Sep 13, 2008

Tag : Difficult-to-do

I got tagged again!! ahahahaaaaa...OMG!! My tags are mounting up now. I better finished some of it or else I will feel so guilty for not finishing it. I was tagged by Nick Phillips for this quite-difficult-to-do tag! So pardon me if my answer is a lil' bit blurry or doesn't make sense at all!! haha I'm in a holiday mood right now, so my mind is already somewhere else..
So here goes my answer for this..erkkk..Nick..whats the name of this tag ah????
My roommates and I once: Stay up the whole night at hostel to get ready to run in case there is a fire drill.
Never in my life have I
: Touch any of the slimy worm-type-of-family creatures!!!
High school was
: The time that I gained tremendous weight! Celaka betul!!!
When I’m nervous
: My face will turned red and my teeth will start to chatter..(hahahaha!! tipu saja lah!!)
My hair
: Is getting thinner and thinner over the years..
When I was 5
: Emmmmm...i can draw a skeleton??
When I turn my head left
: I can see our office meeting room
I should be
: Be staying in Labuan or Langkawi to get a cheap luxury car
By this time next year
: Its either I become SAHM or still working..hahaha
My favorite aunt is
: Choc Mint Girl' Mama..phew!! she is one rock aunty you can find on planet earth
I have a hard time understanding
: My Arabic (compulasory) subject when i was in form 1-3..Until now, i only remember the words like Al-Kitab and Tirmiz! bwahahaha!!
My ideal breakfast is
: That delicious century egg porridge...nyummmmm!!!
If you visit my home town
: You will be surprised to see Si cacat (our cat) and Si ckut (the dog) in our house can sleep together the whole night
If you spend the night at my house
: You will get frightened hearing me screaming every minutes. Hahahaha!! Fierce mom nie..
The animal I would like to see flying besides birds
: Rhinoceros. Hahaa!! Isn't it cute to see a rhino flying on the air???
I shouldn’t have been
: Disturb my pimples. See now my face has this scar already..
Last night I
: Company my kids playing lanterns..
A better name for me would be
: E****** Ashley Maurice (Muahahahahahaa!!!!!)
I’ve been told I look like
: Jennifer Lopez also got..Jennifer Aniston also got..who else???
If I could have any car, it would be
: The New RAV4 (I'm a 4WD fan oh but the price is damn crazy..RM203,000.00!! *doink!! Fainted*) favourite part..Tagging time!!! Hahahaha Well, since its weekend, i guess everybody has the time to do some tag..So the lucky persons to be tagged are:

Have a wonderful weekend everybody...


Mell_f said...

I lurrvvvee RAV4 too,but my friends said my taste is so granny-ish. Hm..abaikan.

Happy weekend kdmama :)

chegu carol said...

hahaha...mmg take time lah ni sa mo buat.

Uii...glamor tu nama Elspeth 'Ashley'....mcm nama perfume ni.

Mama Mia said... got tagged again. nti sia bikin kio. pheewit.."ashley" tu mcm nama artis bah..

Adora said...

Elspeth Ashley Maurice wahhh so hollywood pla this name. Cantik!

Nick Phillips said...

Your cat and dog should be sent to the government to show them how people should be living in harmony!

Kobie Vanessa said...

agreed with Nick Phillips comment heehhe

-Gina G- said...


I'm craving for Porridge n century egg too, i know this really good place in PJ. Should try!

Kadus_Mama said... only have the time to reply every comment..

mell_f ~ Rav4 Granny-ish???? Adeh..sepa lah kawan ko tu..Rav4 is one of the luxury cars on the road oh!!

chegu carol ~ Glamour kan?? heheh if only i can add the 'ashley' in my name..heheh

mama mia ~ thats why lah..kira2 mau p tambah lah nama sia nie!! hahaha

Kadus_Mama said...

Adora ~ Hehehehe..actually kan tu elspeth is my name, and maurice is my dad's name..cuma p tambah tu Ashley jak..ekekeke

Nick Phillips ~ Yaaa....I'm sooooo agree with you too..our govt now is such a disgrace..gaduh2 here and there..

Kobie vanessa ~ Ya..sia pun setuju juga si Nick..

Kadus_Mama said...

- gina g- ~ Wah you also like centuary egg porridge?? Nyummmmmm right?? There is one shop in Sg. buloh which porridge tastes superb!!! Come and try lah.. :)

Deana E said...

nick pandai tag sudah??? also have plan to be a SAHM ka? i wanna be a WAHM la..SAHM susah sikit coz I can't tahan staying at home..hehe

Nessa said...

Sia inda tahan tu bau Century eggs... sadap ka tu? 100 taun suda tu... ekekekeke

Kadus_Mama said...

Deana e ~ Eh!! don't oh..Nick is good in tagging now..hehehe
Not really sure whether it will be SAHM or WAHM..hehe maybe WAOM lah juga nie..

Nessa ~ If you are to consume the century egg maca2 tu jak..memang bau lah..tapi kalau sudah masuk dalam bubur..SADAPPP!!!!! hehee try lah..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Adih, panjang dan banyak mo pikir ni tag kan he he... Bah, kalo ada fav. uncle, senang sikit can put your dad's name sebab diaorang adik-beradik macam2 seja gaya hahahaa...

OOH! Sya ingat tu di Curve the day you ordered tu porridge, the waitress sebut ken-te-ri kan hahahahaa!!! :D

Kadus_Mama said...

Choc Mint Girl ~ Hehe pelan2 ko buat the juga mau buat nie..
Hahahahaa!! masih juga ko ingat tu ken-te-ri egg ah..