Jul 3, 2008

Your kids love you if...

Ayak!! Another rainy day for me. Really hate it when I had my car washed, sekali...Raining pulak! Now my car becomes dirty again, office pulak cold like a freezer..*sigh*

I was supposed to confront son's teacher at school (today) about her rude manner while teaching her students, but I woke up a little bit too late this morning. Kelam kabut preparing, didn't managed to go off early. Aiyooo..have to postpone the confrontation tomorrow. This time, I'm going to drag hubby to the school as well. At least I have somebody to back me up.
Anyway, last night, something really sweet happend to me. Heheheheeee Nothing big actually, just the story about my kids. (macam biasa lah kan). I was in my from checking my blog when son and daughter decided to disturb me. Jumping here and there, then suddenly son squeaked in panic (really loud)
Me : *Blank* Huh?? What happend??? Son : It's bleeding..YOU SEE GOT BLOOD ALREADY!! Me : Oh! its nothing..just bleed a little bit (actually I went to squeez my pimple..hehe) Son : Aiyooooo...Mommy got blood lah! Wait...... Me : It's ok..!! Son : Nah! Come Isaac 'lap' for you..(He took a cotton to wipe the blood) Me : Ok! Thank You.. Son : Hah!! Seeee...no more blood now. It's ok..Isaac already clean for mommy..no more painful! Me : Ok..Thank you. (while son still prodding my face)
Isn't it wonderful to know son did noticed the unimportant matter happend to me?? It was just a tiny squeezed pimple you know, but for son..it was a big matter. He is really concerned I'm in pain because I had a blood on my face. Son was worry, he try to clean the blood and comforting me at the same time. I'm soooo touched with my son doing tau!!...and then a little later, Daughter also did something to me.
Daughter : *accidently poked my mouth with her little finger while jumping around me*
Me : uwah!! huuu..huuu!! (pretending crying) Daughter : SOWEEEEE MOMMY!! Son : HAH!!! See...cicah cucuk mommy's mouth already..!! hahhhhhh!!! (Trying to scare his sister) Daughter : Sowee mommy!! Cicah cayang..cayang.. (She sayang me by scratching my face). Me : Ok!! Mommy ok already..no more painful.. Daughter : Cayang..cayang..(still scratching and poking me)
With the two incidents happend, I'm sooooo touched by my kids gesture. They are still very small, but they know how to express their concern and make mommy feel better. *smile*
A question here, if you have a kids or if you are a prents, do your kids tell you they love you?? Or do you tell your kids you love them?? I do tell my kids I love them, but in BM lah..hahaha..I always tell them, "Mommy, Sayang you". But my Son really like to tell me and hubby he loves us. Hehe..sometimes when we were watching TV, son will come to us and say "Isaac love mommy, daddy, inesha and Amma (grandma)" Aiseh..!! How I love his spontaneity. (even hubby also didn't say he love me for a long time already).
Being a kid like easier kan? Nothing to worry, nothing to stress about. What I love about kids being a kids are, they are very innocent and because of that they are not afraid to show their true feeling. They have soooooooo much love to give to the people around them and they want their feeling to be known. Do you think us adult can do that? You know, showing no boundry loves to our family and tell them we love them everyday? *sigh* I don't know. I don't think I can do that to my parents. Nda biasa lah. Whatever happend in the future, I hope my kids will continue to tell me they love me even after they have family their own. If I die one day..at least I will die in peace and feel loved. *Sleepy while typing this post..haha if I don't make sense in this post, means I'm drifting to sleeping mode..


Unknown said...

kadus mama, im a fan of ur blog, and luv ur post esp today. budak2 ni betul2 "innocent" kan..kalau urg tua pula nonsense, hehehe. mmg diorang pun sayang mama durang...so cute..

KaDusMama said...

urang ranau ~ hahahahaaa!! orang tua nonsense kah?? haha punya funny sia rasa! But memang bah budak..they can express their love without restricting themselves from flaunting it. If only we adult can do that..aiseh..best kan..
*you are fan of my blog?? Hehe I'm a fan of your blog too..

Little Inbox said...

Your kids are soooooo sweeeeet....They melt your heart, right?

Wel^Beiolman said...

wah..cute la ur child..great god coz they have a good mum jg ba tu..hehe..but..gitu ka bi durang..jan kama kasi besa broken..best tu kecil2 suda ckp bi..tp mesti kasi ajar jg bahasa kita la..hehe....mesti aktif ni ur child kan..good kids..mental cerdas la tu..hehe..

KaDusMama said...

little inbox ~ Yeah..my kids make me smile for no reason..and of course they melt my heart..

KaDusMama said...

wel^beiolman ~ mama dorang nie selalu marah2 dorang ba..kesian juga dorang tu..
BI dorang becampur BM..akakaka! But kalau ko suruh cakap straight BI..pandai juga bah tu..pa bulih buat..3 languages kana pakai di rumah..dorang pun tecampur..
My son bulih sudah sikit melayu dia..but my daughter bulum lagi..Ok bah sabah slang dorang..hehe at least masih tau mana mau kasi taruh tu 'bah'..nda main hantam jak cakap..

Ratu Syura said...

Awwww... siok betul baca how loving your kids are! It's all boils down to the upbringing. Kalau the parents loving, the kids pun ikut loving jugak. As kids we used to be like that too. I wonder what happened to us bila sudah besar until mau cakap i love you pun malu.. i don't remember the last time i said 'i love you' to my mom.. i think a month ago la!!

Deana E said...

agree with syura..i always say i love to sona now, her dad too.

KaDusMama said...

Ratu syura ~ Hehe!! When my kids in their Lovey-lovey mode, they really make me happy, but sekali in the naughty mode, hahaha!! mother also want to pengsan! I think if we are used to say I Love U..besar-besar nanti no problem juga tu..like me, mana pernah pun kena cakap love2 nie..end-up besar, tia pernah pun tell my parents I love them.. :(

Deana e ~ Thats a good start for you and sona. When she can tell you she loves you, its like a priceless reward you ever get.

Unknown said...

I tell my son "I love you" every night before he goes to sleep.. Then he'll say "I love you too mommyyy...." If on the phone with daddy.. mesti ending with "I love you Daddy.. take care!" Deii.. pandai2 add take care lagi! LOL!

Even just now, he said "Alishya, I love you.. Can I hug you?? You are my baby sister!" LOL! Funny pula sia tinguk!

But I hope I'll be able to teach them how important telling the people you love how much you love them. I sometimes regret not telling my dad I love him the last time I met him. I just tell myself that he knows already... but still..

Anyways, you've done a great job to raise 2 caring and loving kids! They're sooo kiut miut and smart!