Jul 5, 2008


Yeah..I'm glad that saturday finally arrived. wohooo! I can go back after 1pm and maybe i should go see my friend later on?
You might think I'm happy right now, the truth is, not really. I'm happy it is saturday, but I have this pissed off feeling inside me now. Why??? Ok..will tell you why...But before that, a question for you to answer. How much do you love your family? Soooooooo much? I bet everybody love their family very much. What more our parents kan?
So here is the probs, let say, somebody you know talk bad about your family behind your back? I'm not saying what it is, but it's kind like potrying your parents is NO good. Let say, the person says your mom is a lazy person? But thats not the only one, but many bad things as well?? and the person is keep telling more and more people about your how bad is your family members. If it is true, probably you will understand, but what if its not true at all?? Do you think it is ok for people to slander you family? No! it is not ok at all!!!
I don't know guys, this has been happening to me now. Somebody I know went to tell other people a story implying my mom is a lazy person and more..more..more bad thing!! And 'lies' teller went to tell the most ridiculous lies ever to the person who doesn't even know my mom??? For God sake!! Who is the person to judge other people kan??? *sigh* Kesian my mom, she has nothing to do with this person, kena cakap buruk-buruk pulak!
Actually there is more to tell, but the lies about my mom is enough to make me super angry! I'm not going to say about this person anymore. i'm already too stressed now (maid problem, son's teacher, house, financial, office). Pening already my kepala!! I think i have to take the anger Management and Stress management course lah after this or else, I will need to dig my own grave soon. Stress is tooo much to handle already!
Well, I'll try to be happy with my weekend. And hope you guys also had a wonderful weekend too. Take care..


Lab papa said...

Okay, it's normal to get angry for this such kind of thing.

We don't know too what's the reason of the person to spread the bad rumor.

The person must has some kind of jealous or perhaps some other motifs.

If me, I'll ask the person what's wrong with him/she. If he/she cooperate, then you might find solutions. If not, as long as the person doesn't do any harm, just don't bother about it. If he does, then call the PULIS or Sue him 1 million hahhaha. No seriously, just jan tensi2 biar jak dia cakap sampai dia puas ati. bila dia puas ati, dia stop la tu. Kay, happy weekend.

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ Iya Angry nie sekarang..
I've no idea why the person went to spread story about my mom. Bukan my mom besa sama dia pun..few times jumpa saja..
If you say jeles, I don't think so juga, sebab itu orang have nothing to do with my mom. Langsung teda kaitan, tapi bukan main lagi dia kasi buruk2 my mom. *sigh*
If you ask me to ask itu orang, ermmm..nda bulih juga..hahahaa..ada sebab tertentu! Pening juga kepala..sebab not my mom saja kena kutuk, my other family members pun kena kutuk juga..nda paham sia nie..!
Oh ya, if you think itu orang akan stop, i don't think so, this acara kutuk mengutuk nie sudah lama bah actually, but sia kasi biar saja..but sebab balik2 sudah sia tedengar pasal tu kutukan, terus sia maradang..itu orang dari 3 tahun yang lalu kutuk benda yang sama..only dia kestau lain2 orang..and this time orang yang dia p kasi tau..terus kasi tau sia last nite..nah apa lagi..! maradang lah sia dari semalam..

Lab papa said...

i guess other people suda buring mengkali tu urg kutuk2 saja...better biar ja la kadusmama..nanti tu kutuk2 kana balik juga tu sama dia..kio

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hah! Sepa ni, Cuz! Kami kenal ka?! Sial jugak tu suka2 mo kasi buruk2 your family! Kasian your mom! Ish! Mesti mo korek ni. Si B***** di KK sudah bah kan?

K! Forget about your stress for a while, pi kasi tenang2 pikiran supaya terelease jugak. Happy Weekend and take care! :)

Choc Mint Girl said...

Nah, sampai sya lupa suda mo kastau ada tag for you:-


Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ haha..mengkali juga lah! tia tau mau buat apa..kutuk orang jak keja...

choc mint girl ~ Kamu kenal juga..but sia malas mau cakap sepa lah..kurang asam kan..bikin sakit hati bah..
Oh ya..Si B****G sudah p penang..hehe monday dia start kelas sudah tu..
Anyway..you have a nice day too..

Little Inbox said...

kadus mama, we can't control ppl's mouth. But let's forget about the rumours ppl spreading on us. Marah untuk org macam tu, not worth, isn't it?

Kadus_Mama said...

little inbox ~ i supposed you are right, but feeling angry make me feel a little bit better lah.. :)

urang ranau said...

kadusmama.sia lagi pcy family sy, i dont care what they want to say..they can say till they mouth ter kuyak pun sia nda kisah..hehehe kalau jd sama sia, mgkn sia kasi ingat itu urg yg mengumpat utk pi beli insurance mulut..hahaha happy weekend kadus mama..

Nick Phillips said...

Some people really do have nothing better to do with their lives except spread lies. Take it easy, you know the truth and that's what really matters. Here's wishing you a great weekend :D

chegu carol said...

TT...u have a pleasant weekend ya despite that person who badmouthed ur mom. peduli lah dia tu...i believe in karma, bad things will be paid - sooner or later.

Kadus_Mama said...

urang ranau ~ hahahaa!! insurans mulut kah?? ada kah??

Nick Phillips ~ yeah! I supposed the truth is what matter..you have a nice weekend too..

carol ~ ya!! biar lah dia tu kan..daripada sia pening2 pikir..bah you have a nice weekend too

Poppet said...

knapalah ada org yg begini ni.. biar ja kdmama... klu marah nanti tambah lagi dia punya cerita mo spread to other ppl kan.. I am sure lama-lama org lain boring juga mo dengar cerita dia tu. Ppl like mo cari popularity cara murah.. abis sudah cerita dia, dia terpaksalah cari modal lain. I am sure dia badmouthed other ppl too not just your mom... org begini mmg klu mo beli insuran mulut, gerenti tidak kena lulus punya..
hehehhe.. tapi it is good actually you wrote in your blog.. in that way dpt juga release tu angerkan.. drp ko pi confront tu org.. bikin tambah cerita dia ja nanti.

Aunty J said...

issshhh i hate this kinda people...too much free time kali...if u ask me, mimang sakit hati ba..tapi for things like this esp if not true...i just let it be coz why shld i need to explain for something tht is not true...for those who knows ur mum...thy will not simply believe the rumours...besides sooner or later the truth will come out and the person yg sendiri malu nanti tu...believe me coz it happened to me b4...some evil hearted person spread bad rumours abt me..tapi i tiak peduli ja..last2 kedapatan dia telling lies without me having to defense myself and dia yg malu and nobody trust the person anymore hahaha...koto kan! ;p So let go and don't waste ur energy on this person...dia kena balik tu nanti

Shemah said...

Eee... evil jugak tu person kan?? Teruk betul.. kesian betul your mom! I know how it feels to be protective about whatever people say about your mom.. but then again, that person terkena balik jugak tu. Hope that didn't put a damper on your weekend, though.

Kadus_Mama said...

poppet ~ iya!! geram juga! I'm sure the person badmouthed others as well and not my mom only.

Aunty J ~ OMG!! Sepa the evil person spread rumors about ko nie?? kurang hasam juga lah..but memang bikin sakit hati kan..

shemah ~ that person is really bad. Its like itu orang has nothing better to do than spreading tale about my mom. Whatever it is, I'm sure one day kena balas balik juga tu

queen bee said...

Don't bother what ppl said. Just be professional, relax and stay calm. Gaduh2 doesn't solve problem.

Kadus_Mama said...

queen bee ~ erk actually no gaduh here..I just sakit hati pasal itu orang talked bad pasal my mom..

papajoneh said...

saya harap kedatangan saya hari ni tidak membawa kemarahan atau sakit hati lagi.
harap maaf.

Aduhh.. teruk betul BM sia ni.
I just hope you ok by now. yeah, I hate people say things like that. What more our own family members.. mama lagi tu.. bikin panassssssssssss!

Kadus_Mama said...

papajoneh ~ iya!! memang bikin panas! everytime i ingat itu orang..terus pandai meradang balik nie..
Oh jangan risau! kedatangan anda sangat lah dialu-alukan! :P