May 21, 2008


Have you ever witnessed accident happend right infront of your eyes? No!! Not the scratch between two cars but a deadly accident which involve dead body???
I'm still in shocked now. I was on my way to office this morning when I was stucked in a jam near my house. The only matter came into my mind was..large volume of vehicles out to the highway from Sungai Buloh toll. Of course a car accident did cross in my mind, but not at the way I'm using to my office.
50meter from my car, I can see paramedics and ambulance at the side of the road, I thought there must be accident somewhere, but no..i didn't see any car or anything indicate an accident had happend. Until I reached the exact location of the paramedics, I saw a small size body been covered with a cloth. OMG!!! I was so stupid to look on the road because the sight I was seeing not pleasant at all! I was seeing almost headless covered body and quite few chunk of flesh splattered on the road!!! I only managed to say.. OH MY GOD and looked away from it. I was REALLY SCARED!!! However, the scene I'd saw already planted in my brain and I've been thinking about it until now.
I heard a traffic report saying that the accident involving a Motorbike and a TRAILER!!! Poor victim (I think the victim was a lady). I cannot imagine how the family will react seeing their beloved one died in that kind of condition. It is really..really word can describe my mixed feeling to witness this kind of thing in my early day today.


chegu carol said...

Aiyoooooooo...almost headless?! So gory experience.

When accident happens, I as much as possible will not want to look at dead bodies (if any)...but kdg2 ndak sengaja, like you, ternampak...aduii, buli teringat-ingat bah.

Early this month, there was an accident along jalan penampang by-pass. A gen2 tried to avoid another car, flew and landed on top of a wira on the other side of the lane. Hancur bah the car's front top. Then, we slowly passed the scene, i didn't realize ada org injured or died until i saw a body lying at the road side, covered in white cloth. Only nampak the feet saja. Nasib kena covered, kalu ndak...gila eh terbawa2 dlm mimpi.

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu ~ I thought no accident bah car no nothing kan..mana tau itu motorbike already shifted somewhere..sampai sekarang masih lagi tebayang2 the flesh beampaian atas jalan!!
Wah!! boleh juga tu gen2 te'terbang?? laju maybe kan?? if slow nda kan boleh sampai tepigi the other side of the lane..
Eeeee..apa pun bikin takut oh! menyesal sia tenampak

Nick Phillips said...

I hate accidents. There was one that I witness with my own eyes seeing this motorbike rider die right in front of my eyes. I was traumatized for days after that. And it was really gory. His head was crushed open like a watermelon by a trailer!!! I could hardly drive after that. My hands and knees were shivering ... man, I hate accidents!

Azwan said...

My gosh! That's horrible. I hope you can get rid off the scene from your mind quickly. It's gonna be tough though, because I've similar experience too. Mine wasn't as bloody as yours, but I've seen a poor wife crying pathetically next to his unconscious husband on the side of a road over at Inanam. It looked like their motorcycle was hit by a car. Urghhh...until now, every time a pass the place, the memory will come, and I feel misery!

I pray for the poor girl.

queen bee said...

Never want to see anything like that, "Palis-palis".. *speechless*

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick ~ Yeah!! I hate it too..!!! I was eating my lunch and suddenly the flesh on the road came into my mind..It really killed my appetite then and there..God! how you get rid of the gory image of head got crushed by a trailer??? I don't think i can..

Azwan ~ It's horrible i tell you..starting a day by seeing a dead body..I've witnessed one accident before, also a motorbike rider. The poor guy's head was 1/2 crushed. I was pregnant that time and almost puke in my husband car.

Kadus_Mama said...

Queen Bee ~ Pray you won't encounter with this kind of horrible experience. It's bad!!

chegu carol said...

OMG Nick...that was even gory experience. I cant imagine myself seeing all those horrid images even though I'm quite ok with those shown in movies.

little inbox said...

Not a pleasant experience at all. We are human beings, definitely we will feel scare. And also sad for the victim

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu ~ Ya! If i were nick..nightmare ntah berapa tahun terus!!

Little inbox ~ Yeah! Scared and at the same time feel soooo sad thinking about the poor victim's family