Sep 30, 2008

Naked Neighbour on the loose again

If you read two of my posts once upon a time ago, you will understand what I'm talking about..Remember my parading naked neighbour and the crime scene where naked neighbour stand at??? I thought that stupid act was already over and no more inappropriate act by this stupid neighbour. But i was wrong. Apparently, this shameless guy has no brain of his own lah. Opsss!!! He did it again yesterday, and the lucky person who managed to see his 'din-dong' and ugly ass was my sister! Hahaha!! How lucky..! That time of incident, my sis was about to cook her maggi when this shameless neighbour went out to the back kitchen without a stitch of thread on his body! Bodoh kan!!!???
Yeah..yeah..I know..he has the right to be naked in his own house...but if he is a mat salleh @ kuai low, i probably would understand if he cannot stand the hot weather in our country..but..but!!! This guy is a malay lah..During school time, i do remember about muslim law regarding on this aurat thing (correct me if i'm wrong)....I thought muslim men cannot show the part from waist down to their knee??? But how come my neighbour can show the whole body to us, the so unlucky neighbour??? *sigh*
As i've stressed in my post last time, if he was inside his house, then we cannot question on his wrongdoing, but he was outside oh last night..somemore so proud showing his ding dong bell to my sister. Blardy bastard betul!! Must be a maniac lah this guy. Luckily it wasn't me last nite, or else i will definitely scream for the whole world to hear and not to forget, take his picture too. Post it in the internet, and let the whole world know he is one sick pervert who show himself to and old lady (my MIL), my kids (ya kids do go inside the kitchen what...) and my innocent sister..! Pity my sister as she was traumatised seeing an ugly naked guy parading naked infront of her..Wait lah this guy!! If I'm at home, i will definitely snap his pix and post it in my blog..celaka betul!!

Ok..ok!! Forget about that sick pervert..I'm sure most of you already started your Raya Holiday..! (jelesnya nie..). My office will only be closed for two days starting from tomorrow. I knowwwwww...most of you guys will be on holiday until next week..!! Nevermind..nevermind..wait until Chinese New Year next year...I will make you guys jelous with my 8-10 days free leaves..huahahahaha!!! *evil laugh*

So...Ok lah..i need to finish my work already lah..! With this, i would like to take this opportunity to wish all my muslim friends and dear bloggers a Wonderful Hari Raya Aidilfitri..don't forget to send me some kuih raya..ya?? *Msg to dear Mel in tuaran - KUIH RAYA????????*

To all..Happy holiday!!!!!

Sep 29, 2008

I almost died yesterday!!!

I think i'm tired to write how boring is monday already! It's like I've been complaining about my monday like every week since i started to blog. What to do..monday always SUX!! hehe
Anyway, i got few msg in my chatbox saying there is a problem with my layout? Iya ka?? Because everything from my pc look normal pulak! Hmmmmm..i wonder what's wrong nie..
Yesterday something had happend and I almost died of heart attack when son said something that shocked me to hell!!! Me, My sis and my kids went to The Ramadan Bazaar somewhere around my housing area to buy some foods for dinner. (yeah!! I'm lazy to what?? hehe). While walking around looking for the nyummy..nyummy foods, son kinda tensed seeing so many people buzzing around, he started to wail and demanded to go back.
For 15 minutes, I've to hold son's hand and assured him everything will be alright. After i bought the delicious 'Ayam percik', I decided to back and was about to drag son with me when he say this to me:
Me : Ok come!! Time to go back!!
Son : What is your problem, pucker??? (or did he just say F*cker to me??????)
Me : *GRASP* What did you say just now???????
Son : *son whispered what he said earlier*
Me : *Almost died of heart attack* Why you say that???
Son : Ya lah!! What's your problem, pucker!!
Me : OMG!!!! *talk to sis!! Die lah!! My son now can curse already*
Sis : Ya lah!! He watched too much movie already lah..thats why!
Goodness!! Die!! I try to think which movie has that line..but i cannot remember any. Then i asked son again.
: Where did you hear that??? Who say that??
Son : Movie lah!
Me : You cannot say like that..Its very rude you know.
Son : *Totally blank* Why??
Me : Ya lah..even mommy don't say that..
Son : *still blank*
Then..i try to think hard again..could it be i mishear son??? Think..think..think!! Then..suddenly i remember!!!!!!!!! Phew!!! My son didn't really call me pucker or f*cker lah!!! If you watch spiderman movie 2 (if i'm not mistaken), there was this one scene Peter parker's boss scolded him and say this :
*Phewwwwwwwww* Thank God my son didn't cursed..or else, mommy has to spent her evening lecturing son on what to say and what not to say..! And as you already know, its not easy when it come to explain son what to say and what to not say..Imagine lah if he really did say F*cker..It's going to be a hell of a job for me to do the explaining..!
So like that lah..I thought I'm going to die already when I heard son yesterday..luckily its just a miscommunication. Hehee Suspension betul!!

Sep 27, 2008

My name is Sooooo sexy!!

What's Sexy About Your Name

You are sexy because you have an amazing mind. You are good at forming deep connections.

You are very verbal. Sexual attraction isn't going to happen until you can really talk to someone. You are up for a challenge, and you don't mind taking the time to seduce someone.

You enjoy getting inside someone's head. You love figuring out how people tick and learning how to get them to love you. You expect your lover to also be your best friend. You need someone who as loyal and dedicated as you are.

If you can't get along outside of the bedroom, you won't get along in the bedroom.

Nah!!! See lah!! I'm in the blogthings thing again and this time i'm checking on my name pulak!! Heheheeee..! I never thought my is so sexy. You see lah whats the result..! I don't know, but i think its true lah!!!! Hahaa..not going to say or prove anything here ..but to 'my dear'..nah read properly the last two traits about me..Don't you think its true?? Hehehe

My weekend and sports

Yipeeeee!!!! It's weekend again and I will be off from working for one and a half day??? Huh?? What so exciting about that?? Hehe..well nothing actually except i can rest and sleep after five and a half days working like crazy. *sigh*
So, lets see what I'm going to do after work today?? Hmmmm...fetch my sister who will be holidaying at my place for 10 days, clean my house and ....maybe I can watch the sports videos that i missed during the recent Olympic event in Beijing? What?? Is there any TV channel that still airing those events??? Hahaha!! Silly..I'm not going to watch them on TV but more likely will watch the online sports videos available in SportsVids site.
Well, I'm no big fan of all the available sport events actually but there are few sports that i really like and sometimes caused me to be crazy cheering and shouting while watching them (hehee!! I know! Not the usual me, huh??). Let me list down my favourite sports that caused me to be nuts sometimes:
  • Badminton (Got infected by hubby actually)
  • Track and field events (I always love this since i was small)
  • Gymnastics (Who doesn't like this??)
  • Swimming and Diving (Whoaaaa..really like this one!!)
  • Soccer or football as we called (Actually, I only watch WorldCup ya!!)

The point here is, I just want you guys to know that even you missed some of you favourite event in any big event like Olympic, you can always search your favourite sports event that you missed. Like me, due to work, I was unable to watch the great Swimming event by Micheal Phelps. But with Sports Vids site..yes I can watch them back. See, i even let you watch the videos here.

Usain Bolt Breaks New World Record - Click here for more sports videos

Malerie Dozier - Beam Routine 08-16-08 - Click here for more sports videos

Michael Johnson 200m World Record '96 Olympics - Click here for more sports videos

Lacrosse hits - Click here for more sports videos

So??? What do you think?? Good site huh?? I thought the same too. At least I won't be bored this week. I can spend some of my time watching all my favourite sports event while my kids can sleep. How about you? Are you going to do the same too??? Well don't forget to blog about it ya. I'm curious to know you favourite sports too.

Sep 26, 2008

Once in a Blue Moon..

This will be once in a blue moon event where I'm going to show the whole world my cheap handbag plus the contents inside it. Hehehehe!! Why i say its a once in a blue moon event?? Coz' i never allowed anybody to check or even peep the thing inside my handbag or my purse. There was one time, hubby was looking for something and he wanted to check my handbag! And what did he get???? Scolded by me!! Ekekeeeeeee...I know..I know! I shouldn't do that, but for me, my handbag is only for me to see and nobody else! Not even hubby or my kids..

But, why all of sudden I'm showing whats inside my handbag?? Actually i got tagged by Nessa for this handbag meme. A lil' heavy hearted to do it, but hey..i won't die for showing it once, ya?

Hehehe..So let me show you my cheap and shiny-shiny handbag! Somemore got term and conditions pulak want to do this tag..

So, here's what you need to do :~

Find a safe quiet place free of significant other, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general.

  1. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile. (I arranged mine too..)
  2. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents.
  3. Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.
  4. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves.
  5. Answer these questions :

~Describe the contents of your handbag. Answer below

This is my 2 months old handbag which i bought from Bonita. Its only cost me about RM79.20 after 20% discount. Ok lah!! Not very expensive pun. Somemore the quality is not really bad.

So what the junks inside my handbag :~

  • My Guess Purse which is getting thicker and thicker each day. If lots of $$$$ nevermind lah..ini??? Don't know what rubbish!! Hehehe
  • My organizer
  • My 2 phones. One is for everybody to call me, another one is for hubby to call me.
  • My black Dior pouch ~ Eh ya kah??Is that thing called pouch?? Hahhaa But inside that dior are my Thumbdrives, bluetooth connector (My hp to my PC in office), Hair Clips, Earrings etc..etc..
  • My packet of tissue (which is almost finish)
  • Office Key
  • Nivea Lip Balm
  • Kate Lip Gloss
  • Panadol Actifast (In case of headache)
  • Free pen from Tesco
  • Ear-piece for my Sony Ericsson
  • Lots of coins
  • And lastly the small pouch for my handphone.

What's the most important thing in your handbag?

~ My purse lah of course!!! IC, Driving Licence, Jusco Card, ATM Cards..all are tucked inside..

What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?

~ I have my pads and panty liner inside but I don't find it embarrasing lah..! In case my Aunt flow went crazy and come early, how???

What's the smallest thing in your handbag?

~ earring??

Is there anything illegal in your handbag?

~ No lah!!! I'm a good citizen lah!!

Nah!!! Nothing so special inside my handbag, right??? There is this one guy (worker) teased me that my bag must be full with make-up. Eh! Bengong betul!!! Why on earth i want to bring a whole set of make-up to work???

So lets check another gorgeous bloggers handbag as well. I'm tagging ~

Hehee..Tagging so many people here.!! Well guys, have fun with this tag ya! :)

Sep 24, 2008

Infected by Lazy bugs

Arghhhhhhh...i don't know why i'm being so lazzzyyyyyyyyy and moody today. Been yawning like 100x while working and totally have no mood to do any work. I don't even have mood to blog actually. day will feel incomplete if i don't write anything in my blog! (Oh owwwww..addicted already)..So here i am, typing a nonsense thing here.
This morning, i went to the washroom and noticed there was this one long curly pubic hair sticking on the wall....Eeeeeeeeeyeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I don't who it belongs to, but its defiinitely not mine lah!!! I was soooooo geli seeing it sticking there..!!! I'm wondering how it can stick there too..did somebody purposedly stick it there??????? *thinking* Ok..ok..I'm digressing..! Its not about the pubic hair i want to talk about la actually, its about the colon or intestine thing lah. Anyway, while in the toilet, i suddenly remember about one article i read..once upon a time ago.
Article - is your intestine healthy??
When you do your 'big business' (pangsai), do you notice the color of you shit (pardon me with the language used)?? No??? Well, next time, take a good look at it coz' it is very important to get a clear indication of the state of your intestine / colon :
  • If it's yellowish colour ~ Congrats!!! You probably have a good and healthy intestine.
  • If it's a lil' bit brownish ~ Still ok, but you should go to toilet more often.
  • Very dark colour ~ It's either you are constipated or there is something wrong with your intestine. Need to do a check-up with Dr. to do further test.
  • If it's greenish ~ Its either you kena terribly bad food poisoning or some says it was due to wind?? Hmmmm

Don't forget to check the diameter of you waste (or shit) as well coz' the smaller the diameter, the more you should worry about your colon.

  • If its too small, your colon probably already had this accumulated waste lining on the colon wall. Need to do some colon cleansing lah!! So why not go and get those fiber kind of drink to cleanse your colon!!
  • If its too big. Die!!! It's shows that you didn't go to toilet for few days or easier to say, YOU ARE CONSTIPATED! Drink more water and eat more fruit like papaya..this will help you to ease yourself.
  • If it's the soft watery type (hahahahahaaha!!! why i'm being sooooo grossssss here!!!????). You are having a diarrhoea for sure!!

So..after this, don't forget to check you 'oooh..ooooh' ya..You won't know how healthy is your intestine / colon unless you do this simple test while you are in the toilet. All the best with the test.

*It's very unusual for me to talk about 'feces' but i'm in a terrible mood swing right now. So blogging also gila-gila already.

Sep 23, 2008

Pros and Cons being a career woman

If you read my post about me being Very Sad after son questions me on why I have to work, while his friend's mommy are not. I received quite a lots of advises and well wish from my dear blogger friends, but there is this one particular comment from anonymous reader and a msg left in my chatbox regarding on this issue that caught my attention.

I don't know who is this Pak Cik..but if you read his (just assume he is a male lah) msg , i don't think it is right to say a person shouldn't have a kids if they want to find more money. I don't know..i just don't agree with what he says here (sorry ya pakcik..its my opinion only). If I have lots of money but no kids, whats the point of making so much money???? Oh!! Maybe I can buy that Hermes Handbag, ya?? RM10k won' be a problem what.. since I have so much money.

But there is one comment that should be an eye opener for all..Husband or wife kah..doesn't matter lah. I was so sad to read and at the same time feel better after reading a comment from Anonymous reader. (Just click the pix below to read her comment). I cannot agree more on what she said.

Somehow, anonymous comment freed me from the guilt I've been keeping in me. At least I know, i'm working and doing what I'm doing now, everything is for my kids.

Sep 22, 2008

Every women should do this test

I was visiting Nessa's Blog the other day, and got this one test from her blog. Hehee!! I think every women (well men can do as well, if you own a handbag!! ekekeke) should do the test to check your personality based from the handbag you own! I was rather surprised with my result..hehehe I'm reserved and quiet????? Duhhh!!!!! Since when??? hahhaaa So why don't you try it will find it very interesting!!
What Your Handbag Says About You

You tend to be relaxed throughout the day. You are naturally at peace. You are a high maintenance person. You feel lost outside of your normal environment. Your motto is : "Be prepared." You don't like to be surprised by anything. You are a very creative person. Your life tends to be a whirlwind, but you always seem to pull it together. You are practical and down to earth. You tend to be a rather reserved and quiet person. You are a very unique and special person. There's no one else who is anything like you.

What Does Your Handbag Say About You?

Therapy that make me feel better

After two day of a break from working and more time for my kids at home, I somehow feeling so much better from the guilty feeling I had for son. I don’t know what have gotten into me that day. When I read back my post, I know I was very emotional that day. Blame it to the PMS, as I know it was the main culprit causing me to be a guilt wreck. Hehe Anyway, all the supportive comments given to me also make me feel much..much better. Thanx guys.. When I had a problem or kinda stressed with my life, I usually will do a retail therapy which require me to shop till I drop. Hehee..Not really a good habit but it really did keep my sanity intact. I don’t shop for a designer bag or shoes, but spent most of my times looking for a nice Lingerie. When I’m stressed, I will let myself loose and spend my time hunting for nice undergarments like sexy bra, knickers, sexy underwear and even a sexy nightware. Ask my sister or my hubby, and both will tell you I’m a crazy person who keeps 3 drawers full of lingerie for nothing. Hahaa!! Seriously!!! If I’m not mistaken, I have more than 150 knickers and g-string altogether. Am I crazy?? Maybe..because until now, I’m still adding my collection now and then. Luckily I’m running out of space to keep my lingerie or else, I will add more and more of it every week. But why lingerie and not a nice shoe or nice handbag??? Well, it simple! For me, wearing a nice and sexy undergarment somehow boost my confidence and make myself feel very good. Imagine you are having a bad day and you have to put on the ‘guangzhou’ type of panty? Goodness!!! I think my day will get worse if I have to wear those. Anyway….I’ve come across to a site that selling a very elegant looks of lingerie. I’m not saying I’m going to buy all the available bras or panties they have..but!!! Hahaha I do have a thought to own one or two of that Designer Lingerie at With so many nice cutting and special designs they have from a brand like 6ixty 8ight, Fayreform and Freya , I’m facing a bigger problem of not wanting to have at least one of the sexy panties. Hehe (Thank God the price is very expensive, or else my pockets will have a lot of holes caused by impulsive shopping spree) Everything is just so irresistible to ignore. Imagine a nice and sexy undergarments like the below picture :


Wowieeeeee...right??? But if you still don’t believe me that has a cool and nice sexy lingerie, why not visit yourself. You will find their products very good. Maybe you could buy one or two of the nice lingerie for yourself or maybe as a present for your special one. You can get one of the Freya Lingerie as a gift to yourself (Well just use the reason to reward yourself as a reason to own one of the sexy set of bra and panty!! hehee Just a suggestion here.) Since I’m feeling much better now, I guess I won’t need to spend my money for that lingerie just yet. Hehe Wait until I’m having a bad day first…..

Sep 20, 2008

Very Sad

Yesterday, i was about to send son to class when he asked me question that i never thought will be asked by my kids. His question makes me really sad and it really made me thinking afterward. As you know, Son is always so full of questions. So he asked me this : Son : Mommy...why I have to go to school??? Me : You need to learn new things. Next time when you are big, you can become a scientist like Fighting Uncle Moster (Dr.Otto) or maybe like Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk). Son : But why have to go to school?? Me : Ya lah..if you don't go to school, how are you going to learn to read books and do your maths?? When you big..big already, you can go to work like mommy and daddy. Son : But..why I have to work? Me : So that you can buy mommy big..big car next time!! Maybe you can buy mommy car like daddy's!! (hehehehee..materialistic sungguh the mommy nie!!) Son : and Isaac can buy mommy a chocolate too?? and a very biggggggg house too?? Me : Yes!! *smile* Son : Mommy...but why you have go to work?? Me : Ya lah..mommy have to find money to buy your milk, inesha's milk, diapers and all the foods at home. Your friend's mommy also working, right?? Son : No! All my friend's mommy not working. They always come to school to fetch my friends. no need to work lah.. *sad face* Me : Cannot sayang...later not enough food to eat..then how?? Son : Tell daddy to work lah..ask daddy the money!! Mommy no need to work..Only daddy need to work. Its always boy who find the money..not girl.. Me : ..... (Don't know who tell Isaac that!!) Son : Once isaac finished school, mommy can fetch me like my friends mommy..ok! Then isaac can hold mommy's hand and go back home..

Uwaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my life I felt sad like yesterday..Does this means i don't spend enough time with my kids?? Does this reflect my absence in my kids life?? If its not because of my son's hopeful expression, i would be able to control my emotion and won't feel so guilty..but seeing him and hoping i would be with him and inesha all the time? It really breaks my heart to see his sad face.
Now, i have this plan to further my study..and working at the same time. How am going to give myself 100% to my kids? Probably i sound selfish here..but i can assure you, I love my kids with all my heart. But..there is no way i can spent all my time with them..
Oh god!! I don't know what i should do or think now...*sad*

Sep 19, 2008

What you should know about potty training!

Hah!! Probably this post doesn't really suit to those who still has no baby yet or maybe those whose not yet married..Hehe ya lah why need to be bothered by something that you don't have to deal now kan??? Unless of course, you already have a plan to have a baby soon and wanted to learn all things about potty train.

Before this, i did write one post about me wanting to train daughter (she is 21 months now) to use the toilet for small and big business. You can find my post here. The post is about the training pants i bought for daughter. Last month, i thought daughter will be ready to be out from her disposable diaper as she already showing some signs of readiness..So the 6 training pants i bought going to be handy while training daughter. Sekalinya....*doink!!! Slap forehead*. Let me tell you what happend on the first few days of training..(Day time story is based in MIL as i only trained daughter during nite time):
  • 1st Day ~ Wuowwww!!! It was the worst day of all!!! Hehehe Daughter who was never out from her dispo diaper before peed and pooped everywhere she wants. Can you imagine, she poop on the table, floor and her poo-poo (Lembik-lembik poop somemore) was everywhere in our house. I spent most of my time at home cleaning her pee and poop.
  • 2nd Day ~ ditto to 1st day. All, me and MIL can do is constantly reminding daughter that she is supposed to pee at the potty.
  • 3rd Day ~ Daughter managed to pee one time at the potty. Hmmmm..improvement there. But night was spent on cleaning the poo-poo and pee.
  • 4th Day ~ Daughter can tell us she wants to pee at her potty, but still she leaks la. Hehee..
  • 5th Day ~ Nah!!!! Can see amazing progress already. She can pee and poop in the potty most of the times.
  • 6th Day ~ Almost 85 % successful
  • 7 th Day ~ Wohoooooooo!!!!! It was amazing to see daughter finally able to control her bladder. 95 % to graduate from her dispo diaper.
  • skip to 10th Days ~ And yeah!!!!!!!!!! Daughter has graduated from dispo diaper and now, she is no longer using a dispoo diaper nor a training pants during day time. Nyehhhh!!!!
  • Now ~ Daughter can poop and pee anytime she wants.

The whole training seasion took about 10 days and i'm so thankful daughter doesn't need a longer time to be trained. The key of successful training :

  • Though she peed and pooped everywhere, we never punished her for that. What i did was, remind daughter that she is supposed to use the potty to relieve herself. Of course she didn't get it at first, but after constant reminder, she finally understand what we told her.
  • We put the potty at a our living hall. Easy and near mah...
  • Everytime daughter had an accident of pooping, We act nonchalantly like nothing big have ever happend. Cool act lah konon..
  • We praised daughter everytime she used the potty. Kira macam moral support lah..hehehe
  • But funny is, i never reward daughter with anything for her accomplishment. Hmmmm..feel like a bad mommy pulak!!

Now..I'm so happy as i can save at least RM38.90 for disposable diaper. Hehehe I'm eliminating the usage of disposable diapers for daughter now. Yep!! Just bought 3 CD (Cloth Diaper) from cutietots for daughter night use. I'm sure, within few months of probably sooner, daughter will be able to control her bladder and no more peeing while sleeping. Lets hope the best for her.

Sep 17, 2008

A million dollar worth of painting

My son is one small boy who really..really loves all type of superhero movies. Since he was 2 years ++, he has been watching all type of superhero type of movie like Incredible Hulk, Hell Boy, Spiderman and many many others. We don't have to play the DVD for him as son knows how to operate the DVD player himself.
As year goes by, son now has 'evolved' from a movie spectator to an artist who can draw a nice drawing. Hmmmmm...what an amazing revelation. Day by day, son spent most of his time drawing all his favourite characters. This past 1 week, my son's fascination toward Spiderman and Dr. Otto has resurfaced after few months of talking, sleeping and keeping anything that has to do with incredible hulk.
From what my MIL told me, son will spent most of his time after school to watch Spiderman 2 and draws his favourite characters like Dr. Otto. (Aik!!! Change to villain already..hehehe). Yesterday, son asked me to find a nice photo of Dr. Otto for him to do a reference to draw his Dr. Otto. I managed to find one which i think is decent and cool enough for son's standard. After i printed the pix, wow!!! Son was sooooooooooooooo excited to draw his Dr. Otto, he used all his drawing pad to draw a nice Dr. Otto.

Dr.Otto from Spiderman 2

Not satisfied with his drawing, son 'forced' daddy to draw one for him too. He demanded his Dr. otto to be coloured nicely and even remind daddy not to forget to draw a bag for Dr. Otto (actually there was one scene Dr. Otto carry a yellow bag). Thats how much son like Dr. Otto. Oh before i forget, son gave Dr.Otto a nice name and sounds very polite too. Yeah..he called him Fighting Uncle Monster! Hahahahaaaa

This is Dr.Otto drew by daddy as requested by son.

This morning, when i was about to go to work, i cannot resist to take some pix of son creative drawings. Fuhhhh!!!! How proud I am to have such a little boy who is so full of creativity to draw his own uncle monster. Be prepared to see son's creative work as I'm going to show it to you and make you "Ahhhhhh..and Woooooowwwww" with it. So..on the count of...



Ekekekekeeeeee!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaaa!!!! Oiiiitttt stop laughing lah!!! I know his drawing is not as good as Da Vincci creations!!! But still, he put a lotssssssssssss of effort in it what!!!! If you observe properly his drawing, son has a very vivid imagination of Dr.Otto looks. He did draw the four 'snakes' correctly and even get the three claws drawn on every 'snakes'. Even his monster has a nice set of teeth, a nice hair , 2 hands and 2 legs!! Hehehe Of not to forget, Dr.Otto has a hat exactly like the Spiderman Movie too. Hehehe True????? NO??????

Thats why I'm so proud with son..hehehe there maybe many other 4 years old kids out there who can draw a very nice drawing, but still I admire son's creativity mah. Hope he will have a talent like daddy in the future. Hehehee

Eh...what are you waiting for????? Give son a good applause lah!!! Akakakkakakaaaaaa

The i- things

Sad...sad..sad...!!! Today is supposed to be a state holiday for Selangor in conjunction with the Nuzul Quran celebration. bosses don't want to recognize this day as a holiday and all of us are required to work today. Why??? Because 99% of the staffs here are non-muslim, so there is no reason for us for not wanting to work. Tsk!! tsk!! Feel so rugi no holiday lah..Since I'm still 'sad' right now, i feel should blog first and do my works later..ekekekeke Its holiday what!! (Lazy mau keja lah tu..hehe)

Anyway, I'm sure everybody already know all the i- type of things. There is this iphone thing, i-kad for foreign workers, ipod and many..many others (i guess lah..hehehe). But in my house, i have so many other i- stuffs that you probably never heard before..and don't bother trying to find it in the market shelves, you won't find it there. It a special stuffs that only me have in this whole wide 'planet'??? heheheee So..let me list down the i-stuffs you can find in my house :
  • i-Milk
  • i-Bag
  • i-toys
  • i-shirt
  • i-Lantern
  • i-Chupa-chup
  • i-Car
  • i-Book
  • i-Pants
  • i-Shoes
I do have any others i-stuff kept in my house but i'm so lazy to mention it here. Hehe If i'm to list down everything, this post will be sooooooooo long, you might fall asleep reading it. Anyway, who does the stuffs belong to???? daughter. She is the collector of the i-thing.

Hmmm..before i explain in details on why i have many-many i-stuffs at home. I feel i should post some of my kids pixs taken last week during the eve of mooncake festival. Nothing much actually. Hehe My kids were busy playing a lanterns and at the same time, son was busy playing with a candle + fire experimenting the outcome of touching a fire and candle wax (of course under our supervision). Its probably dangerous for a small kid like him to touch fire, but at least now he knows that fire is hot and dangerous and can burn his hand (after few attempts of touching it!!). Phewwww!!! What a good way of letting him know that by himself...

See lah daughter, kecil-kecil also can play lantern already!! hehehe

Son was trying to touch the candle wax...There was only few 'ouches' from him as he touch the kan!! hehe

And this what the mommy has been doing. Hehe capturing a candle pixs????? hehehehe too much huh???

Back to daughter, actually...there is no such thing called i-chupa-chup or i-milk in my house..hehehee!! I was bluffing! But the i-word do exist thou..There was this one day, i came back from work and daughter was waiting for me at the front door and was asking me something.

Daughter : Mommy, where is i-chupa chup????

Me : HUH???

Daughter : shrieked* i-chupa-chup!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh!!!! hahahah she actually asking me where is her chupa-chup..but instead of using "my chupa-chup", she used i as my!! Hehe a little confusion over there, but hey, she is just 21 months old mah!! I'm sure she will know the proper usage of 'my' and 'i' one day..Imagine..Everytime she wanted something, she will use i-........ Hehehe even hubby was confused at first, but we are ok now. We corrected daughter everytime she uses the 'i' (my).

Last time i remember, my son used the 'you' as my. Hehehee but thats another story to tell..! Maybe next time. Now, let me do my work first..(luckily boss went to can curi tulang sikit!!!)..

Sep 15, 2008

What ServiceSpider?

Arghhhhhh!!!! It's monday again!! How I hate my monday when there is so much things to be done. I woke up quite early this morning, only to have my head fell back to the comfy pillow that had been asking me to sleep. But, due to the strong determination to wake up, I managed to drag myself out from bed to shower and freshen myself up. My usual hectic monday morning sometimes really drive me crazy. If only I'm a boss of my own company, I'm sure I won't have to suffer from my daily routine.

Anyway, as I have mentioned in my previous post, "Busy..Busy..Busy", our company is currently overloaded with works. Last week, the number of running project was 16. That's not even included the miscellaneous works. I'm sure this week there will be another 4 projects coming in. Imagine how hectic our company now. Even I, who used to be so free while working (yeah i can blogged and work at the same time) am like 'lipas kudung' now! I have to run there, and really wish I can just chopped myself into two in order to finish all the need-to-finish works.

Maybe some of you have no idea what's the job nature of the company I'm currently working now. Well, we are doing ID renovation, specifically in joinery which consists of Built-in Furniture, Loose Furniture and mill work. At this moment we have two universities, Golf Club, SPA, Condo, Bungalow, Penthouse, few offices and even a bank that need a make over. All these projects are running at the same time, and its really drive all of us in the office nuts. (Its good for our bosses though)

Half complete office

Nice pantry cabinet. Anyone??

Hmmm..if you fancy to have a big wardrobe like this, you can give us a ring. hehee

For few years working with this company, I've gone through with so many customers who wanted to do a make-over for their house but have no idea where to start. Some only wanted a wardrobe, while the others only want a pantry cabinet, and of course there are those who wanted to do the whole house makeover. This people sometimes have no budget in their mind and simply state the amount they thought might be sufficient to do the things they wanted. How difficult it was for us to deal with them sometimes.

These customers ought to to register themselves with for their own convenience. This ServiceSpider is a website where a customers can auction off their home improvment or makeover to local contractors. A customers who wanted to do makeover for their house can put the job for auction and let the service providers (Contractor) to compete for the job. This service is definitely going to benefits these customers as :

  • Competitive prices because of the reversed auction process.
  • Convenient : They no need to call the contractors to get a quote.
  • Easy comparison between different contractors based on price and reputation.
  • Review feedback from other homeowners about contractors.
  • BONUS : NO fees for posting or awarding projects to contractors. It is absolutely free.

But what they have to do to get started with ServiceSpider :

  • Visit and Open an account at
  • Post their service request with text and photos on the site.
  • Award the request to the best contractor who best meets their requirement. (That simple!!!)

Phewwww...what a good service provided here. Maybe our company should register here as the service provider. Hehe We do have a good reputation with our quality of works mah! But...I'm sure some of you might be interested with the service provided in ServiceSpider, so why not check this site out and post your remodel and home improvement projects in this website. Another bonus for you, ServiceSpider is having a Fall 08 promotion for the new service buyers. I'm not telling what it is, you have to check it yourself.

Well, thats about my post today, I hope those who are interested will pay a visit to this website. Thanx guys...



Sep 13, 2008

Tag : Difficult-to-do

I got tagged again!! ahahahaaaaa...OMG!! My tags are mounting up now. I better finished some of it or else I will feel so guilty for not finishing it. I was tagged by Nick Phillips for this quite-difficult-to-do tag! So pardon me if my answer is a lil' bit blurry or doesn't make sense at all!! haha I'm in a holiday mood right now, so my mind is already somewhere else..
So here goes my answer for this..erkkk..Nick..whats the name of this tag ah????
My roommates and I once: Stay up the whole night at hostel to get ready to run in case there is a fire drill.
Never in my life have I
: Touch any of the slimy worm-type-of-family creatures!!!
High school was
: The time that I gained tremendous weight! Celaka betul!!!
When I’m nervous
: My face will turned red and my teeth will start to chatter..(hahahaha!! tipu saja lah!!)
My hair
: Is getting thinner and thinner over the years..
When I was 5
: Emmmmm...i can draw a skeleton??
When I turn my head left
: I can see our office meeting room
I should be
: Be staying in Labuan or Langkawi to get a cheap luxury car
By this time next year
: Its either I become SAHM or still working..hahaha
My favorite aunt is
: Choc Mint Girl' Mama..phew!! she is one rock aunty you can find on planet earth
I have a hard time understanding
: My Arabic (compulasory) subject when i was in form 1-3..Until now, i only remember the words like Al-Kitab and Tirmiz! bwahahaha!!
My ideal breakfast is
: That delicious century egg porridge...nyummmmm!!!
If you visit my home town
: You will be surprised to see Si cacat (our cat) and Si ckut (the dog) in our house can sleep together the whole night
If you spend the night at my house
: You will get frightened hearing me screaming every minutes. Hahahaha!! Fierce mom nie..
The animal I would like to see flying besides birds
: Rhinoceros. Hahaa!! Isn't it cute to see a rhino flying on the air???
I shouldn’t have been
: Disturb my pimples. See now my face has this scar already..
Last night I
: Company my kids playing lanterns..
A better name for me would be
: E****** Ashley Maurice (Muahahahahahaa!!!!!)
I’ve been told I look like
: Jennifer Lopez also got..Jennifer Aniston also got..who else???
If I could have any car, it would be
: The New RAV4 (I'm a 4WD fan oh but the price is damn crazy..RM203,000.00!! *doink!! Fainted*) favourite part..Tagging time!!! Hahahaha Well, since its weekend, i guess everybody has the time to do some tag..So the lucky persons to be tagged are:

Have a wonderful weekend everybody...

Sep 12, 2008


With our company 16 big projects running now, KaDusMama seems to be very busy to do any nonsense posting today..only managed to blog hop some of your blog..
If i do not visit your blog today, let me know ya..! I will visit you guys soon..need a constant reminder I always forgot who I've visited earlier..
Bah..just want to all of you HAPPY WEEKEND!! Me going to buy 2 boxes of mooncake later..hehe!! ~ TATA ~

Sep 11, 2008

I SLAP you till you cry..

Thursday, 11th September 2008...Hmmmmm, anything special???? Well, nothing I guess..KaDusMama is back to normal from her fiery mood..hehe..Actually, i'm still monitoring the situation at son's class by asking son if the stooopid teacher still hits the students in the class, luckily the answer is 'Noooooo!' *phew*..One more hit, and i can assure you, the teacher career will be over soon. (aiseh!!! Ganas konon me!!)
Oh!! to my colleague.. Ms. Chong Lee Ping..Happy birthday ya..I know you read my blog.. hope you have a great day today..

Soooooo...whatsup with all the 'beettle bugs' car pix in my blog nie???? Nah!! This is just a nonsense post I'm writing today..not about a volkswagen making me angry or what. If you are Sabahan, I'm sure you know the significant of seeing this Bug Car on the road while with your friend or whoever happend to be with you at that time. Heheh...whats that?? Hahahhaah Yeah..yeah..Its the only moment we are allowed to slap our friend's / sibling /father /mother / nenek / datuk / cousins /'s forehead while shouting or maybe screaming like this ....
True?? No??? Heheheheee!!! Well, i remember when i was with my sisters or friends, whenever we saw this 'cute bug car' around (doesn't matter on the road kah, parking lot kah), our slap-your-forehead hand reflexs will automatically goes to wherever available forehead to be slapped. heheheee For sure, those who managed to slap the other person will smile gleefully and jumped around in happiness. Haha thats how fun this game is...

I thought this game will extinct once I live in KL. But..but..nah..! This game is just too precious to be thrown away from my life just like that. So what i did was..Introduced this game to hubby! Hehe And thats when this game become more interesting.. When I still have no car two years ago, hubby was my driver who sent me everywhere including to office (Duhh!!! We work in the same office..what!!) After I introduced the game to him, we both became a 'crazy lunatic' who constantly..all the time fully alert to our surrounding (while in the car la!!) looking for this volkswagon car. I don't know why, but i really do love slapping hubby's forehead and seeing him yelp in pain! Hahahaha..well of course if hubby can blocked my palm before it reached his forehead, i will lose my opportunity to get my hand laid on his forehead.
But no..this game is not exactly the one you guys still playing now, me and hubby have change the rules of the game slightly actually. Its more like this..
  • Whoever see the 'butitit car' can simply shout first to get the chance to slap the other person's forehead. Just shout 'BUTITIT' need any action.
  • Its not necessary for us to slap the other person forehead on the spot. Our 'Butitit' slap has a validity of 3 days. If its not used, the slap will expire.
  • We are not allowed to slap each other forehead while in office..but only office, anywhere else is OK! (hubby even 'butitit' me once when i was just about to doze off to sleep! Celaka sungguh!!!)
  • In the event that both of us have the same score (I saw one car, hubby saw one car), we are consider even in our score. Cannot slap suka-suka the other person forehead.
  • If any of us accidently slap twice for 1 score, the poor victim who kena slapped are allowed to give 10 slaps to the 'cheater' (hehehe..the persons who ambi kesempatan want to give double slaps) kan?? Well, this game has been played by me and hubby for few years already thou less frequent now as we both drive different car already. But, when I'm with hubby, our alertness will immediately up to ensure none lose the golden chance to slap ones forehead. Hehehe There was one time, when i was pregnant with daughter (i owed 1 slap from hubby), hubby slapped me real hard and that really make me super angry. Without thinking rationally, I shouted at hubby and said this.. "Next time, just take a big kayu (stick) and bash my head with it. I'm sure you will be satisfied with that...." (actually we cannot get angry when our forehead get slapped) Hahhahahaha!! Crazy kan?? What to do..hubby really slapped me hard that time. Until my forehead had this red fingers mark on it oh..But..that was last time...(like i never bash hubby kuat-kuat last time!! hahahaha) Now, we both are still on this game..but less lah..No matter what, I'm loving this game sooo much..I don't think i will quit this game forever..(well, maybe if i cannot lift up my hand anymore, i will quit lah!!) hehehe...Oh..both my kids know how to play this game as just imagine 4 bunch of butitit lunatic gileslapping each other forehead in the car..ekekeke!! To hard to imagine leh...??? So how about you??? Do you still play this game with your friends / siblings / relatives / cat??? Do share your story as well lah.....

Sep 10, 2008

I almost beat my son's teacher

Warning : I might use a lil' bit vulgar words to express my feeling here!

Yep! The title written based on what almost happend yesterday..or rather monday incident + tuesday solution. You see, when i reached home on Monday night, my MIL cannot even wait for me to sit down to tell me about son. I just reached at home that time when she immediately tell me that Son's class teacher hits son on his back while at school. Upon hearing that, my blood started to boil as i think there is no reason whatsover teachers are allowed to hit their students on their back. But being a reasonable mommy, i let my MIL finished the whole encounter in case i miss any point that could lead me act unreasonably toward son's teacher when i confront her. To confirm the incident, I even asked son the whole story on why the teacher hit him using a wooden ruler. Could it be he was naughty and disturb other kids while in class? But sadly, he didn't do anything that deserved to be hit like that.
If you are wondering whether son was injured or something, isn't that serious. When my MIL want to bathe son after school, she smells this funny pungent Minyak Angin smell (Not sure what oil this bloody teacher use to rub off the mark from son's back). So she asked son why he got that smell. Thats when son told her, the teacher hits his back. And what reason she hits him?????? All because son couldn't write one of the chinese character on the book, hence son not able to finish the work given in the class. Stupid or not you think??? I mean, if my son is naughty or something, i don't really mind the teacher gives a little smack on the palm (FOR SURE NOT ON THE BACK), but hitting the student for not knowing how to write properly is just totally dumb...I'm not sure where this dumb teacher put her brain that time. Isn't it her duty as a teacher to teach her student properly????
But..but..thats not the reason why I almost beat her yesterday. (Don't oh!! I sometimes also ganas, you know!! hehe). I went to the school quite early yesterday to confront the teacher on her wrongdoing. When she saw me, i can see she was a lil' bit panic. (yeah..she knows she is wrong, thats why she is scared). I meet her face to face and start to enquire her about her act :
Me : Teacher, i need to ask you something. Yesterday, my son told me you hit him in the class. Did you really hit him on his back???? (I was polite when I first talking to her)
Teacher : (Panic face) What?? When??? (pretended that she doesn't know anything)
: Yesterday..and you hit him using a wooden ruler on his back. Did you do that?
: Oh..that!! Ya lah..because ahh you son, don't know whats wrong with him yesterday, he didn't finish the work i give him in the class.
: He told me that he doesn't know how to write the chinese character properly, and because of that, you hit him.
: .........
: Do you know how dangerous it is for you to hit a small kid like him on the back?? What if you hit him and it affect his internal organs?? He is only 4 years old you know.
: No lah!! I didn't hit him that hard. I only slap a little on his back. Thats all.
: But, how come you rub the ointment on his back?? You try to rub off the red mark from his back right?? (A little hot that time)
: You see ah, your son has a very fair hit a little also red colour already.
Me : I know my no need to tell me about that. But why did you hit him on the back??? Can you not just give a little smack on his palm?? Why need to hit the back??
Teacher : I..I..don't know lah..yesterday ah, i was very angry you know..because ah, your son like dreaming..dreaming in the class..
Me : (Wuahhhh...and that give her the right to hit my son??????) It doesn't matter he is dreaming or what, but don't you know hitting a kids back is very dangerous??? You could accidently hurt and injured the internal you know that?? (I'm repeating the fact again!!!)
Teacher : Aya..the one i know lah..but i didn't hit him hard mah..
Me : I don't know how hard you hit him, but my son complained it pained him a lot..
Teacher : (Trying to divert my attention and protect herself) You see ah..sometimes all the 4 years kids are very i need to hit them lah sometimes..
Me : (I don't know why this teacher is dumb like a donkey) I understand what you mean..but pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Don't hit the back! I do smacked my son sometimes, but never on the back. Its only on his palm or calf.
Teacher : You see ahhh..not easy you know to teach a 4 years old kid..sometimes don't want to..
Me : (Me soooooooooooooooo damn angry already!! Bloody teacher..keep giving me don't know what excuses to cover her act) STOP!!! I KNOW HOW A 4 YEARS OLD KIDS ACT AND ITS NOT EASY FOR YOU TO TEACH THEM IN THE CLASS. BUT MY POINT HERE IS..NOT ABOUT THEIR NAUGHTINESS, BUT HOW YOU PUNISHED YOUR STUDENT! AS I TOLD YOU, YOU CAN JUST SMACK THEM ON THE PALM AND NOT ON THE BACK. (Its not the first time she hit her students on their back, my son told me one of his friends Nettish always hit on his back)
Teacher : ........
Me : (Lower down my voice) I know its not easy for you to take care of them in the class..but please, in the future, never ever hit your student on their back..It is very wrong!!
Teacher : (No remorse look pun) Ok loh..I'm sorry you tell me, then I know what to do loh..(Goodness!! Does it mean she doesn't know what she should do all this time????? )
If she just stop here..i might be ok and went off to work..but she stupidly complain about my son pulak!!
Teacher : But your son ah, the 'perangai' ah, is like he is big already. The way he think like adult already.
Me : (BUDUH!!!!) Huh??? Isn't that a good thing?? a 4 years old kid can think maturely??
Teacher : No lah..!! a kid should act like a kid..not think like a grown up. I don't like kids like your son.
Me : (BANGANG!!!!) I'm sooo proud of my son with his advance thinking and you say its not good???????? *disbelief*
Teacher : Ya lah..a kids should act like a kid. Playing all the time. Not thinking what is happening around him. Not questioning what is happening around him???
Me : (If i got a machete that time, i'm sure i already chop her into 100pcs!!! hahaha!! I was sooooo damn angry yesterday!!) At least my son can think what is wrong and what is right. And that is not an easy achievement for a small kid like him!!!!!
Teacher : Ya lah...But..
Me : (Cut off her mid sentence!! Hahaha) Ok lah teacher..i need to go to work already..But i hope i won't hear any back smacking incident in the future..Please!!!
Teacher : *dumbfounded for a while* Ok you tell me, i know already loh..sorry ahhh..!
So like that lah my whole conversation with the dumb teacher (its the same teacher who cursed in front of the students). I know I'm being unreasonable here, but if you were me, talking to her is like a nightmare. With her saliva spurting all over me, and the non-coherent excuses given to justify herself, I'm sure any parents in my shoe that time will get angry like me. I cannot understand why she wants to be a kindergarten teacher if she cannot stand a small kids attitude! Bongoh sekali!!!!!
By the way, my daughter hurts her thumb lah..see, the kesian my daughter! I don't really know what happend, but my MIL said daugther try to open the door when MIL bathed son, and somehow daughter's thumb got injured..Its such a heart wrenching to see her whined about her painful thumb. I'm feeeeelling sooooo much better after complaining about the donkey teacher. Hehe!! If any of you think I'm too harsh to the teacher..Well, I'm not..! You will know my feeling when you have to deal with her..

Sep 9, 2008


Food! What do you like about food? The taste? The look? *slap forehead* Of course food is about the delicious taste of it. Being a Kampung girl, most of my favourite foods are rarely (or maybe you cannot find it at all) found in the city. Have any of you heard the veggie called ‘Tulod-dulod’??? Yeaaahhhh..Tulod-dulod is simply my favourite when it cooked with salted fish mixed with Cili Api and Asam Jawa. I can eat 2 plates of rice with this veggie you know. I don’t even need any other dish, tulod-dulod is enough to make me satisfy and full with it unique taste. Well, I don’t think I should even mention about Hinava as it is simply one of the best food you can find in Sabah. Hehe But, there is a moment when I do crave to eat other type of food which is not listed as a traditional delicacy. If I didn’t crave for Chinese Food, I sometimes have this urge to eat nice and simple western food like Salmon Steak. Nyummmmm..just thinking about this nice food make me salivating already. When I visit, my stomach immediately sends a signal to let me know that I’m hungry and need something to eat. Hehehe Why not visit the site yourself? I’m sure when you look at the mouthwatering foods, your tummy will be hungry too. Out of all foods available, the Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots (Phewww!!! what a name!) caught my attention the most. What I like about it is the simple way of preparing it and of course, I like to try a new dish on my table. Since I never had a rockfish (what is rockfish, anyway?? haha) in my menu before, it will be great to have a taste of it. This recipe also comes with a Taco (Mexican Dish, I think) and a special sauce which need a Veal Stock (A stock made from a calf flesh. I don’t think we have it in Malaysia) and Shock Top Beer in it. Hmmmmmmm…sounds like a very delicious food right?? But, if I am to cook this recipe myself, it will be cook off without any of the beer. I don’t want my family to get drunk while eating this fish. Hehe Oh, by the way, this rockfish recipe is using domestic seafood and I’m sure the fish is very fresh and taste great too. You do know that not-so-fresh seafood will taste horrible. Like we local called it, the taste will be very ‘Langsi’. Sooooo…why not visit to choose your own favourite food. Don’t forget to vote for the nicest food of all for the chance to win the trip to New Orlens prize package. I know I’m going to vote for the look-so- delicious-rockfish. Who knows I’m going to win the special prize..heheee *Sorry lah my post bengong-bengong sikit! Hahaha I know it doesn’t make sense..kelam kabut taip masa keja kan..ekekekee

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

Weekend at Genting Highland


Arhhhhh...finally i have the time for myself! Now I can blog about my weekend which was spent at Genting Highland (also known as The City Of Entertainment). Nothing really special actually..hehehee!!! Its not like I've never been there before..I've been to genting sooooo many times already..only that this time its different. This is the first time we go to Genting just the four of us (satu family lah tu!! hehe).

Frankly, I think Genting is more like a place for the youngsters / kids to enjoy themselves. With the outdoor and indoor game, I don't think I'm interested to play them anymore. Hahaha!! I know I'm old those games are already a past story for me now. Well, the casino is still a good place for me to lepaks, but....Nahhhhhhhh! Thats not our purpose to Genting this time. Me and hubby just want our kids to enjoy there..not us doing some 'investment'. Anyway.. let the pix do the talking here malas want to write karangan today..!! KaDusMama and daughter posing2 pulak! heheheee

Me and daughter menyebok posing behind son..hehehe

Son's favourite, to round and round with the Fork Lift..

Isaac is sticking his tongue out when I want to snap his pix, sekali the sis also follow his action..*sigh*

The kids version of Space Shot..muahahaha!! its very cute lah..

While son is enjoying his ride, games and everything, daughter pulak syok-syok sleeping on her stroller..

Don't know what cool pose is son giving me..its like spiderman pose like that..

Super Crazy cold Genting..I was shivering crazily that time...

Actually this pix is about the monster on the banner at his back...ahahaha not about son! he wanted to see the skeleton, but too scared to look at it, so i just snap the pix so he can see it at home..

Ehehehee!! Bidah eh my pose!! i look skinny here??? No, right?????

A snap shot while we were on the air tengah pusing-pusing..

So that all about my enjoyable weekend at Genting..there are still lots of pix taken, but I'm tooooooooo lazy to upload..later you fall asleep while scrolling down my post..hahaha!! So thats it is blog hopping time..don't be surprised to see me in ur blog in the middle of the nite.. :)

Sep 8, 2008

Cheap camera = nice pix?? heheheee

Ahhhhh...monday again! Been wanting to post the hectic yet enjoyable weekend I had, but since it require to upload lotssssssss of pix, I cannot find the right time to do my posting..been busy since morning..! So nvm lah..just post few pix first lah..

All these pix are taken using a very cheap camera..hehe..You know..less than RM1000 camera..I've been practising using hubby's camera for almost a year now, and finally, i got to know every function it got.

The Green House at Genting Highland

I Soooo like this flower..Sooo cantik..

Uiseeehhhh...see the zooming effect..! cheap camera also able to focus very small flower..

I thought want to snap many..many of the flower pix, but the camera low batt pulak..*sigh*!!! Ruginya!! Next time lah..

If i have an extra money next time, i should probably invest it to the very fancy camera with the 100x zoom effect (hahahahaha!!! Got this kind of zoom kah??)

Oh ya..this afternoon, one of our contractor complained that I'm too skinny now..alamak!!! Really kah??? Some of my friends have been complaining too..but I don't see any different on the weighing scale pun... As far as i know or remember, i been eating normally for the past few months..there were only few times i miss my meal due to sickness..other than that, i wallop every nice food in front of me like there is no tomorrow...Hmmmm, i don't mind being called slim, but not this: Contractor "Aiyooooo...why you so KURUS one ah, Mrs. Ho??? You dietkah?? Or you ada sakit kah??? " *doink!! celaka sungguh!!*

For those who have seen me and thinking that I'm sick kah...ayooooooo...I'm ok, with no bout of sickness whatsoever lah..! Probably i was tired and had lacked of sleep since I have no more maid..but i can assure you..I'm ok!!! (who want the tips to burn your exra calorie?? hahaha)

Ok..ok! working time..hehehe i'll update again later ya...