Sep 10, 2008

I almost beat my son's teacher

Warning : I might use a lil' bit vulgar words to express my feeling here!

Yep! The title written based on what almost happend yesterday..or rather monday incident + tuesday solution. You see, when i reached home on Monday night, my MIL cannot even wait for me to sit down to tell me about son. I just reached at home that time when she immediately tell me that Son's class teacher hits son on his back while at school. Upon hearing that, my blood started to boil as i think there is no reason whatsover teachers are allowed to hit their students on their back. But being a reasonable mommy, i let my MIL finished the whole encounter in case i miss any point that could lead me act unreasonably toward son's teacher when i confront her. To confirm the incident, I even asked son the whole story on why the teacher hit him using a wooden ruler. Could it be he was naughty and disturb other kids while in class? But sadly, he didn't do anything that deserved to be hit like that.
If you are wondering whether son was injured or something, isn't that serious. When my MIL want to bathe son after school, she smells this funny pungent Minyak Angin smell (Not sure what oil this bloody teacher use to rub off the mark from son's back). So she asked son why he got that smell. Thats when son told her, the teacher hits his back. And what reason she hits him?????? All because son couldn't write one of the chinese character on the book, hence son not able to finish the work given in the class. Stupid or not you think??? I mean, if my son is naughty or something, i don't really mind the teacher gives a little smack on the palm (FOR SURE NOT ON THE BACK), but hitting the student for not knowing how to write properly is just totally dumb...I'm not sure where this dumb teacher put her brain that time. Isn't it her duty as a teacher to teach her student properly????
But..but..thats not the reason why I almost beat her yesterday. (Don't oh!! I sometimes also ganas, you know!! hehe). I went to the school quite early yesterday to confront the teacher on her wrongdoing. When she saw me, i can see she was a lil' bit panic. (yeah..she knows she is wrong, thats why she is scared). I meet her face to face and start to enquire her about her act :
Me : Teacher, i need to ask you something. Yesterday, my son told me you hit him in the class. Did you really hit him on his back???? (I was polite when I first talking to her)
Teacher : (Panic face) What?? When??? (pretended that she doesn't know anything)
: Yesterday..and you hit him using a wooden ruler on his back. Did you do that?
: Oh..that!! Ya lah..because ahh you son, don't know whats wrong with him yesterday, he didn't finish the work i give him in the class.
: He told me that he doesn't know how to write the chinese character properly, and because of that, you hit him.
: .........
: Do you know how dangerous it is for you to hit a small kid like him on the back?? What if you hit him and it affect his internal organs?? He is only 4 years old you know.
: No lah!! I didn't hit him that hard. I only slap a little on his back. Thats all.
: But, how come you rub the ointment on his back?? You try to rub off the red mark from his back right?? (A little hot that time)
: You see ah, your son has a very fair hit a little also red colour already.
Me : I know my no need to tell me about that. But why did you hit him on the back??? Can you not just give a little smack on his palm?? Why need to hit the back??
Teacher : I..I..don't know lah..yesterday ah, i was very angry you know..because ah, your son like dreaming..dreaming in the class..
Me : (Wuahhhh...and that give her the right to hit my son??????) It doesn't matter he is dreaming or what, but don't you know hitting a kids back is very dangerous??? You could accidently hurt and injured the internal you know that?? (I'm repeating the fact again!!!)
Teacher : Aya..the one i know lah..but i didn't hit him hard mah..
Me : I don't know how hard you hit him, but my son complained it pained him a lot..
Teacher : (Trying to divert my attention and protect herself) You see ah..sometimes all the 4 years kids are very i need to hit them lah sometimes..
Me : (I don't know why this teacher is dumb like a donkey) I understand what you mean..but pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Don't hit the back! I do smacked my son sometimes, but never on the back. Its only on his palm or calf.
Teacher : You see ahhh..not easy you know to teach a 4 years old kid..sometimes don't want to..
Me : (Me soooooooooooooooo damn angry already!! Bloody teacher..keep giving me don't know what excuses to cover her act) STOP!!! I KNOW HOW A 4 YEARS OLD KIDS ACT AND ITS NOT EASY FOR YOU TO TEACH THEM IN THE CLASS. BUT MY POINT HERE IS..NOT ABOUT THEIR NAUGHTINESS, BUT HOW YOU PUNISHED YOUR STUDENT! AS I TOLD YOU, YOU CAN JUST SMACK THEM ON THE PALM AND NOT ON THE BACK. (Its not the first time she hit her students on their back, my son told me one of his friends Nettish always hit on his back)
Teacher : ........
Me : (Lower down my voice) I know its not easy for you to take care of them in the class..but please, in the future, never ever hit your student on their back..It is very wrong!!
Teacher : (No remorse look pun) Ok loh..I'm sorry you tell me, then I know what to do loh..(Goodness!! Does it mean she doesn't know what she should do all this time????? )
If she just stop here..i might be ok and went off to work..but she stupidly complain about my son pulak!!
Teacher : But your son ah, the 'perangai' ah, is like he is big already. The way he think like adult already.
Me : (BUDUH!!!!) Huh??? Isn't that a good thing?? a 4 years old kid can think maturely??
Teacher : No lah..!! a kid should act like a kid..not think like a grown up. I don't like kids like your son.
Me : (BANGANG!!!!) I'm sooo proud of my son with his advance thinking and you say its not good???????? *disbelief*
Teacher : Ya lah..a kids should act like a kid. Playing all the time. Not thinking what is happening around him. Not questioning what is happening around him???
Me : (If i got a machete that time, i'm sure i already chop her into 100pcs!!! hahaha!! I was sooooo damn angry yesterday!!) At least my son can think what is wrong and what is right. And that is not an easy achievement for a small kid like him!!!!!
Teacher : Ya lah...But..
Me : (Cut off her mid sentence!! Hahaha) Ok lah teacher..i need to go to work already..But i hope i won't hear any back smacking incident in the future..Please!!!
Teacher : *dumbfounded for a while* Ok you tell me, i know already loh..sorry ahhh..!
So like that lah my whole conversation with the dumb teacher (its the same teacher who cursed in front of the students). I know I'm being unreasonable here, but if you were me, talking to her is like a nightmare. With her saliva spurting all over me, and the non-coherent excuses given to justify herself, I'm sure any parents in my shoe that time will get angry like me. I cannot understand why she wants to be a kindergarten teacher if she cannot stand a small kids attitude! Bongoh sekali!!!!!
By the way, my daughter hurts her thumb lah..see, the kesian my daughter! I don't really know what happend, but my MIL said daugther try to open the door when MIL bathed son, and somehow daughter's thumb got injured..Its such a heart wrenching to see her whined about her painful thumb. I'm feeeeelling sooooo much better after complaining about the donkey teacher. Hehe!! If any of you think I'm too harsh to the teacher..Well, I'm not..! You will know my feeling when you have to deal with her..


Nick Phillips said...

I'm glad my teachers didn't hit me back when I was schooling cos back then I used to dream so much that they even called my parents to see them! LOL1

I never knew it was wrong for a kid to act and think like an adult? That's the first time I've heard of something like that! Where do they find these teachers these days ah?

Hope your little boy is okay now.

Kenny @ Mrs Graig :) said...

My mom kindergarten teacher nda pun act like mom owez puji those budak2 who can think out of d box...budus tu ur son's teacher...nasib lg ur son teda pa2..

Gallivanter said...

Firstly, that teacher should not opt with physical punishment, perhaps the palm, but that as the LAST resort.

I can't believe the teacher complaint that you child acts like an adult! Maybe it is a threat to the teacher's job!! Budu!!

urang ranau said...

teachers suppose to teach, and they were paid for it. There's no excuse what so eva to hit any of his/her student. If I were in your shoes, i'll surely do the same kadus_mama..btw kasian ur daughter...hopefully her thumb will heal asap..

Just said...

Grrr... sia pulak sia sama tu sigu!! Budus & silakak betul!! If there is nx time, lodge a complaint to the principal or the head.

Rey said...

Better for the F*%&king teacher to resign!

Kids nowadays are more advance compared to us when we were kids.

Bagus ko tanya balik anak ko tu. sa takut tu cikgu ugut dia, so the next time dia kena pukul, dia diam2 ja.

Lab papa said...


Its ok using vulgar words because like pantera said, Vulgar display of power!!!

I think you should tell the principal about the the dont-know-lah pun geram oh

p/s I think she felt humiliated because she couldn't answer you son's questions..haha

chegu carol said...

i feel ashamed for the teacher...bikin rusak nama kami2 yg bergelar cigu saja oh.

obviously she isnt fit to be a teacher.

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ I don't remember myself smacked by my teacher last time..though i did day dreaming in the class..
I was surprised too when say that about my son..but thank god, son is much better now

Mrs. Graig ~ ehh..not all teachers like son's teacher is an execption of the good teacher..but memang bikin geram nie..

Gallivanter ~ Thats why..i probably can accept if it was just a smack on the palm..definitely not the other part of the body..
Maybe lah she felt threaten by son's mature thinking..Buduh kan!!! hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

urang ranau ~ itu lah bah tu..bulih pulak si cikgu ni complain budak kecil jajal..bangang sekali kan..
Oh inesha masih juga sakit2 jari dia tu..always want me to 'huu huuu'(tiup2 bah) kasi hilang sakit

Just ~ Itu lah bah tu just..sakit hati sia..ada juga macam nie punya orang kan..

Rey ~ usually son will tell me everything when i asked him i don't think itu cigu ada ugut dia..
apa pun..memang buduh lah the cigu..

Kadus_Mama said...

Lab papa ~ Sigh..mau juga sia ceta pasal the principle..tapi lain kali lah..nda reliable tu principle..
Itu lah tu..kali my son ada tanya dia soalan cepu emas bah tu kan?? tu la dia sakit hati..

Chegu carol ~ Eeee...i don't even think she deserved to be a teacher..teruk betul perangai..sudah lah dulu cursing in front of the students..
memang nda layak langsung jaid cigu..

Adora said...

Odoi dogo.. muka sy pla jd panas reading your post ni tau. Mcm mo tulung marah tu cigu pun ada woo... Firstly, she supposed to understand kids development in the age of 4, mmg their mind kan banyak tul persoalan2 yg pelik2, and that is the teacher's responsibility providing them with simple answer yang enuf to make them stop wondering at the moment la. And by the kids doing wrong, it doesnt give her the right to hit them. Sedangkan parents pun nda sanggup pukul anak sendiri, inikan pula someone else yg pukul, without any good reason.

Lapor saja sama pihak atasan dia Kdmama. Kalu ndapun, cari kindergarten lain. Eeehh no guarantee she wont hit your son again in the future oh

Deana E said...

alamak..kesian your son..i understand how u felt. glad that you confronted her...gelabah juga kan..otherwise she will keep on doing it..bahaya juga ppl now. that what happened when ppl are forced to be a teacher..but that won't give them reasons to hit their student also ba..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Alastaga! Punya lah bikin panas. Ada penyakit mental kali ni teacher si Isaac sebab obviously manada cikgu mo jawab camtu, nda masuk akal betul! Bulih2 pula pukul belakang budak. Sot! Complain dia bah, cuz! Dia ingat dia masih betul tu even though ko suda pigi marah dia personally.

Kobie Vanessa said...

bangang kali cigu si Isaac tu, perlu ambi kursus "cara-cara menghandle budak advanced dari cigu" ba dia tu Kadus!hahah..If I were you, I'll oso be pissed off!

Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Hey this is so wrong of the teacher lar! And from the flow of your conversation with her, I think she's some jinjang joe teacher who doesn't even know the professionalism that comes with her job!

I am very angry with her because 1. she doesn't show any remorse, 2. she's not professional, and
3. she has the guts to complain about your son!

A child like your son ought to be revered because of his intelligence and natural curiosity. And hitting a child just because he couldn't write a Chinese character is so NOT right!!! Children do not learn from being hit/smacked/beaten!!!

Obviously this 'teacher' hasn't got the patience nor what it takes to be a teacher.

I'd suggest you speak to the principal. And if the situation continues, perhaps you should stop your son from going to this kindergarten. Where got people pay money to have their kid whacked and traumatised by an unqualified teacher wan?

If a teacher ever dares to hit my kid just because he couldn't do a piece of homework, I am gonna make the matter big and publicise it in the papers!

Teaching is a noble profession, and with it comes genuine love for the children.

I've never raised my voice ever at my students, although sometimes they do make my blood boil. I have come to accept that at the end of the day, they are still children, and they deserved to have a proper childhood, and that only goes to mean that they get to be naughty and mischievous.

And so I laugh along with them. :)

Little Inbox said...

I was a temporary nursery teacher when I completed my SPM. I taught those 3 years old children on English, Malay, Maths and Art. Some of them were hyperactive and naughty. But the rules is teacher will only allow to slight hit the child's palm or punish them to stand. Nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with lil ms pinky.. Teaching is a noble profession. Those who chose this carier should have professional ethics to be a good teacher emotionally, academically, leadership and so on. Teacher should give a good example to the students as their guidance to be a good citizen as they grow up. Not like in Isaac's case. Bagus sungguh ko pigi marah n ajar dia tu Kadusmama.. Now she knows what wrang n right already :D

Cian si Inesha.. Kana ansip pintu tu kan.. Mama sya slalu pakai Minyak Batu klu cucu2 dia cedera atau lebam.. Bagus tu minyak, tu lebam capat surut.. Moga Inesha cepat sembuh :D

jppmom said...

I salute u kadusMama, cool aje u deal tu teacher..somemore, ndak complain to d headmaster..klu sia kan in yer shoes, firstly I talk to d !@#$ teacher, then complaint to d headmaster..well for record purposes so tat next time org complaint abt tat teacher again, d headmaster knew we no play2 one! I'm glad yer son is ok & glad he so frank tell u wat happen..if my son, he keep quite aje tu until later of d day or after soooo longgggg baru dia ckp...but tu pun by accident...

Kadus_Mama said...

Adora ~ Memang sia kapanas nie..thats why I only write the post yesterday, if i post after i confronted her, bah habis lah ntah apa language sia guna..
Will see macam mana nanti..if she is macam tu, hmmmm..ada lah sia buat tu nanti..

deana e ~ Me no gelabah at all..hehehe gerigitan ada lah..macam rasa mau teriak saja sama tu cigu..nasib dapat tahan my coolness..

Choc mint girl ~ Nda tau pulak ada mental problem ka tidak si teacher nie..but memang teda lah bah cigu cakap macam tu kan sama parents..buduh juga lah..

Aunty J said...

I always have respect for all the teachers out there coz without them (and of coz our dear parents & family) many of us may not turn out to be what we are today. But a teacher like her will not earn any respect from me. For one she shows how low graded teacher she is by complaining about your son's intelligence. Secondly, she actually tried to deny her wrong doing. Thirdly, she shouldn't slap your son at the you said, if your son did something wrong or he has been naughty it is ok to smack him on his palm or buttock to discipline him but at the back is a NO NO. Even org tua2 kita selalu cakap ba..kenot pukul blakang nanti muntah darah kan...budu or wat she?? And then she got no PR skill what so kalau uda sala tu mengaku ja la and say sorry and diam2...nie pigi lagi complain pasal anak kau...of coz la u tambah mara kan...budu oh...tiada damage control skill sia tiak blame u for doing what u did...I think I would do the same thing or maybe even request to speak to the headmaster terus hahaahaha....panjaat oh kan hehehe...

Aunty J said...

btw ciann ur girl punya thumb tu...if me kena like dat pun sure i nangis oso tu..sakit ba...hope her thumb will get better soon...kiss it better for aunty j ya :)

mama mia said...

Bagus suru tu sigu berenti jd sigu klu mcm tu. Bodos butul! Alala kesian c inesha, tergapit mgkali jari dia tu...

Kadus_Mama said...

Kobie Vanessa ~ Nda payah ambi kursus pun kobie..hehe sebab dia nda layak mau jadi cigu..kalau budak pun tia tahan, apa macam mau jadi cigu oh??

Lil Ms' Pinky ~ Ya lah..capalang punya teacher lah she!! hahaha But its true, i don't think any kids should be punished like that..they are just 4 years old..not 15 or 18..
If she still hit the kids there (hehe my son is a reporter mah..always tell us what happend at school), i will deal directly to the principle..

little inbox ~ i like the idea of standing to punish the students..we used to be punished like that mah last time..i don't remember my teacher smack me pun..

Kadus_Mama said...

Ornest ~ nah itu lah tu..ada lagi banyak bah dia cakap tu..tapi malas sia mau quote suma sini..nanti melampau2 panjang pulak sia punya post!! hahaha

JppMom ~ don't know how difficult for me to tahan my coolness..hehehe..mau juga shout at the teacher..tapi bikin malu better cakap bagus2 sama dia kan..
Alamak..josh diam2???? Must teach him kestau suma case ada cikgu jahat pukul..(not saying all cikgu jahat..

Aunty J ~ Itu lah..dulu masa sia sikul tadika, my teachers suma baik2 belaka..They make me want to go to school everyday..
But my son's teacher nie..teda common sense tul..sudah tau budak punya badan nie kecil, pi lagi bantai the back..scary sekali..mana lah tau ada apa2 kan..
Tapi itu lah..sudah salah, diam2 jak komplen lagi..adeh!!! sepa tidak panas!!!

Kadus_Mama said...

Mama mia ~ hehe..itu lah tu..bagus jan jadi sigu kan..bikin susah orang jak..
Si inesha punya thumb tu tegapit bah kali tu..ntah MIL pun tia tau..ok juga bah tu nanti

Wel^Beiolman said...

disbelief la betul2..ada jg org yg pikir budak can think maturely is a problem?????what??

sorry to hear about ur son and hopefully the teacher will not do it again..not to ur others ok la..hehe..


Kadus_Mama said...

wel^beiolman ~ itu lah pasal...macam tu pun ada bah kan?? Kuno kali pemikiran si cigu tu..
I hope she won't do it to the other kids as well..not my isaac only..kesian nanti tu budak2 kena pukul..

Joyce said...

Bulih pigi buat complain sama tu cigu tu Tity, mana boleh cigu pukul budak, baru 4yrs old lagitu..!!! eee gerigitan sia!!!!

Shemah said...

Very well said, Kierstan!

And she had the gall to say "I don't like kids like your son"??? So does that make him a target for future classes with her?? Kurangajar!! Kalau kena pukul tangan pun ndak patut.. like Dan said, LAST resort.

He is ONLY 4 years old!! I don't expect my son to write.. let alone write chinese characters!! Buduh betul bah diorang ni. Kasi complain!! Kasi masuk paper.. buduh kianguk betul. Tension betul sia dengar gini ni.

Kadus_Mama said...

Joyce ~ Oss..mau juga buat komplen ni..but sia kasi chance dulu satu kali..kalau dia buat lagi..habis lah tu cigu!

shemah ~ Alamak!!! Sabar ko..! takut sia nanti ko meradang!!
But itu lah..because my son ni telampau bepikir, and question every single thing that doubts him, takut pulak si cigu tu target dia lain kali..kan??
Since i know my son capability to learn new thing, i suspect the teacher didn't teach the proper way to write that character bah tu..or else my son can write..because when daddy teach isaac, senang2 pulak dia boleh tulis..tapi memang buduh juga lah!! like you say buduh kianguk (whats kianguk?? ekekekeke) betul!!!

Anonymous said...

A little boy was doing his math homework. He said to himself, 'Two plus five, that son of a bitch is seven. Three plus six, that son of a bitch is nine....' His mother heard what he was saying and gasped,'What are you doing?' The little boy answered, 'I'm doing my math homework, Mom.' 'And is this how your teacher taught you to do it?' the mother asked. 'Yes,' he answered. Infuriated, the mother asked the teacher the next day, 'What are you teaching my son in math?' The teacher replied, 'Right now, we are learning addition.' The mother asked, 'And are you teaching them to say two plus two, that son of a bitch is four?' After the teacher stopped laughing, she answered, 'What I taught them was, two plus two, THE SUM OF WHICH, is four.'

just to make ur day kadus mama... hehehe...

cicak said...

kotoh tu cigu. always stand up for stuff like this KadusMama.

Kin gerigitan, the teacher did something wrong but instead of admitting it, dia kasi alasan pula aaa...

teachers will always deal with psychology and need a great level of patience, kalau tia tahan, don't be a teacher lah.

mom2ashleyaidan said...

I dont think you were unreasonable in confronting the teacher. From her responses, she sounds as though she's not cut out to be a teacher at be furious as he'll too if the teacher were to hit my kids like that..perhaps you should bring this up to the principal as well..

Val Aziz said...

OMG!!! she should be sacked immediately thats what i think. U should have gone straigt to the headmaster n complain! better send to oth school la coz she will not be so fond of ur son after ur confrontation and it may affect him mentally..ko tau sjalah manatau kena verbal abuse? or kena sisih ka..its gonna be traumatic juga to ur son's development.

Kadus_Mama said...

Anon ~ Hahahahahahaaaa!!! And the which word = Bitch??? hahaha!! Thats soooo hillarious..i hope my son't won't be like that next time.. Thanx for making my day..!!

Cicak ~ This kind of thing tia bulih kasi chance the teacher..later she naik kepala..kesian budak2 nanti...
I hope lepas sia marah dia..she won't repeat the same mistake again

mom2ashleyidan ~ Hi there..thanx for dropping by..I was very angry the other day, but probably i should give her 1 more chance..and that chance will be the last. Hope no more smacking incident in the future..

Kadus_Mama said...

Val Aziz ~ The problem is, the principle was not around that day or else i will bring the matter to him too..
Well, now..i've been constantly asking son if the teacher treats him badly in the class..but thank god, everything is ok..hope no more smacking incident after this..
Kasi chance satu kali dulu..

Nessa said...

Cikgu skrang inda dedicated macam cikgu dulu2... suka2 tampar anak urang... cuba kalu anak dia kena tampar, apa dia rasa? Oren?? Haha

Adui, sakitnya jantung sia nampak jari anak ko tu. Sia pun mo kasi tiup... Fuuuhhhh! Fuhhhhhh!!!

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ iya bah..sia ingat lagi dulu masa tadika..i really like my teachers sebab bagus tul, some of the teacher memang nda dedicated langsung...
I think if anak tu cigu kena tampar..dia rasa petai sudah tu..hahaha bitter kan..
Hari-hari pun sia huuu..huuu inesha punya thumb..kesian tul.. :)

Poppet said...

aiya... ada juga cikgu mcm ni kah? Isk isk... bukan mengajar budak utk elak keganasan dia pula mengajar keganasan... ngam la ko pi jumpa dia tu kdmama, tpi dr cara dia jawabpun memang ni cikgu bukan minat dia bah ni jadi cikgu ni ataupun dia rasa klu jadi cikgu tadika ble la tombirang-tombirang abis budak2, tu lah dia tensi anak ko berfikiran cam adult. Klu di US tu sia rasa, suda kena saman tu cikgu.

Adoi...sakitnya tu jari si Inesha.. mesti sakit tu berdenyut-denyut sakit dia... hope jari inesha ok2 sudah.

Kim said...

aduii...kasian..ngam la ko marah tu titty...ok sudah jari dia???

Kadus_Mama said...

poppet ~ itu lah bah tu sigu tu..bikin panas juga..tapi memang hari tu sia pun tahan marah saja oh..hahaha!! sekrang sia soal siasat isaac..tingu ada kena marah kah teda..nasib teda..
iya..hitam sudah jari inesha.. :( kesian..masih juga sakit kali tu..

kim ~ hehehee! nasib kami nda betarik rambut sana kan?? ekekee
jari my daughter masih hitam lagi. ntah bulih hilang lagi ka tu..macam nda jak..

elcynthia said...

hm.. i remember my days waktu sekolah di labuan dulu (i think darjah 2-3 like that). I was punished with the big pembaris kayu and the ustazah smack it at the tip of my fingernails because i can't recite the al-fatihah (yes, i took PI since i was the only non-muslim student at the whole school so the teachers don't know what to do with me back then).
sakit.... hoho... anyway, i read somewhere... and it said the 'only' part of the body that you should smack or spank (whatever it is) should be the human's bottom. yes...the ASS.. hoho... quite cushion bah.

elcynthia said...

TT, i think your daugther accidentally put her thumb between the door's panel. my son did once and he was soo... careful with doors nowaday..hoho. don't worry, the black colour will go away (it's just blood).

Kadus_Mama said...

elcynthia ~ Wahhhh!! so kejam kan the ustazah p pukul finger..gila lah...if my son kena pukul macam tu..lagi lah sia meradang sama the teacher, teda sudah the teacher pukul my son...hmmmm hope memang betul2 teda lah after this..
Yang daughter tu..mengkali juga tegapit somewhere..but the hitam2 masih bulum hilang lah.. :(