May 24, 2008

My day with.....

Everyday, when I opened my wardrobe looking for the perfect attire for me to go to work, I will scratched my no itchy head and stand there for at least 5 minutes thinking what I should be wearing. Gosh!! Why is it so hard to be a woman?? I can assure you my wardrobe is too packed with all type of clothing and yet, I can tell my dear hubby I have no clothes to wear. Haha How weird is that? Anyway, if I can't make a decision on what to wear after 5 minutes of standing, I will simply grab my favourite old blue jeans and matched it with my colourful tops. Luckily our office management allowed us, the three girls in office to wear Jeans as our working attire. Heheee Jelous already? Come and work in my office.
Back to my favourite dark blue jeans, this no famous brand jeans is not a Dockers but it became my favourite after the loss of my favourite Black Jeans. I'd been wearing the Black Jeans for almost 5 years when it decided to 'die' (Completely ripped off at the back) on me. I was so sad when I first lost it because Black Jeans was so perfectly fitted on me. After few months of losing Black Jeans, I was shopping around at 1-Utama when I accidently bump into this one particular shop. I went inside and merely trying one of their jeans and never have a plan to buy one. Hehe To my surprised, the Blue Jeans fitted me exactly like my old Black Jeans. No second thought, the Blue Jeans was mine within a second. Until now, Blue Jeans is always my choice wherever I went.


Do you think my favourite jeans story is too dramatic?? Maybe I should make a story in a form of video about losing Black Jeans and founding Blue Jeans. After making the video, I could submit it for a contest like Dockers contest . Who knows my story could win the Dockers TV Commercial Contest? Hehe What about you? Any story of particular Jeans that make you happy whenever you wear one? You should make a video about it and submit it for Dockers contest too. If I cannot win the contest, who knows you might win it? Hehe
Anyway, as I have told you guys, I'm having a Birthday party to attend tonight. If I can't make a decision on what I should be wearing, I can assure you that Blue Jeans will be my first choice. It will save lots of my time thinking and contemplating infront of my wardrobe. To KadazanBonita, Syura and Rafiq, will see you guys tonight.

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Ratu Syura said...

Hii~!! Best dapat jugak jumpa ko finally! Next time hopefully can hang out lebih lama together! :D

Kadus_Mama said...

syura ~ Iya!! punya main enjoy ceta2 sama time kita lepaks d The Curve lagi..hhehehe