Aug 19, 2010


OMFG!! I'm really sux in blogging..
i never bother to update my blog anymore..
I don't even remember i have blog.. :(
If any of you (IF) wondering if i'm still alive... I AM still alive..
only too lazy with everything...
Just want to thank Nessa and Annieming for reminding me to update my blog..hehe
To those who recently welcomed a new family member (Deana, Just, and all)...congratulation..
To those who are expecting ("tooot", "tooooot" and Memel..ops can't reveal the name yet)...congrats to you too...pls take care of your health... :)
As for myself here...there is nothing special to share with except I'm sooooooo damn tired to further my study..I'm thinking to quit, as i really cannot cope with my study anymore....this semester, not only Sunday, i also have class on saturday! Tsk..tsk..tsk.. pening...pening!!!
Anyway... (change story nie) I hope you guys will have a wonderful weekend (this week) and happy fasting to all my muslim friends.. :D In case i don't update my blog before Hari Raya, i wish you guys in advance a wonderful Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. can?? :P
Till then..take care all my blogger friend...s