May 21, 2008

More money for me

As I logged in into my email just now, I got an email to notify me the blog which I've submitted to Bloggerwave has been approved. YIPEE!!!!! That means, I'm going to get more opportunities to make money online. I'm supposed to be happy right? Of course I am. Anyway, quite many of my friends have just started their blog. I'm hoping to share this golden opportunity with them. My message to my dear friends...
~ Nurtured your blog,
~ Make it an exciting blog to read
~ Increase more traffic to your blog
~ Make you blog as one of the popular blog in blogosphere
Once you think your blog has all the criteria needed, submit your blog to Bloggerwave and get it approved. Hopefully you can make an extra income to buy a shoes, handbag or the PS3 you have been eyeing for months. Good Luck guys...


Azwan said...

I just like to read and leave comment on people blog hehehe...

chegu carol said...

Azwan..dont worry...leaving comments behind is more than enough for blog owners like us..right TT?

Anyways, i'm lagging behind betul kalo psl paid post 1 month plus sdh sa teda bikin paid post. Baru start bikin today. Itu pun, mo dkt2 expired sdh baru sa pi bikin. Malas bah mo login pi paid post sites. Kunu2 busy bah lately.

I am yet to join socialpark...what more bloggerwave...tnggu my one week hols lah baru sa discover suma ni.

M@uRiNe said...

Wah... sioknya juga side income macam ni but me still long way to go. Blogging just for fun and shoo the rust on my writing skill hehehe... Will berguru from you guys later :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Azwan ~ I love every comments you gave. It's more than enough to ask from you.. :) (Give more comment next time..heheheheee)

Chegu ~ Nah cuti skul start this lagi!! Berabis bah buat paid post..heheee

m@urine ~ Palan-palan bah..when suma sudah ok..mari kita sama2 cari side income online... :)

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