Dec 30, 2008

Year 2008 and 2009

Yipeeee…!!!! Another 2 days or is it 1 ½ days, we will be celebrating New Year 2009. Well, I’m not exactly happy about celebrating the coming new year but I’m more excited about the coming holiday this Thursday..hehehe!!!! I don’t actually have a plan on what to do on the first day of 2009, but I guess, sleeping cozily at home will be nice too..! Don’t you think?? Sooooo…talking about the end of year 2008, I shall summarize all the important events happened this year 2008. :: I start blogging early January :: My son start schooling and I was the one who cried like a baby on his first day of school. :: My one and only grandfather passed away in the month of February and strange was, it happened to be the very day of Grandpa’s birthday. (very sad!!!) :: My maid decided to go back to Sabah after her bf persuades her to do so!! (I’m stilll angry). Until now, I cannot find other helper to help me!! *sigh* :: I finish paying my car loan. (HAHAHA!! Now I have no headache about my car anymore)
:: I got accepted in one of the local Uni to further my study and the weirdest part, the course I’m taking has nothing to do with what I did for my degree last time. I used to be a science student..! And now, I’m going to learn on how to maintain my calculator and change its battery! Huh??? That’s all the major events had happened to me???? Aik???? I thought I have no-ending list of it. Hmmmmmm…..
Anyway, as New Year 2009 is coming, do I have a new resolution to achieve??? Let see…
:: Study hard and smart!! (MUAHAHAHAHA!!!) :: Start saving more money. That’s all I need to do next year. I don’t have the so called resolution to diet and I just don’t care anymore if my tummy bulges or not. Let it be like that..!! hehe about you?? Do any of you have a special resolution you wanted to achieve next year other than losing some weight, or trying to quit smoking??? What about a plan for the coming year??? Anybody interested to Start a Business or specifically a franchise business?? If you are, you can always find the information on franchise business opportunities provided by the Web’s largest directory, You can find their concepts offered interesting as it provide sufficient info of industries and investment level which might interest you. To make your search lots easier, why not search from the specific category listed. At least you can get a better idea on what franchise business you can choose. I already surf through this site, and is one interesting site to check upon. So to those who interested to start a new franchise business, just browse through this website and choose what business suit you the best ya! Ok! That’s all about my post today..!! Hehe In case I forgot or too lazy to blog before New Year 2009, I would like to wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 in advance. May we have a better and prosperous new year and good bonus for Year 2008. :) ~ tata~

Dec 29, 2008

My days so far..

Hehehe!! I know i've been abstaining from blogging since friday..! And yes..i do really miss my blog this past few days..! I did read your blog guys, but just to lazy to leave any comments..! *sigh* feel like so bad pulak..But now worry...I'm feeling much better already..and will spam your blog soon..hehehee
Sooooooo...what i've done this past few days..?? Nothing much except lazying around at home. We didn't go anywhere and there was no plan to do anything at all..! I spent my days doing some house chores, sleeping, watching DVD and cooking...and eating lotsssss of stuffs..hahaha!!! Seriously..i'm gaining at least 2kg already i think!!!! Die lah!! How to shed those extra kg ah???
Hmmm what else i've done ya...oh!! i'm also spending my times photoshopping..and hehehe I think i got hooked up with it already.. let me show you one of the photos i photoshopped..I don't know whether it's good or not, but hubby said it not...chis!!! I'm a beginner mah!!!! I only used photoshop like 1 week +++ ago..!!

Before photoshopped - Bad lighting photo

After photoshopped - Like cartoon like that..hahhaha!!!

What do you think??? Did i ruined my original photo with my no-photoshopping-talent??? Haha You let me know ya..i might need to improve more on my lacking skill.. that lah..i know most of us are on holiday today..but if you are working today, i hope you still have a great day..! Don't worry, we still have Thursday, the new year holiday kan??? To those on holiday...what you guys will do today?? whats the plan???? Bah have a nice day ya..i'm going to do more sleeping today..hahahaha!!! ~tata~

Dec 26, 2008

Lazy plus busy..

Today is the second day of christmas and i'm already back to work.. *sad*..What to do, no more leave to take for Xmas..Biasa lah no mood to blog today..! Have so many things to do in office..and so little time to finish everything..boringnya!!
I'm sure most of you are having so much on christmas kan?? My christmas??? *sigh* Very sad xmas..! Me and my kids were all alone on Christmas eve and what we did was, jalan-jalan at The least many people there mah..! I merajuk the whole eve and christmas day and totally have no mood to do anything...well actually, i did the house chores only..haha!! kesian kan??
Bah..i merely posting this nonsense post coz' i miss to blog so much already..but..will blog about my nonsense story when i'm really up to babble here in my blog...don't really have the mood lah..
So at the mean time, you guys...who still on leave for christmas...have fun ya..!!! ~tata~

Dec 23, 2008

Warm Christmas Wish for everybody

I know Christmas Day is still two days away but i don't think it's too early to wish you guys a wonderful christmas this year...May you have a wonderful xmas celebration and please remember to take care of yourself.
Christmas Glitter Graphics

Enjoy pun enjoy lah..! But don't too "Araimaitiiiii" until you forget the world. I will at home with my kids doing nothing this Christmas. Hehe..can you imagine..I might sleep during Christmas day. Unless of course somebody invite me to your open house..hehehehe!! Who want to give me Christmas present??? Kesian me oiii no christmas present.. :)

Ok..ok!! Enough rambling..hehehe!!! Me and my family would like to wish everybody in this world "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! Have a wonderful and joyous moment ya...

Dec 22, 2008

i caught a life threatening bugs..

It's monday already and *sigh* i'm kinda low spirit to work today. It has been 3 days since i last update my blog and you tell you the truth, i have no mood to update my blog but still blogged anyway to tell you i have no mood to blog..hahaha!! Sounds crazy??? Yep!! I guess I'm crazy right now.. :P
What to do..Christmas is only 3 days away, and i don't know whether i'll be getting any present this year or not...*sob..sob..* I don't think hubby will give any present to me too..uwahhh!! sadnyaaaa!! I already bought my kids a simple presents..its not the expensive presents in the world, but i'm sure my kids will love it very much..and that whats important, right??
Oh ya in case you are wondering what threatening bugs i caught recently, well it is none other the famous L.A.Z.Y bug..haha!! and with addition to the lazy bug, i have to spend most of my working time photoshopping drawing..! Now my eyes like want to pop out already due to the intense exposure to my computer screen...sakit mata oiiii!!!! So until i finish all this urgent document to submit before Xmas day, i don't think i will be able to blog hop like i usually do..! But still i want to wish you guy a wonderful monday today even it's not really wonderful..hahaha!! I know some of you already started your long Christmas Holiday, so enjoy your holiday puas-puas. To those who still work like crazy like me, then sabar saja lah..!! I will only be on leave 0n 24th and will back to work on 26th...*sob-sob again*
Bah..I need to finish my stuff first..!! till then... ~tata~

Dec 19, 2008

Who sounds better???

NOTES : Do switch on you speaker as loud as permissible for better understanding of this post.

The only action you need to do is, play the videos i've uploaded in YouTube and tell me what you think about it. Don't worry, it's only a very short video and won't take hours to be played.

Is this sound better? or

This one is sooooooooo much better

Do let me know about it coz' i need to determine who is doing better here..hehehe I'm thinking Inesha is better than Isaac, but a help from you guys will confirm my finding. Oh! Do let me know what you think about Isaac too..ya!! :)

Bah..since weekend is approaching, wishing you guys a wonderful weekend this week. Come we go shopping ramai-ramai. hehehe

Close your eyes...Make your wish..

Do you still remember the Song by Boys II Men? Yeah..the one with the lyrics making a wish one?? I think it’s time to make our wish since Christmas is only 5 days away. I'm sure most of us got a wish which we hope will come true this Christmas. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nice oven, a shirt, a nice LV Handbag or Jimmy Choo’s pair of shoes. As for me, I do have a wish, but my wish is a little bit expensive, and because of that, I’m not sure whether it will come true or not. My wish is no big deal actually. I only want a nice DSLR camera which I can use to take more high quality photos (Yerright!!! So much for not being a big deal huh??). If dear hubby suddenly decided to get me one nice DSLR camera, my Christmas will awesome then. I'm not asking him to get me the Nikon D300 (it's a little too big for my liking), maybe a nice D60 will do at the moment..! Hehe A nice DSLR camera is supposed to be in my birthday wish, but getting it as a Christmas present will be just wonderful, don't you think??? Hehee **Msg to hubby : Psttt!!!! I want a camera for xmas!! hehehe Can?? So what about you? Do you have any special wishes for this Christmas?? Or are you still looking a perfect gift to give your special one?? I’m sure you don’t mind if I give a suggestion here. Why not get CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frames™ as a perfect gift to your love one? With CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frames, your love one is able to stay connected with you even if you are in the other part of the world by receiving your photos. And this will ensure both of you are stay connected almost all the time. The only thing you need in order for this gift to work properly is a phone line or a wi-fi service and that should be no problem at all because a handphone line wills works just fine

Just imagine, you only need to upload your latest photos or the old photos which will bring back all sweet memories you had with your love one, and it will be sent to the CEIVA Frame with no hassle at all. Don’t you think its one most wonderful gift one can receive?? Anyway, just to let you know, if you sign-up with CEIVA now, you are entitled to get the $100 discount and an entry submission to be in the running of winning the cash prize of $500 if your entry is selected. So wait no more, click here to get the special gift for your love one now.

Dec 18, 2008

"Buli Ba Kalau Kau"

Nah!!!!! I have my My BBKK tee already! Hehhehehehee!!!! I met Defoo at Old Town Kopitiam at Kota Damansara yesterday to collect my tee and we had a chat for like 1/2 hour before i head to Uptown..(ada hal mau p sana). It was nice meeting defoo you know..! We chatted about the BBKK they started it and also about their coming products.. :)
I suggested to defoo to sell the nice BBKK shirt for kids also. YAY!!! I'm sure i'll be the first to get the available tee for kids (kalau ada lah!!). Apa lagi tu ah?? Oh! I even suggest the "BBKK manufacturer" to add their product for selling. Do you think a black backpack bag with a nice BBKK badge will be a hit amongst us??? I think yes..!!
So what tee i bought??? Mesti lah the white tee with pink kaler design on it!! Hehehee..I was showing off the tee to hubby last nite and asked him to snap few photos for me to post it in my blog..! hehehe!! So you see the pix, my tee is very nice kan?? (macam lah bah sia saja ada ni tee..hehehehee).
Note : Photos were photoshopped coz hubby was using a handphone to snap my pix last night. The quality was not really good, the lighting was very bad.. so i kasi photoshop these photos lah..hehe (It's my first attempt photoshopping photos and i'm not sure it look ok or not! hahaha!! Baru mau belajar bah!!)

Si kaDusMama begaya with her nice BBKK tee..background is my son minta dukung and take photo with me. Photo is purposedly blurred! see the tee bah, not the orang..

BULI BA KALAU KAU!! Akakaka I teach my kids and hubby to say the BBKK, but all of them cannot get it right. Son keep saying "buli ka ka kau"..while daughter says "buli kau kau"! Hubby pulak, he chickened out...refused to repeat the BBKK after me..mengkali takut tecakap "Bulih bah kalau engkau"! wakakakaka

My car also has a nice BBKK sticker already..hehehehe!!! Jangan jeleous!! hehe Due to the 'thick snow' on the surface, BBKK sticker not really clear there..Don't care lah..yang penting, I have my sticker already..hehe

Bah!! To those who are interested to get your own BBKK tee or maybe polo tee and car stickers and many other lagi, you can check-it at for more info. Or you can contact Defoo or Gurangak ~ Andy directly to place your apa lagi??? Get your own BBKK merchandise now lah!!!!

Dec 17, 2008

Unscrupulous mechanic

I thought yesterday morning i want to run amok at the workshop where i got cheated last time..(aiseh!! macam kuat!)..but God like knows my bad intention and He plans other thing to happen yesterday..I woke up pretty early, ready to battle with the 'ngox' mechanic who glued my window bracket when it got spoiled not long time ago. But..hehee as angry as i was that morning, i still dragged hubby to go to the workshop in case i get beaten up ka..Hahaa..
I keep babbling all morning (kesian hubby kena leter by me) on how terrible was the stupid mechanic who cheat my RM148 for the job of gluing my bracket. So i babble..babble..and babble..until hubby also boring off we were, i was soooo ready to give the mechanic @ workshop owner a hell..sekali i opened my car door, suddenly my alarm went off and blaring for the whole apartment area to hear. Ayak!! Celaka! Never in the past two years my car bunyi-bunyi alarm like that you know..I said..ok lah!! wait until it stop...and it did stop. Sekali i want to start my engine..."Chak....chak.." thats all sound that came off...and Yes!!! I cannot start my car!!! Bengong sungguh!!!! No matter how i try to start my engine, no luck! My car just refused to be started..! Sakit hatinya!!! i was soooo semangat already to marah the mechanic, but my car kacau daun pulak..
At first me and hubby thought it was my battery problem coz' usually if the alarm suddenly went off for no apparent reason, it's because the battery already exhausted. No choice, hubby had to go to the nearest workshop (accessories shop still not opened) to get my battery.
Cut my story short, nope!! It's not my battery probs. The mechanic who came to check my car told us, it might be the starter problem. But weird juga coz' i just changed my starter not long time ago juga..but after a talk with the boss (The cheater punya brother), they decided it's my alarm system caused the problem..hmmm...logic juga, coz every light in my car cannot stop blinking..(Next time if you experience this kind of problem with your car, do take note, your alarm system might gone haywire).
So..i didn't managed go to the Penjahat Workshop because i've to get my car fixed immediately. Terpaksa go to the Penjahat Brother's Workshop...! (means i cannot make a scene at the penjahat workshop la! hahaha)..! After they checked my car, the boss agreed that it was only the window glass got detached from the bracket..that means, last time the brother just glued the bracket to the window, but not changed it..bukannya rosak, just telepas saja..!!!! Seeeeeeeee!!!!! Angry or not if you were me?? Then only my hubby told the workshop boss that his brother charged me RM148 for the glue!! But nothing much can be done i just get my window and alarm system fixed and my car is ok already...and the boss charged us RM30 for that!! *phew*
So macam tu lah..if your car suddenly become crazy where the alarm system cannot stop blaring, or your window suddenly gila, it might be a small problem only lah. If you are driving a perodua car (i think all perodua car sama saja nie...i'm driving a kembara), the window and the brackets are not screwed together is glued saja..! Bongoh juga..but maybe Perodua has a reason behind that design??!!! Ntah lah!!!! so don't let yourself get cheated by unscrupulous mechanic like me ya..! If you have no idea on whats wrong with your car (advice for women nie!!), just drag your bf, father, uncle, husband or brother to the workshop..i'm sure, you won't get least the man you dragged with can pretend he knows everything about car mah!! hahaha oh and yes..he can help you to observe the mechanic doing works.. :)
Bah remember my advice ya..!!
**I'm going to meet Defoo in a short while to get my BBKK tee and car sticker..wohoooo!!!!!

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I'm Sick

I had a splitting headache yesterday.. But i still went to work.. Then the pain refused to go away even after i took panadol acti-fast.. Sleep quite early last night hoping my headache will go away.. and what happend?? I woke-up with a blocked nose and sakit kepala!!! Uwaaaa!!!!! I hate to be sick you know.. I still have mount of work to do in office... But my leaking nose just cannot stopped leaking... I feel like i'm a pipe of water or something..!!! I have this very bad teary eyes.. and my body ache too.. Chis!!! Celaka sungguh!!!!! Why suddenly can fall sick one... But sick or not sick, life still has to go on.. So don't worry guys, though i'm not feeling well right now, i'll still visit you if my time permits me to do so..hehehehee!! So have a nice wednesday to you.. **Hari ini ada Mega 6/52..hehehe jan lupa ah!!

Dec 15, 2008

Mommy, you are cute!

Wakakkaaa!!! Seriously!! Thats what my son said to me yesterday!!! We were on our way to 1-Utama to buy hubby's thing and while in the car, son was telling me about story of his cute friends (His friends are the Teddy Bear, Pooh, Incredible Hulk, Batman, and many lagi). He told me he wants to get more cute friends at 1-Utama. This was our conversation yesterday :
Son : Mommy, we almost reach 1-utama..later can buy toys?? Mommy : Eh! cannot la!! How many toys you want to keep at home.. Son : I want to get a new know, the cute one.. Mommy : You already have enough. Son : No!! I want to get the cute one. Mommy : Enough lah... Son : You know..cute-cute like you!!! Mommy : HUH??? *laughing like crazy* Son : Iya lah!! Mommy is cute and pretty!!! Mommy : Wakakakaa!!!! Tell Daddy that.. Son : Daddy..mommy is cute you know.. Mommy : *Laughing like crazy that time* Kids don't lie ya!!!! (still laughing hysterically) Mommy : Daddy cute or not isaac?? Son : NO!!!!! Daddy is not cute!!!! Mommy : HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!! Daddy : Isaac, Pig cute or not??? Isaac : Hmmmmm... Daddy : How about donkey??? Isaac : Oh!! Donkey is cuteeeee... Daddy : So mommy cute like donkey????? Mom : ^$%#$@!#@!#%$^%$#$#@!!!!!! (celaka!! like donkey lagi tu!!!!!!) Isaac : *Still thinking whether i'm cute like donkey or not!!*
Hubby is just soooooo bad..!! But i don't care, since kids never lie, i take isaac compliment with an open heart!! hahahahaa
Back to story, we do nothing much in 1-Utama..just look for the thing hubby looking for and went off at 7.45pm for our dinner.

I don't know what pose my kids are giving me..isaac standard lah want to be a green man..inesha, like dancing like that...

WUARGHHHHH!!! Ayoooo scarynya!!!

After giving me the fierce looks of Green man, Isaac turned cute after seeing these dogs. He took the dogs and asked me to pay lagi tu!! hahaha

See lah my anak..can even sleep everywhere he wants...! Even Inesha also heran to see him..

I was supposed to attend my dear friend's sister wedding dinner but unable to go because I have no car..i mean, i do have my car, but the mechanic i went to fix my window bracket last time cheated me and instead of replacing my broken window bracket, he just glued the bracket and pretended he changed a new bracket. Celaka or not you say!! He charged me RM148 for gluing my bracket..!! Kurang asam betul! now my window can't be closed properly. But tomorrow, i'm going to give the workshop owner a hell for causing me sooooooooo much trouble. Not only i was cheated, my tinted film pun koyak a bit!!!! Argggggghhhh!!! F**K betul!! Tingu lah!! Tomorrow i will run amok in the workshop..!! If my window is not fixed tomorrow, i will make sure the workshop and the name is publish here in my blog for everybody to see...bodohnya!!!!!!

Eh!! This is supposed to be a happy post, but nevermind lah..hehehe!!! Rant a bit pun ok juga!!! I'm feeling better already now....hehehe!! Dating time.. ~ tata~

Fun Mini Gathering we had on Saturday nite.

So the mini gathering held last saturday nite was over. Punya main siokkkkkkk!!!!!! Hehehe I'm telling you it was a blast coz' i want to make you guys jelous bah nie!! Hahahaaa!!

I was supposed to blog about the gathering right after i reached home last nite, but my kids were still awake and i need to shower first before i blog. While waiting for my hair to dry, i company my kids to sleep first, sekali..few minutes after i lay down..terus ZzzZZZzzZZzz!!! Hahahahaa!! I was that tired! Then, after i woke up this morning, i need to clean the house, wash the baju-bajuan and tending my kids...and after went to 1-Utama to company hubby to find something..! I reached home at 10.15pm just now..and phewwwwww...pukul 12 baru ada masa mau online!!!!

So.....whats the story of the gathering at The Laundry??? Bah just look at the photos lah..!! It's kinda hard for me to tell about everything there...but one thing for sure, we had a blast that nite!! (I never know we bloggers can be sooooo loud and crazy ketawa melalak there..haha)

This is us!! Hehehe!! You can see Mimi, Sheela, Chegu Carol, Gallivanter, Kadazanbonita, Kay, and few non-bloggers too.

Nah Posing sot-sot suma!!

Nah..the ladies of the night..! Guess who is the pretty lady in the middle??? hehehehe I'm not telling you guys..teka sendiri lah..

Kadazanbonita, "pretty lady" and her friend.. :)

Nah!! This is the "Dildo" of the night!! Hahahhaa!! Banyak peminat this...

Less than one hour before i went back, another group of Sabahan bloggers came and tadaaaaa.....Defoo, Gurangak, Leo Fantasia and few other whom i didn't managed to get to talk with were adding the fun we already had...

And lastly me and new blogger friend Sheela posing before we went off at 12.38am.

I was hoping i can stay longer to join the fun there, but i received few unanswered calls from hubby and sekali i answer the last one, "HOI!!! DON'T WANT TO COME BACK KAH???"...haha!! that's what hubby asked me before i can say Hello to him!! I guess, he was tired looking after our kids already, thats why he needed me to be home. Ekekeee

So like that lah the story...i wish i can elaborate more about the gathering, but my kepala kinda JAM right now..! Cannot think what to write..I'm still tired bah!!!! But I hope more gathering like this will be held in the future and hopefully more bloggers will join in lah next time...Siok bah i tell you!!! hehee

Bah Ok lah..i want to sleep already nie..!! So niteeee.... Happy Monday in advance...!!!

Dec 13, 2008

Ewwww!!! What a disgusting habit..

Yay!!! I'm 'Yaying' myself again as a celebration of my weekend this week!!! I don't lah, this week seems went really fast for me..With so many things to do in office and so little time for me at home, times just flies really fast without me realizing it. Phewwww….!!!! Ok!! Ok..I know I’m in a mood to ‘weekending’ myself already but there is this one thing or rather one person really make me soooooo geli with in office today. I’m not going to name the person here, so I just name this person ‘Sosomu’ = Pengutur = Dirty person. For 4 years ++, this person never failed to make me disgusted with the bikin geli habit. Bah let me tell you why I’m disgusted with Sosomu. Sosomu has this habit walking around in office and with the hand inside the pants. Oit!!!!! Not hand at the front side lah, more like the backside..! If Sosomu walk for 10 mins lazying around in the office, the hand will also be in at the ‘bontot’ there for 10 mins. Eeeeeeeeeeee sekali kan????? Imagine if Sosomu suddenly wants to shake hand or pass a thing to you, Won’t you feel ‘geli’ having to deal with Sosomu coz’ there might be a chance the hand has a left over of the ‘oH..Oh”or direct to the point, ada Tahi tesangkut????? To tell you the truth! It has been a nightmare to me to see Sosomu comes to my place to chit chat and starting to touch my phone lah, my pen lah, my ruler lah…..Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Little did Sosomu knows, once dia berambus from my place, I will immediately clean all the stuffs kena touched while sosomu at my place. If possible, I wanted to use a disinfectant spray to kill whatever germs from the bontot which might stick on my things, but like too obvious pulak kan???? So the most I can do was, to clean my stuffs touched.and pray I won’t get infected with any kind of disease after. Hehehhee BUT…….but…that’s not the worst scene of all. The worst thing you can ever witness about Sosomu was, after dia finished walk here and there (with the tangan inside the pants, mind you), tiba-tiba, Sosomu will smells the hand yang dalam seluar tu!! ARGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Punya disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you think so??? If you see somebody who smells the hand kept at the ‘Bontot = Backside’ for 10 mins, what come inside in your mind????? Is the hand suddenly smells ‘nice’???? Hahahaa!! Uwekkkkk sungguh lah!!!!! So that’s about Sosomu for you to know. Until now, I still don’t understand why must the hand kept at the bontot when Sosomu walk alround here.. Weirdo sungguh!! But that’s only my side of story, how about you guys. Have you encounter anybody who is sooooooooo disgusting to the max??? Share-share lah your story..(Ok!! i know i'm rambling here..but too excited bah nie!! heheheee)

Shopping online again..

Ok!! I know I talked a lotssssss about online shopping already, but I guess telling you guys about another site where you can shop online won’t do any harm right??? Heheee! This site is one good site selling all the best products we’ve seen in TV. Remember the Sauna Belt? Yeah, it’s the product review in our local channel about the Ice-cream seller guy who managed to lost 1 Inch or is it 2 inches of his waist length after 60minutes putting the Sauna Belt on. How about the Acne Proactiv Products??? Yeah..the one that can solves acne problem with no time at all??? In case you never notice about the products review aired in our local TV channel, try to switch on your TV very late night or early weekday morning and I’m sure you will see many of the reviews done.

Back to the site I’m talking about, all their products sold are As Seen on TV or maybe more. What good about this site is, you can find almost every products you think you have seen on TV as everything is listed here. You only have to browse over the stuffs you want and purchase it online. So in case you have nothing to do this weekend, why not check to check all the stuffs you’ve seen on TV and get one for yourself..hehehee! Who knows you might end up purchasing the Ogoplex and Hercules Hook for yourself?? Hehehee...So, Happy shopping ya!!

Dec 12, 2008

To those of you who have got pretty maid....

The Maid asked her employer for a raise in pay. As you'd expect, the lady of the house was concerned about this and asked: 'Now Maria, why do you think you deserve an increase?' Maria: 'Well Madam, there are three reasons why I feel I should have an increase.

Maria : Firstly, I iron better than you do.' Lady of the house : 'Who said you iron better than me?' Maria: 'The Master said so.' Lady of the house: 'Oh.' Maria: 'Secondly, I am a better cook than you.' Lady of the house: 'Nonsense, whoever said you were a better cook than I am?' Maria: 'The Master did.' Lady of the house: 'Oh.' Maria: 'And my third reason is that I am better in bed than you are.' Lady of the house : (very agitated now)'Did the Master tell you that too?' Maria: 'No Madam. the gardener did.'
She got her pay rise!!!!!!
Heheheeee....kedapatan the wife terus!!! akakakkaka

Small favour only la!!

Hehehe supposed to be happy today right?? After all its friday already..!!!! Well, nothing much to share at this moment, but just need a favour from you guys..
After the recent makeover for my blog layout, I lost all the link i have in my blog roll. Stupid me, i didn't make a copy of all the links before i made the changes. So if you don't see your blog at my sidebar, could you please leave a message to let me know about it. Sorry lah!! I have dory memory already, so cannot remember who is already linked and not link in my blog.! So do let me know ya....Tenkiu!!!

Oh! By the way, don't forget tomorrow Mini Gathering at The Laundry, The Curve ya..! It will be at 7pm and sepe-sepa yang dapat datang tu..come lah!! Lets have fun meeting other bloggers ya.. :) (Belle..mari lah!!!!!)

Ok..and abrupt stop here....time to work!! :) hehehee Catch with you guys later..

Dec 11, 2008

Do you still wear a GuangZhou type of panty????

Heheheee!!! Another bout of underwear story nie...!!!! I know i blogged about panties @ underwear @ santuts few months ago..but still i want to discuss in detail why one woman should wear a nice and sexy underwear even if she is working..
But why all of sudden with this nonsense talk about panties???? Well the other day (padahal 2 weeks already) i was chatting with one of my skype friend and this friend is a Dutch who loves to complain about our Malaysians..hahaha! (Sorry Laurens!!) I don't know what brought the issue about women panty at the first place, but Laurens told me he has been observing our local gals and say lotssssss of them still wearing the GuangZhou type of panty. hehehee ( You do know what GuangZhou panty, right?????) He told me it was an ugly sight to see a gal with a high waist type of panty and stress that no matter how big one woman is, she should never wear that guangzhou panty coz' it was downright ugly!!! (hahaha!!! Not me say that!!!). Every women should wear a nice G-String or at least a thong , he said.
So what so important about this??? Heheheee..just want to ask you guys you still wear that guangzhou panty now??? If you still, geeeeez get rid of that confidence killer already!!!! Seriously guyssssss (only if you are a perempuan @ female). That type of panty really can kill you self esteem (my experience lah!!). Just want to give you some advice here..if you never wear a nice g-string or t-back or whatever type of thong (NO GUANGZHOU PANTY PLSSSSS!!!!), do try it one day. It doesn't matter if you are to work or out at a shopping mall or maybe only staying in your house, do try wearing a nice g-string and see if you confidence suddenly shoot up like it never the same time you'll very beautiful and sexy too...
If i'm to wear a guangzhou panty to go to work or to go out shopping, you'll be terrified with me coz' i'll be sooooo grumpy and bad mood as long as the 'GZ panty' on me. here, i'm just conveying my friend message to every women in Malaysia, and even the husband to the wife, please get rid your GZ panty as soon possible. Don't ruin your life with that 'thing'.
Hehehee ..i know i'm talking nonsense here...hahahahahaa!!! But biar brain already send a signal to ask me to sleep. So i just let you guys read this post and force you guys to get rid of the GuangZhou panty as soon as possible. If cannot, at least give it a try to wear a nice g-string for one week lah..if no changes on your confidence level, well..nothing much i can say lah..
ok la!! i want to sleep already now..tomorrow is selangor holiday, thanx to Sultan Selangor for celebrating his birthday on 11th December!!!! Ekekekeee...if you find my opinion about Guangzhou panty is offending...sorry lah ya!!! But i do agreed with my friend Laurens that GZ panty is sooooo unsightly lah!!! hahahaaa So have a nice Thursday to those who work today and to us who work in selangor..HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!
**when i read back this post..i also bengong and don't understand what i'm saying..hahahahaa!!!!

Dec 10, 2008

Not so-Romantic Dinner in a Cave

Well, this isn't a new story to share with you guys, but biar lah!!! i still want to tell you about my experience having a dinner inside a cave (kononnya lah!!). This restaurant is located at SS2, PJ. It has been quite sometimes since me and hubby wanted to try out this restaurant, but no chance to do out of the blue, we went there last friday to see what soooo special about this restaurant...

The Cave Cafe kononnya is for couple to dine ok lah!! once in a while having a nice dinner in a different place will be nice lah konon. The restaurant is not like an open restaurant where everbody sit together makan-makan. It has private rooms for couple to enjoy their meal. Hehe

So standard lah kaDusMama posing while waiting for her food. I don't know what's so special with this single room for couple to makan coz it has no door and only thin curtain to make it private. Konon nya! No candle light found and only the ugly-wall to be seen..! Chis!! But not to disappoint ownself and hubby, i try to think positive about our dinner and patiently waiting for the foods we ordered..

Our drinks arrived first and duhhhhh!! the apple juice and honey lemon bukannya sedap pun! But still trying to be positive here, i told hubby sure the foods will taste worry konon!!

Actually we ordered one appetizer before the main dishes, but funny was, hubby Shanghai-ntah apa tu reached first. Well, the taste wasn't so bad lah..i mean its edible but, i think there is other shop can cook better than this. The name was so special, but i think the taste is more like wantanho only..!

8 minutes later, our appetizer The Cold Japanese Octopus finally arrived and hmmmmm..i kinda like this dish though. I'm not sure it's because of the gravy or because of the spicy taste, but i think with it's price of RM18.50 (kecil saja the plate tu..the sotong pun berapa ketul saja), ok lah!! not so rugi eating this nice dish.

My food only arrived after hubby finish his mee. Punya lah geram!! How to be romantic like that?? I mean hubby finished his food already and i've to eat myself after..there was no romantic ambience at all during our dinner there..supposed they play lah song like wonderful tonight ka, or any lovey-dovey songs, but what they did was, pasang lagu R&B with dancing tune like that?????????? Ayoooooo..some more like pub songs like that!! *slap hubby's forehead* Bout my food, was a total disaster!! hahaahaha!! seriously!! The salmon taste too raw, and it was cooked with spinach and the long bean???????????? what the.....!!!!!!!! Even the cherry tommato taste like it was already stale!!!!! Eeeeeeee...But not to waste the food ordered, i ate it finished and was ready to tell the whole world about my so-not-nice experience eating there..hahaaa!!!
But what make our dinner worse was, because of the few ah bengs and ah lians laughing hysterically from the next room and the kononnya couple's restaurant sounds more like Ah Beng's kopitiam to me. Seriously!!!! The restaurant owner shouldn't let them make soooooo much noise like that. I mean, we went there to enjoy a nice and peaceful dinner, but what we get was, very noisy inconsiderate people from the other room. I think they should go to kopitiam if they wanted to chat that loud!!!! Spoiler sungguh lah!!!

So we called for the bill, and the total amount was RM84.05. Well, since it was me who pay for the dinner that night, i feel sooooooooooo rugi have to pay that amount of money. Not so nice foods (except that octopus) + noisy surrounding = 98% Dissatisfaction. I usually didn't mind paying a bit extra if i'm satisfied with the service and food i got, but this...ayooooooooo not satisfied at all lah. Hubby told me, if we went to the nearby Hawkers Stall, we can get the nice butter escargots, nice grilled fish, nice kam heong lala and lots of other stuff which definitely will cost less than the amount i was paying at The Cave Cafe.

So thats more Cave cafe for us forever and ever..rugi only makan like that!! I advise you guys don't go there if you have the notion to dating and hoping for a romantic moment. That place is not suitable at all. But if you think you want to lepaksssss there just for fun, then you are welcome there..hehee at least they have R&B songs mah....!!! Hehheee

Dec 9, 2008

Save 10% with EZVCAC10

Christmas is coming and I guess it's time for us to get our house cleaned. I don't usually clean my house everyday nor do I clean my house every week. Cleaning business is only done when my mood striked me or if there is any festive celebration coming. Heheheeee!! Don't bother yourself imagining how my house look like. It is indeed full with dust and kinda messy!! Hehee I know I do sound like a very lazy-to-clean-own-house wife, but I think my priority to look after my kids is more important than cleaning my house, right? Of course I do want to tidy all the mess and wipe clean every parts in my house but, by the time I got the time to do it, my kids sure will demand this and that and my plan to clean my house postponed to the other weeks or sometimes the other month. *sigh*
But since Christmas is coming soon, I guess I need to force myself to do the cleaning soon. It's time for me to take out my hidden vacuum cleaner out from the room and start vacuuming every speck of dust and spiderwebs in my house. The most place needed my attention is our kitchen and I think I will need to spend extra time scrubbing the wall clean.
Anyway, I'm wondering if my vacuum cleaner bags, belts, filters and other parts are still working!! Hahahaa!! It has been months since I last used my vacuum cleaner due to 'its not so accomodating' size. What if it's not working anymore????? Alamak!!!!! Do I need to buy a new vacuum then???? It will be a good excuse to get a new vacuum if my old vacuum is not working anymore..right???? hehehehee
But..nahhhhhh!! Economy has been pretty bad this past few months and I think I need to save more money for emergency use. So whats option do I have in case my vacuum cannot be used anymore??? Hehe Simple, I'll get the needed part from EZ Vacuum. Heheheeee...Don't you know EZ Vacuum is offering a 10% Off Coupon EZVAC10 for vacuum cleaners bags belts filters brushrolls machines purchase from them??? All I need to do is to order the necessary parts for my vacuum which value more than $20 and tadaaaaaaa...I'm entitle to get the 10% off coupon already. Hehee The best part is, EZ vacuum charged a very low shipping charges to their customers compared to other merchants who supplies vacuum cleaning parts.
So what I need to do tonight is, to check my vacuum cleaner if it's still working or not and start ordering the parts needed as soon as possible. You do know Christmas is coming soon and I needed to get my house clean the soonest I can. But, if you need to get your vacuum cleaner parts too, why not check with EZ Vacuum to get the saving coupon and save 10% of your purchase. :) Better save our money for other important stuffs, ya?? :)

Crazy hectic life..

.......and it's true. It had been a very hectic day for me since last saturday..!!! I took leave on saturday to settle everything needed to be settled at my new campus and i'm officially student in that Uni already. Hehehehe!! So now, i don't know whether i can cope with my going to be busy life or not. Will see it in 6 months from now.
Few people had asked me what course i'm taking..hehehe!! Sorry guys, i don't think i can reveal my course here in my blog..but for sure, my course will cover the topic on how to maintain my calculator and how to change it's battery..hehehe! oh and my course will involves lotssss of figure too. You do get what i mean here, kan?
So on saturday, i went back to hubby's home and had been soooooo busy coz i have to deal with two sick kids. Yep! both my kids caught god-only-know what bugs and have been vomiting since last friday. Son wasn't that bad, my daughter was in pretty bad condition though. She vomitted until there was nothing left in her stomach. Everytime she vomit, you can only see her yellowish bile liquid. Well don't ask me how many times she vomits on me while sleeping. I didn't even bother to change coz, it will be the same. Kena muntah all over and over again. Son pulak..hmmmm same like my daughter. But at least he wasn't as bad. But kesian to see both of them coz' they have not appetite to eat whatsoever things..kesiannnnnya!!! Thank god both my kids conditions improved yesterday. But, after the vomitting episode with my two kids, hubby pulak sick yesterday. Hmmmm....same like my kids, he has the symptoms of stomach upset and been vomiting too. I really have no idea what caused them to be sick, coz' so far i'm still ok pulak.
Actually i do want to online yesterday, but i was soooooo damn tired even to lift my fingers switch on my computer. Ya lah..yesterday morning, we left around 7am from sitiawan and mid way back home, i had to become the driver coz hubby condition was getting bad. Once reached home, i still have to cook, wash all the clothes, tidy and clean the house, feed my kids..put them to sleep..and yep!! i was soooo tired last nite. Even my 3 hours nap not helping at all. Still have to cook dinner, feed my kids again, wash clothes again (telampau banyak kain kan), iron baju, sapu rumah and clean whatever needed to be cleaned. I retired to sleep at 12.30am like mau mati kepenatan already!
But this morning, i woke up quite fresh and ready to face the world again. Hehehehe Oh by the way, the other day i mentioned my woofer has some problem kan?? Well i figure out the problem already. One of the wire loosen already lah!! Duh!!! i thought my speaker pecah or the woofer rosak already...Luckily everything was alright. So now, i'm back blasting my song in my car!! hahahahaha!! (rumah cannot mah! later neighbour baling batu oh!!)
So like that lah my day since i last blogged. Crazy and hectic..and i'm haven't even start my lecture just yet!! *doink* But hey..think positive right?? hehee i know i can do this..! So ok lah..just want to wish you guys a wonderful tuesyday, sorry coz i didn't visit your blog this past few days..!! paham-paham lah life yang too busy ini... :) But sure i will later..during lunch time..So..tata for now!!!

Dec 6, 2008

Super busy day

I slept very late last night.. woke up very early morning today.. head on to campus for course registeration.. and in a short while, will go back to Sitiawan Perak.. Thats how hectic my day today.. Didn't manage to blog hop today.. But i will hop..hop to you blog tonight.. :) So Happy long holiday this week..Take care all..

My new CD collection

Britney spears new album is already out, and yay!!! kaDusMama paling cepat went to the nearest CD shop to get one copy of this CD for herself. Hehe!!! In case you don't know, i'm one big fan of Britney Spears. Despite of so many controversial issues of her for the past few years, i choose to like her no matter what the issues were. And as a support, i bought her new album even before it is officially launched.

So far hearing her songs, i'm overly satisfied with it and recommend this album to you guys too. But in order to enjoy her songs to the fullest, make sure you have a good sound systems in your car or house. Since i cannot play my CD too loud at home, i decided to blast her songs in my car while on the way to office and way back home. Hahahaha!! It was realllyyyyyyyyyyy satisfying you know! But, there is one problem, i think there is something wrong with my woofer lah. I don't know whats the problem yet, but i will get it fix as soon as possible.

Bah..if you thinking whether to buy or not to buy britney's new album, ayooooo just get one lah..I can guarantee you will like it as much as i do. Hehee

Personalized gift will be a perfect gift

How many days left before we celebrate the joyous occasion, Christmas??? Geezz!! Christmas is only 19 days away and to tell you the truth, I haven't get any presents or gifts for my family members just yet. For my kids, I planned to buy Mr.Green Man and a nice computer for them. However gift for hubby is still not decided yet and I'm seriously have no idea what to give him. How about a nice shirts??? Nah!! he has so many working shirts already, I don't think he can even add one shirt inside the wardrobe.
Oh NO!!!! I really run out of idea now! Do you think I should get him a personalized holiday gifts??? After I checked with Pexagon , I noticed they are offering a nice Personalized Thumb Drives as a gift. With 14 available colours and the capacity of 16GB, I can get it engraved with a nice themes like "CHRISTMAS" and that sounds like a nice special gift, yes????
Or maybe I should get hubby the Wooden USB Flash Drive as a gift. Hahaha!! I know! I know! It does sounds weird for me to give hubby this kind of gift, but hey, at least it is special because it is one environment friendly gift one can give to their special one. What make it even special is, I can get it engraved at both side of the USB Flash with my name and hubby's name on it with absolutely no charge at all. Hmmmmmmm...I'm contemplating whether to give or not to give hubby this special gift.


How about you guys??? Have you think what to give your darling for christmas?? If you still haven't decide what gift to give your special one just yet, maybe you can get one of the special personalised gift as well. Hehe I'm sure our beloved will appreciate our gift to them, right??? Well, I need to re-think what to give hubby, but if I already get the gift, I'll let you guys know about it ya.. :)

Dec 5, 2008

OMG!!! Its scary!!!

My son saw an article in chinese newspaper last night and immediately show me the article.

Son : MOMMY!!!!!!!!! YOU SEE?????? (show me the paper)

Me : Yes! what??

Son : You kesian the guy. See his head has a tree already.

Me : Huh??? *shivering looking at the picture* What happend to him???

Son : The giant ants bit his head. Now his head tumbuh pokok already.

Me : *yeerrrr takutnya*

Since i don't read chinese, i couldn't understand any word about the tree growing head and ants. So i asked hubby what it's all about.

He told me this type of ants found in China is very poisonous and caused lots of trouble of the people around.

This poor guy was bitten by the ant when he was small, and after since, the injury never recover and get worse each year. I don't know about you, but looking at his head is enough make me super scared with the ants. that also can kah???
If you want to know more story bout the ants and you do know how to read chinese, go read Sin Chew or is it China Press paper yesterday. It was one full page about the ants story there. But i tell you, seeing the kepala with growing tree on it is really scary lah!!!!

Come..come!!! Join the will-be-fun Bloggers Gathering!

Well, it's not a gathering like the Sabah gathering held in August this year. This one is just a gathering for us to spend our time 'together-gether' and get to know other bloggers as well. Makan or drinks are on our own. Hehehe no nuffnang sponsor la! So if you live around KL or Klang Valley area or maybe seremban or nilai or anywhere near selangor area, come lah!!!! we meet up and have fun!
Belle ~ Ko tinggal kl kan?? Mari kita bejumpa..hehee Wel ~ walaupun ko di penang, in case ko rajin datang sini kl, meh lah join..bawa si jew satu kali..kan dia pun blogger juga..Hmmmm sepa lagi ah?? sorry lah..I have dory memory lah..Nessa???? Nick??? Ratu Syura??? Shemah???

So here is the details of the small gathering :-

Date : 13th December 2008

Venue : The Laundry Bar, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Time : 7.00pm

Sorry lah i cannot list down everybody's name here..but if you think you want to have fun and meet other bloggers (bukan selalu bulih jumpa nie), why not leave a comment here or contact directly the bosses (hehehe) yang manage this gathering. You can leave a message at Gallivanter's Blog or Kadazanbonita's Blog. Ok?? Set???

Bah, i hope more people will join this gathering. The more of us, the merrier the gathering will be kan?? So come..come!!!!

*I just noticed i forget to put back my blogroll in my blog! adeeeeee!!!!! Buduhnya!!!!

The Incredible Me

So i get the perfume i won from MWW already and what do i think of it????? Hmmmmm..let see.

  • It one perfume with a strong floral + seductive smell.
  • You can smell the strong smell even 10km away.
  • Hubby says the bottle look like batman mask. Hmmm iya kah???
  • The box is very nice. Baldu-baldu like that..

  • The perfume is not really suitable to go to work...but heck if i care..I still use it to office..haha
  • If you are pregnant and sensitive with smell, you will puke your bile out with the strong perfume smell. How i know, coz' the moment i spray it on my body, i remember the last time i smelt this kind of smell, i almost puke at the shopping mall. Haha
  • If you plan to travel let say, from KK-Ranau, or KK-Tambunan-Keningau, geezzz!!!!! Don't use this perfume or else, you might get nauseaous all the way your journey.

  • But hey..if you going for a gala dinner or nice romantic dinner, yes...this perfume is the perfect choice for you. Hehhee Sexy smell gitu..
  • And if you are trying to seduce somebody..your hubby ka..your boyfriend kah..this Escada Incredible me would definitely speed up the seduction process..hahahha!!

So..thats what i think of my new perfume. Bye..bye watered perfume, hello Escada incredible me. Hehehee If any of you are interested to buy this type of perfume, it cost about RM213/ 50ml. Slightly expensive, but not my problem coz i get for free..hahahaha!!! Have a nice thursday everybody.

Dec 3, 2008

and he did it again..

Seriously, i don't know how to deal with Isaac already. I mean he is a good boy when he feel likes he wanted to be but when me and hubby went to work..isaac became mischevious and did things that we don't approve.
When we reached home last night, i found out that isaac had chop Inesha hair and goodness it was very-very bad. The already ruined inesha hair is worse now. You can see the damage with lots of short hair standing tall everwhere but I cannot cut inesha's hair bald la..arghhhh!!!! Not only isaac cut inesha hair, he also cut the scalp and that for sure make me super angry with him. I seriously don't know what to do with him. Smacking won't work, shouting won't work, and even soft talk won't make him listen to us.
He really make me worry all the time you know..When i'm at office, i cannot stop thinking what isaac will do at home. *sigh* Don't know what else i can do to make sure isaac listen to me. Pening..pening!!!!

Dec 2, 2008

If only.....

It's tuesday but i felt my day today is worse than my monday yesterday. Well, I have no problem with monday actually except that I was pretty busy doing tons of works and at the same time 'curi-curi' blogging in office. Geez, it's only 5.30pm and i felt like i've been staying here in office for more than 24 hours already. It feel that long!!!!! If only you know how sleepy I'm now..Do you think it's a good idea to sleep under my table while my boss is away from office now??? Hahahaha Kidding!!
So what I've been doing to make sure i didn't fall flat on my face due to sleepiness????? Hmmmm..let me see, i was busy surfing and surfing and doing my work at the same time and of course voting on something i found interesting in the net.
Healthcare reform is a main concern of President Elect Obama. He seeks to provide health insurance for millions of uninsured citizens. What's the best way to make coverage available to everyone without raising costs for those that can afford to pay?
What do you think of this?? How wonderful to have a President who care a lot of his people and wanted only the best for them. Lets say the our Mr.PM suddenly decided to give insurance coverage for those poors in our country. What part he should cut first to ensure no burden added to our fellow Malaysians?? No more vacation allowence for our ministers??? Or Reduce the salary of our fellow ministers??? Hehehheheee
But hey, if you think you have a say on President Obama wise plan for the uninsured citizen in US, why not drop by at and leave your opinion there. I read few comments suggesting to cut down the War Expenses and use it for the better purposes. Hmmm..sounds like a wise idea, no? So..don't forget to drop few comments there ya..
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Dec 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Inesha...

2 years ago, on the 1st December 2006, there was this Mommy who were expecting her 2nd child and being soooooo restless coz' her baby still doesn't want to come out even after 4 days of her supposedly due date. As the mommy was soooo tired already carrying her big baby inside her tummy, she went to get an advice from her gynae with regards to her condition.
Due to her small nature (kira pendek lah~!!!), Dr. advised her to go for an induce delivery with the fear, her baby might be too big for her to deliver normally. On the 1st December 06, the mommy went for a scheduled delivery at one of the birth center somewhere near her house. At 5pm++, she was under prostaglandin and gave birth to her beautiful daughter after 3 hours of excruciating pain. And induced birth without any pain relief was simply too painful compared to a normal birth without a pain relief. But..all the pain was soon forgotten the moment she laid her eyes on her beautiful daughter.
And that was me 2 years ago, experiencing the most painful moment which bring soooo much joy to my family. The 2 1/2 hours crazy contractions really made me want to kick somebody butt at that time, and hubby was the ideal candidate to be kicked on his butt, luckily my legs were tied at that time..if not! habis lah hubby tepelanting kena side kicked by me. Hehehe But thank God, the crazy pain lasted only 2 1/2 hours and soon after i had my daughter, all the pain was gone and only happiness surrounded me and my family. Aiseh!!!
The already named baby, Inesha Alexandra Ho Yie Xuan weigh around 3.25kg when i gave birth to her and now????? Geez!!! She weigh like a stone and caused a backache to me whenever i carry her. Gila punya berat!!! That was my story when i had daughter 2 years ago. Because of her, i was a little bit traumatised to have another baby as the pain i had during delivery was 10x more painful than i had with son. Chickennya me kan???
As today is my daughter's 2nd birthday, i would like to dedicate this post especially for her (in case she read this post in the future) and wanted her to know, how much she brought joys to us, family especially Isaac Kor-kor..

10 days old Inesha with Isaac with kor-kor

Isaac's was really excited when he got to know he was going to a big brother to cute inesha. I remember he wanted to carry inesha every chance he had last time. Bagus kalau Inesha ringan that time...

7 days old Inesha

Inesha dalam kotak barang!!

9 months Inesha..cute2 like baby doll

1 year old Inesha!! Still bulat2

15 Months old inesha was having a good time floating around the swimming pool. Some more don't want to go back already!!

Nah!! My sumandak who has a chinese+kaDus blood in her!! Hmmmm..

And tadaaa!!! The almost 2 years old feisty inesha!

Since i'm still working right now and curi-curi doing this post, i just want to wish daughter a Wonderful 2nd Bithday today. She has requested for a nice Barney toys as a birthday present and i will get one for her later. Isaac kor-kor pulak wants us to buy special cake for Inesha and he wanted it to be Barney Cake too...alah!!! nda sempat sudah mau order..maybe next time.

Oh before i forgot!! I just want to tell how much i menyampah with those people who questioned about Inesha's looks. Most of the time when i went shopping with my kids, people will give me this one kind of look and asked me how come Inesha look like chinese. For those ignorant people...why???? My daughter must look like me meh????? Cannot follow daddy's look meh???? Cheh!!!! (Ok!! Now i'm feeling better already!! hehehe)

So back to daughter.......just a short message from mommy here....

Dear Inesha, mommy just want you to know mommy love you sooooo much!! Happy 2nd Birthday, sweetie!!!!!!

So thats about it..will go to One Utama after work later and get one nice barney for Inesha..! Till then..tata!!