May 23, 2008

I'm sick and tired

As much as I want to blog yesterday, I cannot type anything because my mind was really..really tired. My body was aching, felt like my energy was drained out somewhere. Trying hard to type, but no..the mood was not there.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep last night. My nose was like a leaking pipe which prompted me to block my nose with a tissue while trying hard to sleep. My small eyes now indicate that I'm going to be sick. *sigh* Sudah lah tonight I'm going to KadazanBonita's Birthday Party. Hope I can make it because I really want to meet the other blogger like Ratu Syura, Rafiq and lain-lain.

Other is the begining of Mid Year school holiday. Son was having a party at school yesterday. Punya best seeing all the kids at school dressing up soo nicely for the party. Son lagi lah excited. First time can dressed up like a 'leng chai'. I went to his school for a while to take their photos and surely I noticed son has a bunch of close friends in his class. Punya main cuteeeee they all.

Muka Gengster nie!!

Nettish (left), Isaac (son), Harry (right) , Zhe Yi (back)

Isaac and Zhe Yi

Bout Zhe Yi, Son cannot stop talking about him when he is at home. All his story must have Zhe Yi in it. Heheh I guess this two is buddy-buddy lah now. See how different their size...Zhe Yi is one very tall and big size 4 years old kid. I thought he was 6 years old when I first met him. Hahaha

Oh..son is going back to my hubby's hometown today. He is going to follow my MIL and will stay there for 'i don't know' how long. Hopefully not very long because me and daughter are going miss him very much. Nobody going to make noise and disturb us. Sunyi sepi terus rumah..

Ok head is getting dizzier every second *kepala bengong*. Now I need to finish my Al-Jazeera project schedule and meet my friend later. Wish you guys a nice weekend. Chiao~


Anonymous said...

kadusmama -- what al-jazeera project are you doing?

Choc Mint Girl said...

Ada geng sudah si Isaac. :) Eh, Cuz, hope you're getting better and do send my regards to Syura if you got the chance to meet her! Pssttt... don't reveal too many of our secrets ahhh... you know what I mean heheheheee... ;D

KaDusMama said...
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KaDusMama said...

Zenoed ~ Oh!! Our company is renovating their office di KLCC bah tu.. :)

Choc Mint ~ Iya! ada sudah isac punya geng..hehe kiut kan..
Hehehe..semalam telampau siok kami becerita2...macam 10 tahun sudah kenal..but don't worry..nothing much about us juga bah..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Wah, sioknya! Inilah kebaikan blog community kan. Ada ambil gambar? :)

KaDusMama said...

Choc Mint ~ I didn't bring camera that day..tapi ada tu pix d facebook..Syura sudah upload..