Jan 14, 2010


:D Wow! after the 14th day of new year, i finally come to my sense to get my blog updated. Nothing much happened lately which is weird as the last time i remember when i first blogged, i update my blog almost constantly about whatever happened around me. Yeah..i remember one particular post about me being peeped by the stupid centipede while i took my shower. Hehe Other than that, i really love to blog about foods, i brought along my camera where ever i go in case i was going to use it to snap a nice photos. Don't forget about my breakfast which was so insignificant, but still made it way to my blog.. Nowadays, kaDusMama is just plain lazy to share her life to the world..Nyeahhh
Now...my pace has change, and i admit, i cannot think on what issue i want to blog about. Well, of course there are lots of issues (bet you guysss already knew about the 'hot' issue in our country)..but I'm going to post none about all those sensitive issues. (i don't want to go to JAIL! :P)
At the moment, i'm thinking to complain about how fast time flies these days..! I mean..seriously! I'm still in a La-la..Land thinking we are still in year 2009! Hahahaa Silly me..everytime i wrote the date for all the incoming fax transmittals, i wrote 2009! HAHAHAHHA This year, i will turn 30y.o too..OMG!! I'm that old..Can i be 20 forever?? Hehehehee
Anyway..as i said earlier, i don't have much things to share with you guys.. I can tell about my trip back to Sabah recently, but I don't think anybody will be interested to know about an old story kan?
This Sunday, i will start my class (again)..and i'm kinda worry as the number of students in our class is getting lesser and lesser every semester..From 25 to 18 and i'm not really sure how many we will be when the class started. One of my 'coursemates' is confirmed not going to further her study anymore. *sad* There were few times when i wanted to give up in my study, to stay home 'tanam' jagung in Farmville (heheheheh) and work like normal. I was tooooooo tired sometimes especially when my kids were not well, and when there were so many works to do in office and at the same time i had to finish mount of assignment in a short time. But..thank God, i still survive and going to my 3rd semester..So far, i have not fail any paper yet *TOUCH WOOD* (even though i didn't finish the assignments given...hehehehehe) and i really hope i don't have to repeat any paper until i finish my study..but enough with studies..
I think i have to stop typing now. Hehee Just to let you guys know, i will be celebrating my 2nd year anniversary of blogging (nyeahhhh!! not really an active blogger already mah) tomorrow, 15th Jan 2010. For 2 years, i have posted 517 posts and i know i can't beat some of you who have thousands of posts..but yeah..i hope i will keep blogging no matter how busy i will be..and of course i will try my very best to drop by in everybody's blog..
Glitter Words
So till the next post (not sure when..ekekekekek), take care guys...and enjoy the coming weekend.