May 27, 2008

Your beauty worth USD$10,000??

Yeah! If you have the package; Beautiful Unique looks, The Height and Sexy Body (Men or Women), please submit your most gorgeous photos to Winning USD$10,000 and being one of the elite models in Paris, New York and Milan is not going to be a dream anymore. If your photo get rated and become the most favourite of all, you are definitely one step higher of becoming a famous person. Don't you want that?

If only I'm tall enough, I have no qualm joining this contest. Hehe Luckily I'm a shortie and that make me not qualified to participate this contest. I also think I'm a little bit too old for the beauty contest. Who want an old, short and flabby model like me right? *laugh* But seriously guys, if you are young, beautiful and has the model look, you should try your luck at Look of The Year. There is nothing difficult about it. Just submit you most beautiful photos and hopefully become "The One" they are looking for.


Kobie said... too old to join dis Kadus..heheh

Kadus_Mama said...

Kobie ~ Ya lah..we are too old to join already kan..but you still have the look mah..ehehehe so consider can lah..