dirty in my thinking..
Isaac finally joined us at the beach, and ini lah muka my hero masa ambik gambar..ekekeeee
Kesian inesha..she called the sand snow bah...tsk! tsk! tsk!!
Ini lah dua orang buddy-buddy playing with sand..
Isaac refused to go off even after daddy told him we want to go off already..ekekee!! Tia puas kali he played with the sand
Ya..ya!! Who doesn't know Isaac can pose like a model when you ask him to do so??
After beach..we were off to my FIL place where we can get loadssssssss of fresh prawn..nyum..nyum..
Isaac told me he is magneto and he was trying to pose like magneto konon..
So macam tu lah my photography session in PD..not sure when else i have the time to go outdoor to snap some pix..but hopefully soon lah..! Boring already shooting photo inside the house..!! So what do ya' think?? And suggestion on how to improve my skills??

May 12, 2009

My Mother's day celebration

So last sunday, The day for all beautiful and wonderful mothers in the world, i went to Port Dickson with my family to visit my FIL. Supposedly, we were to go to One Utama for a lunch, but our plan was changed last minute. Off we were to my FIL place in Lukut, we went to to the Seafood Restaurant for our lunch..! Nothing Really special except i can enjoy the super delicious crab they have there..heheeeeee Raja ketam bah sia nie..

As i mentioned before..hubby didn't wish me for being the mother's of his kids!! LOL tension terus nie..You should read my last year post about hubby telling me that i was not his mother, so no gift for me..! As a revenge, i did the same to him during Father's day..hahaha!! But i remember he demand a gift pulak that day..I've forgotten what i gave hubby on that day..

I don't really have the time to write a long winding post just enjoy the foods pix i took last sunday..hehehee I was so lazy that time, i took the pix while sitting and didn't really bother about the quality of my photos..ahakssss!!

We order few dishes only..and nothing really special actually..

The view from the restaurant. Low tide masa tu

Son was really excited seeing those lobster, he wants me to take lotsssssssssss of pix of him with the lobsters.

This time, take pix with the sister pulak..There is no way i can take a proper pix of them as inesha tend to run away before i can snap their pix

Eeeeeee...see bah the Bamboo fish..!! I don't have the idea how it taste like..Maybe next time can try lah..see sedap or not

Ikan Singpan which is overcooked..!! Not sedap as too masak already..

The seashells was OK!! Korek..dip inside the sambal, and nyummmmmmm..taste sedap juga

This special cooked taufoo memang sedap..a lil' bit prawn and scallop inside..

Brocolli + scallop..hehee!! Of course sedap lah..but this small portion of veggie is a lil bit expensive i think..few pieces of scallop + the brocolli = RM30

And this is the best dish of all..Steamed crab!! everytime i eat, there must be a crab kan?? But seriously..the crab is really delicious. 2 ekor crab = RM54.

Heheee...ada juga bah my fragrant coconut.. :) Taste sedap lah of course..RM4.50 satu biji..!!! Mahal betul...

So like that lah my mother's day treat last sunday..! I'm not sure whether it's special or not coz' it's like the same meal we ordered last time..and no special celebration pun..hehee
After our lunch, we went to Port Dickson beach and i took loadssssssssssss of photos models is none other...MY KIDS!! ekekeeeee If you are on facebook, I'm sure you have seen most of the pix already..but if you are not, don't worry..i will post the pictures soon..maybe tonight. For sooooo long (3 months kah???), I finally can used my DSLR outdoor and snap..snap nice photo..
So ok lah..I have to stop already..The weather outside is really killing me now..I have heat rashes all over my body, and the air-conds in office is like not working at all..!! Now, I'm scratching my hands, legs, neck due to my skin got irritated by the hot and humid weather ouside.
Ok lah..continue again tonight..byeeee...

May 11, 2009

You think I stupid kah?? : Fraud email from Maybank

Actually i don't want to bother about the emails i received regarding on my online banking account..! Why?? Because i know it's a fraud emails and i don't to waste my time thinking about it..! But lately, i've been receiving soooooooooooo many emails informing me that my accounts have been blocked lah..phising attempts lah..and don't know what the heck lagi lah..can you imagine I have soooooo many accounts that i never know exist?? Scotia Bank ada..John Merchant ada..Hong Leong (I have no HL account) and many other international bank account..! Wah!! Ingat I soooooooooo rich meh have so many accounts around the world????

So today, I cannot tahan already..and here I am posting this post hoping some people out there won't fall to the banking scams from those hackers..

So I received emails about the phising attempts on my account..and my Maybank account was blocked. You can see the two screenshots for 2 of the emails.

Wah!! Like sooooo genuine like that kan the email?? If I am one stupid with no brain internet user, i probably panicked like hell receiving this email. But I am not stupid. So i am not panic at all..heheee With a glance on the email, i already knew it was fake. So more got typo pulak the email..

This email pulak..lagi lah bodoh!!!! See, even my can detect its a phising email. The url textand host doesn't match. Kedapatan the people kan??
But, how can i be soooooooooo sure these emails are fake??? Simple answer here :
  • I no longer use internet banking for my Maybank Account. The last i used internet banking for maybank was year 2007!!! And it was already how pulak my account kena blocked?????
  • Usually...Genuine email will address you by your name and not just a simple Internet User, or no greeting at all. Itu sudah tipu namanya...
  • If your account was really blocked...I don't think bank will send email to let you know about it. A call maybe..but if i were you..i won't believe a phone call either. Paling senang..if you recived a suspicious emails or calls or smses, don't bother about it. Go to the nearest bank and let the bank officers confirm any problems on your account.
  • I'm not sure about other email service providers, but fastmail will let me know if the email i received is genuine or no need to think too much lah..

Bodoh kan those people who try to hack other peoples' nothing to do saja..!! Want easy money..and make others miserable saja..

Ok lah..i hope nobody will fall prey on this kind of email ya..I'm just reminding you guys to be alert with this kind of scam..! Okie dokie..Need to work already..Later lagi lah i update my blog..hehee Till then.. ~tata~

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, mommies, ibus' out there

I just want wish all the beautiful and wonderful mother out there..including myself a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY today..! I'm not getting anything this year..and only a wish from my dear friends..Sedih hubby din even wish me! Oh ya lah hor..I'm not his he shouldn't bother..
So to mommies out there, anything special from your kids?? Or maybe a nice present from your hubbies??? should demand something, don't u think?? Hehee..
As for me..not asking anything..I have no nothing in particular in i'm going to skip the pressies part..
Ok lah..I'm off to PD today..! Have fun all mommies..!! Let the husband do all the house chores today ya!!! ~tata~

May 7, 2009

The Confession of make-up'holic

Hey all..heheheeee! I know i have been like a Chipsmore these past few days..! One moment i was in everybody's blog..the in sec..terus missing..hehehe! Sorry lah geng..was very busy lah! I'm in Poker in facebook again and that game is seriously addictive..!!! the stupid thing is..I keep losing all my chips..!! Bodoh sekali!!!!

Anyway, as i mentioned in one of my post before..I'm sooooooooooooo in this make-up thingy now..!!! But unlike last time..I'm in a mineral make-up now! Heheeeeee

Now...let me 'story-story' you about my latest collection of mineral make-up...hehe manatau you will be interested too kan???

These make-up (dalam pix) sample are a good for those who want to try a mineral make up. No need to spend so much, only to regret the makeup nda ngam with your skin pulak..

So...sample #1 is bought from They have Lumiere and Everyday brand which flew all the way from US (heheee..pandai2 jak nie). Why i bought sample only? Because i'm not sure which foundation, finishing powder suit my skin the best. So I bought 2 sets of sample and tried it lah. No small jar of the powder can last about 2-3 worth trying i think.

In order for you to use a mineral make-up, you must have a good brush put the mineral powder on your face. See...I have on Long handled Kabuki Brush which i bought from LovingMinerals. That brush cost about RM39. Ok lah, because it is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr soft and dense which make it one good brush to use.

So, i already used these stuffs for 2 weeks, i can tell u..I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!!! I love the Medium Light Foundation which make my skin look flawless....aiseh!!!! You know lah..acne scars still there using this mineral foundation, the scars visibility is reduced. My skin is also less oily now...Siok sekali!!!

But not satisfied with what i already have, i went to buy another sample kit of mineral make-up. This time, i bougth it from (both sites are malaysia websites). But at this site, i bought an additional mineral concealer. Jeng..jeng!!! The bisque Concealer is superb!!! Semua parut-parut di muka terus 'tetapuk' heheheeeee!!! But...i don't really like the foundation doesn't really blend with my skin..macam ada tompok-tompok powder pulak..!

During my exam week, 2 weeks ago...I bought maca-macam from the net. And including the 66 colours of Lip Gloss...!!!! Heheee i've used it, and it was OK lah..No different from the other lip gloss i used pun..

Heheeee...So begitu lah my nonsense story about make-up..I have no idea why i post this post pun..Too bored sudah kali..! Don't bother about my title tu..ahahaha This post has nothing to do with a makeup'holic lah..!

Okie dokie...time to go back already..! Boring already in office..! Oh..last thing, i know most of you girls love shoes very much kan?? can find lots and lots and lotssssss of nice shoes at this link. Why not check it out???? I'm sure you will love it very much.

So thats all lah my story today..ntah apa lagi mau cerita nie..heheee So.. tata for now ya..hehee

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May 5, 2009

Inconsiderate Driver in Federal Highway

Last saturday...i was so happy when my last paper was finally finished..! I was sleep deprived for 3 weeks and was really excited as i can catch up with my sleep once again. So after i finished my paper about 5.20pm, i headed back home with a 'Phewwwwwww' feeling.

I used the federal highway to go back. I don't usually drive until 120km/hr, but that day..lots of car at second lane were pretty slow, where their speed was about 60km/hr. Dangss!! They should use the left lane mah if want to drive that slow. So ok lah..i use the right lane with the speed of 120km/hr overtaking all the turtle cars.

When i saw a BMW about 50 metre behind me, i know i have to change my lane already. So I signaled my car 5 seconds before i change my lane to the second lane, and when i was halfway inside the middle lane, "BAMMMMMMMMMM", stupid myvi which i already overtook , rammed me from the back..!!! GILA PUNYA DRIVER!!!!! I was already halfway inside the second lane, and he thought he still can pass me...! Luckily i didn't panic and steadily hold my stearing..and back to the right lane! If not..sure kantoi my car hit other car as well..What the MyVi did was, zoomed passed me like nothing had ever happened!!!!! Crazy kan????

I didn't stop my car as i was in the middle of the highway, and what i did was...terus balik rumah lah!!! What else i can do kan?? I was a lil' bit shaky driving back home, and my kaki cannot even press the accelerator..Gila sungguh!!! I'm wondering if the myvi driver think the highway belongs to his father?? He doesn't know to how to be courteous with other driver kah?? I mean, seriously...!!!!

*sigh* My car has a very beautiful long scratch now..but I don't really care about it..! I'm sooooo thankful no major accident happen that day..imagine lah if my car skidded and hit the divider kah...*TOUCHWOOD*

I hope I won't encounter such driver in the future..! It was really scary lah..!!!!!! So to you guys out there...PLEASEEEEEEEEE drive carefully..! Please be considerate with other drivers as welll..! Jangan lah ingat tu jalan raya BAPA KO PUNYA!!! *grin*


May 4, 2009

Monday lagi...

Heheeeee....!!! I'm in a good mood to blog today..However my stories have to wait as i'm not really free at this moment..
But what i can tell you, last saturday i amost had a road accident and it was one really scary experience..some people think the highway belong to their father and don't bother about the safety of other people..Cilaka my car has a very beautiful long scratches at the left side..!!!
My story has to wait first lah..! later i'll blog about it ya..Till then..Happy Monday everybody..