Apr 30, 2008

Stupid Rempit

Last night, i almost kill a stupid mat rempit!! Thank God i don't drive my car like crazy. I was about to make a turn to Jusco (which is at my left side) when this 'out of nowhere' rempit zoomed his bike at my left side . Stupid right? Where on earth got people drive like that!!! If i press my accelerator a lil' bit harder that time, i can gurantee you the stupid rempit will be dead by now. Why ?

  1. He used the wrong side of the road. Supposedly he at the right side of the road and not the left side. Many car are turning in to Jusco, so this rempit could be easily killed by other drivers who were making a turn there.

  2. The stupid rempit was not wearing any helmet. So if i ever hit him last night, you can imagine what had happend. Sure this rempit will be thrown somewhere and cracked his head and mampus there.

  3. The rempit didn't even bothered to switch on his light (It was already 8.30pm that time) which made thing worse because i cannot even see his bike at my left side!! BODOH!!!

How many of us will look at the left side mirror when we were already at the left lane of one way road? With a junction there, and i put my left signal on, this no brain rempit still dare to overtake my car from the left side. Stupid right??!! To overtake other vehicle, use lah the right lane. It was merely 10cm distance between my car and the stupid rempit when i made that crazy emergency stop, avoiding hitting him. Luckily i didn't kill him, or else I'll be having a really serious problems with JPJ (My licence is still P tau). Until now, I still shudder whenever I think the thing that might happend if i press my accelerator a little bit harder last night. *Sigh*

Since tomorrow is a Holiday, just want to wish everybody ~ HAPPY LABOUR (Holiday) DAY!! (Sempat lagi bah!! hehe)

Nasi Lemak

This nasi lemak was my breakfast just now. Been eating the same nasi lemak for year. Sedap!! But i received quite a devastating news from the Kakak who sell the nasi lemak. Told me that starting from 1st May 2008 (Tomorrow), one pack of her nasi lemak will cost RM1.20 each! Haiyooo..she increased RM0.2o of the previous price which is RM1. And her reason to increase the the price is, HARGA BERAS SUDAH NAIK BANYAK (Price Hiked of rice) *sigh* Isn't 20 cent hike is too much for a small pack of nasi lemak??? It's only like 8 spoons of rice you know. Not that much.
Everything is going to increase for sure. Especially food. So how lah? Just pack own food from home to work kah? Everything will be increased except salary. *Sigh 2x*
*Wah all people traumatized by my Horror story kah?? heheee

Apr 28, 2008

Another horror story!!

Arghh!! I hate my day today. My head is pounding, my nose is leaking (Running Nose lah) , my body is aching and Aunty Flo decided to visit me pulak! Ai!! With so 'many excitement', how to work lah..(Hehe padahal alasan want to blog!)

Anyway, I decided to continue the story of MY SECOND DELIVERY..which I told you last time was a HORROR story..heheheeee not really lah! There is nothing really scary about it. It was only me having that kind of feeling. Different people different story, so don’t assume all delivery are like mine.

I warn you..my story will be super long today, so grab the popcorn and your milo ping while reading this post. Otherwise you might fall asleep while reading this. So here goes my story...

Back to November 2006, my due date (EDD) was supposed to be on 29th Nov. Took my maternity leave 1 day after my head was stitched due to the stupid car hood which decided to land on my head. Well, the main reason I took my leave earlier was because I was scared my baby will come out while I was at office. (Heard a lot of stories about people unexpected 2nd delivery..one of my friend delivered her baby at home! Nah!! No time to go to hospital pun). I was like 10 months pregnant that time. Haha What to do, I’m a very petite woman mah! (I’m sooo huge that time)

So the waiting at home for my baby to come out from my huge tummy made me crazy everyday. The Brax Hick Contraction I was having was really..really bad. Sakit oh!! Tunggu punya tunggu..baby still nicely snugged in my womb. In my last check-up, the best Doctor of all, Dr Laily, my gynae told me that I might have a difficulties delivering my baby if she continues gaining rapid weight. That time, baby estimaated weight was 3.45kg. If she gained another few hundred grams, I might deliver a 3.8kg baby which I know will be crazy. Kuyak menguyak nanti di bawah. I only have 1 choice that time. INDUCE BIRTH. Adeh! If only I know it will be soooooo painful, I don’t mind to wait for daughter for few more days oh.

After a lengthy discussion with hubby, we decided that I will have an induce birth. On the 1st of December 2006, I (of course with hubby lah) went to the birth center to do the last check up on my baby. (Whether she will be strong enough to be forced out from my body) Everything was OK..so Dr had her green light for me to be induced. She explained to me that once the Prostaglandin (Meds for induction) inserted, I will have my 1st contraction after 3-6 hours!! (DUH!!!) . So ubat pun masuk lah at 5.10pm. I was reading my magazine and eating my Spicy Nasi Goreng Kampung when I had my first contraction which was quite strong. It was only 5.40pm that time! Uwahhhh!! Tidak sempat pun makan habis my fried rice. Though the interval of my contractions was 7 or 8 minutes apart, it was enough to make me froze every time it came. (Oh that time..hubby went to office for a while..ada hal konon!! Sempat lagi!!!!) I called hubby around 6.10pm telling him that my contractions were getting stronger every minutes (3-6 hours konon!!) At 6.20pm..I was really in pain..PUNYA MAIN SAKITT!!!!!! Buzz the nurse for assistance immediately. When she checked on me, I was already 4cm dilated. I was groaning in pain that time and hubby wasn’t even with me. He reached there at 6.45 when I was wheeled to the labour room. (Sempat lagi checking the time bah! Hehe). Glad that he managed to be by my side before I deliver my baby. If not, I will for sure give him a hell for not being with me.

In the labour room, I was sooooo in pain that I almost cry. Dr. Laily asked me whether I want any pain relief; she suggested a pethadine to me. (No epidural because I was almost fully dilated that time). Can you imagine I was in pain and still sempat asked her was there any side effects if I took the Pethadine..hehee when she told me yes, my baby will be drowsy once she is out, I decided against it. I don’t want to have a ‘mabuk’ baby to hold la. Anyway, I was already 7cm dilated that time. So nothing can be done anymore, all I can do was groaned and say..Adoii!! Sakitnya!! DR. Laily keep telling me ..yes!! it is painful. Hehe During Son last time, I still had the laughing gas @ entonox (spelling??) to lessen the pain mah. The pain was there, but I can tolerate it.

During the last 30mins of my delivery, I almost break the IV Syringe. Punya kuat I held the Bed Barrier. The nurses had to pry my hand opened or otherwise I will fell from the bed and cracked my head. Haha!! Sadis!! If you were wondering where my hubby was that time, he was next to me. What he did, smiling like an idiot and keep telling me, Sekejap lagi tu!! Adeh!! He had the gut to laugh at me some more. Punya I meradang that time. Luckily my legs were already bound that time. If not, I for sure will give him a sound kick.(Maybe he doesn’t know what he should do bah tu, that’s why he laughed..adakah macam tu?? hmmmmm)

Anyway, the last minute of my delivery was super intense. I had no time to breathe or rest myself from the effects of contractions. Just when I thought to relax from a very strong contraction, another one coming followed by another one and another one. Until one point I really could not stand it anymore, I try to push my baby out. WARN: Never push your baby out before the time or else you risk having a very deep and long tear down there. I knew one mother who pushed her baby out before the right time and had a tear all the way to her anus! MATAI oh like that!! How to walk?? Ok I’m digressing…so my last two minutes was the easiest part of my delivery. One hard push and my baby were out!! HORRAY!!! It was like heaven. The pain was gone instantly!! I was laughing when the Doctor and Nurses said “WAH!!! KUATNYA!! One push terus come out baby. Fuiyohhh!!”

What I asked the Dr when she held my baby?? “Doctor..Baby Girl???” ekeke I already knew my baby is a girl, but mau juga kena confirm bah. Hehe..anyway, daughter was only 3.25kg and not 3.45kg as estimated before and because of that, she only cause a very minor tear on me which required only 2 stitches. Besar lagi the injury I had on my head (that time pun belum baik lagi my kepala bocor..hehee).

40 minutes after I had my baby, I was up to the nursery to see my new baby. Gilos lah the delivery. However, the best part of it, I only had to suffer for about 2 hours ++ compare to my son’s delivery which I was in pain for 30 hours (I can tolerate the pain much better than the induced labour). If you are thinking how painful was a labour process, just think of a toothache x 10. Lebih kurang macam tu lah..heheheee

See..how big already my daughter now

Ok! I better stop now..or else I cannot stop typing. Sepa-sepa yang already ketakutan read my post..ish!! Lek bah..it was only my experiences. Nothing related to other people’s delivery. And remember..My delivery was an Induce Labour without any pain relief and It was only 2 ½ hour process. That’s why lah sakit gila babas. So..lek lah! heheee

Apr 26, 2008


Imagine your parents gave you a name after one of their favourite superhero. SO TRAGIC!!!

Do you know how pity this guy having the same name like Superhero Batman and also happen to be Suparman's son. The Authority in Singapore thought he was fooling them when he gave them his name. Ish! Ish! Hahaa!! ada-ada saja.


Apr 25, 2008

Mommy, what is that??

I was with son at the medical centre near my house last nite (Son has a stomachache). Since the waiting period was really long, i brought him to see babies at the nursery room, walk here..walk there, went outside for a while. Then there was something at the wall caught his attention.
"Mommy, what is that?? Son asked
"Which one??" I asked him back
"Neh..the blue thing up..up there.." Son pointed the object to me
"Ah...hmmmm..arh..uhhhh...ahhmmmm!!??" Me cannot answer him
"Mommy...what is that??" Son asked again (very loud some more)
"Emmm...what is that??" I asked him back
"Aiyoooo..it's a microphone lah!!" Son, with a biggggg sound explaining to me.

I cannot talk after that. See what my son say is a microphone...

Muahahahahahahaaaaa!!! Wakakakakakakaka!!!! I was laughing like crazy in front of soooo many people last night. Laugh soooo many times too...ekekekeee How can he tells me it's a microphone???

Apr 24, 2008

My 10th Anniversary is coming.

My 10th Anniversary is coming. Not that i'm married for 10 years. I've been married for only 5 years and I don't celebrate my wedding anniversary..My special anniversary is about meeting with dear hubby for the 1st time. It's the day when he asked me "LU NAMA APA??" hehee I still cannot get over with the first question he asked me!! HERE is the story on How I meet my husband.
Anyway, My anniversary is this coming Jun..I know..I know..there is still plenty of time to think about it, but I cannot help myself to think on what I should plan for my special day. 1 Decade oh!! A dear friend of mine suggested that I go to Phuket with hubby, but leaving my kids for more than 1 day seems too long to me..So far, i have no plan yet. Any suggestion??
Well, other than anniversary story, I have this funny incident happened last night. I went to buy the nice 'fried chicken' at one the Malay stall near my house when this bunch of kids whistling at me..
"*Wewit*!!!! Cik Adik..nak pegi mana tu? Boleh berkenalan??" CIK ADIK???? LOL!!! I found the endearment they used totally hilarious!! Ahahahahaa If only they know I already have two kids and soooo much older than them (Well, I'm not that old actually..only 28). Of course i don't bother to look at the stupid people. Jalan terus PUTATAN-KK!! hahahaaaa

Gloomy day..

My morning started pretty bad today.... :: Firstly......It's raining really heavy causing me to be lazy to work (Who doesn't??)
:: Secondly....Son is unwell AGAIN. Absent for school for the 4th time this month..
:: Thirdly...Arghhh!! This is the worst of all..I was driving to office when I saw a dead black puppy at a roadside hit by a stupid driver!!! BENCI!!! It's very sad to know the puppy's life has no value at all to some people!! Dog also living creature mah..NOT a stone!! The people who hit the puppy, curse him / her to hell!! (MARAH NI!!!) Hope the rest of my day today won't be sooooo gloomy lah! How to work later??

Apr 23, 2008

You've been sloganized

This is one very fun meme tagged by Choc Mint Girl, My dear cousin. Of course i love this tag, though I feel it a lil' bit difficult because i cannot design or draw on anything. No talent lah..

Anyway this tag goes like this....

Here are the rules:

1. If you've been sloganized, paste your tee-shirt on your blog.
2. Include the image of the PLAIN TEE SHIRT so others can use it to customize their tees.
3. Sloganize 5 other friends INCLUDING the person who sloganized you.
4. If your slogans are not original, please mention where you got them from.
5. Have fun!

This what Choc Mint thought about me..fan of Britney Spears yo!! hehee

Kadus_Mama ~ A fan of Britney Spears and a loving mama who can't sit still because of her darling little boy who always make her worry ~ Hehee..she hit the right spot about me. I'm BRITNEY SPEARS big fan..and Son always make me chase after him


Choc Mint Girl

So here is my tee to Choc Mint. I've known her all my life and I know she is a very lovely 'girl'. She has soooo much love to give to everybody, Family, Friends and the MOST to her beloved Hubby. So yes!! I found her as Lovely girl and a very Loving wife.


So what i think about the bloggers i've known?? See the T-Shirt lah..Hehe, I'm only Sloganizing them ah. If you guys already done this Meme before, it's up to you to do it once again. It's for fun mah! hehee So here goes the Sloganized Bloggers. (I want to do for the other too..but have no idea what to design on the T-Shirt)

Ratu Syura

Though i don't really know her well, I know she loves party very much..I've read some of her post about her enjoying her party she had. Betul kah nie??


Emelda @ KadazanBonita

Actually I want to put smiley wearing a cute cap for her because she has her cap on in almost all of her pix. But think again, I come to my conclusion that she is a carefree girl who loves to enjoy her live to the fullest. Yep..jalan sana..jalan sini..



Have only know him for a while. But i already know he is The EARTH Lover..hehe if you don't believe me, go check his blog and read his ranting (hehe..its more like advising lah) about saving and conserving planet earth.


Urang Ranau

We came from same Kampung ah. Hehe but never meet her before. She is now studying in S'pore (hmmm..) Even she is having a very bad day in her life, i think she is coping with it very well..nah can round-round satu singapore lagi..such a Happy Go lucky girl..
I think everybody already knows this. She designed lots of sabahan Blogger (maybe others as well..only me don't know) template and all of them are very creative. Kiut-kiut, beautiful and very nice. If i have money next time, maybe can ask her to design one for me. Hope she won't charge me a high price (harap-harap ada diskaun hehee)
So thats about what the not so creative T-Shirt designed by me. If i'm ever wrong about the thought i had on you..sorry in advance ah! Manalah tau salah..

Apr 22, 2008


Match the rightful owner of the eye of Photo A, Photo B and Photo C:
-->Mommy, Isaac, Inesha <--
Hubby gave me one wrong answer when i asked him yesterday. Chit!! Adakah!!!

See whether you can tell the difference of our eyes.

Apr 21, 2008

I spent my weekend at Johor and Malacca

It's monday today..and I'm so tired! Yep!! Went to JB last saturday for a site visit, (Not me do the work lah...hubby had to take care the additional work at JB). Brought Kids along with us. Hubby said we can just drop by maybe at Malacca to bring dear kids jalan-jalan. Pity the two, always coped inside the house 24/7. Having to see the world ouside won't make them become KATAK BAWAH TEMPURUNG i hope... So we were off to JB at saturday noon with my 'no power car'. (Matai=die used my car)

Ya lah!! My licence is still P lah..hehee another 3 months to CDL

We reached JB around 6.10pm from KL. Punya main lambat. We left at 1.45pm tu. ish! ish! It's only 370++ km mah. After hubby went to site, we checked-in at one of the hotel there. Hotel's name is OKID HOTEL. ekekeee I think it supposed to be Orkid hotel, but the boss doesn't know how to spell it correctly and he name his hotel, Okid instead of Orkid. The family's room is big enough for us, one family. After i bathed my kids, we went for a STEAMBOAT dinner somewhere near the hotel we stayed.

Nah!!! Steamboat at Restaurant Ho Ho..ahahaha what a name!! It's very nice. The chilie Paste add more 'sedapness' of our food. There were Tauhu, Prawns, Fishball, Veggie, Quail Egg, Fish Fillet, Yee Mee, Mee Hoon and many others. We even asked for additional plate of prawn because 2 ekor existing prawn not enough for me and hubby. Heheee I was soooo stuffed eating all the food. Perut also want to meletup already! All this nyummy..nyummy food cost about RM77.00 (Aiseh..like jalan-jalan cari makan pulak..need to tell the price konon).

Next day, woke up at 8.30am to get ready to site again, me and kids waited for hubby inside car. Luckily we only have to wait for him for 1 hour and 15 mins. After that, we were off looking for our lunch.

Sekali..punya jauh the place of our lunch. We stopped at Yong Peng to eat the most FAMOUS fishball in town (In case you don't know lah). Another nyummmmmmy food to share with you guys. 1 bowl of the Kuey Teow + Mee Hoon Fishball cost about RM4.00. If you want to add extra fishball, 1 pcs is RM0.70 oh!! 10pcs = RM7??? Like very expensive kan? But doesn't matter lah, the satisfaction is still there. Not like everyday i go Yong Peng to eat fishball pun.

Off again, We reached Malacca at about 3.40pm. The first thing I noticed there was the UFO in the middle of the city! hahahaha I really have no idea what the thing is called, so UFO also can use lah. If you ever tried the Space Shot at Genting Highland, it's the same I think. Only that this UFO is for us to see Malacca City from the top of the cloud. Ok not the cloud lah, at least 150m on the air. At first we thought we wanted to try it, sekali i checked the price, Cheh!!!! They really charged it with an exorbitant price. RM20 for adult and RM10 for kids. The 4 us will cost RM60. CRAZY!! (I better spend the money to eat crab..lagi best). Anyway, the UFO can spin and spin and spin in order for the viewers to see different view of Malacca. I tak minat lah! hehee

After, UFO, Son told Daddy he wanted to visit the TLDM (Tentera Laut Di-Raja Malaysia) Museum. It was verrrrrrrrrryyyyy crazy hot yesterday. Sun was burning my face and I was sweating like a shower. (ahaha..exaggerating only lah). The ticket to enter the museum was only RM3 for adult and FOC for children below 5 years old. Pheww.. The museum was really a HEAVEN!! Air-cond sejuk-sejuk...feel like inside the freezer pulak..hehe

Nah!! See how my son was so EXCITED to see the gun? He said it was a machine gun! Haha actually i don't even know what the heck is the that thing is. Just called it gun lah. I have to coaxed Son to go other place you know. He just didn't want to budge from that particular gun. Fascinated melampau-lampau pulak.

Outside the Museum compound, is a BIG NAVY SHIP!! Since it was really a hot day yesterday, we only spent a couple of minutes up there. Cannot tahan already. Took few pixs and went off to the Black Pearl (Aiseh!! like Pirates of The Carribean pulak)

Nothing special with the Ship except it is really huge and there are 2 really ugly pirates on board the ship. ekekeeee

Our Next Destination was the Crocodiles Farm. Cost for entrance is RM5 for adult and free for kids below 5 years old. (When you have family, this are the kind of places you will visit tau..hehe) What to see there?? Crocodiles and Gattor lah..Hahahaa what you expect? There were many-many types of Buazo @ Buaya @ Crocs can be found inside the park. Some is Big, Small, and there is one Hunchback Croc as well. (Forget to take it pix). Son was more excited to enter one of the Ghost House inside the park than seeing all the 'look alike' crocs.

Why many crocs pixs??? Because i never see any crocodiles in my life before. Haha So i was more excited too see and observe the crocs than my kids. Hehe Kesian me kan..

We left Melaka at 7.00pm and reached home at 9.00pm! Fuh!! Super Duper tired! All i can say about our trip is..NICE!!!! hehe

*Matai lah! I have 3 project schedules to finish now. Sempat lagi blogging! heheeeee

Apr 18, 2008

The adventure of my second pregnancy

Why I want to tell about my second pregnancy?? Because it is more adventure than my first one mah! I hope nobody will become scared or terrified after reading this post.

My second pregnancy was a planned one. My son was already two years old when I had a very strong feeling to have another baby. One attempt and I managed to get pregnant. LUCKY me!

I was hoping my pregnancy will be as smooth as sea breeze, but NO..It was not as what I was hoping for. It was my third week of pregnancy that I knew I was pregnant (5 days before my actual menses..hehee semangat check mah!!). But I don’t believe the Home Kit Test, I’ve checked another 5 times to confirm whether I was really pregnant! I even went to see my Gynae to confirm it. That’s how paranoid I was to make sure I’m really pregnant that time. What to do, no sign of pregnancy at all. No morning sickness, no painful boobs, still small waist (24inch only oh) and no nothing.

Anyway I only experience my first sign of pregnancy in my 7th week of pregnancy. I started to feel dizzy every morning that I lost appetite to eat anything. Well, I only can eat spicy nasi lemak I think. Hehee My morning sickness will strike either in early morning or late evening which was bad because I had to go to work. I throw up almost every morning that my yellowish bile liquid or whatever it is, was happy to make an exit through my esophagus. Feel like want to mati saja every morning muntah. So this vomiting episode lasted until the fifth month of my pregnancy. I was really suffering that time.

There was one day (5 months pregnant) I was craving to eat ‘Cucur Udang’. If only you can imagine the craving power, The I MUST EAT CUCUR UDANG feeling!!!! I asked my younger sister to go to the nearby shop to buy me the CUCUR UDANG ADABI. She told me “Ish!! Malas lah!” Since I want to eat it very badly, I went to the shop myself. Little that I know there will be an accident happens. I was walking down to the shop and didn’t see the hole in front of me. Oh yeah!! My kaki masuk the hole and I fell really hard on the road. Siap tegolek lagi! GOD!!! I was really scared that time. I went up and saw my elbow, palms and toes were bleeding. All I can think was, my baby. But BODOH me, I still went to the shop and bought the cucur!! Bodoh or not, you think?? When I reached home, I told my sister that I fell. Seeing my bleeding hand, she was really shocked! Her fault lah didn’t help me kan! I was tormenting her and make her feel really bad and guilty as hell that time! Hahahaa I keep showing her my injuries and telling her the vivid details on how I fell on the road. With a sad face, I told her, I hope nothing bad will happen to my baby! Of course she was blaming herself lah. She kept saying I ‘kempunan’ want to eat cucur. And she had the guilty face all day!

Luckily nothing happened to my baby (daughter). I went to do a check-up the next day and Doctor told me, everything is OK! FUH!! After that incident, whenever I feel like I want to eat something, my sister will be happy to help me to go the nearby shop! Ekekee

This photo taken when i was 7 months ++ pregnant, I was fat like a cow when i was 9 months pregnant! ekeke

That’s not all the injury I had during my pregnancy. In my third trimester (1 week before my due date), I was checking the water in my radiator when the front hood suddenly fell on my head. PUNYA MAIN SAKIT!!!!!!!! But I can only managed to say "OUCH!!". The second blood starting to drip from my head, I knew the injury was not goin to be good! Hubby was not around (he was attending a function that time), all people in my office already went back. There were only two of our general workers that time. I cover my head with my white cardigan, called the workers to check the severity of my injury. With a calm face, one of the workers, Shaidulla, told me it was only a minor scratch on my head. He helped me to clean the blood and put a handyplast on the injury.

So ok lah, I drove back home after that. My head was pounding that time. It was really hurt. Kepala kena hempap you know!!! It was half way home when I adjusted the handyplast on my head, sekali GUSHHHHH, blood punya main banyak on my face. I knew it was not just a scratch on my head. I thought I must have torn my head and my brain was going to pop out soon. Hehehe negative thinking betul! One hand on my steering and one hand holding the cardigan on my head, I managed to reach home without any other obstruction. Ya lah..who knows I banged other people’s car..one hand driving in the heavy jam mah!

Wah!! So long already my entry kah?? hehe nevermind lah..continue story.. I reached home with a blood soaked cardigan. Can you imagine my In-Laws reaction?? Hahahaa I was soooooo calm opening our house door. FIL and MIL was having dinner that time. Both of them were really shocked and horrified setengah mati that time. Hehehee I didn’t show any emotion la. Muka selamba answered them that the hood fell on my head! My MIL urged me to see doctor. I told her, I’ll check the injury first, if it needs a doctor, then I will see the doctor then! I went to bathroom to wash the blood. Uiyooo..it was crazy. Blood covering the whole floor in my bathroom. Punya main banyak darah!!! I told sis about the injury, and she forced me to see doctor that night. I punya jahat.. scold her some more, asked her who is going to drive me to the doctor? (actually my MIL can drive but I totally forgot about her…ekekeke). End up, sis companied me to the nearby clinic and help me to hold the towel on my head. When I reached the clinic, the Doctor who checked my head grimaced when she saw my head. Yep!! It wasn’t a scratch. I tore my head. Hahahaaa (eh why I’m laughing here???). That night, I received 4 stitches after Doctor jabbed my head!! Fuhhhhh…nasib baik I cepat go to clinic..if not no more blood already!

The next day, I still go to work for one last day. I took my maternity leave early mah. My long leave was enough for me to get the rest for 'kepala bocor' recovery. So what you think?? Adventure or not my second pregnancy? Hehe wait until I tell you about my second delivery. Lagi horrifying!!

Apr 17, 2008

Bidah eh my name!

Exciting Lover Skillfully Providing Erotic Touches and Hugs Get Your Sexy Name

Ok..another interesting stuff from Ratu Syura's blog on sexynizing you name. Since i seldom use my real name in my daily life, i prefer to use my Baptism Name everywhere i go. Malas mau guna my real name because the meaning is very vulgar. My dad punya salah lah tu. Give me a name that has a very bad meaning!

Anyway..after checking my name as the above, i found it a little bit slutty pulak! ahahaha Like miang-miang meaning like that. So try yours and see how sexy your name is.

Apr 16, 2008

I'm going to sell my clothes

I planned to go out to 1-Utama again tonight. Just have a thought to go for a window shopping or maybe buying something there. I know I tend to buy thing that I fancy without using my brain. All the clothes or handbag I bought are either end-up inside my wardrobe or being used for only 1 or 2 times. How terrible am I. I’m sure some lady out there is just like me. Buying unnecessary stuffs and keep it for nothing. My wardrobe is already too full to stuff anymore clothes, yet every morning I’m complaining the lack of working attire for me to wear. Silly me! So here I am thinking of the way for me to get rid of all the Blouses, T-Shirts, Jeans, Handbags and Skirts that have been residing in my wardrobe for few months now. All these clothes are still in a very good condition. There are two T-Shirt I bought from Hang Ten and never even wear it once. What a waste right? Maybe I should sell all the unused stuffs online? Just like e-bay. What say you? Just assume I’m going to sell all the unused stuffs online. I know I’m going to need a shopping cart software to run my online business. I will need an ecommerce software for shopping cart that is reliable, can be easily accessed and is user friendly to my customer. At least my going-to-be customer won’t be disappointed with the service provided. Payment can be made via credit card or cash banking. Once paid, items will be delivered using Express Post and received within 3 working days. I've been doing a little research and found that Ashop Commerce might be able to make my dream of doing Online Business become a reality and help me to get rid the extra stuffs in my wardrobe. I will tell you guys if I have successfully materialise my online business plan soon. *Finger crossed*

Do NOT read this if you are hungry..

I was blog hopping to Ratu Syura's blogs this morning and She posted about the delicious nyummy-nyummy food she had! Aiseh!! I was starving this morning and by looking at all the food, my tummy was rumbling quite loud! Haha all thanx to Syura..So now, i'm going to make other people hungry as well..

Last monday, i was craving to eat crab..hehe Yes! I cannot stop thinking about it all afternoon..I can feel my mouth watering just by imagining a crab menu. Luckily Monday is the only day for me and hubby to eat outside and not at home. So when he asked me what i want to eat for dinner..I answered him in a speed that i want to eat 'CLAB'..hehe Crab lah..saja-saja pronounced it 'Clab'..And he brought me to........ TAK FOK HONG KONG SEAFOOD at Aman Puri, Bandar Sri Damansara! Wohooo!!

The foods we ordered were very nyummylicious!!! The steamed peanut in soy sauce was a complimentry food while waiting for our craby. We did ordered side foods as well; Butter Oat Prawn and fried rice. Alamak!! I tell you, the prawn taste superb!! Sweet, buttery taste and very fresh..Nyum-nyum sekali!! The fried rice was not enough for me and hubby! Ya lah..he ordered for 1 person konon..so i have to ask for extra white rice..

Wah!! the crab i tell you again!!..taste wonderful!! The 1kg of KAM HEONG CRAB which was cooked with dried prawn can make you want to add another 2 bowl of rice. hehee Nasib baik i can restrained myself from adding extra bowl of rice..if not..add 2kg of weight in one night..

And guess how much all the nyummy-nyummy foods cost us????? RM45.00 including the extra white rice, my Soy Bean, hubby's 100 plus and 5% govt tax (Ada juga konon tax!!). Nah!! Cheap or not? The Crab is RM18, Rice RM5 and Butter Prawn is RM14..

Just blogging about the delicious crab makes me want to go there again! hmm..so whoever feel want to eat crab, try Tak Fok Crab..they have other varieties of crab like cheese crab, curry crab, black pepper crab, salted egg crab..and many lagi lah..forgot already! You are not going to regret dirty'ing you finger when you can have such a delicious food..

Apr 15, 2008

Blog and Money

My blog is three months old today?? Wow! Time really flies in a blink of an eye. My three months feel like 3 days only. When I think back again, the reasons for me to start my blog earlier was for the fun of jotting words about my family especially my two kids, sharing the story about my daily life, letting the whole world knows about my happiness, pouring the sadness I felt to make me feel better and of course I want my friends to know what I have been up to lately. Through my blog, I learned to blog hopped to check how other bloggers are doing with their blog. Yeah! Of course they are the same like me, sharing their happy life and sadness they have to endure, showing off the best food their have eaten and everything that had happened in their life. They also sharing a way to get paid for blogging about the things we like. Interesting???
Introducing Smorty.Com the service that connecting advertisers with bloggers. It is a Site that pay us to blog the new services or things available in online market . What so difficult with doing a blog advertising when we can earn easy money, right?? So here I am, urging you guys to sign-up with Smorty.Com. Don't waste your creative mind for nothing. Use your brilliant ideas to blog for money.

Expression of the day

Ok..I'm officially addicted to snap every single pose my daughter gave me. If I can shot 1000 of her photos, i think i will! hehee I guess i just want to compensate her old photos that been missing last time. I still cannot get over the fact that it was stolen by an idiotic burglar.... Do you think all mommies in the world are like me? hehe I hope I'm not the only freak who took her kids photo every single day of their life.

Apr 14, 2008

K-BOX..Have you try it?

I was kinda boring staying at home yesterday. So I thought going to karaoke will be a nice activity for us, family. Red Box should be a nice place to spend our sunday. Kononnya lah
So we went to 1-utama first, and thought will go to The Curve later for our karaoke session. Kurang asam my sis, she wanted to colour her hair pulak and she made us wait two hours for her there. Since my maid was with her, me, Hubby and kids went to round..and round and round doing absolutely nothing in 1-Utama. Punya main boring!!!! Of course my kids have many thing to play lah..All the car, train, boat, house....

Sempat lagi posing!

Me and hubby were toooooooo boring to walk here and there after 1 1/2 hours waiting for my sis..Then I suddenly thought why not find an entertainment centre for us to play any games with kids..And that's when we found th K-Box (Karaoke Box) by accident. Heheeeee At first i was reluctant to go inside the small box to sing. Hehe..iya lah!! TOO SMALL LAH! Then hubby say, just try few songs first lah (few song konon sekali 10 songs).

The K-Box is really a box. It can only accomodate 3 adults the max. With four of us inside the box, i think it was way too crowded. Nasib baik my kids are still small. hehe About the charge, it is Ok lah i think. It is RM1/ Song.

Hehee..mau juga posing inside the box kan

What songs i sang in the K-Box? 1)When i look into your eyes ~Firehouse 2)Sometimes~Britney Spears 3)I don't want to miss a thing~Aerosmith 4)25 minutes~MLTR 5)Vulnerable~Roxette 6)You are not alone~Micheal Jackson...Hahaha what a choice of songs. Hubby sang chinese songs lah for sure..

Wu Bai

Kesian son..he wanted to sing, but i cannot find any suitable song for him. So he just simply shout his lung out by singing this song :
Hujan Turun...Hujan Turun....
Baju sudah basah...baju sudah basah..

While son was busy singing, daughter totally lost inside there. She just sat quietly on the high chair. I did gave her the mic to sing, but she just doesn't want it. So kesianlah her didn't managed to show off her talent for us to see..

We didn't managed to go to Red Box yesterday. All because of sis lah! Want to go karaoke but still can think to colour her hair. Though we only went into the small box to sing, i still think i have a nice sunday with my family.


Now my son has a beautiful smile again. No more injured gum, no more ripped lip (though there is still 1 shaky tooth). HAPPY nya me..

*I never know that kind of injury can heal really fast..amazingnya!!

Apr 12, 2008

Tag : 35 things about me

I kena tagged by Dear Cousin, Choc Mint Girl. She said this is a busy-body meme and I cannot agree with her more..hehe So here goes the long meme..

1. Rate your life from 1-10 (1 being very miserable) A: Right now is 4 (I'm miserable now)
2. Is your hair long or short? A: Shoulder length. Short lah tu..
3. Do you have many real friends? A: Of course i have.! Only that they live in different state..
4. Name friends you last hung out with? A: Lia kot..and that was few months ago. Is it counted? -->Last i hang out with was sama Reynold..haha he left a comment to remind me!
5. Do you love chicken? A: Oh!! Chicken is Nyummmy..KFC, Kenny Roger's, Nando's all sapu..
6. Last three drinks you had? A: Ali Cafe Coffee, Plain Water and Plain Water
7. Do you eat fish? A: Depends on how the fish is cooked. If langsi taste..then i'm not going to eat it! heheee 8. Do people mispronounce or spell your name incorrectly? A: Yep!! People thought my name is titi..ish!
9. Who was the last person you hugged? A: My Daughter, before i go to work just now
10. Last guy you think about? A: No one..tengah Stress now...Cannot think of anybody
11. Any food that made you smile today? A: My Ferrero Rocher..Nyummmm
12. Name one thing you have in common with your friends? A: We online and chatting while working? ahahaha
13. Do you trust your friends? A: I do trust them but not 100%...heheee
14. How old will you be in five years? A: 28 Years younger than my dad. :)
15. Do you believe in love? A: I guess i do.. 16. Except for family and friends, who are you in love with? A: Enrique? bwahahaaa
17. Do you honestly believe you have found the right guy/girl? A: For the moment, i believe i have. 18. Are you someone's best friend? A: I AM..(Allo bestfriend..verify me as ur bestfriend lah!!)
19. Do you love music? A: Too much that i listen to music 24/7. Matai!
20. Last song you listened to? A: Love Song - Sara Bareilles (Mix.fm)
21. What's the instrument you wish you were able to play? A: GUITAR!!!!!! I have a rusty guitar at home.
22. Who was the last person you talked to? A: My colleague (hubby)
23. Who was the last person to call you? A: Let me checked my phone 1st.... It was my younger sister.
24. Would you consider yourself a worrier? A: Almost all the time.
25. Do you consider yourself as a happy person? A: I'm happy when i'm happy. 26. Do you believe in saving yourself for marriage? A: Heheee..Married already. So No answer for that. 27. Last person that pissed you off? A: Somebody.
28. From whom have you missed the most calls in the last 5 days? A: My younger sister. Sikit-sikit phone orang.
29. Who's the first person you call when you're having a bad day? A: Usually i will call my older sister. She is a good listener mah and she can make me laugh even when i'm sooo down.
30. Last person who made you laugh like crazy? A: My office's Despatch. He told me one of our lorry driver has so much hair that he looks like Gorilla. hahahaa bengong!
31. Who's your greatest inspiration in life? A: Erkkkk!!! No one in particular.
32. Are you a good guesser? A: I'm a good dreamer not guesser. It happend quite many times already. ~I dreamed about my friend getting pregnant. She told me she IS pregnant after 2 weeks i told her about it. ~In one of my vacation in Redang few years back, in one morning Hubby's cousin lost his chalet's key. I dreamed about it the night before and told him the key was somewhere near the beach. The key was really there...Coincidence?? Maybe.. 33. Who was the last person to sing your current favorite song and what song? A: Can't remember
34. Who makes you laugh the most? A: My kids. :)
35. What have you been telling yourself lately? A: Why lah?? in everything..hmmm... Not sure who to tag this time. Hehe because if i tag the same person again. They will like..HOI!! ME AGAIN??? Bah I tag Sharon, Chegu Carol (Need to give her more tag to do mah) and Ratu Syura lah. Feel free to do it ya!

Apr 11, 2008

Gruesome photo

Pix taken by Hubby (He knows i'm going to blog about it..Hehe)

If i have this kind of injury, I for sure, 100% will take MC for 2 weeks. (OK! I'm exaggerating). Punya lah main sakit!!! I don't know how Son can stand with the pain he had to endure. No pain killer, or anything to relieve the pain. Just kasi biar like that. When i asked him whether its painful or not..He is so happy telling me. "No lah mommy, no pain pun". Aiya!! Ini lah bah kalau sudah staring Gaban nie..apa pun tidak sakit..

Crazy or what????

My colleague whom I didn’t talk to for almost 1 year now has become saiko already. ahahahahaa! What if you hear you colleague is talking, spelling and telling herself what she is going to do in every hour. Weird?? I know….Sure my colleague is doing accounting, but must she tell ‘me’ by talking to herself that 100 plus 100 are 200?? Gilos! Before I go further..i think my ‘neighbour’ colleague need some introduction here. She is probably the future daughter-in law of our big boss. She started working here last year and nobody knows that she is going to work here. Not even me. Her Bf brought her here and told us that she is going to work here!! Just like that....Can kah like that?? Anyway.. What she did in office? NOTHING!! She is a part time Student and doesn’t work full day here. When she is at office, she either doing her homework, or online chatting, or reading online news or playing games. She got high pay too...So good huh?? And YES..she is sitting next to me. Arghhhhhhhhh!! Until now, nobody knows what her position or what she supposed to do in here. I know I’m bad to dislike her very much, but who care lah. Ever since she start working here, I never even bother to ask about her or trying being friendly with her. NOT INTERESTED! Hehe As long as I finish my work, I don’t care if I don’t talk to her even for 10 years. Oh ya…The scariest part is, she sometimes laughed out really loud when we all are very quiet and busy working!! Eeeeeee..saiko or not?? I sometimes get scared that she might suddenly start throwing thing at me one day. Ya lah..since I’m the nearest mah.. So tell me lah who doesn’t get annoyed and scared sitting next to a ‘talking colleague’ who is talking to herself. If you are wondering about what she is doing at this moment?? Yeah..she is talking and singing right now…Eeeeeee… *I need to release the stress that building up inside me now. So kesian lah my neighbour colleague become my victim today! heheee

Apr 10, 2008


I just received news about my son at school. He fell AGAIN!! Cut his lower lip and Another shaky tooth..He was playing the slide when he lose control and bang the table. Macam ni pun ada juga kah?? He is now resting at home (Not sure he will behave at home or not)
Now i cannot concentrate doing my work..
I'm worry..
I'm just so sad..

Journey to work

I'm sure everybody has their own story to tell about their journey to work..Crazy Jam la, office 100km away from home lah, and others. I have my story too..Today punya story lah kira..

Just look at the photo..What will you feel when early in the morning, you were driving to work and you met so many 'stupikkk' Q' Jumper driver on the road. I really hate these people. Macam lah dorang saja mau pigi kerja. I have to punch my card too mah. Usually when i drove myself to office (except for monday), i sure will curse this people to hell for jumping Q suka-suka. Habis i memaki sendiri-sendiri inside my car. For sure, i don't give way to this people. Kalau berani langgar lah my car! Touchwood!! So far belum ada lagi berani lah...

This mobile crane took his sweet time to turn , robbed 5minutes of my precious time

My office which is roughly about 11km from my house (Supposedly i can reach office within 15 - 20mins) has many obstructions too. With the Q' jumper delaying at least 3 minutes of my time, i also have trailers, mobile crane, small lorry loaded with sooooo many things that kasi lambat me reached office. Sakitnya hati to drive car at 10km/hour! It's like forever baru sampai office.

After the trailer, lorries and don't know what the heck type of transportations causing my Blood pressure to increase, i have to endure the craziness of the road to my office.

See bah the photo..MATI OH drive on the road like that. If you think its not that bad, nope..you are wrong..IT IS REALLY REALLY BAD. See the hole..habis tekubur your tyre during rainy day if you drive kancil kah, kelisa, or other small car.... The holes are really really deep..i have to drive 0km/hour to pass this area saja. Though the crazy road is only 100m to the front, its enough to make you crazy because you will be bounced up and down inside your car. (My car's shaft patah before because of the crazy lubang-lubang)
So the supposedly 20minutes drive to office become 40minutes pulak. Otak pun jadi 'mengong' after almost two years driving like this. Who won't kan? And of course, today my punch card 'MERAH'. Benci!! I was late for 3 minutes, all because of the bengong mobile crane..
Nasib baik i have something waiting for me in the office that can make me smileeeee and feel better after the difficult endurance to reach office. Bet anybody will feel the same like me if they have something special waiting for them..

Somebody gave me this chocolate..heheeee

TADAAAAA..a box of chocolate (FERREEERRROOO ROCHER)..All the craziness in my morning were soon forgotten after i ate one of this delicious chocs..Heheheeee I guess i have to stock-up few boxes of Ferrero Chocs to keep me sane lah like this.

Apr 9, 2008

"Senyuman Darlie' again...

Last night brought son to see dentist to 'CABUT' his damaged tooth.. after 20mins waiting, Dr called him to go inside. Kesian him, seeing all the equipment made him really terrified. He hold my hand punya lah kuat. Like he want to cabut saja rasa. Of course I thought he was going to Scream and cry, nasib baik he didn't. He still try to be brave infront of me and hubby. If he scream and cry lah, i think i will pretend to faint and let husband take care the crying business.
Anyway Doctor checked his tooth and tell us a very wonderful news!!!! The news is better than i strike number at Magnum.
"Hmmm..gigi dia goyang saja, tapi takde masuk ke dalam. Tak payah cabut ni" Dr. Haniza said
"Takut dia gigit benda keras, nanti gigi patah susah. Takut dia makan gigi tu". Me said (In semenanjung slang..hahahaha buruknya rasa)
"Tak, kalau goyang macam ni, gigi tak akan patah. Banyak orang yang aksiden, gigi goyang sekejap, lepas 1 -2 minggu, dah tak goyang dah" Dr again
"Really?? so tak payah cabut lah???" Me sooo gembira
"Kalau nak pun boleh juga, tapi kesian lah gigi baru hanya akan tumbuh dia umur 7 atau 8 tahun" Dr again. I try to imagine my son with missing one front tooth for the coming four years but i failed to imagine lah.
"Oh!!! ok..takpe..kita tunggu another 2 minggu lah..if goyang juga, then cabut lah" Me ke'happy'an
Dr. Haniza gave me a big smile when she say "Iya tak payah cabut sekarang, sayang kalau cabut".
So if you were me, mesti lah happy tahap kambing gurun kan..!! At least for the time being my son still can give me his 'Darlie smile'.

Adakah muka traumatized macam nie???

If you think my son was traumatized by what had happend to him, nah!! Sikit pun tidak. When i reached home yesterday, he shows me his kungfu action again. Ai!! pening kepala..because i have to shout at him so that he will stop jumping. Headache kan??

Daughter with muka 'kuih pau' (saja put her photo..nda kan Son saja famous)

So begitu lah the story. I hope son tooth or root, or gum or whatever holding the tooth will be tighten and gigi not going to fall. I will be very sad if he is going to lose it..

Apr 8, 2008

Bad bad Mommy

I was at 1-Utama having my dinner last nite when my MIL called Hubby...Cing cong cing cong (they talked) and I knew it was bad because from hubby expression, he totally showing me a sign that bad thing had happend. After they finished talking, i asked him what's wrong. And he told me my son has ripped his lips after he fell on the floor while jumping and doing his kung fu action. Punya lah!!!!! Can you imagine my feeling as a mother when i heard about it!! Panic, worry, sad, all sort of emotions were in my heart yesterday. And of course i cannot stop blaming myself for not being at home to care and protect my kids from any harm. If only i was at home that time, maybe i can prevent it from happening.

So when i reached home at 10.30pm, Son greeted me and hubby at the door by showing me his injury. I was really scared that he had completely ripped his lips and i've been imagining sort of bad thing while on the way back home. Thank GOD!!!!! The injury was not as bad as i have thought. After examinaning the extent of his injury, i thought, its ok..his lips will recover soon enough.

Then my helper disappoint me when she told me my son might lose 3 of his teeth. Arghhhh!! I am sooooo frustrated when i checked son's tooth one by one, he will need to extract one of his precious tooth today. The impact of his fall was soooooo hard that his central incisor can be wiggled back and forth now. I'm SAD lah!!! Son's tooth is still very nice mah..No cavity, its still very beautiful and now, he is going to lose it tonight...Ini lah bah kalau jajal melumpat saja kerja! Now mommy yang very sad..i want to cry already thinking about cabut gigi part.

Well..as i was very sad last night, i've been lecturing son for hours on how his behaviour causes him trouble. And i'm so bad to tell my son that Doctor need to cut his mouth off because it is badly injured. My son cannot stop crying and ask me how he is going to eat and talk if he has no mouth anymore. Because i'm sooooo geram already that time, i told him that Doctor might cut his nose also because he didn't take care his nose properly (the fall also bruised his nose). I'm a really bad mother!! I got satisfaction hearing him cry and tell me he doesn't want Doctor to cut his nose because he won't be able to smell anything if he has no more nose. Guess what i told him?? I told him to use his ear to smell! Hehe jahatnya me ni..Kesian son blank blank when i told him to smell use his ear.

Anyway..after I calmed down, i just hugged Son for minutes because i feel so guilty for what i had told him. Instead of comforting him, i lecture and scare him pulak..Kesian!! He slept earlier than usual after i brushed his teeth and changed him to his pyjama. Still feel guilty until now..!
And then at 12.38 midnight, i heard our house grille being open by somebody. Of course i'm worried lah..who knows burglar masuk our house kah (TOUCHWOOD!!!) When i went to chek it out, my MIL was out to check something. So i tell hubby and we went to follow her. Damn!! the pipe at the upper level of our apartment burst again. Benci!! When the pipe burst, we have to walk melakat against the wall because if we didn't, sure basah kuyup. Kambeng betul!! This morning my high heel also basah masuk air. Son's shoe also basah! Really hate when this kind thing happend early in the morning when i just started my day.

Banjir already our floor..kambeng!!!

Waterfall from fourth floor

Well forget about the waterfall at my apartment, tonight i'm going to bring son to see dentist to extract his tooth. Hopefully i'm not going to cry when Dentist pull his tooth. *SAD*