Oct 31, 2008

Friday Talk

I'm super happy today as IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Hehehee!! Nick, Mell_f and all of you must be already in your Lala land, huh??Well, I'm double with my happiness as I'm on leave today. Hehehehee!!! Friday and on leave?? How nice is that!
I still have no plan what I'm going to do today..! So far, I've been sitting infront of my computer for like 2 hours (on and off) and still, i cannot think what I'm going to do! hehe Maybe I should bring my kids out to 1-Utama today coz' i still need to shop few things before I go back to Sabah next week. Hmmm..will decide about it later..
On the other hand, anybody interested with Offshore Banking??? (Huh?? What's offshore banking??) Have any of you have been thinking to form an Offshore company?? Well, you can check BVI company formation facts to get started. As I'm not familiar with this Offshore business, the only thing I can tell you, it has lots of benefits. Just read about this offshore company infomation to get the ideas on what I'm talking about.

So.....anybody interested to start your own Offshore Companies now?? Hehehe

Oct 30, 2008

The consequences of sleeping around!

I received an email this afternoon from my friend and this is what he shows me!!! hahahah!! So cute erk...the Zeborse??? Akakkaka (eh is it a Horse or donkey?? Hahaha I'm confused!!)

Moral of the story : Don't simply sleep around with somebody you don't know or else, you'll become like the Zebrose!! Heheheee

Oct 29, 2008


Nothing much to share today. I mean I have lots of thing happening around me, but I'm just lazy to do a proper posting today. Hehe! Blame the hot weather we are having in the Klang Valley area. Hot weather + lazy bum = Super lazy lah!! Hahahaa
Oh ya!!! I should probably tell the whole world that I'm going back to SABAH next week!! Hahaha!! Happynya!!!!!! The last time i went back was last year May! Means it has been more than 1 year ++ since i last seen my dad and siblings whose in Sabah. How much I miss them!! Well, this time, not really sure what I'm going to do there. I already make a plan to go to Tambunan to meet my older sis. Already made a reservation for 2 nights at TVRC Chalet. Nah apa lagi siok to do there in Tambunan ah?? Any idea??(I never been to Tambunan all my life! Bongoh oh kan!!)
And this time, me and family are going to take MAS flight back to sabah!! Heheheee....! Always naik Air Asia..like boring already! Once in a while take MAS flight should be alright lah..we only pay about RM902.00 for thru-and-flow flight what. Good deal..some more naik Airbus!! :)
So i better start counting my day until 4th Nov as I'm going back on 5th Nov. I will be on leave starting from 5th Nov until 15th Nov! (my leave going to be -7 this year! and i still have xmas to celebrate.!) while hubby will be back to kl on 10th Nov! Yay kan??? Bah who want to meet me in person nanti?? Akakaka persaan bah..like ada orang mau jumpa saja..
Eh! CHOPPPP first! I'm just wondering, does Sabah has Maxis Broadband service yet?? I know have celcom lah..but never heard anything about maxis broadband.. Any idea if i can use Maxis service in Kiulu??? If don't have, die lah!!! how am i going to survive without blogging for more than 10 days?????? Any info about this..sangat-sangat lah di hargai!! terima kasih daun keladi!!
Bah ok lah..me want to go off already! nanti-nanti lah I blog again..today feel like want to speak sabah saja..boring sudah blogging in english! hehe sudah lah my english sux!! Akakaa Bah thats it lah..tata..! See u later alligator!!

Oct 28, 2008

My day today and Malaysian Top Hair Stylist.

Woke up pretty early today. With a high spirit mood to work, I was whistling on my way to my car only to realise one of my back tyre was punctured! Damn!!!! How was i supposes to change my tyre with a super high heel??? Not to mention, my kembara is one heavy car and my tyre is one big tyre. I don't think i want to get myself dirty and sweat just to fix my tyre. Of course i can call hubby to get some help..but..nah! i know hubby was busy preparing to work..So what i did was..just drive my punctured-tyre-car to the nearby tyre shop which is 15 minutes drive from home. Hehe..I know! I know! I shouldn't drive with that kind of condition..but..heck! what else option do i have. So off were me to the tyre shop..and guess what? There were three nails embedding perfectly to my tyre!! Ayooooo!!! No wonder lah..
This is not the first time i have lots of nail on my tyre..there was one time, i had like 4 nails at my front tyre..gila sekali! Luckily my tubeless tyre can sustained until i got it fixed. So at the tyre shop, the tyre guy pull 3 nails off and one of it was even 2.5 inch long!! Crazy!! I wonder where i got all the nails from!?? Hmmm..anyway, my tyre was fixed within 5 minutes, and it only cost me RM5 to get it fixed..hehehe!!
Another story, Son has a new talent now. Last saturday, barely one hour after i reached office, Hubby YMed me telling that son chopped his hair pretty bad! *sigh* There is no moment i can stop thinking about son lah!! Sometimes i'm very worried thinking how is Son at home while i'm working. He is soooooooo full of mischief, he made me and hubby in constant worry about him. Iya lah!! One minute he fell lah..another minute he beats his sister..then fall sick lah! (Son will get cough once a month..every month)

See lah how son cut his hair..it was a total mess! Some more he got the guts to tell my MIL it was the 'Ghost' who cut his hair. When i asked him why he cut his hair, he told me, it was Inesha who took the scissor and chopped his hair!! *sigh* Of course he tell us the truth after that..

Sekali i was tooooooooooooo geram already..brought him to the nearest Indian barber and tell the barber to shave son's head bald! Nah!! upon hearing that..son was crying begging me not to let his head 'Botak' as it will be ugly! Hahahaha Vain juga my son nie!!! As nothing much can be done, i let the barber cut son's hair the shortest he can! And now..I called son Si Botak whenever i want to get him rile up!! hahaha Baru tau!!

So like that lah...! I hope son learned his lesson and won't do the same mistake again next time..Oh! Did i tell you he cut his sister's hair short too once upon a time ago??? Hahaha!!! *matai la like this*

Oct 27, 2008

Short Story of Hellboy

At this moment, the clock shows the time is 4am and why on earth KaDusMama is still not off to her bed yet?? Well...I cannot sleep lah!!! Just finished ironing Son's school uniform and fold all the clothes on the sofa. *Sigh* Hehe I'm only utilizing my 24hours a day doing the house chores, ebaying and blogging at the same time! hehehe

So what did i do on my nice and beautiful sunday? Hmmmm...i went to Times Square to buy something for mom and sis. Actually i just tagged along with hubby who went to Times Square to visit one of his sites..hehehe!! Sekali...cannot tahan, buy 2 handbags for mom and sis.

So what else i did there?? Hmm..nothing actually. Just window shopping with a hope, to find something nice for me to use. Oh! I brought son to one of his favourite shop to visit 'his-going-to-be-toys'. Hellboy is still there and i'm still not sure whether want to buy son that hellboy for his christmas present. Can you imagine the price is RM238.00???? Wuahhhhh!! It enough for me to eat my lunch for a month!

Of course i didn't buy the Hellboy yesterday... Gila ka want to buy!!! But hubby did buy something for son la..here's what happend..(konon short story lah!)

The Hellboy that son has been dreaming all this time. That displayed figurine is not for sale. Hehe But i did look for the same item in ebay and guess what..it was Auctioned with the price starting from RM1000.00!!! Gila lah!!

Hubby and son were looking at hellboy and both admiring the beauty of Hellboy's creation.

Sekali..son and hubby went to one shop selling all those weird and scary looking masks. Hubby bought 1 hellboy mask for son and see what happend?? So was wearing it and proudly scaring people around him. Hahahaha!!

Angry little hellboy was in action! We reached home at 9 and the moment we stepped inside our house, son pestered daddy to take his photo. Hahaha!!

Hubby who doesn't want to be left behind asked me to take his photo with Hellboy mask on too. Hahahah!!! Punya ugly! (i mean the mask!!)
So like that lah my Hellboy short story...! Daughter is really scared with the mask, she cried everytime son shows her the mask. Hmmmmm...even i got scared whenever i look at my hellboy son and hellyboy hubby!! Heheheeee
Ok lah..need to sleep already. My eyes getting heavier each minutes as it already 5am right now.
Anyway, I want to wish fellow Hindu friends a wonderful and merrier Deepavali celebration this year and of course happy holiday to all those who are on holiday today..

Oct 25, 2008

Make you blog famous now.

My kids is sleeping right now, and I already finished cooking a nice and delicious Fettuccine Carbonara for dinner. Still a lot of house chores to be done, but here I am, infront of my notebook checking a new post from you guys..Hmmmm..seems like everybody is so quiet today.
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So wait no more, add your blog now to gain more exposure in the blogosphere. Just don't be surprise when people from all over the world start visiting your blog soon. :)

You stupid like animal!!

Hey..not me say that..!!! I'm a good person and i love animal very much. There is no way in a million years i will call somebody like that. It was my son who uttered the sentence to my daughter the other day..! Can you imagine how shocked i was when i heard son shouted at daughter...Well I was very...very shocked indeed.!
Not only that..my son started saying the "SHIT" word when he cannot do something or accidently drop something to the floor.
Then...when son is angry with me..He will shout this to me "MOMMY!!! YOU ARE A SAKAI!!!". There is nothing wrong with the word Sakai actually..but for God sake, it's an ethnic group we have in Malaysia la!!! I don't think those Sakai people like to be associated with stupidity!! Have some respect lah!!
Now..now..now!!! For you information, I never ever..ever..ever....will call my kids stupid nor swore the word SHIT or even call them Sakai when I'm at home. When I say NEVER! I really do mean it! What kind of mother do you think I am. I maybe swore in the car..but thats when I'm alone and not with my kids.
When i heard Isaac cursed the other day...I'm sure you can see a smoke coming out from my ears. So angry i was that time! I didn't smack son, but surely i shouted at him and i'm positively sure, the whole apartment and the 2 blocks away can hear me that day! Hahahaha!! I know..I'm that loud! After 10 minutes of intterogation, I was not surprised at all when son told me it was his class teacher who called the pupil "STUPID LIKE ANIMAL" and"SAKAI"! She even say the word SHIT in the presence of all the small 4 years kids in her classroom! PUNYA BODOH!!!!!!!
Ok!! I'm not going to be sooo nice today. So i won't feel guilty letting the whole world knows about her..This MRS.CHAI is one fucking stupid teacher who is obviously unfit to be a kindergarten teacher. What was she thinking to call her student STUPID LIKE ANIMAL????? Like bodoh kan the teacher???? Well..i should probably call her One Stupid Fat Cow! How's that?? I'm sure the name fit her nicely!!!
EEEEEEEEEEEE...Actually i don't plan to be angry bah nie..but as i'm writing this post..i'm getting angrier just thinking of this MRS.CHAI STUPIDITY!!!!!!! In case you don't know, she is the same teacher who smacked my son with a wooden ruler last month! Arggghhhh!!!! I thought i wanted to confront her yesterday (Son has been pestering me to tell the teacher she is one rude teacher who taught them bad and rude example! huh?? See even my son knows she is wrong!) but..I'm afraid once i start to talk to her, i won't be able to control myself and i will end-up bashing her with a chair! Seriously guys..I really might do that, you know!!!
After much thinking, nahh!! I'm not going to confront her after all. I will go directly to the headmaster and complain about her until i cannot talk anymore!! Not that I want to ruin her..but!! Cannot give chance already lah! The last time she smacked my son, i didn't persue the matter to the headmaster thinking she might change and learned her lesson. But..I'm wrong! She obviously never changed at all. I send son to the school to learn new thing and not to call his sister STUPID and call his own mother a SAKAI!! EEEEEEE!!!!! GERAMNYA!!!!!
So..I have to wait until Wednesday before i can talk to the headmaster. If no action taken..Hmmm...I will tell the headmaster..she can keep her stupid teacher and go to hell with her..haha!! Then..after that, i no need to send my son to the school anymore..Need to find a new school after this!! Right???
*Son no longer call his sister stupid like animal and me a sakai, but he sometimes slipped and say the word SHIT!! Eeeeee...!!

Oct 24, 2008

I need a translator

I've been working with my current company for 4 years ++ now and I can tell you, holding two posts in two different department sometimes do make me nuts. I don't know whether i've mentioned about me being the admin. assistant and the unofficial project secretary in our company before. But yeah..thats what i've been doing all this time. Not to forget, I'm the person who has to make a coffee for my boss too. Hmmm....
Though my jobs do sound like an ordeal to me, I do love my job actually. Most of the times, I have no problem with whatsover stuffs I have to finish no matter how busy I am. I try my best (konon!! haha padahal blogging masa keja lagi) to finish everything before I punch my card out. Well, everything was easy until the robbery took place in our factory 2 weeks ago.
As I have mentioned in my post last time, one of our foreign (Vietnamese) workers lost his passport to the robbers. If only you know how difficult it is to apply a new passport. A police report is needed and lots of dokumen needed to be prepared before we can submit a new application. Everything was ok to me until.......The Vietnam Embassy required us to prepare a letter written in Vietnamese language! Huh!!!??? How am I going to do that?? I cannot even understand their language, let alone drafting a letter to send to the embassy. I was of course feel troubled as I cannot do anything nor take any action to settle this problem.
We called one of our Vietnamese workers to prepare the letter for us then. Hehe..I cannot read and understand what he wrote in that letter. Hehee If only I opt to use the service in OneHourTranslation.com I'm sure my problem will settle in no time at all. You see..OneHourTranslation is one the fastest human translation service available in the market. Their powerful system and good translators from all over the world make it possible to do any language translation. Required translation document is going to be translated in the record of time which took only minutes to an hour. Wowww!! Super fast huh?? What more I like about this service is, only email address need to be provided when using their service and this means, my privacy is totally covered and kept as a confidential.
Hmm..If I cannot get the letter done on time soon , I might use OneHourTranslation.com service to do my letter translation. Hehee At least I won't have to think where or how to do it. Hehe What do you think???

Breast Cancer Awareness

I was tagged by three persons to do this tag. Thanx to Massy, Nika and Izan for tagging me. Appreciate it very much. I hope more people will post this in their blog to create awareness among us women and even men about breast cancer. Just last year, I loss one very..very dear aunty who got to know about her breast cancer which was already in a very critical stage. If only she knew about it earlier.. :(

The tag is about Breast cancer awareness campaign. For more info please click here. Spread the news to your female friends and family.

The rules:

1. Copy the tag to your blog 2. Add the link the person who share this tag with you.. *done* 3. Nominate at least 7 other blogger. If I want to tag all people can kah?? Hehe ...Ok lah..i tag :

4. leave a message to the nominee on their blog that they have been tagged *will do this soon*

Hope to see this tag in your blog soon.

I'm going to McKinney, Texas

Hah!!! I got your attention didn't I?? Hehehe..No! I'm not going to McKinney, Texas, but I do wish I can go there next month. Do you know that McKinney is going to host their 28th annual Dickens festival on 28, 29 and 30 November?? Actually I don't know about it too. Hehehe!! I only read about it in internet. But I do find it interesting as the whole McKinney town will be live with this annual event. The whole town will be merrier with a horse drawn carriage, strolling carolers, Santa Claus ( I LIKE!!!!!), Christmas tree lighting and many more interesting activities.
Their center stage this year will be their Snow Tubing Hill. I don't know much about this Snow Tubing, but I bet it will be as fun as playing Beladar di Sungai!! Hehe Who still remember how to use the used tube as a floater last time??? Hehe Don't tell me you never try to use any beladar before. It was like our daily activity before we go to school or during school holiday. True??? No?? Well, at least thats what I did before going to school last time..

Imagine KaDusMama enjoying her Snow Tubing like this..ekekekeke!!!

Interesting huh??? If only I have lots of money, I surely will fly over to McKinney, Texas to experience their annual Dickens Festival because I'm positively sure I will have a lots of fun seeing Mr. Santa Claus there. (Haha!! I like santa la!!) Anyway, if you want to know more about this celebration , why not check McKinney Dickens to find more about their full schedule of events. Who knows you might be interested with it and decided to join this festive celebration next month.

Blog Advertising

Oct 23, 2008


Early this year, when i just started in my blogging career (haha!! hey its my second job what!!), i posted one post about one particular book that i've been waiting for 9 months now. I looked for it in our local bookstores like MPH, Kinokuniya and even Boarders, and yes..only the hardcover version is available. If i follow my heart like i did last time, i don't really mind spending RM120 for Julie Garwood's books as it worth with the satisfaction i got from reading her book. But i don't know why i don't want to spend my $$ for her new released book, Shadow Music. It's the first time i can wait for the paperback version which is only due to be released sometime this december or maybe next year.

However, since i start ebaying myself this one month...what do you know..si kaDusMama went to search for Shadow Music in ebay and..yipeeeeeee!!!! I found one which is very..very cheap! I bid the hardcover book for $4.25 and just now, i received a msg informing that i won the book i bid!!! hahhahahahaaa!!! Happynya!!!!!!!!!!

I still haven't make my payment yet as i need to re-confirm the postage fee before i can get my book. The last time i checked from the seller (the seller is in US), the shipment cost will be $11.50 (nah lagi mahal dari the book itself). So...$4.25 + $11.50 = RM55! See...i can save some money for this harcover book kan??? I know its not a brand new book, but based from the other buyers comments, all the books from the seller are in a very good condition and that what's important kan???

bah..i just received another 2 msgs that i've won the items i bid recently!! Haha Die lah like this!! If i don't control myself from now on, i will end-up bidding every items i fancy in ebay. I already made 1 payment for 1 top i won last night, and tonight i need to pay another 2 items (actually its for my daughter). Ayoooo..habis lah like!! All blogging money spent in ebay pulak!!! Mau kasi kuat semangat control lah like this!!!!!

*i think in 3 hours from now, i will win another item i bid yesterday lah!!! hahaha

Oct 22, 2008

Genesis 3 and our modern life

I’m not the ‘holy-moly’ type of person but when it comes to bible, I do like reading my kids bible I bought year ago from Readers Digest. Out of all the stories in Bible, I totally can relate the part in Genesis 3 where Adam and Eve broken God’s Command not to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which resulted them to be banished from God’s garden.
No..no!! Don’t get me wrong here. I didn’t eat any forbidden fruit or anything. It’s that I remember 10 years ago, I was forbidden by dad to have a boyfriend while in college. I don’t know what came to me that time, but I defied every rules set by dad on what to do and what not to do. I met my boyfriend (My hubby lah!!!) and no matter how dad ordered me not to be with my boyfriend, I defied him in every way I can. Hmmmm…I do sound like I’m a bad daughter, huh?? But no worry, dad didn’t banish me from home but because of that our relationship was soured every time dad and I had a fight. But after I furthered my study to UPM, our relationship somehow get better and no more fight in between us. Of course dad still forbid me to have boyfriend that time but…hehee I still didn’t want to accept whatever reasons and his long list why I shouldn’t have a boyfriend while studying. Well, at least I didn’t make a wrong choice here as I still married my boyfriend who is my hubby now. Heheeeee…
What I’m trying to tell you guys is, we human are sometimes very weird. Hahahaha!! What a way to describe human being. How many of us actually broke rules that forbid us to do something that is obviously wrong? Just like Eve, she aware that the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge are forbidden by God. But still, she ate it anyway after being tempted by The Serpent. Take the traffics offender who beat a red traffic while driving. I’m sure they do know that beating a red traffic is wrong and could cost them their life. But how come they still did it and disregard the law stating this offence???? Funny huh?? There is still many other examples I can relate, but I’m sure you get what I mean here.
When I read my bible, whether it is good or bad, everything is happening in our modern life as well. You can Find out more about Bible Stories and even Find out more about Theatre Church when the CineMeetings & Events brings the first-ever Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October, 22nd and 23rd. I’m interested to Find out more about this conference, but since it’s very far from where I’m now, I don’t think I can attend and join this conference. But those who stayed somewhere in Silver Spring, Maryland can definitely attend this conference today and tomorrow. I’m sure there is a lot of things can be learnt from it. If CineMeetings & Events decided to do the same conference here in our place, I will be pleased to attend the conference together with my family. Post?slot_id=

Oct 21, 2008

Hobby that can kill me

I reached home quite late last night as i was out to buy grocerries at Tesco. I reached home at 10.45pm and imagine, i was tired...sleepy and when i was at living area..i noticed something different on my floor! Ayoooooooooooooo!!!! Son used our floor to draw his favourite Uncle Monster and don't know what else aliens on it! I instantly reacted as i was slapped on my cheek!Well, actually i only managed to utter this "ISAAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hahaha and thats all!! Me : Isaac!!! What have you done????????? Isaac : Isaac draw uncle monster! Me : But..why on the floor??? Isaac : Ya lah!! I have no more paper..then draw on the floor lah!! Me : *Doink my head*

Sekali i went inside our room..another round of shouting.."ISAAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why write on mommy's table??????????" and same answer was given..!

I don't know whether i should be angry or not to son with his behaviour of ignoring my order before not to write on anywhere that he shouldn't write. He even draw his creation on our sofa, my daughter's shirt and anywhere he thinks is appropriate. I know i forgot to buy a new supply of paper for him, but son should knows better not to write or draw anywhere other than on a piece of paper. For your info, son used more than 50pcs of paper a day to draw and write anything that crossed his mind.

Nah! This is more beautiful than the last time son drew. I have like 100pcs of the same drawing of this Uncle Monster at home!

I just bought 1 ream of paper for son and hehehe..if only you can see how happy was son to see so many papers for him to draw. Pening lah with son sometimes..No matter how i try not to shout at him at home, i always end-up unsuccessful with my tempt. He does try my patience you know! Still not sure what's waiting for me when i reach home later. Hope my rice cooker or fridge not used by son to draw his creation. It is not impossible you know as he did draw my new notebook the other day and make me super angry. *sigh* Why lah..he like to draw thing other than on a paper???? Any idea???

I'm ebay-ing in the middle of the night!

The clock shows that it's 3.10am right now and still, I'm still not off to sleep yet. The reason for me to stay up very...very late is because I'm looking for a nice and affordable HellBoy figurine for son as a christmas present. Previously, son requested the big and bulky Incredible Hulk toy as a christmas present this year. But as months goes by, I noticed he doesn't really fancy Mr.Hulk anymore. He has been spending most of his time, drawing and writing hellboy name everywhere in our house. Well, this including my room's wall where son had nicely 'decorated' my room's wall with HellBoy name on it!!! *Sigh*

See!!!! My room's wall not spared by son!!

But, thats not I want to tell you about actually. It's about my ebay experience. I just started spending my time in ebay like 1 1/2 months ago and I can tell you, I'm currently hooked up with it. Hehe!! Each day, I will spend at least 1 hour of my time searching for a cheap and nice things like Blouses, Sunglasses, Accessories, HandBag and sometimes, I even look for a fancy shoes too. So far, I had won few items already and if only hubby knew about it, I'm sure Hubby will nag me all day long telling me to save my money for a better use. Can you imagine, I bought 2 nice tops from ebay, and until now..I still haven't wear it!!!! Hehe

What I like about ebay is, I can find thousands of items I'm looking for with a cheaper price and lots of variaties. But, what I dread about the most is about paying the items I wanted to buy. No..no..don't get me wrong. It's not I don't want to pay the things I'm buying, but it's about the security of transaction made. I always wonder, What if I already paid the items I want and the seller failed to send me the thing I bought? Just few days ago, I paid for this nice chiffon dress from ebay and still waiting for its arrival. (Hope it will arrive in my hand in this few days)

Well, actually other than ebay, I do shop online for other thing from other merchant as well. But some of it, I doubt about its security. That's why I'm going to download buySAFE application from buySAFE Shopping Advisor for a safer and secure transactions in the future. In case you don't know, Shopping Advisor will display security rating on merchants and sellers available in Yahoo, MSN, Googles and yes...in ebay too. From now on, I will at least know which merchants I can trust before I click their link and won't be duped into doing a transaction which bound to be fraud.


I know..I know..some of you might be sceptical when it come to shop online. But trust me, it is not that bad. Last time, I was that cynical to the bone about shopping online thinking I might get cheated by all the sellers out there. But so far, I haven't experience any problem yet. Hehe So why not give a try to shop online for a cheaper things. Who knows you might get hook up to online shopping like me too????


Oct 20, 2008


In another 1 1/2 hours, work hour will finish and i can go back already!! Wohooo!! Happynya!! It is raining really heavy outside now and thank god, office internet connection still ok now! hehe

Well, not much thing to tell today except..i had a very tiring sunday yesterday. Me and family went to Port Dickson to visit my FIL. As usual, me and hubby cannot resist to have our lunch at the seafood restaurant there. Remember the last time i had lunch in this restaurant at PD?? Well..you can click here to see all the expensive sea creatures you can eat there.

So yesterday, Hubby and me ordered our must have dish, The Steamed Crab!! Punya lah..NYUMMMMMMM!!! Its still that delicious! Then we had this fish (i think its a grouper), homemade taufoo and Asparagus with prawn. Everything taste very nice! Punya lah sedap until our plate also super clean. Hehe If any of you are going to PD...Do try their crab..its really nice and very..very fresh you know. Sure 1 kg of it won't be enough! Hehee If only i can sit there until night time, I don't mind sitting at the restaurant devouring a 3kg Steamed crab.

Wah!! the satisfaction eating these four dishes is like..WOW! I rated their food 5* for being so delicious! But the price was a lil bit expensive lah.

  • Steamed Crab = RM45 / kg
  • Fish = RM98 / kg. Our's less than 1 kg = RM73.50
  • Homemade Taufoo = RM10
  • Veggie = RM30
  • Others + tax + tissue + snack + Drinks = RM32.50

I know..eating one time for the amount of RM191.00 for 4 adult + 2 kids is a little bit expensive. But nevermind lah..it once in a while treat only mah! Not like everyday i spent that amount of money for food.

Anyway, we reached home around 9.35pm and I was half dead last nite due to a very very bad splitting headache. I didn't even have the energy to bath my kids or even do anything. Nasib baik hubby help me last nite. I slept at 10.15am and only woke up at 7am this morning. Itu pun because my dad called me early in the morning!! If not..sure i will sleep until 7.15am..hehe!!

So like that lah my story..! Guess my weekend was not very interesting..How about you guys??? Must be nice weekend kan?? Do tell lah??

Oct 18, 2008

Invest RM1 to win RM20 millions

Today is Saturday and I'm sure those who 'invest' some amount of their money at Sportstoto knows that Jackpot amount for 6/52 has reach RM38 millions by now. Hehehe..How I know that?? Because I'm investing RM2 every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday with a small hope that I might strike the RM20 millions. WHAT????? You don't know about this?? Well, let me tell you a lil' bit on how the Jackpot works. You have to buy 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 52 and if all your numbers are listed in the 6 drawn number, you can bring home the RM20 millions. Thats the maximum you can bring back home though the total amount already reach RM 38 millions by now. But..but..this is the best part of all...Imagine, KaDusMama spent a mere RM1 and she got RM20 million from that??? WOWIEEEEEEE!!!!
If only I win that money....I (Actually its me and hubby's list) already have a longggggggggg list on what I'm going to do with million of cash in my hand. Maybe I should probably just summarize my list here.
  • Buy a nice big house that has at least 8 rooms.
  • Settle don't know whatever debt I have now.
  • Give RM1 Million each to Mom and Dad.
  • Keep RM5 millions for my family life time saving.
  • Buy a couple of land in Sg.Buloh area which are soooo damn expensive. A less than an acre of land here value around 1 million. I can at least build 6-8 factories and collect a rent (RM20k one factory oh!!!) every month.
  • Donate some amount if money to the Orphan Home.

Hmmmmmm...I've forgotten my whole list already. But, if I can invest my money somewhere, in the other part of the world, I don't mind spending my money on a condo hotel in Casco Antiguo region of Panama. But why Panama???? Geezzzz..I don't really know. What I know about this Hotel Casco Antiguo is :

  • It took 300 years to make this hotel so perfect.
  • It's going to have 34 Hotels Condo Units for sale with a full complement of amenities.
  • It is located at the heart of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Quintessentially Concierge Lifestyle Service for the guest and owners.


Don't you think it will be a perfect investment I can make outside of Malaysia?? I can once in a while, go to Panama and stay in my own condo and rent it out when I'm not around there. I'm sure I can earn much from that too. Hehehe Don't you think so??

But that's only will happen if I strike big in today Jackpot or tomorrow. Hehe However, if any of you are interested to make an investment or maybe purchase the Condo units at Hotel Casco Antiguo, you can Register for an eBrochure Here and get more details about this condo units. Don't worry, I will let you guys know if I'm going to Panama soon.

*Tunggu sia kana Jackpot lah..baru sia p sana ah!! hehehheeee



Office tarak internet due to heavy downpour yesterday..
All line; Phone, fax and internet connection are down now..
I'm using my portable Modem to online now, but....aiyaaaa!!! very slow pulak!!
Since yesterday, I felt like a katak bawah tempurung as I was totally disconnected from the world outside!! Hmmmm..no internet line for hours????? Argghhhh!! NOOOOO!!
Bah..I'll reply all the comments that i should reply soon..when I'm done with my work schedule first.. :) Till then..~tata~

Oct 16, 2008

Robbers on strike again!!! Crazyyyyyyyy!!!!!

*******Click here for the post of last last week robbery ******

Last night was the exact 1 week our office was broke-in last week, and..the robbers came back again last nite!! Jeez!!!!!!!! We haven't even set-up all the security system (Alarm + CCTV + Grille) and they came to our office again!! Aiyooooo!!! Why ah???? I know our office is very nice lah.

This time, the robbers came empty handed lah! Padan muka! As all of us are using notebook already, the robbers have no more computers to cart away. And funny is, they didn't even steal our Ali cafe tea, nescafe, milo, horlicks, aik cheong coffe, white coffee and others at the pantry. This time nothing is taken.

So the conclusion made, the robbers must be an insider! *sigh* Everybody lost their mood to work already but at the same time we are gleefully smiling as the robbers didn't get anything this time!!!! HAHAHA!!!

Oct 15, 2008

Lack of sleep + tired body = Blank mind

Arggggggggggg!!!! Bloody hell, i was about to post my entry when i accidently delete the whole post!!! uwahhhhhhhhh!!! malas already want to type now!!! My so long-molong post gone after 1 hour of typing!!!! I'm sleepy...I'm tired..!! and now..my post gone!! Terus tension!!!! *sigh*
Tonight lah i re-type everything!! Bencinya!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 14, 2008

I want an Elite Nanny for my kids

It has been more than 3 months since my maid gone back to Sabah, leaving my kids so that she can be with her boyfriend. I still cannot find a replacement for her, and the responsibility to look after my kids when I'm at work fall on my MIL shoulder. I feel so guilty for letting my MIL taking care of my kids, but me and hubby have no choice at the moment. Unless, I resign from work and be a SAHM, which I'm not ready yet.
For the past 2 months ++, I've been busy from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until the moment i retired to sleep. My regular schedule which start at 7.15am, usually ended at 1am or 1.30am. I woke up to prepare to work, then prepare son to school, prepare his breakfast, send him to school, and start work at 9am. Since we have lots of project now, my days in office are pretty busy too. If I don't go out for lunch (which I'm not at this moment), I maybe can post 1 post in my blog..if I to go out for lunch, I usually wait until I finish work at 6pm, only to do my posting. Off from work, I sometimes have to drop by at Jusco (near my house) to buy grocerries and other house necessity. Once reached home, I will take at least 1 hour to feed my kids. Other than that, I also need to do all the house chores so that my MIL can rest after a long tiring day. After cleaning my house, I usually shower around 11.30pm and only after my kids sleep, I have the time to online in peace. Hehehe So thats how my life revolved since my maid went back last July.
If only i can find a nanny who has the standard like A Canadian Nannies, I'm sure I will be the happiest person in this whole wide world. Do you know that Canada is one of country with the highest standard living in the world? It is a multicultural and diverse country that values freedom and the family. Because of this, it has become the first choice for many Au Pairs, Nannies and Caregivers interested in Canada.
So....any of you interested to be a nanny or caregiver in Canada?? If you don't know, Elite Care Canada's Services, is recruiting those who is interested to gain Canadian Work Experience to join their program. There are lots of benefits you can get if become a caregivers in Canada like :
  • Possibility to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada after completing at least 2 years of work.
  • Salary paid is no less the minimum wage set in the province in Canada which you are working. (Do visit http://www.nannies-canada.com/ to check on the minimum wage set)
  • Employment Insurance
  • Canadian Pension Plan
  • 1.5 rate for overtime work
  • 8 Days Public Holiday. Etc : New Year, Labor Day, Good Friday and others

But of course there are requirements sets in before you can apply for the program to become a caregivers / nanny in Canada as :

  • Must able to speak, read and understand English / French
  • You must have a clean criminal record.
  • Must willing to follow the rules of the host family you are going to work
  • Must be a non-smoker
  • Must willing to spend at least 35 hours of childcare, related responsibilities and light housework per week.

There you go. Anybody interested now?? Hehe..Its not bad you know with fact that you can apply Canadian PR and lead an interesting life there. Or maybe, you can gain your experience for 2 years in Canada and come back to Malaysia to become a professional nanny for those filthy rich businessman in Malaysia and set you salary with the minimum pay of RM5000 a month?? Heheheheee No kidding here. Even my MIL can earn RM2000++ when she look after her employer's kids few years back.

So..if any of you or maybe have a relatives or friend who is interested to become an elite nanny in Canada, do check nannies-canada.com for more details.


Caught in the Act

*Post was typed last night, but only published on tuesday morning..too lazy to post it last night..

No!! We haven't catch the bad robbers just yet! I don't think we ever will find out who are the robbers anyway. Today monday, I'm still in a somber mood as i still cannot catch up my piled up works that needed to be done urgently. I cannot even finish my works today as I still need to gather all the lost info. *sigh* My mood to blog is kinda low right now. My mind turned blank everytime I'm trying write something decent enough to read..

Anyway...what's up with my post title of Caught in The Act??? Well, actually it was about my son who was caught in the act sometimes ago when we were hanging around at 1-utama. I was with son and daughter (who was sleeping peacefully on her stroller) in a nice clothes shop. I was busy looking for a nice blouse when son (in his usual act) scurrying around trying to find things he can disturbs and destroy. Thats when he saw a lots of the decoration pebbles on the floor of the shop entrance. Son was soooooooooo excited, he started to collect the pebbles and wanting to take it back home. I warned son not to take those pebbles or else, i will tell the shop owner about him taking the pebbles and let the police come and take him for stealing. Son got scared and he did put back 'all' pebbles where he took earlier. So out we were, i was about to go to the other shop when son said this to me...

Son : Mommy....come we go back!!!

Me : why???? Mommy still want to buy something..

Son : Oh!!! Isaac didn't take any of the pebbles ah...

Me : *startled* What???

Son : Isaac didn't take any of the rock..*innocent face*


Son : ...........

Me : Isaac!!! Where is the pebble??

Son : Ayooooo!!! Its in my pocket lah!!!

Me : *doink my head* You better return back the rock now or else mommy will call the police. Do you know its wrong to take people's things without permission???

Son : Hmmmmm...(run back to the shop and throw the rock on the floor and run back to me)

Actually i wanted to laugh when son told me about him not taking the small rock with him! Haha so much for telling me about his act! But i don't want him to think that I'm ok with his act, so with a stern and the most 'garang face' in the world, I told him about his wrongdoing! Hehe Luckily son understand what i told him.

So..thats how i caught son in the act of taking a pebble without permission! No means yes...yes means no!! Hehe thats my understanding of son's attitude. Like that lah! If a small kid like isaac can do that, i guess an adult has no problem doing the same...true or not??? Hehehee

Oct 12, 2008

How on earth they did it?

It has been 4 days since the incident of break-in in our office, and i guess everything has come back to normal already. Four of us, staffs who lost our desktop computers get our notebook last friday and supposedly start doing our pending works, while another six notebook will arrive this monday and I guess after that, everybody will start doing their works from a scratch. (Well, including me of course!). I was a little bit lucky as two of my most important files for operation Department are safe as i have send a copies to hubby 1 day before the robbery took place. But most of my datas for the Admin Dept. are totally gone. Dangs!!! I don't know how long i'm going to take to get everything in order again.

Anyway, the other day, Hombidai commented that our office was easy to break-in as the materials used to build up our office are vulnerable and give the robbers the chance they needed to get inside our office. What i failed to mention was, our office is actually located inside our factory. And our factories are quite impossible to break-in. But the robbers, somehow know what they were doing. I don't know how big the cutter they used, but they managed to cut one of the window grille. How on earth they knew our office is located in one of the factory (we have 3 factories), i have no idea at all. Must be an insider job. It could be our factory workers who run away few months ago, i don't know. It's hard to speculate about it.

This picture was taken from my office in one of our factories. Due to the nature of our office which is supported by i-beams, there is no way it can be built using a concrete or brickwall or anything related. Thats why it is built using a gypsum boards. We are pure unlucky when the robbers gained access into our factory and hacked our wall to get into our office. What to do, our company business is blooming now, and the robbers must had knew about it. *sigh*

I hope after this, my bosses will come to their senses and make our factories and office safer. This year alone, we were robbed twice and like the previous one, the robbers main target was the safe where all our foreign worker's passports are kept. Do you know they can sell one passport for at least 3k in black market?? *Fuiyoooo*

So, to Hombidai, i hope you understand why our office is built using a gypsum boards. Not because my bosses do not want to use stronger material, but due to our office nature, a lighter materials are used to build-up our office.

Anywayyyyyyy, forget about the robbery, is any of you are interested doing your own business? Maybe like the company i'm working now?? Yeah..our business in ID Renovation is getting stronger now. My bosses took a Business Loans few years ago and managed to expand their business at where we are now. Few years back, it was only one old factory for us, but now..we have three big factories already. Who knows, another 2 years from now, we will need a bigger factory to do our work? Hehe

Ok lah! Whoever interested to take a business loan from EZUnsecured.com, do check their site and apply for the Business Loan offered. You won't regret getting their product as you can get these benefits for applying a loan from them:

Easy Process

Fast Funding

Excellent Service

So...what are you waiting for? Apply now and start doing you own business for a better future.

Oct 10, 2008


I get my notebook already!!! Hehee!! Can start visiting you guys!! For those who still drop by to say hello even i didn't managed to get into your blog, THANXXXXXXXX!!!! Hehe..from tonight, KaDusMama will be back in full force in blogging!! ekekeee

Perfect Vision with iLASIK

*I'm tryin to get over with the whole robbery incident..so don't be surprised to see many nonsense post coming.
If you’ve been following my blog since I start blogging, you will find one of my posts regarding on the full medical checkup that I’ve done for this year. My comprehensive medical checkup which also includes an eye test gave me an immense satisfaction of still having a perfect eyesight. Yep! My eye test come with a super flying colour result for both eyes
But..if I ever have a problem with my eyes *TOUCHWOOD!!!!!!!!*, I know I won’t wear any of the contact lens (I have sensitive eyes). Maybe the titanium glasses can help me with my vision but Nope..nope!! I’m sure there is a better way for me to get back my perfect vision. Last year, one of my bosses who wore a spectacle (Actually both wore eyeglasses) for more than 10 years opted to correct his vision by doing a Lasik Surgery! Dangs!!! It does sound scary when a surgery is performed on our eyes, no?? My boss who was sooooooooo excited do that surgery told us that after the surgery, he can say bye..bye to his spectacle. Haha!! He was that excited. After an eye check and routine check to ensure he is fit to do the surgery (I don’t think those with cardiovascular disease are allowed to do this surgery). The whole process of sight correction by Lasik surgery was done within a short period. In just one day, my boss was back to office and checking on us like he usually does. Hehe Of course it’s without a spectacle that time. Though his eyes a little bit red, my boss told us, his eyes never been better. If before surgery, he had only blurry image to see, the few hours after surgery allowed him to see everything in a clear vision. Wohooo!!! It felt like he was being born again!! (My boss say that ya..not me!!).
It's like iLasik is a miracle that give many people the chance to have their vision again. Well, if you don’t know already, iLasik is also widely used in Military and NASA to increase the performance of their mission-critical personnel using this laser vision correction, LASIK technology .As a modern LASIK surgery, iLasik uses two lasers instead of one. The wave technology maps the unique characteristis of the individual's eyes. It is also proven to provide excellent safety and visual results. No wonder the millitary opted to use this to achieved a a better vision for their personnel.
Well, I guess you won't really understand this iLasik thing unless you read it yourself. So why not check this LASIK information to get better information about this LASIK surgery. Post?slot_id=

Oct 9, 2008

Robbers and Eyeglass

I'm still in depress right now as I can't do my mounting works which need to be done ASAP! Luckily hubby went to site now and I can borrow his notebook to do some of my works including blogging. Its so obvious everybody in the office was like in total lost right now as everybody are depending on computers to do our works. But given the condition that all the desktop computers are gone now, i don't think any of us will fully function until we get back all our works format and start doing it all over again! Jeez!! I don't know how long I'm going to do everything as some of my works are even for year 2009!!! *sigh*
After we cleaned our office yesterday (Yeah!! Now everything is in order again!!), everybody was checking and evaluating their losses. I lost my PDA phone, but its ok! It was old anyway!! However, one of our staff who kept this one Vietnamese worker's Passport and last month salary lost both thing when he stupidly keep those important thing in his drawer instead of bringing it back home with him! Other than that, one of my bosses was so angry as his eyeglass wasn't spared by the robbers!! He was in his room looking and searching for his spectacle but it was nowhere to be found! Pity him!!!! Well, it not just a normal eyeglass that cost RM200-300 but an eyeglass that cost around RM800-RM1000!
If only he is not fussy and willing to pay a cheap price for a high quality and trendy eyeglasses from ZenniOptical.com. With their huge selection of frames, with single visions lens, sunsensor (photochromic) lens, bifocal lens and progessive lens, I'm sure my boss will be more than happy to get an eyeglass for himself from Zennioptical.com. If only he read my post, and get his interests to get at least one of the new arrived frames. Hehe
I still have a perfect vision now, but if i'm ever going to use an eyeglass in the future, i dont mind to wear one like this pure titanium eyeglass. It look so high class and trendy you know! But... that just me, what about you?? Why don't you check ZenniOptical.com to check one of those trendy glasses from them. Who know you might be interested with it?

P/s : Cannot help myself to do this post!! Too good to resist!! hehe

Oct 8, 2008

Bloody BASTARD punya robbers!!!!

I'm curently using hubby's notebook to update my blog today. Maybe some of you do noticed that i didn't pay you a visit which i usually does early in morning! No msg in the chatbox and no comment on your post. This because my office is in a total mess right now!!! Sakit hati nie!!!!!!!!!! Our office was broke-in last night and everything was gone!!! Uwahhhhhh!!!! Just see my pixs which were taken using my lousy handphone.

I reached office at 9.00am this morning and got this rude shock when i was about to enter our office!!!!! Yeah!! second time robbed clean this year!! Bastard betul the robbers. If last time i only lost my so full of data external hardisk, now my pc is gone forever!!!

The robbers even had a time to eat some oranges and bscuits while doing their 'dirty job!! This is my colleague table which was the worst among all!!

My colleague safe that one of the most durable thing you can find was badly damaged by this farking robbers!! But thank god all the pasports and money were not touched!! Next time, you all should buy this type of safe to keep your important stuffs. No amount of force can open it!!

My area which was in a total mess!!! Bodoh punya robbers!!!

I lost 1 PDA phone which i kept in my drawer! and of course my pc is gone now. The most bloody thing the robbers had done was to steal our coffee, milo and everything at our pantry!!! Sakit jiwanya!!! Nasib ada one pack of Ali Cafe for us to drink!!

So like that lah what happend today!! I won't be able to online for these 2 days or at least until our notebooks arrive either tomorrow or this friday! Imagine 10 desktop computers and 1 laptop were gone in a sec last night!!
I will still online at home tonight, but i don't think i will leave any msg to any of your blog. I will read each of your posts, but no comments lah!! :( Now, i have to think about all my lost works. Aiyaaa!!!! How lah to do everything when the cpu was taken too..all my works was there and not backed-up yet!! BENCI LAH!!!!! I hope the robbers will rot in hell!!!!!Bastards betul!!!!!!!!!
A word of advice here..everybody should be careful from now on..! So many cases had happend in our area now...! Even the Big Novel office was broke-in recently!!! So guys out there..be extra careful ya!!!!

Oct 6, 2008

Working Zombie

It's monday again! Ya! I just hate my monday..I think I'm going to tell the whole world how much I hate monday everytime monday approaching. hehehe So....what up with me being a working zombie today?? Hmm...let me share with you what had happend yesterday and caused me to be a working zombie. My day yesterday started at 8.15am when I woke up to go to the wet market for the weekly food supply. 8.15am was ok if only I slept early on the previous night, but nope..! I slept very..very late which almost dawn by the time I closed my eyes. *sigh*

After I reached home for the grocerries shopping, I had to do all the pending house chores like ironing all the clothes, tidying my kids things, clean my room (which is still in a mess until now), and all things! Not to forget, I need to cook lunch , bathed my kids, feed them, put them to sleep for their afternoon nap, rushed to clean the kitchen, swept the floor, do the mopping, then after my kids woke up, bathed them again, cooked dinner, feed my kids, sweep the floor again, mopping and by the time I finished everything, it was already 11.30pm! I took my shower at 11.45pm as I smelled rank. I online at 12.15am to check some stuffs and went to sleep around 1am. Just when I was about to drift off to my 'Lala Land', daughter, (she slept with me and hubby) suddenly woke up from her sleep and start crying telling me her tummy ached. There I was, in a middle of a night, comforting daughter and patting her back for almost 30mins to lull her back to her sleep. When I was about to sleep again, daughter jerked from her sleep again and start to scream telling me, her nose was painful. *sigh again*! There I was again, patting and comforting daughter until she sleep back and left me in a cranky mood as I was really sleepy that time. I only managed to get my beauty sleep when the clock shows it was almost 4.30am! Few hours sleep, I woke up at 7.15am to prepare to go to work!

I have not enough sleep for myself and starting to have this bad leaking nose again!!! This morning, I was sneezing like 1000 times and finished 1 roll of tissues for my running nose. I was sleepy, uncomfortable, sick and still, I need to finish loads of work in office. So you tell me lah?? With my condition, don't you think I'm like a working zombie today? I really do have this pale and no energy face the whole day today! Guess I scared our clients when they came for a meeting today! Hehehe

Anyway, I'm not sure how am I going to study if my day will be like this everyday. I already apply an online course from our local university and though it's not yet confirm, I'm not sure how am I going to juggle my life as a working mom who has to do everything when I only have 24 hours in my day. In case you are wondering, I'm going to further my study (if i'm accepted) and the course I'm applying has a similarity with this Medical Assistant course offered in the medical assistant school online. It is a course that has no traditional classrooms at a strict timings and has a flexible program schedule which means I can have my classes anywhere, anytime with no hindrance to my daily schedule, hence I can save time and money while studying (Yeah..yeah! If only I'm not working and no kids to look after). The bonuse I can get from studying through online is I will get the all-time online support to resolve my queries and problems I may face in the future. But unlike the Medical Assistant online course which only took 6-8 weeks to complete, the course I'm applying now will take about 4 years to finish. Hah!!! I'm going to die for sure. I think I should apply to become a medical assistant instead of taking the course I'm applying now! At least it cheaper and only costs around $645 to complete the whole course, while the course I'm applying now costs around RM90 per credit hour and I need to take about 90 credit hours??? RM90.00 x 90 = RM8100!! *faint*

Well, I'm not going to tell you what course I'm taking , but in case I don't get the 'secret course', I maybe opt to become a medical assistant in the future. Haha!! What do you think???

What's important now is, I need to find a way to juggle my life and my daily routine as a working mom who need to look after my kids and at the same time, find the time to study and make sure my house won't be a total disaster by the time I'm going to start my course. Do you think I can do it??? I don't know. I'm in doubt about myself too. Just hope I won't lose my sanity when I start to have a life as a mother to my kids, workers to my company, wife to my dear hubby, a blogger and also a student!


Oct 4, 2008

Holiday at 'High Hill' or Bukit Tinggi

Ahhhh...finally saturday has come..! I'm happy and very excited as i have one house to attend for a HARI RAYA open house..ekekeke! Pity me lah..I have no house to go lah!! I merely following my sister to her x-colleague's house! Can't wait to eat that delicious rendang, lemang and ketupat (if any) and lots of the kuih raya..
Sooooooo...where was I on 2nd day of Raya??? Hehe Me and family went to "High Hill" only lah!! Not Cameron Highland but just to a place called Bukit Tinggi! I'm sure most of you already know Bukit Tinggi existance, right?? I always know about Bukit Tinggi, but never had a chance to go there..! Don't know what come to hubby last wednesday nite, he suddenly want to go to this nice place..
What to know about Bukit Tinggi?? Well, it is located somewhere after Genting Highlands and really high up on a hill. We reached there around 11.45am after 45 mins drive from home and the first place we went to was the Horse Park..! If you want to give a try to ride a horse, well here is one good place for you to do so. Only son did ride a horse at the park. We paid RM25 for a 10 minutes lead trail ride. Quite costly, don't you think??

See, son is sooooooooo small on the giant horse. Hehe! He was scaredy-cat at first, but after few minutes, he was ok!

While son enjoying his ride, i was burned under the hot son while trailing son from the back! Crazy i tell you..my shoulder is still has the burning sensation until now.
After horse park, we went to the Rabbit park pulak! Yaiks!! Only my kids get excited seeing so many rabbits running freely in the park. Actually..i was excited too..hahahaa! Oh the fees to enter this park is RM3 per person. Free for children below 2 years old.

Hubby with my kids feeding the rabbits! Isaac keep chasing after all the rabbits around, trying to feed them with the rabbit's food. He even told me he wanted to take one of the rabbits back home and keep it as his pet. (haha!! I don't think a rabbit will even last one day under Son's care)

See...many rabbits kan??

After Rabbit Park, we went to the Japanese Culture Village. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily when we reached there. *sigh* So what we did was, went to the nearby Japanese restaurant and had our lunch there (Bad choice!!!!) while waiting for the rain to stop. Goodness!! The food at the restaurant was super expensive, i don't think its worth with what we paid at all. Imagine, a bowl of mee cost about RM29.90?? And a small bowl of Fried Rice (i ate this fried rice) costs about RM11.50??? Crazy huh?? Even a glass of green tea costs about RM5!!!

Japanese Restaurant packed with so many people

Fried rice that cost RM11.50!

I think this place is called Zen Garden..

As it was still raining after we had our lunch, we didn't go to the Japanese House and Garden at all. My MIL was with us, so its going to be difficult if we have to climb the stairs when it was still drizzling that time.

So off from Japanese Village, we head on to Colmar Tropicale. This place is ok lah! You will feel like you are somewhere in French like that. Hehehe We didn't do much here except taking so many..many..many pix! (To enter Japanese Village and Colmar Tropicale, you need to pay a fees of RM10 for adult and RM8 for kids)

Under construction castle

Like in France pulak! Hehe

Me and sis were posing like idiot here. Hehehee Due to some reasons, my sis wanted me to censor her face from the pix as she doesn't want to be famous in my blog! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OK..OK!! Back to story, I like the drawbridge-look-alike bridge very much. It was like the drawbridge i always imagine in my story book.

So like that lah my day in Bukit Tinggi last thursday! We went back around 4.50pm and reached home around 5.40pm! It was a very..very tiring day for me but still, i had a fun and enjoyable day with my family!! ~THE END~

*Penatnya mengarang cerita nie!!