Sep 17, 2008

The i- things

Sad...sad..sad...!!! Today is supposed to be a state holiday for Selangor in conjunction with the Nuzul Quran celebration. bosses don't want to recognize this day as a holiday and all of us are required to work today. Why??? Because 99% of the staffs here are non-muslim, so there is no reason for us for not wanting to work. Tsk!! tsk!! Feel so rugi no holiday lah..Since I'm still 'sad' right now, i feel should blog first and do my works later..ekekekeke Its holiday what!! (Lazy mau keja lah tu..hehe)

Anyway, I'm sure everybody already know all the i- type of things. There is this iphone thing, i-kad for foreign workers, ipod and many..many others (i guess lah..hehehe). But in my house, i have so many other i- stuffs that you probably never heard before..and don't bother trying to find it in the market shelves, you won't find it there. It a special stuffs that only me have in this whole wide 'planet'??? heheheee So..let me list down the i-stuffs you can find in my house :
  • i-Milk
  • i-Bag
  • i-toys
  • i-shirt
  • i-Lantern
  • i-Chupa-chup
  • i-Car
  • i-Book
  • i-Pants
  • i-Shoes
I do have any others i-stuff kept in my house but i'm so lazy to mention it here. Hehe If i'm to list down everything, this post will be sooooooooo long, you might fall asleep reading it. Anyway, who does the stuffs belong to???? daughter. She is the collector of the i-thing.

Hmmm..before i explain in details on why i have many-many i-stuffs at home. I feel i should post some of my kids pixs taken last week during the eve of mooncake festival. Nothing much actually. Hehe My kids were busy playing a lanterns and at the same time, son was busy playing with a candle + fire experimenting the outcome of touching a fire and candle wax (of course under our supervision). Its probably dangerous for a small kid like him to touch fire, but at least now he knows that fire is hot and dangerous and can burn his hand (after few attempts of touching it!!). Phewwww!!! What a good way of letting him know that by himself...

See lah daughter, kecil-kecil also can play lantern already!! hehehe

Son was trying to touch the candle wax...There was only few 'ouches' from him as he touch the kan!! hehe

And this what the mommy has been doing. Hehe capturing a candle pixs????? hehehehe too much huh???

Back to daughter, actually...there is no such thing called i-chupa-chup or i-milk in my house..hehehee!! I was bluffing! But the i-word do exist thou..There was this one day, i came back from work and daughter was waiting for me at the front door and was asking me something.

Daughter : Mommy, where is i-chupa chup????

Me : HUH???

Daughter : shrieked* i-chupa-chup!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh!!!! hahahah she actually asking me where is her chupa-chup..but instead of using "my chupa-chup", she used i as my!! Hehe a little confusion over there, but hey, she is just 21 months old mah!! I'm sure she will know the proper usage of 'my' and 'i' one day..Imagine..Everytime she wanted something, she will use i-........ Hehehe even hubby was confused at first, but we are ok now. We corrected daughter everytime she uses the 'i' (my).

Last time i remember, my son used the 'you' as my. Hehehee but thats another story to tell..! Maybe next time. Now, let me do my work first..(luckily boss went to can curi tulang sikit!!!)..


Kenny @ Mrs Graig :) said...

haha..kadusmama..geli2 hati sa baca how Inesha ckp i instead of blh imagine camana dia ckp oo..cute!!

belleOFranau said... pun tebingung sikijap ni.. hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

kenny @ mrs grag ~ hehehee!! iya!! masih budak2 lagi bunyi dia tu..tapi campin betul becakap..

belleofranau ~ hahaha!! apa tidak bingung kan..apa kah la bah benda i-chupa chup..hehe

Poppet said...

siapun terblur sikijap... i-pants=internet pants? i-car=internet cars...? hehehehe.. ko ni inda faham bah kadusmama, si inesha kasi shortform nama dia bah tu bukan dia salah ckp... i-chupa-chup means "inesha's chupa-chup" hehehehe, very smart oo si inesha.. kicik dia tau sudah nama dia starts with "I"

Nessa said...

Sia bepikir dari mana la ko bili smua benda2 yang start 'i'. Rupa2 nya bahasa your baby girl :D

My son dulu pun confuse bila mo pakai 'kami' & 'kita'. Slalu dia cakap 'kami' mau pigi skolah instead 'saya' but now dia OK suda.

Kesian ko keja masa cuti... ba, palan2, rajin2 keja ah... hehehe

Little Inbox said...

Oh...Pronounciation error. Cute for a little kid, kan?

Gallivanter said...

Well, that sucks. Majority or not, it's a PUBLIC holiday. They should either give you a replacement day or pay you double.

Kadus_Mama said...

Poppet ~ Hehehee!! KO bayangkan kami di rumah..lagi lah teblur..! But itu i- tu memang stand for my bah tu..kan selalu inesha cakap i want this..i want that..jadi dia ingat my and i sama kali..hehe

nessa ~ tu lah..macam hebat lah bah kunun ada i-milk kan..hahahaha!!!
Nah..sma lah anak kita son tu pun gitu lah sama you dia ingat sama saja..hehe
By the way..30 mins lagi, habis keja sudah nie..hehee

little inbox ~ not really pronounciation error..more like wrongly used word..hehe you said..very cute..hehe

Kadus_Mama said...

gallivanter ~ Sux huh?? What to do..boss hold the power double pay also..

Nick Phillips said...

What? You had to work while I lazed around at home? LOL! You boss sucks la!

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick phillips ~ ya lah!! my boss really sux lah!!!

Lab papa said...

This all Macintosh's I thingy, start from I mac, sampai semua pun mo I

Kadusmama, dont forget the I-love-you to hubby also hahahaha

Choc Mint Girl said...

Haha! Pandai bah si Inesha ni. Besar suda dia kan. Dulu kena suru pakai kasut, pandai betul masi lagi kicik time tu. :)

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ hahahaa!! iya bah..suma pun ada i-...tingu my daughter pun ikut2 sudah..haha
yang hubby tu..adeh..tingu lah!! hahahahaa

choc mint girl ~ Cuz..makin pandai si inesha skrg..independent tul..nda suka orang tulung dia buat barang tu..sendiri mau buat suma.. :)

chegu carol said... ingat betul2 lah tu ada i-shoes, i-milk...what the heck i-milk is anyway i thought....takkan susu pun ada technology kalu mo minum....hahaha

my love i-mommy....hahaha....

Kobie Vanessa said...

hehe mmg Inesha ni cpt belajar o kan, bckp pun lancar ni, kiut lagi tu gambar dia pgng latern hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu Carol ~ hehehee..mana lah bah ada cangging manggih milk kan..hehe
my love i-mommy too.. :)

kobie ~ iya..inesha is a very fast learner..senang betul mau ajar dia apa2 nie..