May 17, 2008

Tag : Time Capsule

This meme was forwarded to me by Choc Mint Girl...

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~Start Copy~

According to Free dictionary : * The Time Capsule is a container for preserving historical records to be discovered at some future time. * A Time Capsule is a historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with people in the future. How to play "Time Capsule": 1. Copy from "~Start Copy~" until "~End Copy~". 2. Post at your site(s) about "What you would like to put in your Time Capsule & Why" --> something that has a special value in your life or something that will remember you as a person. 3. Feel free to help me spread this Time Capsule by putting the "Time Capsule badge" at your sidebar blog and please tag as many friends as you can. You can get the code in here . 4. When you are finished posting, you can leave your url post & your blog name at with the subject "Time Capsule". And I will post your url on Master List. ~End Copy~ KaDusMama say : If i can preserve something in the capsules, i want to bottle up all my happiness inside it. I want somebody to know that happiness does exist even when sadness is surrounding us. No matter how sad our life has been, there must be one happiness in it.

So there it goes. I think i'm going to tag Sumandak Sabah , Teacher Maurine and Ornest to do this tag.


Juliana RW said...


Thanks to play TC tag with me :D You have wonderful post.... Hope many people will join with us in here. Btw, I added you to master list. Have a nice weekend.

KaDusMama said...

Picturing of life ~ Thanx to you too..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Love your answer, Cuz! Make sense. :)

KaDusMama said...

choc mint ~ hehe! Mesti mau happy2 kan..