May 25, 2008

Dockers Contest! Must check..

It is sunday night and I'm still busy checking my email and replying them. Gosh!! Shouldn't I be sleeping right now?? I already know I have a busy week ahead of me, but still I'm glued infront of Hubby's laptop. Somebody ought to tell me that sunday is supposed a day for resting and not doing other thing.
Anway, I was at Poppy Garden last night for Kadazanbonita's birthday party. The party was awesome because I've met few bloggers like Ratu Syura, Rafiq and Olivia (She is new to me :) ). It was great because finally we met with each other. What was not really great about yesterday night was 'what to wear for the party' problem. Yeah..I had the problem to choose on what to wear. I wish can be like Jennifer Lopez who look absolutely stunning and beautiful in everything she had on her. Its doesn't matter if it is a dress, a khakis, a Skinny type of Jeans maybe like Dockers , or even a 'sarong'. Jennifer Lopez will never look bad in it. Secretly, I was hoping to have at least a little bit of her coolness of dressing. However, the moment I was with my dear friends last night, I can sensed that nobody even bother to see what I've been wearing. Phewwww!!! I sincerely hope my new friends won't say I dress up pretty bad last night.


Anyway, do you guys still remember the Dockers contest I've mentioned in my previous post before? Don't you think you are interested with it? Why not check the site out for more info? Perhaps you might change your mind to join it. I'm not really sure if My Blue Jeans story is creative enough to be submitted for the Dockers contest but no harm trying right? But of course I will need a creative idea from somebody who can help with the video making? Perhaps I should ask hubby??? He might want to help me with it. :)
Look at the time now!! Darn!! Its already 11.45pm. I know some of you think it still early, but not me. I have to wake early and go to work tomorrow. Guess I have to stop now. Wish you guys a good night and don't forget to check Dockers Contest ok!!

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