Jul 24, 2008

The Step to achieve 'Victory Hair'

This is the third post or probably my last post to share with you guys about a flirting skills to achieve Victory Hair . What?? Again??? Hehe..sorry guys, I think you have to bear with my 'so called' good flirting skills. Frankly speaking, I never really good in flirting, but of course I know what to expect from a guy who wanted to flirt with me. (Actually, only hubby can flirt with me now). But, before I give you all my flirting tips, I think I do need to explain what is 'Victory Hair' after all. But lets do it in my term.

My beautiful friend who has the most beautiful styled hair and me went to have a drink at Secret Recipe when this one sexy hunk with a sexy spiky hair came in and sit at the table next to us. My beautiful friend and sexy hunk cannot resist to look at each other, and the next thing thing I know, sexy hunk was already sitting next to my friend asking for her number. My friend was so nervous she keep pulling and twisting her hair , while sexy hunk cannot stop touching his hair to make sure it was still standing tall and look sexy. Little they know that they hair were already messed up because of their unintended actions to hide their nervousness. At the end, both were happy because they get each other number and will catch up with each other for their next date. hehehe!! And that's what I call Victory Hair!

Ok! If somebody want to flirt with me to achieve his victory hair, these are the steps he needed to follow :

  • Give me a sincere smile and not the kind of lusty smile.
  • If I smile back, it means I might be interested with you. What you need to do next is, ask me politely if you could sit next to me.
  • Do not forget to introduce yourself but please..don't babble too much about yourself or else I will die of boredom for the need to listen too much about yourself.
  • After introducing yourself, you can write your number on a small piece of paper and not on an A4 size paper. If you think I will appreciate the large paper given to me, I'm not! I will use the paper to clean my house window or throw it in the dustbin.
  • Anyway, if I took your number and keep it nicely in my purse, please thank me for keeping your number.
  • Lastly, ask me if I want to have a drink with you. If I agree, you are already 70% achieving Victory hair.

Hahaha!! Ok!! Ok!! enough with my nonsense here. Please ignore my lame tips just now. I only want you guys to try the Ultimate Flirting Championship of Extreme Style by VO5. It will be so much fun you know. It is either you become the contestent who need to answer questions from the judge or you become the judge who asks questions to the contestants. In the end, the best flirt couple of all will achieve victory hair along with the judge. *phew* So dear friends, don't wait any longer, try you best to get the highest score now. Good Luck!!

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Nick Phillips said...

LOL! I did this 3 times too that I was running out of things to write about ... The things we do to earn extra money ... LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ Hahaha!! Actually I have 4 of it..But i pass the other one. I totally run out of idea on what to write!! haha