Jul 23, 2008

Pick the wrong line and you are kabooommm!!

Pretend that you were me. You were waiting for a bus to go back to your house when this one 'not so cool' guy went near you and asked you this ;
"Hey Sweetie, are you the girl who work at the *Star Pub?? Because I think you look more beautiful than the last time I saw you!"
What the....!! Well, that's what this guy had uttered to me last time when I was still a student. I'm not sure whether he tried to flatter me by telling I'm getting more beautiful than the last time he saw me (I have no idea who he was), but he surely make me super angry with his remark of me working in a pub. What kind of pick-up line is that to flirt with a girl? I don't think any girl will be flattered with that kind of remark. Right??
That guy should probably use this line to flatter me;
"Hey sweetie, did you just eat a sweet just now? Because i swear you have the sweetest smile i've ever seen"
See, second line sounds much better than the first line, right? I'm sure if the guy use the second line, he will already achieve a "Victory Hair". What?? You don't know what victory hair is?? Ok, let me explain it to you. You have a sexy hair and you meet a guy with even more sexy sleek looking hair. The two of you looking at each other, and the next thing you know, both of you get a pretty messed up hair. hehe!! That is how you make Victory hair.
So, do you think you still can achieve victory hair?? Why not try to play Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game to test your own flirting abilities. Who knows you have no abilities to flirt anymore?? Haha!! I've already try this game and it is actually very fun. I'm not telling you whether I'm good in flirting or not, but you can try this game yourself. Just remember this, don't flirt too much and use a wrong pick-up line or else your hair will 'kaboommmm'! Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

d mana ko tunggu bus t? depan rumah kita? or d tasik sana? hahahahahaha..punya bidah tu pick up line tu guy..hahahahaha

KaDusMama said...

pyn79 ~ bukan dekat rumah..masa sia mau balik dari the Mines..tunggu tu city liner bus..bangang betul the guy! nda pun sia layan! ahahaha

Anonymous said...

The Mines? Mana ko belajar dulu ni TT?

Sa rasa pick-up line yg ko suggest tu akan digunakan oleh tanakwagu2 yang sdg mengurat gadis pujaan dorang :D Nti sa try. mana tau masih laku lagi hahaha

Lab papa said...

hahaha what about me yang almost rambut dapan pun mo abis? heheh

KaDusMama said...

ornest ~ sia study di UPM bah dulu..
bah..terai..jangan tia terai..

lab papa ~ erk!! apa kata ko pakai wig?? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Ternyata ko ni junior sa dululah ni.. Sa grade 1998. Dulu sa tinggal di Taman Universiti, yg atas bukit tu... Apa course ko ambil dulu? Anyway, Nice to see you here :D