Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Heheheheee...this is my last post for year 2009.

Although i rarely blog nowadays, you guyss are always in my heart.
I wish all of you will have a great new year and all the resolution for year 2009 is already achieved.
I'm so sorry if i ever hurt anybody with my 'nonsense' post in my blog...and I'm so sorry for not being an active blogger anymore.
May God bless us all..and HAVE FUN guys!!!! *Muah*

Dec 21, 2009

Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

Phewwwwww...!!!!! Finally i come to my sense to get my blog updated, and to my shocked, i only have 3 posts for this month????? Dangs! It's so obvious my passion to blog has gone inside the drain along with the heavy rain we experienced every day..*sigh*
I received few offers to do a review in my blog, but can you imagine i don't even have a heart to do a paid post anymore.. :( Whatever happened to me????)
Well, the real reason i'm posting in my blog today is to wish you guys a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 (in advance...hehehehe). I might now update my blog, so to be safe, i better wish you guys today..I'm going back to Sabah (for Christmas of course!!) this coming wednesday, and will be back to KL on the 27th Dec...So i don't think i will have a time to update my blog during my holiday..Heheheeeee..
So what's my update after my last update? Let me exam result was out last week, and guess what??? I passed in all my papers..HAHAHA I was so surprised myself because i thought i was not going to pass in one particular subject. But sad to tell, my pointer is down a little bit. *sigh* Will try to put more effort in the coming semester which will start next month (busyyyy life again)
There isn't much update about me pulak! hehee So i guess i will put more photos of my kids for you guys to see..Hehehe..nothing to see actually, but it's better than i let my post so empty kan? So here are photos take recently...
Isaac is going to be 6 years old next year! Time is unbelievably flies really son has grown up so much, he has became a rebel like me when i was at his age last time..
Daughter is the same too. She is 3 years old now, but acting like an adult. Hehehee
See how Isaac destroy our wardrobe? I can tolerate with the incredible hulk stickers, but not the scratches he made!!
I'm not sure if i have update about Isaac lost his 1st tooth recently...but he did lost his first tooth! The best part is, he didn't cry at all. Hehehe We didn't have to bring him to see a dentist, caused he pulled the tooth himself..kesian! One fine and healthy tooth gone just like that...
This photo was taken last week, friday..I brought my kids to The Curve to jalan-jalan. Isaac and Inesha were so happy, and of course i'm happy too..(ekekeke apa punya sentence nie?)
If only you know how hard to take their photos..Inesha is the difficult one. She cannot give me a decent smile and keep wanting to run here and there..
Heheheee...Isaac bukan main lagi begaya! Not sure what he was looking at..
I think i had to shout to get their attention that time..hehehehheehe
Another post by Isaac and Inesha..not sure what kind of post is that!! :D
So, that's about my update till today..Not much things to tell kan?? :(
So before i end this post, i just want to wish you guys (one more time)....

Dec 4, 2009

^___^ Hello!!!!!

Hi Guysss!!! :D
I know! I have abandon my blog these past few weeks (or is it 1 year already????? LOL)
Not that i have no story to tell, i have loadsssssssssssssssss of update actually. I have more than 5 un-posted posts. Few attempts to finish all the posts, but my 'effort' was unsuccessful. I guess i have to delete all the post and just post this one.
I'm sure you are wondering my absence from the blogospehere, right? Exam finished..but why the hell kaDusMama still has no time to blog? Well...there are few reason actually.
*My daughter (Inesha) was sick 2 weeks ago. For 3 days she was unable to eat or even drink her milk. So this poor mommy was in a terrible mood seeing her baby in that condition, she didn't even bother about other stuffs. I don't even have time to clean my house, let alone update my blog.
**Crazy workloads. Yup! Lots of incoming projects. As i'm 1/2 in admin and 1/2 in Operation Department, i just can't get my works finished. For your info, i have no assistant or whatsoever in the office, so i have to manage everything by myself.
***Nah! Not blaming Facebook this time. I spent less time in FB (Yerighhhtttt!!!!! :P), and i only online during office hour. I rarely online at home now. Something happened in ghost trappers game recently, and i lost my interest in this game now. Well, i still play actually, but not like i used to last time.
I can't move these two pix to where i want to put it! Chis!!!
****I'm in a Jelly and Cookies now..hehehehhee Been spending my time baking cookies (that got burnt! HAHAHA) and of course making lotsssssss of jelly for my kids. Now i know, baking cookies is not easy, spent 4 hours to get only a jar of cookies??????? Ngrrrrr!!!!!!
My burnt cookies...akakakakak celaka the oven!!! I hate it, coz it caused my cookies to be burnt. (maybe it was me who was stupid and don't know how to use it! Hahahah) Who want a Samsung Microwave????? I only used it once and i tell you, i don't really like it. I'm selling it at the price of RM150. Next time lah i post the brand new microwave photo ya. Whoever wants it, i'm happy to sell it to you. Hehehehehhehehe
Anyway..something not really nice happened to my daughter recently. As it is a school holiday now, my mother in-law, Isaac and Inesha want to spend their time with my Sis-in Law and family in Sitiawan, Perak. Bla..bla..bla (to cut my story short) last tuesday, 1st Dec, Inesha celebrated her 3rd birthday (which make me so sad as me and hubby were unable to celebrate inesha's birthday with her). One day after that, my MIL gave me a scary call about Inesha. It was 7pm when my MIL called me about Inesha injuring herself after she pulled a curtain. I don't really understand what my MIL told me and the fact that my baby was injured cause me to be in a terrible shock. The only things i heard was, my daughter head was bleeding very badly and the medical cost will be RM1000+++ to fix the injury. I don't think i can hear anything after that. Passed my phone to hubby, and second after, i was crying non-stop thinking about my poor baby.
I never feel so scared like that in my whole life. And i don't know why i expect the worst to happen to Inesha. I was picturing her head with her skin opened and she was crying uncontrollably. Me and hubby rushed back to Perak that nite (it was already 8pm when we left from home). I was still sobbing in the car and every time i think how painful it will be to get a skin stitched, my tears were like a waterfall again. Hubby probably was speechless that nite, he didn't know what to say to me. When we reached Teluk Intan (60km before we reach Sitiawan), my MIL called again and update us that Inesha's injury was not as bad as she initially thought. Phewwwwwwww!!!! I was feeling better when she told us that..but i was not convinced until i see my daughter myself.
We reached Sitiawan around 10.30pm and i didn't even bother to take my dinner before i see my daughter. Reached my SIL house, me and hubby were greeted by Isaac who was so happy to see us.
Isaac : HELLLOOOO!!!!!! (he was very excited alright)
Me : How's Inesha?
Isaac : Her head was bleeding. Kepala Bocor already...(the exact word he said to me..hehehe)
When i saw my daughter..then only i feel better as she was giving me her cheeky smile. MIL told us that Inesha was playing and pulling the curtain when the handle dropped right on her head. Thank God the cut was very small and require no stitches at all.
I was using my cheap h/p to take this photo. So it's not very clear. But rest assure, the injury wasn't that bad. It was the blood that causing my MIL to panic. Imagine blood dripping on the floor..
30 minutes after that, me and hubby head back to KL. We reached home around 2am. We were tired, but can you imagine i still can watch the AXN channel until 3am? HAHAHA Crazy right!
So yeah..that's about my update after missing for quite sometimes. I'm wondering how's everybody? I did visit few blogs, but i didn't leave any comment. Sorry lah..
Well, i hope i won't go missing again after this. Hehehehe Everybody should remind me to update my blog when i don't update it..heheheh Till then ~tata~

Dec 3, 2009

Testing! Testing!

Ignore this post will ya'

"The restrained dawn strains behind the crowd."

Nov 10, 2009

Alohaaaaa Guyssss... *BIG SMILE*

And finally my exam was finished yesterday! Hehehehe I was sleepless for 2 weeks where sometimes i only sleep few hours before i go to work or to my exam..hehehe!! This is what happen when you don't prepare early for your exam...
I was soooooo stressed these past 2 weeks, and because of that...zits have been popping like mushrooms on my face..*sigh*
So..what's my story since the last time i update my blog??? Hmmmmmm...let me many incidents and things happened..and i'm going to list down all the significant stuffs only lah..if i'm going to list down everything, i probably have to type this post for few hours..ekekekeke So lets see what's the interesting stories i have here..
:: I did it again..LOL If you have been following my blog since i start blogging, you probably remember one incident where i accidently steal bananas from a supermarket. Hehehe I can't find the post myself..LOL bodoh betul..but there was one time, i really did take bananas from the supermarket by accident..and last week, i did it again! HAHAHAHAH teruk lah si kaDusMama nie!!!! I was with hubby buying a groceries at The Max Value (Jusco) near my house..I was holding a plastic of eggs and was busy buying other stuffs as well..for your info, most of the cashiers in Max Value know me and always like to chat with i was at the counter paying my groceries and chatting with one particular cashier about milk and her kids..blaaa.blaaaa..blaaaa *giggles* Blaaaa..blaaaa..blaaaa *laughing..Kuang..kuang* Blaaa..blaaa..Byeeee. Wah..we talked like tomorrow will never come..luckily so many customers were waiting and i have to cut off our conversation. Walk back to car..walk..walk Sekali??? OMFG!!!! I bawa lari the eggs with me!!! HAHAHHA Die! i was already in the car and i asked hubby whether i paid the eggs and hubby said he doesn't know! Aiyaaaaa...I was so lazy to find the receipt that i dumped in my just assume i already paid it. Reached home, and i start koreking my bag and checked the list of paid items..and geeezzzzzzzz I really didn't pay the eggs..Aiyoooo..I'm feeling so guilty..but it wasn't my intention to kidnap the eggs lah! :D
:: I have a blue black knee and my arm due to a fall from my bed! Dangs!! Sudah tua pun masih jatuh dari katil???? LOL well..i know it is absurd for an adult like me to fall from my bed..but it was really not my fault..i wasn't being clumsy that time. It happened last week tuesday when i was doing a revision for my paper that was 3am when i went to take a nap (at the edge of the bed) for a while before i continued doing what i was sleeep..sleep and i woke up, trying to stand up..and "GEDEBUKKKKK" Crashed booom bang betul! My legs refused to support me and they turned jelly the moment i step on the floor...Imagine i rammed over my drawers before i fell on the floor..*sigh* Malang betul...
:: It was halloween weekend in Ghost Trappers game last week and because of it, i was able to stay awake until 4am to 5am everyday to do my last minutes revision..hehehehe like i said last time..GT is a passive game where you only need to click it once in every 15 minutes..and yay! i managed to stay up late because of GT!! (yeah to the game). exams went well (yerighttttt!!!) and i'm glad it's over.
So that's my stories that i think worth telling..Heheheee Of course i have other stuffs to tell, but i don't think you want to know everything..? I'm just glad my exam finally finished and i don't really have to stay up very late night anymore..
So how about you guys???? What's the story morning glory?? :) I supposed i should hop to your blog to find out all the stories i missed kan? Well...see you in your blog then..Chiao and Happy tuesdayyyyyyy...

Oct 27, 2009

Pray for me..Thank you.. update for quite sometimes huh?? :( I just have no time to do any update nor do i have time to do a blog hopping at the moment. Work, kids, family, study..even 30 hours a day is not enough for me

So just a short update here..My exam will start on this 29th Oct and will finish on 9th Nov. I'm not well prepared this time and i'm not sure if i can do better than last semester. I hope i won't face any major blankness during exams.
What i need from you guys is a simple prayer for me. Pray i will be able to pass all my papers.
I am so sorry i didn't visit most of you guys for a week now. :(
I'm sad because i have to pass a lots of $$$$$ post. The offers were good but i have no idea what to post in my blog. uwahhhhh!!! I'm so stressed, i have a very bad breakout now..Uwahhhhhhh again!!!!
So ok lah..Just want to thank those who still visit my blog even though there is no update from me. Wish me luck in my exam ya!

Oct 13, 2009

Photography session in Port Dickson..Part II

So my weekend wasn't so great last week. Nothing much to talk about..Last saturday, I stayed in the office until 3pm. My original plan was to do some revision for my coming exam, but what i did was..watching Grey's Anatomy 6 episode 4..! Geez! i really need to discipline myself or else i will be in trouble come my exam end of this month....
Other story..I went to Port Dickson (again) last sunday and like the previous..previous..previous trip, we went to eat the Superb..nyummmmyyyyyy...sedap gila steamed crab at Sea View Restaurant. I'm not going to post (Photos) of the other dishes ordered, but we had a steamed cod fish, Taufoo and veggie apart from the nyummmmmmmmmyyyyy crab..
If you notice, i ate crab everytime i go to PD kan?? Hehehehehee If i can sit few hours there..i'm sure i can wallop 3 ekor big crabs oh! HEHEHHE
So after we finished eating, hubby sent my MIL to my FIL place, me and my kids went to the beach for 'photography session' and hubby went to check his site progress.
Yeah..same models all the time. Daughter was being difficult when i want to take her photos that day. It was soooooo hard to take a decent photo of her. Almost all photo of her is a candid one.
Isaac is sooooooo big now.
I had to scream (HEHHEHEHE) before daughter finally posed for me. Isaac is ok! Just ask him to pose, and he will give his best shot!
Isaac really love the grandfather's hat and rubber boot. Maybe he wants to be a cowboy? hehehhe
Isaac was sooooo excited to play with the sand, he drew the lolipop as a gift to mommy! LOL When i told him i want a big incredible hulk, he smiled and told me this "Alah mommy! Cannot draw incredible hulk lah! This is not a paper" :P
Nah! Who can beat his big gooooo...gooooo eyes? Can you see his cheeky smile? He was smiling like that because he wanted to show off his twin dimples..LOL
If it wasn't because of my exhausted camera battery...i probably will snap more of isaac and inesha photos, but i think 100++ photos in less than an hour time pun kira ok lah bah tu kan? :P
While waiting for hubby to fetch us, there was a car accident happened right in front of my eyes. Phewww! The myvi definitely caused a big damage to the kancil. Luckily nobody was injured, but the kancil driver was fuming mad, he was shouting to the myvi driver like crazy man. I was quite a distance away from them, but still i can hear the shouting loud and clear....crazy lah!!
So after the photography session..we went back to my FIL place..and yippeeee again..we got 1 plastic bag of tiger prawn to cook!! Fresh from the pond, i'm sure i will enjoy my dinner tonight..ekekekee! i guess that's about my story today..LOL!! macam teda story, but i don't want my blog to be without a post this week. Asal ada lah kan??
Ok lah..that's about for now..till i update my blog again..will try my best to drop by in everybody's blog when i have a free time. Take care all.. ~tata~

Oct 6, 2009'm back with my old story..

So, it has been a month after my trip back to Sabah, and only today..I'm posting the pix taken during my brother's wedding..I'm not going to upload many pix as i don't want you to die of boredom seeing all my photos..hehehehe
Anyway..before i 'kill' you with my photo, just a little update from me. My son Isaac was unwell again last week. On friday night, he was coughing a lil' bit and after i brought him to see the dr, nothing much about his condition. No chest infection..and no nothing serious. So he was given a Ventolin to ease his cough. But the next morning, his condition become sooooooooooooo serious, he barely can breathe and was crying for the pain he had. I wanted to bring him to the dr again, but son refused as he was still sleepy and want to sleep. So after i finished work at 1pm, i rushed back home and brought son to the same Medical center we went on the previous night. It's really scary to see my son fighting for air to breathe. Luckily not many patients on that day, and we were called shortly after we reached there. After the dr diagnosed my son, turned out Isaac has asthma. :( I totally have no idea 'how' or what or when or where about his condition. On normal day..he can run and jump without having any problem..All of a sudden, he has asthma..
About my daughter, son called me yesterday and told me that my daughter fell off from the chair while eating her lunch. *sigh* So when i reached home last night, my daughter has a bad bruise on her right cheek..aduiii kesiannyyaaa! Can you imagine she fall asleep while eating her lunch?? That's why she fell..
What else ah..???? Hmmmmmm...Oh! My exam will be end of this month. *sigh* I guess i will be crazy busy again until i finished my exam.
Oh! another one..On my way to work today..I witnessed idiot flasher flashing his "TOOOTTTTTTTTTTT". Ya! No kidding here. The old man was standing at the road side and flashed his penis to the passing car. Idiot old man..i was turning to his direction when i saw his 'ding dong bell'. All i can say was..WTF?????????? LOL!!!!
So that's my update for now. Enjoy the pixs uploaded here.
The wedding started with the bride, groom, relatives and 'gong' team rafting all the way down to our village to announce their day to the villagers
I can't join them as i had to look after my kids.
Inesha was so grumpy that morning, but still she can pose for me...hehehe
Isaac wanted to join the rafting team, but no way i will allow him to follow my hubby. My husband can't swim lah..if i go, maybe can lah..
5 rafts for the team. :) if you are wondering, They raft from Sungai Kiulu all the way down to Kg. Malangang, Baru
The Bride and Groom. Hehehehehehhe
The Bride, Groom, the mother, my sister and my nephew
Off they go.. :)
Me, the camerawomen was under the scorching hot sun waiting for the team to come.
This is the gong team. Respect the gong players. All of them are under 12 years old but they really can play the gong very well..My sister told me, one of the gong player fell inside the river..but steady saja dia main lepas tu
Bride and Groom reached safely. Ada juga background yang tidak menarik oh!
The beautiful bride..My sister-in law..Amy
A very simple wedding, yet very meaningful. Scottish guy is my brother's boss from singapore and the other one is boss in KK. :)
Ada juga muka Inesha mingkikiut! LOL I didn't notice the background was my son trying to strangle his uncle until Jacq told me about it! HAHAHHAA
Ehem...!!!! Me and My daughter lah..sepa lagi! LOL
The 'party' continued at our house. The girl in black is blogger, Ninie..hehehehe Bukan main suka lagi the guy dancing with her. HAHAHA it was supposed to be a Sumazau dancing..tapi ntah apa cerita the drunk guy..hahahahaa
Cutting cake ceremony. Bulih lagi jilat-jilat jari lepas makan cake.. heheheheheh
And their wedding made it to the paper...hehehee!! Famous juga masuk cerita dalam paper nie kan??
So macam tu lah my story last month..heheheh Although I'm late to post it, it better than never kan..hehehehhe I will go back to Sabah for Christmas and for the first time after so many years, all my family members will be around to celebrate xmas..
Ok lah! that's the story of kaDusMama, who always missing in action..Hehehe till i update my blog again..That's about for now..... ~tata~

Sep 29, 2009


No more dust and spiderweb in my blog now.. :)
Ahhhh...finally i'm back to update my blog..! It has been soooooooo long since i last updated my blog kan? Like 2 weeks already?? was sick lah..! I mean i was hit by the 'lazy bugs' which caused me to be the most laziest person in the world..that bad!!!!!
I still haven't post the pix i took when i went back to Sabah the other day..! Dangsss!! Post done, but I'm that lazy to hit the "PUBLISH" button..will see if i can post it later evening..
Oh! I don't have much things to tell, but my final exam for this semester will end of this month..! I don't know if i can make it this semester as i found it's very hard to study...*sigh* Now susah hati nie..
Oh..other story..I watched Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Ep. 1 & 2 yesterday..and dangssssssss again!!! I hate it when i have to cry like idiot while watching Grey's in the office..! Luckily everybody was off from the office and only me and hubby were left. Hubby was busy doing his works, and i was busy crying over the SADDEST story ever in Grey's..celakaaaaa betul!! Well don't ask me where i got the video..LOL just google it, and i'm sure you can find it too.. :P
So..that's about my post for now..I'll try to post my pending post this evening.. :) So ok lah...time for lunch now..will visit you guys during lunch hour ya.. :)
~tata for now~

Sep 16, 2009


*Those in FB knows this already...
I wanted to blog about my trip to sabah earlier, but i was really tired the whole week last week..
I already uploaded the pix of my bro's wedding, but no chance to blog about it as my kids are sick now..Because of that, my mood to blog is like gone with the wind already..
Last night i brought Isaac to the nearest clinic as he was down with fever..he complained of sore throat, and he lost his appetite to eat..He has ulcers in his mouth too..
So last nite, after the Doctor checked him, the Dr confirmed that Isaac has contracted the Hand-Foot and Mouth Disease. :~( It's really painful to see Isaac in so much pain..! He can't eat solid food and when he tried to take a spoon of rice, he yelped in pain and start crying.. :( (Dr told me to give Isaac Ice Cream as it will be easier for him to eat that)
What really make me sad is when I cooked a nice fried egg last nite, Isaac can't resists the smell of nice fried egg and he came out from the room asking me if he can have a small bite of the egg..When i told him "No', he told me, he was hungry and he want a small bite only.. :( Tsk! tsk! It's really sad to see his sad face knowing he can't have the egg..! Anyway...He hasn't eat a proper solid food since Monday night until today..
Inesha is showing the symptoms of HFMD too, and that really me worried..Inesha is tougher than the brother and she can tolerate pain more than Isaac, but still..she is only 2 years and 9 months now.. :( Uwahhhh...
I'm wondering if there is any way to speed up the recovery of HFMD? Anybody???

Sep 3, 2009

So what if i'm very rude....

Supposed i wanted to post about this incident happened yesterday..but due to so many works in office, i have to postpone writing about this stupid and paling bikin panassssssss story.
So it happened yesterday after i came back from lunch. The office phone rang and somebody was looking for me. Idiot betul..if i knew what gonna happen, sorry lah kena jawap the call. So this was the conversation i had with that stupid idiot.
Idiot : Hello! Can i speak to Madam 'bla...bla..bla..' (me lah tu)
Me : Yes! speaking..
Idiot : Yes mam..I'm Idiot (hahahah i forgot her name) calling from M*F bank. This is regarding an insurance protection for your credit card. Can you spare few minutes of your time? (yerighhhtt!!! few minutes kepala hotak la!)
Me : erkkkk...few minutes?? Yeah..sure...
Idiot : Do you know there is insurance that protect your credit balance in case you blaa..blaaa..contracted the 36 critical illnesses, accident, permanent disablility..blaaa blaaa blaaa???
Me : Yes..i know..
Idiot : Oh? so today i'm calling you to offer you this very good benefit of having a protection..blaaaa..blaaaa..blaaaa (too lazy to write everything)
Idiot : So i will transfer your call the department to confirm your purchase of this hold on..
Me : Aik?? Wait a minute miss..I didn't say i want to buy your insurance..
Idiot : Why? You don't have to think about's a very good and reasonable plan where you only have to pay little money to get your credit balance protected..Every RM100 outstanding, you only need to pay 68cents for the current month...and blaaaaa...blaaaaa...blaaaa
Idiot : So shall we proceed?
Me : No..sorry..i don't think i want to buy the insurance..Thanx for calling anyway..
Idiot : *Start to raise her voice* Why Mam?? any particular reason why you don't want to purchase the insurance?
Me : No reason..just don't want to buy it..
Idiot : But it's a good plan...everybody i called today already bought's for your own good..
Me : No thanx ( she already babble more than 10 minutes)..
Idiot : *angry* Why?? Tell me why you don't want to buy it? What's the reason?
Me : No reason miss..i just don't want to buy it..that's all..*i was still cooooool that time*
Idiot : *makin marah* There must be a reason why you don't want it a burden to you? It's is only 68cent every RM100 of your outstanding balance you know..
Me : No miss..I don't want it..
Idiot : But why?? What's is the reason you don't want it????????
OMG! The idiot can't stop asking me even though i already answered her like 20times why i don't want it. My answer is simple..I'm not Interested with it! But idiot can't stop asking...WHY??? WHY??? and WHY??
Idiot : *super annoying tone* Why you not interested with it?? what is the reason??? Is it hard for you to pay 68 cents?
Me : (Stupid Idiot just can't understand what i'm saying) *raised my voice* No!! i can pay the 68cents, but i'm not i don't want to buy it.
Idiot : Ya lah! But there must be a reason RIGHTTT? *enraged*
Me : NO!! REASON!!!!! I'M NOT INTERESTED!!!!!! *kabooommmmm..exploded*. Which part you don't understand??? I don't want to buy it because i'm not interested..!!!! Get it???
Idiot : Give me one reason why you are not interested??
Hung up the phone....
LOL!!! Like super rude juga lah si kaDusMama kan??? But if you were me..i'm sure you will get angry if stupid idiot like that keep pestering you to give an answer why you don't want to buy their insurance!! some more i haven't agree i want to buy it, she pandai-pandai want to transfer my call already!!! Never in my life i'm being sooooooooo rude like that..but that idiot was really idiot lah!!!!!
Imagine she want to sell her Nasi Lemak..offer to Abu to buy it, but Abu not interested! Takkan lah want to force Abu to buy the Nasi Lemak kan??? And ask the reason why he doesn't want it, kan?????? Eeeeeeeeeeee...whenever i think about the incident, i got riled up again! Feel like calling the bank and complain about the Staff being rude like a bull@!!!!!!! Luckily i forgot her name. If not..i will lodge a report to Bank Negara if needed!! Hahahaa...
Hehee..1 week no update blog, sekali complaining pulak! :) Hehehe Anywayyyyyy....I'm going back to Sabah tomorrow..hehehehe!! Happynyaaaa!!! Will be MIA again nie..So wish you guys, HAPPY WEEKEND IN ADVANCE! :)
Hope to meet a blogger or two in Sabah.. :) But of course, before i say tata again, why not check the term life insurance quote here..hehehehhe!! You probably want to know about it..
So ok lah...

Aug 25, 2009

I'm still very much alive..Thank You!

LOL!! What lah my title nie...
Hmmmm...if it wasn't because of the email in my inbox (About Chegu Carol's comment in my post) i probably forgot that i have a blog! LOL
Last week was pretty crazy hectic for me. I was busy finishing all the pending assignments (though i still have mount of unfinished assignments now)..Then, i have 2 tests last sunday. Usually when i have class on sunday, i won't sleep on saturday nite. Sat : woke up at 7.30am (to work) then i will sleep on Sunday 12.30am. LOL!! That has been a routine for me since last semester. Crazy you might say, but that's still better than the time when i was still studying long time ago. Sometimes i won't sleep for few days oh..
Just to let you guys know about not so important news pun..I'm kinda unwell since yesterday..Got a splitting headache (probably due to lack of sleep) , and today..i suddenly have a flu symptoms which freaked out all my colleagues in the office..HAAHAHA I know..i know..H1N1 is very..very serious..but no's not H1N1 lah...*TOUCHHHHHHWOOOOOOD* (some more they forced me to wear mask in the office)
After i took the Vit. C + crinox, i'm feeling better already, except for my headache. Based from my past experience..when i had this kind of headache, that means my blood pressure is up from the normal reading and that what caused the headache.
Lagi apa ya..Oh! I'm going back to Sabah next week..!!! YAYYYYYY!!!! My bro mau kawin lah! :) So i will fly back to Sabah on the 4th and back to KL on 7th..aduiii!! Super short trip kan? What to do..i have no more annual leave, and i'm still going back to Sabah for xmas..can go back for a while only lah..The best part..hehehehe (mau juga kestau), we will fly back using MAS!! ekekeke it's soooooooooooooooooooo much cheaper than Air Asia lah...Me, Hubby and my kids (4pax lah tu) only cost about RM792 for the return air ticket! kan??? If i'm to fly with Air Asia..need to pay the checked in bags lah...the foods lah..and ntah apa blaaaa...blaaa..! and if i'm not mistaken..the trip back to Sabah will cost 1k++ minimum..rugiiiii!!
Lastly..I'm soooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy for not visiting anybody's blog these past few days.. :( I hope nobody forgot about si KaDusMama existence already..Like i said earlier..I was so busy (catching ghost is not counted as it doesn't require me to sit in front of my computer 24/7..only need to click it every 15 minutes)..even those in FB will see me very less as i don't even have time FBing all the time
So..if you are reading this post..why don't you give me a comment so i know you still remember me.. :) Heheheeeeee...
~Tata for now~

Aug 19, 2009


All the blogs i've been following are gone from my list.........OMG!!! What happened????? Anybody experienced this??? Arghhhhhhhhhhhh.................?????????????????????? How to read your blog like this???????????

****Update : NASIB BAIK ADA SUDAH BALIK!!! Damnnnn!! tekejuttt badak sia kijap!!!!

Aug 14, 2009

The 'Rojaksssssss' stories

First and fore mosttttttt...I know i'm getting lazier to update my blog now! But i have a good reason bah..I'm not blaming the part i'm being a student + working + mother to my kids + bla..blaaaa..blaaaa, but i'm blaming my ownself for not being good in managing my time. For the whole week this week, i have done nothing productive and worst i haven't finish my assignments..Ayoyoyoooooooo!! How to sit for test next week nie???
Anyway...My son, Isaac is absent from school for this whole week as he had a very bad cough last week (until now lah tu). Last week saturday, his body temperature suddenly escalate to 38.8 degree while sleeping and that really gave us a hell of a scare..He complained of a sore throat and lack of appetite too...Damn!!! With the H1N1 going on now..sepa teda takut kan!!! Then on sunday, his fever didn't recede and that make me so worrrrrryyyyyyyyy..I forced my husband to bring my son to go to see dr (I had class last sunday). Given an antibiotic + cough syrup + phlegm syrup + ntah apa tu, my son showed symptoms of recovering and i felt a lil' bit relieve...sekalinya the next day....My MIL called me and said Isaac had been vomiting (The projectile type of vomiting pulak tu)!!! Me and hubby were sooooooooooooooooooooo worried, we brought son to Sg.Buloh Hospital to do another check up..!!! Nasibbbbbb baik my son is OK..Lungs is clear and he can jump around while waiting for the check-up..Hmmmmmmmm..
About my class..(The best part nie!), you will be surprised (i'm surprised too, but thankful lah), my accounting lecturer didn't utter a single word about me being a non-muslim..YAY!!!! sukanyaaaa hati ini! Could it be because i was sitting at the corner out from her view?? Akakaka..don't care long as she didn't harass me, it's more than enough..hehehee
And....just to let you guys know..this blog probably will be updated in weekly basis..hehehehehehe Not that i have lost my passion in blogging, but i really am busy with my life now..It's hectic that i have difficulty to 'breathe' normally..kesiannn nie...But, don't worry i still blog hopped whenever i can.. :)
Non-related story....Our muslim friends will start fasting next week kan?? But si kaDusMama nie, orang belum puasa...she already eating a nice Kuih Raya...hahahahahhaaa!!!! I have 2 big containers of these delicious Kuih Makmur (Made by Sabahan Kakak nie) but all finished within 5 days only..HAHAHAHAHA no wonder i gained so much weight now..Perut pun ke'buncitan already..Memang sedap tahap kambing biri-biri lah the Makmur!!!!! So who want to order kuih makmur buatan orang sabah?? I have ordered another 150 pcs from the kakak but will only take it next month.. :)
So ok lah...banyak betul cerita 1 minggu nie...!! That's about today ya.. :) Wish you guys a nice and happy weekend..take care plsss ~tata~
*Do you know what is Swiss Gems ????? No??? Why not click the link and see it for yourself (mau paksa orang click nie!!! HAHAHAHAH)
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Aug 6, 2009

:( very sad...

I never feel soooooooooo sad reading somebody's blog! and for the first time today..i really cried after reading Madpie sad post. She is one of my blogger friends and she is one funny and witty person you will ever find.
She was so quiet in her blog for quite sometimes, and today i remember about the update she wanted to tell me when i chatted with her last Tuesday..
So minutes ago..after i read her Sad Post, i cannot imagine the agony she has to endure losing her brother due to fire..
Guysss..i hope you can give her a support to get through her sadness..Madpie needed to know, we care about her and pray she will be strong!
R.I.P to Adora @ Madpie's brother...

Aug 3, 2009

The cruel world

Good monday to you guys..! Wow! it has been a week since i last update my blog, and i feel like more than a year already..I was soooo stressed up last week, i refused to update blog fearing i'm going to rant like a mad woman again..hehehe So the best way is to stay away from my blog and wait until i feel much better.
I noticed that lately, i've been snapping to my kids more than necessary and a small things can anger me. I got easily irritated over petty matter and worse, i don't know how and what to do to control my temper now. Poor kids and hubby..i'm really a bitter person to be with now. If that's not bad enough, i don't even know what is my problem and what trigger my anger. *sigh* All i know, i've been screaming and shouting at my kids the whole week last week. *soooooooo guilty*
Anyway..last saturday, i brought my kids to the nearby playground to spend my evening with them. I already promised them that i will be home early on saturday. So me, my sister and my kids went there around 5.45pm and we found something realllllllllllllllllllly adorable at the playground.
Owwwwwwww...isn't the puppy sooooooooooooo adorable???????? My kids were like "Awwwwww....mommy!! can we bring the puppy back home??". Isaac said he will take care of the puppy and 'sayang' it. The puppy couldn't be more than 3 days old when we found it. was sleeping cozily on the ground and i was really afraid the ants will bite this poor creature. My sister wanted to take it back to penang but worried nobody will look after it. My kids want the puppy too, but i don't think it will be a good idea as hubby doesn't like animals at all...
But what make me more sad, the other kids at the playground were so cruel to the puppy. They took a small stones and threw it at the poor puppy. Then, not enough with that, they took a sharp stick and start poking at the poor puppy! :( My sister was so angry and give them her piece of mind but the kids were pretending as my sister wasn't even there. They still poked the poor puppy with a stick and few of the kids keep throwing stone at it. Hmmmmmmmmm..what with the kids nowadays ah??? The puppy might be a stray dogs' puppy but still it is a living creature mah..don't these kids have compassion in them?? Must they hurt the puppy before they stopped???
I might not be those animal lovers, but inside me, i know i can never hurt a living creatures like the puppy. What do i get if the puppy got hurt? Nothing kan?? *sigh* It's pity the puppy has to live in a very cruel world.
Well, while my sister was protecting the puppy from the cruel kids, i companied my kids playing around there. Here are 2 pix of my daughter i took that day..
Daughter loves the swing very much..kesiokkan dia main sana.. :)
Heheheheee...ganas juga inesha main gantung-gantung kan..
And this is Isaac..heheheee he is such a big boy already now..(pix taken yesterday and not at the playground)
Other important matter...i'm sure you guys already know about the H1N1 virus kan?? One might think it's just a normal flu virus and nothing to worry about..well guysss, it isn't..!!! I'm sure most of you know that few people have died because of this flu..right? If only you know, one of the victim was my husband's friend...
No kidding here..! The 3rd victim was somebody i know, and knowing he died because of the virus caused all of us in the office in shocked. If you don't know about the 3rd victim, go read about it from the news archive..I feel it's a very cruel way for him to leave his family like that..dying because of H1N1...
But what i want to tell here is...Guysss pleasee be extra careful with yourself! Be more vigilant to your surrounding and pleaseeeeeeee look after your health too..! If you don't feel well, go to the dr right away and don't wait until it is too late. You don't want something bad happened first only to regret it later, right?
So pleaseeee...take care of yourself and your family...
and that's about my post today..!

Jul 27, 2009


No..this is kadusmama's blog, and not Nick Phillips bikin panas blog..! This is going to be a short but very angry post from me.....
So the tale of the racist + 'tooooooot' lecture continues and this time, she humiliated me even worse than on the first class i attended. While giving her lecture, she kept telling me (in front of the whole class) that i should change my religion. Many things she said, but i don't want to say anything and i just kept quiet when she made a rude remark about other religion. I'm going to write the exact things she said, and you guys tell me lah what you think about her..
She : *Call my name* Awak agama apa? (she already knew the answer and still, she asked me about it)
Me : Christian
She : Nama awak dah bunyi macam nama orang *****, sesuai sangat kamu masuk agama *****.
Me : *forced smile*
Instead of teaching, she wasted 40mins of our class (we only have 2 hours for 1 subject) by telling unnecessary things. She talked about why people should pray and get a blessing from god..and blaaaa..blaaaa..blaaa...Then she asked me this:
She : *call my name* Awak tau ke ape itu berdoa?
Me : Tau
She : Awak ader berdoa ker?
Me : Ada
She : Awak berdoa??? Awak ada Tuhan ker?
Damnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! What kind of lecturer asking her student like that?????? Seriously..!!!! She has issue she need to work on lah..she is looking down at other religion, and the worst is, i become her target to vent her frustration on whatever issues she has problem with.
All i want to do is, study in peace and get a good mark but that particular lecturer really driving me nuts lah..! I don't understand why she can't leave me in peace..why????????
After the class was over, i was about to go out when she called me out and say this :
She : Semoga awak cepat-cepat masuk *****
Me : *smile and walk away*
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh...I've been complaining to my sis and hubby since yesterday, and all my sister can say is "Saiko bah lecturer ko tu"..
So you tell me lah...BIKIN PANASSSSSSS or not my lecturer????
What's wrong with the religion i'm embracing now??????
My religion teaches me to kill people ka???? NO!!!
My religion teaches me to throw my baby inside the dustbin??? NO!!
My religion teaches me to rob people???? NO!!
My religion teaches be rude to people???? NO!!
So what is wrong with it???????????? Nothing right????????? But why she still insists other religion is inferior?????? *shaking head* I really don't understand....bingung oh!!

Jul 22, 2009

I'm a Ghost Trappers

Hello! Hello Guysss! :P It's wednesday and i'm in a very fine mood now. hehehehe Life has been hectic these past few days and my mounting assignments still not done yet! *sigh* I have class this sunday and needed to submit all the assignments, but how to submit of it still not done yet..hmmmmmmmm...
Anyway...i'm not sure if you guys still remember about the game of catching ghosts in my previous post..! The passive game i'm currently playing is kinda addictive, and all i can think all day is catching all the ghosts! I even dream about the ghosts bah!! *laughing* post today will be about the game i'm playing and hope those who are already in FB (facebook) can join me catch more ghosts..heheheheh promotion besar-besaran nie..
Currentlty, i'm using a Skeleton Coach + red candle (not the violet one you see in the pix) as my trap. To start with the game, you must have a Trap + Magic circle (itu suma jenis candles) + whiskey. You only have to click once in 15minutes to catch your ghost, and don't worry..thats all you have to do in order to earn more XP and $$$. Once you have enough XP, you will be able to travel to other location and catch more and scarier ghosts. Hehehehhee However, as you advanced to a new location, you need to buy a stronger trap in order to catch a stronger ghosts.
This is my pet ghost named Kur-kur..hehehe I wanted to put kura-kura, but too long, i just shorten its name lah..To get a pet ghost, you need a ghost plasma which is incubated for 7 days or 5 days if you use 100 bottles of nessy (special whiskey). All the pet ghosts carry a special power which will help you in your hunting.
Nessy cannot be bought through normal bar. You need to go to the trading board to get the best deal from other GT (ghost trappers). 1 bottle cost around 3k, and i think the price is dropping now. Just hours ago, i managed to get 80 bottles for 150k only!! YAY!
Loot from kind ghosts! ekekekekeke
Some kind ghost will drop a 'loot' in a form of special whiskey, documents or tickets. Untung if can get the special documents as you can sell it at the trading board. That day i sold IJS.2 at the price of 440k oh!! hehehehehhee Need the $$$ to buy stuffs to use in the game.
Ok are few ghosts screenshots i took for you to see.
Ganasssss this ghost, you will need a red candle + skeleton coach to trap mean devil ghost..if biasa trap, it will steal ur $$$ / XP / whiskey!
hehehe..drunken distiller mabuk minum tooooo much whiskey
Ada juga Matrix Ghost bah..ekekekekkekeee
Cuteeeeeeee kan???????
Ok..that's about me being a ghost trappers / ghost buster (HEHEHEH). Sepa berminat, bah p click saja the below link.