Jul 3, 2008

ID Renovation

Company review

Name of company : M*rimeg* Sdn. Bhd / E*err*se
Speciality : Joinery and Built-in Furniture
Major Project (Completed) : Toooooo Many..haha

  • Menara Telekom

  • OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Affin Bank, Bank Pembangunan, ABN Amro, Al-Rajhi bank, etc..etc

  • Piccolo Hotel (At Bukit Bintang)

  • Bandar Utama Hotel

  • Boulevard Hotel (Mid Valley)

  • Al-Jazeera (KLCC), Ranhill,
  • Menara Maxis
  • Fitness First Center (Almost all)
  • Dunhill Flagship
  • Shell, Barclay, ExxonMobil, Murphy Oil,

  • Serdang Hospital
  • Bangsar Club
  • Volkswagen (Bangsar), BMW (KL)

And many-many lagi lah..Cannot list down everything here or else..You get bored to see all the long list project we had.

One of Client's office we renovated long time ago..Nice counter and backdrop kan??

Of all the projects we had, the scariest was renovating Bank..hahaha!! Time frame given was very short, but project quite big..Kesian workers have to work 24 hours sometimes.

Budget Hotel in KL..Doesn't look like a budget hotel to me pun..(Piccolo Hotel)

Pavillion, KL (Have you been to this place)

So who want to renovate your house?? Hehe or Office?? Don't worry, you can renovate just your kitchen, or bedroom or living hall. No need to do full makeover for your house or office. If you want just a cabinet also no problem. We did everything related to wood. Hehe

But how about the price??? Depends..If normal furniture, won't cost you so much, but if want gaya-gaya and want to use expensive wood or veneer or laminate, then very expensive lah..Of all item I've known (I didn't check all item prices ok) there was this one meeting table cost around RM50k!! heheee..

Alrighty, thats about the company I'm working now..heheeeee If you are wondering what is my position here, I'm the managing director!! hahahaha..Dreaming lah, No lah I'm a faithful servant here. I'm the admin. and also the Operation Dept. Assistant and also the coffee maker for my boss (as I told you guys before, Boss wants my coffee only). If we have lots of incoming project, then I will be busy like crazy..one whole day in office also cannot finish my work..but when project completed, I can sit down chatting the whole day! hahahahaaaa

Lastly, whoever interested to do makeover for your house, you can send me an email . Oh before I forgot, we don't do any design. If you need a designer, we can introduce few to you..

Ok..any question related to renovation..just email me at elstitty80[at]evermega[dot]com[dot]my

*And NO, I'm not paid for this review! hehee


Choc Mint Girl said...

Wah! Cantik jugak tu budget hotel! Eh, ko nda takut ka boss ko nampak ko tulis lagi details company ko nanti dia bilang ko curi tulang? Time kerja blogging, nah, jaga2! Manatau ada clients ko baca ni blog... :P

KaDusMama said...

choc mint girl ~ hehehe..ok..ok..padam nama company lah nie..ekekekeee
Nda kisah juga boss baca my blog..he knows i online di office..actually suma pun online d office..hahahaa!

Ratu Syura said...

Wahhh... nanti in the future I contact you la k! I'm planning to kasi buka balik bah some built in closets in my room. Macam byk telampau la pulak. Nanti la bila ada duit sia contact ko ok!! See la in the next few months macamana dulu.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

KDMama, kreatif dan terrer sungguh kamurang ni. Budget hotel pun nampak mcm eksklusif hotel sdh :)

Rumah di KK bulihkah renovate?

KaDusMama said...

ratu syura ~ Don't worry..anytime..pun boleh !

Ornest ~ Iya!! Kami memang terrer!! hahahaha
Di kk pun bulih juga..but transporatation cost will be very high lah..

Nick Phillips said...

Ok, when I become a millionaire one day in the future (stop dreaming, Nick!) I will engage your company to renovate my castle ... LOL!

Happy weekend.

KaDusMama said...

nick phillips ~ Haha!! I'm waiting for the day you become a millionaire!

Happy weekend to you too...

Unknown said...

wah kadus mama, ni baru la sambil menyelam minum air and tangkap ikan..hehehe bagus juga ko advertise bgini kan.hmm besar juga company ko kan, buli dpt bnyk contract..tuh budget hotel cantik btl...mcm 5 star hotel suda sia tinguk..

happy weekend kadus mama..

KaDusMama said...

urang ranau ~ Hehe!! iya mau advertise nie..kalau nda..tia kana tau orang my company existance.. ;P
Tu lah tu..the budget hotel tidak pun macam hotel..nanti sia p try p stay sana lain kali

Choc Mint Girl said...

Haha... Cuz, nanti boss ko baca, dapat lagi free karipap sebab ko tulung buat promo tanpa bayaran hehehee... :D

KaDusMama said...

choc mint girl ~ hahaha!! iya cuz! dapat karipap from puchong lagi.!

Deana E said...

ya la..like the budget hotel..if you here kan..i sure ask ur company to renovate my house..

KaDusMama said...

deana e ~ iya! if only we have branch in sabah kan..aiseh, sure will make money already..

Deana E said...

btw picola hotel tu mana ah? mana tau tersadai di kl i wana cari yg cheap but nice like that hotel..since u said it's a budget

KaDusMama said...

deana e ~ piccolo hotel is in Bukit bintang..right infront of pavillion. It is a budget hotel, but bukan juga telampau murah lah sia rasa..I'm not really sure how much per nite..but kalau ko sudah try, do let me know ah.. :)

Anonymous said...

Im interested in the "my boss like your coffee only ... "
I missed that post before :D

Can refresh back kah?