Jul 9, 2008

Clarinese?? What the heck??

By now (almost 7.00pm), it is official i didn't sleep for 36 hours. Yeah..I didn't sleep since i woke up yesterday morning. Crazy i tell you. I felt like i'm walking on the air. Floating while sitting and my head is like it's going to split any time soon. Ngrrrr..
But why I'm soooo stupid to stay awake for 36 hours?? Uwahhhhh!!! I cannot sleep the whole night last night lah..!!! All because of the medicine i took for my 'running nose'. Yesterday, I started to feel a little bit sick. You know, having a sore throat, a little bit fever and sneezing for thousand times per hour. (Ok!! I'm exaggerating! maybe 100 then ). Not taking a chance of getting sick, i went to the nearest pharmacy to buy some medicine for my 'leaking nose'. The pharmacist asked me :
Pharmacist : So which want you want? Make you sleepy or not?
Me : I want the one that doesn't make me sleepy (I don't want to drive or work in sleepy condition. Ok!)
Pharmacist : Ok! Nah..RM13.00
So i went home, took my dinner and popped 2 pills. By 12 midnight, i felt a little bit uncomfortable. I felt like i was floating or something. When i try to sleep, i just couldn't get my eyes closed and drowsed to sleep. In fact I was feeling so fresh and healthy. Hahaha!! Weird kan?? So tossed here..tossed there..I didn't managed to sleep AT ALL!! kambeng betul!! I'm 100% sure it was caused by the medicine i took. What lah...I asked for a medicine that won't make me sleepy, not the one caused me to be wide awake in the middle of the night!
If you have seen me lurking somewhere (u know where) until 6.30am this morning and wondering whether it was really me, the answer is yes. I did online until morning. Hehe Not that I didn't try to sleep, but my eyes just couldn't shut.

This is the pill that caused insomania in me

By 7.25am, I woke up (Hmm..i didn't even sleep, how i woke up??) and took my shower. Preparing to work, then suddenly remember I haven't share with you guys about my new hanger (To hang my colourful earrings). Hehe Is not that i have hundreds pair of earring, just about 30++. I lost more than 10 pairs before. Ya lah! My kids love to play with my earrings and i have no idea where they have thrown or keep or put all of my fancy earrings. Maybe some of it already flushed in the toilet?? Hmmm could be..

My 30 pairs of earring. There are few with no pair..hehe hilang already!

These four pairs are my favourite. Same look, different colour.

I'm sure some guy will say.."whatever for keeping soooooo many earrings??? Bikin sakit mata saja!" Alah! Girls will always be girl. There is no such thing one thing (Handbag, Shoes, Belt, Shirt, High Heel, jeans, etc..etc..etc..) is enough! Heheehehee We (or maybe only me???) need lots of it to match with our clothes. True?? No?? Hehe

So ok lah..In any way, you are wondering why i didn't visit your blog today, i was busy like crazy since this morning. Sudah lah mengantuk, tired, everything also urgent! (Boring!!). Don't worry, i Will visit you guys in a short while..wait for me ok!!


Lab papa said...

haiya kadusmama, next time whenever you feel you are going to sick, take a sleep...the best "medicine" I know so far, trust me!

Take care kio.

p/s Huyo...kira sebelum p kerja mesti pening2 mana satu ear ring mo pakai ka tu?

chegu carol said...

i can so feel you about the ear-rings T...i collect ear-rings too but thing is..i dont wear them to work. and i actually seldom wear them much either. its just that i feel at ease having lots of ear-rings and when occasion needs it, they will be easily available to choose from.

i use the Japanese sushi pad/mat to hang my ear-rings instead. :) much lighter.

KaDusMama said...

lab papa ~ I phobia sakit bah..thats why cepat2 popped ubat tu..will try to sleep next time..
*nda juga pening2 mau pikir..hehee tau sudah mana mau kasi match kan..

chegu carol ~ Yes!!! ada geng sia nie! :P sama2 kita collect earring ah!
Uiyooo..ko lagi hebat carol, pakai sushi pad..hmmmm..i cannot imagine oh!

Little Inbox said...

I like your earings hanger, eh, nanti sat, this is the one we use in oven, isn't it??
Love your earings, so trendy. I can't wear those, only limited to gold and white gold material only. Too bad.....

Nick Phillips said...

Wow, you look like you could start a little accessory shop with all your earings ... LOL!

Hope your flu and fever is gone by now.

Kobie Vanessa said...

huhu Kadus sama la kita, sa pun mengollect jg tapi pakai jarang2 bah, heheh..kali girls are like dat ba, suka collect2 (itu pasal la duit kita cepat habis hehehe)

@dR3h said...

Hi Titty!
I used to be just like you.. you know before I started wearing tudung.. Love to buy earings! Especially yang kena jual di midvalley tu.. you know yang rm10 for 3 tu.. hehe.. drove my hubby crazy everytime kami pigi sana sebab I would stop at every stall.. hehehe.. I still keep my collection tapi jarang sudah pakai.. hehe..

by the way, memang definitely because of the ubat you couldn't sleep.. hehe.. you're only suppose to take one tablet bah tu.. you overdose bah.. hehhe.. happened to me before too.. I telan 2 and then telan 1 more after 2 hours sebab masi tidak stop the running nose.. In the end I went to a clinic sebab sakit kepala migraine datang coz cannot sleep.. the doctor marah me lagi sebab over dose.. hehehe..

KaDusMama said...

little inbox ~ hehee!! I'm not exactly sure whether the hanger is for oven or what..i know it is used for cooking though..
Aya!! so bad you cannot wear those cheap and fancy earring..but nowaday, lots of fancy earring made from gold and white gold..u can collect those.. :)

nick philips ~ i might start my business soon..haha! thanx for the idea anyway..

kobie ~ hehehe!! see memang perempuan macam ni bah..suka collect banyak2..mana cukup 1 atau 2 kan..

KaDusMama said...

@dr3h ~ Ya bah!! nice kan keeping those earring..lagi banyak lagi bagus..haha! I prefer to buy yang 3 for RM10. Murah and fancy..i bought 1 pair of lope earring which cost me RM68..sekali kejap saja rosak already! rugi oh..
Pasal overdose ubat tu, ntah lah pulak..i follow the pharmacist instruction bah tu..she told me to telan 2 biji..nah apa lagi..habis nda dapat tidur terus..

Deana E said...

wow..good idea..i always hilang my earings and i seldom use also..nice collection

KaDusMama said...

deana e ~ :) so you can keep your earring like mine. Pakai hanger..easy to choose when you want to wear one..

Poppet said...

uyoo... as far as I know, clarinase makan 1 biji ja bah.. kenapa tu pharmacist ckp 2? I wonder. Next time go to panel dr ask for ubat running nose, clarinox.. I think clarinox milder because I can still sleep after taking them. Anyway, next time klu mo makan the running punya ubat malam, eat piriton la... tomorrow morning segar sudah.. hehehehe

KaDusMama said...

poppet ~ Iya?? kurang asam the pharmacist..dia tipu sia ah..tingu tidak dapat tidur..! chis! clarinox sia tia pernah dengar, but piriton tu besa sudah kena bagi dr. Thanx for the info ah..at least i know mau makan satu biji saja the clarinase..

Unknown said...

Iya lah Kadusmama.. dulu sia kerja pharmacy also.. kalau Clarinase is 1 biji skali makan jak tu. It depends lah.. but did you know that Panadol Soluble pun is really good especially to stop sneezing. It's so weird oh.. But ikut orang jugaklahhh..

Clarinox, Clarityne semua tu lebih kurang jugak the ingreadients with Clarinase actually. Just from different pharmaceutical company..

Anyways, your earring collection to hebat betul lah.. I used to make my own earrings.. At least I get to choose the colors and stuff.. LOL!

KaDusMama said...

shemah ~ ok!! everybody telling me I'm supposed to eat one of the clarinese saja..aiyoo tu pharmacist teruk lah..suruh sia makan 2..